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  1. Killer way to slay the Google beast! ****
  2. Busted! Obama praise planted in U.S. newspapers
  3. When good deeds are worse than doing nothing ****
  4. Advice to Obama: 'Read the writing on the wall'
  5. A future of less freedom
  6. 2,000-year-old temple dedicated to cat goddess found in Egypt
  7. What on earth is going on?
  8. Haiti -- Left Standing ***
  9. Hebrew inscription suggests Israelite kingdom dates to 10th century BCE
  10. Archeologists discover 8,000-year-old building in Tel Aviv
  11. Obama's secret vault
  12. 10 symptoms of 'Obama Stockholm Syndrome'
  13. INDIA: Brahmin, a follower of Gandhi, I embraced Jesus, the light that triumphs over darkness
  14. Teaching Ireal-i hope and change

Sunday - January 31, 2009:

  1. Ahmadinejad: Iran has final say in Middle East
  2. U.S. Speeding Up Missile Defenses in Persian Gulf
  3. US expediting Persian Gulf anti-missile systems
  4. Iranian Basijj plots UK embassy seizure
  5. Obama aide says Iran may lash out at Israel
  6. China suspends US military exchanges over Taiwan arms
  7. China threatens sanctions on US over arms sales
  8. Putin: Libya, Russia agree $1.8 billion arms deal
  9. Iran building rail link to Iraq
  10. Iran warns protesters as post-vote trial starts
  11. Obama Deficit reduction 'critical'
  12. Storm blankets southern states with snow

Saturday - January 30, 2009:

  1. Hamas: 'Israel killed Hamas member in Dubai'
  2. Clinton: China risks isolation over Iran
  3. Clinton urges China to overlook oil needs in sanctioning Iran
  4. Clinton: Iran's attitude leaves us no choice
  5. Tehran axis strengthens; China opposed to new sanctions
  6. Iran to mark national holiday with missile launches
  7. Iran could make nuclear advancement announcement early Feb
  8. Senate votes to impose even more sanctions on Iran
  9. Iranian cleric: More opposition should be executed
  10. Israel rolls out newest defense gadget – the micro-satellite
  11. Obama: Israel's Right hinders peace
  12. U.N. accused of setting up Israeli officials
  13. Swedish mayor blasts Zionism
  14. Democrats' political suicide pact
  15. Obama Said to Seek $54 Billion in Nuclear-Power Loans
  16. Obama shows he's 'out of touch'
  17. El Niño is back in the Philippines, so is drought
  18. Snow, ice, wind whack Texas, Oklahoma
  19. Taxpayers pay $101,000 for Pelosi's in-flight 'food, booze'

Friday - January 29, 2009:

  1. Iran's Supreme Leader: Zionist Regime to be Annihilated
  2. Russian reports: No obstacles over Iran arms deals
  3. Iran executes 2 men tried on unrest-linked charges
  4. US readies new Iran sanctions at UN
  5. Lebanon's next war may also be Syria's
  6. Arab League chief presses for Palestinian state
  7. Israel poses major threat to Muslim world Leader
  8. Turkey's ruling Muslim party: Israel military planted bugs at army HQ
  9. Turkey's ruling Muslim party: Israeli intelligence ran eavesdropping station from Ankara
  10. North Korea restarts firing artillery shells in Yellow Sea
  11. Canada to Offer Shariah-Compliant Mortgages
  12. Galactic Partnership: NASA and Israel Space Agency
  13. Obama: The era of big government is...eternal
  14. 'The Year of the Czars' challenged
  15. Obama calls for 'don't ask, don't tell' repeal
  16. Obama: Iran faces consequences over nuclear program
  17. Deadly fish virus found in Lake Superior
  18. FACT CHECK: Obama and the 'hatchet' job
  19. Hawaii debates 'institutional fiction' - civil unions
  20. Hezbollah denies link to jet crash
  21. Winter storm blasts southern Plains with ice, snow

Thursday - January 28, 2009:

  1. Libya is first Mid East recipient of Russian top-line S-300 denied Tehran
  2. Iran leader predicts destruction of Israel
  3. US businesses urge Obama to resist Iran sanctions bill
  4. Document reveals scope of EU trade with Iran
  5. Merkel insists ‘time to discuss Iran sanctions'
  6. Tehran lashes back at Berlin for Merkel, Peres derogatory speeches
  7. New al-Qaida 'center of activity'
  8. FBI Weapons suspect had map of Army base
  9. BBC Cited for 2 Blatant Anti-Israel Reports
  10. Congressmen press Obama on Gaza blockade
  11. Death at NYC abortion clinic investigated
  12. Bill protects all preborns after 20 weeks
  13. Drug firms 'drove swine flu pandemic warning to recoup £billions spent on research'
  14. House Progressives Push Reid To Put Public Option Back On Table
  15. New Pro-Israel Senator Ties Obama in Poll for President
  16. Obama's pro-union deal dubbed 'outrageous'
  17. Okla. braces for snow, ice
  18. Power restoration crews make progress in frigid Dakotas
  19. States' rights rebellion over National Guard
  20. Tea Parties shake up political races across the USA

Wednesday - January 27, 2009:

  1. Secret Report: Iran will Have Nuclear Bomb This Year
  2. Intelligence from Tehran Elevates Concern in the West
  3. 'Iran to unveil new missiles in Feb.'
  4. ‘No doubt Iran has military nuke program’
  5. Merkel: Time to talk sanctions on Iran
  6. AP U.S. plans to sell weapons to Taiwan
  7. Israeli leaders visit Europe as EU foreign ministers dump Iran sanctions
  8. U.S. asks Israel 'in no uncertain terms' to refrain from retaliatory ops
  9. 'What happened in Haiti will happen in Israel'
  10. Moderate Turkish Islamists hit the big time
  11. North Korea may be readying missile test
  12. Rand 400,000 troops needed to secure N. Korea and its 'loose nukes'
  13. Koreas exchange fire near sea border, markets drop
  14. Door to U.S. reopened for terrorism-tied professors
  15. 'Gay' plan for bathrooms called 'moral insanity'
  16. IDF, Israel CEOs Start Haitian Orphanage, Israelis Want to Adopt
  17. Peru mudslides kill five, strand Machu Picchu tourists
  18. US diplomat against Israeli security guards
  19. US not ready to cope with biological terror attack, report warns
  20. Poll: Public fed up with Washington

Tuesday - January 26, 2009:

  1. Iran crosses red line, can enrich uranium up to 20pc grade
  2. Secret report: Iran bomb closer than ever
  3. Iran's top security official to visit Russia - Iranian report
  4. Karroubi recognizes Ahmadinejad as Iran 'president'
  5. Merkel: Sanctions will be a tragedy for the Iranian people
  6. Paris comes to Lebanon's rescue
  7. Islamic Terrorists 'Made in Britain'
  8. PA, Israel Agree: Keep EU Away from Hamas
  9. Next up Obama wants your retirement money
  10. Congress Went to Denmark, You Got the Bill
  11. More than 300 killed in Nigeria violence
  12. Indonesia's Sumatra hit by 5.6 earthquake
  13. Obama to address voter fears in State of Union
  14. Stationing of Patriot Missiles Near Russian Border in Poland Threatens US-Russia Relations
  15. Winter storm hammers Plains, Midwest

Monday - January 25, 2009:

  1. Assad, Gaddafi say Arab countries must unite against Israel
  2. Arab Report: Syria Calling Up Reserves
  3. Ahmadinejad promises 'good' news on Iran nuclear plans
  4. Iran advancing uranium enrichment
  5. Reports of tensions in North a 'virtual reality'
  6. PA warns EU against legitimizing Hamas
  7. Moratinos: EU must push for Mideast talks within 1 year
  8. N.Korea lashes out at South's talk of preemptive strike
  9. US Terror Blacklist Whitewashes Hamas, Enables Funding
  10. Sectarian violence hits Nigerian city
  11. European Anti-Semitism Worse Since 2008
  12. Mubarak defends smuggling barrier with Gaza
  13. Iran unrest full-blown rights crisis, says Human Rights Watch
  14. Eight killed by anthrax-contaminated heroin
  15. China accuses US of online warfare in Iran
  16. U.S.-Russia nuclear deal 95 percent agreed upon
  17. Mom appeals to government Don't pull plug on my baby

