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  1. The 3 scariest things about Obama

Sunday - July 31, 2011:

  1. Iraq says to buy 36 F-16 fighters from US
  2. One dead, 500 arrested in Damascus swoop activist
  3. In Tahrir Square demonstration, Egypt’s Islamists display clout
  4. Rights group says 20 protesters killed across Syria
  5. Syria: Troops kill 3; rebels form militia
  6. Syrian oil pipeline bombed
  7. Syrian troops intensify raids ahead of Ramadan
  8. Syrian protests and state violence expected to escalate during Ramadan
  9. Iran's missiles could soon reach U.S. shores
  10. Turkey military chiefs resign over Sledgehammer 'coup plot' arrests
  11. Turkish President Gul says no crisis as top generals quit
  12. Iran military head: 'Zionists' are behind Norway terror attacks
  13. Military stokes xenophobia in Egypt
  14. Officials: 7 killed in attack on Egyptian town
  15. NATO bombs Libyan state TV transmitters
  16. Iran revolutionary guards' commander set to become president of Opec
  17. The beleaguered Christians: Campus Crusade drops Christ
  18. Tropical system leaves little rain in dry Texas
  19. 27 rifles stolen from California military base
  20. Drought-hit bears head for Texas urban areas
  21. About 190,000 people evacuated as tropical storm hits south China

Saturday - July 30, 2011:

  1. At least one killed as Syria security forces open fire on demonstrators
  2. Syria: New election law fails to satisfy opposition
  3. Saboteurs blow up oil pipeline near Homs, Syria
  4. Explosion on Iran-Turkey gas pipeline halts supply
  5. Tens of thousands rally for unity in Egypt
  6. Libyan rebel chief shot, killed
  7. Gaddafi accused of role in Libyan rebel leader's killing
  8. Libyan rebels killed their commander for secret parley on war's end with Qaddafi
  9. Libyan rebels fear rift after death of Abdel Fatah Younis
  10. More than 5,000 Tibetans meet in China to reassert their national identity
  11. US Treasury alleges Iranian support for al-Qaida
  12. Russian Navy to commission 8 Graney class nuclear subs by 2020
  13. Analyst: Obama's political focus could re-energize al-Qaeda
  14. Weather disasters seen costly sign of things to come
  15. 6.6 magnitude quake near Fiji, no tsunami warning
  16. Moderate earthquake jolts remote region in southeast Iran; no injuries reported
  17. Knife crime and gang violence on the rise as councils reduce youth services
  18. White House threatens state over Planned Parenthood funding
  19. Evidence Found for Undiscovered Comet That May Threaten Earth

Friday - July 29, 2011:

  1. Report: Iranian General Calls for Wiping Israel 'Off The Map'
  2. Report: Shot Iranian said to be nuke expert
  3. Iran to UN: Israel behind scientist's murder
  4. Iran's imminent nuke threat
  5. Iran resolved to keep up PJAK attacks
  6. Syrian protesters 'forcibly disappeared' at rate of one every hour, say activists
  7. Tanks attack crowds in Syria, 3,000 detainees unaccounted for
  8. Libya rebels plan attacks after UK recognition recognition
  9. Special Report: Thailand's Islamic Rebellion
  10. Clinton Challenges China: 'We Are Here to Stay'
  11. 7 Philippine soldiers killed, 21 wounded fighting Al Qaida-linked militants
  12. Russia against U.S. missile shield elements in Black Sea
  13. U.S. missile shield may be precursor for Iran attack - Rogozin
  14. Moscow slows cooperation with Washington in Mid East and Afghanistan
  15. Islamic extremists set up Sharia law controlled zones in British cities
  16. US in 'age of political deadlock'
  17. AFP US soldier held in new Texas base 'terror plot'
  18. Attack in Norway, Hindu radicals among terrorist’s models
  19. Leaked Audit: Boeing Overcharged Army Up to 177,000 Percent on Helicopter Spare Parts
  20. 53 people dead or missing after heaviest rains in a century lash South Korea causing floods and landslides
  21. Landmines, explosives threat after deadly South Korea mudslides
  22. British holidaymakers warned as 'killer seaweed' strikes Brittany beaches
  23. Hordes of hungry bats both delight and darken Austin

Thursday - July 28, 2011:

  1. Iran Warns Turkey to Butt Out of Syria
  2. Obama's pick to head US military warns Iran over nukes
  3. Syrian forces kill 11 people near Damascus activist
  4. Arrests of intellectuals in Aleppo may turn tide
  5. Hague says UK to recognize Libyan opposition
  6. Iran courts post-Mubarak Egypt, worrying allies
  7. EGYPT: The chaos in ruling military council helping Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis
  8. Jihadists boast of 'paradise' since departure of U.S. ally
  9. Turkey edges toward conflict with Kurds
  10. Lawmaker 40 Americans join terrorists in Somalia
  11. China boosts naval power with carrier program sources
  12. Southeast Asia’s navy chiefs meet as tensions simmer with China over South China Sea
  13. Obama demonizing America's allies, pandering to bad guys
  14. Far right domestic terrorism on par with foreign threat, experts say
  15. IRS asked to silence ministry's local efforts
  16. Ground Zero: Yes to mosque, no to church
  17. Strong quake off California, Mexico
  18. California wildfire burns through heavy brush
  19. Rain, landslides kill at least 36 in South Korean capital
  20. Contaminated river in China sparks panic buying of water
  21. U_S_ team escalates subatomic particle hunt
  22. South Korean scientists create glowing dog report

Wednesday - July 27, 2011:

  1. Activist says Syria boosts troops in Damascus suburbs after authorities detain dozens
  2. Syrian Soldiers Shoot Youth and Leave Him to Die
  3. US, Saudi Arabia smuggle satellite phones to Syrian rebels
  4. Norwegian mass-killer boasts he acted 'in a cell' with two more waiting
  5. 'Fears of Brotherhood threat to democracy are inflated'
  6. 40,000 Somalis flee to Mogadishu for food and water, agency says
  7. Crisis in the relationship between Erdogan and Europe
  8. CHINA: Forced labour for Christian Pastor Shi for praying with the faithful
  9. At least 10 killed as storm lashes northeastern Philippines
  10. Four quakes hit Iba, Zambales
  11. Rescuers evacuate village in Russia's south from approaching wildfire
  12. Mystery creation particle evades scientists: CERN

Tuesday - July 26, 2011:

  1. Assad Sacks Another Governor as Violence Continues
  2. Syria legalizes political parties after nearly 50 years
  3. A secret plan for Muammar Gaddafi
  4. Slain Iranian scientist was working on a nuclear bomb detonator
  5. 'China, Iran discussing barter system to bypass sanctions'
  6. Iran signs $10 billion gas deal with Syria, Iraq
  7. Peruvian army vet warns of growing Iranian presence
  8. Ramadan may hold the key to the Arab Spring
  9. The separation of mosque and state
  10. 6.2-quake shakes Fukushima, no damage
  11. Up to 18 fires in LA labeled suspicious

Monday - July 25, 2011:

  1. Larijani blames Israel, US for death of Iran physicist
  2. Iran Blames ‘US Zionists’ for Assassination of ‘Wrong Man’
  3. Iran Nuclear Chief was Targeted 8 Months Ago
  4. Ruthless Mubarak Regime Returns – Without Mubarak
  5. Militants hang 8-year-old boy in southern Afghanistan - CNN_com
  6. Gunbattle in Afghanistan leaves 80 militants dead, governor says
  7. Car bomb kills 8 Yemeni soldiers, wounds scores in coastal city of Aden, officials say
  8. UK scientists want DNA mixing tests monitored
  9. Freak weather forces waterfall to flow UPWARDS in extreme 75mph winds
  10. San Diego-area fire grows to 10,500 acres
  11. Cholera outbreak hits Haiti
  12. U.S. heat wave death toll climbs to 33
  13. Police: 7 wounded in casino shooting near Seattle
  14. 'Five dead' at Texas skating rink party shooting
  15. At least 11 wounded in Kent car show shootings
  16. 9 reported wounded in Fla. house party shooting, fight

Sunday - July 24, 2011:

  1. Damascus on edge as over one million protest
  2. UN: Syrian repression may amount to serious crimes against humanity
  3. Wave of loud blasts rock Libyan capital Tripoli
  4. Libya wants more talks as NATO strikes hit capital
  5. Norway massacre death toll may rise to 98, police say
  6. Egypt's rulers accuse protest group of 'sowing sedition'
  7. Egypt military leader: We will respect all previously signed agreements
  8. Obama strategy guts U.S. armed services
  9. 150 human animal hybrids grown in UK labs
  10. 'Don't ask, don't tell' to end Sept. 20
  11. Factbox: Mass shooting incidents in last 20 years
  12. Strong 6.5 quake hits northern Japan
  13. Heat records topple; little relief in sight
  14. Wildfire burning east of San Diego

Saturday - July 23, 2011:

  1. Opposition: Iran consolidating nuclear efforts
  2. 'Ahmadinejad wants to go public with Iran nuclear program'
  3. Iran Developing Bombs that Can Hit US East
  4. North Korea and Iran increase collaboration on nuclear missile, report claims
  5. Hundreds of thousands protest in Syria, 11 killed
  6. Syrian army deploys 1,500 tanks around protest cities, storms Homs
  7. Syria faces tougher EU sanctions, but will they work
  8. Qadaffi Vows 'No Negotiations'
  9. Libya rebels: Brega oil installations boobytrapped by Gadhafi forces
  10. Libyan rebels in Zlitan capture key government commander
  11. Terror strikes Norway- 25-30 said dead in youth camp shooting, at least 7 in Oslo bombing, PM targeted
  12. Report China building electromagnetic pulse weapons for use against U.S. carriers
  13. U.S. Hit by Deadly Heatwave
  14. Iran public execution outrages human rights groups
  15. Below flood stage in September?
  16. Alaska volcano shows signs of impending eruption
  17. Midwest turns dry as drought worsens in Plains
  18. Beware 'Planet of the Apes' experiments that could create sci-fi nightmare

Friday - July 22, 2011:

  1. Gunfire echos in Homs as Syria cracks down
  2. How Iran Is Helping Assad Suppress Syria's 'Arab Spring'
  3. The Chessboard Series
  4. Think today was hot? Just wait for Friday
  5. US report warns of al-Qaida terror threat to utility plants
  6. CHINA: Rebiya Kadeer Chinese government real terrorist
  7. UN: Famine in Somalia; Millions Could Die
  8. N. Ontario fires force 3,300 from homes
  9. $4B more needed in humanitarian aid
  10. Kyrgyzstan quake destroys hundreds of homes
  11. Parts of Chilean Patagonia covered by nine feet of snow; 6,500 feared isolated

Thursday - July 21, 2011:

  1. Video: Syrian Death Squads Massacre Mourners at Funerals
  2. Syrian troops kill 16 people in Homs as security crackdown intensifies
  3. Stuxnet returns to bedevil Iran's nuclear systems
  4. Iran says shot down US drone
  5. Iranian troops attack Kurdish PJAK rebel bases in Iraq
  6. FBI interviews Syrian activists in Washington
  7. White House proudly supports repeal of DOMA
  8. Analysis: WTO row spotlights nations clamping down on resources
  9. Campus Crusade for Christ drops 'Christ'
  10. Heat wave breaks records of both temperature and duration
  11. UN declares famine in Somalia
  12. At least 14 killed in powerful earthquake in Central Asia, dozens injured
  13. Floods in Brazil leave ten dead, thousands homeless
  14. Wildfires rage in Siberia, summer camp evacuated
  15. Mysterious big fish kill in Cape York river
  16. Mississippi runoff expands Gulf 'dead zone'

Wednesday - July 20, 2011:

  1. Iran says installing 'speedier' nuclear centrifuges
  2. Iran says it's installing new nuclear enrichment machines
  3. LIBYA: Rebels take Brega as civilians fear retaliation and violence
  4. US urges Gaddafi to go as rebels claim oil town
  5. CHINA: Xinjiang, Chinese police kill dozens of Uyghurs
  6. Mortars from Afghanistan kill four in Pakistan officials
  7. PAKISTAN: Shocking video the Taliban execute 16 Pakistani policemen
  8. Syrian forces kill 13 civilians in Homs activist
  9. Syria forces fire on funeral procession; up to 10 killed in restive central city
  10. Syria recognizes Palestinian state
  11. Uranium find in India could be world's largest: report
  12. Russia, Germany sign cooperation deals
  13. Giant dust storm moves through Phoenix area
  14. Typhoon Ma-On's threat increases

Tuesday - July 19, 2011:

  1. Brazil to build nuclear submarines which will dramatically alter balance of power in South America
  2. Clashes between opposing factions kill 30 in Syria
  3. Syrian Troops at Three Borders to Stop Defections
  4. Russia criticises US for recognising Libyan rebel government
  5. Hosni Mubarak may be dying but his military regime lives on
  6. Irkut to supply 40 Su-30 fighters to Russian Air Force
  7. Tensions Between Washington and Beijing on Many Issues
  8. U.S. midsection roasts another day
  9. Dangerous heat wave forecast for half the country
  10. National Drought Summary -- July 12, 2011
  11. Okla. governor calls for prayer to end heat wave
  12. Japan scrambles to protect damaged reactor from typhoon
  13. Several children killed in Nigerian flood
  14. 'Gay marriage' already affecting NY Christians

Monday - July 18, 2011:

  1. Syrian troops enter border town, hundreds detained
  2. Syria opposition group form council to counter Assad
  3. Syrian killings stall bid to unite opposition
  4. Late night explosions rock Libyan capital
  5. Egypt Military Aims to Cement a Muscular Role in Government
  6. Worst heatwave in years grips Midwest
  7. Indonesia volcano spews ash in biggest eruption
  8. Iranians Sell Kidneys to Pay for Weddings
  9. 6.1 quake rattles Alaska peninsula

Sunday - July 17, 2011:

  1. China, Iran ink major infrastructure, trade deals
  2. Iran lawmakers reject Russia's nuclear proposals
  3. Clinton fends off Arab League criticism, slams Syria again
  4. Syrian opposition calls for civil disobedience
  5. Gaddafi rejects international recognition of rebels
  6. Qaddafi attacks western rebels to improve his bargaining position for ending war
  7. INDIA: Uttar Pradesh 5 Pentecostal pastors and faithful arrested on false charges
  8. Video: Nearly 900 heat records have fallen in July
  9. Britain's £52m aid for African drought as five million people in Ethiopia at risk of cholera
  10. USGS reports 6.0 magnitude quake off Chilean coast
  11. Cattle in Texas drought dying

Saturday - July 16, 2011:

  1. Iran developing centrifuge to speed uranium enrichment
  2. 'World leaders to present Gaddafi with exit terms'
  3. Libya meeting seeks ways to persuade Gaddafi to go
  4. Gadaffi reveals 'suicidal plan' to blow up Tripoli with missiles if rebels take control
  5. New Leaks of Antiaircraft Missiles From Rebel-Held Bunkers in Libya
  6. NATO chief calls for more strike aircraft to bomb Libya
  7. Libyan rebels hampered by lack of weapons
  8. Syrian protests spread into the workweek, but regime holds firm
  9. Syria security forces kill 32 on 'Friday of Freedom Prisoners'
  10. UNSC gets 'devastating briefing' about Syrian nuke plant
  11. Indonesian volcano erupts, spewing rock and lava
  12. IRAQ: 2010 a terrible year for Iraq’s Christians
  13. California governor signs bill requiring schools to teach gay history
  14. Pastors: Homosexuality not a sin

Friday - July 15, 2011:

  1. Report: Iran moving nuclear program to bunker
  2. The Libyan War ends. Obama makes Moscow peace broker. NATO halts strikes
  3. 2 die at Syria protest; Sarkozy wants more sanctions
  4. Syrian opposition tells EU that Assad will fall in 'weeks'
  5. New Arab League Chief Slams 'Foreign Intereference' on Syria
  6. At least 21 killed in multiple terror attack in Mumbai. Indian cities raise terror alert
  7. Fresh violence kills 14 in Pakistan's Karachi police
  8. Gilani voices concern over US suspension of military aid
  9. North Korea must be stopped from more attacks Admiral Mullen
  10. China Missile Technology Sales to Iran, Syria and Pakistan
  11. Pentagon discloses massive cyber theft
  12. Gold hits record high on Bernanke, euro worries
  13. Arab world's ratings of Obama, US plummet poll
  14. Earthquake strikes in middle of Channel: UK
  15. Missouri River floodwaters taking more farmland

Thursday - July 14, 2011:

  1. 'Iran to enrich higher-grade uranium in underground bunker'
  2. Day 7: Tahrir Square Revolution, Take 2
  3. Egypt fires nearly 700 police as protesters hold ground at new Tahrir Square sit-in
  4. Gaddafi forces struggling, U.S. reports say
  5. Three more EU nations recognise Libya rebels
  6. Residents say bombs damage two gas pipelines in Syria
  7. West ups pressure for UN action on Syria
  8. US, French envoys to visit more protest hubs. Syrian oil pipeline bombed
  9. Syrian reform conference eclipsed by showdown with America
  10. Police officers set on fire in petrol bomb attack as they struggle to contain Belfast rioting
  11. Smiles in Beijing and aircraft carriers in southern seas
  12. U.S. military could be shut down by secret 'back door'
  13. UN Wants Media Bias for Peace Process
  14. Update: Blasts Rock Mumbai
  15. Will international terrorists help the U.S. build ‘The Greater Middle East’

Wednesday - July 13, 2011:

  1. Clinton- The US has no interest in Assad staying in power
  2. Syria: Clinton's remarks on Assad provocative
  3. France wants UN to condemn Syria for not respecting international law after embassy attacks
  4. Ahmadinejad urges reforms in Arab world
  5. Iran upbeat on IAEA talks, but deadlock remains
  6. Ahmadinejad: Israel is greatest threat in Mideast
  7. AP sources Gadhafi running out of fuel, cash as French minister reports he may leave
  8. Pakistan could 'pull troops from Afghan border' if US cuts aid
  9. Europe, must “stand up” to a China that abducts bishops
  10. Murder of Afghan President's brother parades Taliban capabilities
  11. Violent crime rife in schools as police record 65 serious assaults EVERY DAY
  12. Egypt’s military leaders call for stand against protests
  13. Mayor 'chastised' for 'wholesome undertaking'
  14. 2011 already costliest year for natural disasters
  15. Three strong quakes hit two places in central Philippines
  16. Millions in 15 states under heat warnings

Tuesday - July 12, 2011:

  1. Syrian forces raid Homs, Hama, Assad starts dialogue
  2. 30 said killed in clashes in Nigeria
  3. China raps U.S. over military drills in disputed seas
  4. Four bombs in southern Thailand wound 12
  5. Confiscated Iran arms blow up in Cyprus, 12 dead
  6. Rockets hit Baghdad during visit by Pentagon chief
  7. In Iran, sanctions aim at shipping lifeline
  8. No let up in Moroccan protests for deeper reform
  9. US defense chief warns of Iran supplying weapons in Iraq
  10. U.S. may act unilaterally vs Iran-armed Iraq militias
  11. INDIA: Andhra Pradesh, Pentecostal pastor stabbed. GCIC The state is complicit
  12. After the hottest spring in 118 years, forecasters predict the coolest summer in two decades
  13. Children lashing out at parents to get own way
  14. Violence in schools doubles in a year
  15. Indonesia raises red alert at volcano
  16. Drought in 14 states means disaster for many
  17. Severe weather hits New Zealand
  18. Somalia Drought Is 'Worst Humanitarian Crisis' - U.N.

Monday - July 11, 2011:

  1. Syrian VP calls for transition to democracy
  2. Activist Syrian regime has arrested 60,000 people
  3. Arab Spring: US Envoy’s Hero’s Welcome and Fear of US Flag
  4. Iran condemns US envoy's 'suspicious' visit to Syria
  5. U.S. withholds $800 million in aid to Pakistan White House
  6. Gaddafi forces counterattack southwest of Tripoli
  7. Protests spread in Egypt as discontent with military rule grows
  8. Bringing the revolution to their home neighborhoods, Egypt’s activists hit resistance
  9. EGYPT: Alleged abductions of young Coptic women fuel Christian-Muslim conflict
  10. Iran’s decade with al-Qaida: From reluctant host to potential base for top strategist
  11. Police, Islamists clash in Bangladesh, dozens hurt
  12. As Arab Spring roils, hunger emerges
  13. 7.0 quake shakes Japan
  14. Somalis now dealing with drought
  15. Storm turns Edinburgh streets to rivers
  16. The heat is on for much of U.S.
  17. UA-led research sounds alarm on danger of rising sea levels

Sunday - July 10, 2011:

  1. Iran says fires missiles to Indian Ocean for first time
  2. Gaddafi threatens attacks in Europe
  3. Iran says OPEC will not lift output ceiling
  4. Malaysia fires tear gas at protest, arrests 1,667
  5. US rejects Syrian charge that envoy incited protests
  6. US, French envoys signal Assad: If army storms Hama, Turkish troops march in
  7. Arab World: That familiar feeling
  8. Obama plan: 'Spike' energy costs, kill 1.4 million jobs
  9. Top Kremlin aide says Putin is God's gift to Russia
  10. UN condemns Texas execution of Humberto Leal Garcia
  11. Africa drought endangers 500,000 children-UN
  12. Water curbs spread in France despite June rain

