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  1. The waterboarding of America **
  2. Truth will win out
  3. Vinland Map of America no forgery, expert says
  4. Al Kamen: In the Loop Did SSA's Management Tango Cost Too Much
  5. ‘In a generation or two, the US will ask itself: who lost Europe?’ By: Geert Wilders ***
  6. Oldest Bible made whole again online
  7. My Word: Freeze frame
  8. Ancient Temple Mount quarry found in Jerusalem
  9. Israeli Scientists Discover 'Self-Watering' Desert Plant

Friday - July 31, 2009:

  1. Abortions Surge in China; Officials Cite Poor Sex Education
  2. Swine flu vaccine for 'half US'
  3. British Columbia heat wave sets records
  4. British Gas profits up 80% as price hikes and freezing winter bite
  5. Do License-Plate Scanners Fight Crime or Invade Privacy
  6. Federal Eye: Same-Sex Benefits Bill Clears First Hurdle
  7. Fresh confusion over swine flu as study suggests all expectant mothers should be given vaccine
  8. Germany: Neo-Nazis to set up 'training center' in hotel
  9. Iran hardliners pile pressure on Ahmadinejad
  10. It’s Crunch Time for Israel on Iran
  11. NKorea feared to use seized fishermen as leverage
  12. Not arresting drug dealers will help REDUCE violent crime, says think tank
  13. Number of swine flu cases 'may have plateaued' in England
  14. Obama 'like Romans who destroyed Jewish Temples'
  15. 'Obama misstepped regarding settlement issue'
  16. Obama’s ‘Hit Man’ Emanuel Splitting US American Jewry
  17. Palin's poll numbers falling! But what about Obama's?!
  18. Op-ed: Obama's policy on settlements may prove self-defeating
  19. Seattle breaks temp record as heat wave continues
  20. Texas and Calif. report rise in snakebites
  21. U.S. mulling European missile defense alternatives
  22. U_S_ Senate climate bill to have tough market controls
  23. UK funding political activity in Israel
  24. UN 1,500 claims on security barrier
  25. United Nations cutting aid funds for Asia
  26. US missile defense funding might increase

Thursday - July 30, 2009:

  1. Record heat wave continues in Seattle, Portland
  2. 'Russia, Iran to hold naval maneuver'
  3. Heat wave withers Pacific Northwest
  4. Wash. wildfire prompts mass evacuation
  5. Florida community bothered by wild boars
  6. 10,000 Uighurs disappeared during unrest in China, exiled leader claims
  7. New GOP Health Bill Promotes on Tax Incentives
  8. Swine Flu Shot May Rely on Emergency Use of Additives
  9. Water pollution sickens thousands in north China
  10. Disaster in the making (Commentary)
  11. Gov't-run healthcare - can you say 'Fannie Med'
  12. House Democrats clinch healthcare deal
  13. Military planning for possible H1N1 outbreak
  14. Millions of illegals covered under Obama healthcare
  15. Reading fine print in health care bill
  16. Swine flu striking pregnant women hard CDC study

Wednesday - July 29, 2009:

  1. Britain and US prepared to open talks with the Taliban
  2. China seizes smuggled metal bound for North Korea
  3. China wants U.S. to cut deficit
  4. Global swine flu caseload rises 3,700 in 1 day to 163,800
  5. Iran releases 140 post-election prisoners
  6. Iranian authorities ban mourning ceremony for riot victims
  7. Israel says U.N. troops fail to act
  8. Lower healthcare costs with gov't? Not!
  9. Venezuela, Russia Sing Cooperation Deals
  10. Obama tries to reassure seniors about care
  11. Page sixteen
  12. Peers question readiness for next stage of swine flu pandemic
  13. Iran supreme leader closes prison over abuses
  14. Officials Taliban recruited children as bombers
  15. Rain and floods cause damage in China, Bangladesh and Turkey
  16. Taliban receives 'massive amounts' of money from Gulf and western Europe
  17. U.S. healthcare - from best to worst
  18. U.S. lawmakers call on Saudi king to step up
  19. Unholy alliance: Church and state in Connecticut
  20. US: Father, sons plotted Tel Aviv bombing
  21. US seeks sanctions waivers for exports to Syria

Tuesday - July 28, 2009:

  1. Rich countries corner supplies of swine flu vaccine
  2. 'Cap and trade' spells disaster
  3. China flood death toll rises to 22
  4. DHS launches five-day security drill
  5. Disaster insurance losses seen at $11B in 1st half
  6. Drought in South Texas worries farmers
  7. Egypt says historic Nile River rights not negotiable
  8. Gates: New sanctions on Iran possible
  9. Gates warns of tougher Iran sanctions
  10. Iran plunges into fresh political turmoil, minister sacked
  11. US focus now on Syrian role
  12. H1N1 flu spreads to remote corners of the world WHO
  13. Iran: fighting the opposition amid intense pressure
  14. Iran: Israel should dismantle its nukes
  15. Iran's Mousavi: People will not forgive those behind killings
  16. Iran's Mousavi says protests will continue: website
  17. Is there a co-pay with forced abortion
  18. Ministry fears dozens of kids at Bnei Brak institution have swine flu
  19. North Korea: We're ready to discuss nukes
  20. Obama envoy: Arab-Israeli normalization will come
  21. Obama to End US Embargo Against Syria
  22. 'Obama unlikely to present peace plan'
  23. Pelosi Vows Passage of Health-Care Overhaul
  24. Israel on Iran: Anything it takes to stop nukes
  25. Record lows, global cooling across U.S.
  26. Reports: Ahmadinejad may face confidence vote in parliament
  27. Russia complains about Chinese border river project
  28. Russia, Cuba negotiate $150M trade loan
  29. San Francisco Bay tunnel to carry water
  30. Scorching heat forecast in Washington State
  31. Syrian envoy 'US lifts ban on air industry'
  32. The American Spectator: We've Figured Him Out
  33. Tourists flee Greek Zakynthos Island fire
  34. U.S. urges Iran to respond to engagement offer
  35. US defense chief vows new sanctions if Iran balks
  36. WHO Says Swine-Flu Virus Could Infect 2 Billion
  37. Washout is official: Month's rain in two weeks despite prediction of 'BBQ summer'
  38. Water crisis uproots Syrian farmers
  39. World Focus As Iran protests go global, the regime reacts

