Daniel 2:40-44
Daniel 7:23
Daniel 11
Revelation 13:7-8
Revelation 13

One World Government

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The New World Order

  1. Solana Calls For Action From Alliance Of Civilizations
  2. Joint EU-US-NATO Security Body Mulled
  3. Ahmadinejad - Global Government Mankinds Gravest Need
  4. 7-Year Plan Aligns US With Europes Economy
  5. Alliance Of Civilizations Told To Act
  6. EU Should Expand Beyond Europe
  7. EU Eyes Globalization Following Agreement On Constitution
  8. Global Governance - The Quiet War Against America
  9. Liberty Lost
  10. The U.N. Millennium Forum: Reinvention of Global Government
  11. New World Policeman The Re-definition Of NATO
  12. One World Economic Order
  13. One World Government
  14. The New World Order In Bible Prophecy
  15. The UN Plan For Global Migration
  16. The World Government
  17. Trading US Rights For UN Rules

United American States

  1. Bush Doesn't Think America Should Be An Actual Place
  2. Bush Sneaking Super State
  3. Congressman: Super Highway About North American Union
  4. Documents Reveal Shadow Government
  5. Investors Push NAFTA Super-Highways UAS
  6. Toward A North American Union
  7. United States Of North America
  8. Welcome to NASCO - International Mid-Continent Trade Corridor
  9. Whistleblower - Alien Nation

Us And Britain In The End Times

  1. America The Beautiful
  2. An Alternate Scenario - The Twilights Last Gleaming
  3. Attack On America - God Bless America
  4. Bush Continues To Push America Toward Police State
  5. COG Book US UK (PDF)
  6. Coming Property Crash And Loss Of Sovereignty
  7. Democrats Beef Police State With 9-11 Commission Bill
  8. Europe In Bible Prophecy
  9. Goodbye America - Goodbye Britain
  10. Bible Prophecy And The U.S.
  11. The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy