New Articles

Saturday - January 31, 2009:

  1. Turkish, Israeli leaders clash in Davos
  2. Peres: Outburst won't hurt Israel-Turkey ties
  3. Alaskans brace for Redoubt Volcano eruption
  4. North Korea tears up agreements
  5. Kadima slips
  6. 'New settlement info implicates gov't'
  7. 'Ex-US official met Ahmadinejad aide'
  8. Mullen: Using force against Iran still an option
  9. Gov't to recover assets in Muslim lands
  10. Immigration group Financial crisis will boost aliyah from Western nations
  11. World's First Rocket-Proof Torah Study Hall Dedicated in Sderot
  12. Livni Slams Olmert Peace Plan, 'Won't Divide Jerusalem'
  13. Livni's Foes in Kadima Sharpen Knives as Loss Looms
  14. Zimbabwe cholera cases pass 60,000
  15. Senate passes SCHIP expansion
  16. Pro-life doctors protected by law...for now
  17. NBC trashes pro-life ad featuring Obama
  18. Mitchell warns of setbacks ahead in Mideast talks
  19. IAEA chief Iran currently possesses technology to build a-bomb
  20. Iran arms ship released by U_S_ Navy now 'sailing to Syria'

Friday - January 30, 2009:

  1. Alaska volcano has geologists on alert
  2. Digs may help decide if 'King Solomon's mines' was a misnomer
  3. 'Iran and Syria trying to replace PLO'
  4. Iran honors murderer Samir Kuntar
  5. Iranian arms ship detained in Cyprus
  6. Missile bargaining: Iskanders for missile defense
  7. Nasrallah: Israelis fear Hezbollah’s revenge
  8. Nasrallah vows revenge for Mughniyeh
  9. Russian businessman funds pro-God ad campaign on London buses
  10. Snow study shows California faces historic drought
  11. Starving Zimbabweans face food aid cut
  12. Netanyahu: Iran nukes trump global economy
  13. Turkish PM admonishes Israel president over Gaza

Thursday - January 29, 2009:

  1. Analysis: A kinder, gentler sheriff
  2. Erdogan to Obama: Redefine terror in ME
  3. Bibi: Iran threat trumps economic crisis
  4. 'Erdogan's remarks aid anti-Semitism'
  5. As black gold gets cheaper
  6. Netanyahu: J'lem division will lead to Iran base
  7. Scathing ‘insider’ report on UNWRA to hit Obama’s desk
  8. Australian heatwave sign of climate change
  9. Annan: World faces 'crisis of governance'
  10. Businesses risk $1 trillion losses from data theft study
  11. Ethics policy, waivers questioned
  12. Iran calls for U.S. to end support of Israel
  13. Israeli intel: Hamas to receive Chinese cruise missiles from Iran
  14. Obama's commitment to his own ethics questioned
  15. Russian warships call at Syrian port
  16. Some 770,000 still without power in Midwest
  17. Top U_S official There's no way to stop Iran's nuclear program

Wednesday - January 28, 2009:

  1. Clinton: Israel has the right to defend itself
  2. Muslims urge Arab parties not to 'exploit' Gaza dead
  3. Iran: Holocaust is big lie
  4. Turkey calls on Hamas to pick politics over arms
  5. Resurgent right dashes peace hopes as Mitchell flies to Israel
  6. Clinton Sees an Opportunity for Iran to Return to Diplomacy
  7. Assad We'll talk to any Israeli leader
  8. Analysis: The Obibi effect
  9. 'Israel has the right to self-defense'
  10. IISS Teheran could have nukes in '09
  11. 'Iran talks an opportunity for Israel'
  12. Shas to endorse Netanyahu as PM
  13. Cairo intercepts Iranian arms ship
  14. Anti-Semitic attacks jump 300%
  15. Kadima kicks off campaign with threat to assassinate Hamas chiefs
  16. Jerusalem Conference: 'Jerusalem Was Always a Jewish City'
  17. Brown sees 'new world order' after crisis
  18. Restrictions imposed on Russian Christians
  19. Tehran expects 'real change' in U.S. policies toward Iran
  20. White House plan puts bull's-eye on talk shows
  21. Ukraine says Black Sea Fleet rearming unacceptable
  22. Ocean Dead Zones Could Approach Mass Extinction Levels

Tuesday - January 27, 2009:

  1. Many dead in Algeria storm
  2. BBC and Sky News Refuse to Air "Give to Gaza" Clips
  3. Beijing holds secret talks with banned churches as 100 million defy party rules
  4. Culture of responsibility is culture of life
  5. Egypt evacuates Rafah area, fearing IAF strike on Gaza
  6. EU official: Hamas responsible for Gaza
  7. International conference on Gaza to be held in Cairo in February
  8. Iran condemns EU for taking group off terror list
  9. Saudi authorities rearrest ex-Guantanamo inmates
  10. N. Korea says Seoul plans invasion
  11. Report: Iran's uranium supply could run out within months
  12. Research suggests big quake along San Andreas Fault is overdue
  13. Survey: Most Israelis want Benjamin Netanyahu to be prime minister
  14. U.S. Ambassador to U.N.: We will engage in diplomacy with Iran
  15. U-Turn on J Street: Arab-Americans Back 'Pro-Israel' Lobby

Monday - January 26, 2009:

  1. Activists to Obama Go watch abortion
  2. California drought may raise vegetable prices
  3. Erdogan: Israel broke 6-month truce
  4. EU Leaders Debate whether to Condemn Israel for UN Bombings
  5. Experts: Al-Qaeda launched propaganda campaign against Obama
  6. Homegrown U.S. terror called more likely
  7. Israel Ships Fresh Fruit and Vegetables to Gaza
  8. Libya claim regional pact is dead after Gaza offensive
  9. Obama's triumphal entry: Gentle, riding on donkey
  10. US seizing of Iranian ship 'a covert op'

Sunday - January 25, 2009:

  1. Downturn accelerates as it circles the globe
  2. Nations urged not to sell uranium to Iran
  3. U.S. envoy worries settlers
  4. Pakistan urges Obama to halt missile attacks
  5. Assad: Hamas defeated Israel in Gaza
  6. Dust storm from North Africa sweeps into Israel
  7. Four children killed after flash storm strikes Spain
  8. 15 reported dead in European storm/a>
  9. Bird flu virus hits B.C. farms
  10. Guest Columnist: Marching for Hamas
  11. Obama Envoy Mitchell Arriving Wednesday; NU Calls it Chutzpah
  12. China urges Hillary Clinton to be careful with sensitive issues
  13. China hits back at U.S. in currency row
  14. Most Swedish ministers would marry gays
  15. Earthquake rattles Alaska's largest city
  16. FDA allows first test of human stem cell therapy
  17. Historic drought grips Argentina
  18. Conflict of interest: Why CNBC is promoting the confirmation of a tax cheat

Saturday - January 24, 2009:

  1. British panel OKs 'No God' bus ads
  2. Egyptian border force may triple
  3. Ex-Gitmo Detainee May Be Al Qaeda Leader, Unverified Internet Posting Prompts Challenges To Obama Stance On Prosecuting Terrorists
  4. Hamas Obama doesn't represent change
  5. Israel halts Sea of Galilee water pumping
  6. Geithner signals tougher stance on China
  7. Saudi prince says U_S_ ties at risk over Mideast
  8. Secrets will be revealed if Guantanamo closes Mamdouh Habib
  9. U.S. troops check Iran-owned boat for arms
  10. U.N. official: Israel showing good will
  11. Seasons arriving two days earlier, study says
  12. Cyclone in Madagascar leaves thousands homeless
  13. Bush's 'War' On Terror Comes to a Sudden End
  14. Economic Stimulus Bill Mandates Electronic Health Records for Every Citizen without Opt-out or Patient Consent Provisions
  15. Like in Lebanon, Iran plans to boost presence in post-war Gaza
  16. Officials U.S. Intercepts Iranian Arms-Smuggling Ship
  17. Millions of caterpillars devour Liberia crops

Friday - January 23, 2009:

  1. EU in draft deal to take Iran group off terror list
  2. Al Qaeda webcast calls for attacks on Britain
  3. Judge Voids Illinois Law on Silent Time in Schools
  4. Gilad to discuss smuggling in Cairo
  5. '55% of Israelis want deal with PA'
  6. Parties clash over Saudi peace plan
  7. Black Death Plague Kills 40 Al Qaeda Terrorists
  8. Israel Media on Obama- What about Iran
  9. Olmert Prepared to Pay 'Terrible Price' for Shalit
  10. Bible, religious freedom deemed incompatible
  11. Death Rates of Trees in Western U.S. Forests on Rise, Study Finds
  12. Gadhafi says US should seek peace with Bin Laden
  13. Natural disasters claim over 235,000 lives worldwide - UN
  14. Obama to stop ousting illegals
  15. See the pro-life statement featuring Barack Obama
  16. Two die in Brunei's worst flooding in 40 years

