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  1. ‘I’m worried that others aren’t worried’
  2. Waivers for favors: Big labor's ObamaCare escape hatch
  3. A Tour of Iraq's Ancient Sites
  4. If Christians Were Treated Like Muslims

Monday - January 31, 2011:

  1. The flowering of democracy, or the birth of another Iran?
  2. US Threatens to Cut Aid to Egypt
  3. Clinton: U.S. wants to see orderly transition into Egypt democracy
  4. UN calls for calm in Egypt as nations scramble to evacuate citizens
  5. Obama issues plea for restraint in Egypt
  6. Suleiman: Egypt’s strongman who kept Islamists in check
  7. US, Turkey, Iraq, Switzerland urge citizens to leave Egypt
  8. Thousands march against corruption in India
  9. Israel silently watches the unfolding of two new fronts
  10. Leading Tunisian Islamist returns from exile
  11. Tunisian Islamists show strength at chief's return
  12. An era of cheap food may be drawing to a close
  13. Cyclones threaten flood-ravaged Queensland WORLD News

Sunday - January 30, 2011:

  1. Analysts warned Obama: Don't end up on the wrong side of Egypt's revolution
  2. 'Domino revolutions' top EU agenda This Week
  3. U.S. policy shaken by Middle East uprisings
  4. 'We are witnessing today an Arab people's revolution'
  5. Iranian leaders hope for Islamic republic in Egypt
  6. Mubarak hangs on to power as Obama dictates terms. But for how long?
  7. Report: US backed Egypt uprising planners
  8. Sources in Egypt and West: US secretly backed protest
  9. Ex-aviation minister to form new Egypt government
  10. Saudi uneasy about sanctions on Iran
  11. Signs of the end times?

Saturday - January 29, 2011:

  1. Iran sees Islamic awakening in Middle East
  2. 'Arab Uprisings an Incredible Moment of Liberty'
  3. Iran cleric Mideast unrest replay of our 1979 Islamic revolution
  4. From Tunis to Amman to Sana'a, wave of protest spreads across the region
  5. Albanian opposition to protest despite warnings
  6. Military takeover in Egypt aired as army holds fire against curfew violators
  7. Experts: Egyptian protests at unparalleled level
  8. Obama Asks Mubarak to Refrain From Violence
  9. US to review aid policy with Egypt-White House
  10. Yemen protest: Tens of thousands march against Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh
  11. Number of British Muslims will double to 5.5m in 20 years
  12. Bill Clinton: Israel has never had better peace partner
  13. After the snow and rain... get ready for the worst drought since 1976
  14. Australia's floods bill climbs, takes toll on PM
  15. China rating agency blames U.S. for credit war
  16. Sudden storm brings life to a halt in UAE
  17. Lightning and fire: Japan on alert after volcano's biggest eruption in 50 years

Friday - January 28, 2011:

  1. Arab unrest spreads as thousands protest in Yemen
  2. People power shakes Arab dynasties
  3. Egypt More Protests Expected; Stock Market Plunges; Movement 'Growing'
  4. Mubarak's defense minister bids for US backing in Washington
  5. Erekat: ‘Obama has no credibility in the Middle East'
  6. Algeria steps up grain imports, eyes Tunisia virus
  7. EXCLUSIVE - ElBaradei: Time for Egypt leader Mubarak to go
  8. Thousands rally against government in Yemen
  9. New US envoy to Syria presents credentials to Assad
  10. Palestinian protesters occupy London PLO office as demonstrations sweep Mideast
  11. Indonesia sounds alarm, climate change will affect food production

Thursday - January 27, 2011:

  1. Analysis: Western Naval Fleets Heading to Lebanon
  2. Source: U.S. Plans No Military Response to Lebanon Developments
  3. Egypt's Mubarak faces unprecedented protests
  4. Egypt clashes: 860 protestors arrested
  5. Opposition says Iran fears Tunisian unrest
  6. At least 1,000 opposition activists arrested as Egyptian protests continue
  7. 'World not doing enough to condemn Iran's anti-Semitism'
  8. US may make UN funds conditional on Israel's treatment
  9. Justice Department seeks to have all web surfing tracked
  10. Medvedev proposes including BRIC currencies into IMF's SDR
  11. Obama backs Seoul, demands North Korea give up nuclear weapons
  12. Iran accuses West of 'nuclear terrorism'

Wednesday - January 26, 2011:

  1. Iran rounds off grab for Lebanon with figurehead prime minister
  2. New Russian Missile Penetrates Missile Defense
  3. Ireland Jumps on Bandwagon to Give PA Embassy Status
  4. US warns on ties with Hezbollah-backed Lebanon gov't
  5. Egyptians rage against Mubarak's rule, three killed
  6. US Rep: If Taiwan Can't Fly Flag, Why Can PLO?
  7. Boy blows himself up near religious procession
  8. Asians see France's G20 food push as part of solution
  9. NEPAL Exceptionally cold weather kills 50 in Nepal
  10. Is the world's largest super-volcano set to erupt for the first time in 600,000 years, wiping out two-thirds of the U.S.?

