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  1. Christmas shopping -- Find out what stores are naughty, nice
  2. Mysterious glowing aurora over Saturn confounds scientists
  3. Archaeologists uncover 1,200-year-old church in Syria
  4. 2,000-year-old gold earring found beneath Jerusalem parking lot
  5. Oldest Hebrew Text Discovered at King David's Border Fortress

Sunday - November 30, 2008:

  1. Vilnai- Israel nearing wide-scale Gaza op
  2. Russia test-fires ballistic missile from submarine
  3. Mumbai attacks put strain on India-Pakistan ties
  4. Criminalizing Christians now losing steam at U.N.
  5. Searchers find remains of fireball meteor
  6. Canada's opposition parties may topple government
  7. India-Pakistan Tensions Grow in Wake of Attacks
  8. Indian official Terrorists wanted to kill 5,000
  9. Iran conducts third space rocket launch this year
  10. Iran has successfully played for time and now, time's up
  11. Expert: Small Ark. earthquakes could be warning

Saturday - November 29, 2008:

  1. Israel to bomb Iran through Turkey?
  2. US: Alleged Syrian reactor had no peaceful uses
  3. Three Lashkar fidayeen captured
  4. Cyber-attack on Defense Department computers raises concerns
  5. Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes off Indonesia's Sumatra island
  6. Russia welcomes US decision over Georgia, Ukraine NATO membership
  7. UN: Taliban could clear $500M from 2008 drug trade
  8. Bangkok airports shutdown ripples through region
  9. Russian president visits Cold War ally Castro
  10. Zogby: Voters not fooled by media bias
  11. Christians urged to continue charitable giving 'by faith'
  12. Another Shephard slain, but no outcry follows
  13. Google 'censoring' anti-Obama bloggers
  14. Palestinians Punish Israel for building in 'biblical heartland'
  15. Putin's Intentions Debated After He Changes Course and Supports Extending Presidential Term from 4 Years to 6
  16. Obama: Change 'comes from me,' not his appointees

Friday - November 28, 2008:

  1. Death toll mounts in Mumbai terror attack
  2. IAEA chief 'baffled' over lack of Syria nuclear info
  3. Arab League FMs urge Abbas to stay in office
  4. Analysis Terrorism has truly become war, and we need to rethink how we fight it
  5. Kassam hits house in Eshkol region
  6. Iran, Lebanon sign 5-year security pact
  7. PA Seeks to Impoverish Judea, Samaria Jews
  8. Russia, Venezuela ink nuclear cooperation deal
  9. Outrage over Planned Parenthood Christmas 'gift' cards
  10. Officials push for IDF Gaza operations

Thursday - November 27, 2008:

  1. Egyptian students clash with police over Gaza
  2. UN agency supports Syria's right for nuclear power
  3. In US defeat, UN nuclear agency approves Syria aid
  4. Mazuz says planning to indict Olmert over double-billing affair
  5. Bibi warns Likud members not to back Feiglin
  6. Israeli envoy say UN filled with 'hostility and hypocrisy'
  7. Senators pushing for return of equal-time rules
  8. Iran says it now runs more than 5,000 centrifuges
  9. Feds warn of potential NYC terror plot
  10. Russia test-fires intercontinental missile military
  11. Thai PM rejects calls for elections as violence spreads
  12. Ban urges Israel, Lebanon to make peace
  13. Miliband's 'stark choice'
  14. Christian lawyer calls for ouster of 'activist' judge
  15. Group seeks U.N. official’s ouster
  16. Haifa U. Researcher: Iran Dropping 'Information Bomb' on Israel
  17. Islamic judges strip Christian mothers of children
  18. Jerusalem Rally Calling Obama to 'Keep it One, Keep it Ours'
  19. Muslims win lawsuit for 'fasting' and 'prayers' on the job
  20. Olmert says no US pressure on Israel over Iran
  21. Orders from new president to spark lawsuit every time
  22. Somalian Terror Organization Shabaab al Mujahideen Looks to 'Throw the West Into Hell'
  23. 'Speech police' hired to monitor Canadian university
  24. Teary-eyed communists cheer Obama victory
  25. Sources: Al Qaeda Targets Amtrak N'east Corridor

