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  1. U.S., German Researchers Reveal Date of Christ's Death

Thursday - May 31, 2012:

  1. Iran Thinks US and Israel Unable to Attack, Says Barak
  2. Iran Confirms Attack by a Virus That Steals Data
  3. Iraq: A satellite state of Iran?
  4. Flame virus had massive impact on Iran, says Israeli security firm
  5. Iran: Israel to Blame for Syrian Massacres
  6. Diplomats: Syria set for UN grilling over massacre
  7. Obama nixes French-Saudi plan to finish Assad by bombing his palace
  8. UN observers discover 13 bodies in eastern Syria
  9. France says Syria air strikes a possibility
  10. SYRIA: Apostolic nuncio UN should look at the results of interreligious talks, not only at the shelling
  11. Leaks scandal is brutal attack on Pope - Vatican
  12. Fake Chinese electronics threaten U.S. defense

Wednesday - May 30, 2012:

  1. Iran says sanctions threat jeopardizes nuclear talks
  2. Annan warns Syria, West expels envoys
  3. Eight Western Powers Expel Syria Ambassadors
  4. 'Atrocities' could trigger military intervention in Syria, Joint Chiefs chairman warns
  5. U.S. General Pentagon prepared to provide 'military options' on Syria
  6. Syria crisis: Most Houla victims 'were executed'
  7. Russia condemns Syria over Houla massacre
  8. Russian arms ship turned away from Syria. President Putin’s first misstep
  9. U.S. denies North Korea commando operation
  10. Italy earthquake kills at least 15
  11. North Korea faces worst drought in 50 years; South says aid unlikely
  12. 'Vatileaks' scandal widens as pope's butler vows to help investigators

Tuesday - May 29, 2012:

  1. US-Arab exercise drills Iran landing. Syrian rebels obtain German machine guns
  2. 'Iran targeted Americans, Jews in Azerbaijan'
  3. Iran Hints It Could Stop Enrichment at 20%
  4. Annan 'horrified' by weekend massacre in Syria
  5. Annan says Syria must show it wants peace
  6. Report Shelling on Syria opposition kills 30 in Hama, days after Houla massacre
  7. Mandatory Arabic at NYC Public School
  8. Strong quake jolts Argentina
  9. 4.7-magnitude quake hits northern China

Monday - May 28, 2012:

  1. Iran official says unconvinced of need for IAEA to inspect Parchin nuclear site
  2. Iran to Build 2nd Nuke Plant at Bushehr
  3. Iran: We have no reason to stop 20% enrichment
  4. Panetta: Military option against Iran available
  5. Houla death toll tops 100, U.N. says
  6. The Al Houla atrocity: The outcome of nuclear diplomacy with Iran
  7. Syria faces world condemnation for Houla massacre
  8. Syrian defectors accuse Assad relatives of ordering crimes against humanity
  9. Arab League to hold emergency meeting on Syria massacre
  10. U.N. Security Council condemns Syria over massacre
  11. 1 dead, 24 wounded in Chicago shootings
  12. Tropical Storm Beryl edges closer to southeast U.S. coast
  13. Drought imperils North Korea rice harvest
  14. Small 3_8 quake felt in SoCal desert
  15. KAZAKHSTAN: Kazakh authorities convict Baptist man on false charges

Sunday - May 27, 2012:

  1. 'Iran has enough uranium for 5 bombs'
  2. UN inspectors find 27% uranium enriched at Fordo
  3. 'Iran nuclear talks plagued by mistrust'
  4. US official: Iran to face harsher sanctions despite talks
  5. Iranian Oil Minister Blames Europe for High Oil Prices
  6. Huge Demonstrations in Syria as Troops Continue Crackdown
  7. Massacre of the children as Syrian forces hit rebels
  8. 'Russian arms shipment en route to Syria'
  9. Rooftop gunman kills two in Finland
  10. Crews battle wildfires raging in six US states
  11. Video: U.S. facing a triple weather threat

Saturday - May 26, 2012:

  1. IAEA finds higher uranium trace at Iran nuclear site
  2. Iran insists on right to continue uranium enrichment at Baghdad nuclear talks
  3. 'US set against recognizing Iranian right to enrich'
  4. Iran nuclear talks not enough to halt EU oil ban
  5. Iran nuclear talks are a feather in Ashton's cap
  6. Thousands gather for anti-Al Assad protests in Syria
  7. More than 110 killed by Syrian shelling attack – half children
  8. Syrian rebels tried to kill Assad's top aides, Israeli officials confirm
  9. Syrian troops executed entire families, says UN
  10. Car bomb blast kills 12 in northern Yemen
  11. Yemen army troops kill 35 Al Qaida militants
  12. Draghi calls for 'courageous leap' in euro-politics

Friday - May 25, 2012:

  1. Iran: World powers creating 'difficult atmosphere' at talks
  2. Iran Declares 'Impasse' in Nuclear Talks
  3. Iran and six world powers fail to salvage Baghdad talks
  4. Iran, big powers agree to hold more nuclear talks in June
  5. Iran's 'Great Game' in Afghanistan
  6. Did Iran Use Israel as Cover to Kill Its Own Nuclear Scientist?
  7. Saudi Arabia Warns Iran: 'Don't Interfere in Unity with Bahrain'
  8. Top Iran Islamic Revolutionary Guards Dropping Like Flies
  9. Human rights crimes still taking place in Syria - UN WORLD News
  10. North Korea to boost nuclear deterrent after US pressure
  11. Hundreds of Endangered Antelope Die in Kazakhstan

Thursday - May 24, 2012:

  1. Japan breaks oil embargo against Iran before Baghdad talks end
  2. Russia tests new missile, in warning over U.S. shield
  3. Egypt Holds Historic Elections Today. Will results lead to end of peace treaty with Israel?

Wednesday - May 23, 2012:

  1. IRAN: IAEA UN agency announces breakthrough in nuclear sites inspections
  2. Russia to submit own plan to Baghdad talks. Israel: Powers must do more
  3. US vows to keep pressure on Iran until it sees action
  4. Barak: Iran's readiness to make deal is trickery
  5. The terrorist organization behind the power of the mullahs
  6. Iran Succeeds in Buying Time on Nuclear Clock
  7. Obama secretly approves top-of-the-line anti-tank arms for Syrian rebels
  8. ECB official calls for eurozone integration

Tuesday - May 22, 2012:

  1. Leadership window dressing at G8 and NATO summits
  2. NATO Regrets Russia’s Stance on European Missile Shield
  3. Huge suicide blast kills more than 100 troops in Yemen
  4. New quake rattles Italy after earlier tremor kills 7
  5. Plan afoot for U.N. to rule Internet
  6. Exclusive: U.S. lets China bypass Wall Street for Treasury orders

Monday - May 21, 2012:

  1. Ahead of Baghdad talks, IAEA chief flies to Tehran
  2. U.N. nuclear chief hopeful on Iran deal before Baghdad meet
  3. G8, raising pressure on Iran, puts oil stocks on standby
  4. Tropical Storm Alberto not seen to gain strength, forecasters say
  5. Aftershocks rock Italy earthquake zone
  6. Rare solar eclipse visible Sunday over Western states
  7. Richard Dawkins the arch-atheist backs Michael Gove's free Bible plan

Sunday - May 20, 2012:

  1. Emerging US-Iran interim nuclear deal endangers Israel
  2. U.S., Iran seek closer ties alongside nuclear program
  3. Iran's Chief Negotiator- Time to End Western Pressure on Iran
  4. Ahead of crucial Baghdad talks, G8 leaders press Iran over nuclear program
  5. Parchin chamber raises nuclear test suspicions
  6. Iran: Sanctions could push oil to $160 per barrel
  7. Syrian Forces Fire on Protesters in Aleppo
  8. Syria car bomb kills nine and injures hundreds
  9. Syrian security forces set off Damascus bombs blamed on al-Qaida – defectors
  10. 1st tropical storm strengthens off Carolinas
  11. Italy earthquake kills three in country's north

Saturday - May 19, 2012:

  1. Iran, IAEA making gains toward nuclear framework deal, diplomats say
  2. Iran may seek tactical gain with U.N. nuclear deal
  3. Ahead of Iran talks, attempts to save face
  4. US envoy to Israel: US ready to strike Iran
  5. Syria forces kill two in Damascus as thousands rally
  6. Mood: UN Observers Can’t Stop Syria Violence
  7. Germany calls for 'political union' in Europe
  8. Rare 'Ring Of Fire' Eclipse In Asia And US
  9. Summer forecast sparks concern over fires, water shortages

Friday - May 18, 2012:

  1. Iran to expand 20-pc uranium enrichment at Fordo with new centrifuges
  2. UN probes possible N. Korea-Syria arms trade
  3. Medvedev Warns of ‘Full-Blown Wars’
  4. Debate Breaks Out in Germany over Foreign Gold Reserves
  5. India struggles to balance its books as citizens lust for gold
  6. European Commission should be EU government, says Germany
  7. Winds, low humidity bedevil Arizona, Colorado firefighters

Thursday - May 17, 2012:

  1. Iran drills first large-scale paratroop drops for offensive action
  2. U.S. Senate to consider new Iran sanctions Thursday
  3. Iran nuclear concession would test big power unity
  4. Bahrain condemns Iran's interference in its domestic affairs
  5. Iran flouts UN sanctions, sends arms to Syria
  6. Syria: Army executes 15 civilians, rights group says
  7. U.S. aid to Syrian rebels is a signal to Iran
  8. Iran to Hezbollah: Don't strike Israel
  9. Rocky Mountain cave closure sought over bat disease

