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  1. First Temple-Era Water Tunnel Revealed in Jerusalem
  2. 6th-grader wins fight to wear pro-life T-shirt
  3. Copper mine in Jordan could be King Solomon's
  4. International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church Encourages Christians Worldwide to Pray
  5. Interactive Worldwide turmoil - Map
  6. Should you vote for Barrak Obama? Before you vote, take the test
  7. Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
  8. '666' road sign thefts bedeviling officials - Criminal weirdness

Friday - October 31, 2008:

  1. Russia-China: oil for loans
  2. Iran threatens US with suicide bombers
  3. Iranian Nuke Scientist- Weekend Quake was a Nuclear Test
  4. FCC Probe Signals Democratic Attack Machine
  5. Record cold swept over the region Wednesday - Ocala, FL
  6. Snow blankets London for Global Warming debate
  7. Snow storm causes delays.
  8. Syria deploys more troops along Lebanese border
  9. Report warns of covert Iranian bid to expand nuke program
  10. New water-shortage warning for So. Cal.
  11. Watchdogs warn of Election Day trouble
  12. Putin seeks to further build ties with Iran
  13. Russian Navy to hold exercises in the Mediterranean in November
  14. Mideast Quartet to meet in Egypt Nov. 9
  15. Pastor fears consequences if marriage amendment fails
  16. Jungreis urges Jews to prepare for the coming of Messiah

Thursday - October 30, 2008:

  2. Commentary Obama breaks promise on campaign finance
  3. Newspaper 'suppressing' Obama link to anti-Israel professor
  4. McCain camp demands L.A. Times release Obama video
  5. Obama Accepting Untraceable Donations
  6. Obama donor ordered Big Brother probe of Joe the Plumber
  7. Experts affirm Ayers wrote Obama's memoir
  8. Science points to Ayers authorship of Obama's 'Dreams'
  9. Arrests will harm talks - Hamas
  10. US says embassy in Damascus will be closed to public
  11. Damascus demands UN stop US raids
  12. Damascus demands UN punish US for raid on Syrian soil
  13. British FM to work with Syrian FM for ME stability
  14. 'UN must monitor sanctions compliance'
  15. Abbas claims Hamas-Fatah agreement reached
  16. Sources: Sarkozy tabs Obama position on Iran as 'utterly immature'
  17. Hamas Uses 'Humanitarian Cement' to Prepare for War
  18. Pakistan rescuers pull 175 bodies from earthquake rubble
  19. Pakistan quake death toll tops 200
  20. Elementary schools promoting homosexual agenda
  21. Californians go to 'war' over Prop 8's gay-marriage ban
  22. Gay marriages to begin Nov. 10 in Connecticut
  23. One-third of world fish catch used for animal feed
  24. Rising sea levels to erode Sydney beaches study
  25. 450 tunnels straddle Egypt-Gaza border; Economic impact thwarts crackdown
  26. Syria blasts first U.S. strike in its territory as 'terrorist aggression'

Wednesday - October 29, 2008:

  1. Camouflage fatigues concealed in humanitarian aid to Gaza
  2. US shows it is ready to take the war across boundaries
  3. Russia military offers Cuba air defence aid
  4. Iran Opens Base at Hormuz Strait for Gulf `Defense'
  5. Consumer confidence hits lowest on record - Economy in Turmoil
  6. Choose your enemy Moscow or Teheran
  7. North Korea threatens to reduce South Korea to debris
  8. Homosexual propaganda rampant in Mass. schools
  9. Analyst: Media attempting to defuse Palin's future
  10. The Right Way Back
  11. What Have We Created!
  12. Russia reforging its nuclear shield
  13. Qureia: Jerusalem the key to resolving conflict
  14. Global financial crisis brings Israelis home
  15. Somalia: Christian Aid Workers Beheaded for Converting from Islam
  16. Pentagon Advisors Warn Of Coming International Crisis
  17. Tough times: Congress grew 13 percent richer in 2007

Tuesday - October 28, 2008:

  1. Shares fall on Tel Aviv exchange; interest rate cut seenbrbr
  2. Tehranologist: Money, money, and money
  3. I'm voting for those not yet born
  4. Democrats target your 401(k)
  5. News media in bed with Obama
  6. Ukraine's largest carmaker cuts production by 40%
  7. Report hike in gun and ammunition sales
  8. Boehner Hits ObamaOn - Redistributive Change
  9. Media's Presidential Bias and Decline
  10. Qureia: Jerusalem the key to resolving conflict
  11. Damascus US strike a heinous crime
  12. Hamas Early elections to kill peace process
  13. PA Arabs in Gaza Campaigning for Barack Obama
  14. Rebbetzin Jungreis By the Year 6,000, Mashiach Has to be Here

Monday - October 27, 2008:

  1. Global stock markets slide again
  2. Iran media confirms Ahmadinejad is ill
  3. Election doubts over Ahmadinejad's health
  4. Nicolas Sarkozy under attack after EU president proposal
  5. Bees kill 3 dogs, injure woman, 70
  6. Experts: Israel lacks capability to hit Iran's nuke facilities
  7. Hamas Demands Release of Notorious Killers
  8. Iran confirms Ahmadinejad is ill
  9. Israel would have a tough time significantly damaging Iran's nuclear facilities from the air, according to Newsweek
  10. 'Livni's decision kills peace process'
  11. Police will use new device to take fingerprints in street
  12. 'Syria-Hizbullah ties growing stronger'
  13. Top commander- Iran arming Mideast 'freedom armies'
  14. US special forces launch rare attack inside Syria
  15. Yadlin: Radical Axis Exploiting Israeli, US Transition Periods

Sunday - October 26, 2008:

  1. Government computers used to find information on Joe the Plumber
  2. Utility paying price for homosexual support
  3. Pastor charged with felony for spanking son
  4. Judge dismisses Obama birth certificate lawsuit
  5. 'Gay' advocates fail to unseat Christians
  6. Aaron Klein on Fox News Channel
  8. Barack O-holy-bama, I have been saved!
  9. Israel submits security plan for withdrawal from West Bank
  10. Iranian official calls for attack on UK
  11. Livni Refuses to Take Stand on Jerusalem, Chooses Elections
  12. Pay rises and Christmas parties cancelled as four in five companies cut costs, according to IoD survey

Saturday - October 25, 2008:

  1. 'Ahmadinejad's health is deteriorating'
  2. Hamas- Off with the Heads of Fatah Loyalists
  3. US slaps sanctions on Chinese, Russian firms
  4. Ukraine in for tough times amid global crisis
  5. Chicago TV station bans pro-life ad
  6. Newspaper shows Obama belonged to socialist party
  7. Democrat Obama's grandma confirms Kenyan birth
  8. Praying 'in Jesus' name' elevated to Supremes
  9. Court turns back threat to church bulletins
  10. Egypt launches major exercise as largest Arab naval power
  11. Peres Arab Peace Initiative Is an Opportunity
  12. Detained Uyghur Christians Face Execution And Mistreatment In China
  13. Hijacked Iranian Ship was a Dirty Bomb Meant for Israel on Yom Kippur
  14. EU's Solana stresses commitment to MidEast peace in Syria

Friday - October 24, 2008:

  1. Israel rethinks policy stance
  2. Margin shrinks in defeat of gay marriage ban
  3. LAPD chief warns of terror threat before election
  4. World Bank says West Bank land prices rocketing
  5. Middle East Arms Race reaches new highs
  6. Teenagers Seek Out Judaism
  7. US exit-pollsters seek disaster-free Election Day
  8. U.N. creates first map of world's aquifers
  9. Chertoff says 16,000 on watch list
  10. UN: Millions suffer food crisis in NKorea
  11. School holds surprise 'Gay' Day for kindergartners
  12. Syria envoy Future generations will pay if Israel scuttles peace talks
  13. Kuntar Zionist entity must disappear
  14. Kindergarten sex ed becoming mandatory in England
  15. White House says next GDP will be bad

Thursday - October 23, 2008:

  1. Concerns about deployment of military on U_S_ soil growing — while mainstream media buries its head in the sand Naomi Wolf
  2. Colin Powell Warns Of Coming Crisis "We Don’t Even Know About Right Now"
  3. Police Prepare For Election Day Riots
  4. Top Iran officials recommend preemptive strike against Israel
  5. Hijacked Iranian Ship Contained 'Dirty Bomb' for Israel
  6. Would the Last Honest Reporter Please Turn On the Lights
  7. Qaeda-linked website backs McCain as president
  8. Va. pharmacy follows faith, no birth control sales
  9. McCain raises spectre of nuclear war
  10. Agencies Counted Big Firms As Small
  11. San Francisco weighs decriminalizing prostitution
  12. Temple Mount Visit Cut Short by Arab Mob
  13. U.S. lawmakers mull domestic intel agency
  14. GLSEN founder part of Obama's team
  15. Obama disqualified himself from higher office in 2004
  16. Obama 'admits' Kenyan birth
  17. Christian leader urges Islamic control of Temple Mount
  18. Russia tells OPEC eyes swing oil producer role
  19. Russia modernizes missiles in response to U.S. plans
  20. Russian Northern Fleet ships arrive in Turkey

Wednesday - October 22, 2008:

  1. Abbas I may stay after term ends
  2. JCS, European Military Leaders Descend On Upstate New York
  3. Top international military officials meet in Adirondacks
  4. Bin Laden's plan for 'global fireball'
  5. Educators' dues being used against Prop. 8
  6. Hamas-Unity Deal Nears as Olmert Plans More Talks with Abbas
  7. Identities of Obama donor base in question
  8. Israel, Hamas Prepare for End of Ceasefire
  10. Letter threats to Chase grow past 30 FBI
  11. Obama's economic advisor a 'big gov't' proponent
  12. Chertoff Says Change in Presidency Fuels Terror `Vulnerability'
  13. Russia, Iran and Qatar discuss forming gas cartel
  14. Top US, Russian military chiefs meet

Tuesday - October 21, 2008:

  1. Olmert Seeking Golan-Giveaway Agreement
  2. Up against a Wall (Street) The financial crisis and Jewish values
  3. Abbas: Situation in W. Bank 'unbearable'
  4. Police arrest 9 Jews over recent assaults on Arabs in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv
  5. Greek strike to halt flights, close banks, schools
  6. Strong quake hits Indonesia's Sulawesi island
  7. Circuit City weighing shutting stores, job cuts
  8. Prosecutor: al-Qaeda inspired Fort Dix plot
  9. Obama angry at FOX for tarnishing halo effect
  10. Prop. 8 supporters not folding their tents
  11. Now terrorists swoon over Biden
  12. UN chief Hizbullah must be disbanded
  13. Israel expects U_S_-Iran talks under Obama
  14. Biden Predicts “International Crisis” Within First 6 Months Of Obama Presidency
  15. Interpol Details Plans For Global Biometric Facial Scan Database
  16. NBC Universal preps for major cuts
  17. Spend Baby Spend U.S. Budget Deficit to Soar Again

Monday - October 20, 2008:

  1. ECB’s Nowotny Sees Global `Tri-Polar’ Currency System Evolving
  2. Passports will be needed to buy mobile phones
  3. Israel prepares to give PA control of additional cities
  4. Israel's leaders may be in favor of pursuing a regional peace plan, Ehud Barak said
  5. Hamas grip on Gaza is complete
  6. Barak: Israel considering Saudi peace plan
  7. Taiwan intelligence Beijing converting SARS to bioweapon
  8. Abbas: I was promised almost all of West Bank
  9. Barroso and Sarkozy plead for permanent EU presidency
  10. EU Drops Concerns for Security, Press Israel for 'Good Will'
  11. Barroso and Sarkozy plead for permanent EU presidency

Sunday - October 19, 2008:

  1. Barack Obama vows to 'change the world'
  2. Bush plans to host world powers at economic summit
  3. Germany wants tougher sanctions against Iran report
  4. Hizbullah: UN pressure won’t suppress resistance
  5. Kenya seeks big airport for Obama
  6. Feds pirate investor's gun-shop software
  7. Hezbollah is undermining the U.N.-brokered cease-fire that ended the 2006 Lebanon war, the U.N. secretary-general said
  8. Gadhafi Says Arab world campaign contributions 'may enable him to win U.S. presidency'
  9. Southern drought creeping northward
  10. The Associated Press Polls in 8 countries show wide Obama support
  11. Will Michelle Obama tape 'change political atmosphere in America'
  12. Shocking development Mrs Obama decides enough is enough “My husband was born in Hawaii and adopted by his step father, does that make him unpatriotic; she asks”, on a direct telephone to API
  13. The 'how-to' plan to criminalize Christianity
  14. Obama lies in debate about ties to ACORN
  15. Hamas infiltrator in U.S.-backed forces
  16. Al-Qaeda Web Forums Abruptly Taken Offline
  17. France's 'Omni-President' Wins Praise for Take-Charge Approach

Saturday - October 18, 2008:

  1. Rise of the Israeli ultra-orthodox
  2. Hamas-Jihad tensions 'could weaken truce'
  3. Bush offers swift Golan withdrawal
  4. Bush to Assad: Sever Ties with Iran and Take the Golan Heights
  5. Putin May Use Credit Squeeze to `Destroy' Oligarchs
  6. Israel welcomes UN Security Council's refusal of Iran
  7. UN Chief: Hizbullah a Danger to Middle East
  8. 'Autistics' Predicted Financial Crisis
  9. A Republican who favors talking to Iran might be part of an Obama administration, the Democratic presidential candidate suggested
  10. Second Canadian gas pipeline bombed
  11. Israel works on missile tracking system
  12. Israeli air force planning answer for missile war
  13. Obama would silence critics, warns activist
  14. Parliament debates execution for Iranian Christians
  15. College associate editor says 'Obama is my Jesus'
  16. What's Obama hiding from us
  17. Visa Waiver Program To Include 7 More Allies
  18. Russia to ship equipment to finish Iranian nuclear plant
  19. Iran shows off military muscle
  20. New IAF system will pinpoint Iranian missile targets in Israel
  21. Prophet Yahweh claims Goodchild stole his prophecy

Friday - October 17, 2008:

  1. Massachusetts Governor to Cut Jobs, Drain Reserves
  2. Is Jesse Jackson right re: Obama's Israel policy
  3. Kenyan insiders say Obama was part of takeover strategy
  4. State Department warns against travel to Mexico
  5. GM to lay off 1,500 hourly workers as demand slows
  6. U.S. missile destroyer to visit Georgian port Friday
  7. Russia could resume naval presence in Yemen
  8. Russia's tallest volcano erupts in Far East
  9. New IAF system will pinpoint Iranian missile targets in Israel
  10. OPEC in disarray over plunging oil prices

Thursday - October 16, 2008:

  1. Syria, Lebanon formalize diplomatic ties
  2. Hamas-Fatah tensions rising
  3. Tehran Times: US taxpayers suffer from deployment of radar to Israel
  4. 'AqsaTube' glorifies terrorism online
  5. TASE stocks upbeat despite global slide
  6. Tel Aviv stocks rise, despite losses in global markets
  7. Mass March in Jerusalem, Holy Temple Laver to be Unveiled
  8. Jesse Jackson- 'Zionists Control US, to Lose Clout Under Obama'
  9. U.S. deficit bigger than expected
  10. Hear Jerome Corsi's inside story from Kenya
  11. Markets tumble as recession fears trump bailout
  12. Global stocks shaken down on recession fear
  13. John Metzler Non-stop, media-fed anxiety
  14. North Korea allows nuclear inspectors in Yongbyon, but nowhere else
  15. Hamas allows Abbas to stay on until summer
  16. Inflation in Russia hits 11% as of Oct.15
  17. Iran's Air Force to hold large-scale exercises
  18. Russia Makes an Extraordinary Show of Missile Force