Tuesday - January 25, 2011:

  1. Egypt braced for 'day of revolution' protests
  2. Expert: Iran could follow Tunisia's fall
  3. Ripple protests could topple U.S. allies
  4. Russia to decide on missile deployment if no deal with NATO
  5. Hariri supporters: Hezbollah is carrying out an Iran-backed coup of Lebanon
  6. Suicide bombing kills 35 at Moscow airport. Four more terrorists hunted
  7. Food prices to rocket by 50% as global hunger epidemic causes riots and famines
  8. Global food system must be transformed 'on industrial revolution scale'
  9. 6.3 quake rocks parts of Pakistan
  10. 'Amazing' Australian floodwaters enter new towns
  11. Eastern China experiencing worst drought in a century
  12. China province hit by worst drought, warning on wheat
  13. Cost of natural disasters $109 billion in 2010 U.N.
  14. South Africa floods kill more than 100; Mozambique also hit hard

Monday - January 24, 2011:

  1. Iranian warships coming to Mediterranean and Red Seas
  2. Ahmadinejad hopes for more talks with powers
  3. 'Israel hopes nuclear issue remains unresolved'
  4. Mofaz: Hizbullah may form Iranian proxy-state in Lebanon
  5. 'US warns Lebanon against Hizbullah-led government'
  6. Report: U.S. to end Lebanon aid if Hezbollah takes control
  7. 'US urged China to stop commodities shipments to Iran'
  8. Protests erupt in Yemen, Algeria and Tunisia
  9. Islam Grows in Europe, Jihad Not Far Behind
  10. Brazil's landslide death toll reaches 806
  11. Needy still suffering from persistent delays in state's benefits system

Sunday - January 23, 2011:

  1. Ashton: Iran's stance at nuke talks 'disappointing'
  2. In Istanbul, nuclear talks with Iran yield no progress
  3. Iran leaves nuclear talks in Turkey
  4. Nuclear talks in Istanbul end in impasse with no new date
  5. Iran boosts nuclear work capacity, no slowdown report
  6. Tony Blair: West must prepare to confront Iran
  7. Tony Blair: West May Need to Go to War Against Iran
  8. Former U.S. diplomats to Obama: Support UN draft condemning Israeli settlements
  9. Protesters clash with police in Algerian capital
  10. Earth 'to get second sun' as supernova turns night into day

Saturday - January 22, 2011:

  1. Iran sees progress in nuke talks, US unimpressed
  2. Tehran will not comply with UN resolutions - IAEA envoy
  3. 'We won't allow discussion of nuclear enrichment freeze'
  4. Iran Suspension of nuclear program is not up for negotiation
  5. Ban Ki-moon: Settlements are illegal, hamper talks
  6. Protesters demand Jordan's government step down

Friday - January 21, 2011:

  1. Iran: We have reserve nuke facility
  2. Scientists Warn Iran Could Produce Enough Nuclear Material for Warhead in 5 Months
  3. Turkey hosts nuclear talks for Iran, U.N. Security Council members, Germany
  4. 'U.K. to consider UN censure of Israel's West Bank settlements'
  5. British Official: No Recognition of Unilateral PA State
  6. US Prevents Sec. Council Vote on 'Ilegal Settlements' Proposal
  7. Hariri challenges Nasrallah, announces bid to lead new government
  8. Freezing Vietnam to enter another cold snap (7,000 cows and buffalo die)
  9. Rising rivers swamp yet another Australian town
  10. Dramatic decline in farmland birds as numbers drop by up to 70%
  11. Sri Lankan floods could leave 400,000 children without enough food
  12. At least 207 missing in Brazil floods, 741 dead

Thursday - January 20, 2011:

  1. 'Hezbollah simulates coup of Beirut as Lebanon tensions grow'
  2. Iran urges U.S., Israel to stop 'interference' in Lebanon
  3. FBI Pipe Bomb Found in Spokane, Washington On MLK Parade Route
  4. Senators Pressure Clinton to Veto UN Anti-Israeli Resolution
  5. Brazil flood deaths over 700 as more rains loom
  6. Severe thunderstorms hit Australia
  7. Wheat, Corn Prices Gain on Weather Worries