Wednesday - May 16, 2012:

  1. New US battle strategy against Iran in US movements and Israeli drill
  2. IAEA, Iran to meet again after 2 days of talks
  3. Doctors, patients in Syria fear arrest, torture MSF
  4. Syria troops target health workers, wounded
  5. Syrian unrest spills into Lebanon for third day
  6. Syria rebels kill 23 soldiers in Rastan
  7. Syrian attack kills 21; rebels hold UN monitors
  8. Wildfires continue to rage in Ariz., Colo.
  9. Obama calls nation to rebel against God ... where are our ministers?
  10. Obama's wicked marriage proposal
  11. Mexico’s leading presidential candidate is handsome, popular and a mystery

Tuesday - May 15, 2012:

  1. Iran’s Activity ‘Inconsistent with Peaceful Program’
  2. Dennis Ross: Iran must 'stop clock' to show it's serious
  3. IAEA urges Iran to grant access to military site as Vienna talks begin over Islamic Republic's nuclear program
  4. Dozens killed in assault on rebel bastion
  5. Riyadh says violence casts doubt on Annan's Syria peace plan
  6. EU Tightens Sanctions Against Syria – Again
  7. Tripoli clashes after direct orders from Assad to Lebanese army
  8. Belgium EU is considering military presence in Syria
  9. Rebels kill 23 Syrian soldiers, opposition snubs Arab talks
  10. Egyptian security raids Iran TV station
  11. Two large quakes strike Peru-Chile border area – USGS
  12. ‘Existential threat’ to Western U.S. states

Monday - May 14, 2012:

  1. Exile group: Iran advancing active nuclear arms program
  2. Drawing 'Proving Iranian Nuke Program' Revealed
  3. Syrian troops overrun Sunni village, kill 7
  4. Syria violence spills into Lebanon; 3 killed
  5. Devastating hail storm kills 44 and 26 others still missing after mudslide
  6. European Union to slam Israel's actions in West Bank

Sunday - May 13, 2012:

  1. Ahmadinejad slams neighbors for buying US arms
  2. Hizballah rushes arms to Syria, Iran sets up security cameras in Damascus

Saturday - May 12, 2012:

  1. US: Too early to call UN Syria peace plan failure
  2. Panetta: Al-Qaeda Active In Syria
  3. Insurgent Campaign Strikes Assad's Image Of Stability Guarantor
  4. American Hypersonic Weapons 'Threat to Russia'
  5. U.S. Vows to Go Ahead with Missile Shield, Hopes for Russia's Cooperation
  6. Massive fault found beneath Japan's Mount Fuji
  7. Asia faces threat to crops if El Nino unleashed again
  8. Nato plans nulcear weapons upgrade
  9. Maya calendar workshop documents time beyond 2012

Friday - May 11, 2012:

  1. Multinational force massed on Jordanian-Syrian border as 50 killed in Damascus bombings
  2. At least 55 killed, nearly 200 wounded in Damascus blasts
  3. Deadly blasts hit Syria capital, UN observers seek help
  4. Syria suffers worst terror attack since start of uprising
  5. Turkey Bails Out Iran with Gold
  6. Mexican volcano forces closure of Puebla airport
  7. Attack of the killer algae: Danish beaches hit by carnivorous creatures
  8. Obama gay marriage support seen as a world precedent

Thursday - May 10, 2012:

  1. Obama becomes first U.S. president to support gay marriage
  2. UN observers escape attack in Syria
  3. How Dangerous Are Tehran's Subs?
  4. Double agent again exposed al Qaeda's use of undetectable PETN explosive
  5. U.S. plans 10-month warship deployment to Singapore
  6. Iran suspected of clean-up operation at nuclear site
  7. China's Gold Imports Advance as Country May Become Biggest User

Wednesday - May 9, 2012:

  1. Iran complains of nuclear double standards
  2. Officials warn of Syrian civil war, 7 killed
  3. Extremism in Europe
  4. 'Impossible' to form a govt - Greek conservative leader
  5. Snow drought now targeting farmers

Tuesday - May 8, 2012:

  1. US wants 'urgent' Iranian steps in nuclear talks
  2. EU tells defiant Iran it must suspend atom activity
  3. Iran turning U.S. mosques into command centers
  4. Clinton presses India to cut oil imports from Iran
  5. Obama Aide Says US Promotes Arab Spring Rebellions
  6. Syria holds parliamentary vote as violence rages
  7. Greece in chaos
  8. Russia’s Putin ready to move quickly

Monday - May 7, 2012:

  1. Syria Moving Scuds to Israel, Turkey Borders: Report
  2. Change of French presidents weakens Western front against nuclear Iran
  3. Syrian cease-fire violations deepen gloom over options for ousting Assad
  4. Aleppo Dragged into Syrian Civil War
  5. Heavy fighting rocks eastern Syria ahead of poll
  6. Erdogan says victory is near for Syrian rebels
  7. Clinton Deeply 'Hurt' By Charges That U.S. is Anti-Muslim
  8. Two million Somali refugees in Yemen
  9. Ministers ponder creation of EU 'super-president'
  10. Social Security Is Not Going Broke Common Dreams
  11. Tornado rips through Japan
  12. Hundreds of pelicans die; stay away from beaches, Peru urges

Sunday - May 6, 2012:

  1. Iran readies secret salt desert bunkers for clandestine nuclear facilities
  2. Iran official: No justification to close underground nuclear site
  3. Ahmadinejad rivals cement hold on Iran parliament
  4. Two bombs explode on Damascus highway, residents say
  5. Security Forces, Demonstrators Clash in Cairo
  6. Putin says ready to go far in U.S. relations Ifax
  7. Oil prices plunge 6% for the week
  8. US should return stolen land to Indian tribes, says United Nations
  9. Super Moon to light up night sky this weekend

Saturday - May 5, 2012:

  1. Secret Plan to Create 'Super Powerful EU President'
  2. The Breakup Of The EU Becomes A Campaign Issue In Europe
  3. German FM: World won't let Iran get nukes
  4. Four Syrian students killed as Assad's forces raid university
  5. White House: New approach may be needed in Syria
  6. Perigee Super Moon On May 5-6 - NASA Science
  7. Moderate earthquake jolts Iran
  8. Medicare disruptions seen if health law is struck

Friday - May 4, 2012:

  1. Russia's military threatens preemptive strike if NATO goes ahead with missile plan
  2. Moscow Sends Missile Message to NATO
  3. Iran may accelerate nuke program if Israel attacks
  4. World powers expect concrete steps in Iran talks
  5. Saudi Arabia warns Iran over UAE island, Bahrain
  6. Iran imports £350 m. in weapons in 3 years
  7. Activists: Syrian troops storm university
  8. Syria uprising creates chemical weapons concerns
  9. South China Sea: Manila to buy US hardware to contain Beijing
  10. Expert 6 N. Korea nuclear bombs possible
  11. Peru investigates mystery pelican deaths
  12. The surprising threat from Mexico's volcano

Thursday - May 3, 2012:

  1. Iran says optimistic about nuclear talks
  2. Iran seeks end to sanctions at talks, hits out at France
  3. International Monetary Fund Refuses to Cut Iran Ties
  4. Sanctions cut evaders out of U.S. markets
  5. Amid unrest, Syrians struggle to feed their families
  6. Syria accused of war crimes, rebels kill 15
  7. Where and how to see the eclipse
  8. Report warns of weather satellites' 'rapid decline'
  9. Silkworms and squid inspire smart materials

Wednesday - May 2, 2012:

  1. Kerry to Peres: US intent on stopping Iran nukes
  2. U.S. Secret Services Watch for Terrorists with Implanted Bombs
  3. Syria violence kills 23, U.N. criticizes both sides
  4. Syria violence kills 23 despite UN-monitored truce
  5. UN to Send 300 Peacekeepers to Syria by End of May
  6. Chinese gov't focusing on house churches
  7. Fresh attacks target symbols of Syrian state power
  8. Pope Benedict and the Society of St. Pius X
  9. Episcopalians in Houston prepare for possible same-sex ceremonies
  10. Best Buy for sharia law?
  11. Solve water problems or forget growth, India told
  12. Nuclear experts Fukushima crisis may become 'global catastrophe'
  13. UK weather: Thousands of homes at risk from flood as heavy rain on the way again
  14. 3 earthquakes shake western Mexico; no damage

Tuesday - May 1, 2012:

  1. Obama Ready to Concede to Iran on Uranium Enrichment
  2. Chances of Iran Strike Receding, U.S. Officials Say
  3. Saudi official urges Gulf unity to confront Iran
  4. Exclusive: China mulls guarantees for ships carrying Iran oil
  5. Bombings spread in Syria as Al Qaeda seizes control of rebel factions
  6. Syria says Central Bank attacked with grenades; Idlib bombs kill more than 20
  7. Third blast in Syrian city of Idlib, injuries reported NGO
  8. Outgunned Syria rebels make shift to bombs
  9. Head of UN Mission- Only Syrians Can Achieve Peace
  10. French frontrunner Hollande 'gaining ground in Europe'
  11. Over 170 Syrian Rebels Give Up Armed Struggle
  12. Bomb hits police convoy in Nigeria's Taraba state, kills 11

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