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  1. S. Carolina Legislature Unanimously Endorses 'United Israel'
  2. Markell: Israel can only depend on God
  3. Why Judaism is a ‘square’ religion
  4. Time for Christians to take stand for Israel

Thursday - June 30, 2011:

  1. Britain: Iran testing missiles with nuclear capability
  2. Iran testing missiles that could carry nuclear weapon, UK's Hague says
  3. UK Iran conducting secret ballistic missile tests in addition to public military maneuvers
  4. Iran’s President Ahmadinejad denounces ‘politically motivated’ purges against allies
  5. Syrian tanks shell hills to stop rural protests and stop refugee flow
  6. Obama’s ‘Fantasy’ Rejects Bringing Home Envoy from Syria
  7. Tahrir Square clashes leave more than 1,000 injured
  8. Police fear recession crimewave as burglaries and muggings soar
  9. Mystery disease kills several children
  10. More than a dozen killed as flashfloods inundate Davao City residential areas
  11. Near-famine for 10M in Horn of Africa
  12. WCC 'truth' strays from scripture

Wednesday - June 29, 2011:

  1. Iran unveils underground missile silo, poises for US-Turkish attack on Syria. Iron Dome for Haifa
  2. Iran test-fires missiles, shows secret silos
  3. Iran tests missiles for hitting Israel, US bases, first space monkey in July
  4. Guard chief: Iran is capable of manufacturing even longer-range missiles but won’t make them
  5. Iran official: Bushehr nuclear plant will be operational by end of August
  6. Russian military test-fires new missile
  7. EGYPT: Eight houses burnt as anti-Christian violence rises in Upper Egypt
  8. U.S. warns U.N. funding may be cut
  9. Pipe bombs found after La. man wrecks pickup truck
  10. Cargill says U.S. corn production may fall on flooding report
  11. Los Alamos Evacuated; Fire Crews Concentrate on Nuclear Lab
  12. RUSSIA: Crosses and icons to combat wildfires in the Siberian regions
  13. Storm Warnings: Extreme Weather Is a Product of Climate Change
  14. Worst drought in 60 years hitting Horn of Africa U.N.

Tuesday - June 28, 2011:

  1. Explosions shake area near Gaddafi compound
  2. ICC issues arrest warrant for Gaddafi
  3. Iran in missile training, says ready for enemy attack
  4. Iranian War Games For Peace!
  5. Egyptian deputy PM accuses Israel, U.S. of stirring religious conflict
  6. Syrian opposition meet in Damascus
  7. Russia to hold test launch of next generation Nuclear missiles
  8. Biblical rains in Colombia
  9. Tropical wave to hit Mexico's Gulf on Monday

Monday - June 27, 2011:

  1. Afghanistan: 8-year-old carrying explosives killed
  2. Arab revolutionary grouping launched in Cairo
  3. Syrian troops advance to Lebanese border
  4. Syrian troops enter towns near border with Lebanon
  5. Syria kills 2 protesters after funerals
  6. Syria vows to 'overcome protests' within two months
  7. Syrian Protesters Warn of ‘Volcano’ This Week
  8. Iran and Lebanon brand Israel main source of terror in Mideast
  9. Iran to hold 10-day military exercise in response to growing U.S. presence in region
  10. S. Korea plans 5-day military exercise
  11. Pharmacy robberies sweeping US
  12. France says its E.coli strain same as Germany's
  13. Japan quake death toll rises to 15,500
  14. Strong earthquake rocks parts of Indonesia’s Papua province; no reports of damage, casualties

Sunday - June 26, 2011:

