Review: “ Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain”

by Alan and Pat Franklin

This is the book for our time. when read along side the Bible, it provides understanding for all that is involved with what is going on in the great prophetic movement of these final hours of the age, and where it is all leading.

“ Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain” is a book those of us who are following Christ’s exhortation must read. “when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Luke 21: 28)

--Terry James

Two Christian journalists have written a timely new book which looks at news through the prism of prophecy. But this is no “Nostra nonsense|” – it is a studied look at Bible prophecy, with evidence, comment and teaching on prophecies 2000 and more years old coming true in the world today.

Alan and Pat Franklin conclude that America and Britain are on borrowed time, facing increasingly severe judgements as their societies fall apart and church leaders concentrate on a spurious feel-good gospel. They show how America, like Britain, is fast losing its sovereignty, soon to be submerged in an American Union based upon the EU superstate of 25 formerly free nations. These “unions” are likely to be regions of the coming world government.

Meanwhile America, now the world’s biggest debtor nation, is facing a housing market meltdown because of excessive borrowing. In the book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, the Franklins point out that dictators - perhaps like the coming Antichrist - usually come to power at times of economic crisis. The coming financial crisis – The Greater Depression- could pave the way.

The first step in taking away the independence of the USA is already in being, with the North American Free Trade Agreement leading to no border controls between America, Canada and Mexico, with the world’s biggest system of transport corridors being built to tie the three countries together, prior to all the rest of Central and South America- plus offshore islands- joining in. The steps to ever greater merging and mixing of nations are detailed in the book, which shows treachery in high places and secret societies dedicated to wiping out the nation state.

One chapter, called The World’s First Super Highways, shows that the biggest roads in human history will unify the Americas; 1,200 feet wide ten lane super highways with six rail lines as well as oil, gas and electricity transmission and pipelines alongside. This immense transport and supply system starts in Mexico- for now at least- slices north through Texas, cuts up through the Mid West heartland and rolls into Canada. These are privately-owned toll roads that will be foreign owned and run-Goodbye America.

Why aren’t the media shouting this from the housetops, as Texan farmers see their land confiscated, as small towns face being cut off when the juggernaut highways sweep by –fenced off from their business so the towns will wither and die? A chapter headed: “All the News Worth Suppressing” tells you why all TV news has to offer is brief soundbites, mixed up with sport, soap operas and “news” of so-called stars. Our nations are deliberately kept ill informed while our freedoms are stealthily removed by those ushering in The New World Order.

Mixed in with chapters like “Who’s Behind The New World Order?” and “Storm Warning” are lots of sound Bible teaching, with critical eyes cast on what passes for “church” in the west today. The Franklins detail many errors in today’s church – being purpose driven over the cliff- and head one chapter: “Modern Myths and What The Bible Actually Says.” “Europe and Islam,” “One World Religion and the Ark of Hopelessness,” – these are some of the 21 chapters which round off with The Gospel and a call for readers to be born again. For all the bad news in the book is only depressing if you are not a Christian looking for the Blessed Hope.

Alan Franklin, who edited a newspaper for 21 years until 2005, with his wife Pat working alongside him as a copy-editor, launched their book, “Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain,” at the East Coast Prophecy Conference in PA in September and with radio and TV programs.

Said Alan, a journalist for 42 years and a student of Bible prophecy since becoming a Christian in 1983: “Our world is full of fear. Violence on the streets and among the nations, threats of terrorism and even nuclear war make people fearful for their futures. There is immodesty, immorality, an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases and natural calamities like earthquakes, tidal waves and hurricanes.

“Foreboding is in the air as people dig themselves deeper into debt, currencies threaten to crumble and people look - and fail to find - a safe haven. What sort of world are our children growing into? Will many more generations survive as we slouch towards Gomorrah in a world stuffed with nuclear weapons - and evil men threatening to use them? Should we buy gold, or perhaps move out of town? How can we be secure from the coming storm?

“The title of our book sounds ominous. What do we mean by “Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain”? The truth is that the two countries we love are giving away their independence, tying their futures to those of foreigners with alliances like the European Union and the soon to appear 34 nationAmerican Union, which is already being planned. A one-world government will follow, with nation states a thing of the past.

“Why is this happening, when both our countries have fought wars for freedom? Why would strong countries that fear nobody voluntarily give up what they fought to defend - their cherished independence? Is there a spiritual cause for all this, and the many other problems besetting our societies? We hope we have provided enough answers in this book to start people thinking and, hopefully, praying for the future of our nations. It is too late to stop the impending judgement – but perhaps it can be delayed, while more souls are saved.

“The media have done such a rotten job that people’s ignorance of world events is appalling and few know how precisely events line up with Bible prophecy. Few people realise that the sinister trends affecting our lives today are predicted in the Bible. So many people know of Nostradamus, an obscure medieval occultist whose work is of such little value that I call him “Nostra-nonsense.” Yet hardly anyone knows that the Bible contains thousands of prophecies, every one of which has either already been fulfilled literally or will be, perhaps in the near future.

“We relate some of the main ones in this book, particularly the predictions concerning a one-world government, a one-world money system; a one-world church and a leader who will emerge to preside over the most fearsome tyranny the world has ever seen. We chronicle the trends leading up to the unification of great power blocks which will coalesce into the one world government. Informed patriots can at least be aware of this and warn others that time is short.

“Students of Bible prophecy down through the centuries have looked for two great events to signal that history is winding down to a conclusion. Those two events, both predicted thousands of years ago, are: the revival of the old Roman Empire and the restoration of the state of Israel. Many see the EU, begun with the Treaty of Rome, as being the fulfilment of prophecy and the power block from which the one-world leader will come. I believe that we are living in the time of which we have been warned by God’s prophets when a foul tide of evil is unleashed to engulf the globe. People should be concerned. Their jobs, their homes, even their countries are all at risk, as readers of our book will discover.

“As fear drives us to accept big brother surveillance and governments use the threat of terrorism to justify the removal of age old freedoms, formerly Christian nations are turning to eastern religion, mysticism and mumbo jumbo for solace. They find none. So will evil triumph? Are our lives pointless and purposeless? What hope have we? The answer is, every hope. The Blessed Hope. Thanks to the Bible’s prophets, we know exactly what is going to happen as mankind moves towards the tumultuous end of history, the end times, the times just before the return of Jesus Christ to the earth.”

The book is the second produced by the Franklins, the first being EU: Final World Empire, which contains some startling insights into how the EU is developing into the world’s number one power. The EU superstate story continues in Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, and the Franklins show the plans for ever widening borders of the EU, which aims to call itself just “The Union” once it reaches 50 member states. The EU already has Israel under its influence having given it associate status as a prelude to swallowing it up, together with all other countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

The book is on sale, together with other teaching aids from the Franklins, at their website "" The price is $18 including post and packing, or £8 if ordering in Great Britain.

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