Monday - July 27, 2009:

  1. '50 million US Christians back Israel'
  2. Ahmadinejad 'sacks 4 Iran ministers'
  3. 'Blue Dog' Dem seeks health alternatives
  4. British Lawmakers Push for Talks With Hamas
  5. Clinton: Israel must be patient on Iran
  6. Clinton says Iran's nuclear pursuit is futile
  7. Clinton says Israel should be patient on Iran
  8. Heavy rain brings floods, mudslides
  9. Iranian political figure switches jobs
  10. Kamchatka volcano spews ash to 5,000 meters in Russia's Far East
  11. Mitchell: Israel, US 'friends, not adversaries'
  12. Parade of US Officials Expected to Increase Pressure
  13. Poll: U.S. Image in Israel Suffers After Obama Cairo Speech
  14. Revolutionary Guard tightens hold in Iran crisis
  15. Report: Israel’s F-35 Orders May be Pushed Back Two Years
  16. Revealed the secret evidence of global warming Bush tried to hide
  17. Russia to lay down one multipurpose submarine a year from 2011
  18. Senators want Obama to press Arabs
  19. Taiwan shaken by earthquakes
  20. Tokyo enduring jungle crow invasion
  21. U_S_ defense chief heads to Israel, Jordan
  22. UK Parliament committee 'regrets' providing IDF with equipment
  23. Ukraine ships 1,000 tons of wheat to Ethiopia as food aid
  24. Up to 79 per cent of New Zealanders expected to catch swine flu
  25. US wants Syria's help in Israel-Palestinian talks
  26. Weather headlines: Western heat wave on the way

Sunday - July 26, 2009:

  1. AOL poll 82% want Obama to release it
  2. Big waves cause fatal surfing accident
  3. Look Here to See What’s in the Health Care Bill: CHILLING!
  4. 'Fruitful' talks expected from Damascus meeting
  5. Hospitals 'will overflow with swine flu victims'
  6. Hot temps, high winds fan fires in Greece
  7. Iran vows to hit Israel's atomic sites if attacked
  8. IRGC chief denies nuclear test reports
  9. Israeli official: Venezuela aids Iranian operations in Latin America
  10. Lieberman: Iranian regime illegitimate
  11. Miliband urges Arab Peace Plan approval
  12. Proposed ban on storefront churches called illegal
  13. Protect our elderly from ObamaCare
  14. Protesters call for end to Iran rights abuses
  15. Ready or not, judgment day is coming!
  16. Russia, U.S. to hold regular arms cuts talks in August-September
  17. Sardinia brush fires kill two
  18. Small-scale irrigation schemes are key to food security in Uganda
  19. Syria says can play role in solving Iran disputes
  20. The Take Has Obama Aimed for Too Much Change, Too Soon
  21. US tells Israel to back down on settlements

Saturday - July 25, 2009:

  1. Democrats Block GOP Health Care Mailing
  2. Report: Pentagon Hid Report Showing F-22 Alternative Is Years Behind Schedule...
  3. Swine Flu Cases Has Doubled In A Week To 100,000 - England
  4. U.S. has bought 195 million doses of H1N1 vaccine
  5. Anti-Semitic incidents in Britain rise to record
  6. CNN President Jon Klein declares Obama birther story 'dead'
  7. Drought takes toll on Iraq revival efforts
  8. Fires rage through hot Europe
  9. FM: Iran nuke program could set off arms race
  10. H1N1 vaccine testing takes on urgency
  11. Health care hellfire
  12. Healthcare reform sets off euthanasia alarm
  13. IDF, US conduct X-Band radar test
  14. Iran president caves in over VP controversy
  15. Israel concludes Obama has agreed to Iran nukes
  16. Pyongyang using disabled children to test chemical and biological weapons
  17. Lightning Sparks Dozens of Wash. State Wildfires
  18. N.Y. man says he would die for al-Qaida
  19. Obama backpedals on scholar arrest comment
  20. Obama regrets remarks in racially charged case
  21. Obama's science czar's ideas 'really scary'
  22. Perry raises possibility of states' rights showdown with White House over healthcare
  23. Activists NKorean executed for distributing Bible
  24. Public Defender's Office joins fight against biometric database
  25. Senate urges president to prepare Iran sanctions
  26. Shortages prompt Kenyan violence
  27. Starvation threatens millions in Kenya
  28. Swine flu pandemic could cause shortage of intensive care beds
  29. U.N. denies Hamas influences aid
  30. U_S_ warns Israel Don't build up West Bank corridor
  31. UN denies death threats made its Gaza director flee
  32. UN: Hezbollah violated Lebanon war ceasefire
  33. UN official: Arms cache that exploded in Lebanon was Hezbollah's
  34. US Middle East envoy Mitchell heading to Syria
  35. US not considering sanctions against Israel
  36. Venezuela shaken by 4_6 earthquake; no oil damage
  37. Venezuela to double number of tanks, boost defenses
  38. Violent storms kill 10 in Central Europe
  39. WHO says pandemic gaining speed, sees winter risks

Friday - July 24, 2009:

  1. A bailout for the abortion industry
  2. Abortion Opponents Criticize Health Reform Bills
  3. Ahmadinejad defies ayatollah on vice president
  4. Biden brings tough love to Georgia
  5. China says to adjust water pricing to avoid waste
  6. Christian Right Crusades for Israel
  7. Clinton: Iran unable to respond to overtures
  8. Clinton lays out terms for N. Korea on nukes
  9. Dems likely to miss August deadline
  10. France summons Israeli ambassador over settlements
  11. US to transfer $200 million to Palestinians
  12. Hizbullah's growing presence in Venezuela has Israel worried
  13. Huge earmark plagues Senate healthcare bill
  14. Japan imposes asset freeze
  15. Landslides, floods plague quake-hit southwest China
  16. Massive New Zealand quake moves country west
  17. Medicare won't be cut, Obama says
  18. Mr. President, we have a problem
  19. N_ Korea Escalates War of Words, Calls Clinton Vulgar, Unintelligent
  20. N.Korean nuclear issue on agenda
  21. NEPAL Diarrhoea epidemic hits western Nepal: More than 200 dead
  22. Networks' assault on marriage
  23. New bill could 'destroy America'
  24. Number of U.S. abortion clinics falling
  25. Obama Boomerang: Demand for Building Freeze Spurs Rush to Buy
  26. Obama Reform won't hurt quality of care
  27. Obamacare for old folks Just 'cut your life short'
  28. Problems prevent US Arrow launch test
  29. Rabbis Call on Rabbis to Lobby US Gov't
  30. Russia says will prevent Georgia re-arming as Biden visits
  31. Sharia-intent extremists convene in Chicago
  32. The doctor will kill you now
  33. 'US killed bin Laden's son in Pakistan'
  34. US man charged with giving al Qaeda NY transit data
  35. USAF Chief Gen. Schwartz Concludes Working Visit to Israel
  36. Video: Iranian police shoot at protesters
  37. Why won't Congress enroll in gov't health care?

Thursday - July 23, 2009:

  1. Abortion Opponents Criticize Health Reform Bills
  2. Ahmadinejad's VP choice rejected
  3. Atheists choose 'de-baptism' to renounce childhood faith
  4. Democrats scold Obama on signing statements
  5. El Nino continues to develop-Australian met bureau
  6. Solar eclipses, history and science
  7. US planning Gulf defence system against nuclear Iran
  8. Meridor slams Clinton for offering 'defense umbrella'
  9. Clinton's statement on Iran receives cool reaction
  10. UN and Hezbollah seek to ease tensions over blast investigation
  11. 'Gun' amendment goes down in defeat
  12. Hagee raps U.S. ‘pressure’ on Israel
  13. Mubarak to visit US in August
  14. Netanyahu lauds new Jewish-Christian ties on Israel
  15. Supreme Leader confronts resurgent Iranian opposition
  16. Texas drought losses could be worst ever
  17. Top U_S_ officials off to Israel for key talks
  18. U.S. keeps door open for Iran, but warns of 'crippling action'
  19. US fears possible nuclear ties between N Korea and Myanmar
  20. US Policy: Jews in Eastern Jerusalem are Unwanted ‘Settlers’
  21. US says sanctions on Israel 'premature'
  22. 'US, Israel settlement rift to be resolved soon'
  23. Violence Explodes in Iran; Video Shows Shooting of Protestors
  24. White House declines to disclose visits by health industry executives (Is this transparency?)
  25. Wisconsin court: Religious teachers can't claim bias

Wednesday - July 22, 2009:

  1. 24 killed, hundreds homeless in Mongolia floods
  2. 250 Rabbis Sign Letter to Obama: Hands off Jerusalem
  3. Chinese Web Sites Close Amid Crackdown
  4. Evangelicals back Israel in Washington
  5. Gates to hold talks in Israel next week
  6. GOP senators, Dems push Obama on Iran
  7. Anti-US Iraqi cleric visits Damascus in rare trip
  8. Heat wave to test Southern California power grid
  9. Israeli patient: We'll sue Romania for damages
  10. Jerusalem status may affect U.S. ties
  11. Jupiter gas giant has a hole
  12. New era as British hostility reaches crescendo
  13. Obama health plan closer than ever but needs work
  14. Obama's abortion agenda nears original goal
  15. Obama's healthcare bureaucracy 'frightening'
  16. Outgoing envoy: Conflict with US could hurt peace
  17. Palin to feds Alaska is sovereign state
  18. Global health officials mull how to slow swine flu
  19. Quake, tsunami potential high on U.S. west coast
  20. Scientists underestimate possibility of killer US quake
  21. Rationing for dummies
  22. Report: Iran police detain protesters in Tehran clash
  23. Russia to draft 320,000 conscripts in fall 2009 - General Staff
  24. Russia, France join call to freeze east Jerusalem construction
  25. Thousands throng to watch eclipse
  26. U.S. Juggles Two Iran Timetables
  27. U.S. Senate kills F-22 funding
  28. US Rejects, Jewish Groups Support Netanyahu’s J’lem Statements
  29. Violent storm strikes Vladivostok, causing heavy floods
  30. WATCH: New Israeli vaccine could save bees
  31. WHO suggests schools close to combat spread of swine flu
  32. Worldwide Coalition, Media Putting Israel in Corner

Tuesday - July 21, 2009:

  1. A new geyser has errupted in Russia
  2. Abrams: Obama's policy may hurt both Israel, PA
  3. Asia will witness 21st century’s longest eclipse
  4. Ayatollah warns against helping Iran's enemies
  5. Digging Through the Bible: David and Goliath
  6. Erdogan to make surprise trip to Syria
  7. Flash floods kill 36 in India state of Orissa, displace thousands
  8. Gates announces Army being increased by 22,000
  9. Horrific Stories of Iranian Militia Tell of Murders, Stonings
  10. India and U.S. agree on defense pact
  11. Israel UNIFIL assisted illegal crossing
  12. Japanese fishermen brace for giant jellyfish
  13. Khamenei warns reformists to back down
  14. Khatami: Referendum can end Iran's election crisis
  15. Seoul and Washington preparing a “comprehensive strategy” towards North Korea’s nuclear program
  16. Mini-Scale Model of Temple Amazes Experts
  17. Monsoon kills 26 in Pakistan's Karachi, cuts power
  18. Mousavi supporters chant 'death to dictator'
  19. Over 130 people killed in Indian floods
  20. Pakistan edges towards Waziristan Path to Salvation
  21. Population of older people set to surpass number of children, report finds
  22. Romania: 30 Israelis detained in egg trafficking case
  23. Russia set to build up its naval facilities in Syria
  24. School closures urged to prevent spread of swine flu
  25. 'The Temple Will Never be Rebuilt', Islamist Movement Says
  26. US State May Ban Religious Headgear for Jewish, Other Teachers
  27. US, South Korea seeking new way to prevent NKorea from backtracking on disarmament pledge