  1. At least 20 anti-government protesters dead in clashes in Syria
  2. Syrians flee to Lebanon, death toll rises to 20
  3. Turkey monitoring Syria border closely
  4. Sarkozy lashes out at U.S. over Libya mission
  5. At least 20 killed in suicide bombing in east Afghanistan
  6. EU leaders call US bluff on 1967 borders in Israel
  7. ICC judges to rule on Gaddafi arrest warrant on Monday
  8. Delta adopts Saudi 'no-Jew' fly policy
  9. US Senator challenges Delta Airways for discrimination
  10. FAA investigation demanded of Delta-Saudi 'no-Jew' deal
  11. Obama slips 'DREAM Act' amnesty past Congress
  12. Tunisia becomes first North African nation to join ICC
  13. EGYPT: Hundreds of Salafists attack a Coptic church in Upper Egypt
  14. China, Taiwan warn of strengthening tropical storm
  15. Nearly 90,000 people flee storm in Philippines
  16. The Alpha and Omega Strategy

Saturday - June 25, 2011:

  1. Israel served as 'main course' at EU dinner, official says
  2. At least 15 protesters killed as tens of thousands take to the streets in Syria
  3. EU names Iranian Guard commanders in Syria sanctions
  4. SYRIA: Damascus is undermining its legitimacy: ”The condemnation of the European Council"
  5. Syrian refugees continue to flock to Turkey
  6. EU questions Syrian regime's legitimacy draft declaration
  7. Former CIA officer questions EU motives in Syria
  8. Libyan officers flee by boat to Tunisia: report
  9. Gaddafi 'may abandon' bombed capital, rebels seek arms
  10. Rebels: Gaddafi could stay in Libya as part of settlement
  11. Muslim Brotherhood Creates Super-Coalition
  12. 'Israeli strike on Iran won't end nuclear program'
  13. South China Sea: Washington's interests fueling tension
  14. Two arrested over plot against United States military
  15. Egypt activists say revolution must go 'back to basics'
  16. 4,000 ND homes swamped by day's end
  17. Official Minot bracing for a 'Noah flood'
  18. Ash keeps Australia, New Zealand flights on hold
  19. Major quake in Pacific Ocean
  20. PHILIPPINES: Manila 11 missing and 50 thousand people displaced by tropical storm “Falcon”
  21. Solar Flares Could Cripple Earth's Tech Infrastructure in 2013

Friday - June 24, 2011:

  1. Japan Rattled by 6.7 Magnitude Earthquake
  2. Syria regime lashes out at EU over sanctions
  3. Syria warns EU not to interfere
  4. LIBYA: The people of Tripoli fear bombs as Gaddafi says no to dialogue
  5. Three Russian designers of Iran's nuclear plant die in plane crash
  6. G20 closing in on farm deal, regulation divisive
  7. Syria opens bank account in Lebanon
  8. Russia, China sign deal to switch to trade in rubles, yuan
  9. Russia may impose grain export duty if wheat price hits $233 per ton
  10. Russia refuses to intervene in Syria
  11. Surprise oil release targets speculators
  12. Oil dives to lowest since Feb as IEA taps stocks
  13. Ashton's secret diplomacy upsets EU states
  14. International court judges to announce whether to issue arrest warrant for Gadhafi

Thursday - June 23, 2011:

  1. Syria FM vows to 'forget Europe exists' amid growing sanctions
  2. Syria Thumbs Its Nose at West
  3. EU extends Syria sanctions as violence continues
  4. Foreign minister: Syria 'will forget Europe exists'
  5. Nato refuses to stop Libya bombings Rasmussen
  6. Gaddafi rockets dent sense of security in Misrata
  7. EGYPT: Doubts persist about the moderation of the grand imam of Al-Azhar
  8. Belfast Experiences Worst Violence in a Decade
  9. 1.4 Million Acres Burn Across 12 States
  10. CHINA: Police arrests Shouwang Church members, talks theology with them
  11. Chicago area cleans up storm damage

Wednesday - June 22, 2011:

  1. Assad Follows Speech for ‘Dialogue’ With Murder of 7 Protesters
  2. Assad issues general amnesty after promising reforms
  3. Turkish choppers over Syria. NATO boosts Izmir base
  4. Obama's DoD nominee caught in 1-world scheme
  5. 6.3 quake hits Chile's north, no reports of damage
  6. Ash cloud expected over NZ tomorrow
  7. Flood risk forces 12,000 to flee ND town
  8. Heavy rains battering eastern China put 660 reservoirs at risk of overflowing
  9. Mystery disease kills children
  10. Ocean life on the brink of mass extinctions study
  11. Two Fla. firefighters killed in wildfire
  12. Video: More than 400 fires burning in Florida

Tuesday - June 21, 2011:

  1. Assad blames crisis on 'saboteurs'
  2. Assad promises elections, complete reform package in Syria within months
  3. Can Bashar Assad survive the storm?
  4. No compromise in Assad speech - only vow to keep on battling 'terrorists'
  5. Turkey warns Assad You have less than a week to start implementing reforms
  6. Medvedev opposed to UN vote on Syria
  7. Gates warns U.S. Congress not to cut off Libya funds
  8. Tens of thousands demonstrate Yemen’s capital, demand president’s sons leave country
  9. Iran to link nuclear plant to grid 'in August'
  10. Arizona wildfire renews flames; new blaze erupts
  11. Flood disaster in China five million people at risk
  12. Eastern Chinese city braces for flood
  13. Threats of flooding as monsoon hits parts of India
  14. Nebraska Nuke Plant Notifies Feds of Missouri Flooding
  15. Report: Christian dies for beliefs every 5 minutes
  16. Weather in Texas ripe for wildfires
  17. Wildfires continue to rage in south-western US

Monday - June 20, 2011:

  1. Libyan rebels have enough to convict Gaddafi of war crimes
  2. NATO embarks on final shot to topple Qaddafi
  3. Syrian forces try to stem exodus of refugees to Turkey
  4. Syrian army threatens supplies
  5. Syrian dissidents declare 'national council'
  6. UK Defence Secretary speaks out on Syria
  7. 'Iranian spies falsified travel documents for IHH flotilla'
  8. US congressman introduces bill to cut off Lebanon aid
  9. China Wants the Best of Both Worlds on Iran
  10. 25 militants, 4 Pakistani soldiers killed in clashes
  11. Muslim Brotherhood axes presidential hopeful
  12. Van Impe ministry abandons TBN in clash over Islam
  13. China floods bring steep food price rises
  14. China food prices spike as floods ruin farmland
  15. Severe storms race across Georgia, Florida

Sunday - June 19, 2011:

  1. 24 killed in new wave of Syrian protests
  2. Syrian tanks storm town near Turkey border
  3. Camp for Syrian refugees put up in Iraq
  4. U.S. seeks to try Syria's Assad in Hague criminal court
  5. NATO: Gaddafi uses human shields
  6. Gadhafi vows to defeat NATO alliance in address on Libya TV
  7. Iran's Bushehr plant almost ready - Rosatom chief
  8. Chinese naval maneuvers seen as warning to Vietnam
  9. Army deploys in force after seven killed in north Lebanon
  10. Karzai slams US, links hands with Pakistan, Saudi Arabia
  11. KOREA: Seoul deploys missiles near the DMZ
  12. Arizona wildfires force chaotic evacuation
  13. More water released into swollen Missouri River
  14. New Mexico town flees as wildfire approaches
  15. Uzbekistan, illegal to own a Bible or pray together

Saturday - June 18, 2011:

  1. Black hole shreds star, sparking gamma ray flash
  2. Confronting Ahmadinejad
  3. Despite crackdown, protests erupt across Syria; 16 dead
  4. France, Germany to push Syria resolution at UNSC
  5. Lebanon has a radical new government. It gives Assad his second front
  6. NATO chief rules out military action in Syria as protests continue
  7. AFP Russia, China warn West against Arab interference
  8. Russia-China Joint Statement Discloses Opposition to US Policy
  9. TURKEY-SYRIA: Ankara announces humanitarian corridor for 10 thousand Syrian refugees
  10. Authorities 1 taken into custody after suspicious vehicle found near the Pentagon
  11. US official warns against cutting funds to UN bodies
  12. 3,408 people with E_coli infected in Germany, but number of new cases slowing
  13. 5_2 earthquake jolts Southcentral Alaska
  14. Global report predicts prolonged high food prices, more pressure to feed the needy
  15. Volcanic ash threatens Patagonian tourism, sheep

Friday - June 17, 2011:

  1. Al-Qaida publishes hit-list of influential Americans
  2. Russia, China defend Iran's right to nuclear power
  3. Six Explosions Near Qaddafi Compound
  4. Syrian army operating in tribal areas
  5. Syrian opposition seeks to draw ruling Alawites into the movement
  6. Syrian civilian Why is our president killing us
  7. Turkish FM calls for immediate end to Syrian crackdown
  8. Either China’s Communist Party opens up to democracy or falls
  9. AP Interview UN expert says 2008 food crisis not a peak, warns of more trouble to come
  10. French analyst cuts EU grain crop views due drought
  11. 500,000 residents displaced by southern Philippine floods
  12. Children in France get E. coli from German burgers
  13. India monsoon 9 percent below normal in past week report
  14. Papua New Guinea, New Britain earthquake: many damaging earthquakes in the same area since 1900
  15. Report: World changes eating habits as food prices soar
  16. Weather records, and Americans, battered by spring

Thursday - June 16, 2011:

  1. Ahmadinejad moves to limit authority of reinstated Iran intelligence chief
  2. China and allies back Russia against U.S. missile shield
  3. U.S. sees value in aid to Lebanon
  4. Turkey's Erdogan holds crisis talks with Syria envoy
  5. US naval movements around Syria. Hizballah moves rockets
  6. Gaddafi forces shell rebel positions
  7. NATO Official Warns Resource Issue Will Become Critical in Libyan Operation
  8. CIA air base in works for Gulf to target Al Qaida
  9. France urges new Lebanon cabinet to meet commitments
  10. South China Sea Hanoi and Washington to hold joint naval drill
  11. Exclusive: U.S. debated oil reserve swap before OPEC sources
  12. Iran Launches Second Satellite Into Orbit
  13. Gold to Reach $5,000 Due to Supply Shortage Report
  14. Gulf 'Dead Zone' This Year Predicted To Be Largest In History
  15. Protesters in Spain clash with police while trying to block regional parliament
  16. Scientists predict rare 'hibernation' of sunspots
  17. Tennessee passes worst law ever

Wednesday - June 15, 2011:

  1. Arab League states call for suspension of Syria
  2. Obama slammed for soft approach to Syria violence
  3. CNN reporter, briefly in Syria, hears 'horror' stories
  4. Iran accuses West of meddling in Syria
  5. Libyan troops fire rockets into Tunisia
  6. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood forms coalition
  7. China's military build-up 'game'
  8. Turkey on the edge of autocracy
  9. Eritrean volcanic ash likely to affect int'l flights
  10. Volcano cuts Clinton's Ethiopia trip short

Tuesday - June 14, 2011:

  1. Iran forces attack pro-reform protesters
  2. Iran successfully tests domestic air defense missiles
  3. 'Iran helping Syria to crush anti-government protests'
  4. Syria's army seizes back restive town after mutiny
  5. Syrian army 'pulls mutilated bodies from mass grave' in retaken town
  6. King of Jordan's motorcade 'pelted by bottles' amid protest
  7. Police use tear gas to quell riot in southern China
  8. Pakistan accused of tipping off al-Qaeda fighters ahead of raids
  9. U.S. Said to Stop North Korea Missile Shipment to Myanmar
  10. Albuquerque warns of smoke from Ariz. fire
  11. China's flooded regions face more rain
  12. Christchurch hit by two strong quakes
  13. Levees rupture in Missouri

