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  1. Boy preacher: Called to warn America
  2. Japan today, Jerusalem tomorrow ***
  3. Democratic principles foreign to Islamic countries

Thursday - March 31, 2011:

  1. Al Qaida: Arab revolts herald 'great leap forward'
  2. Threats Claim Nuclear Bombs Hidden All Over U.S.
  3. Britain says it has expelled five Libyan diplomats loyal to Gaddafi
  4. Gaddafi forces kill 18 civilians in Misrata; blockade ends
  5. Libya Government Use of Landmines Confirmed
  6. Rebels' retreat underscores need for intervention: coalition
  7. London parley divided on Libya. More shocks in Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen, Syria
  8. Uganda would welcome Gaddafi, President's spokesman says
  9. Ivory Coast rebels advance on capital
  10. Egypt's military government promises 'near-September' poll
  11. Keep out of our affairs, Bahrain tells Iran
  12. Kuwait trial reveals 'Iran's hidden hand'
  13. Japan's Creeping Meltdown: Optimism Evaporates
  14. Obama seeks one-third drop in oil imports
  15. US Senators ask Clinton to help end anti-Israel incitement
  16. At least 300,000 people killed in disasters in 2010
  17. Flooding in Thailand kills 11, strands tourists
  18. 'Absurdly deep' Sierra snow great news for dry California

Wednesday - March 30, 2011:

  1. Libya coalition launches 22 Tomahawk strikes
  2. UK: Murderous attacks go on in Libya; better days ahead
  3. US paves way to arm Libyan rebels
  4. Rebels lose ground in Libya as Gadhafi forces go on the offensive
  5. Libya troops advance east; powers want Gaddafi out
  6. NATO: Gadhafi could leave under pressure from U.S. and its partners
  7. World powers meet in London to discuss Libya's future
  8. 250 detained, 44 missing now in Bahrain since crackdown
  9. Energized Muslim Brotherhood in Libya eyes a prize
  10. Iranian Video Says Mahdi is 'Near'
  11. Klaus warns euro pact will lead to full political union
  12. Gunmen open fire, cause Chicago bus crash
  13. PAKISTAN: Third church attacked as Pakistani extremists declare war over Florida Koran burning
  14. European states ask EU and UN to draft peace deal
  15. Highly toxic plutonium seeping from Japan's nuclear plant
  16. Japan says no choice but to flood reactors
  17. 4,000 bodies remain unidentified in Japan
  18. Myanmar earthquake followed by new aftershocks as death toll tops 150

Tuesday - March 29, 2011:

  1. Libyan rebels rain missiles on retreating Gaddafi troops
  2. NATO bombs Gaddafi hometown as Libyan army retaliate
  3. Western Offensive Helps Rebels in War for Qaddafi’s Home Town
  4. US is sliding into long-term military involvement in Libya
  5. Qatar becomes first Arab country to recognize Libyan National Council
  6. Egypt to hold legislative elections in September
  7. Erdogan: Assad is working on reforms in Syria
  8. Fukushima's partial meltdown increases fears of contaminated seawater and soil
  9. Leaking water 'highly radioactive', plant operator says
  10. Japan fears radiation-contaminated seawater may spread
  11. Status report Reactor-by-reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi plant
  12. Japan hit by 6.5 quake
  13. Low-level radiation found in Massachusetts rainwater
  14. Sarkozy takes hit in regional elections

Monday - March 28, 2011:

  1. Clinton: No US military action planned on Syria for now
  2. Clinton Calls Assad 'Reformer' as Video Shows Massacre
  3. Libya Rebels take Ras Lanuf, Brega , Uqayla, Bin Jawad
  4. Pro-Gaddafi forces, rebels fight in Misrata center
  5. Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links
  6. Gangs of armed young men roam Syrian seaside city
  7. Yemen: Al-Qaeda Seizes Southern Town
  8. 10,000 Indonesian Muslims protest against Gaddafi
  9. Qatar seizes Iranian boats carrying weapons
  10. Obama hinders U.S. drilling, celebrates Brazil's
  11. Christian imprisonment, beatings continue in Mideast

Sunday - March 27, 2011:

  1. FBI dedicates $1 billion to massive biometrics identification program
  2. Canadian government falls, elections set for May
  3. Latest developments in Arab political unrest stretching from North Africa to Persian Gulf
  4. Libyan rebels claim to have taken Brega
  5. Libyan rebels retake control of Ajdabiya
  6. U.S., allies ponder arming Libyan rebels
  7. Reform rally turns deadly in Jordan
  8. Yemen president says ready to leave power 'with dignity'
  9. People fleeing violence in Ivory Coast
  10. Bulgarians hold large anti-govt. rally
  11. Protesters battle police in London anti-govt protest
  12. Second mudslide hits California Highway 1
  13. Soaring food prices and gas station lines in oil-rich Libya hint at effects of no-fly zone
  14. JAPAN: Sea near Fukushima contaminated. Radiation 1,250 times over safety limit
  15. Weather service issues flood predictions
  16. Rescuers struggle to reach Myanmar quake areas