Wednesday - November 26, 2008:

  1. Cairo warns armed Bedouins endanger Israeli border
  2. Jordan seals nuclear deal with China
  3. Khamenei for Lebanese unity vs. Israel
  4. Netanyahu's Likud Tramples Livni and Kadima in New Poll
  5. Olmert Peace agreement with Palestinians is possible soon
  6. Russian warships arrive in Venezuela
  7. UN General Assembly president calls for boycott of Israel
  8. UNGA head accuses Israel of apartheid
  9. Turkey to invest $12 billion in Iran gas field
  10. U.S. tracking multiple signs of Iran-North Korea missile ties
  11. Venezuela welcomes Russian warships
  12. Judge overturns Florida ban on adoption by gays
  13. Honey bee crisis threatens English fruit farmers
  14. Young evangelist attacked by angry homosexual
  15. eHarmony sells out to homosexuals
  16. Obama encouraged in pro-abortion agenda

Tuesday - November 25, 2008:

  1. Bethlehem Nearly 1,000 PA troops for Christmas
  2. Christian-Muslim dialogue spreading like the Internet
  3. DM Barak: Hizbullah is 3x Stronger than Before ’06 War
  4. 'Don't obey Golan evacuation order'
  5. Gazans using tattered notes because of cash crunch
  6. Iran courts Latin America with aid pledges, business
  7. Lebanon president begins Iran trip
  8. West Bank alone could go to polls
  9. Hamas leader rejects early elections
  10. Hizbullah paying Palestinian groups to avenge Mughniyeh
  11. Indonesian AIDS patients face microchip monitoring
  12. 'Iran to make big nuke program strides'
  13. Israel facing grim threat assessment for ‘09
  14. Kuntar: Syrian flag in Golan soon
  15. Kuntar Visits Golan, Gets Syria's Highest Medal
  16. Palestinian meet stresses right of return
  17. 'US warns Israel against large IDF ops'
  18. Zimbabwe on brink of collapse as outbreak of cholera spreads
  19. Obama team had 'game plan' for presser
  20. U.S. Hemispheric Group Calls for Major Changes in Americas Policy
  21. Islamic extremists not excited about Obama presidency
  22. Olmert-Bush Talks on PA May be Window Dressing for Striking Iran

Monday - November 24, 2008:

  1. Barak: We'll open Gaza crossings if Hamas holds its fire
  2. Palestinian police to soon enter Bethlehem
  3. Olmert in Washington on farewell visit
  4. Yaalon said Israel should consider killing Ahmadinejad
  5. Abbas: We'll go to elections unless Hamas reconciles
  6. The military implications if the Gaza cease-fire collapses
  7. 'Not only negotiations can free Schalit'
  8. 'US foiled missile shipment to Iran'
  9. PLO unanimously elects Abbas president of future Palestinian state
  10. Lebanon seeks weapons, aid from Iran
  11. Teheran hanging of spy seen as warning
  12. Ex-Muslim Nonie Darwish: Muslim Hate for Jews Worse than Nazis'
  13. PLO names Abbas president of Palestine
  14. Iran holds defence drills, warns on oil route
  15. Miliband makes diplomacy pledge to Iran in nuclear dispute
  16. Court to decide whether campus evangelism a crime
  17. Emergent church leader says 'gay' can be biblical lifestyle

Sunday - November 23, 2008:

  1. Nuclear site case is closed, Syria says
  2. Pirates off Somalia could drain Suez revenues
  3. Israel to free 250 prisoners before Muslim holiday
  4. Rocket barrage hits south; IDF strikes terror cell
  5. Westboro protest draws student counter protest
  6. Russian leader embarks on defiant Latin America tour
  7. Gaza crossings to remain closed
  8. Syria We won't allow another IAEA visit
  9. Livni: Voting for Netanyahu equals selling out to Shas
  10. IDF Hits Rocket Launching Cell as Ceasefire Explodes
  11. Lame-duck US, Israeli leaders to meet a final time
  12. Ex-Episcopalians to unveil church constitution
  13. Praying-coach case heads to Supreme Court
  14. Every language by 2025 is Bible translators' goal
  15. Israel: Hamas has for first time been directly tied to missile attacks
  16. Meteor likely broke on entry
  17. Massive meteor lights up sky over Canada

