One World Government

While the world sleeps, powerful forces are at work planning the formation of a One World Government.

Attempting to condence information gained from masses of books, journals, news briefs and research from the secular, religious and Christian world, over many years, will not be easy.  What follows will hopefully give visitors to this site a lot more insite to what is unfolding in our world right now.

An incredible number of organizations have been involved in planning the New World Order with its 3-prong emphasis: One World Government, One World Economic Order, One World Religion.

Organizations involved include the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), the Trilateral Commission amongst others.  These seek to reduce nationalism and encourage in its place, internationalism ... a One World Society.  This work began as long ago as the 1920’s.    In 1975, the New Age Movement pulled out all stops to wipe out Christianity and establish a One World Religion (hence the push for multifaith in recent years and intolerance of Christian values and beliefs)

Indeed, there have been several other organizations involved, including the Illuminati & the very secret but powerful Bilderberger club of Europe.

Interestingly, when George Bush gave the go ahead for the New World Order Gulf War in 1990, the UN Security Council voted its approval under the UN Resolution Number 666, the biblical number of the Antichrist. Co-incidence?  Time will tell.

Globalization of the world is the operative word.  Is it not true that we hear more & more about the global internet (world wide web), global banking, global economy & monetary system, as well as a global defense system, etc., etc?

Meanwhile (while subtle changes in i.a. the education systems around the world have been taking place - programming young minds to accept the New World /New Age), global government or One World Government enthusiasts of the UN- & EU- controlled world are working tirelessly to usher in the next so-called World Empire.

In Daniel & Revelation, the Bible tells us that there will be a one world empire in the last days.   This empire will be headed by the Antichrist (ultimately). With the European Union strengthening every day (the revived Roman Empire as prophecied), we know that God’s Word is true & these things are busy coming to pass.

We are living in an age where God is setting the stage for events that will follow the Rapture (catching away) of the Church.

Israel is back in her land. Europe is unifying and history is fast moving towards the time when the Antichrist of the revived Roman empire will strike a treaty with Israel. This event will usher in the 7-year tribulation that will lead to the ultimate return of Christ to this earth.

Russia & her Arab allies are poised (despite the apparent coalition in place at present), ready to strike upon Israel. Israel’s ancient enemies including Egypt, Babylon (Iraq) & Persia (Iran) are also well in place.

Once the Church is raptured (that is when the True believers in the Lord Jesus Christ - those living for Him), the restraining force would have been removed and the Tribulation will come upon the readied & yet unsuspecting world.   The Bible tells us when every one is saying “Peace, Peace”, sudden destruction will come ....

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