Earthquake hits Manchester
By Duncan Hooper and agencies
Last Updated: 1:10pm BST  30/08/2007

Residents of Manchester were shaken in their beds this morning as the sixth earthquake in a month hit the city.

British Geological Survey measured the tremor in the city centre at 5.46am at 2.4 on the Richter scale.

A spokesman said: "Much of the reports were of rumbling and faint shaking. Some people said their beds rattled and moved. One person said a building creaked."

"An earthquake that size doesn't do damage," he added

About nine earthquakes of a similar magnitude to today's occur in Britain every year.

Please Note The highlighted parts above. This story, at first glance, would not seem significant; but if you notice they had 6 of their 9 (avg yearly #) IN ONE MONTH --- It sure gets my attention!!

Original article: Telegraph
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