Saturday - March 26, 2011:

  1. Shalev: UNGA ‘Palestine’ resolution may have real impact
  2. UNHRC condemns Israel on Golan, okays Iran rapporteur
  3. West strikes Libyan forces; NATO sees 90-day campaign
  4. Nato takes control of enforcing Libya no-fly zone
  5. Ground operation in Libya could start in April: Russian intelligence
  6. Dozens feared dead as Syria violence swells
  7. Protest erupts in Damascus in support of Deraa
  8. EGYPT: Law to stifle protest and demonstrations
  9. Muslim Brotherhood gains power in Egypt
  10. Harper government falls in historic Commons showdown
  11. Iran blasts appointment of UN rights investigator
  12. Japan Raises Possibility of Breach in Reactor Vessel
  13. CHINA: House church shut down in Shaanxi, two Protestants imprisoned
  14. Colo. wildfire forces 8,500 to evacuate
  15. Anxiety grows over Japan’s food and water supply
  16. Solar eruption creates spectacular 'sun tentacle'
  17. A Round Eruption on the Sun

Friday - March 25, 2011:

  1. EU diplomats ponder if Syria next to fall
  2. Gates arrives in Israel to discuss Iran, peace talks
  3. Libya's Soviet-made arms may fall into hands of terrorists: expert
  4. Look who's in line to replace Gadhafi
  5. Western air strikes continue to hit Tripoli
  6. NATO to take over Libya no-fly zone
  7. We will use force in Libya if necessary, Nato says
  8. Lieberman: West should treat Syria, Iran like Libya
  9. Saleh accepts five-point plan for him to step down by year's end
  10. Leprosy: India's hidden disease Life and style
  11. Reactor Core May Be Breached at Damaged Fukushima Power Plant
  12. Dead, missing numbers exceed 26,000
  13. Qatar sets up task force to address food challenges
  14. Strong Quake in Myanmar Kills More Than 70
  15. School bus safety Tech tag to track students

Thursday - March 24, 2011:

  1. US Intelligence Report: Hizbullah a Socio-Political Movement
  2. The pinnacle of incompetence
  3. Gadhafi forces attack Zintan, halted by air strikes in Misrata
  4. 'The Libyan air force no longer exists'
  5. Dispatch on the Libyans shot at as they rescued U.S. pilots
  6. Marines on ground in Libya
  7. '15 dead after Syrian forces open fire on protesters'
  8. Yemen lawmakers declare a state of emergency
  9. Yemen's Saleh offers elections as pressure mounts
  10. Egyptair omits Israel from maps
  11. Egypt’s Interior Ministry building ablaze
  12. Egypt committee charges Mubarak with murders of protesters
  13. Saudi Arabia to have municipal vote
  14. Big cyber attack targets EU headquarters
  15. For all his faults, Assad is the devil we know
  16. Canada government set to be toppled
  17. Portugal PM resigns as parliament rejects austerity
  18. U.N. expresses 'serious concern' over Iran
  19. Kuwait airport to introduce fingerprinting from April 1
  20. Tidal flood kills Alaska musk oxen
  21. Tornadoes roar across Iowa
  22. 'A big one' Davenport, Iowa, braces for record flood

Wednesday - March 23, 2011:

  1. Unrest in Middle East rings prophetic
  2. Turkey suspects nukes on Iranian plane, finds other banned weapons headed to Syria
  3. Colonel Gaddafi’s commander son ‘is killed by Kamikaze Libyan pilot’
  4. Gaddafi shells rebel towns, American Air Force plane down
  5. Gaddafi shells towns, rebels pinned down in east
  6. Rebels flee to caves as Gaddafi forces step up attack
  7. The Libya no-fly zone mission runs down. Just 6 warplanes aloft
  8. Compromise emerges for NATO role in Libya fight
  9. Italy presses for Nato command of Libya war
  10. EGYPT: Vote rigging and religious manipulation allows ‘Yes’ to win in constitutional referendum
  11. Syrian forces kill 6 at protest site, residents say
  12. Yemeni leader says he'll step down by year's end
  13. Yemen president warns of civil war, U.S. concerned
  14. Air tankers, helicopters battle Colorado wildfire
  15. Mauritania, Kuwait, Jordan water said least secure
  16. Woman rescued from flash flood in Brazil
  17. Flash flooding sweeps away cars
  18. Flood Swallows Highway
  19. Strong storm causes 30 wrecks in Arizona; 2 fatal
  20. Storm blasts California with heavy snow, rain
  21. World Water Day: A global inundation of funds is not enough
  22. URGENT: Radiation 1,600 times normal level 20 km from Fukushima plant: IAEA
  23. 3 shocks near epicenter of Japan quake
  24. District's ban on religious speech ordered to trial