Monday - July 20, 2009:

  1. Retired general, lieutenant colonel join reservist’s lawsuit over Obama's birth status
  2. Secret US-Israeli meeting to focus on Iran
  3. Goldman Executive Named as Obama Adviser
  4. Canadian wildfires force thousands to flee homes
  5. FM Lieberman US freeze demand is 'odd'
  6. Egypt questions group for spreading Shiite doctrine
  7. Obama's real agenda (towards Israel)
  8. Russia urges Israel to end West Bank settlement expansion
  9. Strong winds hamper B.C. firefighters
  10. Thousands to study Bible in Gush Etzion
  11. US Demands: Stop Construction in Capital. Israel Says No

Sunday - July 19, 2009:

  1. At issue: Students' religious rights in graduate program
  2. Atheists sue to stop 'In God We Trust' in Capitol visitor's center
  3. Bangladesh ex-PM asks India to scrap river dam plan
  4. Bulava missile will without doubt enter service
  5. Democrats grow wary as health bill advances
  6. Diplomats: Iran has means to test bomb in 6 months
  7. Diplomats: Iran has means to test bomb in 6 months
  8. Iran atom official: Trust needed in nuclear row
  9. Iran's nuclear program: 'They can set off a bomb within six months' (Original Report in German Paper)
  10. Near-record global warmth recorded in June
  11. North American summit added to Obama's agenda
  12. Obama presses lawmakers on healthcare
  13. Official: US may create terror interrogation unit
  14. MSF AIDS drug shortage threatens Africa
  15. Report: Group tied to al-Qaida threatens China
  16. Somali insurgent group to try French hostages
  17. US envoy calls for patience on North Korea
  18. Silence No longer an option (Commentary)
  19. Somali insurgent group to try French hostages; official says gunmen kidnap 3 other foreigners
  20. Turkey's Gul wants embassy in east J'lem
  21. U_S_ ready for talks and sanctions for North Korea
  22. US officials praise Netanyahu moves

Saturday - July 18, 2009:

  1. Ahmadinejad Iran will bring down Western foes
  2. Jumbo squid invade San Diego shores, spook divers
  3. Huge blob of Arctic goo floats past Slope communities Arctic Alaska
  4. Ahmadinejad appoints new nuclear chief
  5. Anglican sees 'unilateral departure' from tenets of faith
  6. Cleric says Iran in crisis, police fight protesters
  7. Cure for radiation sickness found?
  8. Episcopal bishops OK prayer for gay couples
  9. Gates: Iran nuclear arms worst threat to security
  10. Global health conference chooses life
  11. Goldstone: Israel should cooperate
  12. Health bill 'outlaws private insurance'
  13. Healthcare bill characterized as 'job-destroying'
  14. Inside the monstrous Obamacare bureaucracy
  15. Iran: Opposition seeks show of strength at Friday prayer
  16. Pyongyang ends six-party nuclear talks as UN imposes new sanctions
  17. Lib talker, Lou Dobbs now asking eligibility questions
  18. Mounties taunted by pipeline bomber
  19. Netanyahu tight-lipped about imminent Iran attack
  20. Olmert to US: Stop focusing on settlements
  21. Senate votes to expand federal hate crimes law
  22. Probe shuts down pipeline blast site
  23. Rafsanjani: Clear up election doubts
  24. Senate votes to expand federal 'hate crimes'
  25. Showdown as Mousavi breaks cover
  26. Something profound has changed: Iranians are losing their fear and mock the official line
  27. Swine flu may keep some schools shut in September
  28. The nuts and bolts of cap and trade
  29. U.N. Security Council Sanctions North Korean Firms, Individuals

Friday - July 17, 2009:

  1. Head of Iran's nuke agency steps down
  2. E. Europe wants firm U.S. policy on Russia
  3. Euphrates River Drying Up: New York Times notes connection to Book of Revelation and the End Times
  4. Israel says anti-rocket system aces first live try
  5. Napolitano endorses new U.S. ID card plan
  6. Red tide decimates E. Canada clam harvest
  7. World may back Iran op as part of deal
  8. Drought leaves 196,000 people without drinking water in China
  9. India's first nuclear-powered submarine to be launched July 26
  10. Swine flu 65,000 deaths is UK's worst case scenario
  11. Centrist Dem Leader Has Committee Votes To Block Health Bill
  12. H1N1 pandemic spreading too fast to count: WHO
  13. Jail removes Bible verses from letters to inmate; ACLU on case
  14. Alaska's largest wildfire continues to grow
  15. Firefighters contain part of wildfire in southwestern Colo.
  16. Secretary of State Clinton Says U.S. Must Partner With ‘Great Number of Actors'
  17. Smuggling abortion agenda into healthcare reform
  18. What are Dems hiding in healthcare bill
  19. Exodus from Episcopal Church explained
  20. Are Dems trying to sneak 'hate crimes' through
  21. AZ abortion law includes religious exemption
  22. Dems sneaking 'hate crimes' through on soldiers' bill

Thursday - July 16, 2009:

  1. Anti-Obama GI's Afghan Orders Revoked
  2. Bat-killing disease remains a mystery
  3. Clash over gay bishops, blessings ripples across the Atlantic
  4. Clinton urges action to end ME conflict
  5. Clinton warns Iran on engagement
  6. Concerns over superbugs in our food supply
  7. Dems unveil $1.2 trillion healthcare plan
  8. Episcopal Church - no clear gospel to proclaim
  9. Experts Cyberstrikes originated from Britain, not North Korea
  10. German intel denies Iran nuclear report
  11. Homeland Security chief promotes cheaper, secure driver's licenses
  12. House Plans to Tax Millionaires to Fund Health Care
  13. India to issue all 1.2 billion citizens with biometric ID cards
  14. Iran prevents nuclear site tracking
  15. Memo to Congress: Check this before voting for 2nd stimulus
  16. President Blair? Former PM in frame to become first head of EU, says Glenys Kinnock
  17. Korean armies face off but repeat of war unlikely
  18. Report: Iran could have atomic bomb within 6 months
  19. Russia outwitted U.S. strategic defenses with missile test
  20. Russia proves effectiveness of its naval nuclear force - Navy
  21. Senate panel OKs healthcare reform bill
  22. South Island quake prompts 'potential tsunami' warning
  23. Swine flu cases soared sixfold last week, NHS figures reveal
  24. Swine flu vaccine still months away, says global health chief
  25. Two scientists, two standards

Wednesday - July 15, 2009:

  1. EU Parliament Elects Ex-Polish PM Buzek As President
  2. Abortion clinic fails to report rape, gets exposed
  3. Amid Missile Tests, North Korea Increases Restrictions at Home
  4. Bishops affirm openness of ordination process
  5. Blair: Israel not getting enough credit
  6. Congress contemplates bill banning weird science
  7. Drought destroys 7% of Russia's grain crops
  8. Forecasters see stir in Atlantic tropical waves
  9. Health of England's honey bees under threat
  10. House Democrats vow healthcare plan by August
  11. Iran executes Sunni rebels in volatile south-eastern area
  12. Iranian protestors come out at night
  13. Iraq Suffers as the Euphrates River Dwindles
  14. New flu resembles feared 1918 virus study
  15. Number of swine flu infections over 113,000
  16. Obama: ‘Never Forget’ Applies to Slavery and Holocaust
  17. Obama hints Iranian elections limit chances for dialogue
  18. Obama meets with Jewish leaders on Israel, Iran
  19. Obama: Pressure on Israel to Continue
  20. SKorean police Hackers extracted data in attacks
  21. Pushing for 'personhood' in the South
  22. Rangel's healthcare legislation would waste billions
  23. Russia test launches second Sineva ballistic missile in two days
  24. 'Russia won't sanction Iran in US deal'
  25. Sen. McConnell key to stopping Obama agenda
  26. Soldier balks at deploying; says Obama isn’t president
  27. Some Clerics Assail Iran’s Silence on Uighur Deaths in China
  28. Swine flu health experts 'surprised' by spread of virus in the UK World news
  29. Medvedev inspects missile cruiser in S.Russia
  30. Two indicted in Minnesota on Somali terror charges
  31. Weak Indian monsoon threatens farms, power supply
  32. WHO says new flu 'unstoppable', calls for vaccine
  33. World Bank to give Palestinians $33.5m.

Tuesday - July 14, 2009:

  1. 14 People Are Scheduled To Be Hanged In Public In An Iranian City Tomorrow JULY 14
  2. Grand Ayatollah Montazeri’s Fatwa – Tehran Bureau
  3. El Nino 2 fuels more Atlantic hurricanes, warnings
  4. Quake strikes eastern Indonesia seismologists
  5. Arab countries face sandstorm threat
  6. Children die in harsh Peru winter
  7. Britain Cuts Some Arms Exports to Israel Over Gaza War
  8. Britain Punishes Israel for Anti-Hamas Offensive
  9. Britain denies 'arms embargo' of Israel
  10. Dick Cheney 'hid plans to kill al-Qaida operatives abroad'
  11. Obama's Syria statement welcome
  12. US dupes Arabs and Muslims - Fadlallah
  13. Iraq lashed by sandstorms and battling drought
  14. Israel, Palestinians must settle conflict alone
  15. Lawmakers reject tax to pay for health reform
  16. Moscow circus presents monkeys as Jews
  17. New Agreement on Missile Monitoring Facility Has Elements of Old Plan
  18. Obama links slavery, Holocaust memory
  19. Obama to meet with heads of US Jewish groups
  20. Defeated conservative warns of Iran disintegration
  21. Strong earthquake hits Indonesian island
  22. Vote on gay bishops threatens archbishop with another schism
  23. Without Russia, Europe has no reliable source of gas

Monday - July 13, 2009:

  1. Chips in official IDs raise privacy fears
  2. Brits struggle with knowledge of Bible's ten commandments
  3. Court: Conscientious pharmacists must sell 'Plan B'
  4. Fast-growing kelp invades San Francisco Bay
  5. France, Syria agree to improve ties
  6. Groups demand that jail stop censoring religion
  7. Call to boycott German goods
  8. Israeli Researchers: Generating Electricity from Road Traffic
  9. Obama says he's 'troubled' by Syrian behavior
  10. Solana wants UN to establish 'Palestine'
  11. Strong 6_0 quake hits southern Peru
  12. Swine flu could paralyse country, Whitehall is told
  13. Turkmenistan to almost double gas supplies to Iran
  14. US House passes limited Iran sanctions
  15. Will Obama Accept Syria’s Invitation?

Sunday - July 12, 2009:

  1. Paris leaflets: Don't buy Israeli products
  2. 'Iran preparing new package for West'
  3. UN billions of dollars for Swat. Islamic leader announces a bloody revolution
  4. Thousands camp in tents after 6.0 quake in China
  5. Egypt reacts to Libyan plague outbreak
  6. Boston may close zoo, euthanize animals
  7. Disney visitors report flu-like symptoms
  8. Episcopal Church considers same-sex rites
  9. North Korea launched cyber attacks, says south
  10. South Texas drought nears record levels
  11. Hackers' Next Target Your Brain
  12. G8 summit could be the last as rising nations want their voices heard
  13. 'Global governance' coming with carbon tax, says Gore
  14. Government control goes that extra mile
  15. Obama's Focus on Health Care Will Be Crucial to Reform
  16. Potato famine disease striking home gardens in U.S.
  17. Why we'll leave L.A.

