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  1. Protestants’ crisis

Wednesday - July 25, 2012:

  1. Syria rebels Assad regime moved chemical weapons near border
  2. Syrian Rebels Form Special Unit to Secure Chemical Weapons Site
  3. Al Assad days numbered, League chief says
  4. Experts: rebels stretching regime troops thin
  5. Erdogan says Syrians close to victory
  6. KOREA: Pyongyang deploys dozens of combat helicopters to southern border
  7. Fresh crews arrive to battle sweeping brush fire in north-central Nebraska
  8. HONG KONG: Typhoon Vicente leaves more than 500 injured and two dead

Tuesday - July 24, 2012:

  1. Iran downplays threat to close Hormuz Strait
  2. Syrian regime makes chemical warfare threat
  3. Syrian Army pushes rebels out of Damascus and Aleppo
  4. Two hours for Syrian chemical weapons to reach Lebanon. Four armies prepared
  5. Turkey sends missile batteries to Syria border
  6. Assad offered 'safe exit' by Arab League
  7. EU slaps more sanctions on Syria
  8. The deadliest Monday in Iraq in two years
  9. Beijing to establish military garrison to control South China Sea
  10. CHINA: Beijing residents' wrath at flood in city without sewers
  11. Four die as fires rage in northern Spain
  12. Thirsty South Asia's river rifts threaten water wars

Monday - July 23, 2012:

  1. Activists: Syrian death toll tops 19,000
  2. Assad rebuilds fighting command, retaliates against Turkey
  3. Feared forces launch new assault on Damascus
  4. Fighting in Syria’s two main cities Damascus and Aleppo
  5. Syria govt forces, rebels battle in Damascus, Aleppo
  6. Syrian rebels say operation to 'liberate' largest city of Aleppo has begun
  7. Syrian forces bombard Damascus, fight rages in Aleppo
  8. US gives Jordan $100m to host Syrian refugees
  9. Heaviest rains in 60 years kill 10 in Beijing
  10. Austrian mudslides kill one, cut off villages
  11. Netanyahu Tells Colorado: Israel Understands Terror
  12. Bomb Experts Enter Colorado Suspect's Apartment

Sunday - July 22, 2012:

  1. Khamenei aide Iran will increase enrichment if world pressure persists
  2. A defecting Syrian general says Assad distributing chemical weapons
  3. Navy task force preparing mass evacuations of Britons from Syria, Jordan, Lebanon
  4. Rebel unit ready to secure chemical arms stores
  5. Syria army shelling border town
  6. Syria Fighting Continues as Army Pounds Damascus
  7. Syrian forces fight back after rebel surge into capital
  8. Syrian forces fight rebels in Damascus, residents flee

Saturday - July 21, 2012:

  1. Assad has given final warning before using WMD, say Washington security sources
  2. Combating Iran’s cycle of denial, deception, and delay
  3. Deadly clashes in Aleppo and Damascus
  4. Syria activists say 310 people killed, in bloodiest day since onset of anti-Assad unrest
  5. Syria troops expel rebels from Damascus neighborhood
  6. The end is nigh for this bloodsoaked tyrant
  7. Russia official: Assad ready to step down from power; Syria denies
  8. Syria denies Assad ready to leave power
  9. UNHCR: 30,000 Syrians may have crossed into Lebanon
  10. EU ministers set to beef up Syria arms embargo, sanctions
  11. Police: Weeks of planning went into shootings that killed 12, injured scores at Batman screening in Colorado - U.S. News
  12. Syrian forces stretched as intelligence chief dies
  13. Grain prices set records as U.S. drought, food worries spread
  14. Midwest drought is diminishing water supplies, prompting use limits
  15. US forecast Hot, dry weather to linger into fall

Friday - July 20, 2012:

  1. U.S. can defeat any Iranian effort to block oil shipping Panetta
  2. Clashes in Damascus, Assad said to be in Latakia
  3. Syria crisis fighting continues but no sign of Assad
  4. Clashes reported near Syrian government HQ
  5. Hundreds flee as UN says Syria violence spiralling
  6. Syrian Rebels: Assad's Regime is Crumbling
  7. U.S. government issues another worldwide security caution
  8. Crops suffer as drought intensifies in U.S. breadbasket
  9. India, growing religious intolerance against Christians
  10. Drought spreads, boosts corn to record price
  11. Wildfire scorches Athens suburb, residents defend homes
  12. Fires ravage Madeira islands and mainland Portugal
  13. China to buy US assets via GM pension

Thursday - July 19, 2012:

  1. 20 Nations Boost Defense in Mideast Waterways, Says US
  2. Assad’s top four men killed by hidden bomb. Urgent consultations in Washington, Jerusalem
  3. As pressure mounts, Syria's Assad finds himself with his back against the wall
  4. Two Syrian generals defect to Turkey - official
  5. Jordan Moving to Ward off Syrian Chemical Attack
  6. SYRIA: Fighting in the streets in Damascus, fighting over words at the UN
  7. Little relief forecast for drought-damaged U.S. crops
  8. Police dismantling 80 bombs in Ontario bunker
  9. Residents flee as wildfire rages in southern Greece

Wednesday - July 18, 2012:

  1. US refuses to help Syria's rebels until after election
  2. South Damascus embattled. Syrian high command moves to fortified site
  3. 'Assad regime ready to use chemical weapons'
  4. Clashes as Syrian troops enter Damascus district
  5. Rebels launch ‘Damascus volcano’ offensive
  6. Syrian forces use helicopter gunships to battle rebels in Damascus
  7. Syrian battles rage in capital, Russia pressed
  8. Syrian refugees in Jordan urge Hague to get rid of Al Assad
  9. Tremseh killings aimed to ignite religious war
  10. UN Council to vote on resolution on Wednesday
  11. Cross-border fire, shelling on Lebanon border
  12. One dead, three hurt after US fires on UAE fishing boat
  13. India asks UAE to probe US firing on fishermen
  14. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Abu Dhabi responds to Iranian threats with pipeline that bypasses the Strait of Hormuz
  15. 'US bolsters ME missile defense to counter Iran'
  16. Tehran Iranian drought is part of “soft war” induced by the West
  17. US geoengineers to spray sun-reflecting chemicals from balloon
  18. Midwest drought shows little sign of abating Reuters
  19. One year since famine, 2.5m at risk in Somalia
  20. Flood-battered Japan warily eyes typhoon

Tuesday - July 17, 2012:

  1. Fiercest fighting yet reported inside Damascus
  2. Fighting intense in suburban Damascus
  3. Shelling, clashes rock Damascus activists
  4. As Damascus battle rages, Syria army defector urges limited NATO intervention
  5. Syrian forces surround rebels fighting in capital
  6. Syria Arms Ship En Route to St. Petersburg
  7. Syrian diplomat: Regime was behind Damascus bombs
  8. Syrian Systematic Torture Chambers Exposed
  9. South China Sea: Chinese fleet of 30 vessels arrive at Spratlys
  10. Saudi Arabia considers law against insulting Islam
  11. Freak wave of deadly tornadoes sweeps Poland
  12. It's official: U.S. in one of the worst droughts in past 100 years - Video

Monday - July 16, 2012:

  1. Iran’s Supreme Leader to Decide on Blocking Straits of Hormuz
  2. Assad receives last warning to stop moving his WMD Top generals defect
  3. Fiercest fighting yet reported inside Damascus
  4. Assad Troops Shell Syrians Near Aleppo
  5. The Red Cross Syrian conflict now is civil war
  6. Salehi: Iran is ready to host Syria crisis talks
  7. Egypt to Continue Iranian Oil Transit Despite EU Embargo
  8. Rain, flooding plague China
  9. Shallow earthquake shakes India-Myanmar border
  10. Crescent, Jupiter and Venus in rare celestial formation

Sunday - July 15, 2012:

  1. Iran: If threatened, we'll close Strait of Hormuz
  2. Iranian oil stuck in Egypt due to US sanctions
  3. Iran's War Games Showed Missile Accuracy
  4. Experts: U.S. Cyber War on Iran Has Just Begun
  5. US indicts Iranian, Chinese for nuclear export plot
  6. More than 250 dead after massacre in Syrian village by pro-government forces
  7. Syria massacre part of air force operation - UN
  8. World condemns Syrian regime over massacre
  9. Turkey PM calls Syria massacres attempted 'genocide'
  10. Ban Ki-moon inaction becomes license for further massacres in Syria
  11. Gulf states urge UN to act on Syria mass killings
  12. With influx of refugees, Syrian rebellion reaches deeper into heart of Damascus
  13. Torretial Rains Kill More Than 20 in China
  14. Ravaged by fires, Western ranchers face scary summer
  15. Solar storm bombarding Earth today (Saturday)
  16. Close grouping of moon, Venus, Jupiter offers celestial show

Saturday - July 14, 2012:

  1. U_S_ exposes fronts for Iran's tanker and shipping companies
  2. FBI probes China's ZTE over Iran tech deals report
  3. Frustrated by Iran talks, Congress presses for harsher sanctions
  4. 'Iran should be stopped by joint regional effort'
  5. MI6 Chief: Strike on Iran likely by 2014
  6. Syria takes WMD out of storage: US: Situation incredibly dangerous
  7. 'US believes Syria moving part of chemical stockpile'
  8. CHINA: Xinjiang, police raid a Christian summer camp_ Seven teachers arrested
  9. Police find drug tunnel under US-Mexico border
  10. Forecast for smaller corn crop could mean bigger grocery bills
  11. 'Extreme' solar flare erupts, looks like storm is headed to Earth

Friday - July 13, 2012:

  1. Two more US carriers, dozens of mini-subs rushed to Hormuz
  2. Report: US Navy deploys drones to the Persian Gulf
  3. Four Iranian Arabs executed, five face death
  4. Over 200 massacred in Syrian government forces attack: activists
  5. Syrian forces shell outskirts of Damascus, activists say
  6. Cluster munitions reported in Syria
  7. West Seeks Sanctions on Assad if Violence Continues
  8. Defecting Syrian ambassador was also top intelligence official
  9. ObamaCare to Cost 3 Times More than First Thought
  10. Russian Grain Harvest to Fall 15% in 2012
  11. Exploding hay, watering bans are latest signs of worsening drought

Thursday - July 12, 2012:

  1. NATO, Russian naval-air buildup in E. Mediterranean, French units to Gulf
  2. Russia Sends Naval Flotilla to its Base in Syria
  3. Russian warships en route to Syria
  4. Iran's Ballistic Missiles Improving, Pentagon Finds
  5. Pentagon: Iran Continuing to Improve its Ballistic Missiles
  6. Turkey reportedly skirting sanctions by paying for Iranian oil in gold
  7. Khamenei dismisses sanctions, says Iran strong
  8. Will Iranians rally around the flag?
  9. Annan says Iran must be player in Syria crisis talks
  10. China backs Annan's call for Iran role in Syria talks
  11. Syrian Opposition Group Calls for Revolution

Wednesday - July 11, 2012:

  1. Iran Producing Deadly Anti-Tank ‘Kornet’ Missile
  2. Trades at Tehran’s currency bazaar ripple through Iran’s struggling economy
  3. Russian Warships to Exercise in Atlantic, Mediterranean
  4. Three dead after more Syrian shells hit Lebanon
  5. Kenya police Iranians shipped explosives
  6. Past 12 months warmest ever recorded in United States
  7. Episcopal bishops OK trial 'gay blessing' prayer
  8. Florida closes only tuberculosis hospital amid worst US outbreak in 20 years
  9. Greek Earthquake Sends Shivers throughout Israel
  10. Continental US breaks heat record
  11. Administration staffer's Muslim connection

Tuesday - July 10, 2012:

  1. Iran leader We must prep for ‘end of times’
  2. Iran Elected to Top Post at UN Arms Trade Treaty Conference
  3. No Russian Arms Supplies to Syria ‘Until Stabilization’
  4. Annan starts talks with Assad in Damascus
  5. Syria's Assad unafraid of Gaddafi fate
  6. Putin Worried Over Europe and ‘Anti-Russian’ US Plans
  7. Russia, a day of mourning for the 171 flood victims
  8. Trading U.S. security for political popularity
  9. Worst TB outbreak in 20 years kept secret
  10. Heavy rain, flooding closes roads in fire-ravaged Colo.
  11. Corn Belt heat wave breaks, but this week's rains light
  12. Death toll rises in India flooding, slides
  13. Firefighters battle large blaze in southern Idaho

Monday - July 9, 2012:

  1. Russian Nuclear-Capable Bombers Intercepted Near West Coast in Second U.S. Air Intrusion in Two Week
  2. PM: P5+1 has decreased, weakened Iran demands
  3. Iran is circumventing the EU oil embargo
  4. Syria navy tests missiles against coastal attack
  5. Syria army conducts large-scale exercise simulating defense against West
  6. Clinton: Syria on brink of catastrophe as rebels advance. The region in danger
  7. Al Bashir Sudan statute to be 100% Islamic
  8. Russia seeks answers over deadly floods
  9. Get set for an Olympic washout. Flooding chaos will continue across Britain as forecasters predict wet weather will blight London games
  10. Unrelenting heat wave bakes half the US; 30 dead
  11. Fishy situation: Thousands of fish die from excessive heat
  12. Father of six faces 60 days behind bars for hosting Bible study in his OWN home against city rules

Sunday - July 8, 2012:

  1. Iran blames France, Germany for atom scientist hits
  2. 'Iran will only shut Hormuz if interests threatened'
  3. After 8,763 soldiers killed and a stream of defectors, Assad still thinks he can win
  4. Baird Announces New Sanctions On Syria Takes Aim At Russia
  5. Ban Calls to Reduce Number of Syria Observers
  6. 'Friends of Syria' agree to help rebels
  7. General’s defection reveals cracks in Syria regime
  8. Syrian army pounds Aleppo province
  9. Three killed as Syrian artillery strikes north Lebanon
  10. U.S. Welcomes Defection of Top Syrian General
  11. U.S. heat wave proving deadly
  12. Floods kill 46 in southern Russia

Saturday - July 7, 2012:

  1. Outside View: Time to listen to Iranian voices for freedom
  2. Russia, China Must ‘Pay Price’ For Assad Support – Clinton
  3. As top general defects, West calls for new sanctions on Syria
  4. Iraq warns al-Qaida flowing into Syria
  5. France, Syrian Opposition Call for More Sanctions
  6. Horror of Kalashnikov-toting child as he sees comrade die
  7. Thousands flee Syria fighting, face food shortage
  8. Syria set to win seat on UN Human Rights Council
  9. PAKISTAN: Punjab Muslim extremists burn alive a mentally disabled man accused of blasphemy
  10. Pakistanis kill man accused of insulting Koran
  11. Seven held in anti-terror raids after weapons found in car
  12. UK: Environment Agency has issued 67 flood warnings and 164 alerts
  13. Virginia struggles with power outages amid new storms
  14. Mystery disease kills 61 kids in Cambodia

Thursday - July 5, 2012:

  1. Iran We’ll destroy 35 U.S. bases if attacked
  2. Iran: We can hit US, Israeli targets 'within minutes'
  3. World powers, Iran to hold more technical talks
  4. US 'reviewing' UN agency over IT supplies to Iran
  5. ‘Iran, Hezbollah to defend Syria from attack’
  6. Moscow Cuts Odds on Assad's Survival: '10%'
  7. Assad Charges Turkey Protecting Israel
  8. Syria violence rages ahead of Paris meeting
  9. Syria pummels rebels as battered city collects bodies
  10. Turkish firefighters battle blazes 'deliberately started' on Syria border
  11. Russia: Downed Turkish Jet Clearly Provoked Syria
  12. As China's foreign policy hardens, it is Beijing versus all
  13. Tornadoes rake rural Saskatchewan - UPI_com
  14. After wettest June, UK braces for more rain
  15. Devastating India floods leave 95 dead, millions homeless

