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  1. Waging war morally?
  2. Sao Paulo to build Temple of Solomon replica
  3. Questions for ‘The New York Times’
  4. Billboards quoting Bible verses appear on Moscow streets
  5. Mount for 2 peoples
  6. America's Christian roots
  7. Iran vs. America

Saturday - July 31, 2010:

  1. Al-Qaeda Creating an Army in Yemen
  2. Obama Administration Considers Bypassing Congress on Immigration Reform
  3. Russian government to start selling grain from intervention fund to regions
  4. Democratic senators feel free to disagree with their churches
  5. Floods ravage NW Pakistan, kill 430 people
  6. Calif. fire threatens hundreds of homes
  7. Fire prompts evacuation of 2,000 homes north of L.A.
  8. Forest fires destroy over 800 homes in central Russia
  9. Wildfires sweeping Russia kill at least 25, force evacuations
  10. July could be hottest month on record
  11. Strong quake rocks Russia's Far East

Friday - July 30, 2010:

  1. Iran warns West against 'unwise' acts
  2. US State Department moves to enforce new sanctions on Iran
  3. Japan: Oil Tanker Was Attacked in Strait of Hormuz
  4. Proposed arms sale to Saudi Arabia could be as much as $30 billion; Arab states continue military buying spree to counter Iran
  5. White House proposal would ease FBI access to records of Internet activity
  6. 'My atheism is no threat to the church'
  7. Muscovites rush to buy fans and water guns as heat breaks new records
  8. gulfnews Rains unleash death, devastation in Pakistan
  9. Floods wash chemicals into northeast China river
  10. Beware of the superfly with a taste for humans- Summer surge of insect bites that send victims to hospital in agony
  11. China trains foxes to combat rat plague
  12. China trains foxes to combat rat plague
  13. U.N.: Southern Sudan flooding kills 2

Thursday - July 29, 2010:

  1. Iran offers terms to halt 20 percent uranium enrichment
  2. Iran ready to resolve dispute over nuclear program, with conditions
  3. House Republicans Giving Green Light for Israeli Strike on Iran
  4. US revamps its ‘Muddle East’ policy
  5. Pirates or rogue Iranian Guards suspected in Hormuz Japanese tanker explosion
  6. Attack ruled out in Hormuz tanker incident
  7. Cameron uses Turkish visit to launch ferocious attack on Israel
  8. Weather helps against 2 Calif. fires
  9. Global warming pushes 2010 temperatures to record highs
  10. Russia's Severstal suspends steel production at U.S. plant
  11. Scientist says hundreds may die as smog blankets Moscow
  12. China floods wash explosive chemicals into river

Wednesday - July 28, 2010:

  1. Ahmadinejad- US and Israel plot wars within three months
  2. Iran: US, EU policies are 'ridiculous'
  3. Sanctions Stem Gasoline Flow to Iran
  4. Russia condemns EU sanctions against Iran
  5. Tehran proposes resumption of nuclear talks without preconditions
  6. Iran preps for war games
  7. INDONESIA: Record number of anti-Christian attacks in 2010
  8. Flooding causes China bridge to collapse, killing 37
  9. JAPAN: Heat wave leaves more than 60 dead in Japan
  10. Power outages expected to linger days after Washington area storm
  11. Scientist says hundreds may die as smog blankets Moscow Reuters
  12. CHINA: More torrential rain in southern China; Three Gorges Dam at risk
  13. Storms unleash fury in U.S.
  14. Summer lightning triggers wildfires
  15. CONFIRMED Tornado Touch Down In The Bronx
  16. Tornado kills 2, injures 1 in Montana - USATODAY_com

Tuesday - July 27, 2010:

  1. EU adopts new sanctions against Iran
  2. Iran disparages EU sanctions
  3. Russia turns on 'irresponsible Iran'
  4. Ex-CIA chief Hayden: Military action against Iran 'seems inexorable'
  5. Pyongyang’s nuclear threats continue
  6. Turkey exploits 'window of opportunity', moving rapidly to acquire nuclear weapons
  7. Israeli defense chief offers warnings on Iran and Lebanon
  8. Venezuela's Chavez threatens to stop oil sales to U.S.
  9. Thick smog from heatwave fires covers Moscow
  10. China floods leave 163 dead, 187 missing
  11. Pollution makes quarter of China water unusable ministry
  12. California whooping cough outbreak largest in decades

Monday - July 26, 2010:

  1. Turkey: Iran favors talks with EU after Ramadan
  2. Iran threatens to hit back as EU tightens nuclear programme sanctions
  3. Iran will react if ships inspected: Ahmadinejad
  4. 'US more likely to attack Iran'
  5. US to fully fund Arrow 3
  6. Three new ships, three submarines to join Russian Black Sea Fleet - Navy commander
  7. Obama Names Medicaid Chief Who Backs Anti-Israel Doctors
  8. Floods take heavy death toll in Pakistan
  9. Flash floods in Saudi Arabia leave 14 dead
  10. Heat wave, storms continue amid flood cleanup
  11. Peru government calls winter emergency
  12. Sharp earthquake rattles Quebec

Sunday - July 25, 2010:

  1. Ahmadinejad lashes out at Russia
  2. 'Iran has 100 vessels to confront each US warship'
  3. Iran won't trade with countries imposing sanctions
  4. Iran plans to build nuclear fusion reactor
  5. Turkey confirms meeting with Iran, Brazil to discuss nuclear swap deal
  6. Israel to UN: North Korea arms proliferation destabilizing the Middle East
  7. North Korea vows nuclear response to U_S_-South Korea military exercises
  8. North Korea threatens 'nuclear war' over troop exercises
  9. Asia on edge after North Korea nuke threat
  10. 'N.Korean missiles hurt ME stability'
  11. Ex-congressman: President a 'threat,' must be impeached
  12. The case for breaking up Washington -- and scattering government across America
  13. Flooding, tornadoes in Midwest as storms continue
  14. Three major earthquakes rattle Philippines
  15. Iowa dam fails, threatens towns below

Saturday - July 24, 2010:

  1. EU to hit Iran with 'toughest ever' sanctions, diplomats say
  2. Iran warns against cargo inspections
  3. What are Russia's energy interests in Iran?
  4. Sanctions slow development of huge natural gas field in Iran
  5. North Korea threatens 'physical response' to US military exercises
  6. Turkish court orders arrest of 102 in coup plot
  7. Report: United States Is Vulnerable to Nuclear Attack
  8. Constitutionality of ObamaCare on the docket
  9. Dead penguins washing up in Brazil
  10. Flooding closes airport, opens sinkhole in Milwaukee
  11. Philippines to deploy soldiers over water crisis
  12. July 2010 becomes hottest month in Moscow history
  13. Tropical Storm Bonnie over eastern gulf
  14. 'Lose Christianity or face expulsion'

Friday - July 23, 2010:

  1. EU countries want more Iran sanctions
  2. Iran refuses talks with US, will limit IAEA access to nuke sites
  3. Nasrallah: UN Hariri tribunal to implicate Hezbollah
  4. N.Korea calls for US military halt
  5. Hizbullah Possible Culprit in Juarez Car Bomb
  6. Iran Revolutionary Guards Begin to Feel the Bite of Sanctions
  7. US-Iranian combat looms in Iraq as US plans UN role for US troop remnant
  8. Sanctions slow development of huge natural gas field in Iran
  9. Expert: Kagan 'bad medicine for America'
  10. Russia accuses U.S. of kidnapping pilot in Liberia
  11. Strong 6.2 earthquake rattles Vanuatu USGS
  12. Thousands of homes flattened as more floods drench China
  13. Typhoon Lashes South China With Heavy Rain, Winds
  14. Obama Hits Rock Bottom Only 44 Percent Approval Rating

Thursday - July 22, 2010:

  1. Merkel: IAEA, Iran not progressing
  2. 'Iran won battle with the CIA'
  3. Germany's chance to get serious on sanctions
  4. New sanctions crimp Iran's shipping business as insurers withhold coverage
  5. Iranian Officials Rule Out Talks With US Amid Economic Troubles
  6. Iran and Saudi Arabia Closing in on Cooperation
  7. How hostile is Britain to Israel?
  8. Clinton announces new US sanctions on North Korea
  9. The high price of being a Christian in Pakistan
  10. Boeing unveils hydrogen-powered spy plane
  11. AFP US oil spill could destroy 100,000 jobs experts
  12. U.N. African nations face food crisis
  13. Two earthquakes hit southern Iran coast
  14. Tropical storm heads to China as flood toll hits 700
  15. 520 Die In Belgium’s Hot Weather
  16. EMIRATES: Power cut in Sharjah as temperatures hit a hellish 45° C
  17. Russian temps, drownings on rise
  18. Kansas heat wave has killed 2,000 cattle state
  19. Harsh winter weather kills dozens in South America

Wednesday - July 21, 2010:

  1. 'Obama pledges big movement' on carving up Israel
  2. Iran to retaliate for UN sanctions
  3. Iran: The course is almost run
  4. Russian official: Iran won't get our missiles
  5. In sign of warming ties, Turkey FM reportedly meets Hamas chief
  6. Olympia Food Co-Op Removes Israeli Goods From Shelves; First US Store To Institute Boycott
  7. US Sends Carrier To South Korea
  8. Turkish Foreign Minister meets Hamas leader in Damascus
  9. BP to sell Asian gas fields to help pay spill costs
  10. China port reopens after blast, oil spill
  11. China floods claim more lives, cut Yangtze shipping
  12. NYC Heads to Hottest July Ever, Taxing Power Grid
  13. 3.8 Earthquake Rattles California Border
  14. Death toll from landslides reaches 37 in China
  15. Fire consumes 6,200 acres in Washington
  16. Kansas heat wave has killed 2,000 cattle state
  17. President's rhetoric = 'calculated deception'
  18. Two dead in Kentucky flash flooding

Tuesday - July 20, 2010:

  1. US and Israel fear Iran may be capable of a nuclear test this year
  2. Ahmadinejad slams US 'cowboy logic'
  3. UN sanctions will not affect nuclear programme Ahmadinejad
  4. 'Iran using bank to bypass sanctions'
  5. Iran calls for fairer world body than UN
  6. 'Sanctions disrupt Iran-India projects'
  7. 'Israel convinces US with Credible military plan on Iran'
  8. An Attack on Iran Back on the Table
  9. Iran set to unveil new submarine class
  10. Trained Somali terrorists released -- in the U_S_!!
  11. Russian Navy commander to visit Turkey on July 20-23
  12. Russian state arms procurement program to be significantly increased
  13. China on Track to Aim 2, 000 Missiles At Taiwan
  14. Navy laser roasts incoming drones in mid-air
  15. CHINA Black oil slick covering 100 km2 of sea in Dalian
  16. China seals oil port after spill
  17. Nasa telescope spots 25,000 new asteroids in just six months... and 95 are close to Earth
  18. PAKISTAN On trial for blasphemy, two Christian brothers murdered in Faisalabad
  19. US troops to arrive at US-Mexico border August 1
  20. Fire consumes 9,000 acres in Washington
  21. The Zionist Imam

Monday - July 19, 2010:

  1. Israeli generals win US high-tech ballistic missile tracking system
  2. Report: CIA suspects Amiri double agent
  3. IHH Linked to Turkish President Erdogan
  4. Egypt FM: Still no basis for direct Israeli-Palestinian peace talks
  5. China's CNPC seeks to contain oil spill after pipe blast
  6. U.S. to send stern message to North Korea
  7. Turkey Christians in Danger
  8. DOH High Number Of NYC Mosquitoes Have West Nile Virus
  9. Dengue epidemic threatens Caribbean, kills dozens
  10. Heat wave moving from California eastward
  11. Powerful earthquakes hit Papua New Guinea, spark tsunami warning for Indonesia
  12. Sea Level Rise Swamps Islands Scientific American Podcast
  13. Severe storms hit Minnesota
  14. Strong earthquake shakes Alaska island region
  15. World simmers in hottest year so far

Sunday - July 18, 2010:

  1. Iran's Revolutionary Guards warn US
  2. Castro warns of nuclear war in ME
  3. Syria massacres Kurds aided by Turkey's Israel-made drones
  4. Assad: Turkey is best mediator
  5. Scientists baffled by unusual upper atmosphere shrinkage
  6. Wildfire near Athens, holiday camps evacuated
  7. Russia swelters in heatwave, state of emergency declared
  8. Moderate quake hits Taiwan; no damage seen
  9. Rain swells China's Yangtze River
  10. Wildfires burn 1,500 acres in steamy SoCal
  11. Obama GOP leaders 'obstruct our progress'
  12. Liberals vow to fight Social Security cut

Saturday - July 17, 2010:

