Miscellaneous Videos

  1. The Rapture Taking Place In A Church
    One persons rendition of the rapture taking place in a church. Are you ready? Are you on fire for God or are you lukewarm? Have you given your heart to the Lord? Now is the time for everyone to search themselves and be sure of where they stand with God; because what you see in this video could happen any day and at any time.
  2. The Glue That Holds The Human Body Together - Laminin
    Out of the many proteins found in the human body, there is only one that serves as the glue to hold everything together. This protein is called - Laminin. While on the surface this doesn't sound like anything profound or extraordinary and you may be thinking - So, what's so special about that? Well, I'm quite sure that after watching this video you will not think the same way again!! I think this is awesome!!
  3. The Oprah Winfrey Church - Exposed
    I believe this movement (Oprah's church) relates directly to one of the last prophecies to be fulfilled before the return of our Lord - The Great Falling Away. Between this and other movements we are talking about people being led straight to Hell by the millions - not hundreds and not even thousands but millions; and this is just this year!!!! They all need our prayers; that their eyes may be opened to the truth before it's too late!!!
  4. Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 2014-15 - Part 1 and Part 2
    These and many more videos are available for viewing and/or purchase at prophecyinthenews.com. I highly recommend this sight to anyone studying prophecy! These podcasts (videos) are being made available with the gracious permission of the Prophecy In The News Ministry.
  5. Secrets of the Scrolls - Zola Levitt
  6. The Number Nine (9): The Final Blessing
    This podcast is by J.R.Church with Gary Stearman of the http://prophecyinthenews.com/ web site. I highly recommend this site to anyone who is studying prophecy. They have a wealth of information available on their site. Some for viewing or reading online and others that are for purchase. I personally own some of their DVDs and books and have found them to be excellent. This podcast is made available here with permission.
  7. Earthquake Swarms in the USA
    Earthquake 'Swarm' in Southern California -- While earthquakes would certainly be considered a common occurence in California, earthquake swarms are not. It is considered a 'swarm' when a large number of quakes happen in the same area over a brief period of time.

    While viewing this brief video, keep in mind that in the past 12-18 months (approximately) there have also been earhtquake 'swarms' in Yellowstone (Wyoming), off the coast of Oregon, and in Nevada.

  8. 600 Earthquakes In Oregon

  9. Could the Yellowstone Super-Volcano Erupt Soon? If so, what would be the consequences?
  10. FOX: Yellowstone Erruption Could Wipe Out Entire USA (report) IN 2009 -2012 !!!
  11. Yellowstone Super Volcano Alert - History Channel Special
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