"Light Out Of Darkness"

The following audios are copies of radio broadcasts by two Jewish scholars out of New York, USA. I found that there are a number of items that would be of interest to anyone who is studying end time prophecy. They are being made available here with the permission of the authors. I have added a few notes of my own to their summary to bring attention to some (in my opinion) key items. My notes appear in italics. I have also included a link to their site at the bottom of the page.

There are a total of 16 broadcasts. I'm making these available because there is a lot of information that you will only find in the Jewish texts. There are a lot of Hebrew words used on these audios and I don't pretend to understand them all but the meaning of some words becomes apparent if you listen to the context in which it is being used. For those who want further explanations etc., you can go to the authors site and contact them directly. They are very good about trying to help. The two authors are: JOEL GALLIS AND DR. ROBERT WOLF. I can't say it often enough, that no study of prophecy is complete without including a study of Jewish history and documents! The download link on each one of these audios will take you to their site; or you can play them by just clicking on 'Listen'.

  • Broadcast #1 - September 21, 2005
    Duration: 0:59:39   |   File Size: 82.2MB

    The connection between 6 days of creation and 6000 years of the world’s existence. The sin of Adam and our chance to rectify it. The significance of the year 1990. Our tree of knowledge of good and evil. The ingathering of Jewish exiles.
    Resurrection of the dead in 5790.

  • They define gematria (calculation of the numeric value of a word/name) and how words/names with the same gematria have a great connection between them.
  • They mention or question whether the real estate bubble will have to burst for American Jews to begin their return to Israel. American Jews will probably make Aliya (return to Israel) last. This would not be significant were it not for the fact that they were discussing this back in 2005!
  • They say that, according to their research, the Messiah must come and complete all his work by 2030.

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  • Broadcast #2 - December 22, 2005
    Duration: 1:00:01   |   File Size: 82.7MB

    The renewed Sanhedrin. Today’s natural disasters are really plagues.
    Why Asia has been hit hard. Prophet Mica’s “Attribute of Mercy”.
    The importance of emulating G-d. Using laughter in the face of devastation.

  • The relationship of the Jews return to Israel with their final redemption.
  • The 40 year period of the in-gathering of Jews to Israel corresponds to the 40 years of wandering in the wilderness.

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  • Broadcast #3 - May 15, 2006
    Duration: 1:00:01   |   File Size: 82.7MB

    Incredible happenings during the past month of Teves .The 4th beast of exile and Osama Bin Laden. Torah Codes in the Book of Daniel. Has the final war of Gog and Magog begun? What happened on the day Rav Kaduri spoke to Moshiach? Speaking to God as a friend.

  • An explanation of Torah Codes.
  • Discussion of Daniel (the 4 beasts of chapter 7) and who/what is the 4th beast.
  • Bin Laden and the Taliban are coded in the section of Daniel that describes the 4th beast.
  • The relationship of the years (Jewish) when King David was born and the year he was crowned king to current/recent events in history. Is history repeating itself?
  • Many important events in Jewish history have ocurred in a year ending in an 8. Example: Many times G-d is referred to as 'the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob' - all 3 were born in a year ending in an 8.
  • Find out who they believe will be president at the end of days.
  • They have found a mistake of 166 yrs in the Jewish calendar. (See my commentary - Rapture-How Close?)

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  • Broadcast #4 - July 31, 2006
    Duration: 0:57:01   |   File Size: 78.5MB

    Comparison of the darkness of Egypt during the 9th plague with the darkness of our current exile. The connection of Tisha B’av and the birthday of Moshiach. Did only 20% of the Jews in Egypt actually leave? The connection between Hitler and the 9th plague. The startling finding of Hezbollah in code.

  • In Dublin, Ireland a 1,000 year old book of Psalms was found. CNN reported it was open to Psalm 83; which talks about when the land of Israel is in danger... How appropriate is that! Coincidence?
  • When the 12 Jews who went to spy out the land of Caanan returned and the 10 said that it could not be taken, that night the people cried. When G-d heard their cries in vain He said He would establish this night as a time of weeping for all generations; and so the 1st and 2nd Temples were destroyed on this sad date.

