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  1. God's judgment on the U.S.
  2. After huge White House construction job, West Wing emerges little changed _ but for how long
  3. Obama Has Signed 923 Executive Orders In 40 Months
  4. Obama campaign mobilizing thousands of lawyers to combat voter ID laws, voting restrictions

Sunday - September 30, 2012:

  1. Report: Russia Ordered Deaths of Turkish Pilots
  2. Iran will stop at nothing to protect Syria says Clinton
  3. Panetta: Syria Has Moved Some Chemical Weapons
  4. US aims to rally Syrian opposition with new aid
  5. Saudis UN inaction gives Al Assad green light
  6. In Niger, flooding adds to humanitarian woes

Saturday - September 29, 2012:

  1. Russia Says Iranian Nuclear Deadlock Risks Military Strike
  2. Erdogan lashes out at Russia, China, Iran over Syria
  3. Major Powers Demand Urgent Action from Iran
  4. Iran displays 'proof' of western sabotage
  5. Arab military intervention unrealistic
  6. Panetta reports Syrian chemical storage movements – but no exact intel knowledge
  7. Syrian rebels in 'decisive battle for Aleppo' as regime hits back in capital
  8. Mortar fired from Syria hits Turkey
  9. Harper: PM's UN speech reverberating around world
  10. Obama Slammed for ‘Libya Lies’
  11. Magnitude 6 quake off Solomons

Friday - September 28, 2012:

  1. Iran pushes ahead in building nuclear research reactor, sources say
  2. Rights group- 300 people killed in one day in Syria
  3. Egypt's Morsy opposes foreign intervention in Syria
  4. UN: 700,000 Syrian refugees expected to flee war-torn country by end of year
  5. PAKISTAN: Faisalabad 16 year old Christian girl gang raped for hours by young Muslims
  6. Ban warns of 'perfect storm' in Africa
  7. Earthquake rocks island in Alaska's Aleutian chain
  8. Quakes point to new tectonic plate
  9. Obama’s claim that ‘90 percent’ of the current deficit is due to Bush policies
  10. Collapse of the Cairo Doctrine

Thursday - September 27, 2012:

  1. Iranian officers reshape Assad’s Shabbiha militia into a second al-Qods
  2. Ahmadinejad’s ‘end times’ address to U.N.
  3. France New EU Iran sanctions to target finance, trade
  4. U.N. chief demands global action to end war in Syria
  5. Massive explosions in Damascus strike top Syrian army building
  6. TURKEY: New bloody PKK attack in Tunceli
  7. UK weather Block of flats in Newburn evacuated after floods wash away its foundations
  8. Weather satellite that tracks hurricanes fails
  9. Texas drought killed 300 million trees last year
  10. Winds could fan deadly Calif. wildfire
  11. Zombie bees invade Washington state
  12. Five more with SARS-like virus

Wednesday - September 26, 2012:

  1. US links Iran's oil company to Revolutionary Guards
  2. Iran test-fires anti-warship missiles near the Strait of Hormuz
  3. Iran dominates start of UN meeting in New York
  4. U.N. envoy Syrian crisis 'getting worse'
  5. Bombs explode at security site in Damascus - rebels
  6. China launches aircraft carrier amid rising tensions with Japan
  7. Clinton reassures Egypt's Morsi over U.S. aid
  8. INDIA: Bibles are burnt, Christians attacked to convert them forcibly to Hinduism
  9. INDIA: United States runs dry, India becomes leading exporter of soy feed (in Asia)
  10. World on track for record food prices 'within a year' due to US drought
  11. INDIA: Flooding in the Northeast 33 dead and over one million homeless
  12. 6.2 quake strikes near Mexico's Baja Peninsula

Tuesday - September 25, 2012:

  1. In New York, defiant Ahmadinejad says Israel will be eliminated
  2. 'UK, France, Germany urge EU to up Iran sanctions'
  3. Syria fires into Jordan, sparking clashes
  4. Libya militia leader: Heat-seeking missiles, other weapons stolen during firefight
  5. Britain gets almost a month of rain in 24 hours

Monday - September 24, 2012:

  1. Iran threatens Israel and the US with “preemptive strikes”
  2. Iran Accuses IAEA of Sharing 'Secrets' with Israel
  3. Report: Iran uncovered spying device disguised as rock at Fordow nuclear plant
  4. Rebels claim control over most of Syria
  5. FSA: 'The Fall of the Regime Is a Question of Months'
  6. Iraq to search Syria-bound Iranian aircraft
  7. Dangerous and deepening divide between Islamic world, West
  8. Nigerian suicide bomber kills two in attack on Catholic church
  9. US law enforcement to use Russian software to store millions of voices

Sunday - September 23, 2012:

  1. Washington’s Iran war game vs. real Iranian, Israeli war preparations
  2. Iran official: German firm planted bombs in parts meant for nuclear program
  3. Report: U.S. refuses entry to 20 Iran officials ahead of UN meet in New York
  4. US Senate: Containing nuclear Iran is not enough
  5. Rebels shoot down fighter jet in northern Syria, witness says
  6. Another Benghazi atrocity
  7. PAKISTAN: Islamabad, mindless violence on the day of love for the Prophet 23 dead and 200 wounded
  8. Violent anti-film protests killed 19 people in Pakistan
  9. Rpt: More than 200 coal-fired generators slated for shutdown

Saturday - September 22, 2012:

  1. Iran official ‘Big war’ means Mahdi’s coming
  2. The hyped-up Iranian weapons paraded in Tehran are not new
  3. Iraq blocks Syria-bound North Korean plane
  4. Violent anti-film protests killed 19 people in Pakistan
  5. Syrian President Al Assad says his government will prevail
  6. Midwest drought devastates businesses, strains the mood of the region

Friday - September 21, 2012:

  1. 11 European States Chart Course For A Federal Europe With Army
  2. Merkel and Hollande to discuss defence merger
  3. West warns Iran: Time for negotiations running out
  4. Iran pours more troops into Syria, ready to target Israel from Syria and Lebanon
  5. Could US be behind Iran power line blasts?
  6. Iran’s atomic energy chief admits to giving the IAEA false information
  7. Turkish report: Syrian missile shot down warplane
  8. Syria rebels say downed Assad force's helicopter near Damascus
  9. Syrian rebels extend grip on Turkish border
  10. Qualified US admission that Benghazi murders were a terrorist attack
  11. Religious intolerance on the rise worldwide, says US report
  12. Energy bills to rise by up to 30% as cheap tariffs end

Thursday - September 20, 2012:

  1. Bahrain seizes items Iran likely sought for nukes
  2. Iran claims its nuclear facilities could now survive enemy 'missile attacks and raids'
  3. Khamenei: Iran will never cave to Western 'anger'
  4. Exclusive: Iran arrests 3 Fordo sabotage suspects who entered from Azerbaijan
  5. Experts: Only US can destroy Iran's nuke program
  6. Unemployment mounts as Iran's economy falters
  7. Former Syrian general: Assad planned to transfer chemical weapons to Hezbollah
  8. Syrian rebels seek int'l intervention, just not Iran
  9. Assad’s Sister Flees Syria to UAE - Al Arabiya
  10. Foreign ministers call for EU federalist union
  11. Beijing demonstrators damage US ambassador's car
  12. France to close embassies in 20 countries in wake of Prophet Mohammed cartoons
  13. Mass slaughter of farm animals set to push food prices up 14%
  14. U.S. West should expect bigger wildfires more often report

Wednesday - September 19, 2012:

  1. Iran launches submarine as US navy drills in Gulf
  2. US and Iran may be at war in 2013, predicts former US envoy to Israel
  3. PKK ambush kills 7 Turkish soldiers, injures 63
  4. Foreigners flood into Syria to join battle to overthrow Assad
  5. Eight South African civilians among 12 killed by Afghan suicide bomber in film revenge
  6. EU heavyweights call for radical foreign and defence policy overhaul
  7. Merkel says leaders must agree on closer euro zone coordination
  8. U.S. suspends aid talks with Egypt over anti-American protests, report says
  9. Portraits of drought: Corn growers hit hardest
  10. Roessiger Family Faces Fines for Home Bible Studies
  11. Will science someday rule out God?

