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  1. Digital technology brings new life to Dead Sea Scrolls
  2. The church Relevance vs. reverence
  3. 'Invisible' Planet Discovered By NASA's Kepler Spacecraft

Friday - September 30, 2011:

  1. Activists: Syrian army assault kills 27
  2. Report: Deserters have killed 80 Syria military personnel
  3. Syria accuses US of inciting violence against its forces
  4. UN Security Council may agree on new Syria draft resolution this week
  5. Syria Opposition Seeks No-Fly Zone
  6. See what Obama promises Arabs after 2012 election
  7. FBI: US man planned to blow up Pentagon
  8. After jets sold to Taiwan, Beijing halts military exercises with the U.S.
  9. Pakistani leaders meet as US considers tough action
  10. Egypt: Muslim Brothers, others threaten election boycott
  11. Eight of 15 Security Council members 'back Palestinian UN bid'
  12. INDIA: Andhra Pradesh, eight Pentecostal Christians arrested for praying in the street
  13. Listeria outbreak expected to cause more deaths across US in coming weeks
  14. Second case of locally acquired dengue fever found in Miami-Dade
  15. CHINA: Typhoon Nesat lashes Hong Kong_ The stock market, schools and offices all closed

Thursday - September 29, 2011:

  1. France: Iran faces high risk of military strike. Russia practices Iranian reprisal
  2. France: Iran nuke drive raises risk of strike
  3. Report: Iranian Navy gets new cruise missiles
  4. Iran begins mass producing cruise missile for Navy
  5. Iran Threatens the US East Coast
  6. White House, experts dismiss Iran naval threat to U.S. coast
  7. Syrian tanks shell anti-Assad fighters for 2nd day
  8. Nuclear engineer assassinated in Syria
  9. Syrian civil war looms as troops defect
  10. EU leaders drop call for Syria sanctions
  11. Somalia Famine Gets Worse
  12. Tens of thousands protest in Yemen over president's return
  13. Canadian ice shelves breaking up at record speed
  14. Solar storm delivers glancing blow to Earth
  15. In uphill effort, Muslims seek Israeli converts
  16. Tens of thousands stranded by floodwaters in India

Wednesday - September 28, 2011:

  1. Nightmare in Libya: Thousands of Surface-to-Air Missiles Unaccounted For
  2. Egypt uncovers Libyan SA-24 anti-air missiles and sea mines bound for Gaza
  3. Inside Obama's Israel Bomb Sale
  4. Official Iran to send ships near U.S. coast
  5. 'Iran, Russia to shape new world order'
  6. The end of Ahmadinejad. His cronies barred from election
  7. US and Pakistan near military clash. Islamabad blames US Afghan 'disarray'
  8. Syrian forces kill 4 defecting soldiers: activists
  9. Syrian troops firing machine guns from tanks storm restive town in central Syria
  10. In Syria, defectors form dissident army in sign uprising may be entering new phase
  11. Syria seeks cutback in oil production because of E.U. embargo
  12. Is Egypt's military seeking control?
  13. Libyan Islamists must have share in power, warns leader
  14. Has U.S. university actually developed 'mark of the beast'?
  15. Seven dead as Typhoon Nesat pounds Philippines

Tuesday - September 27, 2011:

  1. EU bans new oil exploration, banknotes for Syria
  2. New A.Q. Khan Documents Suggest Pakistan Spread Nuclear Weapon Technology
  3. Official: Syrian troops captured in central town
  4. Syrian tanks pound rebel town near Homs
  5. RUSSIA: Putin announces his candidacy for president. He will perhaps give the premiership to Medvedev
  6. Russian FM: Iran should halt centrifuge production
  7. Senator: Consider military action against Pakistan
  8. Typhoon nears Philippines, 100,000 ordered to flee

Thursday - September 22, 2011:

  1. Man injured with 2 sons in Michigan car bomb blast an area lawyer
  2. IAEA meeting: Iran blames Israel for killing nuke scientists
  3. The UN’s tragic failure
  4. Erdogan: Turkey to join sanctions against Syria
  5. Fierce fighting in Yemen amid stalled talks
  6. Fresh fighting rocks Yemen capital
  7. Somali kids win weapons in Koran contest
  8. Sikkim earthquake: Scores of bodies found in rubble
  9. China Weather disasters kill at least 70
  10. Typhoon 'Roke' Smashes Into Japan, Heads for Nuclear Plant

