Matthew 24:7-8
Mark 13:8
Luke 21:11 & 25-26

Signs Of Nature

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Signs In The Heavens

  1. Piece Of Missing Cosmic Matter Found
  2. Radio Telescopes Capture Black Hole Mid-belch
  3. Star Explodes Halfway Across Universe
  4. An 'Astounding Time' For Planetary Discoveries
  5. Astronomers Find Three Galaxies In Perfect Alignment
  6. Bully Black Hole Blasts Nearby Galaxy
  7. Space Tornado
  8. Astronomers Amazed At Dazzling Comet
  9. Superduper Nova
  10. Astronomers Find Massive Hole In The Universe
  11. Peruvians Report Sickness After Meteorite Strikes
  12. Chunk Of Ice Crashes Through House In Iowa
  13. Huge Ice Chunks Fall From Sky In California
  14. 'Hole In Sky' Amazes Scientists
  15. Amimated Picture Of Solar Tsunami
  16. Bizzare Hexagon Spotted OnSaturn

Apocalyptic Weather Patterns

  1. Japan Scientists Warn Arctic Ice Melting Fast
  2. High Waves Kill At Least Eight In S.Korea
  3. Fire Officials Brace For Scorching Summer
  4. Security Risk From Climate Said Underestimated
  5. Jet Stream Moving Slowly Northward
  6. Freshening Of Deep Antarctic Waters Worries Experts
  7. March The Warmest On Record Over World Land Surfaces
  8. Forecast For Big Sea Level Rise
  9. Bangladesh Faces Climate Change Refugee Nightmare
  10. Forecaster Raises Atlantic Hurricane Number
  11. Warming Trends Rise In Large Ocean Areas
  12. Brazilian Floods Kill 34, Leave 190,000 Homeless
  13. Canadian Researchers Warn Of New Arctic Worries
  14. Millions Seen At Risk In South Asia From Warmer World
  15. U.S. West Warming Faster Than Rest Of World
  16. Afghanistans Coldest Winter Kills Over 900
  17. China Rising Sea Levels Threaten Shanghai
  18. Greenland Thaw Biggest In 50 Years
  19. Worst Snows In Fifty Years Pummel China
  20. 150 Million To Face Flood Risk By 2070
  21. 2008 Starts Out Stormy And Shaken
  22. All 11 Hottest Years Were In Last 13
  23. Antartica Lost More Ice In Last 10 Years
  24. Climate Change May Wipe Some Indonesian Islands Off Map
  25. Saudi Arabia Covered With Snow In Coldest Winter For 20 Years
  26. Snow Falls In Baghdad - First Time In 100 Years
  27. 2007 On Track To Be Year Of Extreme Weather
  28. China Puts Summer Death Toll At 1138
  29. Floods Leave 1 Million Homeless In Pakistan
  30. Floods Threaten Food Supplies In Sudan's East
  31. Huge Storms Swirl Around The World
  32. Japan Swelters In Record Heat Wave
  33. N Korea - Floods Destroyed Tenth Of Farmland
  34. South Asia Floods Toll Passes 2000 Mark
  35. UK Fights Worst Floods In 60 Years
  36. Up To 300,000 May Be Homeless In N Korea Floods
  37. Weather Extremes Index
  38. Correlation Between Sunspots And Earthquakes


  1. Earthquake Buries Students In China
  2. Strong Earthquake Hits Southwest China(See Update Below)
  3. 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Japan
  4. Another Quake Rumbled This Morning
  5. Quakes Confuse Experts, Send Kids Under Their Desks
  6. 4.7 Magnitude Quake Shakes Reno For Areas Second Significant Temblor In Past 2 Days
  7. Scientists Say Midwest Quakes Poorly Understood
  8. Scientists: Even Bigger Quake Could Hit Midwest
  9. 5.4 Earthquake Rocks Illinois; Felt 350 Miles Away
  10. Forecast: Big Quake Likely In Calif.
  11. Experts: Expect Big Calif. Quake By 2037
  12. Mysterious Earthquakes Off Oregon
  13. 4th Earthquake Jolts Israel In Two Week Period
  14. At Least 10 Injured As Quake Rocks Lebanon And Jordan
  15. Small Quake Reported At Mount St Helens
  16. Biggest Quake Since 89 Hits Bay Area
  17. 6 Earthquakes Hit Manchester In 1 Month
  18. Earthquakes Jolt East Africa - USGS
  19. Peru Earthquake Death Toll Rises To 510
  20. Powerful Quake Rocks Eastern Indonesia
  21. Russia Quake Leaves 2000 Homeless
  22. 3 Quakes Strike In South Pacific
  23. 7.9 Magnitude Quake Off Indonesia's Sumatra Island
  24. Experts Warn 'Big One' May Yet Hit Indonesia
  25. Quake Strikes Off Columbia
  26. Quakes Strike Near New Caledonia
  27. Two Quakes Strike South Of Japan
  28. Earthquake Swarm Strikes Yellowstone
  29. 3 Strong Quakes Rock Japan
  30. Earthquake Causes Coral Reef To Die