Wednesday - October 15, 2008:

  1. ACORN workers begged for signatures
  2. Doha conference calls on Arab world to defend Jerusalem
  3. US, allies planning Iran sanctions without UN support
  4. Syria to establish diplomatic ties with Lebanon
  5. Obama Could Win 364 Electoral Votes, Traders Say
  6. PepsiCo to cut 3,300 jobs as profit falls 10 pct
  7. Iceland stock index plunges 76 pct as trade resumes
  8. 4,000 evacuated on, off Pendleton- new blaze erupts near Fallbrook
  9. US To Face 10-15 Years of Poor Economy
  10. U.S. Treasury Said to Invest in Nine Major U.S. Banks
  11. Santander to Purchase Sovereign in $1.9 Billion Deal
  12. GM to close Wyoming stamping plant
  13. Palestinian statehood not the answer
  14. Credit crisis casts gloom over China's exporters
  15. Windy City proposes 'gay'-friendly school
  16. Israel fears potential Obama presidency
  17. Obama and Ayers a real issue, says Wicker
  18. Media ignores Obama's socialist past
  19. Obama believes women should register for draft
  20. Nautical metaphors could sink Obama
  21. Farrakhan's 'Savior'
  22. Wall Street slips on recession worry, but Intel up late
  23. Thousands flee as wild winds fan Calif. wildfires
  24. Egyptian investor kills self after going broke as shares plummet

Tuesday - October 14, 2008:

  1. Will Europe's Bank Bailout Plan Really Work
  2. Kadima, Labor draft coalition agreement
  3. Wall Street soars as gov'ts pledge aid
  4. Hamas: "We Will Soon Liberate Akko"
  5. Bank of Israel Governor- Israel Better off than Expected
  6. Europe puts more on the line for banks than US
  7. Britain's premier seeks new Bretton Woods conference
  8. Viewpoint Abyss recedes, but many worries remain
  9. 2008 tornado season could blow away records
  10. Maryland Nuns Branded as Suspected Terrorists
  11. Brigade homeland tours start Oct. 1

Monday - October 13, 2008:

  1. Exploring the worst-case scenario - Stocks and economy
  2. US enemies in Mideast gloat over financial crisis
  3. The failing markets' impact on diplomacy
  4. Kadima Expects Deal with Labor
  5. 37 anthrax cases in Iraq
  6. Paulson Poor affected by crisis need aid
  7. IMF cheers new bank plan out of Paris
  8. Taxpayers may face £75bn bill as cost of bank rescue escalates
  9. Europe follows Brown plan for survival as EU bank bail-out plan is agreed
  10. Closing the gap Hu Jintao hails beginning of end of U.S. 'world domination'
  11. U.S. report Russia has upgraded strategic nuclear forces
  12. Europe and others bolster banks to fight crisis
  13. School takes 1st-graders to see lesbian teacher wed
  14. National Debt Clock runs out of numbers - Economy in Turmoil
  15. Plan pushed for government to buy bank stocks
  16. Royal Bank of Scotland under state control

Sunday - October 12, 2008:

  1. IMF warns of global financial meltdown
  2. U.S. removes N. Korea from terror list
  3. Peace remains elusive in northern Lebanon
  4. IDF to withdraw from Ghajar
  5. Rage rising on the McCain campaign trail
  6. Obama fundraiser, convicted of fraud, spills beans
  7. The Human Spirit A time to plant
  8. Finance Minister No Israel banks will collapse in global crisis
  9. Connecticut court unexpectedly strikes down ban on gay marriage
  10. Oil, soy, copper all go bust in Latin America
  11. In food crisis, Cuba limits sales so all can eat
  12. Athiests fight historical right of prayer
  13. Support for traditional marriage pulls ahead in polls
  14. U.S. reduces aid to Egypt over security failures
  15. Russian submarine conducts full-range test of Sineva ICBM
  16. Russian naval task force arrives in Libyan capital

Saturday - October 11, 2008:

  1. Berlusconi Says Leaders May Close World's Markets
  2. G-7 Commit to `All Necessary Steps' to Stem Crisis
  3. Number suffering from hunger in Ethiopia jumps to 6.4 million
  4. Japan's Nikkei plunges more than 11 percent
  5. Moscow calls for anti-US alliance
  6. Mutual Fund Withdrawals a Record as Investors Flee
  7. Stocks plummet; U.S., Netherlands ready bank funds
  8. Iceland Seizes Nation's Largest Bank, Suspends Trading on Stock Market
  9. Will Paulson's Bank Plan Finally Unfreeze Credit
  10. U.S. weighs backing bank debt, deposits
  11. US to take stake in banks, first since Depression
  12. Akko Riots- Police ordered on heightened alert
  13. IAEA says Russian scientist may have aided Iranian nuclear program
  14. Thousands of voter registration forms faked, officials say
  15. Cost of U.S. Crisis Action Grows, Along With Debt
  16. Europe shares join global plunge as banks tumble
  17. Asian Stocks Plunge; Japan's Nikkei Has Worst Week on Record
  18. Banks borrow record $420 billion per day from Fed
  19. Iran appoints successor to Mughniyeh
  20. German politician calls to ban Hizbullah
  21. Asia-Pacific markets collapse
  22. Russia among hardest-hit in economic meltdown
  23. Russian monetary base down $650.3 mln in week to $169 bln
  24. Fearful investors dump stocks, bonds for cash

Friday - October 10, 2008:

  1. Farrakhan on Obama 'The Messiah is absolutely speaking'
  2. Behind the Global Markets' Meltdown
  3. A Market Meltdown That Won't Stop Is This Rational
  4. Crisis Worsens With 700-Point Dow Drop
  5. Gaza-Egypt tunnel owners come into open
  6. North Korea prepares to restart nuclear facility
  7. North Korea warns of naval clash in Yellow Sea
  8. N. Korea bars monitors from atom complex diplomats
  9. North Korea said to be deploying missiles
  10. Print Story AIG execs' retreat after bailout angers lawmakers
  11. AIG plans to host meeting at Ritz
  12. For insensitivity, Wachovia refuses to be outdone
  13. Treasury Weighs Investing In Banks
  14. Iceland suspends stock trading, creates new bank
  15. Decision to teach kids to be 'gay' allowed to stand
  16. Md. Police Put Activists' Names On Terror Lists
  17. Combat Brigade Ready for US Operations
  18. Analysis Who in the Arab world benefits from crisis
  19. Arab stock markets fall sharply
  20. IAF jets scrambled to northern border

Thursday - October 9, 2008:

  1. Arab stock markets fall sharply
  2. UK announces £50b_ 'radical' plan to stabilize banks
  3. 'Israel backs withdrawing from Ghajar'
  4. Japanese stock market plummets 9.4%
  5. U.S. 'will not let Israel attack Iran's nuclear facilities'
  6. Baja-bound Norbert hits Category 4 status
  7. Ritter 'Personhood' measure goes too far
  8. Video Larry Elliott on the UK government's £500 bn rescue plan
  9. Sol Sanders Globalization, here we come!
  10. Abbas opts for appeasement as Hamas mounts West Bank challenge
  11. Senate package would bail out major foreign investors, including China
  12. Some state unemployment funds drying up
  13. Riots in Hong Kong after heavy stock losses
  14. Circuit City loses credit agency approval
  15. Paulson Some banks will fail even with congressional action
  16. Pelosi: Economy may force Congress to return
  17. 'Major global downturn' says IMF
  18. Central banks cut rates, but markets stay fearful
  19. Wall Street panic rolling over consumers worldwide
  20. Stocks fall for 6th session on recession fear
  21. Europe's Stocks Plunge Despite Massive British Bailout Plan
  22. ABC, NBC and CBS want to keep Obama's secrets
  23. Astronomers call for more funding to counter asteroid threat

Wednesday - October 8, 2008:

  1. Russia's Jerusalem land claim worries Israelis - Note: This link provided by David and Shirley
  2. Israel to focus on arms issue
  3. Leader of militant Fatah Al Islam 'has been arrested in Syria'
  4. Australia Cuts Rate by Most Since 1992; Stocks Rise
  5. Lebanon, US set up joint military commission
  6. Israel and Russia Talk About Arms to Israel's Enemies
  7. No Way Around the Coming Recession
  8. Pro-Obama, Muslim-led voter registration in mosques
  9. Pa. Episcopal diocese OKs split over Bible, homosexuals
  10. California church rallies to defend traditional marriage
  11. Fed steps into crisis, UK bank rescue readied
  12. Australia rate cut stuns, markets thirst for more
  13. U.S. stocks slide, gold rises on crisis jitters
  14. BofA earnings tumble, cuts dividend
  15. Bank savers run at the click of a mouse
  16. Asteroid to burn up before hitting Earth
  17. Asteroid to be harmless fireball over Earth
  18. Russia to Carry Out Large-Scale Cruise Missile Test
  19. Palestinian leader, Islamist chief discuss Temple Mount takeover
  20. Episcopalian calls on the Church to embrace homosexuality
  21. Wall Street's Crisis: When All News is Bad News

Tuesday - October 7, 2008:

  1. Europe Scrambles as the Credit Crisis Goes Global
  2. Abbas's term to end in January, says Hamas
  3. NATO doubts world will stop Iran getting bomb
  4. FTSE 100 tumbles to lowest since 2004 as crisis deepens
  5. Another meltdown Monday as London shares crash again
  6. Trading in Icelandic banks halted pending announcement
  7. Oil price dips below $90 a barrel
  8. ANALYSIS: Pressure on Turkey to crush PKK may hurt US, EU ties
  9. Economic chaos creates surge in homelessness
  10. European shares slide 4 pct early as banks slump
  11. Global stocks plunge, yen leaps as crisis escalates
  12. Bank Writeoffs May Rise, Bond Spreads Fall on TARP
  13. Bloody Sunday for UAE stocks
  14. Asian markets continue to plunge
  15. New PA Terror Group- Hizbullah Brigades
  16. Ex-Deputy IDF Chief of Staff- Obama Camp Deceived Me
  17. Real estate loans spur Irish recession
  18. Deadly quakes rock Kyrgyzstan, Tibet
  19. Europe governments go their own way on crisis
  20. What would Jesus do....with America's economy
  21. Russia denies knowledge of Middle East missile supplies
  22. N_ Koreans said working at secret site near Teheran on nuke warheads
  23. Germany clinches bank rescue deal
  24. Livni tells France's Kouchner I oppose Olmert's peace plan

Monday - October 6, 2008:

  1. Pirates die strangely after taking Iranian ship
  2. UN Seeks Drought Aid for Syria
  3. 'Something has to be done with Iran'
  4. Cabinet gives Russia Sergei's Courtyard
  5. 'Israeli threats don't scare Hizbullah'
  6. IDF officer Major Fatah assault on Hamas close
  7. Gov't seeks to quell financial fears as Tel Aviv stocks plummet
  8. Stocks, Corporate Bonds Fall on TASE, Bibi Blamed in Media
  9. French foreign minister warns of Israeli attack on Iran
  10. Iceland govt says country will be glacier-free by next century
  11. Europeans scramble to save failing banks
  12. Earthquakes shake Asia, Pacific Rim
  13. Treasury anger at German savings move
  14. U.S. bank failures almost certain to increase in next year
  15. European Crisis Deepens; Officials Vow to Save Banks
  16. Germany guarantees all private bank accounts

Sunday - October 5, 2008:

  1. 'PA bracing for possible Hamas takeover'
  2. Qurei No agreement without Jerusalem
  3. Israel N. Korea spreading Mideast nukes
  4. Europe calls for global summit on bank crisis
  5. For bailout to work, housing market needs to mend
  6. European leaders vow to fight financial crisis
  7. Paris summit seeks European response to crisis
  8. DNC steps in to silence lawsuit over Obama birth certificate
  9. Al-Qaeda: Muslims on verge of historic victory