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  • Broadcast #5 - October 16, 2006
    Duration: 0:29:36   |   File Size: 40.8MB

    Torah Codes reveals an amazing connection between Al Gore, Joe Lieberman and the End of Days. The evil of the Yishmaelite exile. The power of sincere crying. The connection of Moses striking the rock and 9/11.

  • Discussion of the signifigance of the numbers 9 and 11. I found this particularly interesting.
  • This one also includes a lot of names, gematrias and Torah Codes. It is very in depth and you may (as with most of these) want to have a pen and a piece of paper handy.

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  • Broadcast #6 - November 27, 2006
    Duration: 0:29:56   |   File Size: 27.5MB

    What 2 words does our evil inclination use to prevent us from focusing on our geula? Torah codes reveals Iran's nuclear threat and indicates what we should do to protect ourselves. Was Shabbsai Tzvi a total fraud, or was he the Moshaich of his generation? What did Pres. Bush and Vladirmir Putin really say to Prime Minister Olmert?

  • A comparison between the time when the Jews were trapped between the Egytians and the sea with they're coming redemption.
  • How are Iran, its President and the end of days connected?

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  • Broadcast #7 - January 08, 2007
    Duration: 0:30:29   |   File Size: 28.0MB

    The shocking location in Chumash where the Hebrew words for NUCLEAR and IRAN overlap in code. Moshiach and the sense of smell. How to protect ourselves from the world's anti-semites in 2 minutes a day. What is the connection between Lavan and today's self-hating Jews? A scientific study revealing the true power of words.

  • The similarities between Levan and the entire Islamic movement.
  • Talk about the 'birth pangs' preceding the arrival of the Messiah.

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  • Broadcast #8 - February 26, 2007
    Duration: 0:33:01   |   File Size: 30.4MB

    Learn about the relationship between righteous women and our redemption. Why was Moshe Rabbenu separated from the Jewish People for the first 80 years of his life? In what way are we dancing around the Golden Calf today? Discover an amazing breakthrough in decoding Daniel's secret date of our redemption. You'll be shocked to learn just how close we really are.

  • Discussion about materialism, women in Jewish History, and the background of Moses.
  • Discussion of the 1290 days, the 1335 days, and the difference of 45 days found in Daniel 12.
  • What do the numbers 11 and 111 have to do with the Jews redemption? (very interesting)

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  • Broadcast #9 - May 15, 2007
    Duration: 0:28:21   |   File Size: 4.87MB

    Learn the shocking, secret location of Barack Obama in the Book of Daniel. What is the connection between our rarest brocha, the blessing of the sun every 28 years, and our redemption? Discover some amazing insights into Daniel's mysterious, "Time, Times, and a half of Time" in reference to the End of Days.

  • Discussion about natural disasters that are happening.
  • Information about Gog, Magog.
  • Telling Jewish People to get their passports ready!
  • The darkness of Iran on the world will occur prior to 4/8/09.
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  • Broadcast #10 - July 12, 2007
    Duration: 0:30:12   |   File Size: 27.8MB

    Albert Einstein once said, "If the bees disappeared from the world, then man would only have 4 years of life left." So what has happened to hundreds of millions of honey bees? They are presumed dead, but where are their bodies? How are Jews similiar to bees? What does the whistle of a thin, innocent looking bird have to do with our redemption?

  • From Sept. 21st 2005, another 23 years to complete the in-gathering of the Jews (Year 2028). Note that Psalm 90:10 tells us a generation, if by strength (good Health), is 80 years. Add 80 to 1948 (re-birth of Israel) and you have 2028. Coincidence? I don't think so.
  • What about the disappearance of bees by the millions - estimated 250 million in the U.S. alone? How do they tie into and mark the coming of the redemption of the Jews.
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  • Broadcast #11 - September 20, 2007
    Duration: 0:32:13   |   File Size: 29.6MB

    What is the 5,768th verse in Chumash and how does it describe our generation? What is the verse's connection to Moshiach Ben Yosef? Why do we emulate the tears of Sisera's mother when we blow shofar 100 times? What brought her to tears when she saw the future? What connection does the song of Devorah have to American Jews? Who led an underground movement spreading Avrohom's teachings around the world?