Saturday - July 9, 2011:

  1. Iran's killing spree stifles Arab spring
  2. Mullen: Iran supporting extremist groups in Iraq
  3. UK, U.S. and Canada step up travel curbs on Iran government
  4. US, French envoys in Syria's Hama for protests
  5. Syria accuses U.S. of inciting unrest after U.S. ambassador visits Hama
  6. Pakistan orders troops in after 65 dead in Karachi
  7. Egyptians rally to demand swifter reforms, justice
  8. Kenyan police fire tear gas at food protesters
  9. Will the U.S. Stand By As Famine Looms in Somalia?
  10. Desperate Somalis flee drought
  11. 5.6 quake rattles Japan
  12. Food and relief agencies appeal for aid to combat drought in Horn of Africa
  13. Iceland's 'Gateway To Hell' Ready To Erupt

Friday - July 8, 2011:

  1. IAEA concerned over Iran plans to triple uranium production
  2. Gun Battles Continue in Hama
  3. EU wants U.N. action on Syria
  4. Scientist: North Korea paid Pakistanis for nuclear tech
  5. Russia to Spend $730 Billion on New Weapons
  6. Muslim Brotherhood to join Tahrir Square demonstration
  7. Rep_ Tim Scott Calls 14th Amendment Solution An Impeachable Offense
  8. US Israel included in terror watch list by mistake
  9. Summer floods threaten record levels as rain predicted

Thursday - July 7, 2011:

  1. Iran tests indigenous anti-ship missiles in Gulf drills
  2. Amnesty Accuses Syria of Crimes: 14 More Civilians Killed
  3. Despite death reports, Syria denies Hama campaign
  4. Libyan forces kill 11 civilians, wound dozens more in Misrata
  5. Libyan rebels launch assault on Tripoli gateway
  6. Libyan rebels push towards Tripoli on two fronts
  7. US-French plan Israeli-Palestinian Paris peace summit Sept. 2, ending Libya war
  8. Anne Frank a ‘fake,’ says ‘liberal’ Egyptian leader
  9. 'Democratic' Tunisia forbids ties with Israel
  10. 'God the Father' banished by mainline denomination
  11. TSA warns of surgically implanted bombs
  12. Landmark gay history bill goes to California governor
  13. Iceland's Hekla volcano 'ready to erupt' - geophysicist
  14. Jellyfish Become Latest Threat to Israeli Power
  15. Look! Storm as wide as Earth rages on Saturn
  16. Phoenix dust storm like 'special-effect scene'
  17. East African drought 'worst food crisis of 21st century'
  18. Boats take to sea, marina roped after tsunami alert
  19. At least 18 dead in China landslide

Wednesday - July 6, 2011:

  1. Israel's MI chief: Iran and Hezbollah actively helping Syria squash demonstrations
  2. Iran’s Tentacles Spread from Syria to Sudan: Intelligence Chief
  3. Iran has already built a nuclear warhead pilot
  4. Shooting of Boxing Champ May Lead to Knockout of Assad
  5. Assad delays Hama crackdown to sustain US-Turkish plan for his survival
  6. Russian paper says Gaddafi seeking way out
  7. Gaddafi conditionally ready to step down: Russian report
  8. Egyptian seeds most likely source of deadly E. coli
  9. Twenty seven killed, 20 missing in five landslide incidents in Bukidnon
  10. NEPAL: Terai: dozens of dead and more than 100,000 people displaced by monsoon rains
  11. Magnitude 4.4 quake jolts Melbourne
  12. Quake reported in New Zealand North Island
  13. Magnitude 5.4 earthquake jolts western Japan
  14. Who wants to live forever? Scientist sees aging cured

Tuesday - July 5, 2011:

  1. Gaddafi's son says western powers attacking Libya are 'legitimate targets'
  2. Turkey freezes Libyan asset, calls back ambassador in latest moves against Gadhafi
  3. Deadly Shelling by Pakistan into Afghanistan Stirs Tensions
  4. Syria: Footage shows cameraman shot by sniper
  5. Syrian forces storm homes in Hama; residents hit streets
  6. Women told to stay away from night time strike
  7. European Commission to give 10m euros emergency food aid to North Korea
  8. Iran Ridicules July 4th: America is Not Independent
  9. Putin, Medvedev may choose third candidate to run for president in 2012 - Mironov
  10. Wiesenthal Center slams US position on Muslim Brotherhood
  11. Rethink ties with the Brotherhood
  12. Huge rare earth deposits found in Pacific Japan experts
  13. Temperatures rise to 145 inside Tent City