Sunday - January 24, 2009:

  1. Report: Sarkozy warns Israel won't abide Iranian threat
  2. 'Sarkozy Israel may act against Iran'
  3. Brazilian police discover 450 kg of contraband uranium ore
  4. ABC: Female bombers may target US
  5. Britain ups terror threat level to 'severe'
  6. Rush of terror alerts on three continents plus Middle East
  7. France says UN must take tough action against Iran
  8. Guest Column: Is Abbas ignoring Israel and eyeing Kosovo
  9. White House nightmare persists
  10. Bolivia, Costa Rica hit by strong earthquakes
  11. Mild weather in Canada forces Vancouver to ship in tons of snow for Winter Olympics
  12. Haitian authorities collect about 120,000 quake dead
  13. Sea ice pack grows in north China, oil threatened
  14. Hugo Chavez Mouthpiece Says U.S. Hit Haiti With 'Earthquake Weapon'
  15. North Korean leader builds secret hideout inside mountain
  16. Obama goes populist as Democrats lick their wounds
  17. Repudiation of the unholy trinity

Saturday - January 23, 2009:

  1. Court Rules That Mass Surveillance of Americans is Immune From Judicial Review
  2. Baltic Fleet vs. Patriots
  3. US, Europe vow not to back down on Iran
  4. Russia warns against rushing to Iran sanctions
  5. Iran sanctions loom as France rotates to UNSC chair
  6. Obama Administration Lifts US Ban on Muslim Brotherhood Leader
  7. Arab World Meet the new head of the Muslim Brotherhood
  8. DEBKAfile - Syria partially mobilizes reserves as tensions rise on Israel's northern border
  9. Moscow hopes to sign lucrative arms contracts with Libya
  10. NATO member aligning itself with Russia
  11. Exposed: Saudi Arabia's secret nuke stash
  12. Mitchell fails to bring PA back to talks
  13. India issues alert over hijack plot
  14. 120 al-Qaeda suspects detained in Turkey
  15. Jordanian king orders security crackdown against al Qaeda
  16. Church of England attendance falls for fifth year in row
  17. Depo-Provera delivery in Ecuador questioned - Planned Parenthood - Children injecting children!
  18. FBI gets 'Muslim Mafia' 'smoking-gun' documents
  19. Government doing little about asteroids report
  20. Haitian president grateful for stellar Israeli relief efforts
  21. Dakotas expecting ice, heavy snow
  22. Most evacuations ending in soggy S. California
  23. The Canadian Press Central Greece rattled by magnitude 5.1 earthquake, no damage or injuries
  24. Tornado strikes Huntsville, Ala.
  25. Tornado damage confirmed in Florida
  26. One quarter of US grain crops fed to cars - not people, new figures show
  27. Pro-Israel group 'Nazi-era behavior repeated'
  28. Terror attack imminent under 'Obama Doctrine'

Friday - January 22, 2009:

  1. Iran in billion-euro gas deal with Germany
  2. Russia says to start Iran nuclear plant in 2010
  3. U.S. Official: Arming of Hezbollah could spark Israel-Syria war
  4. Iran ready to address maritime dispute with Kuwait
  5. Khamenei and Ahmadinejad threaten newspapers and the Green Wave Zero Tolerance
  6. Obama announces dramatic crackdown on Wall Street banks
  7. Army-sponsored report suggests new 'police force'
  8. PDD 51 & New Executive Order Give Obama Dictator Power
  9. As search for survivors slows in Haiti, humanitarian efforts intensify
  10. Dump Christian crosses, but keep Muslim hijabs?
  11. German police: Munich Airport bomb scare may have been false alarm
  12. Haiti earthquake creating a generation of amputees, doctors warn
  13. IDF delegation provides communications
  14. Anti-Semitic Blood Libel Aimed at IDF in Haiti
  15. Pelosi Votes aren't there for healthcare
  16. Sending message to Obama, Democrats join effort to block regulation of heat-trapping gases
  17. Storms hammer California, Southwest with more rain, wind
  18. US President tells 'Time' I misjudged the will for peace

