One World Economic Order

Never before has the climate been so right and ready in this global society for the ultimate goal of the New World Order to be realized, namely ...

A One World Government,
One World Religion and
A One World Economic Order

Following the 11 September attack on New York and Washington, a special report in was published.  It’s title? “A New World Economic Order”

The US economy took a nose dive. The towers of capitalism toppled and the smoke rose from the ruins ...

Recent changes in global economy and global markets have indeed made us take a closer look at what is really happening.

Several organizations (see One World Government) have been planning and working towards establishing a One-World Currency. One of their goals has been to make countries surrender national sovereignty over their money systems. When this happens (& it is happening already), the countries involved will ultimately surrender their political control.

This is the climate that will usher in the Antichrist.

Many countries in the world have been making subtle (& not so subtle) changes in their currencies, eg. different coins in recent years, changes in the markings on bank notes. (By the way, have you noticed an unexplained blank space on your bank notes in recent years?) These changes are not coincidence but a well-organized plan to change the money system as we know it.

More & more use is being made of internet banking, buying, selling, electronic transfer of monies and much more.  We are constantly confronted with advertising encouraging the use of on-line banking, shopping & stock-market trading - to mention but a few. In the UK, many banks are closing their rural (& not so rural) branches and thus making it more difficult to bank in the traditional way. Money as we know it and financial transactions are changing rapidly. It is all heading one way!

 What about the single European currency?
 In 1999 the single European currency was launched. Twelve countries made an  agreement to lock their exchange rates together and share a single interest rate. 
 On 1 January 2002 the Euro replaced the national currencies of the participating  countries - the most significant new currency since the dollar to hit the world  markets.

This, make no mistake, is the start of the One World Currency and a major push as far as progress towards the One World Economic Order.

The plan is to merge the banks that control the world economy, eg. the Federal Reserve Bank ($), the Central Bank of Japan (the Yen) and the European Central Bank (the Euro). These would be merged into a one world central bank eventually issuing a single world currency.

But,it doesn’t end there ...

What about the so-called Cashless Society?
Economists of the New World Order are very aware of the importance of cash and its ability to inhibit their ability to gain complete control of the world. They know that in order to completely control, monitor & track the global population, they need first of all to eliminate the use of cash.  Whilst people still use cash, it is almost impossible to know how people are using their finances, eg. above board or questionable transactions, terrorism, etc.

For several decades the World government advocates have been planning and promoting a cashless society.  For example, debit & credit cards,smart cards, point of sale machines, internet transactions, credit data - all being channeled through
huge computer systems. Eventually the economic leaders of the New World Order will be able to control the global population.  Sounds like science fiction, unthinkable. So did the events of the 11 September 2001 terrorist attack!

One hundred percent monitoring and control of personal activity is the ultimate goal of this New World Order plan.

Are there any dangers related to the One World Economic Order?
Indeed there are!!
Once the cashless system is implemented, the New World Order, One World Government, will be able to be fully activated.

Ultimately citizens of the world will be required to accept a mark, probably in the form of a computer chip to be implanted under the skin.  According to the Bible, in the book of the Revelation, chapter 13, this mark will be on the right hand or in the forehead.

The person who will enforce this will be none other than the Antichrist himself (also known as the beast). This will be what is referred to as the mark of the beast - the 666 system.
Without the “mark”, no one will be able to buy or sell.  That is not all.  If you dare  to take the mark, you will have to worship the beast, the Antichrist, as well. If you  accept the mark, you may save your life for the moment, but you will be  condemned to eternal punishment and separation from God. 

If you refuse the mark (which you MUST), you will pay for it by being killed, BUT, if you have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour and have refused to accept the mark, you will be saved from eternal wrath and punishment and enjoy eternal life - a glorious life free from suffering, pain and sin.

Is the ID card the “mark of the beast”?
A great debate is currently taking place in the UK.  National ID cards are in the pipeline.   One of the reasons being to control (control??) the people in the country - immigrants & citizens. Are they bona fide residents or not? Without the ID card, people will not be able to access employment and benefits, etc.   Yes, it sounds similar.   But, no, the ID cards are not the “mark” as yet - but the preamble to the mark. 

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