Monday - July 4, 2011:

  1. Gaddafi can stay in Libya if he quits rebel chief
  2. Iran 'warns' it could halt India oil supplies
  3. Syrian tanks deploy at Hama after large protest
  4. Syrian forces arrest residents in Hama
  5. Syrian regime loyalists urge reforms
  6. Swiss block over $30 million in Syrian funds
  7. Indonesian volcano erupts
  8. Phoenix hits record heat of 118 for date as strong winds knock out power to thousands
  9. Searing heat set to continue across much of US

Sunday - July 3, 2011:

  1. Iran: UN sanctions can't slow missile advancements
  2. Report: Iran smuggled weapons to Iraq, Afghanistan
  3. Iran: US claims of weapons smuggling are 'ridiculous lies'
  4. Gadhafi threatens Europe with attacks
  5. In Libya, women brace for battle
  6. US and NATO prepare final assault on Qaddafi. He threatens terror
  7. Al Assad sacks governor of Syria flashpoint city
  8. Report: Assad forces kill 24 civilians in violent protests across Syria
  9. Syria opposition talks on July 16
  10. US plan is to keep Syria's Al Assad
  11. Jordan’s king endorses Cabinet reshuffle in wake of scandal involving PM, calls for his ouster
  12. Obama Admin Lists Israel as a Terror Sponsor
  13. Obama campaign to go on the offensive against conservative critics of Israel stance
  14. Why Obama is not good for Israel
  15. Sectarian clashes erupt again in east Belfast following Orange Order march
  16. America's air base refusal a 'slap in the face', Pakistan chief minister says
  17. Britain's hidden crimewave involves children as young as THREE

Saturday - July 2, 2011:

  1. Failing to move Russia, EU and US slam Syria at UN
  2. Tens of thousands take to the streets in fresh Syria protests
  3. Syria: 3 killed in army attack as thousands take to streets
  4. Syria: US presses for opposition dialogue with Assad
  5. Report: US proposes Syrian road map
  6. Syria running out of time to reform Hillary Clinton
  7. Another ticking bomb for Assad: Hariri Tribunal heads for Damascus
  8. NATO may be preparing ground operation in Libya - Russian envoy
  9. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps Warns Against ‘Internet In A Suitcase’ Project
  10. Muslim Brotherhood Recognized by Obama Administration
  11. Who Is The Muslim Brotherhood?
  12. In Yemen, attacks fuel economic collapse
  13. Russian Navy expects to receive three nuclear submarines by yearend
  14. Farce of the wind farms
  15. The vending machine that sells gold not chocolate
  16. Fire menacing Los Alamos lab nears record size
  17. Los Alamos fire becoming state's largest
  18. Russia lifts grain export ban, market comeback unlikely to be easy say experts
  19. Texas yanks Planned Parenthood funding

Friday - July 1, 2011:

  1. Six Moldovan 'uranium smugglers' arrested
  2. Conspiracy of silence over four Iranian nuclear-capable missile tests
  3. Iran has secretly tested nuclear-capable missiles: UK Foreign Secretary
  4. Saudis will seek nuclear arms if Iran gets them
  5. Syria's city of Aleppo braces for mass rallies
  6. Syria tank assault kills 11 near northwest Turkey border
  7. US to resume formal Muslim Brotherhood contacts
  8. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood welcomes idea of U.S. contacts
  9. Northern Ireland police say 650 republican terrorists are at large
  10. Terror threat -- U.S. churches in danger
  11. Obama Counterterrorism Plan Focuses on Threat 'From Within'
  12. US Senate: Cut aid if PA declares state
  13. Erosion, floods may follow severe fire season
  14. Five cities in South tell tale of June scorcher
  15. Deaths from Davao City floods rise to 27
  16. Seeds from Egypt may be E. coli outbreak source, food safety experts say
  17. JAPAN Earthquake in Japan, 7 injured. The country thinks about energy policies
  18. Magnitude-3.5 quake hits northern California

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