  1. EU's Ashton: Israel must open all Gaza border crossings
  2. Greater U.S. military aid should assist Israel's 'tough' peace talks decisions, official says
  3. Hezbollah already in U.S.
  4. 'Iranian scientist was CIA informant in Tehran'
  5. Israel, U.S. behind fatal Iran suicide bombings, Iran official says
  6. Poll: Most Americans would back Israel attack on Iran
  7. US: Iron Dome will work
  8. U.S. Naval exercises target N. Korea
  9. US freezes terror imam's assets
  10. North Korea's healthcare is a horror, report says
  11. D.C. rattled by area's largest recorded earthquake
  12. World simmers in hottest year so far
  13. Russia's summer heat wave threatens higher inflation
  14. Highest temperatures for 70-years hit Moscow
  15. Last month was the hottest June recorded worldwide, figures show
  16. Conson downgraded to tropical storm, heads to Vietnam

Friday - July 16, 2010:

  1. 'Iran hit wouldn't halt nuke program'
  2. At least 21 killed in Iran suicide attacks
  3. Moscow pledges Tehran oil products - against US embargo
  4. Contract on S-300 deliveries to Iran not canceled
  5. Turkey denies shift eastward
  6. After Kampala attack, Somali militants promise more operations
  7. Iran hopes to become largest gasoline exporter in 2-3 years
  8. EU reaches out for new powers at United Nations
  9. Sanctions plus rising fuel consumption spells trouble for Iran
  10. First half of 2010 warmest on record
  11. We will continue to shield Israel, militarily and diplomatically, U.S. official says
  12. 1,200 Russians Drowned In Heatwave
  13. Prices soar as sanctions hit ordinary Iranians
  14. Floods claim 118 lives in China
  15. Magnetic apocalypse 2012 Opinion & analysis

Thursday - July 15, 2010:

  1. Thieves swipe thousands of laptops from Special Ops contractor in Hillsborough
  2. US got 'useful information' from Iran scientist
  3. Report: Iran scientist heading home via third country
  4. Iran: Russia shouldn't follow US path
  5. Cotler releases 18-point ‘road map’ against Iran
  6. Obama administration calls for electronic health records by 2015
  7. PHILIPPINES Typhoon season starts in the Philippines, 20 dead and dozens missing
  8. Last six months second driest in the UK in 96 years, say scientists
  9. Magnitude 6.5 quake hits central Chile coast
  10. More than 10,000 evacuated during China storms
  11. Moscow melts in intense heat

Wednesday - July 14, 2010:

  1. Report: Iran-Iraq-Syria Missile Route Revealed
  2. Turkey won't debate Iran sanctions
  3. 'Kidnapped' Iranian Scientist Surfaces in US; Wants to Go Home
  4. US fears Iranian-backed attacks in Iraq
  5. US Warns Jordan: Coordinate with Israel on Nuclear Power
  6. LEBANON: UN denies confidence crisis in Hezbollah, but concerns persist
  7. DOE plan to cut nuke weapons by 40 percent
  8. Economic Damage of Drilling Ban May Dwarf Oil Spill
  9. CHINA: Landslides, floods and rains, more victims in Sichuan and Yunnan
  10. 2 dead, 8 injured in German storms
  11. Chinese floods test country's resources
  12. Drought hits Russian grain production

Tuesday - July 13, 2010:

  1. Hectic preparations for historic Ahmadinejad visit to Beirut
  2. Report: US threatens to cut Jordan's aid
  3. Report: US should better define, counter Islamic extremism
  4. Russia Iran moving closer to nuclear weapons, sanctions could work
  5. The humanitarian show
  6. German Bans IHH Terrorist Group; European Jews Urge EU to Follow
  7. Package bomb goes off at Houston oil executive’s home
  8. Floods in southern China; Qinghai dam at risk
  9. A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck Chile on Monday
  10. Heat strikes farms, consumers
  11. More than 4,200 evacuated after levees break in China
  12. Russia experiences worst drought in 38 years

Monday - July 12, 2010:

  1. Hizballah advances 20,000 troops to Israeli border
  2. 'Hatred of Israel is growing'
  3. Syrians take 3 Israelis 'as prisoners' -- Syrian TV
  4. Netanyahu Says Sanctions Probably Won't Deter Iran
  5. Jordan: Boycott Drive Hits Next Level
  6. 'Libyan ship to reach Gaza in 70 hours'
  7. Report: Sarkozy to appoint mediator for Israel-Syria talks
  8. Obama Changes ‘Pressure Point,’ Phones Abbas to Push for Talks
  9. More rain, more floods in China
  10. Powerful storm pounds Boston area
  11. PCUSA's 'gay' measures reflect 'modern paganism'

