Christian attorney hopeful Florida's
'Academic Freedom' bill becomes law

Pete Chagnon - OneNewsNow
4/21/2008 12:00:00 PM

evolution smallA Florida state senator has drafted a bill that would protect teachers who challenge evolution.

Republican Senator Ronda Storms has drafted the "Academic Freedom" bill, which seeks to protect teachers from being fired or losing tenure if they present alternate theories of origin that challenge evolution. Currently, Storms told CitizenLink, both teachers and students feel "muzzled" from expressing their views in an environment that presents Darwin's theory of evolution "in a dogmatic way." But Associated Press reports that under S.B. 2692, Florida teachers would be able to freely present intelligent design or biblical creationism.

David Gibbs, an attorney with the Florida-based Christian Law Association, says his organization is frequently contacted by teachers who are fearful about losing their jobs when they challenge evolution.
"We are contacted frequently by teachers and school administrators who have either been threatened or, more commonly, are running scared," he explains. Those educators, he says, are asking questions such as: "If I say anything, if I discuss this, what will happen? If a child raised her hand and asked about creationism or intelligent design, a panic went into my heart. How do I even answer this question? Or could this cost me my job?"
When teachers are placed in that position, argues the attorney, "that's really... insanity and a disservice to the students across Florida."
Gibbs admires Senator Storms for drafting the legislation. "So I commend Senator Storms for what she is trying to do, and I believe it's sad that in scientific classrooms we have to look at this type of legislation just to make sure teachers are protected," Gibbs says.
He believes if Florida lawmakers take the bill at face value, the Academic Freedom bill will have no problem becoming law.

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