Tuesday - March 22, 2011:

  1. Blasts, anti-aircraft fire rock Tripoli
  2. Bulgaria Warns Gaddafi May Use Chemical Weapons against Libyans
  3. US worried over Gaddafi's mustard gas
  4. Gadhafi Must be Captured, Put on Trial, Says Opposition Leader
  5. Western planes hit Gaddafi compound, Tripoli says
  6. U.S. calls assault on Libya 'very effective,' predicts handing off operations in 'matter of days'
  7. US says strikes have crippled Gaddafi's air capability
  8. Falklands oil bonanza hopes revived while price climbs again
  9. Tanks deploy in Sana'a as top army general defects
  10. Yemen military commanders join opposition as tanks take to the streets
  11. Mideast in Turmoil: Two Key US Allies in Danger
  12. The UNHRC: Hard at work condemning Israel
  13. Japan quake death toll passes 18,000
  14. Engineers connect power cables to Fukushima plant
  15. Japan: WHO warns of 'serious' food radiation

Monday - March 21, 2011:

  1. Coalition shows first cracks as Qaddafi digs in for guerrilla war
  2. Gaddafi's forces enter Benghazi
  3. Libyans form human shield at Gaddafi's compound
  4. Libya Gaddafi Says Arming Nation To Fight Foreign Aggression
  5. Libya suggests fuel favours for friends
  6. U.S. fighter jets join international strike, hit Gadhafi ground forces
  7. U.S. Arab planes to join Libya mission
  8. Italy sending jets to join Western air strikes on Libya
  9. Gaddafi: We're not afraid; war will be long
  10. Gaddafi: Western air raids on Libyan forces 'terrorism'
  11. Libyan army orders ceasefire
  12. Iran warns Libyans of West's 'colonial' intentions
  13. Hydro-diplomacy needed to avert Arab water wars
  14. 2nd Iranian plane forced to land in Turkey for inspection
  15. Taiwan finds radiation on imported Japanese beans
  16. 'Samurai' praised as Fukushima reactor slowly cools
  17. Search for food numbs Japan’s nuclear anxiety
  18. Strong earthquake hits off Philippines coast

Sunday - March 20, 2011:

  1. Report: Gaddafi forces attack Benghazi
  2. Allied forces fire missiles on Libya
  3. Military action underway in Libya
  4. British and French jets over Libya. US, UK ships fire 112 Tomahawks
  5. French war planes hit four Libyan tanks near Benghazi
  6. US, Canadian, Dutch and Spanish head to Italy bases for enforcement of Libya no-fly zone
  7. Libya Oil Chief Says Crude Production ‘Could Reach a Halt’ Due to Conflict
  8. Qaddafi and His Forces Warned on War Crimes
  9. Syria: Thousands call for revolt at funeral of protester
  10. Yemen police storm protest camp day after 46 demonstrators killed
  11. The ancient loathing between Sunnis and Shi'ites is threatening to tear apart the Muslim world
  12. Japan halts sale of food from near Fukushima
  13. Iran lawmakers support Bahrain protests
  14. Indonesia volcano traps villagers between lava flows
  15. Strong earthquake hits northeastern Japan

Saturday - March 19, 2011:

  1. US tells Gaddafi to pull back from east Libya
  2. Deputy minister: Libya ready for ceasefire
  3. Libya declares ceasefire after UN resolution
  4. Obama says Qaddafi must withdraw forces, does not demand his departure
  5. Gaddafi forces attack town after UN decision
  6. NATO nearly ready to implement UN resolution on Libya
  7. Gadhafi anti-aircraft guns a danger for NATO
  8. Libya cease-fire aims to outflank no-fly zone
  9. Gaddafi to send forces to surround rebellious Benghazi
  10. Libya not afraid of foreign airstrikes - Gaddafi son
  11. Gadhafi threatens to join 'holy war' against West
  12. After weeks of inaction, Egypt — not U.S. — moves to arm Libyans to defend themselves UN approves military action
  13. Syrian forces kill 4 protesters in southern city
  14. Activists call on Syrians to attend Friday protests
  15. 5 protesters killed in Syria, activist says; amateur video shows unrest around country
  16. 46 dead in Yemen protest bloodbath medics
  17. Yemen in state of emergency after protest massacre
  18. Ivory Coast Forces Shell Abidjan Market, Kill 30, UN Says
  19. Saudi king moving to head off protests diplomats
  20. Iran cleric tells Bahraini Shiites to protest on
  21. Hundreds of Jordanians demonstrate despite Saturday’s start of national dialogue on reform
  22. Report: U.S. considering strategic outreach to Hezbollah
  23. Egypt's New Rulers Friendly with Assad
  24. Canadian MPs: 'Israel's Values Are Canada's Values'
  25. The moment nuclear plant chief WEPT as Japanese finally admit that radiation leak is serious enough to kill people
  26. Repentance in the wake of tragedy
  27. Chunk of Calif. coastal highway falls into Pacific
  28. Russian military to buy 36 ICBMs, 2 missile subs in 2011
  29. Alert level at Indonesia volcano raised to highest
  30. Wycliffe: Final Bible translations in process

Friday - March 18, 2011:

  1. UN OKs 'all necessary measures' against Libya
  2. Five air forces set to attack Libya. Qaddafi threatens reprisals in Europe and ME
  3. Libya: At least 30 dead as rebels try to halt Benghazi push
  4. Iranian film Invade Israel to usher in Muslim 'messiah'
  5. Diplomats: Iran weapons material seized
  6. Iran’s war ship
  7. Nuclear and weapons materials discovered, bound for Iran
  8. Bahrain arrests opposition leaders for 'inciting murder'
  9. Oil, militant Islam and the terrifying dilemma now facing the West
  10. SYRIA: Democracy protests in Damascus and Aleppo, the first in decades
  11. Global fears mount as Japan takes desperate steps
  12. Japan nuclear reactor water-bombing has little effect
  13. Post-tsunami death toll in Japan rises to nearly 14,000
  14. Radiation Plume Course Charted by U.N. Agency
  15. Let's eat! 10,000 sharks join together to feast on a 'bait ball' off the Florida coast
  16. Strong 6.5 magnitude quake strikes Vanuatu seismologists
  17. 5.3 quake shakes Chile
  18. EU summit: Confidence in the future shattered
  19. Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media

Thursday - March 17, 2011:

  1. Israeli navy intercepts vessel carrying arms delivered by Iranian warships
  2. Iran on arms seizure: 'Zionist regime is full of lies'
  3. Plane allegedly carrying arms from Iran to Syria forced to land in Turkey
  4. Turkey frees detained Iran cargo plane, finding 'nothing illegal' on board
  5. 'Turkey stops Iranian cargo plane en route to Syria'
  6. Turkey: No weapons on Iranian plane
  7. Cleric issues 48-page fatwa against democracy
  8. France believes no-fly zone over Libya likely
  9. UN's Ban calls for immediate ceasefire in Libya
  10. Gaddafi shells city, threatens rebel stronghold
  11. Shelling kills at least 5 in Libya's rebel-held Misrata
  12. Gadhafi forces move in on main rebel bastion of Benghazi in Libya
  13. Gaddafi's son says revolt will be over in 48 hours
  14. Qaddafi Bombs Benghazi as Son Says ‘Too Late’ for No-Fly Zone
  15. Bahrain opposition: 5 dead in 'war of annihilation'
  16. Bahraini Saudi tanks disperse protesters. Tehran: Dangerous consequences
  17. Saudi Soldier, Bahrain Protesters Killed; Iran Blames US
  18. The country the West can’t lose
  19. Bahrain king declares state of emergency after protests
  20. 120 injured in Yemen clashes
  21. Strong quake sways buildings in Tokyo
  22. EU official: Japan catastrophe looming
  23. U.S. Calls Radiation ‘Extremely High,’ Sees Japan Nuclear Crisis Worsening
  24. U.S. official: Japan nuke situation worse
  25. Radiation panic overshadows worse threats
  26. IAEA chief: Japan nuclear situation 'very serious', but too soon to say out of control
  27. Japan Says 2nd Reactor May Have Ruptured With Radioactive Release
  28. Japan turns to U.S. in face of worsening nuclear crisis
  29. Japan disaster could unleash second wave of crisis
  30. Pakistani Christians convert to Islam because of threats and intimidations
  31. ARE WE LISTENING? God is trying to get our attention through the traumas in Japan & the Mideast

Wednesday - March 16, 2011:

  1. Japan quake and tsunami: 48 hours to stop a nuclear disaster
  2. Nuclear rods melting inside three Fukushima reactors, Japan admits
  3. Workers evacuate stricken nuclear plant
  4. Ash cloud from Japanese volcano in path of flights to Korea, China, Taiwan
  5. Russian fishing companies in search of buyers as Japanese firms withdraw
  6. Texas Instruments expects revenue hit from earthquake damage to Japanese manufacturing plant
  7. France struggling to get G8 accord on Libya no-fly
  8. Iran claims credit for Middle East turmoil
  9. Iran: Saudi troops in Bahrain unacceptable
  10. Saudis send 3,500 troops to Bahrain; two brigades plus tank battalion
  11. Libyan rebels urge west to assassinate Gaddafi as his forces near Benghazi
  12. Gaddafi is 'shocked by former European friends'
  13. Rebel council seeks to transform Libya
  14. Rebels appear to slow government forces' advance in Libya
  15. Violent protests across Yemen, three soldiers dead
  16. Machines to dispense UAE ID cards soon
  17. Russia unlikely to return to deficit-ridden grain market before winter - analysts
  18. Thousands left homeless by Brazil rain

Tuesday - March 15, 2011:

  1. Al Qaida commander backs Libyan rebels in message
  2. France steps up efforts for Libya no-fly zone
  3. Libya no-fly zone supported by Ed Miliband
  4. Bahraini MPs call for imposing martial law
  5. Protesters block Bahrain highway
  6. Saudi sends troops, Bahrain Shi'ites call it war
  7. Yemen president sacks minister amid growing unrest
  8. Ivory Coast Violence Worsens
  9. Japan quake may be world's costliest disaster
  10. Confusion in Japan as people search
  11. Second explosion at nuclear plant, but another Chernobyl unlikely
  12. Radioactive Releases at Fukushima Could Last Months
  13. US aircraft carrier reportedly sails into radioactive cloud
  14. Report: Iran launching cyber attacks on enemies' websites

Monday - March 14, 2011:

  1. Gadhafi government 'certain of victory' against Libya rebels
  2. Syria supplies Qaddafi with arms. Exodus begins from Benghazi
  3. Libyan rebels say Gaddafi forces fight each other
  4. US backs Arab states' call for Libya no-fly zone
  5. Empty rhetoric from westerners adds to suffering
  6. Quake moved Japan coast 8 feet, shifted Earth's axis
  7. Japan's nuclear nightmare: Fears of second explosion at quake-hit N-plant as exclusion zone stretches to 13 miles
  8. Japan quake-tsunami death toll likely over 10,000
  9. Japan earthquake: tens of thousands missing as full devastation emerges
  10. Expect more earthquakes world-wide for next two years
  11. Report: Japan volcano erupts in wake of catastrophic earthquake
  12. Millions without food, water, power in quake-hit Japan
  13. Unrest deepens in Yemen and Bahrain amid protests
  14. 30 rebels killed in clashes in south Sudan oil town
  15. Iran 'using child soldiers' to suppress Tehran protests

Sunday - March 13, 2011:

  1. 9,500 people missing in tsunami-stricken Japan town
  2. 'Japan's nuclear reactors may be at risk'
  3. Core of quake-damaged reactor partially melts
  4. One man dead after being swept out to sea while taking pictures of giant Tsunami waves in California
  5. Gaddafi's army will kill half a million, warn Libyan rebels
  6. EU rejects call for Libya 'no-fly zone'
  7. US welcomes Arab League's 'important step' on Libya
  8. Libyan troops push back rebels from oil town
  9. Escalating Yemen violence kills 3, injures hundreds
  10. Violence continues in Ivory Coast
  11. Arab World: The road to Damascus
  12. World War III in the Middle East?
  13. Ethiopia Muslim radicals burn twelve Protestant churches. One dead, dozens injured
  14. Incredible swarms of fish form off coast of Acapulco: But was surge caused by tsunami thousands of miles away?
  15. Okla. governor declares fire emergency
  16. Toxin found in sardines that clogged US marina

Saturday - March 12, 2011:

  1. 3 nuclear reactors in trouble after Japan quake
  2. Emergencies declared at 5 Japan nuclear reactors
  3. Rescue under way after huge quake in China
  4. Bali Shakes from 6.2 Earthquake
  5. Indonesia volcano erupts, spews lava and gas
  6. Yemen: Anti-government protesters may have been hit with nerve gas, doctors say
  7. EU chief shoots down Cameron's no-fly zone as PM warns Europe 'must do more'
  8. Libya rebels appeal for air strikes against Gaddafi
  9. Obama says Gaddafi squeezed, Libyan rebels want more
  10. Bahrain police fire tear gas at protesters
  11. Yemeni security forces open fire on protesters
  12. Ivory Coast 'on the brink of a bloodbath'
  13. Pakistan test fires nuclear-capable missile
  14. Hunger, sanctions and disease are destroying North Korea
  15. Russia will spend $730 billion on weaponry
  16. Utah lawmakers recognize gold as legal tender