Monday - June 13, 2011:

  1. Iran: Israel nuclear threat to Mideast
  2. Interview: Iran shipping line fights EU sanctions in court
  3. Syrian army defectors recall horrific massacre
  4. Diplomat: Over 4,300 Syrian refugees flee into Turkey
  5. 'Syria's nuclear plant linked to 3 other facilities'
  6. Assad’s Lethal Weapon: The Big Lie
  7. Assad's purge of Jisr a-Shughour and Erdogan's election
  8. UN Security Council Stuck on Decision to Condemn Syria
  9. Libyan rebels battle for key oil port near Tripoli
  10. Does Rise of Salafi Islam in Egypt Mean End for Christian Copts?
  11. Al Qaeda's dead East Africa terror chief targeted the US and Israel
  12. 94 dead, 78 missing in Chinese floods
  13. Explosion in jellyfish numbers may lead to ecological disaster, warn scientists
  14. Locust swarm prompts state of emergency in Astrakhan region
  15. Wildfires more rampant in Russia in 2011, spread over east
  16. Chilean ash cloud disrupts New Zealand-Australian flights
  17. Tiny village is latest victim of the 'The hum'

Sunday - June 12, 2011:

  1. Very long total lunar eclipse coming Wednesday
  2. In Egypt, Islamist Salafist movement vies for political power in wake of revolution
  3. Iranian minister: Strike will meet crushing response
  4. Iran's Ahmadinejad risks becoming a lame duck, analysts say
  5. Libyan rebels bombarded by artillery
  6. Turkey says it offered Gadhafi 'guarantee' to leave Libya
  7. Syria forces kill at least 28 in protests after Friday prayers, activists say
  8. Turkey to send troops into Syria. Syrian helicopters machine-gun protesters
  9. Thousands flee Syria for Turkey
  10. U.S. Arms deals with Egypt to continue
  11. PAKISTAN: Punjab acquittal for 70 Muslim extremists on trial for the Gojra massacre

Saturday - June 11, 2011:

  1. ‘Iran caught 10 times trying to send arms to terrorists'
  2. Erdogan: Syrian troops barbaric, 'don't behave like humans'
  3. Syria activists Thursday release footage of 'tortured' boy
  4. US condemns Syria as helicopter gunships deployed
  5. West's anti-Syrian bid foiled at UNSC
  6. Syrians fleeing by the thousands to Turkey. Fears of a massacre in Jisr al-Shughour
  7. Libyan Arms Pipeline to Gaza Feared
  8. 100,000 Yemenis call for 'butcher' Saleh to be put on trial
  9. US defence chief blasts Europe over Nato
  10. Warning issued that Islam is coming
  11. Ancient wheat plague threatens world crops anew
  12. China floods kill 44 in drought-hit provinces
  13. Giant fire threatens to put power, commerce on fritz
  14. It's official: drought is declared and millions of Britons face hosepipe bans after driest spring on record
  15. Potentially fatal infection strikes Joplin tornado victims
  16. Wildfires and drought plague much of the southern USA

Friday - June 10, 2011:

  1. Blair says Europe needs an elected President
  2. Blair EU should have elected leader
  3. Call to Cut US Funding to UN if it Approves PA State
  4. Revolutionary Guard praises idea of nuke testing
  5. Enrichment transfer to Fordo: Iran's slap in the face for Obama, IAEA and Israel
  6. 1,000 Syrian refugees cross into Turkey
  7. Syria: Preparing for Battle in Jisr al-Shughour
  8. UN atomic board reports Syria to Security Council
  9. Russia says it's opposed to any UN Syria resolulution
  10. Moscow opposes Western anti-Syrian motions because of Tripoli bombing
  11. Dozens of 'incubators' for jihad found in U.S.
  12. El Paso Electric: Weakening winds slow Arizona fire's approach to power lines
  13. Extreme heat bakes East, South
  14. Obama may open Strategic Petroleum Reserve
  15. Wet spring, lousy harvest = higher food prices
  16. Wild weather rocks S. Ontario, 1 dead