Saturday - November 22, 2008:

  1. Gaza crossings remain sealed as Palestinian rocket hits Israeli town
  2. 'Israel may invade Gaza if rocket attacks continue'
  3. Israeli envoy says UN filled with 'hostility and hypocrisy'
  4. Qassam hits Ashkelon's industrial zone
  5. Russian MPs vote for longer presidency
  6. Theatre Rhino Secedes From California
  7. Hamas slams exclusion from Arab talks
  8. Texas rabbis speak out on evolution
  9. Extra harsh winter threatens China quake victims
  10. Japan to hold summit with China, S. Korea
  11. Clinton accepts State offer, sources say
  12. Prop. 8 opponents rejecting democracy
  13. 'Faith' groups oxymoronic in exalting same-sex 'marriage'
  14. Prop. 8 donors appear on pro-homosexual 'blacklists'
  15. Is he or isn't he The debate over Obama's eligibility
  16. President-elect accused of defrauding public
  17. Dad links son's suicide to 'The God Delusion'
  18. Verizon staff had unauthorized access to Obama's cell
  19. China's crops at risk from massive erosion
  20. Almost Jules Verne: U.S. study envisions the future
  21. Hindu extremists' reward to kill Christians, as Britain refuses to bar members
  22. Prospect of Israeli strike in Iran more likely
  23. Settler rabbi The State of Israel is an enemy of the people

Friday - November 21, 2008:

  1. The Imperialism You Can Believe In
  2. Analysis: Duplicitous Assad is getting away with murder
  3. Jordan's King Abdullah urges Israel to avoid Gaza incursion
  4. 'Iran has enough material for one bomb'
  5. Iran using 'fraud and evasion' to promote nuclear agenda
  6. Israel to Jordan We don't plan to topple Hamas in Gaza soon
  7. Israel to mull ceding part of Ghajar village
  8. Likud Opens Wide Lead in Polls
  9. Medvedev's Venezuela, Cuba trips set to rile U.S.
  10. Obama -- the unstoppable president?
  11. Olmert Visited Jordan, Abdullah Demanded Changes in Gaza
  12. Olmert, Barak met secretly with Abdullah
  13. Protest in Ashkelon- We Deserve Protection
  14. Russia, Syria may establish joint bank
  15. Security forces brace as settlers arrive in droves to Hebron
  16. Sun sets on US power report predicts end of dominance
  17. U.S. may add Iran sanctions

Thursday - November 20, 2008:

  1. Palestinian terror group gloats over Zikim closure
  2. Peres: Iran wants Mideast religious bloc
  3. Ghajar residents irate over possible IDF pullout
  4. Miliband hopes '09 brings change to ME
  5. Germany-Egypt sub sale worries Israel
  6. PA 'Hamas is staging Gaza blackouts'
  7. Britain sees 'constructive role' for Syria
  8. 'Herod family sarcophagi uncovered'
  9. King Herod’s VIP Room for Theatergoers Discovered
  10. 'Gaza closure has no effect on Hamas'
  11. Israel to mull ceding part of Ghajar
  12. IAEA: Bombed Syrian Site Shows 'Significant' Uranium Levels
  13. British chief rabbi calls for European ‘covenant’
  14. Peres at Parliament challenges world on Iran
  15. Israel rebuffs UN calls to open Gaza borders
  16. Al Qaida leader scorns Obama, urges attacks on US
  17. Nuclear watchdog warns Syria over 'reactor'
  18. Russia says president's Latin America tour not aimed against U.S.
  19. Russia ready to deploy Iskander missiles at any time - Gen. Staff
  20. Israeli Air Force chief We are ready to deal with Iran
  21. Obama Pushes Carbon Tax Proposal That Would Inflict New Great Depression