Friday - March 11, 2011:

  1. 8.9 quake strikes Japan, triggers tsunami
  2. 'Al Qaida targeting Muslim Americans for terror recruits'
  3. Iran's Arming of Afghan Insurgents Hits Lethal Level
  4. France backs Libyan rebel council; EU extends sanctions
  5. French President 'to propose air strikes in Libya'
  6. 'Gaddafi plans full-scale military action to crush rebels'
  7. Gaddafi's scorched earth- Libya's skies turn black as desperate dictator blows up oil pipes and turns his tanks on civilians
  8. Gates: NATO planning for all military options on Libya
  9. Libya has descended into Civil War, Red Cross says
  10. Germany freezes the 'billions' in Libyan bank accounts
  11. Iran Supreme Leader: U.S. will share the fate of fallen Mideast regimes
  12. Libya's rebels call on West to give them help
  13. NATO to move warships into Mediterranean over Libya unrest
  14. U.S. to send aid teams into eastern Libya
  15. Saudi unrest escalates, police fire at protest
  16. Obama accepts prospect of nuclear-armed Iran
  17. 6.6 magnitude earthquake strikes Papua New Guinea
  18. 24 killed, 200 injured in China quake
  19. Four earthquakes, both stronger than 6_0, strike offshore Japan
  20. Hawaii's Kilauea volcano erupts with greater fury
  21. Decline of honey bees now a global phenomenon, says United Nations

Thursday - March 10, 2011:

  1. New information fuels concern over Iran's nuclear programme
  2. Gaddafi: West trying to seize Libya's oil
  3. Gadhafi: Libyan people will fight West if they enforce no-fly zone
  4. Qaddafi ‘Flattens’ Rebel-Held City; EU talks of New Sanctions
  5. Qaddafi hits rebels with air power, tanks, tribal troops, opens way to Cyrenaica
  6. Opposition in Libya Struggles to Form United Front
  7. The US wants global consensus on Libyan no fly zone
  8. Who wants a no-fly zone over Libya?
  9. NATO starts 24-7 surveillance of Libya
  10. Yemeni police fire on protest, 65 hurt
  11. L.A. mystery missile was no illusion
  12. Obama administration appeals healthcare ruling
  13. Food prices in Britain are rising three times faster than G7 nations
  14. Ferocious winter storm shocks Northeast with snow, floods

Wednesday - March 9, 2011:

  1. Libyan tanks, planes bombard key rebel-held city
  2. Nato weighs Libya no-fly zone options
  3. Obama builds up US-NATO military option for Libya
  4. Syrian Pilots Flying Libyan Warplanes, Rebels Charge
  5. Arab media says Gaddafi looking for exit deal
  6. White House official praises Muslim Brotherhood leader
  7. Muslim hearings: Shining a light or turning up the heat?
  8. Magnitude 7.2 earthquake hits northern Japan
  9. Million dead fish overwhelm marina
  10. Kilauea's new vent spewing loads of lava, fumes

Tuesday - March 8, 2011:

  1. As Islamists gain, Obama pushes Israel into concessions
  2. Report: Gaddafi offered resignation for security
  3. 'Syrian mercenaries, warplanes aiding Gaddafi'
  4. A million Libyans need aid as UK, France seek no-fly zone
  5. Gadhafi regime offers olive branch to rebels while fighting to regain control over east Libya
  6. U.S. Senators Call for No-Flight Zone Over Libya
  7. US mulls military options in Libya: NYT
  8. UN: Libya must stop attacks on civilian targets
  9. First Saudi Day of Rage flops, protesters to try again Friday
  10. CHINA: Police and helicopters to stop jasmine revolution”. Beijing denies unrest
  11. Insurgency in Russia's Caucasus a growing threat
  12. Ivory Coast threatens to unravel
  13. Muslims’ Role in Germany Questioned by Interior Minister
  14. Deep earthquake near Solomon Islands
  15. Scientists monitor eruptions at Hawaii volcano

Monday - March 7, 2011:

  1. Libya forces fight rebels advancing toward capital
  2. Qaddafi Massacres Rebels, but His Troops Are Defecting
  3. Libyan army strikes rebels, halts their advance on Sirte
  4. Battles rage in Libya
  5. Rebel Advance in Libya Set Back by Heavy Assault
  6. Senators receptive to Libya no-fly zone
  7. Iran and Syria to escape reprimand of IAEA board
  8. Saudi Arabia Shuts Down Shi'ite Protests
  9. Saudi Arabia bans public protest
  10. China's Defense Budget Increase Troubles Neighbors
  11. US considers tapping oil reserves to ease soaring prices
  12. Earthquake shakes Peru-Chile border
  13. Earthquake shakes in Anchorage area
  14. Researchers seek causes of honeybee colony collapse
  15. Utah to Washington This land is my land!