Sunday - July 11, 2010:

  1. Iranian turned US spy: Tehran will attack Israel
  2. North Korea declares victory after weak United Nations resolution over South Korean ship sinking
  3. Church backs call to halt US aid to Israel
  4. Long-term structural changes start at state level
  5. Obama supports Abbas leadership
  6. Obama to Abbas I will make every effort to ensure Palestinian statehood
  7. Obama To Open Up 1.8 Million Alaskan Acres To Oil Drilling
  8. Oil Field Explosion
  9. U.S. farmers can't meet booming corn demands

Saturday - July 10, 2010:

  1. ‘Cairo, Amman worried about Iran nukes’
  2. British Ambassador Praises Terrorist Sheikh
  3. Iran says US must state position on Israeli nukes
  4. LEBANON Security Council meets over attacks on UN peacekeepers in south Lebanon
  5. U.S. Tomahawk Missiles Deployed Near China Send Message
  6. Hamas Sends Patients to Israel for Care
  7. UN Watchdog: Probe Verdict Already Set
  8. New York Jews Welcome Netanyahu Despite 105F Heat Wave
  9. Who's afraid of the Jordanian atom?
  10. Federal gay marriage ban is ruled unconstitutional
  11. BART verdict: Scores arrested in Oakland after protesters loot stores and smash windows
  12. Attorney general asked to investigate arrests of Christians
  13. 27 dead in Chinese rains, landslides
  14. Heavy rains pound Mexican states, killing at least 15
  15. Rio Grande communities brace for floodwaters

Friday - July 9, 2010:

  1. Iran Comes to Grips with the Effects of UN Sanctions
  2. ANALYSIS: Iran is keeping a tight rein on Nasrallah and Hezbollah
  3. An emerging rupture in Iran-Turkey relations
  4. 'EU pushed Turkey to look elsewhere'
  5. Fifty Russian armored vehicles near delivery to Palestinian territory
  6. Dem. Baucus joins GOP in blasting Obama CMS recess appointment
  7. Here he is! Meet the new health-care rationing czar
  8. La Nina developing, could mean more hurricanes
  9. Oklahoma, South Carolina and Utah may follow Arizona's lead on immigration law
  10. RUSSIA: Rostov Pentecostal Church denied building permit because of Orthodox pressure
  11. 5.4 Quake Hits Southern CA

Thursday - July 8, 2010:

  1. Netanyahu, Gates discuss eastern front against Israel
  2. 'US will attack Iran if it must'
  3. Top U.A.E. diplomat endorses striking Iran nuclear sites
  4. U.A.E. denies backing use of force against Iran
  5. Iran official: Sanctions might slow nuclear program
  6. Iran Past ‘Point of No Return,’ to Open Nuke Plant in September
  7. Turkish-Iranian Ties Growing in Small Businesses Too
  8. Report: Secret document affirms U_S_-Israel nuclear partnership
  9. 'Conveyor Belt to Terror' not Banned in US
  10. Obama ‘ready’ to come to Israel
  11. UN Contradicts Itself in Blaming Israel
  12. Hosepipe ban will hit millions this week as UK basks in its driest spell for almost 71 years
  13. Tens of thousands flee as Rio Grande floods - Weather - msnbc_com
  14. NYC Temperature Hits 102 Degrees; Thousands Lose Power
  15. Squirrel with plague shuts down campground
  16. Abandoned oil wells make Gulf of Mexico 'environmental minefield'
  17. China launches armada to head off algae plume
  18. Russia becoming major oil supplier to U.S.

Wednesday - July 7, 2010:

  1. Syrian military reportedly riddled by plague
  2. In responding to West, Iran stresses its naval abilities in Persian Gulf
  3. Obama: Israel serious about peace
  4. 'Nuke talks in Sept., with conditions'
  5. Comment: Germany bashing Israel to ease guilt
  6. New sanctions seen hurting Iran businesses in Dubai
  7. Mexico thwarts Hezbollah bid to set up South American network
  8. Ahmadinejad's Mission: Save America from Obama
  9. Iran Buries Reports of Huge Six-Week-Old Oil Field Fire
  10. Obama accepts Israel's nuclear stance as reflecting its unique security needs
  11. Iran says planes are getting fuel
  12. Netanyahu-Obama talks to stress nuclear issues - Iran's and Israel's
  13. SOMALIA: Mogadishu faces a catastrophe
  14. China denounces new unilateral U.S. sanctions on Iran
  15. EU expands safety ban on Iran Air flights
  16. Iran Six must hold talks with Tehran soon - Ryabkov
  17. La Nina expected in Pacific this year WMO
  18. Presbyterian Church USA down by 50 percent
  19. Presbyterians to consider redefining marriage
  20. Record temperatures in China drive hundreds into the water
  21. California school district adopts Bible course

