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Pray for Kent Hovind
De. Kent Hovind was jailed November 2, 2006, after being convicted in Pensacola, Florida. His wife "Jo" was released on bail. Sentencing is set for January 2007. Countless prisoners of conviction have been jailed though the years. Remember Nelson Mandella? He emerged from prison to rule his nation. Remember the Apostle Paul? Dr. Hovind is a prisoner of conscience: a politcal prisoner. Pray for him.

Truth Radio could have predicted the outcome, as we are well aware that the IRS rules Judges and Federal Judges uniformly REFUSE to allow defense attorneys in IRS cases to present evidence in support of the defendant.

As you think about your own relationship with the IRS, remember the IRS has the guns. Guns rule. Not laws. Men (judges) rule; not law. So, remember that Mao said, "political power comes from the muzzle of a gun" and file your 1040. Just keep in mind that the IRS is in the business of fining people for making money. So, make as little income as possible. File -- but be sure to arrange your financial life in a way that you cost the IRS money, instead of paying the IRS.

Remember, the US Treasury has the power to set up a checking account (or countless accounts) for any purpose, and to write as many checks as they wish in any amount -- WITHOUT EVER MAKING A DEPOSIT. They do not need your money: they need your obedience. Obey -- but cost them inconvenience and money as you do so.

Forget writing to your Congressman.

Even Rep. Ron Paul, the one trustrworthy member of the House of Representatives told this writer that he is frightened of the IRS and will not stand against the agency. The remainder written below was posted at the beginning of Hovind's trial.


Kent Hovind conducts the most popular broadcast on Truth Radio. October 17 begins a Federal Court trial in Pensacola, Florida. If you trust the IRS, you will root for them to convict Dr. Hovind. If you favor justice, however, you will be praying for victory for Hovind and his Creation Ministry.

Here is what Dr. Hovind writes about how all this started.

People who love truth need to know that the IRS has gone through other grand juries that saw the facts and refused to indict me so the IRS called a “secret” (I think the IRS calls it a ‘special’) grand jury just to get me. No witnesses were called for our side. Even when they got the “indictment” notice the IRS did not simply call me to come in or send a $.37 letter. No, they brought in a swat team to drag my sick wife out of bed and handcuffed her in her nightgown. They refused to let her get dressed, put on a robe or even go to the bathroom even though she begged for these simple courtesies. The agents rushed her and I into a squad car then into a freezing cell for 3 hrs! The fact that judges and local sheriffs and even juries blindly assist the IRS in breaking the law is no marvel since they fear the IRS’s Gestapo style tactics as well. (See www. for the full story.)

Doesn't it make you proud to live in a FREE land where the police are FREE to come with the IRS in the dark hours of the morning and FREEly take people from their beds? When I was a child my mother told me of the horror stories coming out of Germany. She said, "Over there, they can come and knock on your door and take the man of the house away, and his family never sees him again." Are we soon going to see this kind of "law enforcement" in the United States?

-- Richard Palmquist
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