Sunday - March 6, 2011:

  1. Ad campaign: God not needed for fulfilling life
  2. Arab World: New evidence of Iran’s nuclear ambitions
  3. British army on standby for Libya
  4. Gates on urgent mission to Cairo as military rulers lose grip
  5. More protests in Saudi oil region
  6. Saudi Arabia imposes ban on ‘un-Islamic’ protests
  7. Saudis mobilise thousands of troops to quell growing revolt
  8. Libya: Rebels defy attacks, eye Gaddafi’s hometown
  9. Libya stalemate, but eruption of savage fighting casts civil war shadow
  10. Libyan army beat men to death: Calgary witness
  11. Witness: Libyan forces gun down protesters
  12. Libyan rebels in Zawiyah repel repeated attacks by Gadhafi loyalists
  13. Qaddafi pushes rebels back. Obama names Libya intel panel
  14. Rebels say repelled attack on Libyan city
  15. US warships docked in Crete amid Libyan tensions
  16. Iran: Islam opposes nukes
  17. Report: US favors reforms over uprisings
  18. Obama: Israel may benefit from Arab uprisings
  19. Mideast Unrest Is Costing Russian Arms Industry

Saturday - March 5, 2011:

  1. Obama signals willingness to intervene militarily in Libya if crisis worsens
  2. Obama 'Considering Every Option' On Libya
  3. Obama administration prepares for possibility of new post-revolt Islamist regimes
  4. Obama enabling Neo-Ottoman Caliphate
  5. 'At least 30 killed in Zawiyah clashes near Tripoli'
  6. Major Libyan oil plant ablaze as rebellions erupt in Tripoli after Friday prayers
  7. Fierce fighting 30 miles west of Tripoli
  8. Libya's tribes turning against Gadhafi
  9. Libya security forces on guard as anti-government protests break out in Tripoli
  10. Youth aim to liberate Libya
  11. Libyan rebels battle Gaddafi forces for oil sites
  12. 'Gaddafi’s men hiding bodies out of sight'
  13. Jordan's pro-reform opposition groups demand new prime minister step down
  14. Mubarak faces corruption probe on gas to Israel, warrants for Israeli, US partners
  15. IRAN: More than 200 people arrested for protesting against the regime
  16. YEMEN – BAHRAIN – SAUDI ARABIA: Anti-govt protests end with 2 deaths in Yemen as unrest bubbles up in Bahrain and S Arabia
  17. CHINA Open letter non-stop jasmine revolution everywhere in China
  18. Arms cache stolen from Thai army base
  19. Violence escalating in Ivory Coast
  20. State of emergency in Florida's wildfires
  21. Attorney: Expect anti-Christian discrimination to 'ramp up' in U.S.
  22. 5.7 magnitude quake rocks southern Philippines

Friday - March 4, 2011:

  1. A Burqa for Lady Liberty and a Mosque for Ground Zero
  2. Tehran's hands-off threat to Riyadh incites Saudi Shiites to revolt
  3. Zimbabwe: We will supply Iran with uranium for its nuclear program
  4. Air strikes hit rebel-held towns in east Libya
  5. Brega bombings to scare off militia - Gaddafi son
  6. Possible splits in Libya's military leadership
  7. Libya gov't accepts Chavez plan for solution to conflict
  8. France rejects Chavez offer to mediate Libya crisis
  9. ICC Prosecutor: Gaddafi, sons to be investigated
  10. Ivory Coast president cuts off power and water to north
  11. PAKISTAN: Punjab Christians fear more massacres after churches and tombs are desecrated
  12. A junta not so inclined
  13. TN's anti-sharia debate heats up
  14. Jason Beller, gunman who shot EMT after crash was armed with six weapons and had dispute with his wife
  15. On the brink- Sixth mass extinction 'that will eradicate 75% of life on Earth is drawing closer'
  16. South-East suffered darkest winter on record, but February defied expectations to become NINTH warmest in a century
  17. 'Severe' spring weather seen for U.S.
  18. Anthem Blue Cross raising individual rates again

