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  1. Keep your lamps lit
  2. Look who's deciding American court cases
  3. Astronomers capture image of planet's birth
  4. Tipping point for American politics?
  5. Crowd recites prayer at high school football game

Monday - October 31, 2011:

  1. Arab Spring May Help Iran and Backfire on Supportive West
  2. Assad says intervention will burn region
  3. Report: 30 Syria soldiers killed in clashes with army defectors
  4. US to boost military in Gulf following Iraq withdrawal
  5. Iran parliament set to question Ahmadinejad over fraud case, corruption, in blow to prestige
  6. Life in drought Parched Texas town seeks emergency fix
  7. Millions powerless as snow smacks Northeast
  8. Turkey ends search for survivors, toll nears 600

Sunday - October 30, 2011:

  1. Syria's Assad: 'Earthquake' if West intervenes
  2. Syrian tanks pound Homs after army defections
  3. Syrian forces kill 40 as Arab League denounces attack
  4. Arab League to Assad: End violence
  5. Defections may loosen Al Assad's grip on power
  6. US drone attack in Pakistan kills 13 Taliban members
  7. 15 arrested in Serbia after U.S. Embassy attacked in Bosnia
  8. Egypt's activists post wills on Twitter in hope of change
  9. Iran FM: Tehran wants good relations with U.S. but not Israel
  10. UNESCO to Vote Monday on PA's Request for Membership
  11. Jesus' name ruled 'unconstitutional'
  12. 1.5 million lose power during storm
  13. Over 80 people injured after earthquake in Peru-paper

Saturday - October 29, 2011:

  1. Syria sows mines along Lebanese, Jordanian, Turkish borders
  2. US considers unusual attack helicopter deal for Turkey
  3. Tunisian authorities say moderate Islamist party won 90 of 217 seats in landmark elections
  4. Bangkok residents buy up lifejackets
  5. Teenage boy freed from rubble of Turkey’s quake 5 days after it struck
  6. Magnitude-6.9 quake shakes Peru's coast
  7. Northeast braces for October snowstorm

Friday - October 28, 2011:

  1. Clinton: Iran morphing into military dictatorship
  2. Bangkok residents flee floods as river threatens to burst banks
  3. Man saved from Turkey quake rubble
  4. Quake hits South Pacific near Fiji

Thursday - October 27, 2011:

  1. Russia boosts Iran's armory with mobile radar-jammers against planes or missiles
  2. 'Chemical weapons in Libya under guard'
  3. Syrian Army Deserters Turn Guns on Army; 9 Killed
  4. Arab delegation says Syria’s Assad looks serious about solving crisis; 15 killed in crackdown
  5. France FM Fall of Assad government in Syria 'unavoidable'
  6. Al Nahdha likely to front its secretary general as prime minister
  7. U.S. defense chief says North Korea serious threat
  8. Stores limit supplies as Thai flood crisis deepens
  9. Earthquake hits Indonesian islands
  10. Video: At Least Nine Killed In Flooding In Italian Riviera, Northern Italy Following Heavy Rain
  11. Thai capital warned massive water on the way
  12. Heavy rainstorms cause five deaths in Italy

Wednesday - October 26, 2011:

  1. China, Russia push IAEA to ease up on Iran
  2. Russia says UN Iran report to strain nuclear talks
  3. Explaining Iran’s approach toward the Middle East
  4. Analysis: Tunisian balloting - A double-edged sword
  5. Islamist party wins 50 seats in initial overseas count in Tunisia
  6. Islamist Party Claims Victory in Tunisia
  7. Fuel depot blast in Libya's Sirte kills 100 commander
  8. US pulls envoy out of Syria, Damascus retaliates
  9. Troops killed in Syrian army deserter revolt
  10. Report: Syrian Government Blocking Internet
  11. US Iraqi pullout whets Iranian appetite for trouble
  12. Google US law enforcement tried to get videos removed from YouTube
  13. Sixty Israeli drones co-produced in Azerbaijan for Baku. Spy satellites next
  14. Teenage girl tied up and set on fire by friends in 'satanic ritual'
  15. Water use rising faster than world population
  16. Officials: Turkish quake toll reaches 432
  17. Floodwaters ground flights in Bangkok
  18. 5.2 quake hits Japan’s Fukushima prefecture in early morning hours