Wednesday - January 19, 2011:

  1. Palestinians raise flag at Washington office
  2. Iran: Sanctions won't stop nuclear drive
  3. Iran, a good ally for many African countries
  4. Businessmen in Kabul protest Iranian blockade
  5. Medvedev reaffirms Soviet recognition of Palestine
  6. 'European countries may recognize Palestinian state'
  7. Eastern Mediterranean awaits inevitable big earthquake
  8. 7.2 earthquake shakes Pakistan, damage seems limited
  9. Flood waters threaten more towns and cities in Australia
  10. Move over Moses, Jesus: Oprah the prophet is here

Tuesday - January 18, 2011:

  1. China denies plans to send troops to North Korea
  2. The confessed Mossad spy is Majid the IRGC terminator
  3. Tunisia Chaos a Sign for Caution on PA State, Warns Netanyahu
  4. Cyber attacks could create perfect storm - OECD
  5. Stuxnet virus attack: Russia warns of ‘Iranian Chernobyl'
  6. Nasrallah on course for anti-West government backed by Assad
  7. Iran to skip Islamic parliamentary meeting
  8. Iran Cuts Subsidies on Fuel and Other Consumer Goods
  9. Medvedev to discuss Middle East settlement with Palestinians
  10. Russia ready to build nuclear plant in Jordan - presidential aide
  11. Brazil flood victims trapped for days
  12. Flooding hits Washington, Oregon
  13. Floods damage wheat crop
  14. Kuwaiti ruler grants $4b, free food to citizens
  15. Hundreds of dead seals in Labrador
  16. Snow slows Japan's bullet trains, closes Toyota plants
  17. Thaw sets off flooding across Denmark
  18. Town prepares for one-in-200-year flood

Monday - January 17, 2011:

  1. 'Iran building int'l ties to gather nuclear material'
  2. WikiLeaks: Iran developing nuclear bomb with help of more than 30 countries
  3. China to station troops in N. Korea report
  4. EU freezes Ivory Coast port and bank assets
  5. First U.S. ambassador to Syria in 5 years arrives in Damascus
  6. Algerian dies in self-immolation, echoing Tunisia
  7. Iran joins Venezuela, Libya to say no harm in $100 oil
  8. Oil prices rising too high, too fast Total CEO
  9. Australia's Victoria now hit by flooding
  10. Bitter cold sets records in South Korea
  11. Philippine floods toll rises to 51, fishermen missing
  12. Williams: The pulpit is silent

Sunday - January 16, 2011:

  1. Iran says 2 downed spy planes were US-operated
  2. Report: Iran ordered Hariri assassination
  3. Analysis: A warning to Arab dictators
  4. Russia's Medvedev to visit Jordan, Palestinian Territory next week - Kremlin
  5. Death toll from Brazil flood nears 600
  6. Now Britain faces threat of flooding as forecasters predict torrential rain for vast swathes of the country
  7. 200 dead cows found in Wisconsin field

Saturday - January 15, 2011:

  1. Iran starts work on new naval destroyers
  2. After government collapse, Hezbollah works to get more power in Lebanon
  3. Guyana becomes 7th South American state to recognize Palestinian independence
  4. Report: UNIFIL limits patrols along border
  5. Turkish PM: Hamas is a 'Political Group,' Not Terrorists
  6. Tunisian president flees military coup. Foreboding in Cairo and Amman
  7. Earth's Magnetic North Pole Is On the Move

Friday - January 14, 2011:

  1. Joschka Fischer: United States of Europe is the only way to preserve EU influence
  2. In Tokyo, Gates calls for unity, pledges help if S. Korea is attacked by North
  3. Iran says US, Israel 'sabotaged' Lebanon gov't
  4. Iran's Role in Collapse of Lebanese Government May Serve as Warning for Iraqis
  5. Mideast mediators to meet in early February - EU foreign policy chief
  6. Netanyahu: Iran Has Been Unmasked
  7. Obama administration proposes in abstentia trial for Hizballah
  8. At least 482 killed in Brazil floods, landslides
  9. Mount Etna rumbles, sending lava down its side
  10. Philippines flood death toll rises
  11. Queensland flood crisis: Wrap of Jan 13 events
  12. Sri Lanka flood death toll rises to 23, crop risk grows
  13. Strong quake hits near New Caledonia

Thursday - January 13, 2011:

  1. Israel irritated at UN for nodding at Lebanese gas claims
  2. Iran works to update domestic smart bombs
  3. Iran warns the west that Istanbul meeting is last chance for nuclear deal
  4. Iran now threatens neighbors hosting 'Zionist facilities'
  5. One poor harvest away from chaos
  6. At least 270 dead in Brazil floods, landslides
  7. Brisbane braces for deluge under darkness
  8. Extreme weather sets records in China

Wednesday - January 12, 2011:

  1. Al-Qaeda to target royal wedding?
  2. Iran now threatens neighbors hosting 'Zionist facilities'
  3. Iran vows to bring Israel to justice for 'crimes against humanity'
  4. Iran presents: Equipment used by 'Mossad spies'
  5. Amano: 'Know too little about Teheran's nuclear activities'
  6. U.S. sees North Korea becoming direct threat, eyes ICBMs
  7. FNC members debate rising food prices in UAE
  8. Another major winter storm wallops Northeast
  9. Australian floods could send food prices soaring
  10. Brisbane braces for deluge under darkness
  11. More Than 100 Dead Birds Found Off Calif. Highway
  12. Pig cull ordered in Germany as dioxin scare widens
  13. Torrential rain in Sri Lanka, 16 dead and 832 thousand displaced

Tuesday - January 11, 2011:

  1. Clinton: Arab world must confront Iran
  2. Iran provoking conflict in Middle East, says Hillary Clinton
  3. Hamas Leader Joins Ahmadinejad, Calls Holocaust a Lie
  4. Iran claims it nabbed Mossad spy trained in Israel
  5. Iran opens three intelligence fronts against Israel
  6. Iran says arrested Mossad spies
  7. Russia 'terrified' over Viktor Bout trial, lawyer claims
  8. Sadr foments resistance by Iraqis
  9. UN Will Help Set Israel-Lebanon Sea Borders
  10. AZERBAIJAN: Higher fines for people who meet to pray or read religious texts
  11. Eight dead, 72 missing as flash floods sweep through Australian city
  12. Farms shut as cancer poisons are now found in chickens
  13. Floods threaten Australia's Great Barrier Reef
  14. Magnitude 5.9 quake hits Chile, no damage reported
  15. Snow and ice leaves 4 dead, shut down Deep South

Monday - January 10, 2011:

  1. Clinton seeks stronger ties with Arab allies
  2. Are EU sanctions influencing Iran's behavior?
  3. Iran could take a short cut to a nuclear bomb before 2015
  4. Persian Gulf 'within Iran's missile reach'
  5. Defense Secretary Gates: U.S. underestimated parts of China's military modernization
  6. Poor crop forecast triggers scare over food prices
  7. Algeria vows to punish food rioters
  8. 20 killed as riots break out in Tunisia over cost of living
  9. Members of Congress concerned over safety
  10. Showers of blackbirds air out conspiracy theories
  11. Fish & Bird kills are we getting answers or being placated?
  12. Bahrain launches single electronic identity for e-services
  13. Qatar to issue smart cards for expatriates
  14. Fears flooding could reach Queensland tourist areas and Brisbane
  15. Earthquake hits South Pacific near Vanuatu
  16. Ten Ways to Pray for the Persecuted: Christians face surge of violent attacks in Middle East

Sunday - January 9, 2011:

  1. Arab World: Rewarding bad behavior
  2. Al Sadr urges Iraq followers to resist US occupiers
  3. Iran increases stockpile of higher enriched uranium, defying UN demands
  4. Iran says can make own nuclear fuel plates, rods
  5. Obama Eyeing Internet ID for Americans
  6. 'Religion of peace' launching 'ferocious' attacks
  7. 4.1 quake near San Jose rattles Bay Area
  8. Australian floods bring out the snakes
  9. Earthquake hits southern Iran, destroys villages

Saturday - January 8, 2011:

  1. Iraq Al-Sadr’s Return Will Consolidate Iran’s Influence
  2. Two packages detonate in Maryland state government buildings
  3. 'Police increase presence in London transportation hubs'
  4. PA seeks UN vote next week on resolution condemning West Bank settlements
  5. Hate Crimes in NY State on the rise
  6. Pentagon to cut spending by $78 billion, reduce troop strength
  7. G20 to discuss food security measures
  8. Steep rise in Indian food costs sparks fears of global effects
  9. Germany closes 4,700 farms in dioxin scare
  10. Dioxin traced to oil supplier
  11. Christians arrested in Iran
  12. Mass bird death epidemic spreads to Kentucky
  13. Mystery of mass animal death epidemic deepens after 8,000 turtle doves fall dead in Italy with strange blue stain on their beaks
  14. South Africa flooding leaves 50 dead, hundreds homeless
  15. After Ravages of Time and War, Triage to Save Babylon