Saturday - July 11, 2009:

  1. Southwest China hit by hundreds of aftershocks
  2. Mysterious tremors detected on San Andreas Fault
  3. 3.2-magnitude earthquake felt in north Israel
  4. Medvedev given first coin of future supranational currency at G8
  5. 1,400 die a week in Sri Lankan camp
  6. British Commander: IDF Does the Most to Protect Civilians
  7. Brown: Britain's nuke stockpile may be cut
  8. Dramatic testimony: 2 killed in Iran protests
  9. First UK swine flu death in person without underlying health problems
  10. French foreign minister meets Hezbollah legislator
  11. Geithner to talk Iran sanctions on trip
  12. George Monbiot: If we behave as if it's too late, then our prophecy is bound to come true
  13. Global Agenda: The yen conundrum
  14. Somali Islamist insurgents behead 7 people
  15. US draws new Mideast peace plan
  16. House Democrats Delay Health Care Bill
  17. How Obama's stimulus violates your constitutional rights
  18. Iran Civilians fight back against gov't
  19. 'Iran could build bomb within a year'
  20. Major mosques closed after 'Muslim' riots in Urumqi
  21. Marriage showdown imminent in Maine
  22. Obama says G-8 leaders concerned about Iran
  23. Obama: World won't allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons
  24. Obama:  We won’t ‘wait indefinitely’ on Iran
  25. Okla. lawmaker Kern heckled as she launches 'morality proclamation'
  26. Pakistan says Taliban leader will talk to U.S.
  27. PCs could be hit next in Web attack South Korea
  28. Pope presses Obama on abortion, stem cells
  29. SKorea says attackers used IP address in 5 nations
  30. Rising ocean temperatures near worst-case predictions
  31. Russia may still reply to U.S. shield with Baltic missiles
  32. Russia's new nuclear sub completes first round of sea trials
  33. Sarkozy: Israeli strike on Iran would be 'catastrophe'
  34. Texas' dry, hot days expected to last awhile
  35. Philippines' most active volcano restive again

Friday - July 10, 2009:

  1. Sandstorms scour U.S. troops, Iraqis
  2. G8: Release Shalit, open Gaza crossings
  3. Iran protests resume; forces raid dorms
  4. Egypt arrests militants plotting Suez attacks
  5. Iran won't back down 'one step' in atom row
  6. G-8 gives Iran till September on nukes
  7. International Journalists Union Expels Israel
  8. Arab Writer: Obama Focus on Settlements Benefits Hamas
  9. US Denies Report of Compromise on Homes for Jews in Yesha
  10. Measure on disclosure of Iran investments advances
  11. Official says 7 SKorean Web sites attacked again
  12. Obama: Be ready for fall H1N1 outbreak
  13. Poll: Obama's job rating falls 15 points
  14. Over 300 injured in southwest China earthquake
  15. Fears in the West About a Qaeda Affiliate’s Boldness in Africa
  16. Cyberattacks Jam Government and Commercial Web Sites in U.S. and South Korea
  17. Episcopal Bishop calls individual salvation 'heresy,' 'idolatry'
  18. Parts of Britain near an H1N1 epidemic ; 14 dead
  19. Media ignores surveys unfavorable to Obama
  20. Warren panders to Muslim group, omits gospel
  21. IRS tells pro-lifers to give up 1st Amendment
  22. Is Israel Already at War With Iran?

Thursday - July 9, 2009:

  1. Pakistani officials Suspected US strikes kill 45
  2. British Police fear Massive Neo-Nazi Attack
  3. Clinton calls for 'even stricter' Iran sanctions
  4. Clinton: US to Call for Stricter Iran Sanctions If Talks Fail
  5. Don’t be lynch mob, lawyers urge U.N.
  6. G8 welcomes developing states, eyes climate and trade
  7. Military strike on facilities an option, but a grave one, Mullen says
  8. Iranian doctors: Nearly 100 killed in riots
  9. Israel Slams EU for Claiming Settlements ‘Strangle PA Economy’
  10. Khamenei's son takes control of Iran's anti-protest militia
  11. Let's cap all the hot air from D.C.
  12. Mass. challenges federal Defense of Marriage Act
  13. Netanyahu aide: US contrasting with Israel on Iran
  14. Source of new flu virus on Canada farm unclear
  15. Public ignored; full steam ahead for embryonic sacrifice
  16. Same-sex couples gain victory in Australia
  17. Saudi Arabia convicts 300 al-Qaida suspects
  18. Rep. Murphy attempts to repeal military ban on gays
  19. U.S. eyes N. Korea for ‘massive’ cyber attacks
  20. U.S. Military Chief Warns of Rising Nuclear Threat
  21. UN: Israel-Lebanon ceasefire fragile
  22. 'US does not expect Israel to act unilaterally'
  23. US to Re-Settle 1,350 ‘PA Refugees’ from Iraq

Wednesday - July 8, 2009:

  1. Benin declares state of emergency over floods
  2. Dry milk recall expands to cereal, hot cocoa, popcorn toppings
  3. Emerging El Nino set to drive up carbon emissions
  4. Europeans Affiliated With Al-Qaeda Were Trained by PA Factions
  5. Groups set major Iran push for September
  6. Firm fist will tackle Western meddling, Khamenei says
  7. Iran draws strong EU censure for spate of executions
  8. Iranian hardliners poised for revenge
  9. Iran Warns of Action if Israel Attacks Nuke Sites
  10. Israel seeks 'Plan B' if U.S.-Iran talks fail
  11. Mousavi Promises Protests Over Iran's Election Will Continue
  12. Mumbai cuts water supply by 30 percent
  13. Obama 'Red Lights' Israeli Attack on Iran
  14. Obama to Russia stop Iranian nuclear weapon and US will scrap missile defence
  15. Obama: US did not sanction Israeli strike on Iran
  16. Obama's moral clarity deficit
  17. Officers allegedly formed death squads
  18. Pakistan: Taliban uses children in attacks
  19. US set for talks on boosting SKorean missile range
  20. Russia criticizes U.S. vice president's Israel-Iran remarks
  21. Syria Forfeits Golan on a Silver Platter: Make it Gold
  22. Tel Aviv Univ. Research: CellPhone Towers Can Predict Next Flood
  23. Obama says war with North Korea not imminent
  24. U.S. hospitals offer $155 billion for health reform report
  25. U.S. warns of multiple al-Qaida plots
  26. UN war crimes inquiry on Gaza wraps up hearings
  27. US Jewish Leaders to Protest for Tough Sanctions on Iran
  28. US, Russia Oppose G8 Sanctions on Iran
  29. White House mum on North America summit

Tuesday - July 7, 2009:

  1. 22 die in Vietnam landslides, floods
  2. Al Jazeera to Broadcast in Canada
  3. British embassy worker freed, but one still held
  4. China says 156 dead in Xinjiang riot, blames separatists
  5. China to spend $25 million on flood relief
  6. EC: European taxpayers paying price of settlements
  7. Egypt arrests al-Qaida cell
  8. El Paso loses 7 abortion centers
  9. Embryonic Stem Cell Research Expands With U.S. Funds
  10. EU Blames Israel for Waste of Aid to PA
  11. Miliband warns of 'consequences' for 'intimidation'
  12. Iran 'Ready to Respond' to Israeli Attack
  13. Iranian offices shut down by dust storms
  14. 'Iran's response will be real, decisive'
  15. Israel fumes at EU settlement statement
  16. Israel still mulls preventative strike on Iran - Russian expert
  17. Jihad sites hail vote to celebrate Islam in schools
  18. Khamenei warns 'meddling' West
  19. Khamenei warns West not to interfere in Iran
  20. Patriots wage war on Obama socialism
  21. Pentagon Halts Israeli Fighter Jet Bid, US a Rival on Tender
  22. 'Personhood' pushers at it again in Colorado
  23. Quake threat may move G8 summit
  24. Rick Warren calls for Christian-Muslim partnership
  25. Russia, U.S. sign deal on military transit to Afghanistan
  26. Sandstorm blankets Iraq, sends hundreds to hospital
  27. Defying the world costs N. Korea $700 mln so far in 2009
  28. U.S. 'partner' warns Mideast Don't deal with Israel
  29. Ugandan farmers pray for rain as crops fail
  30. US, Russia to cut nuclear weapons
  31. When color trumps Christianity

Monday - July 6, 2009:

  1. Ahmadinejad wants talks in front of media
  2. Biden: Israel has 'sovereign right' to attack Iran
  3. 'Saudis would agree to IAF flyovers'
  4. G8 summit venue shaken by tremors in L'Aquila, Italy
  5. Iran is calling for judiciary action against foreign media
  6. Iran to release eighth British embassy worker, says Miliband
  7. Leading clerics condemn Iranian election
  8. Medvedev: Iran nuclear sanctions 'counter-productive'
  9. Mousavi renews accusations of fraud in Iran vote
  10. North Korea may have shot mid-range missile
  11. Obama says U.S. missile shield set to counter Iran, not Russia
  12. Pakistani jets pound Taliban on Afghan border
  13. Pariah states collaborating on nukes
  14. Reformists resist Iranian government pressure
  15. Russia calls on U.S. to compromise on missile defense
  16. S. Korea: North can hit key targets with its missiles
  17. Sandstorm blankets Iraq, sends hundreds to hospital
  18. Tea parties from sea to shining sea
  19. U.S. Vice President Gives Israel Green Light to Attack Iran
  20. U.S., China, Russia low-key on N_ Korea

Sunday - July 5, 2009:

  1. Amano: 'No hard evidence Iran seeking nukes'
  2. Ben-Eliezer wants response to N. Korea
  3. British embassy staff to stand trial over protests
  4. China At least 13 killed in storms
  5. Iran executes 20 drug smugglers
  6. Iranian Expert: Obama Leading to Calamity
  7. Iranian hardliner calls opposition leader US agent
  8. Israel US ambassador warns of Iranian bomb
  9. Japan protests N_ Korea missile launches
  10. Beijing supports Pyongyang nuclear tests to challenge the USA
  11. North Korea tests 6 missiles in the Sea of Japan: A challenge to the U.S. and the UN
  12. Loss of seagrass beds accelerating, threatens sea life
  13. 'Nuke could wipe Israel out in seconds'
  14. Okla. legislator issues moral proclamation
  15. SKorea says North fires 7 missiles off east coast
  16. Britain jumps on 'settlement' bandwagon
  17. S.Korea says North fires 7 missiles off east coast
  18. Swiss banks give U.S. clients the boot
  19. Taliban Insurgents Step Up Attacks on Marines in Southern Afghanistan
  20. U.S. Could End Engagement in Iraq if Violence Erupts, Biden Warns
  21. U.S. to give up missile shield plans - Russian upper house speaker
  22. US to N. Korea Don't aggravate tensions
  23. Warning: American Gestapo ahead

Saturday - July 4, 2009:

  1. Assad invites Obama to Damascus
  2. EU: Embassy staff trials in Iran 'not acceptable'
  3. EU nations summon Iranian envoys
  4. Syrian president praises Obama
  5. Iranian ambassadors across Europe summoned in co-ordinated protest
  6. Israel to compensate UN for Gaza property damage
  7. Kremlin confirms Russia, U.S. to sign framework arms control deal
  8. Mousavi faces prison threat
  9. New National Security Council official: Iran can be stopped
  10. Nobel winner seeks UN human rights envoy for Iran
  11. PA Arabs in Late Response to Obama Speech: No, We Can't
  12. Analysis: Russia plays checkbook diplomacy
  13. Russia to allow US arms shipments to Afghanistan
  14. Russia needs new arms reduction deal as much as U.S. - diplomat
  15. Russia, U.S. to sign military cooperation, Afghan transit deals
  16. 'Sarkozy: Int'l oversight on settlement freeze'
  17. 'Saudis block US push for normalization'
  18. Six people killed, 3,800 homes destroyed in Chinese floods
  19. Slight Shift in Obama Policies Detected
  20. Senate bill fines people refusing health coverage
  21. U.S. offers deal for settlement freeze
  22. U.S. 'ready' for N. Korean missile
  23. Up to 30 countries to take part in G8 summit this year in Italy
  24. DHS Cybersecurity Plan Will Involve NSA, Telecoms
  25. Putin rejects Obama criticism before meeting
  26. North Korea may fire more missiles report
  27. Bluetooth Big Brother tracks festival-goers
  28. North Korea unwilling to talk, British envoy says
  29. Pastor: Obama has no 'black experience' to speak of
  30. Technology fuels popularity of intelligent design
  31. Prayer rejected for citing Jesus
  32. America soon to crumble to 'The Third Jihad'?
  33. Eligibility bill wins more co-sponsors
  34. Experts Find Soviet Parts in North Korean Missile

Friday - July 3, 2009:

  1. Al-Qaida-linked thugs now executing children
  2. Election Protests Upset Iran's Delicate Balance of Power
  3. Empowerment by manufactured crisis (Commentary)
  4. EU advises member states to stock up on gas
  5. Expect 'rationing' from Obama's healthcare reform
  6. Abbas aide: Obama is our last chance for two-state solution
  7. Hardliners call for Mousavi to be prosecuted
  8. Indian court decriminalizes consensual homosexual sex
  9. Iranian Jewish group to meet in J'lem
  10. Israel's favored IAEA candidate elected
  11. John Bolton: Israeli Attack is Only ‘Iranian Option’
  12. Merkel: Settlements endanger two-state deal
  13. NEA to consider full support of homosexual 'marriage'
  14. New form of El Nino may increase Atlantic hurricanes
  15. No friend of freedom - Part 1
  16. No friend of freedom - Part 2
  17. North Korea fires four missiles
  18. Obama 'not reconciled' to Iranian nukes
  19. Obama Supports 'Robust' Protection for Catholic Health-Care Workers
  20. Putin to meet Obama on July 7 to discuss trade
  21. Russia opposes sanctions against Iran over protest crackdown
  22. Russia to push link between missile defense, strategic arms cuts
  23. Russian anti-trust body to fine oil companies for price hikes
  24. 'Sleaze' undergirds passage of cap and trade (Commentary)
  25. The curse of comfortable Christians (Commentary)
  26. UK swine flu can no longer be contained

Thursday - July 2, 2009:

  1. 4 minor quakes shake Western U.S.
  2. 6 Mousavi supporters reportedly hanged
  3. Ahmadinejad: Obama Has Removed His Mask
  4. Britain declares heatwave as temperatures rise towards 32C
  5. El Nino seems all but certain Australia
  6. 'EU might pull ambassadors from Iran'
  7. Hamas: Fear of Jihad Led US Voters to Arab-Friendly Obama
  8. 'Hate crimes' bill would federalize criminal law, revive double jeopardy
  9. Iran demands EU apology before any nuclear talks
  10. Iran's Karroubi rejects Ahmadinejad vote
  11. Israel, U.S. officials discuss emergency management
  12. Israeli government 'under assault' from U.S.
  13. Mousavi calls new gov't 'illegitimate'
  14. Mousavi: We will continue our fight
  15. 'No truth' in Obama's speech before homosexuals
  16. Obama expected to pull faith-based funding
  17. Opposition movement in Iran not over, experts say
  18. Ouch! Planned Parenthood stung again...
  19. Planned Parenthood shuts doors on 7 clinics
  20. Powerful quake hits near Greek island
  21. Iran reformists show fresh defiance against regime
  22. N.Korean ship under US scrutiny changes course
  23. Pakistan tribes request army aid against Taliban
  24. WFP says funding shortfall for NKorea food aid
  25. Religious broadcaster building $4M home despite ministry layoffs
  26. Setback for Tony Blair's ambition to be president of Europe
  27. U.S. Targets N. Korea's Proliferation Efforts, Announces Actions Against 2 Firms
  28. UK deplores Israeli decision to allow new settler homes
  29. White House Issues Detailed Proposal for Consumer-Finance Watchdog

Wednesday - July 1, 2009:

  1. Ahmadinejad calls election defeat for Iran's foes
  2. Ahmadinejad Vows to Break Global Monopoly After Win Approved
  3. Al-Qaeda eyes revenge for France veil ban
  4. Earthquake jolts China's Sichuan province damaging houses
  5. Ethiopian church speaks out on Ark of the Covenant
  6. Ex-envoy: Sarkozy acted in undiplomatic manner
  7. Gazprom is losing Europe
  8. German court conditionally OKs EU treaty
  9. Global food supply far from secure farming expert
  10. High court punts in Bible club case
  11. Ideological Diversity Among Democrats Means No Free Pass for Obama
  12. Israel Loan Guarantee Program Re-Approved by US
  13. North Korea trying to enrich uranium, South says
  14. Obama hopes to persuade all Americans to accept homosexuality
  15. Obama Increasing Aid to Jordan, Other Muslim States
  16. Obama inspires most confidence of all leaders - poll
  17. Official heatwave likely to be declared as UK temperatures soar
  18. Over 2,000 cattle die in Neb. heat wave
  19. Pakistan militant faction scraps pact, vows attacks
  20. Pakistan army faces fight with end of Taliban deal
  21. Royal spending shows no sign of slowing - Video
  22. State Department: Both Israel and PA Must Honor Roadmap
  23. Stories that Obama was installed by the CIA are ‘nonsense’

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