  1. Top U.N. Human Rights Forum To Examine Food Crisis
  2. Famine Fears Fo North Korea, Aid Group Warns
  3. Witnesses: Soldiers Kill 2 In Somalia Riot Over Food Prices
  4. Japan Warns Rising Food Prices Could Lead To Unrest In Asia
  5. Agriculture Experts: Food Costs Could Keep Rising For Years
  6. Food Riots Erupt Worldwide
  7. LatAm Leaders In Food Price Pact
  8. Rice Price Rises As Curbs Imposed
  9. The Worlds Growing Food-Price Crisis
  10. Former U.N. Boss Annan Warns Of 'Hunger Disasters'
  11. Aid Group To Cut Food Ration To Millions
  12. The Hidden Battle To Control The World's Food Supply
  13. London Summit To Tackle Food Price 'Tsunami'
  14. Leaders Warn On Biofuels And Food
  15. Food Price Rises Are 'Mass Murder': UN Envoy
  16. Philippines Seeks Wheat Supplies After China Rebuff
  17. Hunger Threat Looms Over The World
  18. White House Releases 200 Million In Food Crisis Aid
  19. Food Prices Rising At Fastest Rate In 17 Years
  20. Haitian Rioters Storm Presidential Palace
  21. Food Crisis Looms In Bangladesh
  22. Climate Change Could Lead To Global Food Crisis-ScientistsWarn
  23. World Bank: Rocketing Food Prices Have Put Fight Against Poverty Back 7 Years
  24. Global Food Riots Turn Deadly
  25. Biofuel Blowback: Fifty Percent Rice Price Hike Could Spell Trouble
  26. Rainfall Continues To Slow Spring Field Work
  27. Rice Run Prompts Curbs To Rival Credit Market Seizure
  28. Egyptian Workers Riot Over Rising Prices
  29. Rust To Fertilize Food Price Surge
  30. Crop Switch Worsens Global Food Price Crisis
  31. 3 Killed In Haiti Amid Food Riots, Clashes
  32. Rising Grain Prices Panic Developing World
  33. Will Argentina's Soybean Hangover Become A Global Headache?
  34. N. Korea Cuts Rations - Even To Pyongyang Elites, As Rice Prices Soar
  35. Analyst Predicts Corn Rationing In 2008
  36. 'Silent' Famine Sweeps Globe
  37. Zimbabwe Says Food Crisis Worsening
  38. Warning Over World Food Shortages
  39. China Warns Of Winter Shortages
  40. Philippine Officials Boost Rice Imports Amid Supply Crisis
  41. Food Prices Rising Across The World
  42. Egypt Tries To Tackle Deadly Bread Crisis
  43. UN Makes 'Emergency' Call For Food Aid
  44. In Food Aid Crunch - U.S. Reluctant To Tap Crop Trust
  45. UN Fears N. Korea Food Crisis
  46. Asian Rice Crisis Starts To Bite
  47. Afghans Face Widespread Famine
  48. Food And Water Worries Are Top Priorities Say Davos Speakers
  49. North Korea On Brink Of Famine After Floods
  50. 430 North Koreans Die Of Hunger In The Last Month
  51. India: Politics Of Starvation
  52. The World Hunger Problem - Countries Affected
  53. Famine Report


