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  1. Cannibalism, 'mommy porn' and sexting, oh my!
  2. Vatican reports discovery of ancient documents
  3. The Syrian conundrum
  4. Terrorists’ Bounty for Obama and Clinton: Camels and Chickens

Saturday - June 30, 2012:

  1. World's first GM (Genetically Modified) babies born
  2. Top Iran official: U.S. threats of military attack against nuclear program are empty
  3. Will new sanctions convince Iran to yield?
  4. Syria death toll spirals: 170 killed in one day
  5. Assad: Syrian government has responsibility to 'eliminate terrorists'
  6. Assad rejects external solution for Syria crisis
  7. Saudis forces mass on Jordanian, Iraqi borders. Turkey, Syria reinforce strength
  8. Syrian tanks amass near Turkish border, rebels say
  9. Pakistan confirms Taliban beheading video
  10. Floods swamp thousands of Indian villages, kill at least 27
  11. Wildfires rage in Utah
  12. 153 lightning strikes a minute and hailstones the size of GOLF BALLS

Friday - June 29, 2012:

  1. Iran asks EU to reconsider oil embargo
  2. Saudi readies oil line to counter Iran Hormuz threat
  3. Gulf sources report US, Gulf armies on high alert pending Syria action
  4. Assad is confined to palace by his Republican Guard
  5. Blast hits Damascus, Turkey sends troops to border
  6. Turkish troops deployed toward Syrian border
  7. Loud explosions rock central Damascus, Syria TV reports 'terrorist' attack
  8. Defections rile Syrian regime
  9. Rebels scout new trails to Turkey
  10. Russia Suspends Missile Contract with Syria
  11. New S-400 Long-Range Missile Ready For Service – Official
  12. Islamist Rebels Seize Northern Mali, 20 Dead
  13. North Korea facing worst drought in 100 years
  14. Hundreds of homes destroyed in Colo. fire
  15. 'Epic dryness' feeding Western wildfires
  16. Heat wave: 1,000+ records fall in USA in a week

Thursday - June 28, 2012:

  1. Iran acknowledges oil exports down 20-30%
  2. Syria state media Gunmen storm pro-government TV station, kill three
  3. Bloodiest week of Syrian revolt sees 916 killed
  4. Al Assad says country ‘in a state of war’
  5. Obama rebuffs Erdogan’s appeal to lead Turkey in Syria attack
  6. Hypersonic Brahmos Missile to be Ready by 2017
  7. Russia May Deploy First S-500 Missiles in 2013 - Air Force
  8. U.S. zaps target in high-stakes missile shield test
  9. Germany offers vision of a more perfect European Union
  10. India's new biometric identity system will help alleviate poverty
  11. 'Firestorm of epic proportions' proportions - WALDO CANYON FIRE
  12. Colorado wildfire spreads, threatens Air Force Academy
  13. Seventy dead, 150,000 stranded in Bangladesh floods
  14. Drought warning in Sri Lanka 60,000 hectares of cultivated land at risk
  15. Mystery ahoof as U.S. cattle dying after eating grass

Wednesday - June 27, 2012:

  1. Leaders draft federal plan to save the eurozone
  2. EU hopes for 'big leap' with fiscal, political union plan
  3. Iran says it seeks EU engagement, not stand-off
  4. EU approves embargo on Iran oil, warns of future sanctions
  5. U.S. and EU sanctions force Seoul to cut imports of Iranian crude
  6. British forces in Syria, Assad presidential compound said under attack
  7. Turkey threatens Syria with military retaliation over downed jet
  8. Erdogan- Turkish army to respond Syrian violations
  9. Turkey accuses Syria forces of firing at second jet
  10. Heavy fighting rages around Syrian capital
  11. Syrian rebels clash with elite troops
  12. Defections reflect doubts among Assad loyalists
  13. Tropical Storm Debby rains misery on flooded Florida
  14. Western wildfires force thousands from homes

Tuesday - June 26, 2012:

