Russia Delivers Syria Anti-Aircraft System

Syria has reportedly taken delivery of the first round of Russia's advanced Pantsyr-S1E anti-aircraft missile and artillery defense systems. Previously, Russia and Syria signed an agreement to transfer 50 systems for $900 million; however, other sources report 34-36 systems.

The Israeli military is concerned the new system can down Israel's best jet fighters even while flying over Israeli territory.

Army Radio adds that the deal is contingent on Syria’s promisenot  to resell or transfer the systems to other countries like Iran or Lebanon. Jane’s Defense Weekly reported in May that Syria had already set in motion a trade of ten systems to Iran. Israel insists that Russia gave advanced weapons to Hizb’Allah that were later used to target IDF tanks in last summer’s Second Lebanon War. Russian Council member Vitaly Shlykov denied the Israeli claims as “silly rumors,” The Jerusalem Post reported.


Original article: Ice Jerusalem
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