Wednesday - November 19, 2008:

  1. Last-minute Bush abortion ruling causes furor
  2. Israel reimposes closure of Gaza border crossing
  3. Palestinians retaliate as Israeli tanks roll into Gaza
  4. Earthquake shakes southwestern Iran
  5. Tehran opens Arabian Gulf naval base
  6. Miliband holds talks in Syria
  7. UN rights chief calls for end to Gaza blockade
  8. Half of primary-care doctors in survey would leave medicine
  9. Peres Damascus must cut ties to Hizbullah for peace
  10. IDF rocket detection system delayed over red tape
  11. MI chief Low probability of war in 2009
  12. IDF Returns to Gaza - Ground Operation II
  13. 76 in House call on Fatah to abrogate charter
  14. Britain urges Syria to move on Middle East peace
  15. Centennial State sued for 'Day of Prayer'
  16. Sparks fly as 'gay' activist mob swarms Christians
  17. Many doctors plan to quit or cut back: survey
  18. Jerry Brown asks Calif. Supreme Court not to stay Prop. 8
  19. Space Spotlight a photo gallery
  20. Scientists likely to switch particle smasher back on next summer

Tuesday - November 18, 2008:

  1. IPCC Scientists Caught Producing False Data To Push Global Warming
  2. 'Assad ready for peace, if he gets what he wants'
  3. Barak Israel will not accept indiscriminate attacks on its citizens
  4. Britons think children are behaving like animals says poll
  5. California Supreme Court urged to review gay marriage ban quickly
  6. Tehran opens Arabian Gulf naval base
  7. Kasparov predicts short Medvedev presidency, mass protests
  8. Latest Earthquakes in the USA - Last 7 days
  9. Livni: If Attacks Continue, We'll Act
  10. Miliband: Iran is feeling the impact of sanctions
  11. More American kids went hungry last year
  12. Poll Most Americans want US to back Israel
  13. Programs help with tuition in exchange for public service
  14. Russia may use 'overkill' missiles to counter U.S. shield
  15. Russian spy in Nato could have passed on missile defence and cyber-war secrets
  16. Terrorists Formally End Truce, Bombard Negev; Ashdod Prepares
  17. The world has never seen such freezing heat
  18. Iran hit hard by oil price drop; rescales budget
  19. Israel sets up kill zone near Gaza after attacks, tunneling

Monday - November 17, 2008:

  1. Abbas to call on Olmert to maintain truce
  2. Obama to Fund Forced Abortions
  3. California fires destroy 1,000 homes, winds ease
  4. 'Iran feeling the impact of sanctions'
  5. Israel, Germany reportedly develop missile warning system
  6. Livni: Hamas to blame for Gaza plight
  7. Mofaz: Israel's deterrence eroded
  8. Even as winds calm, more Californians flee fires
  9. Netanyahu: All in Likud want peace, security
  10. Obama Favors Saudi Initiative, Dividing Jerusalem
  11. Olmert: ‘Not Eager to Fight’ But Won’t Shy Away From Battle
  12. Olmert calls for world to stop Iran nuclear bomb
  13. Pakistan blocks U.S. convoy route
  14. Poll: U.S. must stop Iran, stand with Israel
  15. Was Jerusalem's Aksa Mosque built over the remains of a Byzantine church
  16. 'We'll go to war over Hebron house,' warn settlers
  17. Amnesty, Syria call for end to Gaza blockade
  18. Gay marriage supporters rally back worldwide against US vote
  19. Substance sickens pro-lifers

Sunday - November 16, 2008:

  1. Ashkelon Residents: Crush Terror or We'll Set Country on Fire
  2. Barak- IDF prepared if Gaza op needed
  3. Barak: Let's not get carried away
  4. Iran pushes for further oil cut
  5. Fierce winds whip dual Calif. wildfires
  6. UN staff members turn away Gazans from aid centres
  7. Hamas protests PA West Bank crackdown
  8. Israel blamed for fatal Gaza blast, Abbas decries 'war crimes'
  9. Livni: Israel won't tolerate rocket fire
  10. Los Angeles ringed by wildfires
  11. VeriChip rises from the ashes
  12. Texas Episcopal diocese 4th to leave

