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  1. Israeli Super-Vaccine for Flu Reported, Investors Happy
  2. Debacle in Moscow
  3. Israeli scientists turn rush-hour traffic into electricity
  4. Israelis Come Up With 2 New Ways to Produce Electricity
  5. Wouldn't it be nice? (Commentary)**

Saturday - October 31, 2009:

  1. The week in blood
  2. U.N. probe of Israel 'used false witnesses'
  3. US senators attack Goldstone Report
  4. Egyptians seek to prosecute Nasrallah
  5. Iran says it has not replied to uranium plan
  6. Iran: We haven't replied to offer
  7. Iran undermines West's uranium offer
  8. Iran tells U.N. it wants nuclear fuel first: envoys
  9. Report: Iran rejects nuclear deal
  10. U.S. pushes for answers over Iran nuclear counter-offer
  11. EU says Iran must stick by uranium limitation deal
  12. France demands official response from Iran on fuel supplies
  13. Israel endorses draft Iran atom deal as 'first step'
  14. Bahrain activists lobby upper house to endorse ban on any Israel contact
  15. Iran, Turkey sign deal to develop world's largest gas field
  16. North Korea behind cyber attacks South's spy chief
  17. 4th typhoon in month lashes struggling Philippines
  18. EU strikes climate funding deal
  19. EU agrees final stance for Copenhagen climate talks
  20. EU opens way to treaty to increase global influence
  21. EU leaders aim to put treaty in place by 1 December
  22. House takes another step on healthcare reform
  23. Obama names Israel critic to intelligence board
  24. Sting: Obama is 'sent from God'
  25. Tony Blair's bid for EU presidency sinks
  26. What's so scary about J Street?

Friday - October 30, 2009:

  1. 2 men shot outside US synagogue
  2. Michigan imam killed in FBI shootout
  3. Radical mosque leader killed in FBI shootout
  4. General Assembly to take up Gaza report Nov. 4
  5. Ahmadinejad says West now cooperating with Iran
  6. Report: Iran hands over response on nuclear fuel deal
  7. Russian expert cautious about Iran nuclear fuel response
  8. Iran apparently rejects central element of nuclear proposal
  9. Iran proposes big changes to draft atom deal report
  10. Iran said to seek big changes to draft nuclear deal
  11. House panel approves bill to punish Iran
  12. Global cooperation needed to meet emerging challenges Shaikh Abdullah
  13. INDONESIA: Jakarta, more violence against students of Christian theology
  14. PAKISTAN: Save Christians and Pakistan from the blasphemy law
  15. Top defector to Seoul: 'Call China to account' for its alliance with North Korea
  16. Another typhoon threatens Philippines
  17. US house speaker unveils $894b health care bill
  18. States' opt-out provision labeled a 'ruse'
  19. Hate crimes law - ungodly, unconstitutional, unnecessary
  20. Russia, Ecuador ink strategic partnership declaration
  21. Senior Russian Muslims to meet boy with Koran verses on skin
  22. Swine flu cases rise by 50% in a week

Thursday - October 29, 2009:

  1. Science bulletin 'Sun heats Earth!'
  2. Analysis: US making plans for a nuclear-powered Iran
  3. Controlling climate? More like controlling humans
  4. Turkey to use national currencies in trade with Iran, China
  5. Indian man charged in NY with supporting Hezbollah
  6. Iran to respond to atomic deal on Thursday
  7. 'Iranian nuke deal response on Thursday'
  8. Key US House committee approves Iran sanctions bill
  9. Iran moves closer to export of natural gas to Europe via Turkey
  10. Iraq seeks to rebuild nuclear reactors
  11. US slams rocket attack from Lebanon
  12. Punish states for denying homosexual adoption
  13. Robust climate deal still possible in December U.N.
  14. Russia not currently supplying S-300 SAM systems to Iran
  15. Russia: Iran sanctions unlikely
  16. Saudis and Iran in pre-Hajj tensions
  17. Americans alarmed at attacks on free speech
  18. Chinese goods conquer Latin America
  19. Clinton due in Israel on ME tour to push talks
  20. Counting only citizens would cost Calif.
  21. Coming soon New GM? — Government Media
  22. Dems looking to adapt Hyde amendment for health bill
  23. Deputy FM Ayalon faces call for arrest in Britain
  24. How the FCC and liberal churches are scheming to shut you up
  25. Church warns crisis might lead to “social unrest”
  26. Obama signs 'hate crimes' bill - Christian broadcasters concerned
  27. No men OR women needed: Scientists create sperm and eggs from stem cells
  28. Pakistan car bomb kills 100, over 200 wounded
  29. Pay Czar Increased Base Pay at Firms
  30. US drone attacks 'may breach international law'
  31. Why 'cap-and-trade' is a carbon tax

Wednesday - October 28, 2009:

  1. Ahmadinejad links Iran's nuclear program to Israel
  2. Iran's top officials appear split over sending uranium abroad
  3. Iran wants big changes to nuclear deal with powers
  4. Report: Iran acquired submarines from N. Korea
  5. Ahmadinejad to Turkish PM: Zionist regime threat to all nations
  6. Erdogan talks nukes in Iran
  7. Iranian regime accused of massive theft
  8. Christian leaders call for a nuclear-free Iran
  9. Venezuela Doesn't Want Israeli Tourists
  10. Arab prof: 'Blowing oneself up' OK in Tel Aviv
  11. Report European lawyers to sue Israeli officers
  12. 'UNGA Goldstone debate likely on Nov. 4'
  13. Deja vu! Russians arming Cuba's military
  14. Bahrain parliament votes to stop contacts with Israel
  15. Bahrain bans citizens from contact with Israelis
  16. Assisted suicide reaches new level
  17. Beijing “erases” trade figures with Pyongyang
  18. Dems being hush-hush on healthcare
  19. Docs troubled by big Medicare payment cuts
  20. H1N1 flu 'pushing hospitals to their limit'
  21. Swine flu scare closes down TA school
  22. Three Calif. congregations leave Presbyterian Church (USA)
  23. Copenhagen may not be in Obama's plans
  24. Obama fiddles while troops die (Commentary)
  25. It is Good to be The King (Commentary)
  26. Dismantling America (Commentary)