  1. Ants Swarm Over Houston Area, Fouling Electronics
  2. Afghan Northwest Hit By Plague Of Locusts
  3. Wheat Disease Threatens Supplies
  4. Report: Child Viral Death Toll Up To 34 In China
  5. Child Virus Fears Spread To China's Capital
  6. Air Pollution Impedes Bees Ability To Find Flowers
  7. More Chinese Children Die From Virus; Other Countries Hit
  8. China Puts Nation On Alert To Try To Stop Deadly Virus
  9. China Orders Nationwide Fight Against Child Virus
  10. Virus Death Toll In East China Hits 21 Children
  11. 'Voracious' Jumbo Squid Invading Pacifc Northwest Waters
  12. CDC, FDA Investigate Salmonella Outbreak
  13. Pine Beetles May Affect Climate Change
  14. China Calls For Water Checks After 200 Fall Ill
  15. New Virus Causes South American Fever
  16. Cholera Kills 67 In Kenya; Fungus Wipes Out Rice: UN
  17. Egypt Confirms 50th Case Of Human Bird Flu Infection
  18. WHO: Disease, Floods With Warming
  19. South Korea Confirms New Bird Flu Outbreak
  20. Climate Change A Factor In Deaths From Disease - WHO
  21. S. Korea Reports Bird Flu Outbreak, Culls Poultry
  22. Scientists Find Host Of Antibiotic-eating Germs
  23. Brazil's Military Mobilizes Against Dengue
  24. Bird Flu Can Mutate To Infec Humans
  25. One Million Face Famine After Rats Feast On Crops
  26. Brazil Military Will Combat Dengue Outbreak In Rio
  27. Brazil's Main Orange State SP Reports Blackfly
  28. UN Raises Alarm On AIDS Epidemic In Asia
  29. Russian Expert Warns Of 'Bird Flu Pandemic'
  30. Western Canadian Pine Beetle Infestation Spreads
  31. New Disease Spreading Through Homosexual Community
  32. Norovirus Reaches Epidemic Levels
  33. Superbug Linked To Homosexual Behavior
  34. Africanized Honeybees Invade New Orleans
  35. Fever Grips Congo - Killing More Than 100
  36. Multiple Pestilence News
  37. Invasive Algae Killing Costa Rican Coral Reef
  38. Polluted China Rivers Threaten Sixth Of Population
  39. World Faces Threats Of New Infectious Diseases - WHO
  40. Huge Hungry Sqid Invade California Waters
  41. Chinese Communities Overrun By 2 Billion Mice
  42. Black Death Found In Denver Squirrels
  43. Global Pestilence Outbreak
  44. Border Mystery Disease: Is Huge Scare Even Real?
  45. Algae Killing Wildlife In California
  46. Cholera Stories Index
  47. Seeds Of Destruction - Plagues
  48. Moth Causes Flutter In US Wine Region


  1. Drought Forces Barcelona To Ship In Water
  2. Kinneret Level: Lowest Since 1962 And Dropping
  3. Australia Seen Needing Years Of Rain To End Drought
  4. California Snow Pack Falls Well Below Normal
  5. Protests In Bangladesh Capital Over Water Shortage
  6. As Southeast Drought Eases - Water Bills Rise
  7. Drought-hit Cyprus To Ship Water From Greece
  8. The U.S. Nears The Limits Of Its Water Supplies
  9. Melting Mountains A 'TimeBomb' For Water Shortages
  10. Israel's Water Demand Will Hugely Outweigh Supply During 2008
  11. At Least 36 U.S. States Face Water Shortage
  12. Thirsty Jordan Will Struggle For Water This Summer
  13. Drought Hits Northern China
  14. Drought-hit Cyprus Starts Emergency Water Rations
  15. After Year Of Rain - Texas Drought Tough On Farmers
  16. Parched China Lures Foreign Water Investors
  17. Spain Unveils More Drought Relief Measures
  18. UN Experts Concerned By Water Footprint
  19. Drought Could Force Nuke-Plant Shutdowns
  20. Dry - polluted - plagued By Rats - The Crisis In The Yangtze
  21. Yangtze At Lowest Level In 140 Years
  22. Asia Faces Unprecedented Water Crisis
  23. Autumn Rain Down 90 Percent In China Rice Belt
  24. China Says Water Supplies Exploited By 2030
  25. China Warns Of Water Shortage In Lush Guangdong
  26. Much Of US Could See A Water Shortage
  27. Drought Catastrophe Stalks Australia's Food Bowl
  28. Water Levels In 3 Great Lakes Dip Far Below Normal
  29. Drought - Disease - Poverty Hit Southern Africa
  30. Worst Drought In 50 Years Leaves China Thirsty
  31. Wheat Prices Climbing Amid Global Drought
  32. Early Warning Web Service - Drought Watch
  33. One Third Of The World Population Lacks Fresh Water
  34. Australia Faces Future Of Heatwaves And Drought
  35. Warning Of 50% Fall In Water Supply For Middle East
  36. Climate Report Warns Of Drought And Disease