Thursday - January 21, 2009:

  1. 30 countries joined Israel in mass bio-terror drill
  2. More high marks for Israel’s medical, rescue teams in Haiti
  3. 'We're proud to be part of the aid here'
  4. Shattered Haiti hit by second earthquake measuring 6.1
  5. 'Pentagon refusing Israeli F-35 demands'
  6. Vatican: Israeli occupation foments Mideast conflicts
  7. Iran Six weighs new sanctions against Tehran over dialogue
  8. Knesset to push for international claims against Ahmadinejad
  9. Al-Qaeda wants South Asia war, says US secretary Gates
  10. China opposes U.S. on new economic sanctions against Iran
  11. Revised NIE Iran's program continuing
  12. DEBKAfile - Cairo turns screw on Hamas: Execute snipers who killed Egyptian soldier
  13. EU tells PA financial aid won't last forever
  14. India's patience wearing thin, Gates says
  15. Poland to move U.S. Patriots closer to Russian border
  16. S.Korean defense chief Hit North 1st if threatened
  17. President's terrorism strategy inconsistent
  18. Muslim-Christian clashes kill 460 in Nigerian city
  19. PHILIPPINES: Catholic Church criticises acceptance of gay party in May 2010 elections
  20. Vatican to Study Christian Exodus from Middle East
  21. Calif. storm forces hundreds to flee
  22. Death toll from Egypt storms rises to 7
  23. Heavy California storms force hundreds to flee
  24. Print Story More evacuations ordered as new storm hits Calif.
  25. Schools shut and roads closed as Britain is hit by new bout of wintry weather
  26. Rainstorms wreak havoc in North
  27. UN panel regrets exaggeration of Himalayan thaw
  28. Analysis: GOP win forces review of Obama's mandate
  29. Voter Backlash Forces Obama to Depend on GOP
  30. Republicans say Democrats just don't get it
  31. Missouri works to dodge abortion funding
  32. Thailand may supply poultry to Russia to replace U.S. imports

Wednesday - January 20, 2009:

  1. Al-Qaida seeking tools for nuclear 9-11
  2. Yellowstone earthquake swarm continues into third day, intensifies - 469 quakes recorded from Sunday thru 3P.M. Tuesday
  3. China urges flexibility on Iran, downplays sanctions
  4. Germany warns Iran it faces new sanctions
  5. Officials: Iran spurns nuclear fuel deal in writing
  6. US: Iran's answer to offer inadequate
  7. 'Iran ordered attack on Israeli convoy'
  8. Iran: Kurdish rebels may have killed prosecutor
  9. Hizbullah may be Behind Murder of Tehran Physics Professor
  10. Iran says may hit Western warships if attacked
  11. US warns Syria against handing over SA2 missile batteries to Hizbullah
  12. Yadlin: Turkey moving towards radicals
  13. Danon: Obama gets 'F' for Mideast policy
  14. Haiti Footage: IDF Helps Rescue Two Young Women
  15. Army captain leads effort to bring order to Port-au-Prince command
  16. IsraAID_FIRST Medic in Haiti: Only Jessica's Eyes Were Moving
  17. Israeli medical, rescue teams earning high marks amid Haitian ‘hell’
  18. Gusts up to 93 mph hit Southern Calif.
  19. Quake rattles buildings, nerves in Cayman Isles
  20. Tuesday's forecast: Storms continue to hammer Calif.
  21. Confirmed Dems have 'voting legislation' in works
  22. Obama faces emissions U-turn with new Congress challenge
  23. Seat of democracy (DC) says 'no' to public vote
  24. The Latest Reshuffle in the Russian Military

Tuesday - January 19, 2009:

  1. Cash remains king but here comes the new wave
  2. Iran promises revenge on U.S., Israel for professor's killing
  3. Iran Professor's death will be avenged
  4. Report: Iran city prosecutor assassinated
  5. Iran slams nuclear 'discrimination'
  6. Iranian FM hails lack of UN decision over further sanctions
  7. Ties with Britain under review, says Iran
  8. Iranian regime, opposition stage counter-rallies at funeral of scientist
  9. Merkel calls for more sanctions against Iran
  10. PACE to open hearings on 'falsified' swine flu pandemic
  11. Chavez says US occupying Haiti in name of aid
  12. Government policy now targeting 'homophobia'
  13. Less choice, more murder
  14. Praise for Israeli mission in Haiti: 'Only ones operating'
  15. Israeli medical unit in Haiti: Where will orphans go?
  16. Huckabee Praises US Aid to Haiti, World Ignores Israel's
  17. U.S.: Haiti aid bottleneck is easing up
  18. First responders frustrated at orders to abandon Haiti mission
  19. California readies for onslaught of storms
  20. Moderate quake rocks Guatemala, Salvador, no damage
  21. Russian military command-and-control to go fully mobile by 2012
  22. Taliban may be descended from Jews
  23. Winter vomiting bug hits 500,000 a week as swamped NHS cancels operations and shuts wards

Monday - January 18, 2009:

  1. China reluctant on Iran sanctions
  2. Iran: Failure of six-power nuclear talks 'natural'
  3. Iran says its 'nuclear rights' must be recognized
  4. Hizbullah: Arab leaders buckling to US
  5. Lebanese protest Egypt's Gaza barrier
  6. Kuwait: Netanyahu insane
  7. 6.3 magnitude earthquake hits off Argentina coast
  8. A strong 5.0 earthquake has hit Iran close to the Iraqi border
  9. Security breach at New York's JFK airport

Sunday - January 17, 2009:

  1. Lebanon says will coordinate UN activity with Iran
  2. Six powers to discuss Iran's defiance
  3. 20,000 bodies collected by Haitian gov't
  4. Aid pours into Haiti, but delivery is difficult
  5. Big Israeli field hospital starts treating 500 Haitians a day
  6. Haiti: Death toll may reach 200,000
  7. Haiti earthquake Aid effort ramps up as 200,000 dead predicted
  8. Outside Port-au-Prince, 'towns are absolutely destroyed'
  9. Health insurance reform may cost married couples more
  10. Pentagon: Military is unable to stop internal threats
  11. Son of Climategate! Scientist says feds manipulated data
  12. String of earthquakes in Latin America continues

Saturday - January 16, 2009:

  1. Ahmadinejad hails Iran's nuclear progress
  2. Iran parliament cuts public subsidies in sign of weakening economy
  3. France planning UNSC steps on Iran
  4. British lawmaker says Gaza blockade 'evil'
  5. Revealed- Islamist preacher who lectures at top London university 'groomed suicide bomber'
  6. U.S. trains Lebanese security forces in bid to check Hizbullah's street muscle
  7. Obama to 'guarantee' strategic territory to Palestinians
  8. Japan ends support role
  9. FCC looks at ways to assert authority over Web access
  10. Democrats close in on healthcare agreement
  11. Source Terror threat by 'viable operatives' extends beyond aviation
  12. Ring of fire solar eclipse millennium's longest
  13. U.S. troops start distributing aid in Haiti
  14. 4.0-Magnitude Quake Shakes Okla.
  15. Magnitude 5.4 quake shakes Venezuela coast town
  16. Ring of fire solar eclipse wows Asia, Central Africa
  17. Scottish ski centre closed by too much snow
  18. Is energy 'miracle' finally taking off?
  19. Officials: DC Trial Eyed for Gitmo Terror Detainee
  20. British supermarkets at root of vegetable supply problem
  21. Phony fruits in the Obama White House garden
  22. UK 'No imminent change to jurisdiction law'
  23. Yemen Requires a Long-Term Focus

Friday - January 15, 2009:

  1. Ahmadinejad: Scientist killed in 'Zionist style'
  2. Basij leader vows revenge on Washington
  3. 'Noncompliance will have consequences'
  4. Report: Turkey warns Lebanon that Israel may be planning attack
  5. Dubai invites UN to set up headquarters
  6. UAE keen to boost ties with Libya
  7. Bomb targeting Hezbollah wounds three
  8. Livni Turkey has to choose a side
  9. Catholic bishops criticize Israel on Palestinians
  10. Ban: Quake deadliest event for U.N.
  11. Haiti earthquake Live updates Thursday
  12. Haiti earthquake: No food, no water... and gutters running with blood
  13. Haitians struggle to find the dead and keep survivors alive after earthquake
  14. Britain set for coldest January in 37 years after being hit by snowfalls every day for the past four weeks
  15. Flood alerts issued as snow begins to melt
  16. Democrats 'plan to steal the vote'
  17. Group wants Christianity out of history books
  18. White House, unions reach deal on taxing insurance coverage
  19. House Chairmen Say Health Care Deal Imminent

Thursday - January 14, 2009:

  1. Iran Speaker Accuses Obama of State Terrorism
  2. Fears of violence escalating as bomb kills Iranian scientist
  3. Iran urges use of national currencies in energy deals with Russia
  4. Russia and Turkey consider strategic partnership
  5. New council to advise on 'military activities' in U.S.
  6. A White House Power Grab that Congress and America Doesn’t See
  7. Obama wants record $708B for military next year
  8. 9 Vt state office candidates favor secession
  9. Israel bends to Turkish ultimatum, Ankara prepares next blow
  10. Red Cross says up to 3 million affected by Haiti quake
  11. Huge death toll feared in Haiti quake
  12. Magnitude 5.7 quake recorded on Indonesian island
  13. Saudi cleric labels joining Al Qaida un-Islamic
  14. 'Personhood' to be theme at 2010 Roe anniversary
  15. Pro-Iranian Cyber Attacks in China, Google Considers Pullout
  16. The number of deadly jellyfish stings are on the rise in Aust
  17. U.S. to hear out Israel's concerns about shifts in Mideast balance of power

Wednesday - January 13, 2009:

  1. Major earthquake devastates Haiti’s capital
  2. Ankara summons Israeli envoy for clarification meeting
  3. Baidu hacked by 'Iranian cyber army'
  4. Covert war on Iran's nuclear program reaches into Tehran
  5. Iranian nuclear physicist killed in bombing
  6. Iran Slain physicist supported Mousavi
  7. Israeli Robots Remake Battlefield
  8. US to boost Israel’s qualitative military edge
  9. Turkey Boosts Ties with Lebanon, Syria and Iran
  10. Obama may define terms of peace talks
  11. PA leader Abbas spurns US effort to revive Mideast talks
  12. Israeli ambassador calls Obama peace plan ‘unrealistic’
  13. Obama sets up council of governors
  14. Video: Senators McCain and Lieberman in Israel
  15. Britain braces for third wave of Big Freeze
  16. Melbourne equals all-time hottest night
  17. Unusual Arctic warmth as north hemisphere shivers
  18. Shallow quake hits off Taiwan
  19. Analysts question savings, revenue in health care bill
  20. Obama Anti-Semitism 'Czar' Slammed for Criticizing Israel's Oren
  21. Repeat abortions = birth control?
  22. Syria, Lebanon criticize US air security
  23. UK to ban controversial 'Islam4UK' group
  24. Search for Exploding Stars Leads to Unusual Finding
  25. Unusual space object, possibly man-made, approaches Earth

Tuesday - January 12, 2009:

  1. U.S. to store $800m in military gear in Israel
  2. Government cover-up of food shortage feared
  3. Clinton says Iran sanctions should target elite
  4. 6-nation meeting on dealing with Iran's defiance being planned
  5. Petraeus Iran's nuclear infrastructure can be bombed
  6. 'Bush sold Arab states arms in violation of deal with Israel'
  7. US sharing missile data with GCC
  8. Hariri's struggles in Lebanon show limits of U.S. influence
  9. Exclusive: Iran offers nuke fuel deal
  10. Report: Iran agrees to 2-month suspension of nuke plan
  11. Iranian FM, Assad talk of 'Zionist regime's crimes'
  12. China tests missile-defense system
  13. US envoy seeks European support for Mideast push
  14. Erdogan Israel threatening ME peace
  15. Turkish TV show portrays Israelis as baby snatchers
  16. Turkish envoy summoned over TV show
  17. Israel urges US to stop incitement from PA leaders
  18. N. Korea calls for peace talks, end to sanctions
  19. Aftershocks in Calif. as damage assessed

