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  1. Disrespecting The American Flag - ON AMERICAN SOIL!!
  2. Saturday - May 31, 2008:

    1. 2nd Israeli Minister Suggests Olmert Removal
    2. Churches 'Harassed' In Minnesota
    3. High Food Prices Here To Stay: OECD, FAO
    4. Prosecutor Demands 2-year Sentence For Algerian Converts
    5. Weeks Of Rain Bring Disease To Colombia
    6. Apocalypse In The Oceans
    7. Barak: We Will Force Kadima To Straighten Its Moral Spine
    8. Feds Fisher Sees 'Frightful Storm' Brewing
    9. Global Agenda: Supershekel

    Friday - May 30, 2008:

    1. Malaria Parasites Fine-tune Offspring's Gender: Study
    2. Schools Shut Down To Save On Gas
    3. Search Is Urged For Syrian Nuclear Sites
    4. Secret Army Plans Under Way To Tear Down Christian Symbols
    5. Syria And Iran Signed A New Defense Pact
    6. Syria Says Willing To Up Cooperation With Iran
    7. USA On Pace For Record Tornado Year
    8. The proposed AIPAC 2008 agenda focuses on isolating Iran and backing Israel's efforts to achieve peace and repulse terrorism.
    9. The United States Reportedly Suspects Syria Of Hiding Several Nuclear Sites

    Thursday - May 29, 2008:

    1. Church To Begin Same-sex Nuptials
    2. George W. Bush Has Plans For Air Strike On Iran By August
    3. Lebanon Falls...And The West Bank Rises
    4. Sarkozy Calls For Fuel Tax Cut As Protests Spread Across Europe
    5. Rocket Interception System To Be Tested Next Month
    6. Eye On The U.N.: Human Rights Commission Stacked Against Israel
    7. Food Crisis Threatens 22 Countries, U.N. Says
    8. Global Warming To Deplete Great Lakes Even More
    9. Kansas Hit By More Than 80 Reported Tornadoes In A Week

    Wednesday - May 28, 2008:

    1. Barak: Israel On Crash Course With Hamas
    2. Fishing Strikes Set To Spread Across Europe
    3. IAEA Says Iran May Be Stonewalling
    4. IDF Mulls Creating Buffer Zone Between Crossings And Gaza
    5. Israel 'Expects' Obama To Win
    6. Soldiers Race To Blast Clear China 'Quake Lake'
    7. Syria Bolsters Hizbullah Despite Talks
    8. New Aftershocks Bring Terror T oQuake-hit China

    Tuesday - May 27, 2008:

    1. Arab Paper: Iran To Give Hamas More Arms, Funds
    2. China Aftershock Destroys 71,000 Homes; 1 Killed
    3. European Union's New Treaty Approved In Germany
    4. Gaza Rockets Can Reach Israel's 5th Largest City
    5. Iran Reportedly Pledged To Step Up Its Support For Hamas If Syria Makes Peace With Israel
    6. Guess What Iran's Nuclear Plans Have Sparked?
    7. Israeli Economy Leaps, Dollar Plunges
    8. Jlem Offers 91% Of W. Bank In New Map
    9. Church Of England To Debate Convert Motion
    10. Touched By An Angel, The Florida Healing Revival
    11. Students Who Have No Homes On The Rise
    12. Tornadoes, Storms Kill At Least Seven In Midwest

    Monday - May 26, 2008:

    1. At Least Six Killed In Colombian Earthquake
    2. Floods Wreak Havoc Across Chile
    3. Will Man-made Black Holes Swallow Earth
    4. School Offers Bizarre Life Lesson 'Kill Yourself'
    5. Hamas Leaders In Syria 'Very Disturbed' Over Peace Talks
    6. Medvedev Says China, Russia To Play Key Role In World Security
    7. Names Of Those Opposing Oil Plan 'Interesting'
    8. Iran Mosque Blast Plotters Admit Israeli, US Links
    9. Bush, Congress At Odds Over Suing OPEC

    Sunday - May 25, 2008:

    1. Algerian Court Pressures Woman To Renounce Christ
    2. Vast Cracks Appear In Arctic Ice
    3. Chicago Hosts 'Queer Prom' Tonight
    4. Porterville To Vote On Official Motto: 'In God We Trust'
    5. Governor: Hamas Nod Sinks Obama In Florida
    6. Mexican Homicides Jump 47 Pct.; 1,378 Die In '08
    7. Netanyahu Blasts Olmert's Golan Gamble
    8. No Kidding! Climate Change Spreads To Jupiter, Mars

    Saturday - May 24, 2008:

    1. Bush Has 'NoFaith' His Successor Will Deal With Iran, Wants Rice As VP
    2. Gov't Won't Put Golan In Enemy Hands
    3. India Briefs: Recent Incidents Of Persecution
    4. Indonesia Muslims 'Burn' Christian Village, Four Killed, 56 Injured
    5. Israel Sets Demands In New Syrian Peace Track
    6. Is Turkey's Gov't Starting A Muslim Reformation
    7. NBC's 'Deceptive' Editing Draws Bush Ire
    8. Oil Price Spike Has Wide Economic Impact
    9. Schwarzenegger Says Gay Marriage Could Be Good For Economy
    10. Egypt's Interior Minister Seeks Riot-control Budget As Food Prices Spike

    Friday - May 23, 2008:

    1. Israel-Syria Peace Deal Could Threaten Iran, Hezbollah
    2. Analysis: An Attempt To Break The Iranian-Syrian Alliance
    3. Analyze This: Looking At The Golan Through A Lebanese Lens
    4. East Jerusalem Must Be Returned
    5. Israel Denies Deal On Full Golan Pullout
    6. Olmert Announces Tough Concessions Ahead In Talks With Syria
    7. Rice: Iran Must Make "Right Choice" In Nuclear Row
    8. What's Driving Israel And Syria To Talk
    9. That's Flashy: 100 Explosions Recorded On The Moon
    10. Iranian Conference To Focus On 'Israel's End'

    Thursday - May 22, 2008:

    1. Airplane Heal Thyself? Self-Repairing Aircraft Could Improve Air Safety
    2. Naked Truth: Court Flays State Strip-search Of Children
    3. Egyptian Official: Israel Has Accepted Gaza Cease-fire
    4. Food Costs Strain Efforts To Save Starving Ethiopian Children
    5. Hizbullah Wins Veto Right In Government
    6. House Passes Bill To Sue OPEC Over Oil Prices
    7. 'Imminent' Recession May Cost NYC 59,400 Jobs: Study
    8. Israel Prepares For Gaza Op
    9. Israel: Russia May Be Selling Syria Arms
    10. Olmert To U.S.: Impose Naval Blockade On Iran
    11. Residents: Golan Belongs To The Jewish People
    12. Russia To Build Up Naval Presence In World's Oceans In 2008
    13. Spain To Run America's 1st Superhighway?
    14. White House Takes Exception To Story Saying Bush Plans Iran Attack
      Note: I have included this article in an effort to be fair.(See 'Bush intends to attack Iran' article posted yesterday)

    Wednesday - May 21, 2008:

    1. Olmert Skeptical Of Cease-fire; But Going Along For Mubarak
    2. Olmert: We're Close To Decision On Gaza
    3. PA Sources: Agreement Of Principles By Aug '08
    4. Burma Warns Of Food Shortage
    5. 'Bush Intends To Attack Iran Before The End Of His Term'
    6. Chronic Diseases Top Causes Of Deaths Globally: WHO
    7. UN Experts Battle Fire Ants, Other Invasive Species
    8. Think $4 A Gallon Gas Is Already Too Much? Then Brace Yourself, Says One Expert

    Tuesday - May 20, 2008:

    1. U.S. Soldier Uses Quran For Target Practice; Military Apologizes
    2. Another Second Temple Quarry Uncovered
    3. Barak Hints Gaza Incursion Imminent
    4. Bush Pledged Funding For Arrow 3
    5. Deputy IDF Chief, Top U.S. Military Official Discuss Iran
    6. Water Shortages Doom Fruit Orchards In Israel; Prices Expected To Soar
    7. Syrian Military Delegation Arrives In Moscow