Tuesday - October 25, 2011:

  1. US withdraws ambassador from Syria
  2. 'No one has any idea what to do about Syria,' Jordan's king warns
  3. Tunisia’s Islamist party: A wolf in sheep’s clothing?
  4. Cameron's last rallying call to MPs as they prepare to vote on EU referendum
  5. EU referendum vote is wrong question at wrong time, says Hague
  6. 272 killed and more than 1,300 injured after buildings collapse in Turkish earthquake
  7. UK: 60mph winds and flooding as winter blasts back
  8. Floods in Myanmar kill more than 100, displace thousands
  9. Thai floods threaten Asia PC makers holiday sales
  10. Chemical bomb tossed into Occupy Maine encampment
  11. Floods reach Bangkok airport, force evacuations
  12. Ahmadinejad says Tehran “deepening our ties” with Iraq as U.S. prepares to pull out; Libya to introduce radical Islamic law.
  13. New media and revolutions

Monday - October 24, 2011:

  1. EU leaders urge Assad to step down
  2. Syrian forces kill 2 as governors of restive provinces replaced
  3. U.S. Senator McCain: After Libya, strike on Syria may now be considered
  4. Turkey Says It Killed 49 in Offensive Against Kurdish Rebels
  5. US pullback to leave 30,000 Iranian Al Qods fighters sitting in Iraq
  6. In Europe, new fears of German might
  7. Dozens dead as quake shakes eastern Turkey
  8. Pastor: Obama has treated God 'like a spare tire'
  9. Cold homes will kill up to 200 older people a day, warns Age UK
  10. Bangkok braces for wall of water
  11. 130 arrested in Occupy Chicago

Sunday - October 23, 2011:

  1. New Report Says Tehran now has enough enriched uranium for at least 4 nuclear warheads
  2. Activists: Syrian forces storm Damascus suburbs; 5 killed across country
  3. Syrian protesters to Assad You're next
  4. Protesters in Syria, Yemen take to streets, inspired by Gadhafi death
  5. Afghanistan to back Pakistan if wars with U.S.: Karzai
  6. Levin: U.S. prepared to walk away from Pakistan
  7. Islamist party poised to win in Tunisia
  8. Saudi Prince Nayef's rise in tune with Muslim Brotherhood's regional takeover
  9. Clinton warns Iran not to meddle in Iraq
  10. In veiled warning to Iran, Clinton says US will continue to stand by Iraq
  11. Report: Clinton met with terror group
  12. Sri Lanka, 4 million people suffer from hunger
  13. 7.6 earthquake hits South Pacific
  14. More dust storms expected as Texas drought lingers
  15. Berkeley residents not shaken by quake
  16. Perry: US Should Reconsider Paying UN Dues

Saturday - October 22, 2011:

  1. Turkey seeks Iran's support against Kurdish rebels
  2. Turkey, Iran vow to collaborate against Kurdish rebels together as Turkish offensive proceeds
  3. Pakistani PM Vows to Further Cement Ties with Iran
  4. 'Iran to soon move nuclear material to bunker'
  5. 13 killed in Syria protests fueled by Gaddafi's death
  6. AU 10 soldiers killed, 2 missing in Somalia fight
  7. EU to cut food aid for the poor
  8. 2 earthquakes rattle San Francisco area
  9. 105 dead in Central America after days of rain
  10. Floodwaters begin seeping into Bangkok suburbs
  11. Winter forecast Drought won't end in southern Plains

Friday - October 21, 2011:

  1. Who killed Gadhafi? Conflicting stories emerge
  2. Libyan fighters capture Gaddafi hometown of Sirte
  3. Libyan rebels drag Qaddafi's body through Misrata. More fighting ahead
  4. Libya: Qaddafi son dead, another son captured
  5. Iran official: U.S. to blame for tensions
  6. US fears more plots from Iran's Quds Force
  7. Moscow welcomes Hizballah delegation, cites Israeli talks with Hamas
  8. Anti-Israel Protest in Boston: Occupy Boston, Not Palestine
  9. HRW eyes Tunisian elections
  10. Pakistan turns tables on U.S. accusations
  11. China rare earths supplier suspends production
  12. THAILAND: East Bangkok to be flooded to save the economic center
  13. Tornado leaves mile-long trail in South Florida
  14. High winds, rain hit Chicago, Detroit
  15. Flood danger to Bangkok rises