Monday - January 11, 2009:

  1. U.S. suggestion of sanctions causes stir in Israel
  2. US official: Mitchell didn't threaten Israel
  3. McCain, Lieberman: Congress Will Not Freeze Aid to Israel
  4. Israel objects to US remark linking funding and peace negotiations
  5. Israel in Response to Mitchell Loan Guarantee Threat: Blame PA
  6. 'We can manage without US guarantees'
  7. Iran's nuclear facilities 'can be bombed': US commander
  8. Petraeus: U.S. has plan to deal with Iran's nuclear program
  9. US general: We have contingency plan for Iran
  10. Arming Yemen would play into al-Qa'ida's hands
  11. Ballot Issues Attest to Anger in California
  12. Barack Obama attacked by Democrat rebel over US healthcare reforms
  13. Elected officials bail on U.S. marriage law
  14. Explosives found in Indianapolis home
  15. Jordanian tribe to name all new-born males after Saddam
  16. Saudi scholar suggests ban on travel to US
  17. Yemen-Saudi border tension escalates
  18. Iran MPs criticize treatment of post-vote detainees
  19. Muslims Murder Six Christians in Egyptian Religious Warfare
  20. Now panic buyers empty the shelves as new freeze looms
  21. Residents pick up from California quake
  22. Senators say Iran government may be on the ropes
  23. Severe weather conditions to continue in UK for next ten days
  24. Snow strands thousands of travellers around Europe
  25. Some 2,000 air passengers stranded at French airport due to snowfalls
  26. UK to ban controversial Islamist group
  27. What's behind Venezuela's interception of U.S. plane

Sunday - January 10, 2009:

  1. Border oil dispute worsens fears about Iran's influence over Iraqi government
  2. 'Iran won't genuflect before the world'
  3. Taiwanese firm says it sent nuclear parts to Iran
  4. Iran Supreme Leader urges firm action over riots
  5. Elite Revolutionary Guard's expanding role in Iran may limit U.S. options
  6. Turkey, Iran to set up industrial zone
  7. 'Saudi Arabia wants Abbas to meet Mashaal in Syria'
  8. Venezuela sent jets to intercept US plane - Chavez
  9. China's lobbying efforts yield new influence, openness on Capitol Hill
  10. Islamic Jihad: Israel provoking us
  11. Israel basks in heatwave as Europe freezes
  12. 6.5 quake hits off northern California coast
  13. Frozen Europe: Hundreds of flights cancelled in Germany
  14. McCaskill says put cameras in the House and Senate for health care debate
  15. Meteorologist predicts global cooling?
  16. TSA funding airport mind-reading scanners
  17. Unions Oppose Possible Health Insurance Tax

Saturday - January 9, 2009:

  1. Mitchell: Mideast stagnation endangers US aid
  2. US chief of staff: Iran strike could destabilize Middle East
  3. US preparing military for possible Iran conflict
  4. Ahmadinejad Iran and Syria will create a new world order
  5. 'China sent Iran part with nuclear uses'
  6. US, Jordan call on Israel and PA to tackle tough issues
  7. House Considers Payroll, Excise Taxes for Health Plan
  8. Miami-Dade poor denied dialysis to save money
  9. The Inevitable War With Iran
  10. FBI arrests 2 in NYC terrorism probe
  11. 'Grey goo' food laced with nanoparticles could swamp Britain
  12. Iran opposition leader Karroubi's car 'hit by gunfire'
  13. Islamic Christianophobia
  14. Millions across United States brace for more cold
  15. Over 1,000 stranded by snow at NW China airport
  16. Pro-Spanking Studies May Have Global Effect
  17. Report Al Qaida targeting Palestinian camps