Tuesday - September 18, 2012:

  1. Iran accuses nuclear watchdog of being infiltrated by “terrorists and saboteurs”
  2. Iran Power lines to Fordo facility blown up
  3. Beirut asks Iran for clarifications on Al Qods ops in Lebanon
  4. 'Syrian regime tested chemical weapons firing systems'
  5. Seeking Syria peace, 'Islamic Quartet' meets in Egypt for first time since launch
  6. Violent anti-US riots continue
  7. US diplomats start destroying Beirut embassy documents
  8. 'Arab Spring' countries at risk
  9. Hezbollah's Nasrallah warns US over anti-Islam film
  10. U.S. seeks to block anti-terrorism ruling that 'threatens' operations against Al-Qaida
  11. World shows prudence as drought boosts food prices USDA

Monday - September 17, 2012:

  1. Massed US, UK, French navies for drill simulating breach of blocked Hormuz
  2. Iran: Troops in Syria, may intervene if attacked
  3. Libya Arrests 50 in Connection with Benghazi Attack
  4. US personnel evacuated from Sudan and Tunisia
  5. Panetta: No Plans to Bolster Forces in Middle East
  6. Technique that gives children three parents may only be a year away

Sunday - September 16, 2012:

  1. Al-Qaida in Yemen urges Muslims to kill U.S. diplomats over film
  2. Anti-American Protests Over Film Expand to Nearly 20 Countries
  3. Violent protests spread to Australia on fifth day of upheaval over anti-Islam film
  4. At least eight killed in day of violent protests over anti-Islam film
  5. Brahimi says Syria crisis is global threat
  6. Post-Arab Spring moderate” Muslim regimes cornered by radicals
  7. Obama to rabbis: No 'set of conditions' on Iran
  8. Most of Metro Manila submerged in early morning floods
  9. CA public schools' anti-Christian agenda exposed

Saturday - September 15, 2012:

  1. IRAN: IAEA passes resolution slamming Tehran for its nuclear programme
  2. US says Iran 'demolishing' facility at Parchin site
  3. Syrian army jets, helicopters batter Aleppo
  4. Anti-American fury sweeps Middle East over film
  5. LIBYA: Arrests in Benghazi over U.S. consulate attack as Islamic world rises against Mohammed film
  6. Libya closes Benghazi airport after Islamists fire at U.S. drones
  7. At least 4 casualties in Al Qaeda attack on US-led Sinai peacekeeping mission
  8. Cameron in secret referendum threat to EU leaders over power grab plans that could create a ‘federal Europe’
  9. Japan: Six Chinese ships enter its waters
  10. US vulnerable to long-range missile attack report

Friday - September 14, 2012:

  1. Al Zawahri personally ordered Al Qaeda to murder US Ambassador Stevens
  2. Two American troops killed in ambush en route to rescue besieged diplomats in Benghazi
  3. Two US warships ordered to Libyan coast
  4. Day 3 of Riots at US Embassy in Cairo
  5. Anti-US Violence Spreads Across Mideast Region
  6. Yemen's US Embassy Attacked by Protesters
  7. After attack, Obama says Egypt neither friend nor foe
  8. Car bomb kills at least 18 Syrian soldiers in Damascus ahead of UN envoy's visit
  9. Barroso envisages 'federation of nation states'
  10. Merger to create one giant European defence company
  11. Russia, China agree to back IAEA resolution critical of Iran
  12. US strikes on Iran would risk major war, experts state
  13. Congress told U.S. life ‘unsustainable’ after EMP
  14. 33,000 told to flee as volcano erupts near Guatemala tourist zone
  15. Thunderstorms, rain hit Calif., Nev., Utah
  16. Acute hospital care 'on brink of collapse' say doctors

Thursday - September 13, 2012:

  1. Russia, China join West in Iran rebuke at IAEA meet
  2. U.S. officials: Attack on consulate in Libya may have been planned
  3. What you need to know about Syria today
  4. 2m needy Syrians aren’t getting food
  5. 'Experts say US missile defense strategy flawed'
  6. Ahmadinejad Accuses the West of Destroying Iran's Rain Clouds
  7. Two quakes rattle Greek islands
  8. Drought Lowers Russian Grain Forecast to 75 Mln Tons
  9. Locusts threaten African Sahel food supply next year
  10. Hundreds flee as western wildfire season roars on

Wednesday - September 12, 2012:

  1. Panetta: US has a year if Iran decides on a nuke
  2. US: Setting red lines for Iran is not useful
  3. U.S. Attack on Iran Would Take Hundreds of Planes, Ships, and Missiles
  4. Iranian MPs call for intervention to rescue rial

Tuesday - September 11, 2012:

  1. IAEA Demands Access to Iranian Military Site
  2. Al Qaeda owns up to 11 attacks killing 100 Iraqis
  3. Gun Sales Surge: An Obama Bounce?
  4. RUSSIA: Authorities demolish Pentecostal Church, Moscow Patriarchate calls for respect for religious
  5. Torrential rains kill 78 in Pakistan

Monday - September 10, 2012:

  1. Report Amid talk of new nuclear sanctions, Iran's currency hits record low
  2. Assad Moves Chemical Agents to Tartus
  3. 'At least 100 casualties' as rebel bombs target Syrian army
  4. Syrian warplanes pummel cities as opposition reports 178 more killed
  5. Simultaneous bombs hit army compounds in Aleppo
  6. The driest season: Global drought causes major worries
  7. Death toll rises to 30 from Nigeria flood, 120,000 displaced
  8. San Cristobal volcano eruption in Nicaragua forces evacuation

Sunday - September 9, 2012:

  1. Canada Closes Embassy in Iran, Expels Iranian Diplomats
  2. Iran says it may retaliate for Canada ties downgrade
  3. EU preparing new sanctions on Iran over nuclear program
  4. Russia FM: U.S. sanctions on Iran, Syria hurting Russian economy
  5. Chemical threat is back. Hizballah, Israel close to clash ***
  6. Syria crisis Daraya massacre leaves a ghost town still counting its dead
  7. Five Soldiers Dead in Bomb Attacks in Damascus
  8. Shelling and bombs rock Damascus
  9. UN doubles number needing aid in Syria to 2.5 million
  10. Why is Putin stockpiling gold?
  11. Chinese city left baffled after Yangtze turns scarlet
  12. USGS: Small earthquakes rattling California not related
  13. 2 tornadoes touch down in NYC neighborhoods

Saturday - September 8, 2012:

  1. Britain's Hague calls for more EU sanctions on Iran
  2. Iran sends terror teams into Turkey
  3. WP Syria’s chemical arsenal bigger, more scattered than suspected
  4. Boehner: Obama may miss sequester deadline
  5. Deadly earthquakes hit south-west China
  6. Small earthquake shakes L.A. area
  7. Drought hit Q3 farm income expectations in Midwest Fed

Friday - September 7, 2012:

  1. Russians defend Iran against nuclear weapon accusations
  2. Russia warns strike on Iran would be 'disastrous'
  3. Iran will seize back assets from Great Satan Iran Cmdr.
  4. Turkish officers take command of Syrian rebel brigades. N. Israel on alert
  5. Blood-soaked streets of Syria
  6. Almost 300 Christian children abducted and forcibly converted to Islam in Bangladesh
  7. Democrats boo vote to restore ‘God’
  8. US Democrats put Jerusalem back on platform after furor
  9. 'Daughter of Isaac' could hit Gulf Coast this weekend

Thursday - September 6, 2012:

  1. Massed US, UK, French navies for drill simulating breach of blocked Hormuz
  2. IAEA shows diplomats 'Iran nuclear clean-up' images
  3. Iran's navy aims to sail off US shores soon
  4. Ahmadinejad West has launched sanctions war against Iran
  5. Turkish PM: Syria a 'Terrorist State'
  6. Egypt's Morsy says it's 'time for change' in Syria
  7. Powerful quake hits Costa Rica, two dead
  8. India steps up TB fight as fears of drug-resistant strains mount

Wednesday - September 5, 2012:

  1. Ahmadinejad Admits Sanctions are Causing 'Problems'
  2. Iran to hold big air force drill next month
  3. Syria’s August death toll reaches 4,937
  4. US & Iran build up Sunni-Shiite showdown in Syria
  5. France threatens 'massive' response if Syria uses chemical weapons
  6. Russia advises citizens to quit Syria
  7. Stennis leaves for the Mid East 4 months earlier
  8. Christians 'must choose between job or their faith'
  9. Action needed to prevent food price catastrophe: U.N.

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