Saturday - November 15, 2008:

  1. Lawmaker Joins Fight To Outlaw Human Microchip Implants
  2. Fire hits celebrity enclave, 100 homes burned
  3. SC priest No communion for Obama supporters
  4. Barak- Use force to protect security
  5. Hamas not to renew ceasefire
  6. Israel's efforts to bring emigrants back home continue
  7. With crossings closed, food aid runs out for Gaza
  8. Russian MPs back presidency move
  9. 'Gov't will continue to pressure Hamas'
  10. Five rockets slam into Ashkelon area
  11. Gilad We won't let Iran go nuclear
  12. Experts to Obama Don't threaten Iran
  13. IAF Strikes Terrorists in Gaza After Rockets Rain Down on Sderot
  14. Belarus talks to Russia about missiles
  15. Methodist group ordains lesbian for inclusivity's sake
  16. America would be 'defenseless' under Obama's plan
  17. Obama camp: Lawsuits by citizens are 'garbage'
  18. Wildfire rages in California celebrity enclave
  19. U.S. wants to expand visa-free entry
  20. Honduran floods The disaster no one is reporting
  21. Power supergrid plan to protect Europe from Russian threat to choke off energy

Friday - November 14, 2008:

  1. Bush unexpectedly meets Livni, Peres
  2. Israel insists cease-fire can hold
  3. Israeli Beduins claim link to Obama
  4. Labor won't join coalition not interested in advancing peace talks, says Barak
  5. High Terror Alert; Gaza Crossings Remain Closed
  6. Saudi Interfaith Parley a Front for Global Law against Blasphemy
  7. Build more homes for Jews in East Jerusalem says new mayor
  8. Obama's pick for White House chief unsettles Arabs
  9. Conn. court rules in favor of same-sex 'marriage'
  10. ACLU silencing praying coaches
  11. Ex-Hitler youth's warning to America
  12. God, humbug- Humanist holiday ads say just be good
  13. Iran, Qatar And Russia take gas cartel plan to second stage
  14. UN: Clouds of pollution threaten glaciers, health

Thursday - November 13, 2008:

  1. Rehearsing for California's Big Earthquake
  2. Southern communities again under fire
  3. Livni- Saudi message inadequate
  4. Israel blocks foreign media from Gaza
  5. Armed Beduin attack Sinai checkpoint
  6. Activist: 'Pastor to presidents' replaced by gay bishop
  7. Britain in push to bring Syria in from the cold
  8. Finance Minister Taxpayers won't pay for tycoons' ills
  9. Gay weddings begin in Connecticut as debate rages
  10. Israel deploys remote-controlled machine-guns along Gaza border
  11. Kosher Meat Shortage in US Turning Jews into Vegetarians
  12. Lesbians, condoms go wild in attack on Christian church
  13. Olmert Confrontation with Hamas inevitable
  14. AEI U.S. needs bases throughout Mideast, Central Asia to protect Gulf from Iran
  15. Chinese nuke sub spotted by Japanese tracking USS George Washington near Korea
  16. Oil prices set for 'sustained increase' over winter

Wednesday - November 12, 2008:

  1. Georgia Rep. Issues Warning on National Security Force, Gun Ban
  2. Iran test-fires new missile near Iraq state media
  3. Why veins could replace fingerprints and retinas as most secure form of ID
  4. Arab-US ties likely to see better times
  5. Livni says not bound by Olmert's political statements
  6. Swiss fear more pressure on bank secrecy after Obama victory
  7. Lawmakers join call to overturn Prop. 8
  8. Syria, Lebanon coordinate on combating terrorism
  9. Abbas proposes referendum to Hamas
  10. Ramon: Shell 'launch pad' Gaza villages
  11. Obama adviser denies Hamas meeting
  12. Russia to Sell Heavy Arms to Lebanon
  13. IAEA Finds Uranium Traces at Syrian Blast Site
  14. Olmert- Israel should cede eastern Jerusalem
  15. NRA: Obama's election spawns 'gun run'
  16. ACLU bullies small-town festival for including Christians
  17. Source: Obama secretly pledged cooperation with Syria
  18. Obama team No decisions on reversing Bush orders
  19. Sinking island's nationals seek new home
  20. Egypt hopes to double trade with Russia to $8 bln
  21. U.S. Sends 'X-Band' Missile-Detecting Radar to Israel to Confront Iranian Threat