Thursday - June 9, 2011:

  1. Al-Qaida deputy: U.S. will regret killing Bin Laden
  2. EU readies sanctions to target Syrian economic sector
  3. Elite Syrian troops heading north for attack
  4. Syrian forces led by president’s brother converge on rebellious town, activist says
  5. Netanyahu: Syria provoking Israel to divert attention from internal bloodshed
  6. Residents of Syrian town flee to Turkey
  7. NATO hits Libya with heaviest bombing since air strikes began
  8. Gaddafi forces shell Misrata; 'kill 12 Libyan rebels'
  9. Iranian subs to the Red Sea – riposte for nuclear watchdog's indictment
  10. Iran to move its most sensitive nuclear equipment to bunker
  11. Iran says it will triple uranium production capacity
  12. Iran pushing for Mideast war?
  13. Iran: US, Israel want confrontation
  14. Facebook now knows what you look like as it rolls out face recognition by stealth
  15. Florida wildfires continue to grow
  16. Heat blankets East Coast, Midwest
  17. Heavy rains kill at least 23 in Haiti
  18. Magnitude 6.0 earthquake hits Peru
  19. Sun Unleashes 'Spectacular' & Powerful Eruption
  20. 'Wild and weird' weather leaves its mark

Wednesday - June 8, 2011:

  1. Anti-government rebels capture parts of NW Syria, kill 120 security officers
  2. Iran Says Its Submarines are in the Red Sea
  3. Is an attack on Iran in the works?
  4. Iran just eight weeks away from producing nuclear weapon: Expert
  5. 'No western offer will stop Iran's uranium enrichment'
  6. Egypt accepts Muslim Brotherhood as legal party
  7. Battles rage in Al Qaeda-held Yemen town, 45 dead
  8. IAEA chief worried over Syria, Iran nukes
  9. Syrian defector: Military inhumane
  10. Syrian groups ask ICC to probe killings
  11. 'Violence breaks out in refugee camp in Syria, 14 killed'
  12. Army Expects Full Breach of Missouri River Levee
  13. Ash from Chilean volcano grounds flights in Argentina
  14. Billions needed to boost food production, says DuPont committee
  15. Europe's E. Coli Outbreak: It Could Happen Here
  16. Monster Arizona wildfire threatens line of mountain towns
  17. Vegetable oils output to fall short in 2011 Oil World
  18. Weizmann Institute observatory captures supernova images
  19. Wildfires burning in Russia

Tuesday - June 7, 2011:

  1. UN atomic watchdog meets on Syria and Iran
  2. IAEA receives evidence Iran nuke program is military
  3. Syria says 120 forces killed in 'massacre'
  4. NZ quake Christchurch hit by magnitude-5.0 aftershock
  5. Chile volcano causes ash cloud and lightning tears the sky apart
  6. China rains end drought, start floods
  7. Summer's going to last until October 1, Yishai announces

Monday - June 6, 2011:

  1. Rights group: 45 killed in Syria military crackdown on protesters in north
  2. Rekindled Syrian protests could revive Assad's threat to hit Israeli border
  3. Israel to be major subject of US political debate in 2012
  4. Australian Muslim billboard campaign angers Christians
  5. New evacuations ordered in Ariz. wildfire
  6. 3,500 evacuate as volcano erupts in southern Chile
  7. Tornadoes, winds rip northern Sweden - UPI_com
  8. 'Zero containment' in Arizona wildfire
  9. Crisis meeting is called as drought leaves crops dying in the fields
  10. Wildfire area spreads in Siberia

Sunday - June 5, 2011:

  1. 'No calm in Mideast as long as Israel exists'
  2. Ahmadinejad predicts US demise, Israel's disappearance
  3. Iran Tests Nuclear Missile Warhead Design
  4. Iran Ready to Share Technological - Nuclear Expertise With Egypt: Ahmadinejad
  5. At least 70 killed in Syrian uprising’s bloodiest day
  6. Bloody Friday in Hama Syria as History Repeats Itself
  7. Syrians relive Hama massacre
  8. Attack helicopters used in Nato strikes in Libya Official
  9. Gates: US ready to use force against cyber attackers
  10. Aid group reports 300 new cholera cases per day in crowded section of Haiti capital
  11. Ariz. fire burns summer cabins, forces evacuations
  12. Killer germ very antibiotic resistant German researchers

Saturday - June 4, 2011:

  1. Dozens killed in Syria protests
  2. IDF sources Assad regime will eventually succumb to Syria protests
  3. Iran has secretly stocked enriched uranium for four nuclear bombs
  4. The coming Turkish-led caliphate
  5. Exclusive- Joel Richardson explains why Muslims are looking starry-eyed at Ankara
  6. Jellyfish still a Florida beach threat
  7. E coli infections spread around world as Germany reports 200 new cases
  8. E coli outbreak WHO says bacterium is a new strain
  9. British supermarkets 'must take German food off the shelves'
  10. Smoke in Albuquerque area
  11. S_C_ storms cut power, destroy governor's SUV
  12. 6.3-magnitude quake hits off the east coast of Honshu, Japan
  13. Windstorm wreaks damage in Quebec
  14. China gives bleak assessment of its battered environment

Friday - June 3, 2011:

  1. Peres: World needs missile-defense system against Iran
  2. Ahmadinejad Beckons Egypt to the Dark Side
  3. 15 killed in Yemeni capital clashes medics
  4. 58 die in militants-Pakistan security clash
  5. Syria’s new protest center sees unrelenting government attacks; 72 dead since campaign started
  6. 41 killed in deadly Yemen street battles as prolonged crisis saps economy, squeezing residents
  7. Cairo shuts Gaza's Rafah crossing to free passage at US insistence
  8. Algeria cracking down on Christians
  9. Gov. Patrick declares state of emergency; 4 dead
  10. Obama's new security staff may approve attack on Iran
  11. Iran's parliament votes to take Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to court

Thursday - June 2, 2011:

  1. Iran: Renewing Egypt ties would force 'Zionists' to leave
  2. SYRIA: Assad grants general amnesty, but security forces continue to kill
  3. UN to pressure Iran over nuclear weapons concerns, source says
  4. CHINA: Millions of farmers threatened by drought
  5. Assad is set to declare victory over Syria's uprising
  6. Iraqi refugees held for 'trying to buy missiles for Al Qaeda'
  7. Strong quake shakes Chile
  8. Pentagon: Cyberattacks deemed acts of war
  9. Yemen street battles leave scores dead
  10. E coli outbreak in Germany adds 365 more confirmed cases
  11. Report Syrian abuses could be 'crimes against humanity'

Wednesday - June 1, 2011:

  1. Iran cleric: Killing Israeli children OK
  2. Iran Working on Nuclear Trigger
  3. Zuma, Gaddafi hold inconclusive talks, officers defect
  4. Libyan ruler Gadhafi pledges not to leave country, rebels getting substantial funds from Italy
  5. 'Scores defect' from Gaddafi's army
  6. 'Syrian residents fight back gov't troops for first time'
  7. Thousands flee Sudanese bombing amid food and fuel shortages
  8. Why is the president belittling Israel?
  9. Europe's dry spring could lead to power blackouts, governments warn
  10. France pledges aid for drought-hit farmers
  11. Hunger crisis worsens, food system broken - Oxfam
  12. Millions face food poverty as northern Europe is hit by worst drought in 35 years
  13. Mysterious bacterial outbreak in Europe
  14. UK- It's been the warmest spring since records began in 1659

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