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  1. Outside View: Gas prices up, Obama wrongly attacks critics again
  2. President Obama and the Bible

Wednesday - February 29, 2012:

  1. Top Iran official: Enemies will face 'rainy day' weapons in case of attack
  2. Iran could allow UN inspection of suspected nuclear test sites, IAEA envoy says
  3. Muslim Brotherhood lawmaker: Arab Spring headed to Iran
  4. Report: 120 killed in Syria as government hails approval of new constitution
  5. UN- Syria's civilian death toll well over 7,500
  6. EU freezes Syrian central bank assets
  7. Syria Storms Out of UN Human Rights Meeting
  8. Muslim Brotherhood’s political party consolidates power in Egypt parliament
  9. Washington and Cairo – America’s bitter awakening

Tuesday - February 28, 2012:

  1. Russia upgrades Syria-based electronic station to warn Iran of US-Israeli attack
  2. Russia's Putin Warns Against Attack on Iran
  3. Iran Spooks the World with Higher Oil Prices
  4. U.S. presses India to apply sanctions against Iran
  5. EU Tightens Syria Sanctions
  6. EU freezes Syria's central bank assets
  7. EU agrees to sanctions on Syrian central bank
  8. 20 killed in fresh Syria violence as Assad opposition forces splits
  9. N. Korea says people, army ready for war
  10. U.S., South Korea Begin Joint Large-Scale Drills

Monday - February 27, 2012:

  1. To draw Iran into nuclear talks, Obama avoids ousting Assad
  2. Iran: Nuclear plant to work at full capacity soon
  3. Iran Denies Greece 500,000 Barrels of Oil Shipment
  4. Iran declares strategic policy to strengthen Lebanese army
  5. 'US officers should hang over Koran incident'
  6. Fall of Assad will Break Syria-Iran Axis, says Meridor
  7. G20 to Europe - show us the money
  8. Mystery virus kills thousands of lambs
  9. Panic after powerful quake rocks Taiwan
  10. Second major earthquake hits E. Siberia
  11. East Siberia Quake to Trigger New Series of Tremors – Scientist
  12. Tunguska-Sized Asteroid Homing on Earth
  13. Drought will push up price of food, farmers warn

Sunday - February 26, 2012:

  1. U.S. Beefs Up Defenses in Strait of Hormuz - Paper
  2. Report: U.S. bolsters defenses in Gulf amid Iran tensions
  3. IAEA Concerned About Iran in Latest Report
  4. 'IAEA report proves Iran continuing nuke program'
  5. Iran military official: Only burning White House can make up for burning Koran
  6. U.S., Saudi maneuver to contain Iran oil market threat
  7. Obama: International community must use every tool available to stop Syria slaughter
  8. Syria clashes leave more dead as evacuation efforts continue in Homs
  9. Friends of Syria arm rebels and sanction Assad
  10. Failure of Red Cross-Damascus talks brings foreign intervention closer
  11. Analysis: Syria and Hamas: End of a honeymoon
  12. Exclusive: State Department quietly warning region on Syrian WMDs
  13. As violence rages, Syria holds referendum
  14. Syrian president will pay heavy price, Clinton says
  15. North Korea threatens war
  16. 4-magnitude quake hits Northern California
  17. World Bank chief says U.S. should lead some global bodies

Saturday - February 25, 2012:

  1. Iran calls for further nuclear talks with UN
  2. 'US offers India help with replacing Iranian oil'
  3. 'Friends of Syria' to demand access for aid at once
  4. Report: Syrian opposition getting arms
  5. Arab World: 'Either Assad stays or we do'
  6. Clinton Betting Against Syria's Assad
  7. Bloodbath in Iraq, 55 dead and 225 wounded_ Al Qaeda claims killing

Friday - February 24, 2012:

  1. Report: Iran Research Center Played Key Role in Nuclear Program
  2. Assad forces renew barrage on Syria's Homs
  3. EU to sanction Syrian government ministers
  4. Friends of Syria to demand ceasefire, aid access
  5. US, France, UK, Turkey, Italy prepare for military intervention in Syria
  6. 'Highest level of Syrian gov't ordering atrocities'
  7. Syrian leaders listed by UN for crimes against humanity
  8. U.S. helping 'unify' Syrian opposition
  9. New parliamentary bloc in Kuwait seeks Sharia rule

Thursday - February 23, 2012:

  1. Iran cuts down to six weeks timeline for weapons-grade uranium
  2. Iran Moves Warplanes to Protect Nuclear Sites
  3. Iran Threatens Pre-Emptive Strike on Pre-Emptive Strike
  4. Iran to unleash 'God's vengeance' against potential air strike
  5. Iran Aiming Missiles at US, Israel Warns
  6. 'Iran missiles may be able to hit US in 2-3 years'
  7. General: Iran will strike first
  8. IAEA official: No 'way forward' on nuclear talks with Iran
  9. IAEA: Iran refuses access to suspect nuke site
  10. Assad forces bomb Syria's Homs
  11. Dozens killed in Syria as top military officer defects with hundreds of soldiers
  12. Global meeting on Syria faces pressure
  13. Arab Spring Causes Bankruptcy of Russia's Top Fruit Importer
  14. Bitter Cold Destroys Half of Russia’s Vineyards
  15. 'Iran investors eye Egypt amid row with US'
  16. Tunisia, Egypt Islamists signal bigger religion role

Wednesday - February 22, 2012:

  1. Tehran steps into US-Israel Iran row with threat of pre-emptive strike
  2. Iran conducts war exercise to protect nuclear sites
  3. China, India plan Iran oil cuts of 10% or more
  4. Attacks by security forces kill 100 in Syria
  5. Syrian security quells weekend unrest
  6. Syria 'disintegrating under crippling sanctions'
  7. Putin unveils $773b plan to strengthen army
  8. Putin promises big Russian buildup
  9. Egyptian activists wonder whether the revolution is lost
  10. Report: NSA chief sees possible Anonymous hit on power grid
  11. Fast-moving ice crushes boats, sinks floating hotels
  12. Missouri quake shakes 9 states

Tuesday - February 21, 2012:

  1. Iranian navy ships dock at Syrian port Iranian media
  2. Iran's Guard begins new land military exercises
  3. UN nuclear inspectors arrive in Iran for make-or-break visit
  4. U.N. nuclear inspectors to press Iran on weapons
  5. Iran official: Oil ban could expand to more 'hostile' EU countries
  6. China rebukes Iran for France, UK oil ban
  7. Oil rises as Iran stops sales to France and Great Britain
  8. 'Iran takes conciliatory tone on EU relations'
  9. Homs a bleeding wound as medical aid dire
  10. Syrian opposition sees radicals at work for regime
  11. McCain and Graham Plan U.S. Help to Syria Rebels
  12. Putin Pledges 400 ICBMs for Russia in Ten Years
  13. Drought declared in south-east England

Monday - February 20, 2012:

  1. Iranian warships enter Mediterranean
  2. Iran cuts sales of crude to Britain, France
  3. Iran's Guard begins new land military exercises
  4. Iran FM: We are ready to face 'worst-case scenario' in defense of nuclear program
  5. Iran Threatens ‘Crushing Response’ If Attacked
  6. Iran names Istanbul for nuclear talks, buttresses Assad with Russia
  7. Iran poised to expand uranium enrichment at underground facility, diplomats say
  8. Hague: If Iran gets nukes, there will be war or a cold war
  9. Syrian forces fire on anti-Assad crowd in capital
  10. Syrian rebels gun down legal officials
  11. Frustrated Arabs Urge Action From Russia
  12. Egypt recalls envoy to Syria
  13. Tehran is Ready to Resume Diplomatic Relations with Egypt
  14. North Korea threatens South Korea over drills
  15. Exclusive: Algeria seizes missiles smuggled from Libya - source
  16. Harvard to Host Conference of Hate
  17. Trial set in Egypt for U.S. activists
  18. Anti-Semitism in Presbyterian Church, Again

Sunday - February 19, 2012:

  1. Iranian warships dock at Syrian port after crossing Suez Canal
  2. Report: U.S. Believes Iran Attack Inevitable
  3. Iran's nuclear ambitions could lead to 'Middle East cold war', says Hague
  4. 56 killed in Syria as Assad regime ignores UN resolution
  5. Assad says Syria conflict is a ploy to divide the country
  6. Zardari vows to go ahead with Iran pipeline deal
  7. Icy blizzards to hit parts of Britain just days after last big freeze
  8. Weather pattern could fuel more Alabama tornadoes

Saturday - February 18, 2012:

  1. At Iran-Afghanistan-Pakistan summit, a show of unity
  2. Iran president complains of interference in region
  3. UN's Ban to defiant Iran: Prove atom work peaceful
  4. U.S. intelligence chief: Iran not close to dropping nuclear plan
  5. Exclusive: Europe's big buyers cut ties with Iran oil
  6. U.S. sanctions Iran ministry for aiding Assad's crackdown
  7. US Treasury Targets Iranian Intelligence
  8. Homs sees on Friday the heaviest bombardment in 14 days — activist
  9. 'Homs hit with an average of 4 rockets a minute'
  10. Thailand Manhunt for Iranian 'Bomb Expert'
  11. Italian police seize $6 trillion of fake U.S. bonds
  12. Italian Police Impound Fake U.S. Bonds Worth $6 Trln
  13. Half of homes could face water restrictions as early as spring

Friday - February 17, 2012:

  1. Iran Threatens West with 'Heavy Casualties'
  2. U.S. military told to prepare for Iran ops
  3. Iran: Our satellite photographed Israel's Dimona reactor, IDF bases
  4. Report: Iran Funding, Sheltering Al Qaeda
  5. EU undeterred by Iran threat on oil cut trade chief
  6. EU Urges Russia to Halt Syria Arms Sales
  7. Syrian troops attack Deraa, day after referendum offer
  8. Syria security forces arrest icon of uprising, top activist
  9. U.S. signals concern Iran, Russia arming Syria
  10. Traders say Venezuela shipping fuel to Syria
  11. Oil prices rise on Iran EU warning
  12. Texas drought leads to shade tree die-off
  13. The blizzards head back as Britain swaps Siberian winds for Arctic gales

Thursday - February 16, 2012:

  1. Iran’s nuclear, terror offensives meet slow US-Israeli responses
  2. U.S.: Iran lashing out to 'distract' from impact of sanctions
  3. Ahmadinejad loads nuclear fuel rods into reactor
  4. Ahmadinejad unveils three new Iran nuclear projects
  5. Report: Iran stops oil exports to six European countries
  6. Iran: Oil Still Flowing to Europe
  7. India exploits U.S. embargo on Iran
  8. Al Assad's forces storm central district of Damascus
  9. Syrian forces attack Hama, ignore international pressure
  10. China says it will not protect Syrian regime
  11. France presses for Syria aid corridors at UN
  12. General: Russia could use nuclear weapons
  13. Intelligence experts: No proven links between Bangkok blasts and Indian, Georgian attacks
  14. Thais find possible bomb link in Thai, India attacks
  15. Obama weighs 80% cut in nuclear arsenal

Wednesday - February 15, 2012:

  1. U.S. ship goes through Strait of Hormuz
  2. Iranian boats shadow U.S. ship through Strait of Hormuz
  3. Iran to Install Domestic Fuel Rods in Nuclear Reactor Wednesday - Official
  4. Russian Army Chief: Iran Crisis to Enter New Phase
  5. Arab League mulls arming Syrian resistance
  6. Syrian defector: Assad using chemical weapons
  7. Syrians foresee war; U.N. decries regime
  8. Syrian intelligence orchestrated Al Qaida call to support Syrian uprising
  9. Ramping up the war on Assad: Military intervention or heavy arms for rebels?
  10. Food shortages for crisis-hit Syria
  11. Experts fret over clashes in Saudi Arabia
  12. Muslim Brotherhood Warns U.S. Aid Cut May Affect Egypt's Peace Treaty With Israel
  13. World's biggest biometric ID scheme forges ahead
  14. $4 gas coming soon to a pump near you
  15. Snow, ice coat the Balkans with unworldly beauty
  16. Romania digs out from 15 feet of snow
  17. 5.1 earthquake shakes Baja California
  18. 5.3 quake strikes California
  19. Magnitude-5.1 quake rattles Greece

Tuesday - February 14, 2012:

  1. Iran preparing 'suicide boats' in case of Strait of Hormuz conflict, U.S. official says
  2. U.S. Naval Commander Warns Against Iran's 'Suicide Ships'
  3. Iran Threatens Gulf Arabs Over 'US Plots'
  4. US admiral says forces prepared to confront Iran
  5. Activists: Syrian rebels repel attack on key town
  6. EU Set for New Syria Sanctions – Ashton
  7. Arabs back Syria opposition; Homs bombardment resumes
  8. Hague calls for 'urgent' talks on new Syria mission
  9. Russia signals possible shift on Syria
  10. Saudis prompt Al Qaeda-Iraq move to Syria: Assad’s ouster top priority
  11. Syria rejects Arab League call for UN peacekeepers, resumes assault on Homs
  12. Syrian Rebels Deny They Possessed Israeli-Made Weapons
  13. Russian Cold Snap Kills 215
  14. Bitter Cold May Destroy 50% of Russia's Vineyards
  15. Europe weather Rivers, lakes and even seas are iced over as bitter Siberian cold leads to temperatures of almost -40C
  16. 6.1 earthquake rattles Costa Rica

Monday - February 13, 2012:

  1. Countdown! Iran’s finger on nuclear trigger
  2. 'Iran summons Azeri envoy over Mossad collusion'
  3. Assad wins out against opposition as Russia and Iran strengthen ties
  4. Syria documents show Iran helping Assad to sidestep sanctions
  5. Arab League considers revival of Syrian mission
  6. Arab League backs Syria opposition, calls for peacekeepers
  7. Arabs to end Syrian mission, seek UN force
  8. MEP calls on Ashton to make 'operational plan' for Syria
  9. Workers' strike halts Yemen oil production
  10. More than 500 dead as freeze grips Europe

Sunday - February 12, 2012:

  1. Ahmadinejad: Iran will soon announce major nuclear achievements
  2. 'Gunmen kill senior Syrian military official'
  3. Syrian forces shell Homs ahead of Arab meeting
  4. At least 26 people killed in fresh Syria violence on Saturday
  5. Russia Says West is an 'Accomplice' in Syria Violence
  6. Britain will send body armour to Syrian rebels as violence continues across country
  7. U.S. Syria envoy posts satellite image on Facebook to prove regime violence
  8. UN to consider new draft resolution on Syria
  9. Greece: Riot police go up in flames as protesters armed with petrol bombs rampage through Athens
  10. Argentina accuses UK of deploying nuclear weapons near Falkland Islands
  11. Sun points a loaded gun at us
  12. Heavy snow in Italy cuts off villages, disrupts flights
  13. Meet the preppers: Up to 3 million people preparing for the end of the world as we know it

Saturday - February 11, 2012:

  1. Asia giants join Iran diplomacy as sanctions hurt trade
  2. Iran must attack Israel by 2014
  3. Iranian Navy Receives 2 Light Submarines
  4. Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan to Meet to Discuss Post-American Era
  5. Aleppo Blasts Kill 25, Wound 175
  6. Report: Blasts rock army bases in Syria's Aleppo, civilians killed
  7. Syrian forces deploy to stop protests, fire on worshippers — activists
  8. Syria: satellite images show government is using artillery and mortars against Homs
  9. Russia accuses West of arming Syrian rebels
  10. Syria officials should face war crimes charges at The Hague, UN rights chief says
  11. Report: Assad Sends Children to Europe
  12. Security forces shoot, kill, Shiite protester in Saudi
  13. Russia May Sell $14 Bln Worth of Weaponry in 2012
  14. Volcano erupts in Indonesia, hurling ash cloud into the sky
  15. Flash floods threaten quake-hit regions
  16. Republicans Blame Obama For Losing Canadian Oil To Chinese

Friday - February 10, 2012:

  1. As US and Israel dicker over Iran strike, American airlifts strength to the Gulf
  2. Iran turns to barter for food as sanctions cripple imports
  3. Iran turns to India as sanctions dry up palm oil
  4. Harsher IAEA report on Iran nuclear program expected next month
  5. Assad forces mull use of chemical weapons in Homs, opposition says
  6. Violence Continues in Homs, 117 Killed - Al Arabiya
  7. Scenes of horror in the besieged Syrian city of Homs
  8. Syria forces bombard Homs, UN condemns 'appalling brutality'
  9. International 'militarization' in Syria growing closer, warns US official
  10. Report: U.S. Looking into Military Option in Syria
  11. India accelerating arms build-up against China
  12. Philippines landslide: 74,017 residents affected by quake
  13. Fast-Spreading Animal Virus Leaps Europe, UK Borders

Thursday - February 9, 2012:

  1. Iran says can hit U.S. interests worldwide if attacked
  2. Iran: U.S., Israel highly vulnerable to retaliatory strikes
  3. Russia Maps Rebel Forces for Assad – Paper
  4. Is Bold Alligator Eyeing Tehran?
  5. Iran prepping for Hormuz shutdown?
  6. India and Iran reach oil pay deal despite sanctions
  7. First foreign troops in Syria back Homs rebels. Damascus and Moscow at odds
  8. Inside Homs 'We are seriously dying here. It is really war'
  9. Syrian forces kill at least 67 civilians in Homs, activists say
  10. West and Arab powers study ways to strengthen opposition
  11. Turks seek world action as Syria's Homs bleeds
  12. UAE to aid displaced Syrians as violence escalates
  13. EU to ban trade in Syrian gold
  14. US supports immunity deal in Syria
  15. Freezing conditions paralyze Danube River shipping
  16. Blizzards push SE Europe energy grids to limits
  17. Ice Age comes to Switzerland
  18. PHILIPPINES: Death toll from Negros and Cebu earthquake rises to 48 dead and 92 missing

Wednesday - February 8, 2012:

  1. 'Bold Alligator 2012' drills 20,000 troops on US East Coast for Persian Gulf action
  2. Iran calls U.S. ban on its assets an 'antagonistic' move
  3. Iran shrugs off latest U.S. sanctions, trade suffers
  4. Tehran 'ready to impose oil ban' on Europeans
  5. A-Jad in Tehran's Hot Seat
  6. Assad forces renew bombardment of Syria's Homs, day after at least 100 killed
  7. Video: Syrian Bombs Civilian Homes
  8. Turkey to launch new international initiative on Syria
  9. EU considering global summit on Syria crisis
  10. Hague's warning to dictator Assad over escalation in violence
  11. Australia imposes sanctions on Syrian leaders
  12. Syria crisis: Gulf Arab states expel Syrian ambassadors
  13. GCC countries ask envoys in Syria to leave
  14. Russia FM meets Assad, seeking 'swift stabilization' in Syria
  15. Russian FM: Syria's Assad willing to accept expanded Arab League mission
  16. Russia Completes Final Trials of Indian Frigate
  17. Toll from quake rises, aftershocks torment

Tuesday - February 7, 2012:

  1. France calls for EU-Arab action group on Syria
  2. U.S. Calls for International Syria Coalition
  3. Iran Warns World of Coming Great Event
  4. Obama still tries to stop Israeli Iran strike. West confronts Iran in Syria
  5. Report: Top Iran military official aiding Assad's crackdown on Syria opposition
  6. UN victory may push Syria's Assad into unwinnable war
  7. Expert: Don't Eulogize Assad Just Yet
  8. US, UK take diplomatic steps over Syria violence
  9. Syrian deserters destroy army post, kill three rights group
  10. Syria: Army close to collapse as only a third is combat-ready — defector
  11. 21 killed, scores hurt as Homs pounded: activists
  12. Syrian forces 'kill at least 50' in Homs bombardment
  13. Polemics Erupt Between US And Russia Menacing The Reset Policy
  14. Russia May Boost Nuclear Potential - Deputy Defense Min.
  15. Egyptian activists react with fury to criminal trial for NGO workers
  16. 6.8 quake in Philippines kills 13, buries homes
  17. Deadly earthquake strikes Philippines, buries homes
  18. Australian floods force thousands from their homes
  19. Europe's cold snap claims more victims, travel hit

Monday - February 6, 2012:

  1. 'Hezbollah will hit Israel if Syria attacked'
  2. Assad sends hit squads after top Lebanese officials
  3. Iran warns neighbors not to facilitate strike
  4. Iran vows to attack any country used by 'enemies' to strike its soil
  5. Ban: Russia, China Veto 'Undermines' the United Nations
  6. Analysis: Why Did Russia and China Veto UN Resolution on Syria?
  7. Clinton calls for 'friends of democratic Syria' to unite against Bashar al-Assad
  8. Report: Syria’s Assad releases alleged al-Qaida mastermind of 2005 London bombings
  9. NGO worker cases sent to Egypt court
  10. Russia to forge ahead on missile shield
  11. Snow forces Heathrow to cancel half of flights
  12. Snow traps thousands in Bosnian villages
  13. European chill moves west, 122 die in Ukraine
  14. Earthquake measuring 6.0 hits off Philippines
  15. Magnitude 5 Earthquake Strikes Near Iran’s Bushehr Nuke Plant