Tuesday - November 11, 2008:

  1. Obama Website Scrubs Mandatory Community Service Call
  2. Analysis How Damascus could leave Teheran isolated
  3. Calif. gov. 'We will maybe undo' Prop 8
  4. E.U. lawmakers attend pro-Israel confab
  5. Merrill Lynch: Israel less vulnerable to economic crisis than U.S. and Europe
  6. MPs seek to censor the media
  7. Obama to use executive orders for immediate impact
  8. PA Official Claims Temple Mount is Not Jewish
  9. UK's Brown Now is the time to build global society
  10. 'US ran secret ops in Pakistan, Syria'
  11. Warnings from world leaders all within 72 hours
  12. Warning of new bin Laden attack
  13. Obama’s ‘Hate Bill’ Steals Right to Free Speech
  14. How Obama's Win Will Affect Middle East Elections

Monday - November 10, 2008:

  1. Mideast mediators meet in Egypt to discuss Israel-Palestine peace plan
  2. Assad- Israel not genuine about peace
  3. Quartet backs Mideast peace talks
  4. Anti-Prop_ 8 protests spring up in California
  5. Muslim clerics endorse anti-terror fatwa
  6. Itzik urges EU MPs to act on Iran
  7. Livni Not Worried; Likud Seeks Safe Peace
  8. Obama Willing to Talk with Hamas if it Recognizes Israel
  9. Al-Qaida in Iraq sends low-key message
  10. Doctors fight cholera oubreak in eastern Congo
  11. Another Episcopal diocese departs
  12. Video documents infanticide
  13. Web faux pas Plan leaked for 'civilian security force'
  14. Kenya banking on Obama payback
  15. Russian nuclear submarine accident leaves 20 dead, 22 injured

Sunday - November 9, 2008:

  1. EU voices strong concern over Russian missiles
  2. Obama's Already Broken Two Promises, Will Media Report
  3. Obama–fresh face for war on Iran
  4. EU's Solana wants more nuclear talks - Iran
  5. IDF operating in southern Gaza
  6. Mashaal: Ready to talk to Obama
  7. Obama vows to go ahead with missile shield Polish president
  8. Global Agenda Impossible vs unprecedented
  9. 'Syria will restrain Hizbullah, Hamas if Obama shifts U.S. policy'
  10. Did 'fawning' media elect Obama
  11. NBC journalist: It's my job to see Obama succeed
  12. Obama to appoint talk radio's executioner
  13. Court: Quit saying 'illegal aliens'
  14. Saudi-Syria fallout to hit U.S.
  15. Iraq reinforces Syrian border with major buildup
  16. Lithuanian leader says resumption of Russia-EU talks 'impossible'
  17. Russian warships to visit Venezuela on November 24-30

Saturday - November 8, 2008:

  1. Syria accuses Fatah of suicide bomb attack
  2. Iranian official wants US to lift sanctions
  3. Barak on Iran- All options open
  4. 5 Qassam rockets hit south
  5. Shelves Empty as Three Plants Stop Beef Production
  6. Barak All options open regarding Iran
  7. Israel sets new rules on Lebanon targets
  8. IDF: Lebanese Infrastructure at Risk in Next War
  9. IDF Completes Border War Simulation
  10. Prop 8 protest at Mormon Church in LA
  11. Activist judges will review Prop. 8 challenge
  12. Dollars lining up for 'civilian national security force'
  13. Opening A Door In Tehran
  14. Hamas seen exploiting vacuum of power in the U.S. and Israel
  15. US clamps down on Iran with new sanctions