Other Natural Catastrophies/Extreme Weather

  1. China: Troops Rush To Plug Dam Cracks
  2. Chile Town Closed For Three Months After Volcano
  3. Vast Chile Volcano Ash Cloud Partially Collapses
  4. Death Toll From China Quake Soars Past 12,000
  5. New Zealand Volcano More Unsettled: Scientists
  6. Chile Volcanic Eruption Seen At Critical Stage
  7. Tornado Season Deadliest In A Decade
  8. Tornadoes Kill 21, Injure Hundreds In U.S.
  9. Myanmar Says No Need For Foreign Aid Distribution
  10. Aid Is On The Way To Devastated Myanmar But So Is Heavy Rain
  11. Official: Storm Toll Could Be 100,000
  12. More Than 22,000 Dead In Myanmar Cyclone: State TV
  13. Massive Sink hole Closes Highway
  14. Chile Volcano Blasts Ash 20 Miles High, Forcing Evacuations
  15. Myanmar Cyclone Toll Climbs To Nearly 22,500
  16. Erupting Volcano Prompts New Evacuation In Chile
  17. Cyclone Death Toll Nears 4000 In Myanmar: State Radio Says
  18. Thousands Evacuated As Chile Volcano Spews Ash
  19. Deadly Twisters Ravage Arkansas
  20. U.S. Closes Most Of West Coast To Salmon Fishing
  21. Oxygen Depletion Threatens Ocean Habitats: Study
  22. Severe Heatwave In East India Kills Over 20
  23. Tropical Storm Hits South China; 38 Fishermen Rescued: Report
  24. Colombia Volcano Erupts, Prompting Thousands To Leave Homes
  25. China Battles Winter Weather Chaos Ahead Of Holiday
  26. Severe Cold - Snow Kills Scores In Afghanistan
  27. Thousands Flee Volcanic Eruption In Colombia
  28. 2007 Among The Warmest Years On Record
  29. Acid Seas Huge Threat To Coral Reefs
  30. Bangladesh Cyclone Damage Much Worse Than Thought
  31. Europes Largest Port Closed By Storm
  32. Indonesia Volcano Critical - 1000 Tremors In 2 Days
  33. Typhoon Drives One Million Chinese From Homes
  34. Eight Killed As Volcano Erupts Off Yemen
  35. 2007 On Track To Be Year Of Extreme Weather
  36. Freak Hungary Heat Wave Leaves 500 Dead
  37. Birds Fall From Sky In Australia, Article 1
  38. Katrina As Judgement For Gaza
  39. Yellowstone's Quiet Power

Global Warming: Fact - Fiction - Causes

  1. North Pole Could Be Ice Free In 2008
  2. Scientist: N. Zealands Biggest Glacier Shrinking Fast
  3. Melting Causes Lake In Chile To Empty
  4. Global Warming Could Displace 130 Million In South Asia
  5. British Policy Advisor Says Gore Is In 'Panic' Mode
  6. Image Display Solar Timeline
  7. Sun Responsible For Global Warming
  8. Sun's Output Increasing In Possible Trend - Fueling Global Warming
  9. The Sun's Heating up Part I
  10. Global Warming As Seen From Space #1
  11. Global Warming As Seen From Space #2
  12. Global Warming As Seen From Space #3
  13. Global Warming As Seen From Space #4

Miscellaneous Signs

  1. Mystery Roar From Faraway Space Detected
  2. Pieces Are In Place For New England Red Tide
  3. How Food Riots, Pricey Gas And Home Foreclosures Point To A Better Future
  4. Who Should MD's Let Die In A Pandemic: Report Offers Answers
  5. Record Spring Temperatures Hit Moscow
  6. Spring Keeps Coming Earlie For Birds, Bees, Trees
  7. Climate Change To Hit Health Above Economy
  8. Doomsday Vault To Open Its Doors Soon
  9. A Cold Spell Soon To Replace Global Warming
  10. Corn Boom May Expand Dead Zone
  11. Global Cooling Takes World By Surprise
  12. Warm Winter Predicted Across Most Of USA
  13. Lakes Under Antarctic Ice Sheet Surprise Scientists
  14. Honeybees Vanish - Leaving Keepers In Peril
  15. Earth's Dwindling Water Supply
  16. Honeybee Die-Off Threatens Food Supply