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  1. Iranians shocked by 'Israel loves Iran' Facebook initiative
  2. Silence in the face of genocide – again

Saturday - March 31, 2012:

  1. Iran Breaks UN Resolutions on Nuclear Program, Russia Says
  2. 'Iran helps Syria ship oil to China'
  3. Turkey says it's cutting Iran oil purchases by 10%
  4. Syria forces shell Homs as fighting rages NGO
  5. Humanitarian crisis worsening on the Lebanese-Syrian border
  6. North Korea missile launches raise tensions
  7. Arab World: Taking note of Yemen
  8. French Police Arrest 19 Islamic Extremists
  9. US Immigration Agents Are Loading Up On As Many As 450 Million New Rounds Of Ammo
  10. Entire Mosques Coming to Christ in Sub-Saharan Africa, Says Former Church Planter
  11. Nations should prepare for weather disasters
  12. People stranded as floods rise in Fiji

Friday - March 30, 2012:

  1. U.S. Sanctions Six Iranian Firms
  2. 'Iran, Turkey united against Western arrogance'
  3. Ban: Syria trajectory has dangerous ramifications
  4. UN chief to Syria's Assad: World is waiting for you to implement peace plan
  5. Assad says foreign aid to rebels must stop under peace plan
  6. Blast in Baghdad as Arab summit opens
  7. Consumers plot emergency oil release as Saudi decries high prices
  8. Kuala Lumpur seizes suitcases of counterfeit US dollars traced to Iran
  9. UK: Pandemonium at the pumps

Thursday - March 29, 2012:

  1. State Department Won’t Say Jerusalem Is in Israel
  2. 'Iran says nuclear talks to be finalized in days'
  3. Bill to ramp up Iran sanctions fails in US Senate
  4. Amnesty: Large number of secret executions in Iran
  5. Destruction reported as Syrian forces take opposition town
  6. Pillay: Syrian children detained, tortured
  7. 'Syria will reject initiatives from Arab League summit'
  8. Syrian Army Seizes City Despite 'Peace Plan'
  9. Anti-Israel Prevalence at Columbia University Law School
  10. Canada, Mexico, U.S. enhance defence co-operation
  11. English drought extended into Yorkshire
  12. Saudi diplomat's kidnapping in Yemen was his second —sources
  13. PAKISTAN: Hindu girl tells Supreme Court she would rather die than convert to Islam
  14. Brazilian school to track students via microchip
  15. Thailand drought causes heavy damage

Wednesday - March 28, 2012:

  1. 'US understands Iran can't proceed like N. Korea'
  2. Obama caught asking Russia's Medvedev for 'space'
  3. Obama denies hidden agenda with missile comments
  4. Annan says Syria accepts peace plan, U.S. skeptical
  5. Syria accepts cease-fire; fighting enters Lebanon
  6. North Korea refuses to halt launch plan despite Obama's warnings
  7. Total may be months to stop North Sea gas cloud
  8. Two dead, one missing as Colorado wildfire rages
  9. 6.4-Magnitude Quake Rocks Northeastern Japan

Tuesday - March 27, 2012:

  1. Ahmadinejad: US can not dictate world policy
  2. Iran Forces Jewish ‘Minyan’ for Global March: Report
  3. Syria replies to Annan; Homs shelled again
  4. Blasts shake Homs as 31 killed across Syria
  5. Syrian Air Force intelligence chief killed, opposition websites report
  6. Tales of horror from Syrian refugees
  7. Baghdad heavily secured against Syrian or al Qaeda attack on Arab Summit
  8. Seoul ready to shoot down North Korean rocket
  9. Sarkozy to bar radical imams from entering France

Monday - March 26, 2012:

  1. Obama Window for diplomatic solution to nuclear Iran is closing
  2. Obama’s back-channel to Tehran bypasses allies Erdogan and Netanyahu
  3. Report: U.S. believes Iran trying to secure foothold in Gulf with activity in Yemen
  4. Russia Shifting Position on Assad, Tells Him to Make Haste
  5. Medvedev: Annan's mission is Syria's last chance
  6. Annan due in China, Russia says Syria peace takes time
  7. Entire clans, villages fleeing Syria
  8. Druze Anti-Assad Leader Dies in Syria
  9. Clinton OKs $1.3B in military aid to Egypt
  10. Obama visits DMZ between North and South Korea
  11. N.Korea transports missile to launch facility
  12. Pakistan Taliban Threatens NATO Re-Supply Lines
  13. 'Hamas, Hezbollah helping Iran in Yemen'
  14. Drug-resistant strains of TB are out of control, warn health experts
  15. Big quake hits Chile, no major damage reported
  16. Book Guiding Arab Men to Abuse Wives On Sale in Canada
  17. 'Lock rage' fears on canals as opening times are cut to save water during drought

Sunday - March 25, 2012:

  1. Iran nuclear official We can independently construct pool-type reactors
  2. 'Iran wants nukes in order to spread its ideology'
  3. Iranian Website Describes its Response to a Military Attack
  4. Iran helping Assad to put down protests - officials
  5. At least 38 dead in violence across Syria, activists say
  6. Fierce clashes hit Syria towns
  7. Turkey blames Syria for supporting Kurdish rebels, inches closer to military action
  8. Bomb hidden in radio kills soldier, 10-year-old son
  9. North Korea directs missiles towards Australia
  10. Jordan: Hundreds Protest 'Procrastination' on Reform
  11. Talks to resume on supply routes
  12. House Republicans Accidentally Accept The Constitutionality Of The Affordable Care Act
  13. GOP moves to block Medicare rationing
  14. ‘Destroy All the Churches’

Saturday - March 24, 2012:

  1. 'Iran may activate US Hezbollah cells after strike'
  2. Tehran forces Iranian Jews to join anti-Israel Global March
  3. Rebels, troops clash in northern Syria
  4. Syrian rebels running out of ammunition as government presses offensive
  5. Countries debate whether to arm Syrian opposition
  6. UN rights forum extends Syria investigators' mandate
  7. EU slaps sanctions on Assad's family; mortars hit Homs
  8. EU imposes sanctions on Assad's wife and close relatives
  9. EU countries to reduce dependence on US military
  10. Japan to prep for N. Korea rocket launch
  11. Govt to keep info on Americans with no terror ties

Friday - March 23, 2012:

  1. Terrorism expert to Congress: Iran willing to approve attacks against U.S.
  2. Russia and China join UN security council effort to end Syrian bloodshed
  3. Clashes across Syria despite U.N. ceasefire call
  4. Free Syrian Army Forms Damascus Military Council
  5. SYRIA: Lebanese border village shelled as UN calls for a stop to the violence
  6. Chinese Coup Rumors Run Wild Online, Then Disappear
  7. Russia Eyes Development of Futuristic Weaponry
  8. Report: Water shortages increasingly will offer weapon for states, terror groups
  9. U.S. intelligence sees global water conflict risks rising
  10. Stubborn drought expected to tax Mexico for years

Thursday - March 22, 2012:

  1. Damascus Suburbs Under Government Tank Fire
  2. U.N. unites on Syria, violence spills into Lebanon
  3. SAUDI ARABIA: Grand Mufti all churches on the Arabian Peninsula should be destroyed
  4. Toulouse police assault apartment of Al Qaeda killer
  5. U.S. Exempts Japan and 10 Others From Iran Oil Sanctions
  6. Mysterious booms rattle Wisconsin city again
  7. 7.4 quake rocks southern Mexico, shakes capital

Wednesday - March 21, 2012:

  1. Iran leader Any attacks bring 'same level' reply
  2. Khamenei: Iran will attack to defend itself
  3. 'US looking to increase pressure on Iran over nukes'
  4. Iran pledged not to shut Strait of Hormuz, Kuwaiti Emir says
  5. Russian Anti-Terror Troops Arrive in Syria
  6. Assad to Annan: Syrian missiles will pre-empt any military intervention
  7. Syria rebels quit eastern city; Russia critical
  8. Videos: of Assad’s Thug Squads
  9. West wants united front on Syria
  10. Russia: Syria's Assad regime has made many mistakes
  11. Series of attacks in Iraq, dozens of dead. Church of St Mathew in Baghdad targeted
  12. Asia is the world's top importer of weapons
  13. Sweden moving towards cashless economy
  14. Big earthquake rattles Mexico, no major damage
  15. Flooding feared after storms sock south-central U.S.
  16. Mysterious nodding disease debilitates children

Tuesday - March 20, 2012:

  1. Iran to West: Respect Nuclear Program or Suffer 'Losses'
  2. 'West must accept our nuclear program's success'
  3. Return of revolt to Damascus suburbs seen as turning point
  4. Heavy firefight breaks out in Syrian capital
  5. At least 80 killed in heavy clashes near Syrian capital
  6. Clashes hit Syrian capital; West wants united front
  7. Russia fuels Syrian arms increase of 580%
  8. Food security in a hungry world
  9. Gunman attacks Jewish school in France, four killed
  10. Severe storms, floods target Plains, Midwest

Monday - March 19, 2012:

  1. Steinitz: SWIFT sanctions could topple Iranian economy
  2. ‘SWIFT’ Reaction: Iran May Block Oil Exports
  3. Iran threatens Hormuz and world oil supply after trade links cutoff
  4. Iraq approves Hormuz oil export back-up plan
  5. 'US, Israel agree Iran abandoned nuclear bomb'
  6. Doubts on Iran's Nuclear Aims -- Fact or Fancy?
  7. North Korea vows to go ahead with rocket launch
  8. Japan Can Crash Down N. Korea Satellite If Necessary - Minister
  9. Car bomb explodes in major Syrian city of Aleppo
  10. Schools closed as dust blankets Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia
  11. Keeping Europe dependent on Russian fuel

Sunday - March 18, 2012:

  1. Iran claims to have domestically produced drone
  2. Exclusive Iran sanctions seen spurring more Saudi oil sales to U.S.
  3. Russia inciting retaliation fears
  4. At least 27 dead in Damascus bombings. Russians man Syrian air defenses
  5. Twin blasts hit Damascus security compounds; at least 27 killed
  6. Saudi sends military equipment to Syria rebels diplomat
  7. INDIA: Hindu nationalists attack three Christian communities
  8. INDONESIA: West Java gun attack on Protestant church, attackers arrested

Saturday - March 17, 2012:

  1. Iran unwilling to compromise on nukes, throwing fate of talks into doubt
  2. EU orders Belgian-based firm to halt Iran bank transfers
  3. Iran Offers 'Permanent Human Monitoring'
  4. Top Iran official: All options on the table if nuclear facilities attacked
  5. U.S. Navy to Step Up Minesweeping in Gulf
  6. Syrian Crisis Enters Second Year
  7. Egyptian Fatwa – Assassinate Assad!
  8. Saudi Grand Mufti: 'Destroy All Churches'
  9. Episcopal priest: Abortion a 'blessing'
  10. More than 100 homes damaged by Mich. tornado

Friday - March 16, 2012:

  1. SWIFT financial network to cut ties with Iran banks targeted by EU sanctions
  2. Iran food stockpiling grows as grain ships near port
  3. Iranians named by India for Israel attack reports
  4. Turkey says 1,000 Syrians fled in last 24 hours
  5. Turkey May Set up Buffer zone at Syrian Border
  6. Exclusive U.S., Britain set to agree on emergency oil stocks release
  7. Obama team No oil reserve deal with U.K.