Wednesday - September 21, 2011:

  1. Top US Intel official in Ankara to head off naval clash, bring Palestinians to talks
  2. Blast kills 3; wounds 15 in Turkish capital
  3. Footage shows aftermath of deadly terror attack in Turkey's capital
  4. Libyan civilians fleeing Gadhafi’s hometown describe state of siege, deteriorating conditions
  5. Fierce fighting in Yemen amid stalled talks
  6. Japan anxious over defence data as China denies hacking weapons maker
  7. Obama rips up the Constitution
  8. 'In God We Trust' banished from classroom
  9. Guatemala hit by four earthquakes
  10. Himalayan earthquake death toll nears 90 - media
  11. History’s deadliest volcano comes back to life in Indonesia, sparking panic among villagers
  12. In China, disastrous floods kill dozens, displace millions
  13. An evacuation has been ordered as a typhoon nears Japan

Tuesday - September 20, 2011:

  1. Turkey threatens retaliation over Cypriot oil drilling plan
  2. Wave of terror to compliment U.N. vote?
  3. Ahmadinejad to dine with NYC students?
  4. Analysis: Ahmadinejad heads to UN weakened by rivals
  5. US blasts Iran’s ‘deceit,’ Tehran says US attack plan led it to put facilities underground
  6. 20 protesters killed as security forces fire on anti-Saleh demonstration
  7. Snipers kill six civilians in Sana'a as Syrian forces gather
  8. Syrian boy, 11, shot dead as protest breaks out on first day of term
  9. Turkey boasts successful Syrian policy as Assad terminally smashes protest
  10. Yemen erupts again: 26 protesters killed
  11. Landslides block rescue efforts after quake in northern India
  12. Himalayan earthquake landslides and rain hamper search for survivors
  13. Minnesota wildfire 11% under control
  14. Persisting drought in Arkansas plagues hay farmers
  15. Pakistan flood victims forced to sell possessions, beg
  16. Egypt, Ethiopia to review impact of mega dam

Monday - September 19, 2011:

  1. Turkey to freeze EU ties if Cyprus gets EU presidency
  2. Libyan fighters inch forward in Gaddafi hometown
  3. Analysis: West fears possible Iran-North Korea nuclear links
  4. Obama is 'ramping up his God talk'
  5. Strong quake hits northeastern India; 16 dead
  6. 9 dead, others missing in China landslide
  7. Pakistan hit by dengue fever

Sunday - September 18, 2011:

  1. Syrian forces kill 20; activists say death toll over 3,000
  2. Egypt’s military rulers assert wider powers in wake of attack on Israeli Embassy
  3. Three killed, 118 injured by explosions in Thailand
  4. City demands Christians get permit for Bible study
  5. Ganesh devotees offer millions, kilos of gold
  6. 4 strong offshore quakes rattle Japan; no tsunami
  7. Four earthquakes hit Russia's Kuril Islands within 2 hours
  8. Magnitude 6.6 quake hits Japan, no damage reported
  9. Aleutian volcano's behavior a challenge for scientists
  10. The heat wasn't just in USA: Hemisphere warmed to the task

Saturday - September 17, 2011:

  1. Turkey says Syrian regime will fall, as soldiers kill 17 people in new demonstrations
  2. US urges Americans to leave Syria immediately
  3. Anti-Gaddafi forces storm desert stronghold
  4. Is revolution hitting U.S. streets tomorrow
  5. DoD official warns about more budget cuts
  6. Swissair crash may not have been an accident ex-RCMP
  7. 7.3-magnitude quake strikes in Pacific, near Fiji islands

Friday - September 16, 2011:

  1. MK Eldad: Iran using Arab Spring to make nuclear bomb
  2. Syrian activists to form opposition council
  3. Syrian forces ‘storm towns near Turkey border’
  4. Religious leaders of all faiths promotes global tolerance
  5. Quakes near Fiji, New Zealand, Cuba, Japan
  6. South Korea suffers outages as temperature soars; 820,000 homes without power for 6 hours
  7. Pakistan's breadbasket hit by more floods

Thursday - September 15, 2011:

  1. Iran tests new smart bombs
  2. 45 Dead in Syrian Gov't Crackdown in 2-Day Period
  3. U.S. Syrian sanctions must have 'teeth'
  4. Turkey positions itself as heart of the Arab world
  5. Islamists emerge in force in new Libya
  6. U.S. dismisses Iran's 'charm offensive' over nuclear program
  7. Lebanon's Maronite Christians: Who Will Replace Syria's Assad?
  8. Obama's Israel policy seen as factor that cost him House seat
  9. NY Subways to Carry Anti-Israel Ads
  10. Damage from Hurricane Katia will cost UK £100M after high winds battered Britain
  11. 5.9 magnitude quake hits Chile
  12. Dangerous TB spreading in Europe
  13. Minnesota wildfire burns 100,000 acres
  14. Dallas sets record with 70th 100-degree day

Wednesday - September 14, 2011:

  1. Turkey's PM rallies Arab world in Cairo with call for UN to recognise Palestine
  2. Ankara to triple economic investment in Egypt
  3. U.S. likely to 'abstain' on U.N. Palestinian vote
  4. Iran, Pakistan to boost bilateral trade
  5. Iran tries 2 people charged with spying for Israel
  6. Iran Offers Inspectors ‘Full Supervision’ of Nuclear Program
  7. No US drones for Turkey until armed threat on Israel lifted
  8. Russia to support Palestinian UN bid for statehood: envoy
  9. ‘Day of anger’ against Russia today in Syria
  10. Syria: At Least 17 Shot Dead in Hama
  11. Syrian forces raid neighborhoods near capital, as Turkey’s prime minister warns of civil war
  12. Taliban attack across Kabul, target U.S. Embassy
  13. Drought threatens way of life for Texas ranchers
  14. Europe's oceans changing at unprecedented rate report
  15. PAKISTAN: Floods in Sindh 209 dead and more than 5 million displaced

Tuesday - September 13, 2011:

  1. UN nuclear chief increasingly concerned about Iran
  2. Iran parliament voices support for attack on Israeli embassy in Cairo
  3. Iran, Russia prepare to launch nuclear power plant
  4. Gaddafi forces attack refinery, kill 15: witnesses
  5. Damascus rules out repetition of Libyan scenario in Syria
  6. Syrian forces raid homes after week of bloodshed
  7. UN: Death toll in Syria unrest at least 2,600
  8. G8 $38 billion for Arab Spring nations
  9. Hurricane Katia UK: Worst storms for 15 years bring blackouts and chaos
  10. Texas worst wildfire outbreak in state history leaves 17 missing
  11. Arctic sea ice is melting at its fastest pace in almost 40 years

Monday - September 12, 2011:

  1. French FM: UN failure to agree position on Syria a 'scandal'
  2. Up to 89 US special troops injured in Taliban suicide attack in Afghanistan
  3. Pakistan flooding kills 200, damages almost 1 million homes, UN says
  4. Texas firefighters making progress

Sunday - September 11, 2011:

  1. 14,000 rounds of ammunition missing from Fort Bragg
  2. Arab League, Assad agree on measures to end violence
  3. Al Assad gears up to face military intervention
  4. More protests demand ouster of Yemen's leader
  5. U.S. essentially defenseless from stunning new weapon
  6. The intolerance of the tolerance preachers
  7. Quake off Vancouver, no damage reported
  8. Saudi Arabia's water needs eating into oil wealth
  9. Worries increase in flooded U.S. states
  10. Hurricane Katia threatens flood chaos in northern Britain
  11. Federal disaster declared for Texas fires
  12. More firefighters head to Washington wildfire

Saturday - September 10, 2011:

  1. 'Assad declares state of war, opposition calls for protest'
  2. Syria activists call for 'foreign protection' from Assad crackdowns
  3. Syrian army abducts defector's brother and returns his body to family
  4. Human Rights Watch Syrian forces remove wounded from hospitals
  5. Ahmadinejad and Arab League ask Assad to stop the crisis
  6. Group of five calls for EU military headquarters
  7. Chaos as six million people swelter without power in California, Mexico
  8. Texas had record-shattering hot summer
  9. Fire official Bastrop wildfire could grow
  10. 6.4 quake hits off Canada; no damage reported

Friday - September 9, 2011:

  1. Gaddafi’s chemical weapons spark renewed worries
  2. Three Syrian military defectors killed by security forces - activists
  3. Syrian activists appeal for international help
  4. Syrian units pull back from Israeli border for Assad's final anti-protest offensive
  5. Germany: Lebanese, Gaza men detained for terror plot
  6. Iran warns Turkey about ‘consequences’ of hosting NATO’s missile defense system
  7. Weather disasters keep costing U.S. billions this year
  8. La Nina gets reborn, will strengthen during winter CPC
  9. Fire official Bastrop wildfire could grow
  10. Heat and fires scorch South as drought toll rises
  11. New floods drench saturated Northeast
  12. Southern California hit by major power failure