Thursday - January 22, 2009:

  1. 125 foods recalled due to salmonella outbreak
  2. Emergency declared after 3 dengue deaths in Bolivia
  3. German court to examine Lisbon treaty
  4. Hamas Hijacks Humanitarian Aid
  5. Hizbullah Plots Against Israel in Azerbaijan and Sinai Thwarted
  6. Iran accuses Israel of war crimes in Gaza Strip
  7. Israel warns of possible Hizbullah revenge attack
  8. Lebanon claims natural gas well
  9. Obama's first day: Pay freeze, lobbying rules
  10. Russian destroyer leaves Baltic base on urgent mission
  11. Scientist: New fault could mean major U.S. temblor
  12. Some troops unhappy about Obama pledge on gays
  13. White House outlines Obama's pro-homosexual agenda

Wednesday - January 21, 2009:

  1. Sources: Obama may quickly reverse abortion policy
  2. Guns, Government, and the NWO
  3. J'lem Gaza rebuilding may legitimize Hamas
  4. India tests cruise missile, amid Pakistan tensions
  5. North Korea steps up warnings against South
  6. China: US arms sales to Taiwan 'harm' to relations
  7. Obama et al. essentially mum on military ban
  8. Abstinence-education funding likely to get the axe
  9. Obama poised to give insurance to illegals
  10. UK firm to launch pioneering stem cell trial
  11. California Dems push gay rights in wake of Prop. 8 vote
  12. North Korea 'has 100 tons of uranium'
  13. Obama to Muslims: You Are Judged on What you Build, not Destroy
  14. Peres: 'Obama Was Chosen by the Whole of Humankind'

Tuesday - January 20, 2009:

  1. What Recession? The $170 Million Inauguration
  2. Keeping Iran's finger out of the post-war Gaza pie
  3. No to Hamas, but no, too, to an expanded Israel
  4. Arabs' living standards said deteriorating
  5. Army worms decimate crops in Liberia
  6. Assad: Hopeful about Obama administration
  7. China plans unthinkable water diversion project
  8. EU: No Reconstruction Under Hamas Control
  9. Foundation concerns could delay Clinton confirmation
  10. Iran dismantles US-backed spy network report
  11. Hizbullah movements in line with possible escalation of war with Israel
  12. Hundreds thought killed in DRC church fire
  13. Obama waffles on same-sex 'marriage'
  14. Oprah tackles new issue 'Gay is a gift from God'
  15. Poll: Few know of upcoming EU elections
  16. Report: Plague killing al-Qaida terrorists
  17. Some Obama tax cuts labeled 'deceptive'
  18. Tensions building in Turkey between the miliary and Islamist government
  19. Afghan president claims defense deal with Russia
  20. Tragedy is no crime
  21. Winds, rain, snow still socking Britain

Monday - January 19, 2009:

  1. Competing summits reinforce divisions in the Arab world
  2. Deonstrators in Berlin salute Hamas, Hezbollah
  3. Doha angers PA with summit
  4. Egypt invites world leaders for Gaza summit
  5. Huge gas reserves discovered off Haifa
  6. Mexican collapse? Drug wars worry some Americans
  7. Mubarak calls for IDF to leave Gaza
  8. N. Korea Discordant on Obama Era, Nuclear Arsenal
  9. Netanyahu: Job Not Finished; Shin Bet: Hamas Can Rearm in Months
  10. North Korea military says to wipe out the South
  11. S. Korea on alert after North's military threat
  12. Saudis call to curb 'extremist' fatwas
  13. Venezuela's Chavez says Obama has stench of Bush

Sunday - January 18, 2009:

  1. Egypt: Israel drunk with power, violence
  2. Iranian cleric calls for shooting Livni
  3. Syria ready to cooperate with US
  4. Clinton says 'no' to Hamas talks
  5. More riots in the Baltics
  6. Thousands protest in UK over Gaza
  7. High-level Iranian cleric calls for shooting Livni
  8. Israelis evicted from New Zealand cafe
  9. Military bows to ACLU demand against preaching
  10. Madoff scandal leads to staff cuts in abortion industry
  11. Next up for marriage amendment - Indiana
  12. Ark. high school accused of religous bias
  13. 1 in 3 'Christians' says 'Jesus sinned'
  14. Immigrants ravage U.S. infrastructure
  15. Iran green lights 'escalation'
  16. Allies rally behind Prop 8 in judicial battle
  17. The war against Hamas Why does it matter? (Commentary)
  18. Obama to put world ahead of America (Commentary)
  19. N_Korea says plutonium weaponized and off-limits
  20. Arab leaders arrive in Kuwait for summit

Saturday - January 17, 2009:

  1. Hamas believed holding out until Obama's inauguration
  2. Hizbullah movements in line with possible escalation of war with Israel
  3. Israel looking to ignite new war Lebanon
  4. 7.3 quake strikes near disputed Kuril Islands
  5. A tax-evading treasury secretary?
  6. Christian refuses to drive bus with atheist advertisement
  7. Erdogan: Bar Israel from the UN
  8. Evidence shows Iranian special metals buys
  9. 'Fairness Doctrine' - a misnomer that may become law
  10. Russia plans navy bases in Libya, Syria and Yemen report
  11. Moscow confirms talks on foreign naval bases
  12. Russian Navy denies plans for bases in Mediterranean countries
  13. Russia and Ukraine face EU sanctions threat
  14. Same-sex 'marriage' enthusiasts target New England
  15. Susan Rice: Israel treated unfairly at UN
  16. Warren praises Obama for inviting homosexual bishop
  17. Qatar, Mauritania cut ties with Israel

Friday - January 16, 2009:

  1. UN General Assembly attacks Israel
  2. Ahmadinejad urges IDF troops to refuse orders
  3. Ban to Livni: Gaza death toll 'unbearable'
  4. Iran president 'Not feasible' for Israel to live
  5. Obama sets priorities; poised to tackle Gaza crisis
  6. Obama Adviser Presents Plan to Alter Global Financial System
  7. 7 States Sue Over Bush Rule on Health Workers
  8. ANALYSIS-Emerging social unrest threatens foreign investors
  9. After Tax Errors Raised, GOP Leaders Defend Treasury Nominee
  10. Ahmadinejad Arabs should press Israel’s supporters
  11. E.U.-Israel take ‘time-out’ from upgrading relations
  12. German police ban Israeli flags
  13. Hamas offers one year truce deal, with conditions
  14. Senate panel approves Clinton as top US diplomat
  15. Two polls: Americans favor Israel in Gaza conflict
  16. Urgent Arab summit in Qatar still not decided
  17. US to sign pact with Israel to block Hamas arms-Olmert
  18. Iran president criticises Arab silence on Gaza
  19. Strong quake hits near New Caledonia
  20. Fiji's govt asks for help, 9,000 homeless after severe flooding
  21. EU to launch biometric passports by summer
  22. Hate crimes showdown looming in PA
  23. Israel's allies to be tried over Gaza - Iran leader

Thursday - January 15, 2009:

  1. 'Are human rights for some, but not for others' - Confronting Hamas
  2. Israeli pressure on Bush may strain ties
  3. Netanyahu Casts Himself As Player On A World Stage
  4. Bush declares emergency for inauguration
  5. Iran's President Urges Arabs to Stop Israel
  6. Gay Atlantans to protest Warren's MLK service
  7. Erdogan publicly slams Israel - again
  8. 'Iranians Are Pro-Israel' - Part II
  9. Clinton: No negotiations with Hamas
  10. Rockets from Lebanon hit Israel amid Gaza fighting
  11. Israel gains in media blitz, but for how long
  12. Zimbabwean cholera death toll hits 2,000
  13. Pleas but no progress in European gas crisis
  14. Is parental authority on the U.N. chopping block?
  15. A porn industry bailout? It's laughable...
  16. Library boots Christians but would welcome KKK
  17. Pro-homosexual TV show bashes Baptists
  18. Globalists 'salivating' over collapse of U.S.
  19. Russian navy eyes Tartous, Syria as base for Black Sea Fleet
  20. Iranian students offer $1_5m reward for Mubarak execution
  21. U.S. military report warns 'sudden collapse' of Mexico is possible
  22. Obama aide Ending 'don't ask, don't tell' must wait
  23. EU for legal action in gas row

