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  1. What does Purim have to do with the current showdown between Israel and Iran? More than most people realize.
  2. Modern Christianity repeats Solomon’s mistake
  3. When Discernment Turns Ugly - Warlike Watchmen
  4. Hispanics will soon surpass white population in California

Wednesday - February 27, 2013:

  1. Radiation leaking from Iran's nuke plant
  2. Iran Enters Nuclear Talks in a Defiant Mood
  3. Iran nuclear talks: Both sides table new offers
  4. Powers wait to hear Iran response to nuclear offer
  5. Israel calls for removal of all uranium from Iran
  6. Assad Pulls Ahead in Syrian War. Putin, Khamenei Are Co-Victors
  7. Rights group: Syrian missiles killed 141 last week
  8. In Shift, Saudis Are Said to Arm Rebels in Syria
  9. Sceptical Syrian opposition to attend Rome talks
  10. Kerry: US committed to helping Syrian rebels
  11. Two Jewish groups raise concerns about Hagel’s approach to Iran, Israel.
  12. UN staffer missing on Israel-Syria border
  13. Australia braces for Category 3 Cyclone Rusty
  14. CHINA: Pollution hits record levels in Beijing
  15. Chinese pollution study 'blocked on grounds of state secrecy'
  16. Chinese state-owned oil company CNOOC completes $15.1B purchase of Canada’s Nexen

Tuesday - February 26, 2013:

  1. Iran's middle class feels squeeze of sanctions
  2. UN Experts Investigate Iranian Shipment Seized in Yemen
  3. 'Syria says ready to talk to armed opposition'
  4. US moves to salvage Syrian opposition talks during Kerry’s first trip as secretary of state
  5. 'Syrian rebels capture reported nuke site bombed by Israel'
  6. Syrian rebels storm police academy near Aleppo
  7. Will Iran, Hezbollah go all out to boost Assad?
  8. Syria Jihadists Claim Bus Bombing on Hama Factory
  9. Tension high after Syria army kills four in Lebanon
  10. Europe’s Hezbollah problem
  11. Amid Torture Allegations, Afghan President Expels U.S. Soldiers
  12. Magnitude 6.2 quake jolts Japan
  13. One dead, one missing in Australian flooding spawned by cyclone
  14. Central Plains brace for major snowstorm; South to get rain, tornadoes
  15. Students made to wear burqas – in Texas

Monday - February 25, 2013:

  1. ‘A Match Made in Hell’
  2. Ahmadinejad: Iran to cut oil reliance amid sanctions
  3. In Syria, new influx of weapons to rebels tilts the battle against Assad
  4. Report: Rebels lay siege to Scud launching site
  5. Syrian Opposition Demands World Action After Aleppo Attack
  6. Syrian rebels say willing to work with IAEA
  7. Firearms Companies Restricting Sales to Government Agencies in Areas That Restrict Gun Rights
  8. Russia Plans Black Sea Fleet Rearmament – Ukrainian Minister
  9. Obama administration weighs trade sanctions for Chinese hacking
  10. Obama’s Electoral Engine Harnessed by Group Collecting Corporate Donations
  11. British farming in crisis as crop losses from 'relentless' floods pile up woes crops and market in crisis as 'worst ever year' of floods wipe out crops in 'worst ever year'
  12. Gov. JayInslee says 6 nuclear waste tanks leaking in Washington state

Sunday - February 24, 2013:

  1. NK warns US commander in SK over drills
  2. Iran announces uranium finds, days before nuclear talks
  3. Second Iranian rejection of Biden’s offer of talks
  4. Obama and Netanyahu aid Khamenei’s campaign for Iran’s next president
  5. Syria: At Least 12 Dead in Missile Attack in Aleppo
  6. Brahimi: Damascus bombing a war crime
  7. Report: Syrian rebels take over Al-Kibar nuclear facility
  8. Transitional government for areas under rebel control
  9. Lavrov: Syrian negotiations open in Moscow next week
  10. Syrian opposition will boycott talks after Scud strike kills 23 in Aleppo
  11. Arms race builds in South-East Asia, to counter Chinese imperialism
  12. Jaw-dropping photos of Athens’ worst flood in 50 years
  13. Chinese state media release a map showing the spread of ‘cancer villages’
  14. Radioactive waste leaking from tanks at Washington state nuclear site
  15. 'Spanish police nab 3 suspected of spying for Iran'
  16. What the Romans did for one million in the UK

Saturday - February 23, 2013:

  1. Iran appears to advance in construction of Arak nuclear plant
  2. US, Israel Iran cuts distance to nuclear bomb
  3. Syria sees bloodiest day yet after Damascus bombing
  4. Activists report shelling near Damascus airport
  5. Rebels in northern Syria pin hopes on airbase's downfall
  6. Syrian rebels attack Hezbollah's positions in Lebanon FSA commander
  7. Syrian opposition says Assad cannot be part of deal
  8. Russia accuses U.S. of double standards over Syria
  9. China admits ‘cancer villages’
  10. Hagel said Israel headed toward apartheid and called Netanyahu a ‘radical,’ says new report. 15 Senators urge President to withdraw nomination.
  11. Netanyahu warns IAEA centrifuge report shows Iran nearing nuclear “red line.” Five questions to ask.
  12. USDA forecasts record U.S. corn and soy, lower prices
  13. China earthquake rattles Hong Kong

Friday - February 22, 2013:

  1. Diplomats: Iran starts upgrade of nuclear site
  2. Major powers to make substantial and serious offer to Iran
  3. Found! Iran’s secret ballistic missile base
  4. As China is set to build high-speed rail, it overwhelms Iran's economy
  5. Car bomb kills over 50 near Damascus ruling party HQ
  6. Syrian Rebels Down Warplane
  7. Free Syrian Army Threatens to Shell Hizbullah
  8. Hizballah on high alert, jockeys for a role in potential Syrian peace accord
  9. Hezbollah targets kosher restaurants in Europe
  10. At least 15 dead, 52 injured, 70 missing in two bomb blasts in Hyderabad
  11. Iranian, Hizballah terror cells rolled up in time in Nigeria and Cyprus
  12. Spy agencies scrounge for details on North Korean nuclear test
  13. INDIA: Madhya Pradesh Hindu fundamentalists attack Christians even in the privacy of their homes
  14. NASA Sees Monster Sunspot Growing Fast, Solar Storms Possible
  15. White House promises trade war on countries behind cybercrime
  16. Sheriff warning of 2nd American revolution

Thursday - February 21, 2013:

  1. Diplomats: Iran Installing High-Tech Machines at Natanz
  2. Iran crushing new enemy: Huge rats
  3. Iran-Syria Gas Pipe to Run Through Iraq
  4. Mortars kill Syrian soccer player
  5. Syrian Opposition Adds Hizbullah Terrorists to Target List
  6. Syrian rebels threaten to hit Hezbollah targets in Lebanon
  7. Russia, Arab League see chance for Syria dialogue
  8. UN: Syria needs grow, rebel-held north out of reach
  9. Researchers say North Korea may be looking at another nuclear test
  10. North Korea threatens to follow up nuclear test and 'destroy South Korea'
  11. North Korea releases another propaganda video, this one with Obama in flames
  12. UAE leads Gulf push to build up defense industries
  13. How China Plans to Wipe Out House Churches
  14. Police use ‘pregnant women’ (pictures of) as shooting targets

Wednesday - February 20, 2013:

  1. US - EU - ASIA: Transatlantic partnership, a step towards a single currency and world government
  2. Activists: Syrian rocket attack on Aleppo kills 20
  3. Assad: I'm not a wild animal
  4. Four million inside Syria in dire need of aid: UN
  5. 'Increase in Gazans joining rebel forces in Syria'
  6. Mortars land near Syrian presidential palace
  7. Syrian rebels push offensive for major airport
  8. Obama, in Addressing Syria, May Revisit Arms Policy
  9. UN war crimes list doesn't spare Syrian leadership
  10. EU rejects British plan to remove arms embargo from Syrian rebels
  11. Russia steps up Syria evacuation efforts
  12. Russia to send planes to fly citizens
  13. Merger of EU police agencies draws opposition
  14. EU strengthens North Korea sanctions
  15. Moscow Against North Korea Trade Sanctions
  16. Russia, Jordan Leaders to Discuss Nuclear Power Project
  17. Security group suspects Chinese military is behind hacking attacks
  18. Gulf States eager for weapons at Ad Abu Dhabi exhibition
  19. Mistake in gun bill could defeat the effort
  20. Gun background-check nightmare in Colorado

Tuesday - February 19, 2013:

  1. MP: Iran will never shut down Fordo enrichment plant
  2. PM: N. Korea proof that sanctions won't stop Iran
  3. UK seeks EU support on arming Syrian rebels
  4. Hezbollah fighter, 5 Syrian rebels dead in clashes
  5. Hizbullah Terrorists Die in Clashes with Syrian Rebels
  6. Rebels: 1,000 Hezbollah fighters invaded Syria
  7. Syrian Islamists meet Hizballah head-on – take in arms from Bosnia, Kosovo
  8. Time to refer Syrian war crimes to ICC U.N. inquiry
  9. UN official 'time has come' to refer Syrian war crimes to ICC – as it happened
  10. UN: ICC should fight impunity in Syria
  11. Feds buying enough bullets for ’24-year war’
  12. INDONESIA: North Sulawesi, flooding emergency 15 dead and thousands displaced
  13. States join battle over drone flights

Monday - February 18, 2013:

  1. Khamenei uses Twitter to say that if Iran wanted The Bomb “no power could have prevented us.”
  2. US plan for UN to endorse Khamenei’s fatwa Shock in Jerusalem
  3. 'Iranian nuclear chief observed Korean nuke test'
  4. Tehran announces plans to build new base near Pakistan's border in Sea of Oman
  5. Seven injured Syrians hospitalized in Israel
  6. UN's rights chief says Assad should face war crimes probe
  7. Six car bombs kill 18 people in Baghdad. Iraq heads for civil war
  8. Pakistan faces growing anger over sectarian bombings
  9. States pile on against federal detention plan
  10. 2 earthquakes shake southwestern Greece
  11. 6.2-magnitude earthquake rattles southern Philippine island
  12. Quake rattles Rome, no damage or injuries reported
  13. Rising beef prices worry producers
  14. Chinese struggle through 'airpocalypse' smog

Sunday - February 17, 2013:

  1. West to Tell Iran: Close Fordow, We'll Ease the Sanctions
  2. Big powers to offer easing gold sanctions at Iran nuclear talks
  3. Khamenei No power can stop Tehran accessing an atomic bomb
  4. Iran points finger at Israel for IRGC general’s death, vows revenge
  5. Finnish Customs Seizes Syria-Bound Tank Parts
  6. Iranian forces are “running” Syria says former Syrian Prime Minister.
  7. Syria Clashes over Aleppo airport leave 150 dead
  8. North Korea tells China of preparations for fresh nuclear test - source
  9. CHINA - JAPAN - UNITED STATES: Disputed islands could lead to a disastrous war for everyone
  10. Texas preps for going it alone
  11. NASA Largest meteor in more than 100 years
  12. In a rarity, a meteor hit and an asteroid near-miss on same day
  13. Fireball over California is a sporadic meteor
  14. Drought joins U.S. farmers in the field for spring planting

Saturday - February 16, 2013:

  1. Meteorite explodes over Russia, more than 1,000 injured
  2. Russian meteor shower Fireball from outer space 1,000 injured as 40-ton meteor travelling at 33,000mph explodes over a terrified town
  3. Toll of injured rises to 1,100 from 10-ton meteorite in Russian Urals
  4. Iran could use U_N_ talks as cover to build bomb, Ban Ki-moon says
  5. US, UN urge Iran to ensure 'progress' at talks
  6. Kerry: US will not accept Iranian delays
  7. Added signs Iran, Hezbollah supporting Syrian President Bashar Assad
  8. Analysis: Slain IRGC man ‘important as Mugniyah’
  9. Kerry: Syria Death Toll May Have Reached 90,000
  10. Around 40,000 flee heavy fighting in east Syria U.N.
  11. Report: N. Korea upgrading rocket launch site
  12. Syrian opposition sets conditions for talks with Assad
  13. U.S. government risks financial exposure from climate change - GAO

Friday - February 15, 2013:

  1. Iranian buying spree raises concerns about major expansion of nuclear capacity
  2. ‘No Deal’ Between IAEA and Iran
  3. Russia, Iran sign agreements to form “strategic partnership” as Russia sends warships to Iranian port.
  4. Rebels: Iranian official killed in airstrike on Syria
  5. Tehran Accuses Israel of Killing Top Iranian Official
  6. An Iranian website blamed Israel for his death
  7. Russia admits to supplying arms to Syria
  8. Syrian rebels capturing oilfield in northeast
  9. Syrian troops bombard rebel posts around capital
  10. Lebanese Prevent Tankers From Crossing Into Syria
  11. North Korea nuclear test prompts stern warnings from neighbors
  12. North Korean Red Dawn closer than ever
  13. Lack of data shrouds nature of nuclear test
  14. New South Korean Missile Aimed at North Korean Leadership?
  15. Japan defense chief could have pre-emptive strike ability in future
  16. U.S. to ship all 20 F-16s to Egypt in 2013
  17. The Roadmap to New Highs in 2013 - UK Gold Trading Experts
  18. Bill would essentially institute involuntary euthanasia
  19. Terrified jogger, 17, attacked by FOX which sank its teeth into her leg
  20. Drought's toll hits Nebraska ethanol producers hard