Friday - January 8, 2009:

  1. Candidly Speaking: Obama and Israel Difficult days ahead
  2. New Egyptian-Saudi peace plan to be presented to Obama Friday
  3. Egypt, Arab Countries Sign Massive Arms Deals With U.S.
  4. Iran, Syria to redefine region
  5. Iranian Students: Khamenei's Family Has Fled to Russia
  6. Iran’s underground nuclear sites may be impenetrable
  7. Gulf states warned of possible Al Qaida attacks
  8. France offers to host Middle East conference
  9. Iraq, Iran start border talks
  10. Anthrax outbreak in Scotland kills 6 drug addicts
  11. Assad urges US to play stronger ME role
  12. Drive-by shooting kills six outside church
  13. Emanuel: Obama to visit Israel by mid 2010
  14. Egypt unlikely to shun Hamas over killing
  15. How the Senate bill would change health insurance
  16. N. Korean currency crackdown fuels inflation, food shortages
  17. PA wants WTO membership to help create ‘independent state’
  18. 'Reports on Emmanuel wildly inaccurate'
  19. 'Wrecking ball' wrong approach to reform

Thursday - January 7, 2009:

  1. Foreign ministers meet to revive Mediterranean Union
  2. Emanuel is 'Fed Up' with Israel and Palestinians
  3. Al-Qaida, Iran threaten shipping in Horn of Africa
  4. Iran Shielding Its Nuclear Efforts in Maze of Tunnels
  5. Iran diplomat quits over violence toward protesters
  6. Iranian diplomat resigns post in protest
  7. Obama finally forswears tough sanctions on Iran; Jerusalem says nothing
  8. Visiting exile: Don't strike Iran
  9. China warns U.S. on arms sales to Taiwan
  10. Egyptian border guard shot dead at Gaza frontier
  11. GCC foreign ministers to hold special meeting in Yemen
  12. Control-conscious Dems seek unorthodox route
  13. Democrats face midterm elections exodus
  14. Big freeze could cost business £14bn: Three million miss work and there's no thaw in sight
  15. Cold snap spurs power rationing in China
  16. Now that really IS the wrong type of snow on the line! It's not just in Britain where the weather is bringing travel chaos
  17. Costa Rican volcano erupts after long silence
  18. Energy use surges as cold shocks northern hemisphere
  19. 2010 bug hits millions of Germans
  20. Iran The world's biggest journalist prison
  21. Restrictive home school legislation up for vote
  22. Tenn. county halts school Bible giveaways
  23. Will Obama give illegals health care with amnesty

Wednesday - January 6, 2009:

  1. US report claims Iran 18 months from nuclear bomb
  2. Iran welcomes Clinton's non-deadline on nuclear activities negotiations
  3. Iran bans contact with 60 groups
  4. Iran compiles foreign 'enemies list'
  5. 'Sanctions on Iran shouldn't harm civilians'
  6. Turkmenistan, Iran set to open new gas pipeline
  7. An unhappy new year for climate alarmists
  8. Ayalon: Situation with UK 'insufferable'
  9. Beijing urges diplomacy on Tehran
  10. British AG: Change policy that allows arrest warrants against Israeli leaders
  11. US intelligence: Southern Gaza is the next Yemen
  12. Arctic freeze grips Northern Hemisphere
  13. Up to 16 inches of snow, grit and gas supplies running low, airport and road chaos
  14. Cold, deadly weather grips most of U.S.
  15. Cold spell kills over 120 in India
  16. Earthquake and tsunami hit Solomon Islands
  17. Earthquake strikes South Sandwich Islands
  18. 1,000 people homeless on Solomons after tsunami
  19. UN stops food aid to 1 million in southern Somalia
  20. NJ clergy lobby for homosexual 'marriage'
  21. What were 2009's worst attacks on Christianity

Tuesday - January 5, 2009:

  1. Obama presses review of nuclear strategy
  2. Report: Obama's nuclear weapons plan runs into resistance
  3. US seeks to pressure Iran, revolutionary guards

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