  1. Eyeballing Iran US commissions 361 cruise missiles
  2. Syria general and two colonels 'defect to Turkey'
  3. Report: 33 Syrian soldiers, officers defect to Turkey
  4. Saudi arms heading to Syrian opposition
  5. Saudi Arabia plans to fund Syria rebel army
  6. Turkey pleads for Nato intervention over fighter shot down by Syria
  7. Tension mounts between Ankara and Damascus. NATO and EU to debate shooting down of jet
  8. China urges calm after Syria downs Turkish jet
  9. Fire near Pikes Peak chars 36,000 acres
  10. Toll from Colorado wildfire raised to 248 homes
  11. 5.7-magnitude earthquake hits China
  12. Study: Warmer seas are rising faster and more along US East Coast than rest of the globe

Monday - June 25, 2012:

  1. Downing of Turkish jet reveals Syria’s lethality
  2. Russian helicopter shipment heading back to Syria
  3. Dozens of Syrian Army Officers, 3 More Syrian Pilots Defect
  4. Rebels kill 16 Syrian troops as violence hits new heights
  5. Report: 131 killed by Syrian military
  6. New Colorado wildfire grows out of control
  7. 6.1 quake recorded off Kamchatka
  8. Magnitude-4.2 quake recorded in Nevada

Sunday - June 24, 2012:

  1. Newly-supplied Russian Pantsyr-1 anti-air missile used to down Turkish warplane
  2. Turkish, Syrian forces seek downed Turkish jet
  3. Beijing taking advantage of Iran sanctions to boost Iranian oil imports
  4. Lavrov: Don't Threaten Iran Over its Nuclear Program
  5. Syria: Government Accuses Rebels of Massacre
  6. 'Syrian army shells city near Iraq, kills 28'
  7. The fall of dictators and the Antichrist
  8. Why Monti, despite Merkel, could prove the euro’s best hope
  9. Egypt braces for Islamist president, or army rule
  10. 300 suicide bombers target Christians
  11. INDIA: New attacks against Pentecostal Christians in Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka
  12. Wildfires move across Utah, Colorado
  13. Firefighters struggle with major blazes in Western U.S. states
  14. More rain, flooding on tap for U.K.
  15. South Korea in worst drought in decades
  16. Tropical Storm Debby threatens Louisiana, Texas

Saturday - June 23, 2012:

  1. Iran could have enough material for bomb within 4 months
  2. Lavrov: Don't Threaten Iran Over its Nuclear Program
  3. Four senior army officers defect from Assad regime
  4. Report: Assad's inner circle plans defection if Syria unrest boils over
  5. Syria: Government Accuses Rebels of Massacre
  6. Saudi Arabia plans to fund Syria rebel army
  7. Syria air defenses shot down Turkish military plane
  8. Turkey vows response after Syria downs warplane

Friday - June 22, 2012:

  1. 'Iranian clean-up may hamper nuclear inspectors'
  2. Clinton: Tehran hardliners seek an attack on Iran in order to legitimize the regime
  3. Faltering Iran talks stoke fears of new conflict
  4. Lukewarm support for EU super-president
  5. Syrian fighter pilot defects to Jordan, gets asylum
  6. Syrian fighter pilot who landed jet in Jordan granted asylum
  7. PAKISTAN: Bibles for Muslim leaders to build bridges of peace in Pakistan
  8. Storm may be brewing in Gulf of Mexico
  9. Worst ever Duluth, Minnesota flood causes $80 million in damage
  10. Colo. wildfire tops 100 square miles

Thursday - June 21, 2012:

  1. Iran impasse to stir sanctions pressure, tensions
  2. Countdown begins to EU oil ban on Iran
  3. Three Russian ships readying to go to Syria Pentagon
  4. Analysis: Syrian rebels gaining ground
  5. Syria’s sectarian spoils of war at bargain prices
  6. Obama helps Russia back on its feet in the Arab arena
  7. Christian groups call on UK to ban settlement goods
  8. Mild tremors in Ras Al Khaimah
  9. Swarms of cyborg insect drones are the future of military surveillance

Wednesday - June 20, 2012:

  1. UK cancels insurance on Russian ship to Syria
  2. Russian Ship with Syrian Choppers 'Turns Back'
  3. Russia, China, Iran plan to stage in Syria “biggest Mid East maneuver”
  4. Russia, Syria deny war games with China, Iran
  5. Iran threatens to break off nuclear talks unless West lifts oil sanctions
  6. Iran nuclear negotiator wants new political talks
  7. Iran nuclear talks downgraded
  8. Muslim Brotherhood warns Egypt's generals
  9. Melbourne rocked by its largest earthquake in 100 years
  10. Earthquake hits Alaska's Aleutian Islands

Tuesday - June 19, 2012:

  1. Big powers, Iran hold talks as time runs out
  2. 'Tough atmosphere, little progress in Iran talks'
  3. EU and US at odds over Iran's role on Syria
  4. Intelligence experts Nato has options on Assad
  5. Russian warships 'to set sail for Syria'
  6. Russian Commandos 'to Escort Assad Out of Syria'
  7. EU broadens Syria ban
  8. Homs, Damascus under heavy shelling
  9. Syrian forces pound cities as Obama, Putin meet
  10. Cold War embers glow as Obama, Putin meet in Mexico
  11. More evacuations ordered in Colo. as winds raise fire threat

Monday - June 18, 2012:

  1. Russia flies anti-air, anti-ship missiles to Assad as its fleet heads to Tartus
  2. US military intervention in Syria – “Not if but when”
  3. 44 Senators Urge Obama to Halt Iran Talks Unless Progress Made
  4. China nudges Iran on nuke talks
  5. Israel calls for making Iran military threats more real
  6. Syria regime tightens chokehold on Homs as UN halts work
  7. Syria troops shell Homs, activists call on UN to evacuate families
  8. Erdogan’s personality cult
  9. Socialist party win absolute majority in French parliament
  10. 'Pro-bailout parties win majority in Greek vote'
  11. Three Nigerian churches bombed; 15 killed
  12. Why Obama’s Jewish support is slipping
  13. ‘Modern-day Nostradamus’ warns U.S. of doom
  14. Earthquake shakes the Philippines
  15. Obama Woos Hispanic Vote With Backdoor Dream Act

Sunday - June 17, 2012:

  1. US military intervention in Syria – “Not if but when”
  2. IDF: Iran Realizing Assad is Finished
  3. UN suspends Syria monitoring due to rising violence
  4. Syrian government troops shell Damascus suburbs
  5. Abrams: US should arm Syrian opposition
  6. Syrian general defects to Turkey report

Saturday - June 16, 2012:

  1. Big powers move in on Syria: Russian troops for Tartus. US forces ready to go
  2. Both Syrian sides intensifying violence: U.N. monitor
  3. Report Reveals Assad's 'Shopping List' from Russia
  4. EU to Syrian regime No more caviar, fancy cars
  5. Syria says it uncovered Al Qaida mosque bomb plot

Friday - June 15, 2012:

  1. Syria gunship use shows regime worried
  2. US, UK, France initiate Security Council motion for military intervention in Syria
  3. Amnesty: Assad forces systematically killing Syrian civilians
  4. Amnesty International documents war crimes in Syria
  5. Amnesty Report Describes Syria's Chilling 'Ghost Militias'
  6. Putin: Russia Ready to Respond to U.S. Missile Defense
  7. Putin Calls for New Long-Range Bomber and UAVs
  8. US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta Panetta warns of ‘disaster’ from cuts
  9. Forced abortions in China killing children just like in Syria
  10. Moderate quake shakes southeast Turkey
  11. The calm before the 'once in 50 years' storm
  12. Massive blaze grows bigger in Colorado

Thursday - June 14, 2012:

  1. Salehi- Iran nuclear talks on right track
  2. IAEA cash gap may hinder nuke role, report says
  3. Turkey Fears Syrian Conflict Spilling Over Border
  4. Syria conflict now a civil war - UN official
  5. Exclusive: Arab states arm rebels as UN talks of Syrian civil war
  6. Syria France calls for UN to enforce Annan plan
  7. Syria: France calls for UN to enforce Annan plan
  8. Russia Rejects U.S. Allegations on Arms Deliveries to Syria Russia RIA Novosti
  9. Syria prints new money ‘as deficit grows’
  10. Iraq bombs kill 70 pilgrims - police
  11. Secret US poll projects 70 pc lead for Muslim presidential candidate Morsi
  12. Millions of children going 'without food and healthcare' in North Korea, UN warns
  13. Institutional Affairs - Barroso to unveil 'political union' plan at EU summit
  14. Dozens dead in Afghan earthquakes