    Monday - May 19, 2008:

    1. Arabs Torch Jewish Wheat Fields In Samaria
    2. Awaiting The Big One
    3. Brown Says Embryo Research Is Key To Life
    4. Messianic Jew In The Finals To Win International Bible Contest
    5. Chief PA Negotiator: Jerusalem On The Table
    6. Free Quran Coming To Your Doorstep?
    7. Giant Beetles Seized At Post Office
    8. Hezbollah Emerges In Forefront Of Power In Lebanon
    9. Military Honchos 'Suppress' Chaplain's Baptist Services
    10. PM: We Are Close To A Decision On All Matters Relating To Gaza

    Sunday - May 18, 2008:

    1. China Fights To Stave Off Disease, Amid Miracle Quake Rescues
    2. 'During War, Home Front Will Absorb Thousands Of Rockets'
    3. Red-Dead Canal Receives Funding At Last
    4. Thousands Flee China Quake Area Over Flood Fears
    5. World Turns Up Heat On Myanmar
    6. Release Schalit Or Israel Will Carry Out Massive Op In Gaza

    Saturday - May 17, 2008:

    1. Al-Zahar: Israeli Military Not Beyond Defeat
    2. Astronomers Baffled By Weird, Fast-spinning Pulsar
    3. Jordanian Professor Recommends Nuclear Suicide Bombers
    4. New Rumbling From Chilean Volcano Worries Experts
    5. Obama, Farrakhan Share Cover Of Wright's Monthly
    6. PMO: US, Israel See Need For 'Tangible Action' On Iran Nukes
    7. RedCross: Burma Cyclone Death Toll Could Go Up To 128K
    8. Russia Urges World Powers To Offer Security To Iran

    Friday - May 16, 2008:

    1. Abbas: Time Is Now For Palestinian State
    2. Ahmadinejad Says Israel Doomed
    3. Arabs And Iranians Would Destroy Israel If Given The Chance, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Said
    4. Baby Super nova Seen Right In Our Neighborhood
    5. Barak: It Won't Be Long Before Israel Can Stop Rocket Fire
    6. Burdened By The Weight Of Inflation
    7. Climate Now Shifting On A Continental Scale, Huge Study Says
    8. Gillerman: Iran Positioning Itself On Israel's Northern Border
    9. Iranian-made Katyusha Rocket Strikes Ashkelon Mall

    Thursday - May 15, 2008:

    1. Piece Of Missing Cosmic Matter Found
    2. Pieces Are In Place For New England Red Tide
    3. The International Community Will Not Allow Hezbollah To Assume Control In Lebanon, President Bush Said
    4. Vast Chile Volcano Ash Cloud Partially Collapses
    5. Ahmadinejad Predicts Israel Will Be 'Swept Away' By Palestinians
    6. Ants Swarm Over Houston Area, Fouling Electronics
    7. Chile Town Closed For Three Months After Volcano
    8. China: Troops Rush To Plug Dam Cracks

    Wednesday - May 14, 2008:

    1. Chile Volcanic Eruption Seen At Critical Stage
    2. 45 Killed In India Terrorist Attack
    3. New Zealand Volcano More Unsettled: Scientists
    4. Blair Unveils New 'West Bank Package'
    5. Death Toll From China Quake Soars Past 12,000
    6. Drought Forces Barcelona To Ship In Water
    7. Iran's Support For Hizbullah Will Affect Foreign Relations
    8. Parents Losing Custody For Home Schooling Kids

    Tuesday - Mary 13, 2008:

    1. 'Ark Of The Covenant Altar' Found In Sheba's Palace
    2. Bush To Offer Israel Powerful Radar
    3. China Warns About Inflation With Price Rises At Near 12-year Highs
    4. Hizbullah Is Pushing Lebanon Towards A Khomeini-style Of Rule
    5. Huh? Daughter Fails Math Test, So Dad Thrown In Jail
    6. In Iran, Covert Christian Converts Live With Secrecy And Fear
    7. Israel Eyes Dangers, Opportunities In Hizbullah Takeover Of Lebanon
    8. Japan Scientists Warn Arctic Ice Melting Fast
    9. Spread Of Nuclear Capability Is Feared
    10. Top U.N. Human Rights Forum To Examine Food Crisis
    11. Tornado Season Deadliest In A Decade
    12. Wanna Help Planet? 'Let's All Just Die!'