Wednesday - July 4, 2012:

  1. US Flexes Muscles against Iran in Gulf
  2. US military strength beefed up at Hormuz as nuclear talks with Iran fade
  3. Where is Iran’s Sajil missile?
  4. 'Beirut banks funneling illicit funds for Iran, Hezbollah'
  5. Gould: World powers won’t be ‘bamboozled’ by Iran
  6. Tehran: Syria suffering for supporting Palestinians
  7. Saudis are buying nuclear-capable missiles from China
  8. Singh and Gandhi among Assam's flood victims as the rest of India runs dry

Tuesday - July 3, 2012:

  1. Iranian parliament draws up bill for Strait of Hormuz closure
  2. U.S. warships ‘easy’ target for Iran
  3. Iran plans to fire Shahab, Zelzal missiles during drill
  4. Iran lobs missiles in day 2 of 'Great Prophet' drill
  5. Rocket fired from Lebanon hurts two policemen
  6. Assad to Kremlin: I can finish the revolt in two months, replaces army chiefs
  7. Report: 85 Syrian Soldiers Defect to Turkey
  8. Syria strikes Damascus suburb; U_N_ decries arms flow
  9. Japan’s Meteorological Agency Reports 5.4 Magnitude Quake
  10. Strong quake rattles New Zealand's North Island, no reports of injury
  11. Terrain hampering efforts to contain Nebraska wildfire
  12. Northeast floods kill 79, displace two million

Monday - July 2, 2012:

  1. EU oil embargo on Iran takes effect. Gulf braced for backlash, Hormuz closure
  2. Iran pledges to counter 'malicious' oil embargo
  3. Iran to test-fire long-range missiles in desert war game
  4. Turkey scrambles jets along Syrian border
  5. “New” Annan plan embodies US-Russian stalemate on Syria’s Bashar Assad
  6. Syria crisis: Geneva talks on Syria sound death knell for Assad regime
  7. Syrian opposition rejects U.N. transition plan
  8. Assad's forces on offensive; Moscow defends him again
  9. WATCH: Syrian troops fire on Damascus funeral, killing 30
  10. Syria: At Least 83 Killed as Forces Storm Damascus Suburb
  11. Report: Al-Qaida planning to crash U.S. airline during London Olympics
  12. South Libya clashes kill 47 in three days
  13. Thousands homeless after China quake
  14. David Cameron pledges referendum if EU demands more powers
  15. Triple-digit heat wave continues in Eastern US
  16. Series of earthquakes shakes California-Mexico border region
  17. Eastern U.S. hit by heat wave, power outages
  18. Spanish forest fires rage out of control near Valencia
  19. Rise in sea level can't be stopped scientists
  20. Kenyan officials: At least 15 killed, scores injured in church attacks near Somali border

Sunday - July 1, 2012:

  1. Iran There will be war – and we’ll win
  2. Obama may use Assad’s fall to disguise Iran strike
  3. Iran's UN envoy criticizes U.S., EU over nuclear talks
  4. Report: Iran says 'having no trouble' selling oil despite global sanctions
  5. Russia, U.S. fail to agree on plan to end Assad's reign in Syria
  6. Syria Peace Talks in Geneva
  7. Syria Transition Plan Could Leave Assad Running Syria
  8. Syrian Troops Continue to Bombard Damascus Suburb
  9. UNSC publishes report on Iran arms trade with Syria
  10. Ten injured in China quake
  11. Intense Storms Called a Derecho Slam 700 Miles of the US
  12. 100-degrees plus as millions suffer power outages
  13. Heat Wave Smashing All-Time Records

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