  • You really don't want to miss the point about the 5708th verse mentioned above! Please note that there is a difference in the numbering of the Hebrew and English translations. The corresponding verse number is accurate though. I know - I counted them myself.
  • The dividing of Israel.
  • How the final war of Gog, Magog will be similar to the war with Cisera in the old testament.
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  • Broadcast #12 - November 29, 2007
    Duration: 0:29:59   |   File Size: 27.6MB

    Ezra's intermarriage prophecy and his dire prediction if future generations continue to intermarry. The secretly coded word in the Book of Ezra which represents the weakness of Jewish men. What do the words "quiet abomination" refer to in the final verses of Daniel? Why is Russia secretly coded at the very end of the Book of Daniel? The gematrias of Putin and Ahmadinejad, Russia and Iran, and the three weak leaders involved in the Annapolis Conference.

  • The missing years on the Jewish Calendar.
  • How the combined gematrias of Russia and Iran show they will be involved in or against Israel in the last days.
  • How the Annapolis conference ties in with last days and the dividing of Jerusalem.

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  • Broadcast #13 - January 28, 2008
    Duration: 0:39:04   |   File Size: 18.0MB

    The shocking name of the next U.S. President, and the connection of the new Rosh of the USA to the 10 plagues. What does the number 255 have to do with Hillary Clinton and a "time of distress?" The truth behind the New Hampshire primary. Learn about disappearance of 173 years from the Jewish timeline. Are we really in the year 5941?

  • A call for Jews to return to Israel now.
  • Notes:
  • The complacency of today's Jews - Which I believe applies to many Christians as well.
  • The current Presidential race.
  • The gematria of Obama's full name is tied to Ishmael, the evil that will befall Israel and the end of days.
  • How do Annapolis and Bush tie in to the end of days.

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  • Broadcast #14 - February 19, 2008
    Duration: 0:40:48   |   File Size: 18.8MB

    What is the relationship between the 5 ending letters of the Hebrew alphabet and our redemption? What important, overlooked verses in Isaiah contain the names "OBAMA" and "OPRAH" secretly hidden in code? When Hashem tells Daniel, "layck Daniel," is He telling the prophet to leave this mystery unsolved, or is He really telling him the answer? What secrets did Rashi's calculation of Daniel's "2300" clue help uncover? Are the Jewish People in America about to have a "new king," as in Egypt? What major occurence relating to our redemption is unfolding right before our eyes but isn't noticed by anyone?

  • Now is not the time to be politically correct.
  • Explanation of gematria.
  • Gog and Magog.
  • The downfall of the U.S. financial empire.
  • Is Obama evil? - If so, will it be recognized if/when he becomes president?

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  • Broadcast #15 - June 5, 2008
    Duration: 0:37:59   |   File Size: 34.9MB

    What did the Pope’s first appearance in a Synagogue have to do with Jonah the prophet? Why is silver always mentioned before gold in Tanach? What’s stopping our Jewish leaders from leading us to our homeland? First the honeybees disappeared and now the bats are dying. What plague may haunt us if the bats all die? What lesson in unity do bats teach us? The very elements of creation consisting of earth, wind, fire and water are unraveling and causing havoc in the world. Every word of Torah is true and the reduced gematria method for truth is 9. Learn the method which can show that every word in Torah is a 9.

  • There really isn't much to add to this one other than the summary of the extreme weather events, the information about the bats and the facts about the number 9 is very good and informative. Especially since the project I am working on now includes the number 9 - how it relates to prophecy and its importance.

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  • Broadcast #16 - June 5, 2008
    Duration: 0:40:0   |   File Size: 36.8MB

    Why was Sarah Palin selected by Hashem to be in the world spotlight during this period and what does she have to do with our Tshuvah process? Who in the world today represents Gog, and are Meshech and Tuval real places? Learn how to achieve true "fear of G-d." Why do natural disasters resemble plagues? Why was Mashiach born on the 9th of Av? Learn the real name of Mashiach, the role of Russia at the end of days, and the secret formula for cleansing sins.

  • There really isn't much to add to this one.

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