    Monday - May 12, 2008:

    1. Strong Earthquake Hits Southwest China(See Update Below)
    2. Youths Say Book 'Rescued Them From Sex-and-drug Culture'
    3. 3rd-graders Asked To Help Classmate In Gender Change
    4. Afghan Northwest Hit By Plague Of Locusts
    5. Tornadoes Kill 21, Injure Hundreds In U.S.
    6. Earthquake Buries Students In China

    Sunday - May 11, 2008:

    1. Report: Child Viral Death Toll Up To 34 In China
    2. Myanmar Says No Need For Foreign Aid Distribution
    3. Joint Chiefs Signal Possible Iran Strike
    4. Wheat Disease Threatens Supplies
    5. How Food Riots, Pricey Gas And Home Foreclosures Point To A Better Future
    6. British Intel: China Preparing For Nuclear War
    7. President Bush May Announce An Israeli-U.S. Pact On Strategic Missile Defense Next Week
    8. Barrage Continues As Kassams Hit Synagogue, College, House
    9. Colliding With Natures Best-kept Secrets

    Saturday - May 10, 2008:

    1. Aid Is On The Way To Devastated Myanmar But So Is Heavy Rain
    2. Analyze This: This Time Around, A Bush Visit Might Come Too Late
    3. Arab Civil War On Israel's Border, Hizbullah Seizes West Beirut
    4. Barak Aides: Olmert Exit Is A Matter Of Time -- Then What?
    5. Famine Fears Fo North Korea, Aid Group Warns
    6. Hizbullah Seizes Swaths Of Muslim Beirut
    7. Iran Accuses U.S., Britain In Fatal Blast
    8. Lebanon Government Denounces Hezbollah 'Coup' In Beirut
    9. Pastor's Daughter Gang-raped In Bangladesh
    10. Punished For Views On Homosexuality

    Friday - May 9, 2008:

    1. 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Japan
    2. Ahmadinejad: Israel A 'Stinking Corpse'
    3. 'Lebanese Gov't Has Declared War On Us'
    4. Iran May Have Nuclear Weapons By 2009
    5. U.S. Pushing Hard For Border Agreement

    Thursday - May 8, 2008:

    1. Chile Volcano Blasts Ash 20 Miles High, Forcing Evacuations
    2. Israel: Iran Could Have Nukes By 09
    3. Israel's Population Stands At 7,282,000
    4. Japan Steadily Becoming A Land Of Few Children
    5. Massive Sink hole Closes Highway
    6. More Than 22,000 Dead In Myanmar Cyclone: State TV
    7. Official: Storm Toll Could Be 100,000
    8. Rice Pressures Israel For More Security Concessions
    9. UN Gaza Boys' School Headmaster Made Terrorist Bombs
    10. Report-Olmert Willing To Give 90% Of Territory

    Wednesday - May 7, 2008:

    1. Another Quake Rumbled This Morning
    2. Child Virus Fears Spread To China's Capital
    3. Erupting Volcano Prompts New Evacuation In Chile
    4. France Offers Troops For Peacekeeping Force In Palestinian Areas
    5. Peres 'Not In Favor' Of Military Strike Against Iran
    6. Peres: PM Innocent Until Proven Guilty
    7. Who Should MD's Let Die In A Pandemic: Report Offers Answers
    8. Witnesses: Soldiers Kill 2 In Somalia Riot Over Food Prices
    9. Myanmar Cyclone Toll Climbs To Nearly 22,500
    10. U.S.Reportedly Expects Ehud Olmert And Mahmoud Abbas To Outline The Borders Of A Future Palestinian State By Next Week