Thursday - October 20, 2011:

  1. Iran produces 70 kg high-grade enriched uranium
  2. Iran’s judiciary tells chief prosecutor to gather evidence of US ‘crimes’
  3. Assad's forces fight deserters in southern Syria
  4. Pro-Assad gunmen kill 10 in central Syria
  5. Yemeni government forces kill 12 in new protests following deadly fighting in capital
  6. Lawmaker: N. Korea has second nuke plant
  7. US forces 'massing on Afghanistan-Pakistan border'
  8. First came Stuxnet computer virus, now there's Duqu
  9. Sinai gold that could bring Egypt billions
  10. CHINA: Polio epidemic in Xinjiang. Nearly 5 million vaccines

Wednesday - October 19, 2011:

  1. U.S. intelligence on alert for Israeli strike on Iran
  2. Three Syrian generals disappear? Minority regions braced for civil war
  3. Deadly attack on Homs by Syrian forces
  4. Syrian government, opposition, reject Arab League talks plan
  5. Turkey meets members of opposition Syrian National Council
  6. Somali Islamists threaten to attack Kenya after military assault
  7. Iran secretly executing hundreds of prisoners: United Nations
  8. Russia and China Practice Loans for Oil to Bolster Chavez
  9. Bangkok reinforcing flood defenses, death toll rises to 315
  10. Infectious Salmon Anemia Reported in Wild Pacific Fish
  11. Mudslides, rain leave 80 dead in C.America
  12. Billion-dollar weather disasters 12 and counting
  13. Drought, flooding cause hard times in Ark., La.

Tuesday - October 18, 2011:

  1. Iran launches uranium yellowcake production
  2. Sen. Feinstein: U.S. On 'Collision Course' With Iran
  3. UN chief Ban sends Iran plot case to Security Council
  4. Iran calls U.S. assassination charges 'Nazi propaganda'
  5. Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline to ‘ease energy crisis’
  6. Activists: Syrian forces clash with army defectors; 5 troops killed
  7. Arab League gives Syria 15-day ultimatum to enact cease-fire
  8. Yemen rival forces resume fighting overnight
  9. Trichet: EU treaty change needed to 'impose decisions' on states
  10. Central American rains take more lives

Monday - October 17, 2011:

  1. Big US airlift drill starts Monday. Fresh Hamas demands for Gilad Shalit
  2. US Moves to Isolate Iran Over Assassination Plot
  3. Iran warns West of 'strong confrontation' to any 'inappropriate measures'
  4. Saudi Arabia takes Iran to UN over alleged plot
  5. Syrian troops open fire in town on Lebanon border
  6. Arab FMs likely to discuss suspending Syria from Arab League on Sunday
  7. Tunisia’s Islamists set for big gains as world casts wary eye on landmark elections
  8. Yemen forces kill 12, insurgents wreck gas pipeline
  9. Thousands of elite Yemeni servicemen join rebels
  10. Death toll from 2 months of lashing rain rises to 297 in Thailand

Sunday - October 16, 2011:

  1. Iranian assassins tied to notorious Quds force
  2. Iran's supreme leader calls U.S. accusations meaningless
  3. Analysis: Iran case a sign of US drugs agency's new role
  4. EGYPT: Truth and justice not lies and superficiality on massacre of Copts
  5. Wall Street sit-in protest goes global
  6. NEPAL: Global Warming Everest lakes widen 47 meters per year
  7. Texas drought leaves lake too low for cities' use

Saturday - October 15, 2011:

  1. 'Arab Spring' actually 'Islamic tsunami'
  2. Congress losing patience with Iran policy
  3. US rallies world against Iran
  4. 'Strong' IAEA report may increase pressure on Iran
  5. Saudi Arabia Weighing Response to Iran Plot
  6. Iranian radicals look for a limited armed clash with the US
  7. Syria: 36 killed in Friday clashes; 3,000 since March
  8. Syrian protesters urge soldiers to abandon regime as UN says death toll tops 3,000
  9. Thousands of Syrians join anti-government protests
  10. Syria is heading for full-blown civil war, top UN official warns
  11. U.N. calls for global action against Syria
  12. Gulf states seek Arab meeting on Syria
  13. N.Korea poses 'direct threat' to US, says Obama
  14. Energy firms' profits per customer rise 733%, says Ofgem
  15. Tornadoes reported in Virginia
  16. UK's weather continues to get stranger and stranger
  17. Wall Street sit-in goes global Saturday
  18. Earthquake suspends Transneft oil supplies to China
  19. Big quake strikes PNG, no report of damage

Friday - October 14, 2011:

  1. Alleged Iran plot may have violated U.N. treaty
  2. London to work closely with EU, US on response to alleged Iranian plot
  3. Saudis, U.S. trade charges with Iran over plot
  4. Obama: No options off the table with Iran
  5. Some analysts skeptical of alleged Iranian plot
  6. Smuggled Libyan weapons flood into Egypt
  7. UN rights chief calls for immediate action to protect Syria civilians as death toll tops 3,000
  8. EU blacklists Syrian bank
  9. An ominous message from Tunisia
  10. Immigration's results Islam usurping national laws
  11. Flooding threatens Bangkok
  12. Icelandic ash cloud part two? Scientists monitor rumblings of larger volcano
  13. Jova kills 5 in Mexico, while 2nd storm kills 13

Thursday - October 13, 2011:

  1. US: Tehran Plotted to Assassinate Saudi Envoy
  2. U.S. aims to punish Iran for Saudi envoy plot
  3. Saudis, U.S. trade charges with Iran over plot
  4. Iranians charged in U.S. over assassination plot
  5. Iran rejects US claims linking Tehran to plot to assassinate Saudi ambassador to Washington
  6. US issues travel alert linked to Iran plot
  7. US on global alert for Iranian reprisal that may jeopardize Shalit release
  8. Iranian leaders support U.S. protesters
  9. Al-Qaeda chief urges Islamic rule in Libya
  10. China Breaks Ranks With Assad
  11. Syrian Army Kills Dissident in Lebanon
  12. Libya: Rebels Pound Qaddafi Compound in Sirte
  13. U.N. proposes euthanasia as right to health
  14. Thai floods damage rice, seen delaying shipments
  15. Floods in Pakistan damage 3.7 percent of total crop area
  16. Hurricane Jova hits key Mexican port, kills two
  17. In Thailand’s worst floods in half a century, roads turn to rivers in one hard-hit city

Wednesday - October 12, 2011:

  1. 26 killed, 500 injured during rioting in Cairo
  2. Egyptian leaders vow probe, anti-discrimination push after deadly clashes
  3. Opposition group 31 die in clashes across Syria
  4. Syria opposition gains regional backers
  5. EU calls for Syria's Assad to step down
  6. EU takes step toward recognition of dissident Syria council
  7. Libya: Sirte battle flushes out pro-Gaddafi fighters
  8. Boston police arrest 50 from Occupy Boston
  9. Kuwait warns strikers as oil exports stalled
  10. Fungus feared to wipe out Philippine banana industry in less than three years
  11. Pakistan “legalises” persecution through blasphemy laws
  12. San Antonio keeps water flowing amid a deep drought
  13. THAILAND: Bangkok, fighting against time to contain the monsoon floods
  14. Vandy professor: 'Nothing is safe anymore'

Tuesday - October 11, 2011:

  1. Officials: SAMs likely smuggled from Libya
  2. Top Syria cleric threatens suicide attacks on US and EU if West intervenes in Syria
  3. EU seeks to freeze European assets of Commercial Bank of Syria
  4. France set to establish relations with Syrian opposition
  5. Moscow reaches out to Syrian opposition to head off Western military action
  6. UN veto ‘last call’ for Syrian government, opposition
  7. EU set to warn Turkey over Cyprus
  8. Iran says Wall Street protests are start of ‘American Spring’ that will topple capitalism
  9. Libya: Rebels hope all-out attack for Gaddafi's hometown will end battle for Sirte
  10. 2,000-plus chaplains saying 'no' to Pentagon
  11. 32 Arrested in Occupy Des Moines Protest
  12. Food crises compromising fight against world hunger, warns UN report
  13. UN: Food prices likely to remain volatile and high, hurting poor farmers and consumers
  14. Magnitude 5.6 quake jolts northeastern Japan
  15. Thailand scrambles to prevent humanitarian disaster from floods