Tuesday - October 27, 2009:

  1. French FM: Iran deal aimed at preventing Israeli attack
  2. Iran and Israel in 'race to confrontation'
  3. Iran 'Zionist entity' won't attack us
  4. Iran expects Russia to honor Bushehr commitments on time
  5. Iran hints at acceptance of atom deal with powers
  6. Iran may ship 'part' of its uranium abroad
  7. Iran ready to buy enriched uranium from China
  8. 11 Iranian Revolutionary Guard members arrested after crossing into Pakistan
  9. Analysis: The nuclear fuel deal with Iran
  10. Turkish PM: Iran is Our Friend
  11. Turkey chastises the West on Iran
  12. Report: North Korea completes missile base
  13. David Miliband warns EU they need Blair and his motorcade
  14. EU leaders seek treaty, climate change deals
  15. EU looks to divert budget spending towards climate
  16. EU Commission adopts further legislation on financial regulation
  17. Majority of Britons say creationism SHOULD be taught in schools
  18. Medvedev urges Russian defense industry to create superior weapons
  19. Obama plans big smart grid announcement
  20. Poll: Most Americans view Israel as 'loyal ally'
  21. Report: General Assembly to discuss Gaza war report
  22. White House likes news reported its way

Monday - October 26, 2009:

  1. EU leaders seek treaty, climate change deals
  2. Senate Democrats set climate bill industry permits
  3. Senate's climate bill a bit more ambitious
  4. Turkish PM to visit Iran
  5. Analysis: Jerusalem breathes sigh of relief as Teheran delays response on deal
  6. Bolivia to host servicing center for Russian aircraft
  7. Ecuador to sign strategic partnership deal with Russia
  8. Coming in December World government
  9. David Miliband backs Tony Blair for EU president
  10. Miliband launches 'Blair for EU president campaign' with extraordinary public backing
  11. Egyptians conflicted over preserving Jewish past
  12. Fifteen years after making peace with Israel, Jordanians hold nearly unanimously negative attitudes toward Israel
  13. H1N1 vaccines delayed in UAE
  14. Obama offers millions in Muslim technology fund
  15. IAEA visits Iran's 2nd enrichment site
  16. Obama offers millions in Muslim technology fund
  17. Secret court seizes £3.2bn from elderly

Sunday - October 25, 2009:

  1. Obama: Swine flu a national emergency
  2. Asia-Pacific Asian leaders eye EU-style bloc
  3. Japan pushes for East Asia bloc
  4. Insider reveals secrets of North America plot
  5. China taking climate-change measures
  6. US Senate unveils more climate bill details
  7. Obama sees consensus growing on climate change bill
  8. Christians on high alert over hate crimes passage
  9. Russian, U.S. presidents approve results of Iran talks — Kremlin
  10. Iran May Qualify for Nuclear Fuel Supply Plan, Poneman Says
  11. Iran MPs criticize UN-drafted nuclear fuel deal
  12. Iranian site prompts U.S. to rethink assessment
  13. Suspicions said mounting on Iran plant
  14. Shalom Iran may use deal to build bomb
  15. U.N. officials to inspect Iran's newly disclosed nuclear facility
  16. Larijani West is trying to 'cheat' Iran
  17. CHINA: Continued drought millions of people and animals without water in the central and southern China
  18. Strong quake hits off Indonesia
  19. Light earthquake hits off Oregon
  20. Weather intensifying San Juan fire risks
  21. Winds shift as fire burns Puerto Rican oil depot
  22. Medvedev, Obama hope for new nuclear arms pact by early December
  23. Prognosis improves for public insurance
  24. 'Public option' backers gain momentum

Saturday - October 24, 2009:

  1. Czech President nearly ready to sign Lisbon Treaty as his opt-out conditions are met
  2. PR tour brings foreign journalists to Western Wall tunnels
  3. Report: Israel has lost Turkey as a strategic ally
  4. New EU-US energy council to be set up early November
  5. Of climate control and one-world gov't
  6. Prepare for climate change, U.S. report warns W.House Reuters_com
  7. Iran ignores U.N. nuclear deadline Reuters
  8. Iran We're still considering UN offer
  9. 'Iran may gain enrichment legitimacy'
  10. UN nuclear inspectors expected in Iran on Saturday
  11. Iran, N. Korea supplying weapons to Syria
  12. J'lem Send Iranian smuggling case to UN
  13. Obama tells Abbas committed to PA state
  14. Congress extends hate crime protections to homosexuals
  15. Gov't springs for older LGBT population
  16. Iranian interior minister presses Pakistan on efforts to battle Sunni militants
  17. Man arrested in Chicago on terror warrant
  18. New rules will hurt Great Lakes shippers
  19. No change in Ariel Sharon's condition
  20. Report: Obama's secret Iran talks prepare ground for deal
  21. Strong earthquake rocks Afghanistan
  22. U.S. firms set up shop in United Arab Emirates for major nuclear project
  23. US Muslim Terrorist Who Planned ‘Mall Murders’ Was a Teacher

Friday - October 23, 2009:

  1. Barak: Deal will legitimize Iran's uranium enrichment
  2. Tony Blair 'to be made EU president next month'
  3. David Miliband tipped as EU foreign minister
  4. Egypt pushing Hamas to sign truce deal
  5. Gates pledges nuclear umbrella to counter North Korea
  6. Iran blasts U.S. claims on Jundallah
  7. Report: Israel, Iran Meet in Cairo
  8. 'Israelis, Iranians discussed nukes'
  9. Iran denies atom meeting with Israel
  10. Senior Iran MP casts doubt on atom fuel deal
  11. Russia says military cooperation with Iran to continue
  12. Israeli official: Bomb threat still alive
  13. Officials fear Iran 'buying time' as inner cabinet mulls strategy
  14. UN chief calls on Hizbullah to disarm
  15. Expert Plan to change laws of war unrealistic
  16. Washington Watch: Will Obama put the peace process on hold
  17. US India, China and United States together to prepare Copenhague
  18. Swine flu cases in England double in one week
  19. Corruption alleged as drought bakes Kenya
  20. Ethiopia appeals for food aid for 6.2 million
  21. Large parts of North Korea hit by forest fires NASA
  22. New cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe
  23. Leaders Confident on Health Bill Vote
  24. NYC commuters to get an atheistic eyeful
  25. UK warns of lack of urgency over Copenhagen talks
  26. Venezuelans given 3 minute shower limit to fight water crisis