Tuesday - July 6, 2009:

  1. Iran says its passenger jets were refused fuel abroad
  2. Oil giant BP stops refueling Iranian airliners in Europe - in face of threatened reprisals
  3. BP will not fuel Iranian aircraft
  4. U.K., Germany, U.A.E. deny banning fuel for Iran planes
  5. Assad: US administration is weak
  6. Turkey pulls out of navy excercise
  7. Israel preparing to hand over Gaza crossings to PA
  8. German parliament to adopt rare measures slamming Israel
  9. More Gulf Waters Closed To Fishing
  10. The banality of Methodist evil
  11. Blistering heat expected in Northeast
  12. Storm with strong winds nears Louisiana

Monday - July 5, 2010:

  1. Iranian FM: Israel threat to peace
  2. Iran: World has not done enough to curb Zionist atrocities
  3. Iran to halt 20% enrichment if uranium swap implemented
  4. Egypt FM: Arab League will declare Palestinian state if peace talks fail
  5. UN Warns of New War in North; Claims on Gas May Be Trigger
  6. UN chief fears Israel-Hizballah war in near future
  7. Saudi Denies Telling Obama Iran and Israel Should not Exist
  8. Syria Reaches Out from Iran to Argentina for Allies
  9. US Intelligence Officers: Accept Hamas and Hizbullah in Armies
  10. Over 40 bodies recovered after Chinese landslide, dozens still missing
  11. Missing $1.3 billion in taxpayers' money
  12. Spain to get church for same-sex marriages report

Sunday - July 4, 2010:

  1. Ahmadinejad scoffs at US sanctions
  2. Iran sanctions kick in, and Ahmadinejad says he'll ban Coca-Cola
  3. US official: Iran moves radar to Syria
  4. Syria posts Iranian radar atop tall Lebanese peak
  5. 'Saudi king says Israel, Iran don't deserve to exist'
  6. V-22: The future is here
  7. Shocking extent of man's impact on world's water
  8. Health law risks turning away sick
  9. Argentinian President meets with Assad
  10. Dollar Sold off as UN Called for More Stable Reserve System
  11. 2 Kamchatka volcanoes stirring

Saturday - July 3, 2010:

  1. Iran threatens oil routes as Obama signs tough new energy sanctions
  2. Obama signs Iran sanctions into law
  3. Official: PM-Obama talks to determine region's future
  4. Police cuts will put Britain at greater risk of Al Qaeda attack, warns top anti-terror officer
  5. Post-Soviet bloc plans to establish joint military holdings
  6. U.S. concerned by Syrian radar claims
  7. Special Report: Should BP nuke its leaking well
  8. UAE moves on illegal nuclear and weapons trade
  9. Virginia, government square off over healthcare
  10. Strong 6.4-magnitude earthquake hits Vanuatu

Friday - July 2, 2010:

  1. Dubai: Iran smuggles nuclear equipment via UAE ports
  2. Report: Iran armed Syria with radar system
  3. Ahmadinejad Iran and Syria will create a new world order
  4. Tehran wants answers on S-300 program
  5. Jewish leaders slam German resolutions
  6. Turkey May Hire 500,000 Career Soldiers to Fight Kurds
  7. ‘Impartial’ UN Expert: Israeli Actions are ‘War Crimes'
  8. UK Church to boycott Israeli goods
  9. China rains cause havoc
  10. Massive wildfire still burns in Manitoba
  11. Early Alex could be sign of season

Thursday - July 1, 2010:

  1. Iran Suffering from $19 Billion Drop in Energy Revenue
  2. Russia may lose billions for breaching missile contract with Iran
  3. Russia Sends 50 Troop Carriers to PA
  4. Sale of F-15s, PA State and Taliban Divide Obama and Saudi King
  5. Scrap dollar as sole reserve currency U.N. report
  6. Strong earthquake hits Mexico, no casualties

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