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  1. Why American religion isn’t refining American values
  2. Evangelical leaders back Santorum
  3. GOP contenders keep the faith in fight for evangelical vote in South Carolina
  4. Will of the people? Begone!
  5. Hong Kong: Tens of thousands living in 6ft by 2ft rabbit hutches
  6. Now you see it, now you don't Time cloak created
  7. Outside View: Tick tock!
  8. What were the most ignored stories of 2011?

Tuesday - January 31, 2012:

  1. Iran claims it has produced laser-guided shells
  2. Iran ground force commander: U.S. wouldn't dare attack us
  3. Iran Offers to Extend Inspection by U.N. Team
  4. Tehran to Use Home Made Fuel Rods in Few Months
  5. India says it won't participate in Iran oil embargo
  6. Assad masses loyal troops in Damascus after he was warned of a military coup
  7. Assad Unleashes Tanks after Arab League Suspends Mission
  8. Latest violence could signal new phase in Syria conflict
  9. Rebels Block Assad’s Relatives Leaving Syria
  10. Syria says 'terrorists' blow up gas pipeline near Lebanon border
  11. U.N. to consider call for Syrian president to step down
  12. Axis of Evil May Twin Al Qaeda and Iran
  13. NATO allies grapple with shrinking defense budgets
  14. LAPD And Special Forces Conduct Military Maneuvers In The Skies Above Downtown LA
  15. Navy unveils new missile capable of destroying enemy weapons at THREE times the speed of sound
  16. Russia to Start Construction of Two New Warships
  17. Drought forces Texas cattle north
  18. More than 100 injured in 6.3-magnitude earthquake that struck Peru
  19. U.S. estimates of natural gas fall

Monday - January 30, 2012:

  1. US sets May as tentative date for clash with Iran. Floating SEALs base for Gulf
  2. Iran vows to stop some oil sales as inspectors visit
  3. Iran will stop oil sales to 'some countries'
  4. Iran Warns Oil Prices May Jump to $150 after EU Sanctions
  5. Oil Markets Seen Withstanding Iran Attack Shock in Global Investor Survey
  6. Pentagon Hopes to Develop 'Mother of All Bombs'
  7. Arab League chief heads to UN over Syria
  8. Syria Condemns Arab League Pullout
  9. Syria troops battle to retake Damascus suburbs
  10. Syrian soldiers regain control in Damascus - activists
  11. Will Israel Attack Iran?

Sunday - January 29, 2012:

  1. 'US bombs can't destroy buried Iran nuke plants'
  2. Iran hits back at EU with own oil embargo threat
  3. Iran May Ban All European Goods Import - TV
  4. Sanctions to hit EU buyback firms: Iran oil chief
  5. Iranian Religious Leader: We're Already Nuclear
  6. UN nuclear agency to send weapons experts into Tehran
  7. Report 'Mothership' racing toward Mideast
  8. Barak: Eventually Even an Attack Won't Stop Iran
  9. Seven troops killed in 'terror attack' near Damascus, state media says
  10. 'Half of Damascus falls to rebels'
  11. UNICEF: At Least 384 Children Killed in Syria Uprising
  12. Syria: Arab monitor pullout aims to influence UN
  13. Argentina nabs Iranian-Hizballah cell, aborts third Habad attack
  14. Russia Must Be Ready for Space, Cyber Wars
  15. Boko Haram vows to fight until Nigeria establishes sharia law
  16. Complaints from radical Muslims shut down documentary
  17. News of Christian imprisonment in Saudi only now reaching U.S.
  18. Strong quake jolts eastern Japan, no tsunami warning

Saturday - January 28, 2012:

  1. War of attrition brewing with Iran over Gulf oil routes
  2. Iran oil threat targets Greece
  3. EU points to oil reserves after Iran threat
  4. Iran dispatches Hezbollah terror cells to attack
  5. IAEA has proof of Iran’s nuclear-related activities
  6. Panel debates counter-action to Iranian nuclear programme
  7. 'Massive' Blockade Needed to Stop Iran Threat, Israel's Steinitz Says
  8. Barak: Iran 'drifting' toward nuke goal line
  9. Arab League to Bring Syria Plan to UN
  10. Children among 74 dead in 2 days of Syrian turmoil
  11. Syrian rebels say they hold seven Iranians hostage
  12. Clashes closer to Damascus
  13. Saudi to recognise Syrian National Council report
  14. Second quake in 2 days rattles Greek islands
  15. 10 tornadoes hit Alabama on Monday, according to the weather service