Thursday - February 14, 2013:

  1. IAEA Delegation Arrives in Iran for New Talks
  2. Iran says it has begun upgrading uranium centrifuges
  3. Iran ‘Hopes’ to Build Bushehr Unit 2 with Russia
  4. Agency: Russia to continue supplying arms to Syria
  5. Syria rebels take most of strategic army base
  6. Syrian jets bomb northern air base seized by Islamist-led rebels
  7. Insight: Divided Damascus confronted by all-out war
  8. Jordanian activists back Assad
  9. U.N. humanitarian chief says talks under way for better aid access
  10. U.S. says to take lead to contain North Korea
  11. U.S., South Korea to meet on countering North's nuclear threat
  12. ‘Final pope’ already running Vatican?
  13. NASA: Alarming Water Loss in Middle East
  14. Magnitude 5.2 quake hits Nevada
  15. Obama says he will use executive action on climate if needed

Wednesday - February 13, 2013:

  1. Iran hints it will allow UN inspectors at Parchin
  2. Iran says U.S. doesn't offer gestures of goodwill ahead of talks
  3. Syria crisis rebels take air base
  4. Syrian air base falls, Assad forces under pressure
  5. North Korea and Iran – partners in nuclear and missile programs
  6. North Korea holds 3rd nuclear test
  7. North Korea Confirms Third Nuclear Test
  8. North Korea nuclear test: Pyongyang threatens 'stronger response'
  9. KOREA - UN: Pyongyang increasingly isolated after success of a third nuclear test
  10. China condemns North Korean nuclear test
  11. Obama: N. Korea's nuclear program threat to world security
  12. Israel urges response to N. Korea nuclear test
  13. Pakistan says it successfully tested nuclear-capable missile
  14. Turkish military sends fighter jets over northern Iraq seeking PKK
  15. Tip of attack prompts tightened security at U.S. Consulate in Thailand
  16. St. Malachy predicted Pope Benedict's successor will be last pope
  17. ‘Final pope’ authors predicted Benedict would resign
  18. Sun eruptions putting Earth in bull’s-eye
  19. World could face outbreak of 'virtually untreatable' TB after deadly strain is discovered in South Africa

Tuesday - February 12, 2013:

  1. Report: Iran restarts uranium fuel conversion
  2. Turkey, Iran to Unite in Joint University?
  3. Report: Iran building militias in Syria in case Assad falls
  4. Rebels seize Syria’s largest dam, controlling water and electricity supplies to wide areas
  5. France to Expel Radical Islamist Imams 'In Coming Days'
  6. Obama weighing executive actions on housing, gays and other issues
  7. Pope's sudden resignation sends shockwaves through Church
  8. Rebels' raid poses Mali guerrilla war threat for French
  9. Sen. Inhofe Threatens Filibuster to Block Hagel
  10. Soggy clean-up after tornado injures 63 in Mississippi
  11. Syrian War Closes In on the Heart of Damascus
  12. U.S. said to be target of massive cyber-espionage campaign
  13. Quake shakes Chile's central region
  14. 'Record close' asteroid may miss the Earth but it could take out your phone

Monday - February 11, 2013:

  1. Officials: Iran and Hizbullah Building Militia Network in Syria
  2. Ahmadinejad to U.S.: Change Your Attitude and We'll Talk
  3. Iran's Ahmadinajad rejects Western pressure
  4. Report: Iraq PM 'Invites' Iran to Seize US Embassy in Baghdad
  5. Iran is ‘damaging Yemen’ — security chief
  6. PLA Navy to conduct training drills in western Pacific over Lunar New Year
  7. Report: Hagel Receiving Donations From 'Friends of Hamas'
  8. China steps up buying in U.S.
  9. Tornado hits college campus in Mississippi
  10. Eight people injured and buildings damaged in Colombian quake
  11. Northeast digs out from blizzard; new storm brews in Plains
  12. Fox bites off baby's finger
  13. Assisted suicide on legal agenda in several states