Saturday - October 4, 2008:

  1. Breaking News On Second Go-Around, the House Passes the Bailout Bill
  2. Bush signs agreement to protect Great Lakes water
  3. Central banks favor gold as crisis unfolds
  4. CERN computer grid links 7,000 scientists
  5. Congress passes bailout, focus shifts to fallout
  6. Credit crisis threatens Iceland
  7. European Leaders Split on Rescue Strategy
  8. France seeks 300bn Euros rescue fund for Europe
  9. Jihadists turn against their former patrons
  10. Hezbollah Ghajar, Shaba Farms will soon be freed
  11. Hizbullah Aiming to 'Liberate' Shaba Farms in Near Future
  12. Israel warns Hizbullah war would invite destruction
  13. Peru studies climate riddle as the world heats up
  14. Credit markets to Washington Bailout isn't enough
  15. Prospect of Obama victory raises fears
  16. Republicans blocked Iran sanctions legislation in the Senate
  17. Syria - IAEA can't visit military sites
  19. U.S. Jews Prefer Obama, Concerned More About Economy than Israel
  20. U.S. Stocks Drop as Recession Concern Outweighs Bailout Passage

Friday - October 3, 2008:

  1. ADL sees surge of anti-Semitism following market crisis
  2. Israel: Don't let Syria join IAEA board
  3. Sounding the alarm
  4. Iran hints at nuclear program rethink
  5. Lake Kinneret drops to lowest ever recorded water level
  6. Report: Syria Renews Nuclear Program; America Concerned
  7. Iran's Khamenei: Islamic World 'Awakened' to Israel
  8. SYRIA: More questions than answers from Damascus car bomb
  9. Russia's strategic bombers to drill with full combat payloads
  10. High storm activity predicted
  11. Calif. law promotes suicide
  12. List of Prop 8 opponents now includes Levi's
  13. Egypt to host follow-up to Annapolis summit

Thursday - October 2, 2008:

  1. Senate passes bank bailout package - Economy in Turmoil
  2. Compromise near on IAEA Israel dispute
  3. Analysis: Making mischief in Damascus
  4. Khamenei: Iran will stand by Hamas
  5. Israel wants its own technology in F-35s
  6. Hizbullah orders members out of Syria
  7. Finance Minister: Economic Slowdown Ahead
  8. Bahrain Proposes Middle East Organization To Include Israel
  9. Russia fears US nuclear arms on its borders
  10. Congress eases entry to U.S.
  11. Russia says NATO bases in Ukraine, Georgia would be major threat
  12. Russia to spend extra $3.1 billion on defense in 2009 - Putin
  13. Russian govt. to provide extra $6.8 bln to back financial market
  14. Czech MPs may launch ratification of U.S. shield deal in Nov
  15. Call for rate cuts as UK economy accelerates towards recession
  16. Banks want to suspend accounting rule in bailout
  17. Investors Pulling Billions Out of U.S. Stock Markets
  18. FDIC seeking temporary unlimited Treasury loans
  19. Factories mired at recession levels, jobs weak
  20. As Japan's Economy Falters, New Premier Vows Swift Action
  21. Jihad's silent creep into America
  22. Iran: Islam or die
  23. China report urges missile shield
  24. Foreign economists urge 'global plan'
  25. Asian stocks fall after Senate approves bailout: Global Markets
  26. Europe Beginning to Realize Its Lenders Share in the Blame

Wednesday - October 1, 2008:

  1. Olmert's Lame-Duck Epiphany About Palestinian Peace
  2. Olmert Israel must withdraw from most of West Bank and east Jerusalem
  3. 'Red alert' issued in Pakistan
  4. Rosh HaShanah Holiday, Monday Night thru Wednesday Night
  5. Russia sees reserves tumble during September
  6. Tension grows between Syria and Lebanon after bombings
  7. Financial quake rocks world
  8. Global Bankers Anxiously Watch U.S.
  9. Could an Obama loss spark race riots
  10. Grid of 100,000 computers heralds new internet dawn

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