Friday - November 7, 2008:

  1. Pentagon Fears Transitional Terror Attack
  2. Venezuela offers Russians big gold projects
  3. Iran says Washington must make an effort to change policy
  4. Israel cautions against Obama dialogue with Iran
  5. 4 Kassam rockets hit western Negev
  6. Sharia law could creep into US via financial crisis
  7. Arab Media on Obama: 'That Black Man Will Not Change US Policy'
  8. IsraelNN Editorial: Getting Ready for Obama
  9. Analysts: Obama Presidency Raises Risk of Iranian Nukes
  10. Ethiopian drought expected to drag on
  11. Homosexuals seek to overturn marriage amendment
  12. Kindergartners given homosexual 'pledge cards'
  13. U.S. Treasury teaches 'Islamic Finance 101'
  14. Putin may return to Kremlin in '09 report
  15. 'Gay' threats target Christians over same-sex 'marriage' ban
  16. Blizzard blasts the Plains; parts of I-90 closed
  17. Bush punts unfinished Mideast peace deal to Obama
  18. Obama promises U.S. reconciliation with Syria
  19. Libya offers Moscow a port, strategic alliance
  20. Gulf states getting serious about security as U.S. chooses new leader
  21. Rice leaves on transition tour; Obama advisor calls for new Iran policy
  22. Russia, Belarus and Ukraine offer arms to Qaddafi
  23. Volcano spews ash 4,000 meters in Russia's Far East
  24. Two Russia-China summits to take place before end of year
  25. China 'ready to build new border transport crossing with Russia'
  26. Chavez eyes Venezuela's largest gold mine

Thursday - November 6, 2008:

  1. Ron Paul Warns Of Great Shift Toward Global Government Under Obama
  2. Israel-Hamas violence disrupts Gaza truce
  3. Massive waves a mystery at Maine harbor
  4. Israel preparing for Hamas attacks after Gaza operation
  5. More than 35 Qassams, mortars fired at Israel
  6. Russia to move missiles to Baltic
  7. Karzai 'demands' Obama end civilian deaths after latest incident
  8. Local Ballot Measures - Election Center 2008
  9. Asia cheers Obama win, but Europe down
  10. Mass voters OK easing marijuana laws
  11. Iran warns US against violating airspace
  12. Abbas Expects 'Change'; Hamas: 'Learn from Bush's Mistakes'
  13. Calif., Fla., Ariz. ban gay marriage
  14. Advice to Christians: Defend life, prepare for persecution
  15. Major victories for traditional marriage
  16. Assisted suicide green-lighted in Washington
  17. Colorado voters deny unborn are 'persons'
  18. Russia's Iskander best answer to U.S. missiles in Europe - analyst
  19. Obama may freeze Europe missile shield deals - Russian analyst
  20. Russian nuclear missile cruiser visits French base
  21. NATO Says Iranian Threats to Block Straight of Hormuz a 'Fantasy'
  22. Livni to U_S_ Don't ask Israel to make 'shortcuts' to peace
  23. Olmert Israel's problems won't wait for new US president
  24. Jerusalem worried about effect of Obama win on U.S. relations with Iran
  25. Likud to US We won't honor Syria deal

Wednesday - November 5, 2008:

  1. IDF operating in central Gaza to thwart kidnapping plot, 6 gunmen killed
  2. Analysis A Middle East message to the new American leader
  3. Mohammad Deif resurfaces to threaten Israel
  4. Analysis Why the next US president will be a wartime leader
  5. Hizbullah We don't have to accept the Blue Line
  6. On Rabin anniversary, Ben-Eliezer says 'next political murder is around the corner'
  7. EU Lawmakers to Join Gaza Boat Challenge to Israeli Control
  8. Hamas Planning Large-Scale Attacks
  9. Third kosher slaughterhouse halts production
  10. Brown hopeful of quick Middle East deal
  11. Saudis are top arms buyer in developing world
  12. Lieberman fears for country if Senate Dems get to 60
  13. Israel denounces U.N. Human Rights Council
  14. Syria moves more tank-artillery forces south to Israel border
  15. Barcelona chosen as headquarters for Mediterranean Union
  16. Culture war continues after election
  17. U.S.-Israel relations at risk in election, says critic
  18. U.N. imposing its pro-abortion beliefs
  19. 'President Obama' could overturn marriage amendments

