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  1. 5 astonishing facts about Oklahoma's tornadoes

Sunday - June 30, 2013:

  1. Russia evacuates Tartus, also military, diplomatic personnel from Syria. High war alert in Israel
  2. Russian Advanced Weapons for Syria: Unrevealed Secrets of Vladimir Putin's Recent Visit to London
  3. Iran secretly building in Port Sudan military supply base for Syria, Hizballah
  4. Iran's Atomic Energy Chief: The Nuclear Program Won't Stop
  5. UN renews peacekeeping mission in the Golan
  6. Syrian rebels seize Deraa in battle for cradle of revolt
  7. The CIA moves weapons to Jordan for Syrian rebels
  8. Iran Syrian crisis prelude to coming of Mahdi
  9. Spokesman Says Iran's President 'Will Return With Hidden Imam'
  10. Missing nuclear material may pose attack threat IAEA
  11. Riots kill 27 in Muslim region of far west China
  12. Sinai Salafist gunmen aim a Grad missile at Suez Canal
  13. Supreme Court strikes US marriage provision
  14. Legal team: Marriage rulings mean years of litigation
  15. Now Obama watching Americans’ credit cards
  16. Secret Believers Share Faith under Fire
  17. Federal court lifts stay, same-sex marriages to resume in CA
  18. Phoenix, Las Vegas bake in scorching heat
  19. A flesh eating parasite
  20. Britain plans go-ahead for '3-parent' IVF babies
  21. In China, black apples growing on trees. Government torpedoes new anti-pollution law

Friday - June 28, 2013:

  1. Canadian FM: Iran has 2-3 months to prove it's resolving nuclear crisis
  2. Iran secretly building in Port Sudan military supply base for Syria, Hizballah
  3. Spokesman Says Iran's President 'Will Return With Hidden Imam'
  4. Exposed Syria’s backroom deal with Russia
  5. Lavrov Russia will honor its S-300 missile contract with Damascus. Two Russian warships head for Syria
  6. Russia evacuates Tartus, also military, diplomatic personnel from Syria. High war alert in Israel
  7. Analysis: Syrian civil war eroding Hezbollah’s forces
  8. Rebels: 34 Hezbollah men killed near Damascus
  9. Rebels keep Assad army out of key city
  10. Syrian Rebels: Chemical Weapons Used in Damascus
  11. U_N_ chemical weapons team in Turkey to investigate Syria claims
  12. US troop buildup in Jordan after Turkey shuts US-NATO arms corridor to Syrian rebels
  13. Saudis start deporting pro-Hizballah Lebanese and Shiites
  14. Sinai Salafist gunmen aim a Grad missile at Suez Canal
  15. 16 killed, 33 wounded in fresh bomb attacks in Iraq
  16. Fresh protests in Brazil despite government concessions
  17. Asia-Pacific to outspend United States and Canada in weapons by 2021
  18. Riots kill 27 in Muslim region of far west China
  19. Coming soon! ‘Transatlantic Union’
  20. DOJ Defunds Youth Programs that Reference God
  21. Supreme Court strikes US marriage provision
  22. ‘This is the thing revolutions are made of’
  23. Jerry Brown: Counties must issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples
  24. EU agrees agriculture policy reform
  25. Alaska volcano erupts with new intensity, disrupts local flights
  26. Report: IRS scrutinized pro-Israel groups

Saturday - June 15, 2013:

  1. China encircles U_S_ by sailing warships in American waters, arming neighbors
  2. 'Missile defense killer' Russia finalizes testing on prototype ICBM
  3. White House: Assad used sarin gas, crossed 'red line'
  4. 'After Syria chemical arms use, US to arm rebels'
  5. Decision to arm Syrian rebels was reached weeks ago, U.S. officials say
  6. Unspecified US weapons for Syrian rebels, but no intervention to save Aleppo
  7. Putin Warns Against Syria Intervention
  8. US 100-150 died in Syria in attacks using sarin
  9. Al-Qaeda may possess feared surface-to-air missiles
  10. Dozens of Syrian officers defect to Turkey as Russia warns against arming rebels
  11. Bombers strike in central Damascus, killing 14
  12. Offensive reported on key Syrian city of Aleppo
  13. Syria deaths near 100,000, says UN – and 6,000 are children
  14. Vetting process to resettle Syrians in U.S. could take year
  15. Bombs and battles hit northern Iraq, more than 70 dead
  16. Brazilian cities rocked by violent clashes
  17. Afghan agency says the numbers of honor killings, rapes shocking
  18. NSA surveillance anger mounts in Congress at 'spying on Americans'
  19. Syrian helicopter fires on Lebanese town, two wounded
  20. Two dead in Colorado’s most destructive fire ever
  21. U_S_ considers no-fly zone after Syria crosses nerve gas 'red line'
  22. Lawmakers tire of playing '20 questions' in surveillance briefings
  23. Magnitude 6.7 quake strikes off Christmas Island
  24. Baltimore tornadoes confirmed by National Weather Service
  25. Solar Tornadoes go into season on the sun
  26. Strange, Glowing Night Clouds Continue to Spread
  27. World Council of Churches Attacks Israel and Christian Zionism
  28. Pope Francis 'admits that gay prelate network exists'

Tuesday - June 11, 2013:

  1. Iran “very close” to red line, could soon produce 30 nuclear bombs a year, says Israeli intelligence minister
  2. Israeli minister Iran is weeks away from nuclear red line
  3. Iran nuclear plant suffers generator malfunction
  4. Iran says Arak reactor 1 step closer to completion
  5. 'US aids Gulf allies to counter Iran cyber-attacks'
  6. Much of Iran funding goes to Syria
  7. US close to OK on arming Syrian rebels
  8. Leading Egyptian cleric slams Shi'ite foes in Syria
  9. Putin announces permanent Russian naval presence in the Mediterranean, as it arms Assad regime in Damascus and bolsters alliance with Iran and Lebanon
  10. Muslim scholar: Hezbollah is the 'party of Satan'
  11. Austria begins withdrawing Golan peacekeepers
  12. Syrian war enters new phase, no end in sight
  13. Syria asks IDF to hold fire as it battles rebels
  14. Syrian Army Uses Innocent Civilians as Bait
  15. Syrian forces capture final rebel post in Qusair
  16. Blast wrecks cars on Lebanon road near border
  17. Bogdanov: Syria will be destroyed if Geneva-2 fails
  18. Ex-Hezbollah chief slams group's Syria intervention
  19. US calls for restraint from Israel, Syria
  20. UN Official: Assad Directly Responsible for Atrocities
  21. First clash between Syrian rebels and Iraqi soldiers. Baghdad bankrolls Assad’s war
  22. German report: Berlin a hub of Hezbollah activity
  23. Taliban behead 2 boys branding them informers
  24. Turkish police battle protesters in Taksim Square
  25. Erdogan Agrees to Meet Protest Organizers
  26. Top UN Official Richard Falk Calls for Removing UN Watch
  27. Obama defends US surveillance program as trade-off for security
  28. Kerala shivers as fever count climbs to 16,000
  29. With elections Friday, question is Who Ayatollah will tap to be face of his despotic regime

Friday - June 7, 2013:

  1. Iran's reactor said damaged by quakes
  2. Iranians protest against Khamenei, chant 'death to dictator'
  3. Insight: Russia's Syria diplomacy, a game of smoke and mirrors
  4. US official: Russian warships may be carrying weapons to Syria
  5. Report: Iran, Hizbullah to 'Fight to the Death' for Assad
  6. Assad army retakes Syria-Israel border crossing
  7. Qusair in their hands, now Hezbollah is fighting for Aleppo
  8. Arab League denounces Hezbollah's role in Syria
  9. Jordanian leader calls for jihad against Hezbollah
  10. Large US Marine force lands in Aqaba to deploy on Jordanian-Syrian border
  11. FBI expert: Quran is ‘revealed word of God’
  12. Obama's UN nominee advocated invasion of Israel
  13. Obama administration defends massive phone record collection
  14. Space Storm Could Black Out US East Coast for Two Years - Expert
  15. 6.1 magnitude quake strikes off Solomons
  16. 5.6 quake strikes Pacific Ocean near Hawaii

Wednesday - June 5, 2013:

  1. Gulf sources: Accidents to Ahmadinejad, Jalili were attempted assassinations
  2. Kerry Warns Iran: The Clock is Ticking
  3. US hits Iran with currency, auto-sector sanctions
  4. UN nuclear chief: Iran talks 'going round in circles'
  5. Iranian general warns of bio-warfare
  6. Qaeda chief warns attacks on US in 'everyone's reach'
  7. Battle for Damascus is over. Is Israel intelligence slow on Syrian war?
  8. Russia to send nuclear submarines to southern seas
  9. Moscow‘s smoke screen obscures Assad’s next Syrian war moves
  10. Car bombing in Damascus kills 9 security forces
  11. Beheadings by Syrian Rebels Add to Atrocities, UN Says
  12. North Korean officers join Assad's forces
  13. Missile kills 26 as key battle enters third week
  14. UN Blacklists Syrian Al-Nusra Front
  15. 'Lebanon struck by 16 rockets fired from Syria'
  16. Syrian rebels, Hezbollah in deadly fight in Lebanon
  17. Over 3,000 Injured in Turkey Protests in Last 2 Days
  18. Two Killed in Violent ‘Arab Spring’ Rallies in Turkey
  19. Erdogan: “Foreign powers” behind Turkish protests
  20. Syria rebukes Turkey over protest violence
  21. Istanbul police, protesters clash after government apology
  22. KOREA: Pyongyang, important progress towards reopening Yongbyon nuclear reactor
  23. More than 1,000 killed in Iraq violence in May
  24. Al Qaida poison gas cell busted in Baghdad
  25. China, India, Pakistan boost nuclear arsenals
  26. Over 60 countries sign Arms Trade Treaty
  27. U.S. Fails to Join Allies in Signing UN Weapons Treaty
  28. Politicians propose hostile acts over dam plan
  29. Syria Game-changing missiles already deployed
  30. INDIA: Tripura Christian man beheaded for not converting to Hinduism
  31. German city submerged by 'dramatic' 500-year flood
  32. Merkel promises cash to German flood victims
  33. Floods halt Mississippi River shipping, shut Port of St Louis
  34. Wildfires hit West, could spread to Native American sites
  35. TAIWAN: A 6_3 quake kills and injures in Nantou
  36. Moderate Quake Strikes Off Indonesia’s Sumatra Island
  37. Philippine earthquake injures 9, damages houses

Saturday - June 1, 2013:

  1. 'Iran nuclear, Syria chemical, Hezbollah rockets Axis has crossed all red lines'
  2. Khamenei heads for dynastic rule – his repression and Syrian role unopposed by the West
  3. State Dept.: Iran Increased Support for Global Terrorism in 2012
  4. Assad: I'm pressured to open 'Golan front'
  5. Russian giant military transport lands in Syria
  6. Report: Obama Asks for Plan for No-Fly Zone Over Syria
  7. Russia: S-300 anti-air missiles will deter “hotheads” from Syria
  8. 'Russia to provide Syria with MiG-29 fighter planes'
  9. Assad: We received 1st shipment of Russian S-300 missiles
  10. How Russia undercuts itself with the S-300
  11. Israeli intelligence denies first Russian S-300s arrive in Syria - contrary to Assad’s claim
  12. U.S. Officials- Assad Doesn't Have S-300 Yet
  13. Assad: We will retaliate for any future Israeli attack
  14. Assad's army demands machine guns, grenade launchers from Russia
  15. Nasrallah pledges tens of thousands of volunteers to fight for Assad
  16. Rebels give 24-hour ultimatum over Hezbollah
  17. US demands immediate Hizballah withdrawal from Syria
  18. EU ministers cancel embargo on arms to Syrian rebels
  19. Syria opposition asks for “prompt” weapons delivery
  20. US Senator McCain pays quick, unannounced visit to Syria
  21. Gunmen from Syria kill three Lebanese soldiers
  22. VATICAN: For the first time in history, churches worldwide will simultaneously join Francis in Eucharistic Adoration
  23. Leading neuroscientist Religious fundamentalism may be a ‘mental illness’ that can be ‘cured’
  24. Pacaya volcano erupts in Guatemala
  25. Copahue Volcano in Chile feared about to erupt

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