Thursday - September 8, 2011:

  1. Iran runs nuclear missile payload tests, moves onto 60 pc fuel enrichment
  2. Qaddafi is hiding in Targan Oasis, Sahara
  3. Libyan Rebels Report Muammar Qaddafi Surrounded
  4. Syria’s no to Arab League imperils pan-Arabism
  5. Syrian Troops Kill 6 in Anti-Protest Raids
  6. Heavy gunfire, attacks in central, north Syria kill 11; Arab League chief told to delay visit
  7. Lavrov warns against support for Syrian opposition
  8. Why Eurozone should become United States of Europe, by David Cameron
  9. Texas fires and drought cost farms $5.2bn
  10. Sixty percent chance of cyclone over Gulf of Mexico: NHC
  11. INDONESIA: Quake hits Aceh, killing at least ten people

Tuesday - September 6, 2011:

  1. Expert: USA's extreme weather should raise questions
  2. Iran set to roll out advanced uranium enrichment machines
  3. Iran Making Nuke Headway
  4. Tehran triumphant at nuclear milestone
  5. Iran runs nuclear missile payload tests, moves onto 60 pc fuel enrichment
  6. Russia, Iran now linking up
  7. Obama demands Israel apologize for defending itself
  8. Large Libyan convoy arrives in Niger
  9. Lee keeps lid on gulf oil production
  10. Fires break out in Mandeville Canyon, other areas of Los Angeles County
  11. Wildfire destroys 476 homes near Austin, Texas
  12. Katia ramps up power, but seen missing East Coast
  13. Floods Impact Millions in Pakistan
  14. Grim search after 27 die in Japan typhoon
  15. CHINA Millions of dead fish in river water authority claims is normal

Saturday - September 3, 2011:

  1. Iranian Nuke Bid Could Provoke Attack: Sarkozy
  2. Report: China curbs Iran energy work
  3. Syrian crackdown kills 30 babies in three hospitals
  4. EU to Adopt Ban on Syrian Oil Imports
  5. EU bans Syrian oil as deadly crackdown kills 13 protesters
  6. Syria oil embargo, other sanctions prepared by EU
  7. Syria faces international calls for sanctions as protesters take to streets
  8. EU foreign ministers to meet on PA statehood bid
  9. Gulf storm triggers states of emergency
  10. 1,500 homes evacuated in Calif. brush fire
  11. Thousands of fish die in Texas lake
  12. Quake hits LA, no damage reported
  13. Quake In Islands Off Alaska Triggers Tsunami Warning
  14. Drought intensifies in the South, no end in sight
  15. Drought puts cattle ranchers at a crossroads
  16. Verdict! Christians convict pastor for 'giving out Bibles'

Friday - September 2, 2011:

  1. Boykin: Israel-Iran conflict likely inevitable
  2. Diplomats say Syria reneges on promise to cooperate with UN nuclear probe
  3. Syria reportedly stonewalling IAEA
  4. Syrian forces raid Hama, official resigns in protest
  5. More than 470 Syrians died last month
  6. Islamists' role evolving in Libya
  7. US confirms al Qaeda members' role in rebel command. Qaddafi contacts them
  8. N.Korea, Russia consider naval cooperation
  9. Report: Hezbollah opens base in Cuba
  10. Tropical warnings for US Gulf coast over storm
  11. UN weather agency says greater likelihood of La Nina conditions for rest of 2011
  12. Another aftershock from earthquake reported in Virginia

Thursday - September 1, 2011:

  1. Iran sends sub, warship on Red Sea patrol
  2. Syrian troops raid Hama homes - residents
  3. Iran Parliament speaker to visit North Korea Sunday, underlining close ties
  4. Lebanon backs Syria in rejecting Arab League statement
  5. LIBYA: Sharia begins to cast its shadow on the new democratic Libya
  6. Amnesty sees big rise in Syria torture deaths
  7. Nigerian Red Cross: Flooding across southwest Nigeria kills 102 people as homes wash away
  8. Quake aftershocks still rumble in Va.
  9. Giant pipe and balloon to pump water into the sky in climate experiment

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