Monday - October 10, 2011:

  1. Anti-Assad activists storm Syrian embassies in Europe
  2. Son of assassinated Syrian activist calls for huge Kurdish protests in Syria
  3. Syria threatens 'tough measures' against any state that recognizes opposition council
  4. Syria Cuts Oil Production in Response to US, EU Sanctions
  5. Iran tells Turkey: Change tack or face trouble
  6. Riots over church attack in Egypt kill 24
  7. Libyan forces seize Sirte landmarks as battle for city nears end
  8. Computer virus infects drone plane command centre in US
  9. Wall St protestors aim an enigma 3 weeks on
  10. Iran says may accept Russian deal to end nuclear standoff with West
  11. Thousands Join Occupy San Diego Movement, Including East County Residents
  12. Government issues volcanic eruption alert on Spanish Canary Island
  13. Bangkok prepares for evacuations as floods hit
  14. Deadly Thai floods close factories, threaten Bangkok
  15. Pakistan flood victims receive crucial aid
  16. 5.5 earthquake rattles New Zealand
  17. Wildfires scorch 47,000 acres in Manitoba

Sunday - October 9, 2011:

  1. 50,000 Syrians rally after Kurdish leader slain
  2. Medvedev: Syria leadership should leave if can't reform
  3. US: Assad must go. Five killed at funeral for assassinated Syrian Kurdish leader
  4. Skyline darkens over Sirte
  5. Libyan forces battle for Sirte, civilians flee
  6. Libya resistance weakens as troops advance into Gaddafi's hometown
  7. Libyan forces battle snipers, claim progress in assault on Gadhafi hometown
  8. Iran reactor disaster warning from whistleblower
  9. Iran says it has advanced radar capable of detecting small unmanned drones over its airspace
  10. Iran says deployed radars capable of detecting unmanned drones
  11. IRAN: Tehran glimpses of freedom
  12. Christian fears rise as Islamists grow more assertive in post-Mubarak Egypt
  13. 6.0 quake north-east of Tonga capital
  14. Britain to shiver in -20C in WEEKS as councils stockpile extra grit
  15. The transformation of government

Saturday - October 8, 2011:

  1. Assad warns Jordan against holding a war game like Turkey and Israel
  2. New EU sanctions to hit Syrian bank
  3. Syrian army shoots dead man inside Lebanon
  4. Syrian troops pursue armed defectors as toll soars
  5. 'Eurasian Union' could be good idea
  6. North Korean famine looms
  7. Russia to lend Venezuela $4 bln to pay for arms deals

Friday - October 7, 2011:

  1. Officials: EU working to slap more sanctions on Syria, targeting commercial bank
  2. UN raises death toll in Syria unrest to 2,900
  3. Syrian insurrection set to gather momentum
  4. Syrian troops pursue defectors in north, 7 killed
  5. Palestinians win vote on UNESCO bid
  6. US Could Cut Off UNESCO Funding if PA Accepted as Member
  7. 'Explosion of evangelism' = 5th Great Awakening
  8. 'Dangerous president's' pro-Israel rhetoric a ploy
  9. PAKISTAN: Armed group kills Christian over disputed land in Punjab
  10. The all-women sect that worships Vladimir Putin as the reincarnation of St Paul
  11. Severe drought hits Afghanistan
  12. Thailand faces more flooding, toll rises
  13. Magnitude-6.2 earthquake hits Argentina

Thursday - October 6, 2011:

  1. Turkey, Israel, Greece and Russia mobilising over Cyprus gas
  2. Ahmadinejad Criticizes Turkey Over NATO Radar
  3. Ahmadinejad: 'NATO radar won't stop Zionist regime's fall'
  4. Turkey to slap sanctions on Syria despite UN vote
  5. Russia, China veto UN resolution against Syria
  6. Panetta: NATO allies must address defense needs
  7. Russia: Suspected Chinese spy detained
  8. Ariz. dust storm causes pileups

