Daniel 12:4-9
Joel 2:23, 28-32
Matthew 7:22-23
Matthew 24:5, 9-14, 23-24, 26, 48-51
Mark 13:6, 9-13, 21-22
Luke 21:8, 12-17
Acts 20:29-30
2 Thessalonians 2:3
1 Timothy 4:1-3
2 Timothy 3:5
2 Timothy 4:3-4
Revelation 3:14-20
Revelation 13:8 & 12

Since much of Revelation 17 pertains to the spiritual aspects of the last days, I have included the entire chapter below.
Revelation 17 (18 verses)

Spiritual Signs

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One World Religion
  1. Christian Attorney Hopeful Florida's 'Academic Freedom' Bill Becomes Law
  2. 'Expellled' Breaks Into Top 10O In First Weekend
  3. Abdullah To Convene Interfaith Conference
  4. Christians To Agree To Code On Proselytising
  5. Prophecy In Action - Towards A United Faith
  6. Vatican - WCC Study On Conversion
  7. Re-Inventing The Church, Part 1
  8. Re-Inventing The Church, Part 2
  9. One Lie To Rule Them All
  10. One World Religion Now Officially Born
  11. One World Religion - One World Worship For All

  1. Obama Contends Belief In Jesus Christ Not Necessary For Salvation
  2. Catholic World News - Pray To Allah Dutch Bishop Suggests
  3. Bush - All Religions Pray To Same God
  4. Lutheran Church Calls For Boycott Of Israel
  5. Return Of Devil's Bible To Prague Draws Crowds
  6. Episcopal Priest Says She's Christian & Muslim
  7. Apostasy In The Church

  1. In Iran, Covert Christian Converts Live With Secrecy And Fear
  2. Pastor's Daughter Gang-raped In Bangladesh
  3. Islamist Militants Close Over 100 Churches In Indonesia
  4. Prof To Student: Keep The Faith - Lose The Grade
  5. Hackers Attack Christians: Promise Punishment
  6. Canada Orders Ministry By Christians Shut Down
  7. China Launches Crackdown On House Churches
  8. Saudis Forewarn Seizure Of Bibles From Tourists
  9. Cops Use Handcuffs To Choke Freedom Of Speach
  10. West Terre Haute Police Abused Power
  11. Christian Persecution Articles (14 Articles)
  12. Prevent Truth Decay - U.S. Christian Persecution
  13. Christian Persecution Briefs With Links To Full Article
  14. 9th Circuit Endorses Censoring Christians
  15. Christian Belief A Hate Crime Under New Plan
  16. Christians In The Bullseye Under New Hate Crimes Plan
  17. Elton John Wants Religion Banned

  1. Presbyterian Church Says Minister Didn't Violate Rules By Presiding Over Same-sex 'Marriages'
  2. Mount Vernon Schools To Hire Investigator In Bible Case
  3. Florida Lawmakers Debate Offering A Christian License Plate
  4. La. Schools Must Stop Bible Giveaways
  5. China Escalates Bible Crackdown
  6. Homosexual'Nuns' Mock Christianity
  7. Oprah Labeled 'False Prophet' And 'Conduit...To Hell'
  8. 'Obama Messiah' Creator - How Far Will 'Cult' Go?
  9. Methodist Church Renews Drive For Divestment From Israel
  10. Britons Who Don't Know Where Jesus Was Born
  11. Common's Motion To Disestablish Church Gets Number 666
  12. Having Done All - To Stand - Stand Therefore
  13. Is This Pope John Paul II Waving From Beyond The Grave
  14. Televangelists Face Intense Federal Probe
  15. Anti-Jesus Activists On Warpath
  16. Hindu Prayer To Open US Senate
  17. Satan'a 6 Strategic Assaults On The Church(PDF File)
  18. Talk Of Apocalypse Reaches From The US President Down
  19. Which Day Is The Christian Sabbath
  20. Iran Website Heralding 'Magdi' By Springtime