Wednesday - January 14, 2009:

  1. Obama learns fast that Dems are hard to herd
  2. Leaflets may counter 'war crime' claims
  3. ANALYSIS - World cannot, must not condemn our war on Hamas
  4. Israel bans Arab parties from running in upcoming elections
  5. Channel-2 Poll: Likud and Kadima Strengthen, Labor Laxes
  6. Humanitarian Aid: Reaching Gaza's Poor?
  7. Jordanian Gunman Opened Fire at Border Guards in Eilat
  8. Israel Rejects UN Condemnation as 'Irrelevant'
  9. Bloggers Uncover Possible CNN Video Fraud
  10. 'Iranians Are Pro-Israel' - Part I
  11. State, Citizens Reach Out to South
  12. Bush Include Hamas suppliers in cease-fire
  13. Synagogue, Jewish building attacked in France
  14. U.N. rights council slams Israel
  15. Israel poll ban for Arab parties
  16. Poll Greeks concerned by domestic terror
  17. China screens 22.4 million babies
  18. NKorea: US must alter 'hostile' policy
  19. Gaza and the gospel
  20. Hyde amendment threatened by abortion groups
  21. Merck to focus on 'non-ethical' vaccines
  22. Gov't encroachment on America's healthcare system
  23. Stung! Abortionist fakes sonogram to avoid age limit
  24. Rupture feared in Israel-Turkey relations
  25. Iran says uncovers U.S.-backed coup plot
  26. Gay bishop to offer prayer at inaugural event
  27. Iran arrests four over 'CIA-backed plot'
  28. Law extending powers of Turkmen parliament comes into force

Tuesday - January 13, 2009:

  1. The Egyptian tightrope act between Israel and Hamas Jerusalem Post
  2. Assisted suicide lawyer appointed to Justice Dept.
  3. 'Beware, we are coming!'
  4. British Jews rally for Israel
  5. Bush okayed covert US action on Iran N-plant-US-World-The Times of India
  6. Defining life, turning back 'Roe'
  7. Forced abortions - America's secret epidemic
  8. France urging European observers to monitor Gaza
  9. Hate crimes bill - a threat to biblical teaching
  10. Hospital could force staff to 'dismember preborn babies'
  11. Iran calls for Muslim countries to end diplomatic ties with Israel
  12. Iran tells Obama Don't repeat false US charges
  13. Iran warns Hamas not to accept truce
  14. Israelis come under Syrian fire
  15. State (NM) gives nod to medical marijuana dealers
  16. Olmert says media forgot Israel's restraint
  17. Pro-Israel rallies held in Germany
  18. Pro-Palestinian rally in New York turns violent
  19. Jewish professors Israel cannot ignore international opinion
  20. Qatar calls for urgent summit to discuss Gaza
  21. Russia-NATO Council to hold informal meeting on Jan. 26
  22. Tehran seeks new approach with new U.S. administration
  23. TX schools debate evolution, academic freedom
  24. UN Rights Council to probe Israeli actions in Gaza
  25. Will homeschooling parents end up behind bars

Monday - January 12, 2009:

  1. Iran using fronts to get bomb parts from U.S.
  2. Iran continues to get high-tech equipment
  3. Dont mistake Pakistan as Gaza Pak military officials
  4. Gush Katif evacuees implore gov't to let them resettle Gaza
  5. Hundreds protest vandalism at synagogues
  6. Gilad We're not at war with Egypt
  7. UNHRC set to censure Israel for 21st time
  8. 34 dead, dozens missing from Costa Rica quake
  9. Bible 'expert' proclaims Jesus is not God
  10. Groups slam Bush on U.N. resolution
  11. NASA 2012 'space Katrina' may cripple U.S. for months
  12. Olmert Slams Int'l Calls for Restraint in Gaza War
  13. Pro-Israel Rallies in Mexico, Britain and Elsewhere
  14. Rome mayor shops Jewish in solidarity
  15. Serial killers have murdered 'over 500 in Russia in last 3 years'
  16. Crowd tries to attack US Consulate during anti-Israel protest in Pakistan
  17. Blair reappears on shortlist to head EU
  18. World’s first flying car prepares for take-off

Sunday - January 11, 2009:

  1. Abbas calls for international presence in Gaza
  2. Bush call halted US voting for ceasefire
  3. Campbell's Soup pledges more 'gay' ads
  4. Christian challenges atheist bus advert
  5. Fears in US about Mumbai-type attacks
  6. Flu and winter freeze set to kill thousands
  7. Former terrorist says West ignoring real Hamas agenda
  8. Shaikh Mohammad donates 600 houses to Palestinians in Gaza
  9. Over 100,000 people march through Hyde Park towards the Israeli embassy in Kensington, in protest at Israel's attacks on the Gaza Strip
  10. Obama won't deal with Hamas, 'Post' told
  11. Officials Kenya faces food shortages - UPI_com
  12. On Obama's inauguration, Muslims say, 'It's our time'
  13. Thousands descend on White House to protest Gaza war
  14. Prominent British Jews threatened
  15. Quakes feed fears of Yellowstone eruption
  16. Saturday night special Biggest full moon of '09
  17. Strong earthquake rocks Costa Rica
  18. Tourists evacuated after fatal Costa Rica earthquake
  19. Turkish chief of staff protests crackdown by Islamist government
  20. U.S. Rejected Aid for Israeli Raid on Iranian Nuclear Site
  21. 'US abstention a warning to Israel'
  22. U.S. signs strategic partnership pact with Georgia
  23. Mass protests in France over Israeli action in Gaza

Saturday - January 10, 2009:

  1. NYPD wants tech to disrupt wireless communications
  2. Obama to face Iran nuclear crisis in first year, ex US official warns
  3. Marines Admit “Security Force” To Operate Inside U.S.
  4. 6 injured in violent Gaza protests in Oslo
  5. Bailout Czar's Secret Copy. Paste. Repeat.
  6. Northwest flooding blocks major roads
    Photo Page #1
    Photo Page #2
  7. Florida resident convicted of smuggling plans for Hamas missiles into U.S.
  8. German FM 'played down' guilt of Hamas
  9. Illinois House impeaches Blagojevich
  10. Iran as threat but U.S. should try diplomacy
  11. Iraqis march against Israel, cleric wants revenge
  12. Lawsuit seeks safeguards from 'gay' harassment
  13. Pro-marriage supporters face threats in California
  14. Thrift stores fearful of new federal rules

Friday - January 9, 2009:

  1. Arab leaders can weather storm
  2. Rockets hit northern Israel
  3. Rockets from Lebanon hit Israel
  4. Abbas says hopes Lebanon rocket incident isolated
  5. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians protest Israel offensive
  6. TB cases linked to Castro bars 
  7. Flu Found Resistant to Tamiflu Antiviral Drug
  8. Effort pushes ‘Medicare for all' system
  9. Senate Approves Resolution Backing Israel in Hamas Conflict
  10. Iran's Larijani meets Hamas political chief Meshal in Damascus
  11. Floods shut major routes between Washington, Oregon
  12. Hundreds of thousands rally in Syria to protest Gaza attack
  13. AIPAC praises Senate support of Israel
  14. Iran bans activists from fighting Israel
  15. Ross, Shapiro slated for Obama administration
  16. Admit Israel to NATO, says German caucus
  17. Possible Obama envoy backs Hamas outreach
  18. India gas stations dry and flights delayed by oil strike
  19. Icy weather hits China ahead of Lunar New Year holiday
  20. Union proposes Israeli boycott in Rome
  21. UN Security Council approves resolution calling for Gaza cease-fire with US abstaining
  22. Homosexuals immune to Mass. budget cuts
  23. Pharmaceuticals manufacture aborted babies for vaccines
  24. Is Feb. 10 financial doomsday for thousands
  25. North Korea may see no U.S. nuclear threat adviser
  26. Extreme Alaska cold grounds planes, disables cars
  27. California's snowpack levels breed new water worries
  28. White House Voices Concern On North Korea and Uranium
  29. Israel's Gaza invasion provokes protests throughout Latin America
  30. Government in Turkey turns squeamish on defense ties with Israel
  31. Hamas in the market for missile guidance systems

Thursday - January 8, 2009:

  1. Al-Qaida Attack Western targets to avenge Gaza
  2. Nasrallah says Hizbullah ready to fight Israel
  3. Oregon church to stop signing marriage licenses
  4. US officers deployed along Egypt-Rafah border
  5. ACLU to churches: Not on school grounds, you don't
  6. Adviser sacked over Mumbai comments
  7. Zimbabwe cholera cases on the rise
  8. Anti-Semitic attacks in Britain rise
  9. As before, media depicting Israel as the 'bully'
  10. Cleric demands death for Israelis
  11. Congress' plan would let AG 'ban guns at will'
  12. Culture remains hostile, discriminatory toward Christians
  13. District asks teachers to take pay cut
  14. EU calls for gas Russian supplies to resume as problems grow
  15. German and U.S. job woes mount
  16. Kissinger: Obama primed to create 'New World Order'
  17. Low temperatures freeze Britain
  18. No quorum? No problem...
  19. Solana arrives in Middle East to broker truce
  20. Quake shakes Indonesia's West Papua area
  21. Russia, Ukraine take gas row case to Europe
  22. Soldiers say they'd leave military if 'gay' ban lifted
  23. Ukraine shuts off all gas supplies to Europe - Gazprom
  24. Ukrainian official: Israel violating international law
  25. Vatican bars U.S. Jesuit from teaching about Christ

Wednesday - January 7, 2009:

  1. 70,000 Iranian students 'volunteer to carry out suicide bombings in Israel'
  2. Atheist bus campaign spreads the word of no God nationwide
  3. Ballots, Bullets And Suicide Bombers
  4. Burning car rams into French synagogue
  5. By the Numbers-The Hamas threat to Israel
  6. China seen facing wave of unrest in 2009
  7. Dems plan pro-Israel resolution
  8. Earthquake deaths highest since 2004
  9. Fears mount of Gaza conflict spill over in Europe
  10. France nervous of violence spillover after synagogue attack
  11. Gaza conflict has everything to do with the power struggle in Iran
  12. Genocidal Chants at Anti-Israel Rallies Worldwide
  13. Muslim communities united by Israel's brutal onslaught
  14. IDF: Hamas Used UN School to Fire Mortars
  15. Israel enters Gaza to end Hamas rocket threat
  16. Obama promises to ‘hit the ground running’ on Gaza
  17. Obama vows 'plenty' to say on Mideast after swearing-in
  18. Olmert to Open 'Humanitarian Passage,' Truce Talks in High Gear
  19. Turkey holds suspicious Iran-Venezuela shipment
  20. Saudi royal blasts US stand on Gaza
  21. Row over Russian gas chokes supply to rest of Europe
  22. Russian gas disruption spreads across Europe
  23. Natural gas shortages slam many European nations
  24. Europe a hostage to Ukraine's heedless behavior

Tuesday - January 6, 2009:

  1. Syria: Israel proved it doesn't want peace
  2. Lebanese army boosts troops along Israel border
  3. Gunmen shoot policeman in Athens
  4. Demonstrations continue worldwide over Gaza violence
  5. Living with Rockets The soldiers are all my sons
  6. Hamas delegation to visit Egypt Monday
  7. Israel Erdogan's words 'unacceptable'
  8. Diplomacy to buy IDF 'a few more days'
  9. Humanitarian Aid Reaching Gaza
  10. Ross: Hamas cannot be allowed to rebuild
  11. Australians rally against Israel
  12. U.S., Britain derail U.N. cease-fire statement
  13. Jordan 'reconsidering Israel ties'
  14. Iran crackdowns show election worries
  15. Extreme cold warnings up for Manitoba
  16. Israelis relieved as army moves to halt rockets
  17. Calls to use oil as weapon in Gaza fight fall flat
  18. Police look to hack citizens' home PCs
  19. Russian warships dock at Turkish naval base
  20. Georgia says to sign partnership pact with U.S. Jan. 9

Monday - January 5, 2009:

  1. Analysis: Preventing a recurrence
  2. Obama should speak up now in support of Israel
  3. EU admits failures as international pressure grows for ceasefire
  4. Russia wants warships stationed around the world
  5. More Groups Than Thought Monitored in Police Spying
  6. IDF forces enter Gaza on anniversary of Sharon stroke

Sunday - January 4, 2009:

  1. Egypt condemns Israeli ground offensive in Gaza
  2. Gaza Attacks Illustrate Gulf Between Arab Rulers, Public
  3. Arabs demand immediate Gaza ceasefire
  4. Jordan police, protesters clash near Israel embassy
  5. Turkish prime minister heads to Saudi Arabia
  6. Invasion Offers Benefits but Also Risks to Both Sides
  7. Iran Threatens to Break Israel's Gaza Blockade
  8. Pat Robertson: God says U.S. will accept socialism
  9. PM Olmert: ‘We Did All We Could Before Ground Offensive’
  10. France leads alarm over Gaza, splits with US
  11. Pro-lifers push to 'stop subsidizing' abortion industry
  12. Quake hits north of Indonesian island of Papua
  13. Russia gas disruption spreads to Czechs
  14. Russia not to give up Bulava missile test launches - Gen.Staff
  15. Russian Gas Embargo on Ukraine Is Felt In E. Europe
  16. Series of powerful quakes kills 4 in Indonesia
  17. Ukraine tapped 50 mln cu m of Europe-bound gas over 24 hrs - Gazprom
  19. 6.2 magnitude quake hits N.E. Afghanistan
  20. Arab leaders, citizens diverge on Gaza
  21. Syria Calls Russia to Pressure Israel into a Ceasefire
  22. Diplomatic Clock Ticks as IDF Tries to Silence Terrorist Rockets

Saturday - January 3, 2009:

  1. A Spurt of Quake Activity Raises Fears in Yellowstone
  2. Muslim Brotherhood members detained ahead of Gaza protests
  3. Kashmir protests over assault on Gaza, 50 injured
  4. School sued over religious ed
  5. Hamas, Al-Qaeda Threaten Jewish Targets Abroad
  6. Egypt: Hamas must halt attacks for truce
  7. Middle Israel: The truth about Gaza
  8. MK Candidate Dr. Ben Ari: Follow King David's Advice on Gaza
  9. Iran warns Israel on Gaza
  10. Hamas posters posted at U.S. synagogues
  11. Dichter: Gaza is “huge success” so far
  12. Muslims around the world protest Gaza assault
  13. Christians called to mass exodus from public schools
  14. Israel 'prudent' to continue fight against Hamas
  15. EU calls crisis talks as Russian gas flow dwindles
  16. Coral growth slows sharply on Great Barrier Reef
  17. 2008 Iowa tornadoes deadliest since 1968
  18. Talk Tough With Tehran
  19. Speculation soars on Putin's plans
  20. IDF recommends major, but brief Gaza ground offensive
  21. Hamas Rockets Put Israel's Nuclear Facility in Battle Zone
  22. Thoughts for 2009

Friday - January 2, 2009:

  1. 2008 The second least active solar year since 1900...
  2. Arabs continue diplomatic bid to slam Israel, halt IAF
  3. Rebels 'advancing towards CAR'
  4. Chicago Jewish day schools receive bomb threat
  5. Diplomatic bid for truce to intensify
  6. Gaza attack strengthens Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood
  7. Gaza operation strains ties with Turkey
  8. Livni: Sarkozy understands ‘threat’ to Israel
  9. No tears for Hamas leader in Ramallah
  10. Russia cuts off gas to Ukraine, ups supplies to Europe
  11. U.N. Security Council meets in emergency session
  12. Shin Bet Number of terror attacks on Israel swelled in 2008
  13. Traditional family defenders now in 'gay' agenda bull's-eye

Thursday - January 1, 2009:

  1. Israel versus Hamas How to Shape a Ceasefire
  2. Recent Earthquakes for Yellowstone
  3. New Year celebrations in most parts of Arab world cancelled
  4. Livni: We won't let thugs rule Mideast
  5. Israel ordered to allow journalists into Gaza
  6. Protesters storm British embassy in Iran
  7. Britain pledges $10m in emergency aid to Gaza
  8. Russia-Ukraine gas talks collapse
  9. 2 Israelis wounded in Denmark shooting
  10. Carnage in Gaza: a prelude to World War III?
  11. Digest - SEC refuses to suspend mark-to-market rules
  12. 'If IDF ceases aggression, we'll talk'
  13. Israeli aircraft kill senior Hamas figure
  14. Saudi calls for Palestinian reconciliation
  15. Saudi FM, Arab League chief blame IDF op on Palestinian rift
  16. Talks with Ukraine end in deadlock, Gazprom to cut gas supplies
  17. The Gaza campaign's cautious regional unity
  18. Ukraine threatens to seize Russian gas

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