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  1. Why does Obama need 1.6 billion bullets?
  2. Proof Obama is lying about guns

Friday - March 29, 2013:

  1. Arms shipments to Syrian rebels stepped up
  2. Officials: Arms shipments rise to Syrian rebels
  3. Saudi heavy weapons supply to Syrian rebels breaks up Arab summit in uproar
  4. Iraqi Influx Doubles Syrian Al Qaeda-Linked Rebel Faction
  5. UN: Syria, rebels must ensure UN safety in Golan
  6. Former UN monitor calls for Syria no-flight zone
  7. N. Korea: War with South may break out 'at any time'
  8. US flies stealth bombers over South Korea
  9. EU wants stronger police agency
  10. Scary locusts plague Madagascar, might eat most of the country's food
  11. U.S. law to restrict government purchases of Chinese IT equipment
  12. Nationwide gun-control campaign to put pressure on wavering U.S. senators
  13. US Hunters Fired Up About Colorado Gun Laws
  14. US top court signals it may repeal marriage law

Thursday - March 28, 2013:

  1. 'Iran mulling 6-month uranium enrichment freeze'
  2. Sanctions ‘speeding Iran’s nuclear advancement’
  3. Syria Islamists, secular rebels battle in Syria over Nusra Front’s call for Islamic state
  4. Watch: Rebels take over army battalion in Quneitra
  5. UN Secy names Swedish scientist to probe Syrian CW allegations
  6. In snub to Assad, opposition takes Syria's Arab summit seat
  7. Arab League Summit 2013: The Doha Declaration
  8. Bolton: Obama “committed to preventing an Israeli first strike on Iran’s nuclear program”.
  9. North Korea to cut all channels with South
  10. Egyptian mosque turned into house of torture for Christians after Muslim Brotherhood protest
  11. Russia to Equip Submarine Forces With High-Precision Weapons
  12. Kentucky legislature overrides governor's veto of 'religious freedom' bill
  13. Magnitude 6.1 quake shakes Taiwan

Wednesday - March 27, 2013:

  1. US urges EU to overcome Iran sanctions appeals
  2. Al Qaeda brigade captures Syrian-Israeli-Jordanian border junction
  3. Rebel mortar fire hits Damascus, army gunners retaliate
  4. Syrian rebels bombard central Damascus, army artillery hits back
  5. Jordan closes main border crossing with Syria
  6. UN to Move Staff Out of Conflict-Ridden Syria
  7. N Korea says weapons 'combat ready' and aimed at US
  8. North Korea orders artillery and rockets into 'combat mode'
  9. China to buy fighter jets, submarines from Russia
  10. On trip to Jordan, President Obama & King Abdullah II warned of dangers posed by implosion of Syria & Iran
  11. Pope Francis: 'I Am Thinking Particularly of Dialogue With Islam'
  12. Supreme Court Set to Review Landmark Gay Marriage Laws
  13. Bill Gates’ $100 million database to track students
  14. Ukraine Lines Up Over 22,000 Snow Cleaners After Massive Storm
  15. Cold weather could stay until late April, say forecasters
  16. 1,000 dead ducks found in river in southwest China
  17. Russia Reports Over 69,000 New HIV Cases in 2012

Tuesday - March 26, 2013:

  1. '64% of Americans want military action to stop Iran'
  2. UN to extend probe of Iran human rights violations
  3. Backing up Obama’s warnings to Syria creates tough challenges on two fronts
  4. UK and France: only weapons will make al-Assad talk
  5. CIA helping boost arms shipments to Syria rebels
  6. Opposition: Syrian forces fire chemical weapons at rebels
  7. Red line has been crossed in Syria, Rogers says
  8. Syria chemical weapons finger pointed at jihadists
  9. Rebels Free Syria Army chief wounded in explosion
  10. Moaz al-Khatib's resignation plunges Syrian opposition into chaos
  11. Syrian opposition in disarray
  12. Kerry fails to persuade Iraq’s Maliki to stop Iranian airlift to Assad
  13. Kerry: U.S. aid at risk if Iraq doesn't act on Iran arms flow to Syria
  14. Moscow Police Seize 14 Kg of Radioactive Material from College Teacher
  15. Turkey warns Cyprus of 'new crisis' if gas revenues included in solidarity fund
  16. South Korea hails new military pact with US
  17. German neo-Nazi cell bigger than thought
  18. UK could Run Out of Natural Gas by April
  19. Moscow Mobilizes Clean-Up Crews After Heavy Snowstorm
  20. Critical ammo shortages affect U.S. military stocks

Monday - March 25, 2013:

  1. Assad's Fellow Alawites Turn on Him
  2. Kerry warns Iraq on Iran flights to Syria
  3. Syria rebels seize southern base, border area
  4. Clashes in Lebanon as PM Mikati resignation accepted
  5. China's new leader warns against foreign meddling
  6. Chinese Leader Vows Stronger Military Ties With Russia
  7. Kurdish rebels declare formal ceasefire with Turkey
  8. Senate votes 53-46 to stop US from joining UN Arms Trade Treaty
  9. Wash. weighs 1st abortion insurance mandate in U.S.
  10. Severe U.S. storm brings heavy snow, baseball-sized hail
  11. Blizzard triggers fiery crash on I-25 near Denver
  12. Heavy snow disrupts travel, electricity across United Kingdom
  13. Snow brings travel chaos, power cuts and bets on a white Easter
  14. More snow on the way as Britain hit by travel chaos
  15. ‘Black Jesus’ among Papua New Guinea prison escapees

Sunday - March 24, 2013:

  1. Fearing stark future, Syrian Alawites meet in Cairo
  2. Preliminary results indicate chemical weapons not used in Syria
  3. Report: CIA provides intelligence to Syrian rebels
  4. Lebanon mum when Syria strikes
  5. Obama, Jordan's Abdullah show united front against Syria's Assad
  6. South Korea says hacking not from Chinese address
  7. Islamabad reaches pipeline deal with Islamists
  8. U.N. chief warns of growing water scarcity
  9. Meteor lights up night sky over eastern United States
  10. Tornado kills 20 people in Bangladesh
  11. Heavy snow, rain causes chaos in UK

Saturday - March 23, 2013:

  1. Iran's Supreme Leader: We're Open to Direct Talks with U.S.
  2. Damascus Suicide Bombing Kills 42, Including Pro-Assad Cleric
  3. US assessment: No chemical weapons used in Syria
  4. Russian fleet abandons Tartus, docks in Beirut
  5. Dem Party official makes students ‘stomp on Jesus’
  6. Twenty injured as tornado tears through Australian towns
  7. The Seven States Running Out of Water

Friday - March 22, 2013:

  1. Calls for UN Inquiry Into Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria
  2. Drumbeat Grows Louder in Congress for Obama to Act on Syria
  3. Two US senators Chemical weapons in Syria cross Obama’s red line
  4. Syrian rebels take towns near ceasefire line with Israel
  5. North Korea issues fresh threat to U.S., South probes hacking
  6. South Korea traces cyber-attacks to Chinese IP address
  7. China fuming at U.S. deployment of anti-missile systems
  8. India Tests Submarine-Launched Supersonic Missile
  9. Egypt banks on bumper wheat harvest
  10. Britain ponders 'three-person embryos' to combat genetic diseases
  11. Insight: Bipartisan Senate group on path to immigration bill
  12. Pope calls for all religions to unite
  13. Rains and hail pound China's Guangdong province
  14. Weather Service chief: We face 'new normal' of extremes

Thursday - March 21, 2013:

  1. Iranian envoy: 'Turning point' in nuclear talks
  2. Rocket fired in Aleppo contained Agent 15
  3. Game-changer: Syria's 'probability' of using chemical warfare
  4. Graham calls for boots on the ground in Syria
  5. Commander: Contingency plans underway for Syria
  6. Sen. Levin Backs No-Fly Zone In Syria
  7. Russia Alarmed by Alleged Chemical Weapons Use in Syria
  8. Islamic law comes to rebel-held areas of Syria
  9. Ex-Hezbollah member leads movement against terror group
  10. Russian Air Force Readies for Massive Drills
  11. Saudi Arabia busts spy ring
  12. North v South Korea the military balance
  13. Big Sis asked to explain huge ammo buys
  14. Government access to private email reviewed in Congress
  15. Congress hears options for asteroid defense: Pay now or pray later
  16. Abortion clinic worker says she cut at least 10 babies
  17. South Korean banks, media report computer network crash
  18. Stakelbeck on Terror Show. Joel Rosenberg's 'Damascus Countdown'
  19. U_S_ officials visiting Asia for additional sanctions on N. Korea
  20. U.S. Rep. Rogers: High Probability Syria Used Chemical Weapons
  21. US Military Launches New Missile Defense Satellite
  22. Analyst: Russia prepping military to fight U.S.

Wednesday - March 20, 2013:

  1. Obama: Time for Iran to settle nuclear dispute
  2. Six powers flesh out nuclear proposals in Iran talks
  3. ‘Iraq allowing Iran to ship weapons to Syria’
  4. Syria state media: Rebels used chemical weapons, killing 15
  5. US: Syrian planes bomb Lebanon
  6. Assad to Beirut Sack Lebanese army chief or more air raids. Jordan feared next
  7. Syrian National Council Elects Prime Minister
  8. Syrian Opposition Picks Ghassan Hitto as Interim Prime Minister
  9. Hizbullah Secretly Buries Terrorists Killed in Syrian Civil War
  10. U.S. Flies B-52s Over Korea in Show of Power Against North
  11. More than 56 dead in Baghdad terrorist attacks
  12. Police find explosives at an Orlando university
  13. Big Brother looking at your bank account

Tuesday - March 19, 2013:

  1. Iran launches destroyer in Caspian Sea
  2. Senior Democrat urges Obama to arm Syrian rebels
  3. Syrian rebels break year-long blockade of Homs
  4. Syrian rebels seize security compound near Golan Heights
  5. Syrian Rebels Seize Weapons Depots Near Aleppo
  6. Syrian opposition meets to choose rebel PM
  7. Hundreds of armed jihadists enter Syria while 15,000 others warming up: report
  8. China warns US over missile defence programme against North Korea
  9. Al Qaeda calls for new recruits to fight France
  10. Even left finds DHS ammo buy ‘very troubling’
  11. Global citizenship discussed at final Day of Global Education and Skills Forum
  12. Dead pigs in China river exceed 13,000 media
  13. 336 million abortions under China's one-child policy
  14. China replaces Britain in world's top five arms exporters report

Monday - March 18, 2013:

  1. Russia’s Mediterranean Task Force to Comprise 5-6 Warships – Navy Chief
  2. Russia protecting Mediterranean interests
  3. Tehran Our commanders now authorized to open fire. Go home, Obama!
  4. Tehran All our options on the table if attacked
  5. U.S. hesitation on arms shipments to rebels in Syria frustrates some close allies in Europe and the Middle East
  6. High-ranking Syrian general defects from army
  7. Syrian general, 20 soldiers defect to opposition
  8. Report: Rebels take control of routes to Damascus
  9. As Syrian refugees pour in, sectarian tensions strain Lebanon's brittle peace World news The Observer
  10. North Korea says nukes are not a bargaining chip for aid
  11. US will not accept NKorea as a nuclear state
  12. Low water levels bedevil Great Lakes harbors
  13. UK farmers face disaster as 'perfect storm' strikes

Sunday - March 17, 2013:

  1. U.S. to bolster missile defenses to counter North Korea threat Hagel
  2. CIA begins sizing up Islamic extremists in Syria for drone strikes
  3. EU looks at arming Syrian rebels and wooing Russia this WEEK
  4. 'Iran could boost Assad's arms if EU drops embargo'
  5. France, Britain flout US objections on arms to Syrian rebels
  6. U.S. drone strikes violate Pakistan's sovereignty U.N.
  7. Algerian Given 10 Years for Plotting to Bomb New York Synagogue
  8. Colorado wildfire burns 800+ acres near Fort Collins
  9. Hungary sends in tanks as cold snap grips Eastern Europe
  10. U.N. bodies want to tackle drought to avert food crisis