Thursday - March 15, 2012:

  1. Russia Asked to Warn Iran of 'Last Chance'
  2. Russia says it will keep selling weapons to Syria
  3. U.S. nuclear expert uses satellite image to identify Iran explosive site at Parchin
  4. 'Azerbaijan arrests 22 over terror plot'
  5. Russia to Get First 57 Italian Armored Vehicles in 2012
  6. Tsunami warning as strong quake hits northern Japan
  7. Two earthquakes rattle Japan

Wednesday - March 14, 2012:

  1. Iran: Reports of Parchin cleaning are 'propaganda'
  2. New offensive by Syrian gov't troops; land mines planted at Syria's borders
  3. Violence across Syria; UN awaits Assad's response
  4. Assad's army captures Syria rebel stronghold of Idlib, activists say
  5. Syrian opposition: International military help ‘urgent’ after Homs killings
  6. UN: 230,000 people have fled the violence in Syria
  7. Obama, Cameron pledge 'to tighten the noose' on Assad regime
  8. Diktats of the Drought Police.... not just a hosepipe ban
  9. EU, US, Japan Appeal China Rare Metals Export Cut
  10. U.S., EU, Japan take on China at WTO over rare earths
  11. US, allies clash with Russia on ending Syria violence

Tuesday - March 13, 2012:

  1. Dozens of Syrian women and children killed in Homs; state and opposition trade blame
  2. Bodies of 26 Syrian children, 21 women found in Homs
  3. Syrian opposition calls for international military intervention
  4. U.S. Syria Intervention Would Be Risky, Pentagon Officials Say
  5. Syrian Authorities Pledge to Crush Armed Resistance
  6. Russia And China Claim Honorable Motives Behind Pro Assad Policy
  7. Spring hosepipe ban announced for London and south-east
  8. US military unveils non-lethal heat ray weapon
  9. Climate, food pressures require rethink on water U.N.
  10. ObamaCare's 'terrible' 10
  11. Obama impeachment bill now in Congress

Monday - March 12, 2012:

  1. 'US might not know if Iran started building nuke'
  2. Ahmadinejad dismisses Western threats against Iran
  3. Ahmadinejad: Iran doesn't fear bombs and warships
  4. Talk of military aid rises as hopes fade for peaceful Syria solution
  5. Egypt parliament to consider cutting off US aid
  6. N. Korea's Kim threatens S. Korea

Sunday - March 11, 2012:

  1. 'Naval blockade of Iran should be considered'
  2. Prosor: Arab Countries Support an Attack on Iran
  3. 'You Don't Use a Neutron Generator to Make Popcorn'
  4. Tehran reinforces security commitment with Lebanon
  5. Syria in turmoil: Assad launches fresh shelling of civilian houses
  6. Syria welcomes Kofi Annan with more than 80 dead
  7. Syria's Assad rebuffs Annan, troops attack Idlib
  8. Pakistan power outages to increase as reservoirs dry up
  9. Sun sends another cosmic burst our way

Saturday - March 10, 2012:

  1. Panetta: U.S. Preparing Options for Strike on Iran
  2. U.S. could use 13,600kg bunker buster bomb on Iran nuclear facility
  3. Iran: We'll Never Give Up Our Nuclear Program
  4. Assad resumes Homs assault; 31 dead
  5. Syrian rebels reject Annan's call for dialogue with Assad
  6. Report: Top Syria officers defect to Turkey amid persisting crackdown
  7. U.S., Jordan Plan to Face Syrian Weapons Threat
  8. China's military focus: the U.S.
  9. Scholars stress need to promote Muslim-Christian dialogue
  10. Thousands of lives at risk in West Africa
  11. Strong earthquake hits Vanuatu
  12. 5.8-magnitude quake shakes Xinjiang region
  13. Storms batter Hawaiian Islands

Friday - March 9, 2012:

  1. World powers to Iran: Open military site for IAEA
  2. Satellite images show Iran cleaning secret nuclear activity, sources say
  3. Iran 'trying to remove evidence that it tested detonators for nuclear weapons'
  4. IAEA chief: Iran not telling us everything about its nuclear program
  5. Top US danger rating for Syrian chemical-biological missiles - ahead even of Iran
  6. Pentagon preparing options on Syria
  7. Turkey will not rule out troops in Syria
  8. Annan urges end to Syria violence, official defects
  9. Assad Digs in to Fight as UN Surveys Homs
  10. President of Lebanese Caritas: On the Syrian border there is risk of a humanitarian catastrophe
  11. UN prepares to feed 1.5 million Syrians
  12. U.S. tracks Syrian elite’s money transfers, but picture remains murky
  13. Asia defence spending outstrips Europe
  14. China testing cyber-attack capabilities, report says
  15. Earthquake sows panic on streets of Haiti's capital

Thursday - March 8, 2012:

  1. France: Iran continues to be 'two-faced' on nuclear issue
  2. Return to dialogue with Tehran on nuclear power. Price of oil falls
  3. U.S. Proposes New Resolution on Syria
  4. U.S. Seeks to Provide Direct Aid to Syrian Opposition
  5. Assad’s forces gaining ‘momentum’ in Syria, U.S. general warns
  6. UN aid chief visits Syria's stricken Baba Amr
  7. North Korea nuclear reactor satellite pictures show progress
  8. Uganda government squabbles while children die of mysterious disease
  9. Washington to provide 240,000 tonnes of food to North Korea
  10. Biggest solar storm in years nears Earth, may disrupt power
  11. Hundreds more evacuated from Australia floods
  12. Spiders on the move in flood-ravaged Australia

Wednesday - March 7, 2012:

  1. World powers agree to restart talks with Iran over nuclear program
  2. Noose tightens around Iranian oil exports
  3. The US president’s last chance in deed
  4. Iran to allow IAEA visit Parchin military site
  5. Russia: Iran has proved it is ready for nuclear talks
  6. Obama: Syria's Assad will fall, but no air strikes
  7. Syria extends crackdown, refugees flee
  8. Syria faces outrage; 'smell of death' in Homs
  9. Report: Syria forces bomb bridge used by refugees fleeing to Lebanon
  10. U.S. Senator McCain calls for airstrike on Syria
  11. Anonymous threatens AIPAC in new Internet video
  12. Huge death toll doubles in Yemen 'slaughter'
  13. Eastern Libya declares semi-autonomous region
  14. gulfnews Nine hurt, three-storey building collapses as four quakes hit Masbate, central Philippines
  15. Scientists see rise in tornado-creating conditions
  16. 77 deaths blamed on Tropical Cyclone Irene
  17. Blast it or paint it Asteroid to threaten Earth in 2013

Tuesday - March 6, 2012:

  1. Former German official: Iran tested bomb in N. Korea
  2. North Korea tested Iranian warhead or “dirty bomb” in 2010 for $55m
  3. IAEA: Possible activity at Iranian military site
  4. IAEA voices 'serious concerns' about possible military dimensions to Iran nuclear program
  5. Iran’s Biggest Weapon – Oil – Protects Nuke Sites from Attack
  6. Obama to AIPAC: Diplomatic pressure will bring Tehran to the right decision
  7. Iran, Syria, Hezbollah threaten military attack
  8. Assad’s father-in-law says he is ‘horrified,’ as violence in Syria escalates
  9. Syria pounds more towns
  10. Syrian troops pursue crackdown, Annan to visit
  11. End the slaughter in Syria while isolating Iran
  12. Rough seas strand four ships, run oil tanker aground
  13. Earthquake rattles San Francisco area: USGS
  14. Back-to-back quakes hit northeast of San Francisco
  15. Strong 5.2 earthquake hits Indian capital
  16. Deep earthquake strikes Argentina

Monday - March 5, 2012:

  1. Iran focus as Obama talks to Israel backers
  2. Khamenei allies rout Ahmadinejad in Iran election
  3. Report: Iran boosting Syria military aid amid escalating crackdown
  4. Report: Assad's air force pounds population centers in Syria's Rastan
  5. Some aid reaches Syria's Homs, refugees flee to border
  6. Syrian Govt 'Mop-up' in Homs: Executions and Rape
  7. Knitting a revolution, one stitch at a time
  8. Turkey threatens to annex northern Cyprus?
  9. Muslim Brotherhood Party Comes to Libya
  10. Chinese military spending increases by 11.2%
  11. UAE residents warned against venturing into the sea
  12. Twister cleanup follows 'total devastation' as search for victims wraps up

Sunday - March 4, 2012:

  1. No Winners in a War in Iran
  2. Obama cautions against “a premature attack” on Iran, rejects red lines
  3. Iran touts high turnout, Ahmadinejad faction losing
  4. Amid fresh violence in Syria, Turkey calls on Iran to cut support for Assad regime
  5. Syrian forces pound Homs, block aid convoy
  6. U.S. Says Russia ‘Fuels Fire’ by Selling Arms to Syria
  7. Syria slammed by UN chief for atrocious Homs assault
  8. China calls for Syria calm; ICRC still denied access
  9. US Will Lose Influence over Mideast – Syrian Mufti
  10. Libya's Brotherhood teams with Islamists to launch party
  11. 2030: The year Britain will cease to be a Christian nation
  12. Thousands told to evacuate as floods hit Australia
  13. Portugal prays for rain as drought adds to crisis
  14. Rescue, cleanups continue in vast tornado zone

Saturday - March 3, 2012:

  1. Obama seeks concrete resolution to Iranian threat
  2. Russian bank shuts down Iranian embassy accounts
  3. India Forced to Cancel Major Iranian Oil Deal
  4. Red Cross prepares to enter Homs, massacre feared
  5. David Cameron demands Assad face war crimes trial over Syria bloodshed
  6. France Calls for Humanitarian Zone on Syrian Border
  7. EU names Syrian National Council a legitimate representative
  8. Troops execute at least 10 in Homs, activist says
  9. 'We will strive to ensure a New World Order'. Vladimir Putin Outlines Plans for the EU
  10. Tornadoes wipe out Indiana towns
  11. Dust storm expected to hit UAE
  12. Killer sheep virus 'may last for a year'- Deadly disease spreading at alarming rate

Friday - March 2, 2012:

  1. Report: US Preparing Iran Strike Plan
  2. U.S. has military plan should Iran conflict erupt, says air force chief
  3. Western sanctions tighten squeeze on Iran oil exports
  4. Assad's Forces 'Taking' Homs Neighborhood
  5. SFA: Iranian Tanks, Hizbullah Hit Squads in Homs
  6. Syrian assault traps 100,000 in Homs
  7. Syrian rebels reportedly retreating from besieged district of Bab Amr
  8. Mosques in America nearly double since 9-11
  9. Storm forces Kuwait port to suspend navigation

Thursday - March 1, 2012:

  1. UN nuclear watchdog sees signs of 'activities' at Iran site, say diplomats
  2. Defense minister warns about Iran’s ‘secret weapons’
  3. Iran’s underground nuclear sites not immune to U.S. bunker-busters, experts say
  4. US Fears Terror Attacks by Iran if Israel Strikes
  5. U.S. forced Dubai bank to cut off cash flow to Iran, sources say
  6. Iran Warns Azerbaijan Over Arms Purchase from Israel
  7. Obama rules out military intervention in Syria, weighs humanitarian corridors
  8. Pentagon Has Desk-Drawer Military Plan to Attack Syria: Report
  9. Syria official vows Homs quarter to be 'cleaned' within hours
  10. Syria opposition group open to ties with Hezbollah
  11. Death toll from Midwest tornadoes climbs
  12. Rick Warren: Christians, Muslims worship same God

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