Wednesday - June 13, 2012:

  1. US, EU fake Iran’s consent to discussing enrichment to fend off Israeli action
  2. Clinton says Russia is sending gunships to Syria, could escalate conflict 'quite dramatically'
  3. Inaction in Syria means a nuclear Iran more likely
  4. Syria army shells anti-Assad protest, as UN warns of escalating violence
  5. Syria rebels smuggle civilians from battered Haffeh
  6. UN Accuses Syria of Using Children as ‘Human Shields’
  7. US, Russia split embattled Syria into spheres of influence
  8. Libya splitting into militia zones
  9. INDIA: Assam tribal Christians beaten and forced to convert to Hinduism

Tuesday - June 12, 2012:

  1. Iran denies UN nuclear watchdog's reports of nuclear cleanup at Parchin military base
  2. Iran wrangles with world powers ahead of talks
  3. Virus attacking Iran given 'self destruct' order
  4. Obama speeds up limited air strike, no-fly zones preparations for Syria
  5. Syrian rebels take battle to heart of Damascus
  6. WATCH: Syrian rebels take control of missile base
  7. Syrian troops renew shelling of Homs; 38 killed
  8. Seven people injured as earthquake hits Aegean holiday spots
  9. Hundreds evacuated as Colorado, New Mexico fires spread
  10. Canada: Iranian textbook depicts Jews as apes

Monday - June 11, 2012:

  1. Iran feels sanctions pain as oil income slumps
  2. Heavy Fighting Reported on Streets of Damascus
  3. Syrian forces bombard rebels near Latakia
  4. US Holding 'Hundreds' of Meetings with Jihad-Linked Group
  5. Two church terror attacks in Nigeria
  6. Dash to save the dam as forecasters warn the wet weather could last ALL MONTH
  7. Financial crisis and career ambitions 'fuels 10% rise in abortions in over-30s'

Sunday - June 10, 2012:

  1. US 'disappointed' by Iran-IAEA atom talks failure
  2. 'Battle is in Damascus' as Syrian tanks fire in 12-hour exchange
  3. Chemical warfare feared raising its head in the Syrian civil war
  4. German sources Houla massacre was work of Syrian Sunni rebels not military
  5. Shelling kills 18 in cradle of Syrian uprising
  6. UN Monitors Visit Site of Latest Syrian Massacre
  7. Powerful earthquake hits off northeastern Taiwan
  8. Fears mount of another Legionnaires' outbreak as toll hits 80

Saturday - June 9, 2012:

  1. IAEA says no progress in nuclear talks with Iran
  2. With Russian and Chinese backing, Iran continues to play tough
  3. Iran, IAEA begin new round of talks on nuclear probe
  4. Report: Assad's Forces Using Unidentified Gas on Civilians
  5. Syria rebels preparing for war
  6. Syrian troops bomb rebel-held neighbourhood in Homs
  7. UN Monitors Blocked from Site of Syria Massacre
  8. UN Monitors Visit Site of Latest Syrian Massacre
  9. Russia and Iran back away from the Syrian conflict, dump it in America’s lap
  10. UFO seen over Israel apparently Russian ICBM test

Friday - June 8, 2012:

  1. Putin- We support 'peaceful' Iranian nuke program
  2. Iran thwarts Syrian “contact group” plan over US conditions for nuclear talks
  3. Clinton tells Syria's Assad to quit, leave country
  4. UN chief: Syria forces shot at monitors trying to reach scene of latest massacre
  5. At least 78 said killed in Syria's Hama province
  6. Damascus and rebels trade accusations over latest massacre in Qubair
  7. Damascus targets women, children to break fighters will
  8. Annan to present last-ditch bid to solve Syria crisis, amid reports of new massacre
  9. Help Wanted: AQAP Recruiting Suicide Bombers
  10. Panetta: US Losing Patience with Pakistan
  11. Clinton’s Istanbul conference buys time
  12. Hail, flooding swamp cars in Colorado

Thursday - June 7, 2012:

  1. Ahmadinejad: Iran 'not afraid' of Israeli strike
  2. Iran: World powers' delay clouds next nuclear talks
  3. Iran Charges IAEA 'Spying' for West
  4. Syria accused of new massacre as U.N. meets
  5. New Annan proposal puts the Syrian crisis in Iranian and Russian hands
  6. Russia Willing to See Assad Leave in 'Political Settlement'
  7. Russia to boost military cooperation with China
  8. Moscow-Beijing axis to reduce US influence in Asia
  9. End of the road for Iraq’s leader?
  10. Iran continues to play for time at the IAEA
  11. Magnitude 6.1 earthquake rattles Japan
  12. Quake shakes Taiwan, no reports of damage
  13. 4.5-magnitude quake hits Emilia-Romagna
  14. Lack of food in Yemen ‘extremely dire’
  15. Legionnaires' disease outbreak in Edinburgh expected to spread

Wednesday - June 6, 2012:

  1. Obama’s air-sea blockade plan for Iran delays Israeli strike. Hormuz at stake?
  2. Iran secretly building a third enrichment plant
  3. ‘Flame’ Virus Designed to Steal Iranian-Russian Blueprints
  4. 'Iran giving Assad personnel to kill own people'
  5. Syria bars diplomats, gunships in action
  6. Syria Expels Ambassadors Who've Already Left
  7. Syrian rebels invoke total war. Assad expels some ambassadors
  8. Russia Has World’s Largest Nuke Arsenal – 10,000 Warheads
  9. Iraq poised to be oil giant and an economic power, reports New York Times: Consistent with Bible prophecy?

Tuesday - June 5, 2012:

  1. U.S. Plans New Iran Sanctions if Moscow Talks Fail
  2. IAEA Says To Meet With Iran Over Access To Parchin Site
  3. China Warns West Against Using Force in Syria
  4. Russia to EU: Stay out of Syria, back off on Gazprom
  5. Syria releases kidnapped Lebanese farmers
  6. Rebels set Syrian fighter jets and helicopters ablaze opposite Golan
  7. Magnitude 6.2 - SOUTH OF PANAMA
  8. Indonesia's Java island hit by 6.1 magnitude quake
  9. Three dead, six missing as typhoon passes the Philippines
  10. No respite for Pope as more documents leaked

Monday - June 4, 2012:

  1. Putin to meet Iran's Ahmadinejad in China
  2. Sea missiles being placed across Europe
  3. I saw massacre of children, says defecting Syrian air force officer
  4. Europe mulls major step towards fiscal union
  5. Access to Pacific harbors key to U.S. strategy Panetta
  6. Smoke a danger in N.M. wildfire
  7. 1,000 saiga antelope carcasses found in Kazakhstan as mass death strikes for third time

Sunday - June 3, 2012:

  1. Iran warns US, says its bases within missile range
  2. Iran builds new space center to launch satellites
  3. Annan talks tough to Syria's Assad
  4. Annan warns of 'all-out' sectarian war in Syria
  5. Nine killed in Syrian-linked clashes in Lebanon
  6. Syrian leaders will not be allowed amnesty, says UN human rights chief
  7. Turkey ditches Syrian rebels_ Will Israel attack Hizballah's Scuds
  8. U.S. says new satellite images of Syria show Houla mass graves
  9. Spain calls for new euro fiscal authority

Saturday - June 2, 2012:

  1. 'Obama secretly ordered cyber attacks on Iran'
  2. Arab League requests UN action against Syria
  3. William Hague: we cannot rule out military action on Syria
  4. Putin Warns of Dangerous Situation in Syria
  5. Syrian rebels abduct 5 top Hizballah officers, including Nasrallah’s nephew
  6. UN: Syria may face prosecution over massacre

Friday - June 1, 2012:

  1. Exclusive: Obama weighs action to prevent Al Qaeda grabbing Syrian WMD
  2. Satellite images show Iran site buildings 'completely razed,' says U.S. think-tank
  3. Israeli officials link Tehran to Assad’s massacres
  4. UN hints at unilateral action in Syria
  5. EU Preparing More Syria Sanctions
  6. Huge N.M. wildfire grows to nearly 300 square miles

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