Thursday - October 22, 2009:

  1. Feds charge US citizen in terror plots
  2. 100 Armed Feds Raid Muslim Meatpacking House
  3. All pain, no gain
  4. Boycott of Calif. schools in the making
  5. CHINA: Xinjiang, thousands of Uyghurs have disappeared into thin air Maybe dead”
  6. Iran agrees to draft deal on uranium
  7. Diplomats Iran's negotiators back deal
  8. Iran, 3 powers have till Friday to OK nuclear deal
  9. Hopes rise of end to impasse as Iran gets two days to back nuclear deal
  10. Clinton: Iran must act quickly
  11. Iran: We won't give in to Western pressure
  12. Solana 'No time to lose' on Iran bomb
  13. Russia to lose 'billions' if S-300 missile deal with Iran scrapped
  14. In the fight against nuclear proliferation, don't forget about Syria
  15. Israeli general's meeting with Adm. Mullen gives rise to speculation
  16. Obama approves first U.S. jet fighter sale to Egypt in a decade
  17. Dems go after antitrust exemption for insurers
  18. 'Flying imams' rewarded for ominous airline 'stunt'
  19. UAE urges UN to implement Goldstone Report
  20. Gun owners think Obama will ban gun sales
  21. Pelosi Prepares To Move Ahead With Robust Public Option
  22. House Dems want Medicare for everyone
  23. IDF, US forces launch major joint air drills
  24. INDONESIA: Padang earthquake strikes economy, putting 200,000 jobs at risk
  25. Pentagon used psychological operation on US public, documents show
  26. Poland ready to join new U.S. missile defense plan
  27. Poland ready to take part in Obama missile defense
  28. Public puts cap on global warming
  29. Senator sees Obama making Nixon mistake
  30. Where's the health-care bill?

wednesday - October 21, 2009:

  1. Netanyahu: Advance international effort to change laws of war
  2. Iran says talks won't stop nuclear enrichment
  3. US, Israel to start major joint drills
  4. HRW founder slams criticism of Israel
  5. ElBaradei: Progress, no breakthrough
  6. 'Water reserves may be drained by 2010'
  7. A ‘Cold War’ against a Nuclear Iran
  8. Prayers offered as fresh typhoon nears Philippines
  9. INDIA: Khrist Bhakta tens of thousands of Hindus fascinated by Christ
  10. Iranian Supreme National Security Council Advisor: 'Circumstances May Arise Under Which Iran Will Require Uranium Enriched to 63%'
  11. Miracle or hoax? Russians puzzled as phrases from the Koran start appearing 'spontaneously' on baby's skin
  12. NATO a corpse fumes former Canada military boss
  13. Iran may withhold funds to Pakistan
  14. Medicare premiums set to rise 15 percent
  15. France to continue discussions on nuclear fuel supplies to Iran
  16. Lukashenko signs Belarus up to post-Soviet rapid reaction force
  17. Climate change pact 'remains in the balance', says Ed Miliband
  18. Saudi-backed group accused of trying to infiltrate House committees
  19. Exclusive U_S_ Spies Buy Stake in Firm That Monitors Blogs, Tweets
  20. Most support public option for health insurance, poll finds
  21. U.N.'s de Boer sees no new treaty at Copenhagen report
  22. Climate talks in the balance
  23. Supreme Court to consider Uighurs' plea for freedom
  24. Foreign digest British premier urges action on global warming
  25. Documentary an inconvenient truth for Gore fans
  26. Barack's enemies list
  27. 'If Israel strikes Iran, U.S. will likely join'

Tuesday - October 20, 2009:

  1. Abdullah: US focusing too much on Iran
  2. Chile joint exercise angers Peru
  3. PM warns of climate 'catastrophe'
  4. Climate talks in the balance
  5. Congress despairs when slaves can read
  6. Copenhagen climate change talks are last chance, says Gordon Brown
  7. Diplomatic victory for Israel: IPU won't debate Gaza offensive
  8. Flow of terrorist recruits increasing
  9. Fraud inquiry slashes Karzai vote to 48%, setting stage for runoff
  10. Bomb goes off at a market in southern Thailand, wounding 24
  11. Taliban vow fight to last drop of blood
  12. In health debate, those numbers are just numbers
  13. Iran seeks medical-grade uranium
  14. Iran signals it may not strike nuclear deal
  15. Iran threatens Britain and US after Guard bombing
  16. Iran US, UK, Pakistan behind bomb
  17. Jordan king warns over US Mideast policy
  18. Khamenei talks unity after health rumors
  19. Nobel is no laughing matter
  20. Obama Team Continues Effort to Isolate Fox News
  21. Russian analyst expects more suicide bombings in Iran
  22. Russia's Goldstone vote angers Israel
  23. S. Korea, U.S. to issue N_ Korea warning
  24. Severe drought affecting southern China
  25. SKorea's Top Diplomat Urges NKorea to Disarm
  26. Spanish wetlands shrouded in smoke as climate change dries out peat
  27. Jordan king warns over US Mideast policy
  28. Turkey Turns On Israel
  29. Typhoon nears battered Philippines
  30. US Catholic Diocese files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
  31. White House boasts We 'control' news media

Monday - October 19, 2009:

  1. Thatcher adviser: Copenhagen goal is 1-world government ***
  2. Suicide attack targeting Iran troops kills 31
  3. Iran blames west for deadly suicide bombing
  4. US condemns Iran attack, denies involvement
  5. Ahmadinejad vows to avenge bombing
  6. Meridor: When US is weak Iran enriches uranium
  7. Talks on Iranian Reactor Deal Show Divisions on Sanctions
  8. Former Iran VP: Strike will boost regime
  9. Former Iranian VP warns against attack
  10. Pakistani forces battle Taliban in S. Waziristan
  11. Taliban resist Pakistan onslaught
  12. British Colonel: IDF Safeguarded Civilian Lives in Gaza
  13. Chavez says Iran helping Venezuela find uranium
  14. Emergency situation declared in Queensland as fires blaze away
  15. 'Hizbullah staged finding spy devices'
  16. Israeli envoys set to return to DC
  17. Turkey's actions towards Israel worry US
  18. Turkish president: 'Brave criticism' of Israel to continue
  19. Israel's Tourism Plunge to Turkey Threatens to be Long-Term
  20. Ministers to boycott Turkish Independence Day celebrations
  21. Small Group Now Leads Closed-Door Reform Negotiations
  22. U.S.-Japan ties get early test ahead of Obama visit
  23. Video: Canadian Chief of Staff in First Official Visit to Israel