Friday - January 7, 2011:

  1. Iran builds new Eastern Front in Iraq against Israel, Jordan
  2. Is Mossad Systematically Killing Iranian Nuclear Scientists?
  3. China's Missile and Stealth Fighter Advances Draw U.S. Attention
  4. It's Israel's Fault: The Great Wall of Greece
  5. Lurching Toward Militarization: Russian Defense Spending in the Coming Decade
  6. EU's Ashton calls for Quartet talks
  7. Obama's stealth move reviving 'death panels'
  8. Dead birds in Sweden killed by 'external blows' (Update)
  9. Flood disaster zone in Australia widens
  10. Mass animal deaths go global

Thursday - January 6, 2011:

  1. UK More Interested in Islam, 100,000 Have Converted
  2. UN spurns Beirut on fixing sea border after Israel strikes gas
  3. UN: We will not intervene in maritime gas drilling dispute
  4. December coldest in UK for 100 years
  5. Earthquake injures 16 people in southern Iran
  6. NHS laid low by flu as 18,000 staff call in sick - 50% higher than any other sector
  7. 40,000 'devil' crabs wash up on Kent coast after dying from hypothermia in freezing sea
  8. Haiti investigates dead fish mystery
  9. Hundreds of dead snapper washed up on New Zealand beach/a>
  10. Officials probe 'unusual' mass deaths of birds in two states
  11. State investigating 'very large' Chesapeake fish kill
  12. Swedish birds 'scared to death' veterinarian

Wednesday - January 5, 2011:

  1. Ahmadinejad warns West to end 'bullying' or face 'defeat'
  2. Widening cracks in Ahmadinejad's grip on power
  3. Iran invites ambassadors to tour nuclear sites
  4. South Korea increases battle readiness
  5. Obama wants Jews to pay terror-supporting state
  6. Arab theorists claim WikiLeaks is an Israeli conspiracy
  7. Oil hits two-year high with no peak in sight
  8. More birds fall from sky — this time in La.
  9. Disastrous floods in the Philippines: 12 dead, thousands displaced
  10. 2nd earthquake rattles northern England
  11. Financial cost of natural disasters doubles
  12. Jan. 7 Another day of fear and persecution

Tuesday - January 4, 2011:

  1. Ahmadinejad sacks 14 advisers
  2. Iran's navy receives new cruise missiles
  3. Party pulls out of Pakistan's ruling coalition, threatening government
  4. Dead fish cover 20-miles of Arkansas River
  5. Earthquake hits North Yorkshire
  6. Huge Queensland floods the worst in two decades
  7. Natural disasters 'killed 295,000 in 2010'
  8. Researchers find alarming decline in bumblebees
  9. Snowfalls, gales cause new blackouts in Moscow Region

Monday - January 3, 2011:

  1. Revolutionary Guard: Iran shoots down 2 western drones
  2. WikiLeaks: Iran can attack Israel within 10-12 minutes
  3. Alexandria's Copts were victims of homegrown Egyptian Islamic terror
  4. Major 7.1 magnitude earthquake hits Chile
  5. Snow storm hits Japan
  6. Over 30 districts hit by blackout outside Moscow over heavy snowfall
  7. Four solar, two moon eclipses to take place in 2011
  8. More than 1,000 dead birds fall from sky in Ark

Sunday - January 2, 2011:

  1. 'If Obama is not firm there will be M_ East war this year'
  2. Teheran to UN: Israel kidnapped former gov't official
  3. North Korea may be setting up a nuclear test on Iran's behalf
  4. Northern Argentina hit by 7.0 magnitude earthquake
  5. Christianity taking over planet?
  6. Egypt bomb kills new year churchgoers
  7. Now coastal Queensland braces for 30-foot flood waters
  8. Queensland facing 'biblical' floods

Saturday - January 1, 2011:

  1. 'Mossad, US, UK cooperating to sabotage Iran nukes'
  2. Nth Korea threat grows with new forces: report
  3. Brazil hosts first Palestinian 'embassy' in Americas
  4. New twister alerts after 6 killed in Ark., Mo.
  5. 'Black Christmas': Nigerian pastor, church members slain
  6. Aussie flood zone bigger than France, Germany
  7. Australian floodwaters rise as bushfire threat looms
  8. Forced evacuations as thousands flee Australian floods
  9. Blizzard causes 100-car pileup near Fargo, N.D.
  10. Cholera death toll in Haiti rises to more than 3,000
  11. Flu outbreak piles pressure on 'critical care' units
  12. Premium power grab! Feds take control of insurance prices

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