Thursday - March 3, 2011:

  1. Iran to build permanent naval base in Syria
  2. Islamists to March in Washington
  3. Muslims to rally for U.S. Islamic state
  4. Arab League ministers reject foreign intervention in Libya
  5. Arabs demand Libya halt violence, eye no-fly zone
  6. EU to conduct emergency meeting on Libya
  7. Gaddafi: Rebels like Israel in Gaza
  8. Gadhafi: U.S. faces bloody war if it enters Libya
  9. Gaddafi warns thousands could die if foreign powers enter Libya
  10. US Sends Warships to Suez, Troops Stationed in Libya
  11. West edges closer to military action on Libya
  12. The US, UK, Libyan opposition lack military strength to take on Qaddafi
  13. Libya warplanes bomb oil district, in ongoing offensive to retake east
  14. Libyans repel government forces from rebel-held town as Colonel Gaddafi claims: 'West only wants our oil'
  15. Watchdog Group Warns Libya Stockpiled Mustard Gas
  16. Gaddafi: Libya is ruled by its people; I cannot resign
  17. ICC prosecutor to open probe into Libya violence
  18. Libya suspended from UN Human Rights
  19. Report: Sons urge Gaddafi to seek asylum in Nicaragua
  20. Muslim Brotherhood sees opportunity in Jordan
  21. Saudi Arabia to reshuffle cabinet
  22. Yemen tribal leaders give Saleh nine months
  23. Oman sounds red alert; protesters given evening deadline
  24. A portrait of Muslim Brotherhood's supreme authority
  25. Arab League hails dawn of 'new era' of revolutions against tyranny
  26. 'IAEA inspectors to visit Syria acid plant'
  27. UNHCR alarmed by Ivorian violence
  28. IRAN: Sanctions helping China do business with Iran
  29. Farrakhan: Jews are pushing the US into war
  30. Battle cry: 'No Shariah on these shores'
  31. Oil settles at 2-1/2 year high on Libya violence
  32. Taliban kills Pakistani Christian minister for blasphemy
  33. Vietnam faces severe water shortage

Wednesday - March 2, 2011:

  1. 8 reasons not to be optimistic about Egypt
  2. Burundi joins Nile basin pact opposed by Egypt
  3. U.S. moves ships, aircraft as Libya fighting rages
  4. Deputy FM warns Islamist regimes could take over Arab world
  5. Iran Seeks Mass Destruction Weapons Parts from Norway
  6. 'Protests? What protests' Ranting Gaddafi branded delusional after telling the world 'all my people love me'
  7. Official puts toll in Libya at 6,500
  8. U.S., Europe tighten noose around Libya's government
  9. UK, US Weigh Military Intervention in Libya
  10. US weighs hit-and-run raids to disable Qaddafi's air capability
  11. Libya rebels may seek U.N. airstrikes
  12. Libyan refugee and food crisis looms
  13. West should treat Iran as it is treating Libya, PM says
  14. Outside Yemen's capital, anger and grievances run deep
  15. Yemen president blames Israel for Arab world unrest
  16. Playing dead: The sickening video that shows children recreating suicide bomber attacks as a playground game
  17. Polygamy outlawed - so why not sharia?
  18. Russian FM sees scope for easing sanctions on Iran
  19. Ten Commandments targeted for banishment
  20. Activists: DOMA change should open wallets
  21. New Zealand hit by further earthquake

Tuesday - March 1, 2011:

  1. Small Nuclear War Could Reverse Global Warming for Years
  2. Clinton: No options are 'off the table,' Gaddafi must go
  3. EU approves wide sanctions against Libya
  4. ICC prosecutor announces preliminary Libya probe
  5. Protesters say shot down Libyan plane
  6. Rebel army may be formed as Tripoli fails to oust Gaddafi
  7. Security forces clamp down on anti-Gadhafi protest in Tripoli
  8. Arab Revolutionary Juggernaut Rolls into Oman, 2 Killed
  9. Pyongyang threatens “all-out war” because of US-South Korean military exercises
  10. OMAN - S. ARABIA: Jasmine revolution shakes Gulf. Two dead in Oman
  11. The revolutions and US euphoria
  12. Obama to face Shariah court
  13. Russia plans universal ID-payment card to cut red tape
  14. UK to UN: Appoint a special investigator for Iran
  15. Two quakes shake Arkansas
  16. Strong earthquake rattles Greece
  17. 5.8 quake rocks Chile
  18. Large Hadron Collider warms up for final drive to catch a Higgs boson

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