Sunday - October 18, 2009:

  1. ASIA: WHO, nearly 5 thousand deaths from new flu. Washington denounces delays in vaccines
  2. Delay Undercuts H1N1 Vaccine Campaign
  3. Churches denounce African children as 'witches'
  4. Flood warning for drought-hit East Africa
  5. Philippines starts evacuation from typhoon's path
  6. Hurricane Rick builds to Category 5 off Mexico
  7. Quakes can weaken fault zones worldwide
  8. Quake warning system moving forward
  9. Wildfires rage in eastern Australia
  10. South Korean army computers hacked
  11. Pakistan fights 'mother of all battles' with the Taliban
  12. Erdogan plans visit to Washington
  13. Jordan's king warns Israel on Jerusalem 'red line'
  14. Khamenei photo disproves death rumors
  15. Medvedev vows to develop ties with Latin American states
  16. Obama Threatens Insurers’ Anti-Trust Exemption
  17. Public Option Gains Momentum
  18. Specter: Make P.A. aid conditional on commitment to peace
  19. 'Too late' to stop Lisbon Treaty, concedes last EU leader left to sign
  20. US: Security Council might not debate Goldstone Report
  21. Obama from Kenya, archived report says

Saturday - October 17, 2009:

  1. Lebanon elected to Security Council
  2. Terror groups seek to bring down Pakistan
  3. Afghanistan, Pakistan seek China's help
  4. Zazi's terror contacts worth worrying about
  5. Alert Americans waking up to the threat from China, long ignored by the 'experts'
  6. BP, China oil firm to control development of major new Iraq oil field
  7. CHINA – IRAN: Wen Jiabao calls for “closer ties between China and Iran”
  8. Visit to Cuba by Russian chief of staff stirs new Cold War speculation
  9. Three-Minute Video Signals Iran Nuclear Aims
  10. Berman: Iran sanctions among many options
  11. U.S. mulling new assessment of Iran threat report
  12. 'US spy agencies may rewrite Iran NIE'
  13. Iranian go-slow dims deal chances at Vienna atom talks
  14. Sarkozy suggests Blair EU presidency problematic
  15. Sarkozy Blair may not be best for EU post
  16. Poland to get U.S. patriot missiles in early 2010 - Defense Ministry
  17. Russia seeks clarification of new U.S. missile-defense plans
  18. Strained Israel-Turkey ties concern US
  19. Turkish commentators: Fix relations with Israel
  20. Turkish FM: Government not linked to anti-IDF TV series
  21. Strong quake off Indonesia's Java, no tsunami alert
  22. Massive African lake could dry up, U.N. agency says
  23. CDC Swine flu linked to 11 more child deaths
  24. Europe unwilling to condemn Israel for war crimes at UN
  25. Residents given evacuation warning as fresh typhoon heads towards Philippines
  26. UN rights body endorses Goldstone Report
  27. Israel: Endorsement of Goldstone Report promotes terror
  28. Israel slams UNHRC over its 'one-sided, unjust decision'
  29. Ministry leader: Obama 'loathes' Israel
  30. Obama Losing Steam? Poll Shows Clinton now More Popular
  31. Official Obama 'disgusted' with Israel
  32. President Obama: Homosexual Unions Equivalent to Marriage
  33. US college satire: Students kill Jews

Friday - October 16, 2009:

  1. Rumors say Ayatollah Khamenei in coma
  2. Ayatollah Khamenei alive says Iranian embassy in Belarus
  3. Iranian website: No truth to rumors that Khamenei is in a coma
  4. Chinese premier hails cooperation with Iran
  5. Wen: China, Iran to maintain exchanges
  6. Clinton says Russia will support Iran sanctions
  7. US bill Congress may sanction Iran
  8. 'Israel may attack Iran after December'
  9. Postponement of U.S.-Israel missile exercise called 'routine'
  10. Does al-Qaida have key to unlock Pakistan nukes
  11. Former consul: Turkish fear of not joining EU cause of policy change
  12. Iran - not Palestinians - primary culprit in Middle East
  13. Political protests turn violent in South Africa
  14. Bush Preemptive Strike Doctrine Under Review, May Be Discarded
  15. 38 killed as gunmen, bomber hit 4 sites in Pakistan
  16. Days of bloodshed in Pakistan
  17. Turkey: Attack on Israeli, US targets thwarted
  18. Turkey nabs 33 al-Qaeda linked suspects
  19. Russia concerned by U.S. missile shield talks with non-NATO states
  20. 'Turkey to fine Israel over drone deal'
  21. Turkish producer: We love Israelis
  22. UK rejects Goldstone Report at UNHRC
  23. UN human rights chief backs Goldstone report
  24. Washington Watch Who's in charge of Israeli foreign policy
  25. Cold snap kills 4 in Poland, cuts power to hundreds of thousands

Thursday - October 15, 2009:

  1. Russia's new military doctrine allows pre-emptive nuclear strikes
  2. New Russian nuclear doctrine to reflect new threats - expert
  3. Georgia downplays Russia statement on preventive nuclear strikes
  4. Nuclear-equipped Iran poses real threat
  5. Russia, India hold talks on military cooperation
  6. Barak: We must do everything to stop Iran
  7. Putin: Iran sanctions an unneeded scare
  8. Putin warns against intimidating Iran
  9. Why Russia is not afraid of an Iranian bomb
  10. Russia ready to abandon dollar in oil, gas trade with China
  11. Syria says to hold military exercises with Turkey
  12. Syria We held exercise with Turkey
  13. Turkey Tightens Syrian-Iranian Axis after Snubbing Israel
  14. Turkish paper: UAV delivery delay behind cancellation of military drill
  15. Turkish TV show has IDF soldiers 'killing' Palestinian kids
  16. Erdogan: My people rejected Israel's participation
  17. U.S. official Turkey's delay of military exercise is political
  18. 1,700-year-old footprints discovered under Lod mosaic
  19. Footprints found under ancient mosaic
  20. UNHRC to reopen Goldstone debate
  21. Ban wants 'internal probe' into Goldstone Report
  22. Central Europe hit by heavy snow, high winds
  23. Pacific Ocean temps exceed El Nino levels Australia
  24. Indonesia quake death toll tops 1,100
  25. Typhoon death toll set to cross 1,000
  26. Indian Ocean tsunami drill unfolds across region
  27. World's hungry reach more than one billion in '09 say UN
  28. UN reports over one billion undernourished worldwide
  29. Pelosi pledges again House will pass health care bill with public option
  30. Senate panel approves Obama health care reform
  31. Bible verse ban spawns 'wave of support for Christ'
  32. Parents voice opposition to Obama 'praise' song
  33. Porous U.S. borders enticing to Chinese, others
  34. White House aide turns up heat on Fox News by saying many of its stories are just not true
  35. Who's behind the White House war on Fox News?

Wednesday - October 14, 2009:

  1. Pentagon wants bunker-buster fast
  2. US wants bunker-buster fast, denies Iran is reason
  3. 'US army prevented Iran arms shipment'
  4. N. Korea 'readying more missiles'
  5. N. Korean Missiles may have improved range
  6. Egyptian MP: Storm Israeli Embassies If Jews Visit Temple Mount
  7. US faults Turks for canceling NATO air exercises
  8. Ten Turkish ministers head to Syria
  9. Turkey, Syria sign cooperation deal
  10. Turkey Slams Israel, Signs Pact with Syria
  11. Palestinians, allies reopen Gaza war crimes debate
  12. UN chief backs plan to reopen debate on Gaza report
  13. Goldstone Effect: PA in Turmoil over UN Delay
  14. Palestinian faith in Obama 'evaporates'
  15. 'Hizbullah turned Lebanon into powder keg'
  16. Israel wants investigation of Lebanon explosion
  17. Sanction threats to Iran are counterproductive says Russian Foreign Minister
  18. US, Russia No Iran sanctions yet
  19. U.S. says Medvedev backs sanctions if Iran fails to comply
  20. Russia, U.S. in talks on new missile defense system - Lavrov
  21. Japan leans toward ending Afghan refuelling mission
  22. Township protests flare up in South Africa over poverty
  23. War breaks out between Fox News and the Obama administration
  24. Milan bomber had accomplices, more explosives police
  25. 6.2 quake rocks off Sulawesi in Indonesia
  26. Dozens urged to flee as Calif. storm hits
  27. Look what Massachusetts is up to now!
  28. Globalist cover-up hiding Obama's past

Tuesday - October 13, 2009:

  1. Obama using 'blood libel' report to pressure Jewish state
  2. Ahmadinejad: Failure will hurt West more than Iran
  3. Iran parliament moves ahead with fuel subsidy cuts
  4. UK bans nat'l dealings with Iranian bank
  5. UK halts trade with 2 Iran firms
  6. Saudis weigh major F-15 buy as Iran advances
  7. India and the United States began a massive joint military exercise
  8. North Korea test-fires short-range missiles
  9. India tests nuclear-capable missiles
  10. Iran dismisses US warning ahead of nuclear talks
  11. Iran's Mousavi sees Inquisition-style clampdown
  12. Israel says Turkey more radical
  13. Another earthquake hits the South Pacific
  14. Two earthquakes strike Indonesia
  15. Kashmir's main glacier melting at alarming speed
  16. California university probing Galloway fundraiser for Hamas
  17. Czech Cabinet in emergency session to force President Klaus to sign Lisbon treaty
  18. Dallas oil firm drilling for crude in the Holy Land
  19. Disease outbreak concerns after Indonesian quake
  20. Inaugural prayers under attack in DC
  21. President taps lesbian activist to EEOC
  22. U.N. resolution harmful to religious minorities

Monday - October 12, 2009:

  1. White House: Fox News Is 'A Wing Of The Republican Party'
  2. Woman NHS plan nearly killed my mother
  3. Abbas demands UN discuss Goldstone Report
  4. 'Accepting Goldstone may tie UK's hands'
  5. Israeli officials warn against support for UN report
  6. Feinstein backs Afghan troop request
  7. Afghan troop surge gets GOP support
  8. Armenia, Turkey Reach Accord
  9. Army drill canceled due to US outcry
  10. Turkey freezes Israel out of air force drill
  11. Clinton Downplays Threat to Pakistan Nuke Arsenal
  12. Iran Seeks Deal for Reactor
  13. Iranian officials: Our missiles are ready
  14. Clinton warns Iran of need for nuclear progress
  15. Clinton We won't wait for Iran forever
  16. Clinton: World will not wait indefinitely on Iran
  17. Egypt detains 24 over pro-Palestinian rallies
  18. Diplomacy Expert Calls Obama Nobel Prize Award 'Curious'
  19. Earthquake shakes Tonga, no reports of damage
  20. French physicist admits to emailing al-Qaida
  21. Mitchell wants Egypt to pressure Abbas
  22. Obama vows to end restrictions on gays in military
  23. US choppers bring aid in stricken Philippine city
  24. Russian, Armenian leaders to discuss trade, military cooperation
  25. U.N. Funds needed to feed 1.7M Somalis

Sunday - October 11, 2009:

  1. PA wants urgent UN debate on Gaza
  2. Iran: Decision to give Obama Nobel 'hasty'
  3. Iran: Israel's threats inexplicable
  4. Obama's shock Nobel win divides world press
  5. Teheran to enrich further if talks fail
  6. Iran: 3 defendants sentenced to death
  7. Clinton to push Russia on Iran sanctions
  8. Russia set to boost military-technical ties with Iran
  9. Iran nuclear enrichment deal in works Russia
  10. Russia launches new Mideast arms push
  11. The IAEA and Israel
  12. Critics Smell Politics in Decision to Honor Obama
  13. New Iran Sanctions Could Strengthen Revolutionary Guard
  14. China says time to act on NKorea disarmament talks
  15. GOP Health reforms burden states
  16. Polish president signs Lisbon Treaty bill
  17. Mom, sons allegedly made bombs, grew pot (Calif.)
  18. Beijing warns U.S. lawmakers to stay out of China's internal affairs
  19. Iran helps Venezuela find uranium
  20. CERN chief confirms re-launch of particle collider in November
  21. Wait for benefits is 3 years if health care passes
  22. DNC says Republican critics aligning with terrorists
  23. Pressure on Czechs after Poland signs EU treaty
  24. Taliban growth weighs on Obama strategy review
  25. Armenia, Turkey Reach Accord
  26. China urges neighbors, U.S. to talk to North Korea
  27. Catholic justices challenged to live their faith
  28. Obama making strike on Iran more likely
  29. The One won, but for what?
  30. Ignorance A death sentence

Saturday - October 10, 2009:

  1. Al-Qaida could attack from within U.S.
  2. America's share of 'alternative energy' investment
  3. Calif. citrus farmers fear tree-killing disease
  4. D.C. latest marriage battlefield
  5. Energy bill needs carbon cap Obama aid
  6. EU clears way for new treaty with Syria
  7. Flooding and landslides in the Philippines - Pictures
  8. Floodwaters sweep through 30 Filipino towns
  9. Saudi, Syria agree to strengthen ties
  10. Health Industry Concerned About Reform Measures
  11. House requires presidential report on Iran engagement
  12. House Votes to Expand Hate Crimes Definition
  13. Households face £2,000-a-year energy bills if Britain FAILS to meet green targets
  14. Iran Threatens Israel: We'll Blast Your Heart Out
  15. Iran to blow up heart of Israel if attacked: official
  16. 'Iran will blow up the heart of Israel'
  17. Islamic messiah at center of Iranian policy
  18. Nobel Peace Prize to US President Obama
  19. No chance of peace for years, says Israel's Foreign Minister
  20. North Korea Massively Increases Its Special Forces
  21. Nuke revelation suggests report politicized
  22. Obama extends PLO office allowance
  23. Obama opens up billions in business for Syria
  24. Russian Navy to buy 24 MiG-29K carrier-based fighters
  25. Russian subs successfully test ballistic missiles in Pacific
  26. Scientist: Cap and trade will hurt Earth
  27. SKorea, Japan Say No Aid Until NKorea Disarms
  28. Tochka missile launched at testing site in Russia’s Kaliningrad Region
  29. U.N. treaty to muzzle children
  30. U.S. healthcare reform gathers steam in Congress
  31. U.S. unaware of Soviet 'doomsday machine'
  32. Up to 175,000 students still waiting for loans and grants
  33. White House strips immigration policing powers from Arizona sheriff
  34. Wither national intelligence

Friday - October 9, 2009:

  1. CIA chief: We already knew about Iran's 2nd plant
  2. Iran reviewing options to buy uranium
  3. Jerusalem mum over Iran uranium sale claim
  4. Iran nuclear scientist's disappearance raises questions
  5. Reformist website: Iran protester gets death sentence
  6. McChrystal Wanted 50,000 Troops
  7. Obama, Armed With Troop Request, Meets With War Council Over Afghan Options
  8. Reuters AlertNet - Israel, U.S. to hold manoeuvres as Iran talks simmer
  9. Russia may revise use of nuclear weapons in new military doctrine
  10. Russia's Strategic Missile Forces to hold drills Oct. 9-14
  11. Security Council to discuss Goldstone Report on Oct. 14
  12. UNSC rejects Goldstone session request
  13. Suspected terrorist indicted in Illinois
  14. Earthquakes rock South Pacific
  15. Czech P.M. tries to reassure EU on treaty
  16. Six earthquakes in just 24 hours rock Pacific islands, Philippines and California
  17. Pacific quakes near Vanuatu stirs panic but tsunamis tiny
  18. Report: Global Muslim population hits 1.57 billion
  19. Let the oil scramble begin: Wells 'will start running dry in 10 years'
  20. HRC's goal - silence Christians, normalize sin
  21. Is Capitol Hill ignoring 71% of Americans?
  22. Panel vote on Baucus health bill Tuesday
  23. Maddow Democrats may revoke leadership of anyone who filibusters healthcare
  24. Oklahoma Abortion Law Details To Be Publicly Posted Online
  25. Sudan to vaccinate 8.5 million after polio outbreak
  26. U.S. starts mass swine flu immunization
  27. US mulls import penalties on Chinese steel pipes

Thursday - October 8, 2009:

  1. 'US may be planning to bomb Iran' Jerusalem Post
  2. EU draws up plans to establish itself as 'world power'
  3. WTIC News-Talk 1080 - Car Full of Explosives Stopped in New Haven; Area Cordoned Off
  4. Chávez jokes about helping Iran build nuclear bomb
  5. Iran says some countries offer it nuclear fuel
  6. Iran FM accuses US in nuke scientist disappearance
  7. 'US linked to vanishing of nuke expert'
  8. Iran: We'll launch missile into space
  9. Obama officials ready for Iran sanctions bill
  10. Russia has 5 arms deals with Libya - Rosoboronexport
  11. Russia to sell advanced defense system to Saudis
  12. Saudi king in Damascus to mend fences with Assad
  13. Saudi King to Pressure Syria Over Iran Alliance
  14. In Failed Strike on Saudi Prince, A New Fear of Al-Qaeda's Tactics
  15. Debt-free status a 'miracle of biblical proportions'
  16. Excerpt: Obama puts screws on Israel
  17. How 'social justice' leads to mass murder
  18. Latest Internal Whip Count: Nearly Three-Fourths Of House Dems Support Robust Public Option
  19. NASA telescope discovers largest-ever ring around Saturn
  20. Obama's HRC appearance will 'alienate' Americans
  21. Powerful quake strikes South Pacific
  22. The ACLU's real agenda in the Mojave Desert
  23. Typhoon bears down on Japan's main islands
  24. UN Security Council to consider session on Gaza report
  25. Air passengers face full body X-rays after suicide bombers hide devices INSIDE their bodies

Wednesday - October 7, 2009:

  1. Jordan wants to limit Temple Mount access
  2. 'Iran planning centrifuges for 2nd site'
  3. Iran plans to use new centrifuge at nuclear plant
  4. US: Iran talks a limited success
  5. Officials: Iran's behavior will bring penalties
  6. Obama official U_S_ developing ‘comprehensive’ Iran sanctions plan
  7. Russia denies secret involvement in Iran's nuclear program
  8. Poll: Most in U.S. would back Iran strike
  9. US welcomes Teheran's cooperation in talks
  10. Saudi Arabia King Abdullah's visit to Syria to boost ties
  11. Russia's Black Sea Fleet conducts anti-sub warfare drills
  12. North's nuclear facility almost restored
  13. 'Jewish' Ahmadinejad is a Fraud
  14. US may leave missile defense systems in Israel
  15. WARNING: Israel In Danger Of Being Blindsided By Two New Grave Threats
  16. Report: Abbas may pass Goldstone report to Security Council
  17. U.S. presses Israel to address Goldstone findings
  18. Submerged Manila faces disease threat
  19. Anger swells over slow relief in India floods
  20. Taiwan devastated by typhoon
  21. VIDEO: India floods kill hundreds
  22. Tapping into their Hebraic roots
  23. Vaccine arrives as flu spreads

Tuesday - October 6, 2009:

  1. ElBaradei says nuclear Israel number one threat to Mideast
  2. ACORN-related documents requested of feds
  3. AFP Lawmakers vow swift action over Iran's alleged nuclear inroads
  4. African farmers suffer hardship as climate worsens
  5. UN Nuclear Watchdog Chief Israel ‘Dangerous Threat’
  6. Barack Obama's 1967
  7. California town evacuated as wildfire approaches
  8. China vows to stand by isolated North Korea
  9. City to homeowner Let us in, or get out
  10. El Nino portends cold winter for East Coast
  11. 'Gay' sex morally good, says Obama pick
  12. India floods leave 2.5 million homeless, 250 dead
  13. 'Iran enrichment deal needs finalizing'
  14. Iran to start final test run of Bushehr nuclear power plant
  15. Mofaz: Iran 'buying time' on nuke talks
  16. North Korea says U.S. key to nuclear talks return
  17. NYT Doctors swamped by swine flu vaccine fears
  18. NYT Report Says Iran Has Data To Make a Nuclear Bomb
  19. Obama nominee praised polygamy
  20. Orthodox U.S. Jews: Our right to Jerusalem can't be denied
  21. PA source: US to press Israel on settlements
  22. 'Rumors that Ahmadinejad has Jewish roots false'
  23. Russian volcano's eruptions intensifying
  24. Senate’s Moderates Falling in Line
  25. Should Christians, Muslims and Jews unite
  26. Tehran's top nuclear official says Iran has mastered fuel cycle
  27. The EU has a constitution, needs a president
  28. Turkey: Protestors burn Israeli flag
  29. Typhoon turns back, dumps rain on northern Philippines
  30. U.S. governors balk at Medicaid expansion
  31. Video USAF successfully tests laser weapon
  32. Vote on healthcare 'concept' being forced
  33. Waves of new fund cuts imperil US nursing homes
  34. Weather helps Sheep fire operations

Monday - October 5, 2009:

  1. American Indian Chief: 'Fight for Israel'
  2. Ashkenazi holds secret talks in France
  3. 3,500 acres burned in So .Cal. wildfire
  4. Wildfire burns homes in California forest area
  5. Arctic seas turn to acid, putting vital food chain at risk
  6. Floods kill 200 in southern India, hit thousands
  7. Sicily flood death toll reaches 22
  8. Thousands buried after Indonesia quakes
  9. Tremor shakes Taiwan
  10. Typhoon death toll in Vietnam hits 122
  11. Typhoon Parma hovers off Philippine coast killing 17
  12. UN: 70 percent of world could be in drought by 2025
  13. Iran's Ahmadinejad – a self-hating Jew?
  14. Could Iranian Anti-Semite Ahmadinejad be Jewish?
  15. No seat for Britain at Obama's top table of super economies
  16. 'PM gave list of Russians aiding Iran'
  17. Report: PM told Kremlin about scientists helping Iran
  18. Geithner says US concerned that Iran may be financing terror
  19. IAEA sees turning point over Iran
  20. 'US in intense negotiations with Iran'
  21. IAEA to inspect Iran's Qom site Oct. 25
  22. Iran agrees nuclear inspection - but not yet
  23. 'Iran has enough info for atom bomb'
  24. Report says Iran has data to make atom bomb
  25. Obama aide: Iran not closer to nuclear bomb
  26. Blair tipped for presidency as Ireland approves treaty
  27. Terrorists could seize nuclear weapons if we fail in Afghanistan, warns Army chief
  28. US climate bill not likely this year, says Obama adviser

Sunday - October 4, 2009:

  1. Congress readies Iran sanctions if diplomacy fails
  2. Don't let Blair become President of Europe, say Tories, as Ireland votes 'yes' to Lisbon Treaty
  3. Elderly won't have to sell their homes to fund care... if they make one-off payment of £8,000, say Tories
  4. EXCLUSIVE: Obama agrees to keep Israel's nukes secret
  5. Report- Obama won't pressure Israel to disclose nukes
  6. Fiji rocked by 5.9 magnitude earthquake
  7. IAEA chief arrives in Iran to discuss enrichment site
  8. 'Iranian president was born Jewish'
  9. Iran's president says Obama made a big mistake
  10. Israel complains to UN over Kassams
  11. Nelson: Public option shelved
  12. News Analysis: U.S. Wonders if Iran Is Playing for Time
  13. NYT U.N. report says Iran has data for a nuke
  14. Obama Aide Concedes Climate Law Must Wait
  15. Obama links job growth to health care proposal
  16. Quake landslides wipe out 4 Indonesian villages, burying hundreds
  17. U.S. base makes Chinese nervous
  18. Up to 4,000 buried in Indonesian quake rubble
  19. US warns citizens Avoid Old City on Succot
  20. 'US won't make Israel disclose nukes'
  21. Vanishing Arctic ice shows no sign of returning
  22. What South African Jews think of Richard Goldstone
  23. Chance of more survivors from Indonesia quake dims
  24. Climate talks stall on targets, finance

Saturday - October 3, 2009:

BREAKING NEWS -- The first link is the original article and the second link is where it has already hit an Israeli news publication. It just gets more and more interesting all the time.