Friday - January 27, 2012:

  1. Ahmadinejad: Western sanctions can not harm Iran's economy
  2. China slams EU's Iran sanctions
  3. EU and Arab countries put forward new UN resolution on Syria
  4. Canada Announces New Sanctions Against Syria
  5. Merkel: Transfer more powers to EU, not more money to bail-out fund
  6. Obama outsourcing to Brazil; lawsuit filed
  7. Downpours, floods expected to worsen in Australia
  8. 3.2 quake strikes near Big Bend, Calif.
  9. River pollution triggers water panic buying in China Reuters

Thursday - January 26, 2012:

  1. Halt in Iran oil could push crude up by 30 percent
  2. Iran tries to stem money crisis after sanctions
  3. Iran preparing now for Armageddon
  4. Iran's saber-rattling over Hormuz
  5. Analysis: Iran has options apart from Hormuz block
  6. US May Intensify Sanctions on Iran, Says Envoy
  7. 4 Revolutionary Guards men died in a week
  8. Pressuring Iran
  9. Prosor Warns Against Silence on Iran
  10. Red Crescent official, priest killed in Syria
  11. Russia says it opposes sanctions on Syria
  12. Azerbaijan foils Iranian-Hizballah terror strike against Israel targets and Habad
  13. INDONESIA: Muslim students attack Catholic schools in Yogyakarta over a Facebook post
  14. INDIA: Karnataka, 20 Christians in prayer assaulted and humiliated, accused of proselytizing
  15. Rare tornadoes hit Alabama, killing two
  16. Severe storms lash Texas; spawn tornadoes
  17. Biggest solar storm since 2003 pummels atmosphere, forcing planes to divert from northern routes
  18. 'Google will know more about you than your partner'
  19. Former Israeli Envoy to US: Replace Obama

Wednesday - January 25, 2012:

  1. India to pay gold instead of dollars for Iranian oil. Oil and gold markets stunned
  2. Iranian Currency Crashes 80 Percent in One Month
  3. Iran: EU oil sanctions will have 'serious consequences'
  4. Iran says sanctions to fail, repeats Hormuz threat
  5. U.K. could send military assets to Strait of Hormuz
  6. War with Iran could tip us into the bloodiest conflict since 1945
  7. Arab League will ask UNSC to back its Syria peace plan
  8. Syria tells Arab League 'head to New York or to the moon'
  9. Bedouin take control of Egypt holiday resort, demand $660,000 ransom
  10. Sun hurls strong geomagnetic storm toward Earth
  11. Rare tornadoes hit Alabama, killing two
  12. High waves, strong winds forecast in UAE

Tuesday - January 24, 2012:

  1. Britain, US and France send warships through Strait of Hormuz
  2. US posts elite commandos near Iran
  3. Iran slams EU oil embargo, warns could hit U.S.
  4. EU agrees on oil embargo over Iran nuclear program
  5. Ex-CIA chief: Bomb Iranian Revolutionary Guards
  6. Mission unaccomplished
  7. 'Syria purchases 36 fighter planes from Russia'
  8. 150,000 mass for funerals near Syrian capital activists
  9. Arab ministers discuss power transfer to Syria VP
  10. Syria rejects roadmap for Assad power transfer
  11. Tropical rainstorm hammers Fiji
  12. Gale-force winds of 85mph batter Britain
  13. Arkansas hit by twisters, 3-inch hail

Monday - January 23, 2012:

  1. The USS Abraham Lincoln transits Hormuz. Scene set for US-Iranian talks
  2. 2 U.S. senators seek trade sanctions on Syria
  3. Syrian deserters take town near Damascus activists
  4. Syrian troops retreat from large Damascus suburb
  5. Syrian blasts kill 14, Arab monitors may stay
  6. UN role urged in Syria crisis
  7. Saudis pull Syria monitors, urge world pressure
  8. 'Hezbollah acting in Syria against protesters'
  9. Hungary, Romania Head Toward 'E. Europe Winter'
  10. More Than 160 Killed in Nigeria by Islamist Sect Boko Haram
  11. Pilot with terror links deemed a security risk

Sunday - January 22, 2012:

  1. Nuclear Iran is past its point-of-no-return, yet oil sanctions remain on paper
  2. Sarkozy: Time Running Out on Iran Sanctions
  3. Report: Iranian Officer Killed in Shooting Attack
  4. Iran: US presence in Gulf 'not new issue'
  5. Report: Turkey intercepts material for missiles, chemical weapons on Iranian trucks
  6. US threatens to close Damascus embassy soon
  7. China tells Iran to return to nuclear talks
  8. Libyan Islamists rally to demand sharia-based law
  9. Egyptian extremists against Copts, two wounded, houses burned and churches attacked

Saturday - January 21, 2012:

  1. EU considers freezing assets of last trading bank in Iran
  2. Iran warns neighbours not to join isolation attempts
  3. Major powers signal openness to Iran talks
  4. Activists press for U.N. censure of Syria
  5. Syria lost $2bn due to EU sanctions
  6. Violence keeps Syria on edge, Arab mission may extend
  7. Syrian opposition leader seeks to counter Islamists
  8. U.S. Seeks Russia’s Explanation on Syria-Bound Weapons Ship
  9. GeaGea Tells Hizbullah 'The Game is Over'
  10. Megaupload site wants assets back, to fight charges
  11. Number of injured in Iran quake increases to 230
  12. Wildfire rages near Reno; 10,000 evacuated

Friday - January 20, 2012:

  1. Netanyahu: Iran has decided to become a nuclear state. Action needed before it is too late.
  2. Iran warns neighbours not to join isolation attempts
  3. 'Sanctions not only option against Iran'
  4. Netanyahu pressuring Europe to embargo Iranian oil
  5. France's Juppe says EU to agree on Iran sanctions next week
  6. Violence rages in Syria as Arab mission expires
  7. Worries grow over Syria chemical weapons arsenal
  8. Syrian Gov't Forces Kill Leading Activists
  9. Crimes abundant in Syria, monitor says
  10. Russia: EU and US want war with Syria
  11. Sudan facing possible famine, warns U.S. envoy

Thursday - January 19, 2012:

  1. Iran's Al Qods cells for Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait to hit oil and US targets
  2. Lavrov warns against attacking Iran
  3. Iran oil, gold and banks on EU hitlist
  4. US: International pressure affecting Iran
  5. Bolton: Obama's Iran Policy 'Naive'
  6. Israel Iran still mulling whether to build nuclear bomb
  7. Iran offered Syria's Brotherhood power if it agreed to Assad staying on official
  8. Report: Syrian rebels take control over area outside Damascus
  9. Lavrov Skeptical Over Syrian No-Fly Zone
  10. Syria rebels and regime agree to cease-fire in Zabadani. Obama: Assad must leave
  11. Soldier’s Facebook Post Raises Questions About U.S. Special Forces In Syria
  12. China Plans to Launch 30 Satellites in 2012
  13. 5.6 earthquake shakes Chile
  14. East Africa's drought: the avoidable disaster
  15. The 'death panel' buried deep inside the healthcare law
  16. Indian TB cases 'can't be cured'

Wednesday - January 18, 2012:

  1. Iran: U.S. can't stop shutdown of Hormuz
  2. EU discussing plan to start Iran oil ban on July 1
  3. EU Preparing More Iran Sanctions
  4. Syrian official defects, says regime will fight at all costs
  5. Bedouin leaders threaten armed rebellion against Egyptian government
  6. Attackers kill 51 in South Sudan clashes governor
  7. New space-arms control initiative draws concern
  8. Drought goes on in U.S. South
  9. Foot of snow in Seattle City frantic after forecast

Tuesday - January 17, 2012:

  1. With sanctions and threats, Beijing ready to cut Tehran loose
  2. Saudi Arabia doubts Iran oil blockade claim
  3. 'Iran says it arrested suspects in scientist killing'
  4. Netanyahu: Current Iran sanctions won't curb its nuclear program
  5. 'Quds Force to aid Syria if outside forces interfere'
  6. Hizballah planned Mumbai-style attack on Habad Bangkok, Khao San restaurants
  7. Strong earthquake hits off Antarctica's coast

Monday - January 16, 2012:

  1. Russia: Attack on Tehran is Attack on Moscow
  2. Iran warns Gulf states not to make up for oil ban
  3. Increasing concern over oil prices, Iran
  4. Iran Vows Revenge Against Israel, US and UK
  5. Iran could face UK military action over nuclear programme, says Hague
  6. Tehran confirms receipt of US letter on Hormuz
  7. UN chief to Syria's Assad: Path of repression is a dead end
  8. Syrian soldier 'decapitated seven-month-old boy in front of his mother
  9. Syria toll rises to 25; monitors cheered in besieged town
  10. Richard Dawkins celebrates a victory over creationists

Sunday - January 15, 2012:

  1. Ahmadinejad: Iran will respond 'firmly' to a U.S. strike
  2. Iran lashes out at West over slain scientist, but hints at diplomatic opening
  3. Five dead in Syria, Qatar suggests sending troops
  4. Civil war warning in Syria as tanks attack town
  5. Project to use volcano to make power

Saturday - January 14, 2012:

  1. US stations two aircraft carriers opposite Iran, 15,000 troops in Kuwait
  2. 'US warns Iran on Hormuz through secret channel'
  3. Ahmadinejad: ‘International Zionism’ assassinated Iran nuclear scientist
  4. Iran clerics urge unity as nuclear scientist buried
  5. U.S. Sanctions 3 Companies for Selling Oil Products to Iran
  6. US seeking to 'close down' Iran central bank
  7. Syria protests erupt, Arab League fears civil war
  8. UN chief visits Lebanon as Syria revolt seethes
  9. Russia to test over 70 new missile systems in 2012
  10. U.S. to cut 7,000 Europe-based troops
  11. Judge Following Christian beliefs wrong

Friday - January 13, 2012:

  1. Iran newspaper calls for retaliation against Israel over killing of nuclear scientist
  2. 'Iran warns of 'cross-border' bombing response'
  3. Turkey halts Iranian arms corridor to Syria, balks at nuclear Iran
  4. Iran embargo gathers support in Asia, Europe
  5. Putin ally fears Israel pushing US toward Iran war
  6. Insight At the sharp end of Iranian sanctions
  7. Iran 'steps up military aid to Syria'
  8. Alleged Russia arms ship docks in Syria despite vow to change course
  9. Arab League Reconsiders Observer Mission
  10. Exclusive: Second Arab monitor may quit Syria over violence
  11. Anchorage on pace for snowiest winter on record
  12. 15 injured in North Carolina tornado

Thursday - January 12, 2012:

  1. Russia warns West against attack on Iran
  2. Senior Natanz executive slain in Tehran, US Navy, Air Force on Hormuz readiness
  3. Iran atom agency calls killing 'heinous act'
  4. TIMELINE - Mysterious deaths and blasts linked to Iran's nuclear program
  5. Iran Rejects West's Concerns Over its Underground Plant
  6. All oil importers responsible for Hormuz, Abdullah says
  7. MI chief: Iran, Hezbollah providing Assad with weaponry
  8. Syrian president inciting attacks on monitors: activists
  9. Syria accused of fooling Arab League
  10. Keep an eye on Latin America, critic warns
  11. Pakistan army steps up confrontation with government
  12. PAKISTAN: Lahore Government bulldozes a Catholic institution and expropriates the land
  13. European ski resorts in 'lockdown' after freak snowfalls cut road, rail and air links

Wednesday - January 11, 2012:

  1. Iran plans one-kiloton underground nuclear test in 2012
  2. Iran enriching weapon-grade uranium, diplomats confirm
  3. EU ministers plan Iran oil embargo, IAEA team to visit
  4. EU to speed up decision on Iran oil ban
  5. Turkey holds Syria-bound Iranian 'military cargo'
  6. Syria's Assad vows to stay in power, says 'victory is near'
  7. UN official says 400 Syrians killed in uprising since arrival of Arab League monitors
  8. Erdogan: Turkey must prevent the impending civil war in Syria
  9. Washington is playing with Brotherhood fire
  10. Has Obama taken Bush’s ‘preemption’ strategy to another level?
  11. Ahmadinejad, Chavez rebuff U.S., joke about having nuclear bomb
  12. South Sudan rampage toll may be in thousands amid threats of genocide
  13. Germany facing U.S. troop reductions
  14. Magnitude 7.3 quake in Indian Ocean, off Aceh, Indonesia

Tuesday - January 10, 2012:

  1. Russian, French warships off Syria, Iran, US drones over Iranian coast
  2. Syria hails visit of Russian warships to Tartus
  3. Khamenei: Iran won't yield to Western sanctions
  4. Arab League stops short of turning to UN on Syria
  5. Iran sentences U.S.-Iranian man to death for spying
  6. USGS says Magnitude 6.6 quake off Solomon Islands, no tsunami

Monday - January 9, 2012:

  1. Iran crosses another nuclear red line. Fordo soon on stream
  2. 'US would take action against Iran closure of Hormuz'
  3. Panetta: U.S. will not allow Iran to develop nuclear bomb, block Strait of Hormuz
  4. Report: Iran begins uranium enrichment at underground site
  5. Iran Bushehr nuclear plant to reach full capacity by end of month
  6. Report: Russian naval force arrives at Syria port in 'show of solidarity'
  7. Gunmen kill 11 Syrian soldiers in clashes
  8. Slaughter of Innocents Continues in Syria
  9. Arab League to discuss Syria mission amid fresh violence near border with Turkey
  10. Arab League Meets to Decide: Time to Invite UN to Syria?
  11. Iran on edge over upcoming elections
  12. 2011 was the driest year on record in Texas
  13. Mexico Damage to 600,000 households from drought, freezing weather, floods in 2011

Sunday - January 8, 2012:

  1. 'UK sends most powerful vessel to Gulf'
  2. Iran atomic chief says new uranium enrichment facility to soon become operational
  3. Iran holds military exercise near Afghan border
  4. Ahmadinejad to seek help in Latin America as sanctions bite
  5. Iran offers nuclear technology to friendly African nations
  6. West plans to tap oil reserves if Iran blocks Strait of Hormuz
  7. 'Syrian military official defects with soldiers'
  8. Arabs may invite UN to help in Syria mission
  9. Syria violating deal, says Arab League
  10. Syrian dissidents: Bombing was staged
  11. China warns U.S. against 'flexing muscles'
  12. UN: ‘Major emergency operation’ after tribe-on-tribe violence in S. Sudan touches 60,000
  13. Church attacks in Nigeria leave at least 27 worshippers dead
  14. Haiti cholera epidemic kills 7,000

Saturday - January 7, 2012:

  1. Iran to hold new naval exercises
  2. UK: Hammond warns Iran not to block key oil route
  3. Iranians brace for war as feud with West reaches ‘critical point’
  4. Gulf states brace for unwanted US-Iran war
  5. 'Iran close to starting nuclear work in bunker'
  6. EU Oil Boycott on Iran Intended to Force Tehran into Real Talks
  7. Iran: EU oil embargo 'economic war'
  8. Exclusive: West readies oil plan in case of Iran crisis Reuters
  9. Iran, US and Israel announce new war games as tensions rise in the Gulf
  10. Syria: 'We'll respond to attacks with iron fist'
  11. Casualties as new bombing hits Damascus state media
  12. Report: Suicide bomber kills 25 in Syria
  13. Report: Syria troops fire on Arab League monitors
  14. US defence strategy shifts to Asia
  15. China warns U.S. against adventurism
  16. Rio de Janeiro on maximum alert as towns flood
  17. High temperature records smashed in Plains

Friday - January 6, 2012:

  1. Saudis, Gulf states on war alert for early US-Iran clash
  2. Screws tighten on Iran as big buyers shun its oil
  3. US Lobbies Countries to Cut Imports of Iran Oil
  4. New EU sanctions on Iranian oil
  5. Turkey: We won't allow Iran strike
  6. UK warns Iran: Close Hormuz at your own peril
  7. Analysis: Iran could close Hormuz -- but not for long
  8. Iran, Turkey to double trade volume despite differences on Syria, NATO
  9. Iran clamps down on internet use
  10. Syrian National Council Launches Website
  11. Barack Obama sets out plans for leaner military in historic strategy shift
  12. Deadly landslide hits Philippines
  13. Storms rage across Britain with winds reaching 111mph
  14. La Nina - herald of drought - may linger into spring
  15. Analysis: Clock ticking for rains to save Argentine soy crop

Thursday - January 5, 2012:

  1. Tehran decries foreign troops presence in Gulf
  2. Iran prepares bill to bar foreign warships from Persian Gulf
  3. Iran’s Strait of Hormuz: A challenge to US policy
  4. EU agrees on Iran oil embargo
  5. Senator queries Obama on Iran sanctions
  6. Kuwait rejects Iran’s threats over gas field development
  7. '20 dead in Syria; security forces hiding prisoners'
  8. Syria pipeline attacked amid ongoing killing
  9. Earthquakes prompt record insurance claims in 2011

Wednesday - January 4, 2012:

  1. Iran provokes showdown, warns US carrier not to return to Persian Gulf
  2. 'Iran warns departed US carrier not to return'
  3. Iran nuclear crisis: France wants 'stricter' sanctions
  4. 'Europe must agree Iran sanctions by month's end'
  5. Sarkozy Accuses Syrian Regime of 'Massacres'
  6. Syrian rebels rise up; violence ensues
  7. Syria opposition leader In post-Assad era, Damascus would likely end its alliance with Iran
  8. Britain battered by 106mph gales which leave two dead
  9. Firefighters battle blazes in soaring temperatures
  10. Thousands of dead herring wash ashore on Norwegian beach ... and then disappear
  11. US elections have global implications
  12. Danger year ahead

Tuesday - January 3, 2012:

  1. Iran Tests Missile that Can Hit US and Israeli Bases
  2. Iran test-fires long range missiles
  3. Paris considers ‘bad signal’ Iran’s missile tests
  4. Barak: Iran worried about unrest in Arab world
  5. Report: Assad mulls forming new cabinet
  6. Eight killed in Syria, pressure building on Arab League
  7. Arab League head says Syrian army outside cities
  8. Assad will fight from new mountain fortress if civil war engulfs Syria
  9. Southern Siberia rattled by 4.2-magnitude aftershock
  10. Analysis: U.S. fighter sales soar in time for campaign

Monday - January 2, 2012:

  1. Iran fires medium-range missile during Strait of Hormuz naval drill
  2. Iran navy tests surface-to-air missile in drill
  3. Iran says it's produced first nuclear fuel rod
  4. Obama Signs Tough New Iran Sanctions into Law
  5. US sanctions on Iran's central bank. Tehran has called this an act of war
  6. Iranian commander backs away from threat to close Strait of Hormuz, strategic oil route
  7. US sanctions will meet Iran central bank ‘strength’
  8. Arab League monitors express concern
  9. Arab League Advisory Board Says 'Pull Monitors From Syria'
  10. Obama signs act to allow detention of U.S. citizens
  11. US May Adopt Israel's ‘Free Terrorists for Peace’ Tactic
  12. America’s top export in 2011 was ..... fuel?
  13. 7.0 quake off Japan's southeast coast, no tsunami warning

Sunday - January 1, 2012:

  1. Iranian missile spin closes Hormuz for five hours
  2. U.S. steps up sanctions; Iran floats nuclear talks
  3. Iran denies testing long-range missiles
  4. UN presses Syria as death toll mounts
  5. Syrian opposition groups unite against Assad
  6. US seals $3.48B missiles, technology sale to UAE
  7. Quake rattles New Zealand's Christchurch: USGS

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