Saturday - March 16, 2013:

  1. Kochavi: Iran will continue to advance its nuclear program in 2013
  2. New Gasoline Plant Opens in Iran
  3. Obama says Iran “year or so” away from nuclear bomb. Did he imply U.S. might hit Iran? Is it a credible threat?
  4. Pentagon: Iranian plane pursued US spy drone
  5. US drone escapes attack over Hormuz. Syria threatens to bomb Lebanon. Russian marines dock in Beirut.
  6. EU rejects Franco-British push to arm Syrian rebels
  7. Germany 'ready to talk' on EU arms for Syria
  8. Syria threatens to strike at rebels in Lebanon
  9. Real risk of war exploding across region UN
  10. Police: Kids young as 8 used as bombers in Pakistan
  11. History shows North Korean pattern: wait, then attack
  12. Russia to Acquire Standoff Attack Capability by 2020
  13. Bullion firm reveals that British holdings increased tenfold in five years
  14. Developing Nations Transforming World Power Balance — UN

Friday - March 15, 2013:

  1. Report: Iran test-fires short-range missiles
  2. Iran Accused of Assisting Terrorism in Bahrain and Yemen
  3. 'Iran believes chance of attack on it is low'
  4. Iran steps up weapons lifeline to Assad
  5. Power balance to tilt towards rebels think-tank
  6. Saudi mufti: Clerics should unite in fatwa on Assad
  7. France ready to arm Syrian rebels
  8. UN Halts Peacekeeping Patrols in the Golan Heights
  9. Russia warns UK against arming Syrian rebels
  10. Germany bans three Islamist groups as anti-democratic
  11. North Korea's leader oversees artillery fire near disputed islands
  12. Returning Jihadists Prompt Dutch to Raise Terror Threat
  13. Senate To Vote On Amendment Defunding Obamacare
  14. U.S. plans to let spy agencies scour Americans' finances
  15. Southern California coast sees deluge of sick sea lion pups
  16. Pope Bergoglio the first Jesuit, the first Latin-American, the first to have chosen the name Francis
  17. Survey shows affiliation with organized religion at all-time low
  18. Congressional Committees Make Gun-Rights Provisions Permanent
  19. World View of US Leadership Drops - Poll
  20. Chinese firm puts millions into U.S. natural gas stations

Thursday - March 14, 2013:

  1. Report: Iran will promise UN not to seek bomb
  2. Ahmadinejad seeks to influence upcoming election
  3. 'Iran, al-Qaida ties strained over Syrian civil war'
  4. Battle over Syria's Aleppo airport intensifies
  5. Syria Ready to Fight Rebels 'For Years'
  6. UK’s Cameron may veto EU arms embargo on Syria
  7. Intelligence: North Korea ‘Serious Threat’ to US, Asian Allies
  8. Shanghai river animal toll doubles to 6,000
  9. Colorado lawmakers approve bill for same-sex civil unions
  10. Late blizzard fouls roads on both sides of English Channel
  11. Pentagon weapons-maker finds method for cheap, clean water
  12. WHO confirms 15th case of deadly new virus

Wednesday - March 13, 2013:

  1. Russian Navy Starts Forming Mediterranean Task Force
  2. Erosion of Syrian power accelerating, top U.S. intelligence official says
  3. Syria crisis: Assad's army faces troop shortage
  4. Syrian Opposition: Russia Should Cut Arms Supplies to Assad
  5. UN Actively Reviewing Safety of Golan Peacekeepers
  6. Al-Qaeda says it killed 48 Syrian soldiers in Iraq
  7. Al Qaeda forms volatile 1,000-km chain from Baghdad to Damascus
  8. US Spy Chief Warns of Cyber Danger and North Korea Threat
  9. Libya: 50 Egyptian Christians seized by Islamist militias
  10. North Korea slams U.N. plot to investigate its human rights record
  11. United Nations says Korean armistice still in force
  12. Obama meets Arab US leaders ahead of Mideast trip
  13. U_S_ officials warn Pakistan risks sanctions over Iran pipeline
  14. Heavy snow and ice cause traffic chaos
  15. California earthquake packed unusually wide punch, experts say
  16. Series of earthquakes strikes Southern California
  17. Senate panel passes two gun-control measures
  18. DENVER: Colorado Senate give final OK to gun control bills
  19. This is why the left blames guns