Sunday - February 10, 2013:

  1. Kerry says Iran must be serious at nuclear talks
  2. Assad's forces try to beat back rebels closing on Damascus
  3. EU Calls For Syria Political Transition Without Assad
  4. Leaders of Turkey, Egypt, Iran meet to discuss Syrian situation
  5. Syria’s Druze minority is shifting its support to the opposition
  6. Syrian warplanes strike Damascus outskirts
  7. UN: Syrian exodus worsening, 5,000 flee each day
  8. 'We don't want weapons to fall into wrong hands'
  9. Why uranium would make a North Korean nuclear test especially scary
  10. Japan steps up threat over Chinese ship
  11. ID World: Abu Dhabi 2013 Summit begins on Monday
  12. Blizzard hammers U.S. Northeast, five dead, 700,000 lose power
  13. Eight people injured and buildings damaged in Colombian quake
  14. Another powerful quake strikes Solomon Islands

Saturday - February 9, 2013:

  1. Iran: New US sanctions aimed at creating tension
  2. Iran Institutes New Punishment: Public Amputations
  3. Activists: 54 died in Syria military factory blast
  4. Fighting in Damascus area: 'Fiercest shelling in months'
  5. Islamic summit urges dialogue in Syria
  6. Obama blocked US plan to arm Syrian rebels
  7. Panetta exposes rift with Obama over Syrian rebels
  8. PERSIAN GULF: Dangerous arms race among Gulf States
  9. Terror Suspect Pleads Guilty in New York Bomb Plot
  10. Chinese dams in Tibet raise hackles in India
  11. Chinese gov't still set on eradicating Christians
  12. Chinese in dilemma over Year of Snake
  13. Fed still gauging extent of hacker breach, FBI on case
  14. Blizzard wallops U.S. Northeast, closes roads
  15. Aftershocks stall aid efforts in Solomons
  16. Asteroid to make close pass by Earth on February 15; no impact seen
  17. India swine flu outbreak 'kills 94'

Friday - February 8, 2013:

  1. Even Iran diplomat confirms nuke plant blast
  2. Iran's supreme leader rejects direct talks with US
  3. Peace hopes fade as army targets Damascus area
  4. Syrian jets bomb Damascus ring road to halt rebel push
  5. Syrian troops retake Damascus outskirts in raging battles
  6. South Korean military chief Gen. Jung Seung-jo warns N. Korea
  7. EGYPT: Maspero massacre military court sentences two Christians to three years in jail
  8. INDIA: Karnataka police arrests two Christians beaten by Hindu fundamentalists
  9. Texas decides to rein in ‘liberal’ curriculum
  10. New Earthquake of 6.2 Magnitude Hits Solomon Islands
  11. Indonesians Leave Houses as 5.6 Quake Hits West Sumatra
  12. All eyes on forecasts as blizzard heads for New England
  13. Red tide alert issued in Florida

Thursday - February 7, 2013:

  1. Ahmadinejad: Iran is already a nuclear power
  2. Iran has 'all the ingredients necessary' to make a nuclear weapon
  3. Iran reportedly refuses Assad request to hit back at Israel
  4. Iran wants a strategic ‘alliance’ with Egypt
  5. UAE, Bahrain condemn visit to occupied islands
  6. Disease spreads as Syria casualties and drug shortages grow
  7. Syria scales back threats against Israel over airstrike, suggests it won't retaliate
  8. The woman sniper of Syria: Rebel fighter nicknamed 'Guevara' takes revenge on Assad's troops after her children were killed in airstrike
  9. Navy to pull aircraft carrier from Persian Gulf over budget worries
  10. China state media: North Korea would 'pay a heavy price' for nuclear test
  11. JAPAN - CHINA: Shinzo Abe: Chinese radars tracking Japanese ships a provocation
  12. Tsunami leaves six dead in Solomon Islands
  13. MI5 to install 'black box' spy devices to monitor UK internet traffic
  14. Fed says internal site breached by hackers, no critical functions affected
  15. Russian capital hit with power outages and traffic accidents
  16. Winter rains shy away from drought-stricken Plains
  17. 2 Great Lakes hit lowest water level on record
  18. Heavy rain kills 34 in Pakistan

Wednesday - February 6, 2013:

  1. Iran FM: US changing approach to Tehran
  2. Iran and US open to bilateral talks, Israel and Saudi Arabia unhappy
  3. Ahmadinejad lands in Cairo 4-6 months before Iran reaches nuclear capacity
  4. U.S., allies ready more anti-mine drills as Iran tensions simmer
  5. Syrian MP rejects preconditions for dialogue
  6. As the world's monetary system inches its way towards collapse, winds of war sweep Asia
  7. Beijing and Tokyo will not budge Looming threat of open conflict
  8. N. Korea Posts Simulation Video Depicting New York Set Ablaze
  9. North Korea 'preparing for two nuclear tests'
  10. North Korea threatens stronger measures than nuclear test
  11. U.S., allies warn North Korea against 'provocative' moves
  12. PAKISTAN: Christian man mortally wounded in Baluchistan for refusing to convert to Islam
  13. UK weather Temperatures will hover just above zero tonight while snowfall and gales are forecast tomorrow
  14. Moscow Endures the Snowiest Winter in 100 Years
  15. Turkey's EU accession bid uncertain
  16. For insurance exchanges, states need ‘navigators’ — and hiring them is a huge task
  17. Opt-out expansion just an accounting gimmick

Tuesday - February 5, 2013:

  1. North Koreans among 40 dead at Iran nuke plant
  2. Iran positive but noncommittal about talks with US
  3. Iran 'open to nuclear talks with US'
  4. Seized ship links Iran to Al Houthis Yemen
  5. Biden warns Iran to join nuclear talks ‘in good faith’
  6. Senior Iranian official in Damascus following Jamraya strike
  7. Syria uprising leaves 5,000 dead in January
  8. Bombing of rebel-held neighbourhood in Syrian city of Aleppo leaves 16 dead as Turkish minister pledges support for opposition
  9. French forces in Mali launch air strikes on Islamist camps
  10. Mini Drones Army Deploys Tiny Helicopters
  11. Iraq's flood of 'cheap oil' could rock world markets
  12. Why is government stockpiling guns, ammo?

Sunday - February 3, 2013:

  1. Obama green light for Israel to strike Iranian-Syrian-Hizballah military links
  2. Ahmadinejad unveils Iran's newest fighter jet
  3. Iran escalating efforts to destabilize region, says Panetta
  4. Iran's 'Space Monkey' May Have Been a Fake
  5. Security Council Decision Key to Syria Solution - Brahimi
  6. Syrian opposition says it is ready for conditional peace talks
  7. Thirty-five killed as militants attack Pakistan checkpoint
  8. Japan PM vows to repel ‘provocations’ amid island row
  9. S Korea, US in naval drill amid N Korea tensions
  10. US Ankara suicide bomber belonged to leftist group suspected of Burgas attack
  11. Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal hacked by Chinese
  12. White House Bends on Birth Control Coverage Mandate
  13. Report: Nation's Cattle Herd Smallest Since 1952
  14. Magnitude 6.7 quake recorded off Solomon Islands USGS

Saturday - February 2, 2013:

  1. Biden to Iran: Time for diplomacy is not unlimited
  2. U.S., Russia, U.N. to meet Syrian opposition on Saturday
  3. Suicide bomber kills guard at U.S. embassy in Turkey
  4. Hagel hearing a “disaster.” Calls Iran terror regime an “elected, legitimate government.” Senators “shocked” by how “ill-prepared” Hagel was.
  5. GOP Senators Introduce Legislation Banning Arms Sales to Egypt
  6. US looking at action against China cyberattacks
  7. DHS adds another 200,000 rounds to its 2 billion round stockpile
  8. Bundaberg’s calm river turns ferocious
  9. 100 birds covered in mysterious sticky substance wash up on south coast

Friday - February 1, 2013:

  1. Iran Navy Starts 3-Day Drills in Persian Gulf
  2. Defiant Iran plans to speed up nuclear fuel work
  3. Russia Urges Iran Again to Halt Nuclear Enrichment
  4. Scent of ‘germ’ warfare
  5. Exclusive Iran crude oil exports rise to highest since EU sanctions
  6. Syrian rebels make slow headway in south
  7. N.Korea Imposes Martial Law Ahead of Nuclear Test
  8. Church of England to allow ‘celibate’ homosexual bishops
  9. Magnitude 6.8 quake shakes Chile, but no serious damage
  10. Wild monkeys attack village in Indonesia
  11. CHINA: Beijing pollution more dangerous than SARS
  12. Surprised Scientists Find Lifeforms Six Miles Above Earth's Surface

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