    Tuesday - May 6, 2008:

    1. Thousands Evacuated As Chile Volcano Spews Ash
    2. Air Pollution Impedes Bees Ability To Find Flowers
    3. Australia Seen Needing Years Of Rain To End Drought
    4. Considerable Progress In Peace Talks
    5. Cyclone Death Toll Nears 4000 In Myanmar: State Radio Says
    6. FiscalPressures Lead Some States To Free Inmates Early
    7. Hezbollah Trains Iraqis In Iran: Officials Say
    8. Iraq Says It Has Proof Of Iranian Meddling
    9. Israel To Accept Cease fire Within Days
    10. Kinneret Level: Lowest Since 1962 And Dropping
    11. Olmert Scandal Will "Shake The Country"

    Monday - May 5, 2008:

    1. China Puts Nation On Alert To Try To Stop Deadly Virus
    2. Agent: S.C. Teen Wanted To Kill Jesus
    3. Break Through Reached In Intel On Iran
    4. Hamas Threatens Israel To Accept Truce
    5. High Waves Kill At Least Eight In S.Korea
    6. Iran Stops Selling Oil For Dollars; Urges Neighbors To Follow Suit
    7. Japan Warns Rising Food Prices Could Lead To Unrest In Asia
    8. More Chinese Children Die From Virus; Other Countries Hit
    9. Second Carrier Group Deployed To Gulf As U.S. Approves Plans For Iran Counterstrike
    10. United States Is Drawing Up Plans To Strike On Iranian Insurgency Camp

    Sunday - May 4, 2008:

    1. Deadly Twisters Ravage Arkansas
    2. Report: Israel Threatened To Target Syria If Hizbullah Attacks
    3. China Orders Nationwide Fight Against Child Virus
    4. Chinese Nuclear Submarine Base
    5. Fire Officials Brace For Scorching Summer
    6. Gulf States May End Dollar Pegs, Kuwait Minister Says
    7. Interesting Times: Israel Is Not A Bubble

    Saturday - May 3, 2008:

    1. Iran Completely Stops Conducting Oil Transactions In U.S. Dollars
    2. Obama Adviser: Israel Must Give Up Its Nukes
    3. Mullen Cites U.S. "Vulnerability"
    4. U.S. Military Chief Said Iran Was "The Very Core" Of The Challenge To U.S. Interests In The Middle East
    5. Virus Death Toll In East China Hits 21 Children
    6. An Eye On The North
    7. After reading this article please go to the next item (#8) to view the videos (There are 2 Parts)!!!
      Blood Moon Eclipses: 2nd Coming In 2015?
    8. The Feasts of the Lord -- Videos -- These are a must see!!!

    Friday - May 2, 2008:

    1. Assad Aide: We Won't Cut Ties With Hizbullah, Iran
    2. Gaza Factions Agree To Cease-fire
    3. Mideast Conflict Must Not Hinde Mediterranean Union
    4. Iran: Hillary Statement Too "Provocative"
    5. Mideast Investment Talks Start In London
    6. Oxygen Depletion Threatens Ocean Habitats: Study
    7. U.S. Closes Most Of West Coast To Salmon Fishing
    8. California Snow Pack Falls Well Below Normal
    9. Quakes Confuse Experts, Send Kids Under Their Desks

    Thursday - May 1, 2008:

    1. First Qtr. Home Foreclosures Up 112%
    2. Hamas Planning Huge Holiday Attack
    3. Intelligence Chief: Terror Groups Planning Independence Day Attack
    4. 'Hamas Stole 60,000 Liters Of Gaza Fuel'
    5. 'Hostile Iran Sparks U.S. Attack Plan'
    6. New U.S. Carrier In Gulf A "Reminder" To Iran:Gates
    7. Presbyterian Church Says Minister Didn't Violate Rules By Presiding Over Same-sex 'Marriages'
    8. Zahar: We Have 200,000 Suicide Bombers

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