Tuesday - March 12, 2013:

  1. Is Iran tackling plutonium-for-bombs project?
  2. EU tightens Iran sanctions for rights violations
  3. Report: Germany, Turkey nab nuke smugglers
  4. Deadly abuses intensify in Syria as war worsens: U.N.
  5. Syria jets bomb Baba Amr after rebel advance.
  6. Syrian rebels pierce Assad's siege lines in Homs opposition
  7. Hundreds of UN Syrian Golan UN observers scramble to safety in Israel
  8. Islamists Try to Firm Grip on Syria Regions
  9. UN Syria regime said using militias for mass murder
  10. Syria the story behind one of the most shocking images of the war
  11. UN Syrian refugees could triple by end of 2013
  12. North Korea reportedly nullifies armistice
  13. As North Korea Blusters, South Breaks Taboo on Nuclear Talk
  14. South Korea, US Start Huge Military Exercises
  15. Christians tried for ‘action against national security’
  16. Two quakes rock Papua New Guinea
  17. Thousands of dead pigs found floating in Chinese river
  18. New wave of 'superbugs' poses dire threat, says chief medical officer
  19. Your doctor to become 1-person death panel?

Monday - March 11, 2013:

  1. Iran to Test Fire 3 New Missiles
  2. Report: Turkey Supports Funding to Syrian Jihadist Rebels?
  3. UN peacekeepers freed into Jordan from Syria
  4. Egypt protesters torch buildings, target Suez Canal
  5. In China, public anger over secrecy on environment
  6. Locked in a safe the Vatican report hidden from the cardinals electing the next pope
  7. Sand from northern China causes air pollution in Japan
  8. UPDATE: Number Of U.S. Gun Makers Refusing Sales To Gov't In 'Firearms Equality Movement' Triples In Two Weeks
  9. Massachusetts beach homes undermined by surf
  10. 600 flights canceled in Denver because of blizzard conditions
  11. Over 900 Dead Pigs Found in River Near Shanghai
  12. Pakistan police broke up rowdy demonstration by Christians over riot
  13. Earth gets a rush of weekend asteroid visitors

Sunday - March 10, 2013:

  1. The Syrian civil war bursts its banks
  2. North Korea defies international sanctions
  3. North Korea says sanctions will make nuclear programme stronger
  4. Duck! Another comet is coming our way

Saturday - March 9, 2013:

  1. Joint US-Israel-Turkish-Jordanian HQ to operate in Syria in chemical war
  2. India set to halt Iran oil imports over insurance
  3. West training Syrian rebels in Jordan
  4. Philippines- Syrian rebels fail to free monitors
  5. Syrian army shells hold up UN retrieval of peacekeepers
  6. U.N. hopes to retrieve peacekeepers from Syrian rebels on Saturday
  7. 8 UN troops abandon Syria post, march to Israel
  8. The danger of Syria's impending implosion
  9. Angry North Korea Voids Non-Aggression Pacts with South
  10. Like a scene ripped from “Dead Heat,” North Korea threatens nuclear strike on U.S.
  11. Tunisia gets new Islamist-led government
  12. Conclave to Elect Pope Will Begin on Tuesday
  13. Woman sings to God, gets tossed off train

Friday - March 8, 2013:

  1. EU says Iran nuclear procrastination' unacceptable
  2. US accuses Iran of nuke 'deception and delay'
  3. John Kerry Concedes Iran Is Moving Closer to Possessing Nuclear Weapon
  4. Significant change in tone: U.S. officials concede war with Iran may be unavoidable. Countdown to Israeli action?
  5. Russia launched massive nuclear drill, Pentagon alarmed
  6. “Syria is spiralling towards full-scale disaster,” says UN. One million refugees & 90,000 dead. Is the worst yet to come?
  7. Syrian rebels seize UN peacekeepers near Golan
  8. Syrian rebel group claims it rescued, not kidnapped, 20 U.N. observers
  9. Arab League gives seat to rebels, OKs arms
  10. UN: Syrian refugee figure hits 1 million
  11. Jordan close to commissioning two nuclear reactors, declines to sign accord with U.S.
  12. NORTH KOREA: UN sanctions toughest ever imposed on Pyongyang
  13. N. Korea threatens US with preemptive nuke strike
  14. S. Korea says it will strike against North’s top leadership if provoked
  15. Nasrallah meets Iranian clerics in Lebanon
  16. Massive Winter Storm, Once Again, Hits US
  17. CDC sounds alarm on deadly, untreatable superbugs

Wednesday - March 6, 2013:

  1. Does Iran already have The Bomb with North Korea’s help? One expert raises a disturbing question.
  2. Report North Korean test may mean Iran has a nuclear missile warhead
  3. Kerry: Iran nuclear talks can't go on forever
  4. Biden: Obama 'not bluffing' on Iran
  5. Netanyahu: Diplomacy has not worked_ Words alone will not stop Iran. Credible military threat needed. Full text of his AIPAC speech. Also full text of Barak speech.
  6. Nuclear watchdog agency says Iran not cooperating
  7. AIPAC2013 conference opens with Big Question: What is the Iran Endgame, and will it happen in 2013?
  8. Group Attacks on bakeries proof Syria targeting civilians
  9. Israel warns UN of Syria war spilling over borders
  10. Aleppo council seeks to assert civilian authority as rebels advance
  11. North Korea vows to cancel Korean War cease-fire amid talk of new sanctions, continued U.S. military drills
  12. North Korea said to be building 10 missiles a year
  13. China boosts defence budget by 11% for 2013
  14. U.S., China agree U.N. sanctions draft; North Korea renews threats
  15. Heavy snow claims eight lives in northern Japan
  16. At least 30 injured (3 seriously) and more than 17,000 households with damaged houses in Yunnan, China earthquake
  17. Starving goats to hit Indian pashmina production

Tuesday - March 5, 2013:

  1. World powers coax Iran into saving nuclear talks
  2. 'Milestone' reached in Iran nuclear talks - minister
  3. Iran’s 'Plan B' for a nuclear bomb
  4. Israeli Ambassador says red line will be reached by summer
  5. Seized Arms Off Yemen Raise Alarm Over Iran
  6. Obama, Putin discuss Syria, Iran
  7. US joins Russia in drawing ceasefire lines for ending Syrian war
  8. Fortress Damascus now center of Syrian war
  9. Syrian rebel chief: Fighters desperate for weapons
  10. Syria crisis: European countries expected to start arming rebels
  11. Syrian foreign minister condemns US aid to rebels
  12. 'Ancient Syrian synagogue damaged by Assad army'
  13. Hezbollah, Syrian opposition clashes intensify, raise fears in Lebanon
  14. Iraqi forces attack FSA positions inside Syria
  15. Iraq PM warns Syria war could spread
  16. NYT: US to Train and Equip Syria's Rebel Forces
  17. Syria, Iran say Assad to remain in power until 2014 elections
  18. Syrian refugee count could hit 1 million within a week
  19. Sledgehammer of cyber warfare EMP attack
  20. Al-Qaeda issues English-language advice magazine
  21. Progress in Turkish-Kurdish PKK peace moves
  22. Istanbul police foil bombing of US consulate and synagogue
  23. The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking
  24. LIBYA: Benghazi, 48 Egyptian Christians arrested on religious grounds
  25. Gun company may move if Colo_ gun-control bill passes
  26. Strong quake reported in Pacific
  27. Moderate earthquake rattles border between India, Bangladesh
  28. Shallow quake strikes Vanuatu
  29. Droughts and floods 'will be common events in Britain'
  30. The buzz isn't good on the classic American bumblebee; It's taken flight and leaving Midwest
  31. Gonorrhoea cases soar 25 percent in England as superbugs take hold

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