Tuesday - November 4, 2008:

  1. Israel in a Showdown With West Bank Settlers
  2. EuroMed Parliamentary Assembly seeks to lead Mediterranean Union
  3. EU legislators invite Hamas lawmakers to Brussels
  4. Abbas: No peace agreement by 2009
  5. Thousands more Syrian troops deployed on Lebanon border
  6. Syria FM: US may face 'painful' response
  7. Critical Currents: Political transitions and change
  8. Livni: Israeli voters will decide whether peace talks go on
  9. European Union draws up letter to new US leader
  10. Oil drops 5% on slumping demand
  11. Recounts problematic with vote machines
  12. Pakistan warns US general against missile strikes
  13. Camp Obama's anti-military trainer
  14. Netanyahu contends for prime minister of Israel
  15. Obama plan jeopardizes thousands of coal jobs
  16. Obama ripped for 'unholy bond' with abortion industry
  17. 'President Obama' could overturn marriage amendments
  18. Voters gear up for Measure 10 in South Dakota
  19. Would 'sheltered' campaign evolve to unaccountable Oval Office
  20. Israel monitoring Egyptian buildup in the Sinai

Monday - November 3, 2008:

  1. Coal official calls Obama comments 'unbelievable'
  2. The real McCain: Prisoner of War
  3. 'Twas the night before the election
  4. Note to Dems: Why McCain wins in Israel
  5. Sit. Stay. Roll over. Beg.
  6. Barack Obama lays plans to deaden expectation after election victory
  7. Hidden Audio Obama Tells SF Chronicle He Will Bankrupt Coal Industry
  8. Obama Spike energy costs to make people go 'green'
  9. Al-Qaida sites show support for Obama
  10. Abbas to attend Middle East mediators' meeting
  11. Lebanese army detains 2 for spying for Israel
  12. Abbas: No chance for peace in 2008
  13. Gov't withdraws support from all settler outposts
  14. Libya We signed nuke deal with Russia
  15. Diskin Far-right may target politicians
  16. Jews Attacked in Ramla; Residents Say Arab Violence Surging
  17. Peruvian capital hit by earthquake, no deaths reported.
  18. Questions raised over Syrian complicity in US raid
  19. China mudslides kill 20, with 42 missing

Sunday - November 2, 2008:

  1. Hizbullah chooses successor for Mugniyah
  2. Lieberman Egypt 'waiting for chance' to deploy troops in Sinai
  3. Iran military seeks breakthrough
  4. Russian warships to hold drills in Indian Ocean
  5. Drought land 'will be abandoned'
  6. Rare aftershocks persist in North Texas
  7. Media endorsing Obama's socialist agenda
  8. London Times inquires about 'Dreams' fraud

Saturday - November 1, 2008:

  1. NOAA U.S. breaks or ties 115 cold and sets 63 new snowfall records
  2. California Cities Cut Police Budgets
  3. US justifies Syria, Pakistan raids
  4. Lebanon: 12 Israeli jets flew over country
  5. Pentagon official Iran will soon have ability to attack Europe
  6. 'Iran weighing secret nuclear work'
  7. Historian Conditions Are Ripe for a King of Israel
  8. Obama and Livni - the Axis of Weakness
  9. Gaddafi in Moscow for talks
  10. Embassy warns Americans Syria may retaliate
  11. Saudis to draw the line at $50-barrel
  12. Drought could force water flow restrictions in S. Carolina
  13. Prop. 8 outcome key for America's future
  14. 'Smug' Obama campaign boots journalists
  15. Barney Frank proposes drastic military budget cuts
  16. Pastor fears consequences if marriage amendment fails
  17. Supremes asked to halt Tuesday's vote
  18. Report Ahmadinejad Says 'Bullying Powers' on Verge of Collapse

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