Wednesday - October 5, 2011:

  1. ASIA - ISLAM: Hizbut Tahrir from businessmen to housewives, a movement for the Islamization of Asia
  2. Complaint filed against Ahmadinejad over embezzlement
  3. Syria threatens to set Middle East on fire
  4. Syria accused of torturing relatives of overseas activists
  5. Syria's diplomats harassing protesters overseas
  6. Turkish PM says set to unveil Syria sanctions plan
  7. Turkey to hold military exercise on Syrian border. Assad threatens to destroy Tel Aviv if attacked
  8. Highest-ranking Syrian defector takes refuge in Turkey
  9. U.N. fails to pass resolution on Syria
  10. Truck bomb in Somalia kills 70
  11. UAE-Iran joint Consular Committee holds sixth meeting
  12. Report: Iranian Extremists Pursue Christians Overseas
  13. Russia's Putin says wants to build Eurasian Union
  14. Water shortage spreads to Samoa, Tokelau
  15. Crazy ants invade from Texas to Mississippi

Tuesday - October 4, 2011:

  1. Israel must restart talks with its neighbours or face isolation, says US
  2. Battle rages between Syrian forces and defectors
  3. Son of Syria's Grand Mufti Killed by Gunmen
  4. INDIA: Karnataka, police force closure of two Pentecostal churches
  5. INDONESIA: Muslim extremists and authorities shut down Protestant church in West Java
  6. IRAQ: Double targeted killings against the Christian community in Kirkuk
  7. Pentagon telling chaplains to break the law
  8. Alabama lawmakers getting pressured from business group to change immigration law
  9. Mount Etna Erupts For Fifteenth Time This Year
  10. Record Arctic ozone hole raises fears of worse to come

Monday - October 3, 2011:

  1. Egypt warns U.S. on attaching conditions to military aid
  2. Homs, Syria, Spirals Down Toward Civil War
  3. Syria opposition launches national council
  4. Syria warns U.S. ambassador against meddling in internal affairs
  5. Tensions rise as Tripoli residents urge fighters out
  6. Egyptian Muslims Burn Coptic Church in Aswan Province
  7. Disaster area declared in flooded Thailand
  8. Philippines struggles in typhoon aftermath
  9. Philippine villagers marooned on rooftops for days as back-to-back typhoons leave 59 dead

Sunday - October 2, 2011:

  1. Report: Tehran to host Intifada conference
  2. US to provide Turkey with attack helicopters
  3. Over 10,000 soldiers have deserted Syria army, says high-ranking defector
  4. 'Dozens killed' in Syria protests
  5. Officer: Syrian defectors target security police
  6. Al Qaeda infighting led to Awkali killing in Yemen. Ayman Zuwahiri is in Yemen
  7. Egyptians seek to ‘reclaim’ revolution from military leaders
  8. Muslim mother stabbed daughter 40 times and cut out her liver in ritual killing to 'exorcise evil spirits'
  9. Second typhoon in week lashes rain-soaked Philippines
  10. Dengue fever infects over 12,000 in Pakistan
  11. Texas drought could set record
  12. Bees mysteriously die in Florida county
  13. America is today's Judah

Saturday - October 1, 2011:

  1. Beijing justifiable war against Vietnam and the Philippines, for South China Sea
  2. Syrian troops fire at anti-regime protesters
  3. Tens of thousands take to the streets across Syria as Assad's army battles defectors
  4. Syria slides toward civil war: The opposition arms
  5. Iran substitutes S-300 air defense system
  6. Iran equips military with home-made anti-aircraft missile
  7. Iran Says Its New Cruise Missile Can 'Sink Giant Warships'
  8. Iran’s hosting of Taliban reflects desire for greater role
  9. Egypt worried over US bill linking aid to democracy
  10. Medvedev pledges shakeup after polls
  11. Being 'salt and light' costs another priest his parish
  12. PJI prepared to carry Bible studiers to higher court
  13. Emerging nations up gold reserves
  14. Asia reels from floods as Vietnam braces for storm
  15. Scores die in worst Mekong flooding since 2000

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