Sunday - February 5, 2012:

  1. US 'disgusted' at Russia, China UNSC veto on Syria
  2. Americans talk about an Israeli strike on Iran, but prepare own offensive
  3. Revolutionary Guard starts military exercise in Iran's south
  4. 'Iran threats against Jewish targets in US growing'
  5. Iran Starts Cruise Missile Production
  6. Iran says Europe oil ban won't halt its nuclear work
  7. Iran will cut oil exports to some European countries - report
  8. Russia vetoes anti-Assad UN motion after preparing Special Forces for Syria
  9. Tunisia expels Syrian ambassador over 'bloody massacre'
  10. Obama embarrassed by ‘Arab Winter’ blunder
  11. Storm blankets Nebraska after hitting Colorado
  12. At least 50 killed by winter in Japan
  13. 5.7 quake hits off Canadian coast; no tsunami

Saturday - February 4, 2012:

  1. Iran Supreme Leader: U.S., Israel will suffer for threats on nuclear program
  2. 'We'll back any nation fighting Zionist regime'
  3. 'Certain countries' could take Iran nuclear matter into their own hands, U.K. official says
  4. UK 'is in range of Iran's missiles'
  5. U.S. assesses Iran's regional ambitions
  6. A-Jad Plans New World Order
  7. Tehran Cozying Up to Anti-Israel Terror Groups
  8. Iran Launches Third Satelite
  9. Iran to Set Up Space Launch Base
  10. Activists: 200 dead in Syria's Homs
  11. 'UN council awaits Russian word on Syria draft'
  12. Russia refuses to support UN draft resolution against Syria
  13. Arab World: Taking center stage
  14. Egypt, two dead and 400 wounded in clashes between police and protesters after the massacre at Port Said
  15. Russia to Build Two Space-Defense Missile Plants
  16. Deja vu as Russia gas cuts hit eight more EU countries
  17. Islamist parties win the elections in Kuwait
  18. Deep freeze claims more than 220 lives
  19. Heavy snowstorm hits Colorado on its way east

Friday - February 3, 2012:

  1. Israel- Iran's nuclear arms program is complete, its missiles can reach US
  2. Panetta report fuels concerns that Israel will attack Iran
  3. Iran to Increase Defense Budget
  4. Ya'alon: Iran was working on US-range missile
  5. Enough with the West, Ahmadinejad says
  6. Iran warns currency speculators as rial continues to fall
  7. Sanctions on Iran force interest rates higher
  8. Shalom: Sanctions on Iran Must be Toughened Now
  9. Euro Parliament Urges Russia to Back Iran Sanctions
  10. Exclusive: U.S. and allies exploring prospects for Assad exile
  11. Free Syrian Army soldiers may have armored vehicles, YouTube videos show
  12. At least 59 killed in Syria fighting activists
  13. Russia official says Moscow will not stop sale of weapons to Syria
  14. Former Mossad Chief: Syria is Iran's Achilles Heel
  15. Jordan removes its monitors from Syria mission
  16. Russia to Build 6 Submarines Annually – Deputy PM
  17. US 'no-fly' list of suspected terrorists doubles in 12 months
  18. Serbian villages stranded after heavy snow storms
  19. Australia braces for floods, threat to coal and crops
  20. 52 die in Japanese snowstorms
  21. Concerns grow over volcanic eruptions

Wednesday - February 1, 2012:

  1. CIA chief: Iran sanctions 'have been biting' recently
  2. Iranian VP rules out military conflict in region
  3. Iran increasingly willing to launch US attack, top intelligence official warns
  4. Assad may start regional war if UN tells him to step down – Gulf sources
  5. Fighting continues in Syrian capital as insurgency gains momentum
  6. Syria Day of mourning, anger, called after 100 killed
  7. UNSC Syria draft refrains from intervention call
  8. Moscow counting on Syria to keep arms exports high
  9. Turkey: Assad is Doomed
  10. INDIA: Karnataka Hindu extremists attack a Jesuit Catholic College. Students and teachers beaten
  11. Thirty-five christians arrested, beaten and insulted for praying in Saudi Arabia
  12. Why Are the Chinese Buying Record Quantities of Gold?
  13. 2012 off to furious start in tornadoes
  14. Britain to shiver in temperatures 'colder than the South Pole'
  15. More than 60 dead in east European cold snap

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