  1. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad revealed to have Jewish past
  2. Report: Ahmadinejad has Jewish roots

  1. West must 'learn to accept nuclear Iran'
  2. Canada seizes materials believed for Iran nukes
  3. Iran officials make Washington visit
  4. Iran to use other countries for enrichment
  5. Iran Six opt for dialogue over threats - Russian MP
  6. Russia expresses guarded optimism after Iran nuclear talks
  7. 'Let inspectors into plant in 2 weeks'
  8. Ireland votes on EU changes
  9. 'Our American training will be used to kill Jews'
  10. Another state considering 'euthanasia'
  11. Brussels welcomes US move toward global governance of internet
  12. UN Could Kill the War on Terror
  13. Palestinians agree to defer UNHRC vote
  14. Remember this number, Mr. Senator
  15. Support for abortion rights falls in U.S.
  16. Healthcare proponents 'pulling a fast one' on voters
  17. Analyst: Democrat trickery to force Obamacare
  18. Health overhaul closer than ever — and yet far off
  19. 'Cap and trade' nothing more than an energy tax
  20. Clinton Issues Holiday Greetings to Muslims, Not Jews
  21. Devastating storm in Sicily kills at least 18 WORLD News
  22. Some 140 killed in India flooding
  23. Pacific tsunami toll nears 200, fresh quake near Tonga
  24. Super typhoon heading for flood-ravaged Philippines
  25. Thousands evacuated before Philippine super typhoon
  26. Maine fines group for criticizing Islam
  27. New film seeks answer to mystery of vanishing bees

Friday - October 2, 2009:

  1. NYT Iran agrees to give up enriched uranium
  2. Analysis: Are laws of war relevant to the war on terror?
  3. Arab research center head favors Iran strike
  4. Iran calls for global nuclear disarmament at international talks
  5. Iran Avoids Nuclear Talks at Geneva Meeting
  6. Iran diplomats: 'Israel is bluffing'
  7. Iran nuclear talks with U.S. and allies eases tension
  8. Iranian Opposition Warns Against Stricter Sanctions
  9. US, Iran face off at 6-power nuclear talks
  10. US, Iranian officials meet in Geneva
  11. West goes to Iran talks – and readies sanctions
  12. Iran, world powers agree to meet again
  13. 'Iran will let UN check its nuke plan'
  14. Nuclear talks: Iranian, US officials meet bilaterally
  15. Nuclear talks lead to rare meeting between US and Iran
  16. US rules out sanctions against Iran, for now
  17. France's Approach to Iran Toughens Under Sarkozy
  18. Netanyahu says Russians toughened stance on Iran nukes
  19. Blair to be named EU President 'within weeks' if Irish ratify Lisbon Treaty
  20. Climate control debate heats up in the Senate
  21. Earthquake hits central California
  22. Floods in southern India claim 45 lives
  23. INDONESIA: As situation gets more horrifying, presidential plane evacuates Sumatra quake victims
  24. INDONESIA: New earthquake. Aid arrives in a devastated Padang
  25. Indonesian earthquakes death toll expected to hit thousands as rescuers desperately dig through rubble for survivors
  26. UN says Sumatra quake toll hits 1,100
  27. Study suggests quakes may weaken other fault lines
  28. Second earthquake hits Samoan islands
  29. Moderate quake measuring 5.1 hits Central California
  30. Philippines braces for new super typhoon; troops on alert
  31. Tsunamis, quakes, typhoons plunder region
  32. Guess who's now banne from Capitol Christmas tree!
  33. Netanyahu Warns UN Against Accepting Goldstone Report
  34. Health Care for Congress, Low Cost Clinic for Capitol Hill Lawmakers
  35. Healthcare reform and abortion - rhetoric vs. reality
  36. Majority of U.S. Parents Wary of H1N1 Vaccine Poll
  37. Missile-defense plan relies on Navy interceptors
  38. Missouri abortion clinic closing up shop
  39. Support for abortion rights falls in U.S.
  40. Swine flu could overload U.S. hospitals: report
  41. 'UNGA should endorse Goldstone report'
  42. VIETNAM: Almost 400 deaths in SE Asia from Ketsana as new typhoon moves towards the Philippines

Thursday - October 1, 2009:

  1. Ahmadinejad: Iran to propose 3rd-party uranium enrichment
  2. Iran says to enter Geneva talks with good intentions
  3. Britain differs from U.S. view on Iran bomb design
  4. British intel: Iran has been building nuke for years
  5. US sees Iran talks as start of process
  6. Moscow expects Tehran to cooperate with IAEA
  7. Oil and Ideology Keep China From Joining Effort to Press Iran
  8. IAEA: Iran broke law by failing to disclose nuclear facility
  9. IAEA chief: Iran should take US offer
  10. Do Iranian missiles pose potential or real threat?
  11. At Nuclear Talks, U_S_ Likely to Seek Bilateral Meeting With Iran
  12. Dodd to introduce Senate Iran sanctions bill
  13. U.K. Reports Saudis OK Israel Strike on Iran
  14. US Jews back American strike in Iran
  15. At least 75 killed in Indonesia quake
  16. Indonesia quake death toll 100-200: disaster agency
  17. Thousands trapped under rubble after powerful Indonesia earthquake
  18. Ketsana leaves more than 360 dead across SE Asia
  19. Democrats crafting bill to shield big banks from tougher state laws
  20. Democrats unveil ambitious draft climate change bill to the US Senate
  21. Obama says deeply committed to passing climate bill
  22. Foreigners lend a hand in counting flocks over Israel
  23. Gazprom set to strengthen positions in North America
  24. Human Rights Watch U.S. must back Goldstone
  25. Netanyahu: Goldstone Will Make UN Irrelevant
  26. Turkey to push U.N. for debate on Gaza report
  27. 100 Norwegian tourists admitted to Eilat hospital with food poisoning
  28. Lisbon do-over vote this week in Ireland
  29. Mitchell meeting with Israeli, Palestinian counterparts
  30. Religious life won't be the same after recession
  31. U.S., Syrian officials meet in Washington

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