Ezekiel 35:10
Ezekiel 36:2
Ezekiel 38:2 & 6
Daniel 2:41-44
Daniel 7:7-8 & 23-24
Zechariah 12:2-3
Matthew 24:6-8 & 12
Mark 13:7-8
Luke 21:9-10
Revelation 17:12-13

World Political Signs

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  1. China Warns About Inflation With Price Rises At Near 12-year Highs
  2. Barak Aides: Olmert Exit Is A Matter Of Time -- Then What?
  3. Analyze This: This Time Around, A Bush Visit Might Come Too Late
  4. Olmert Scandal Will "Shake The Country"
  5. Iran Stops Selling Oil For Dollars; Urges Neighbors To Follow Suit
  6. Gulf States May End Dollar Pegs, Kuwait Minister Says
  7. Chinese Nuclear Submarine Base
  8. Mullen Cites U.S. "Vulnerability"
  9. Obama Adviser: Israel Must Give Up Its Nukes
  10. Iran Completely Stops Conducting Oil Transactions In U.S. Dollars
  11. Oil Prices Hit New High, OPEC Chief Says $200 A Barrel Possible
  12. Producers To Discuss 'Gas OPEC': Iran Says
  13. European Union Set To Blacklist A Leading Iranian Bank
  14. Mugabe Trying To Steal Election, Says U.S. Official
  15. British Oil And Gas Pipeline Set To Close Over Strike
  16. U.S. Arms Sales To OPEC At Risk Over Oil: Senators
  17. Bush Nominates Petraeus To Lead Central Command
  18. Obama's Middle East Stance: Uninformed, Or Intentionally Vague?
  19. Let's Not Give Away All Our Secrets On The Web
  20. Congress Getting Evidence On Suspected Nuclear Facility
  21. U.S. Sen Dems To Threaten Arms Deals Unless OPEC Boosts Output
  22. Al Qaeda No2: Attacks On Western Nations In Works
  23. U.N. Chief Calls For Hezbollah Disarmament
  24. Carter Fiddles While Israel Burns
  25. Obamas Pro-Israel Stance Questioned
  26. The Mullah Minuet
  27. EU: Terror Threat Developing 'At Our Borders'
  28. Obama Selective On Terrorism: Yes To Iran, No To Hamas
  29. 'BackChannel' Talks Between Iran And The US Revealed
  30. IMF Meets As Global Economy Weakens
  31. U.S. Senator Calls For Space-based Interceptor Missiles
  32. U.S. Gets Serious About Border
  33. The Day The U.S. Declared War On Iran
  34. Israel: Iran Trying To Intercept IDF Messages
  35. Rice Seeks 'Interim' Accord Before Bush Visits In May
  36. Sarkozy, Brown To Unveil Nuclear Cooperation Plan
  37. Mukasey 'Surprised' By Scope Of Terrorist Threats
  38. IsraelJoined A Body That Is A Steppingstone To Membership In A Major Economic Alliance
  39. Analysis: The Formaldehyde Factor
  40. Analysis: Cairo Climbs The Nuclear Pyramid
  41. Show Some Backbone EU
  42. N. Korea Warns Against Pre-Emptive Strike
  43. Final Status Talks Launched In Jerusalem Today
  44. Joint US-EU-NATO Security Body Mulled
  45. Megillat Bush - The Bush Scroll
  46. The Destruction Of The City Of God
  47. Pentagon Insider Has Dire Warning
  48. Rabbis Warn Bush - Annapolis Will Bring Destruction To US
  49. US Warns Of Israeli Strike On Iran
  50. Ahmedinejad - Israel Is The Standard Bearer Of Satan
  51. Islamic-Rooted President Wins In Turkey
  52. Russia Delivers Syria Anti-Aircraft System
  53. Russia Tests Dad Of All Bombs
  54. Russia To Re-open Bases At Syrian Ports
  55. US Officials Begin Crafting Iran Bombing Plan
  56. US Plan For Air Strikes On Iran Backed By Brown
  57. A Gathering Of Wolves
  58. Bomb Laden Reaper Drones Bound For Iraq
  59. Iran Has 600 Targets For Missile Strike In Israel If Attacked
  60. Iran Says It Is Nuclear - Cannot Be Turned Back
  61. NATO - Catholic - Cloning Titus
  62. Stoning Advocate To Address Connecticut Crowd
  63. 3 Gulf States Approve IAF (Israeli Air Force) Flyover
  64. Iran Threatens World Wide Strike If Attacked
  65. Syrian-Iranian Deal To Hide Weapons