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  1. Headliners 2011- The year the world changed
  2. Ancient "purity" seal found near Jerusalem temple site
  3. The Shariah assault
  4. Wisconsin schools buck union to cut health costs
  5. Missing the signs

Saturday - December 31, 2011:

  1. Iran raises anti-US threat level. Israel's C-of-S warns of potential for regional war
  2. Strait of Hormuz Threats exchanged, U.S. carrier tracked
  3. Iran official: U.S. cannot stop us from cutting off world oil supply
  4. Strait of Hormuz: How strategic a waterway?
  5. US-Iran standoff exposes fears of Tehran
  6. Will rising tensions with Tehran lead to war?
  7. Iran to fire long-range missiles during Gulf drill
  8. Assad can force end to Syria crisis but wishes to avoid bloodshed, Lebanon official says
  9. Syria forces use nail bombs in Douma clashes watchdog
  10. Hundreds of thousands rally in Syria as 32 reported killed
  11. More deaths, protests in Syria
  12. Syrian Troops Filmed Firing on Protesters
  13. Syria pulls tanks from Homs as Arab monitors visit
  14. Qatar builds Sunni intervention force of Libyan, Iraqi terrorists against Assad
  15. U.S. finalizes $30 billion weapons deal with Saudi Arabia
  16. INDIA: Karnataka, four new anti-Christian attacks

Tuesday - December 27, 2011:

  1. Iran toughens cyber challenge to US, claims superior drones
  2. Turkish warships shell narrow water between Israeli and Cypriot gas fields
  3. Iran’s navy warns foreign helicopter away from naval drill in international waters
  4. 'Iran strike could spare world a very real threat'
  5. Syria: Residents Report Homs is Under Siege
  6. At least 20 killed as Arab League monitors reportedly arrive in Syria
  7. Syrian tanks fire, 20 dead as Homs awaits monitors
  8. Arab League monitor team member hurt by Syrian troops - report
  9. Canada Imposes New Sanctions on Syria
  10. Turkey Reassures Iran Over NATO Missile Defense Shield
  11. US willing to help Philippines get fighter jets, says official
  12. Bomb in Nigerian church causes deaths at Christmas
  13. Philippine typhoon toll 1,249; rebels urge punishment

Sunday - December 25, 2011:

  1. Iran navy starts 10-day wargame in Strait of Hormuz
  2. Nuke expert: Time to attack Iran
  3. Australia to purchase $950 million of military aircraft
  4. Pressure grows for action on Syria
  5. Insight: Trenches and fear divide heart of Syria protest
  6. Tatneft halts oil production in Syria after Damascus blasts
  7. Russia test-fires two new nuclear missiles
  8. Russian anti-Putin protests draw thousands to Moscow again
  9. U.S. says it finds 5,000 missiles in post-Gadhafi Libya
  10. Heavy snow blankets northern Greece
  11. Obama spokesman blasts Romney for 'hiding' records

Saturday - December 24, 2011:

  1. 44 dead, over 150 injured in twin Syria blasts
  2. Western Intelligence: Assad's security men staged Damascus bombings
  3. Death toll in Syrian unrest tops 6,000 – paper
  4. Gilani warns of conspiracies
  5. Turkey is not Faring Well in the US and Europe
  6. Is this the dreaded 'civilian national security force'?
  7. Economic damage caused by natural disasters in 2011
  8. More than 1,000 still missing in Philippine floods: state
  9. Strong earthquakes rattle NZ's Christchurch

Friday - December 23, 2011:

  1. Iran starts building a nuclear weapon: US and Israel tighten cooperation
  2. Iran to hold naval maneuvers in Persian Gulf
  3. U.S. calls on UN Security Council to impose greater sanctions on Iran
  4. Bill Clinton: Iran Might Give Fissile Material to Terrorists
  5. Arab League Sends Advance Team to Syria
  6. Report: Top Syrian General Deserts
  7. Syrian launches offensive against rebel hotbed
  8. Blasts kill at least 60 in Baghdad, wound nearly 150 - official
  9. An emerging new world order
  10. Christchurch earthquake Liquefaction, rockfalls, injuries after big quakes
  11. Dry December in Sierra could set record

Thursday - December 22, 2011:

  1. Top US general: Iran's dangerous game could draw Mid East and US into conflict
  2. Top US general: Military options achievable
  3. Iran Fears Cyber Attack, Moves Government Websites
  4. 5 Iranian technicians abducted in Syria
  5. Russia inspects missile bases, fears NATO attack
  6. 230 killed in 3 days of Syrian uprising
  7. US warns Syria's Assad to stop killing
  8. Syria recalls ambassador to US
  9. Rebels Block Army Access in Civil War
  10. Boat laden with surface-to-air missiles stopped in Finland on its way to China
  11. China hackers breach US Chamber of Commerce
  12. Texas drought kills as many as half a billion trees
  13. Two cyclones expected to form off Australia this week

Wednesday - December 21, 2011:

  1. North Korea's coming power struggle and the Mid-East nuclear race
  2. Iran, Syria already asking North Korea for missiles
  3. Assad forces ambushed by rebels as violence escalates in Syria
  4. More than 100 killed in Syria as Arab League moves on peace plan
  5. New Syrian law stipulates death for 'terrorists'
  6. Panetta: Iran is just months away from a nuke - a red line for US and Israel
  7. Fire at Iran refinery prompts state of emergency
  8. Iran admits oil output hit by sanctions
  9. Iranian currency drops amid jitters over regional trade
  10. Russia tests domestic interceptor missile
  11. Two Yemen soldiers, 13 Islamists killed in clashes
  12. The terrifying truth behind the so-called Arab Spring
  13. Philippines declares calamity as storm toll nears 1,000
  14. Forty hospital trusts and 800 patients fall victim to winter vomiting bug in just one week
  15. Seven deaths blamed on 1,000-mile blizzard
  16. 5.7 earthquake hits Indonesia

Tuesday - December 20, 2011:

  1. North Korea's Kim Jong Il dead at 69
  2. ‘Hundreds’ of North Korean Nuke Scientists in Iran
  3. Syria signs deal to let in Arab monitors
  4. Erdogan's illness impacts events around Syria and Iran
  5. Philippine authorities bury 700 after floods
  6. Rare tornado spotted hurtling across the Mediterranean
  7. Deadly blizzard slams U.S. Southwest

Monday - December 19, 2011:

  1. Syria: 21 killed in clashes
  2. Syrian Tank Units Join Opposition
  3. Arabs threaten to take Syria to UN
  4. Syria has until Wednesday to avoid UN action
  5. Two dead, 51 missing from Russian oil rig as rescue halted
  6. Obama and Iran
  7. Russia, Iran to sign $700 mln oil contract
  8. Search for hundreds after Philippines typhoon kills 650

Sunday - December 18, 2011:

  1. Report: Iran 'blinded' CIA spy satellite
  2. US official: Iran assembled drone like puzzle
  3. 34 killed in Syria as Arab League mulls seeking UN help
  4. Turkey, allies wary of Syria chaos
  5. Tropical storm kills hundreds in Philippines
  6. Strong earthquakes strike Puerto Rico

Saturday - December 17, 2011:

  1. Iran warns it will down other US drones if American spy planes continue to fly over its skies
  2. Russia to build 100-ton ICBM to penetrate US missile defenses
  3. South Korea imposes new sanctions on Iran
  4. Russia seizes radioactive sodium headed for Iran
  5. Activists: Syrian troops open fire at protesters after Friday prayers, kill 1 in restive city
  6. Diplomat in Miami linked to Iran-Venezuela cyber-terror plot
  7. Critics call Pa. bill attack on Shariah
  8. Fuel leaking off cargo ship beached off France as winds of up to 130kph hit Atlantic coast
  9. Hand, foot, mouth disease kills 156 in Vietnam, and sickened more than 96,000
  10. Ice and snow hits UK
  11. S. Sudan facing food crisis

Friday - December 16, 2011:

  1. Turkish military on war preparedness after Syrian Scud Ds moved to border
  2. US fears Iran on verge of 20% enriched uranium
  3. Iran reports all its nuclear installations now underground
  4. Iran to build new nuclear facility in Isfahan
  5. Iran demands Afghanistan block US from using its bases for drone flights over Iran
  6. Iran hijacked US drone, engineer claims
  7. US Official: Iran Drone 'Appears to be a Fake'
  8. Syria: Defectors kill 27 soldiers
  9. Syrian defectors name names
  10. Canada urges its citizens to flee Syria
  11. Syria is not what Assad says it is
  12. China villagers defy government in standoff over death
  13. Military given go-ahead to detain US terrorist suspects without trial
  14. Obama's unwanted Christmas gift to America
  15. South coast of England to be hit with winds of up to 70mph overnight
  16. Thousands of birds make crash landing in Utah

Thursday - December 15, 2011:

  1. 'Iran may launch new uranium enrichment facility'
  2. Report: Iran to move enrichment op
  3. Sources: Iran may soon start nuclear work in bunker
  4. Iran’s Ayatollah Suspects Assassination Plot
  5. Iran seeks to calm Turkey over missile threat
  6. Alleged cyberplot points to Venezuela, Iran, documentary says
  7. On My Mind: Syrians await global action
  8. Syrian troops storm Hama to break anti-Assad strike
  9. Report: Syria forces fire into Lebanon border town, wound 2
  10. Chinese village put on lockdown amid growing unrest
  11. HMS York scrambled to Scotland in Russian fleet security scare
  12. Report: Japan to buy F-35 fighter jets
  13. Sino-South Korean tensions rise in Yellow Sea, as Japan considers action
  14. IRAQ: More Christian bloodshed in Mosul, husband and wife killed in ambush
  15. UN Bill for 2012 Humanitarian Aid: $7.7B
  16. UK: Snow reaches the South as storms bring record-breaking waves to Irish coast
  17. Strong quake hits near Papua New Guinea
  18. New storm batters Britain

Wednesday - December 14, 2011:

  1. Ahmadinejad: Iran can control US drone
  2. Iran scoffs at Obama request for US drone’s return
  3. Congress panel agrees on new Iran sanctions
  4. US House-Senate panel approves Iran sanctions
  5. Iran will definitely strike Turkey if attacked
  6. Leaders are defiant, but many Iranians fear war
  7. Iran indicts 15 'American and Zionist' spies
  8. Iran lawmakers pass Syria free trade bill
  9. US units exiting Iraq deployed in Jordan to forestall Syrian attack
  10. 'Syria's Assad waging open warfare against defectors'
  11. Activists: Syrian troops kill 11 in northwest
  12. Second Explosion Rips Through Syrian Pipeline
  13. Commentary: 'Beware Arab Spring'
  14. Arab Spring not Safe for Democracy Says Ya'alon
  15. U.S. lawmakers freeze $700 million to Pakistan, ties strained
  16. INDIA: Sajan George for Christmas, an end to violence against Christians
  17. Stormiest UK weather for years expected to continue
  18. US boosts pressure on Pakistan with aid freeze

Tuesday - December 13, 2011:

  1. Iran to practice Strait of Hormuz closure while unlocking US drone secrets
  2. Iran army declines comment on MP's Hormuz exercise remarks
  3. Iran claims to extract data from U.S. drone
  4. 'Iran to reverse-engineer, mass produce US drone'
  5. Iran: 7 killed in steel factory blast
  6. Report: Blast caused by ‘leftover ammunition’ kills 7 at Iranian factory
  7. Did Iran blast target steel needed for nuke program?
  8. Syria, Iran: We will never give in to foreign pressure
  9. 'US-listed firms told to reveal Syria, Iran links'
  10. Syrian strike chips away regime's support base
  11. General Strike in Syria Tightens Noose on Assad
  12. Syrians told End strike or your shops will be smashed
  13. Sinochem, Gulfsands shut down Syria oil ops
  14. Syrians go to polls as regime troops kill another 7
  15. UN: Syria death toll over 5,000
  16. Iraq to buy 18 fighter jets from U.S.
  17. CHINA: Protester dies in jail. Riots over confiscated land on the rise
  18. Oil industry warned of cyberattack threat
  19. Chinese fishermen kill a Korean coast guard. Tension between Seoul and Beijing
  20. Rubin: Islamic victory would set Egypt back 1,000 years

Monday - December 12, 2011:

  1. Nuclear knowhow, S300 are Iran's price for Russian, Chinese access to US drone
  2. Iran says EU will not impose oil sanctions
  3. Peres on Obama’s Warnings to Iran: I Want Results
  4. Iran Discovers New Natural Gas Field in Caspian Sea
  5. Inside Syria the rebel call for arms and ammunition
  6. Syrian defectors regroup in Turkey, plot Assad's end
  7. Syrian Military Defectors Battle Loyalists Near Jordan
  8. Syrian troops clash with defectors
  9. Syrian Opposition Calls General Strike, Fears Bloodbath
  10. U.S. troops leave Pakistan air base
  11. US Ambassador Lays Down Rules for Arab Democracies
  12. UK on severe weather alert
  13. Update: Strong quake kills at least three in Mexico

Sunday - December 11, 2011:

  1. EU leaders call for more sanctions on Iran
  2. Report: Terrain altered near Iran nuclear site
  3. 'Massacre' feared brewing in Syrian city
  4. Syria: Deaths Continue, Opposition Warns of Impending Massacre
  5. Syria crisis: Assad regime forces issue 72-hour deadline for end to protests in Homs
  6. West warns Syria against storming rebel city
  7. Inside Syria lightly armed townsfolk take on tanks as army closes in
  8. Turkey warns Syria not to provoke regional crisis
  9. Thousands of Russians protest against Putin
  10. 6.7 earthquake strikes north of Acapulco
  11. Middle East plagued by water disputes

Saturday - December 10, 2011:

  1. Obama Waffling on Iran
  2. 'Ankara won't allow Syria to threaten security'
  3. Children among the dead as Syrian security forces fire on protests
  4. Arab World: Getting under Tehran’s umbrella
  5. Pakistan army believes NATO attack pre-planned
  6. Report: Pakistan deploys air defences to border
  7. Cyber-intruder sparks response, debate
  8. Obama threatens Cordray recess appointment
  9. UK: Wind turbine explodes as hurricane-force gusts batter Northern Britain
  10. Second storm with high winds to hit U.K.

Friday - December 9, 2011:

  1. Cyber attacks could wreck world oil supply
  2. Obama: Iran won't be allowed to develop nuclear weapons
  3. Fear, speculation in Iran over military strike
  4. Iran exhibits US drone undamaged. US and Israeli intelligence shocked
  5. Iran presents 'US spy drone'
  6. With his unconvincing ABC interview, Assad loses support at home
  7. Syrian Oil Pipeline to Homs Blown Up
  8. Arab League chief says 'ball is in Syria's court'
  9. Turkey mulls long range missile purchase
  10. Putin: Hillary Clinton's to Blame for Voter Protests in Russia
  11. Clinton tells Putin 'our concerns are 'well-founded''
  12. Russia says Georgia's entry to NATO could lead to war
  13. EU to provide aid to Arab Spring countries
  14. House Committee Cancels Vote On Insider Trading Bill After Leadership Flips Out
  15. Two people killed in Virginia Tech shooting
  16. Scotland storm blackout hitting thousands
  17. Lunar Eclipse on Shabbat Will Be Visible from Israel

Thursday - December 8, 2011:

  1. Iran may downgrade ties with EU states over decision to recall ambassadors
  2. Assad: UN report on Syria crimes against humanity not credible
  3. Assad's 'Mexican Standoff' with the Arab League
  4. US diplomatic bid to defuse Syrian trigger for regional war
  5. US, French Ambassadors Return to Damascus
  6. North Korea making missile able to hit U.S.
  7. China's Hu urges navy to prepare for combat
  8. Afghan bombings kill 78 people in 24 hours
  9. JAPAN Fukushima: 400,000 cans of radioactive powdered milk recalled
  10. USA hit by 12 disasters that cost at least $1B
  11. Worst drought in 200 years paralyses Danube river shipping
  12. NASA catalogs thousands of asteroids near Earth
  13. Arctic conditions leave Britain shivering as gales and blizzards sweep in

Wednesday - December 7, 2011:

  1. Iran's Guards on war footing – London. Spy drone capture is US, Israel setback
  2. Nervous Gulf states look to one another amid mounting Iran tensions
  3. 'US army: Iran is in possession of our spy drone'
  4. 'Obama urging US lawmakers to soften Iran sanctions'
  5. Australia slaps fresh sanctions on Iran
  6. Saudi Arabia Plans to Acquire Nuclear Weapons
  7. Up to 50 killed in 24 hours in Homs; dozens of bodies dumped in streets - activists
  8. Arab League calls meeting on Syria demands
  9. Clinton: Syrians must oust Assad, move toward rule of law
  10. Blasts across Afghanistan target Shi'ites, 59 dead
  11. Clinton Russia elections ‘neither free nor fair’
  12. Violence in Iraq targets Shiite pilgrims and Christian stores
  13. New Mexico struggles with winter blast
  14. Obama Issues Memorandum Directing Government Action on International LGBT Issues
  15. Radical eurozone shakeup could see Brussels get austerity powers

Tuesday - December 6, 2011:

  1. Analysis: Cold War with Iran heats up across Mideast
  2. Iran will retaliate 'outside its borders' for US drone, may also block Hormuz
  3. Secret war against Iran's nuclear threat is build-up to allies' blitz
  4. US: Iran Situation Urgent, Timeline for Nukes Getting Shorter
  5. Iran warns Hamas against leaving Syria
  6. 'Iran's missile program suffered serious setback'
  7. 'Iran violating int'l norms, becoming pariah state'
  8. West concerned as Argentina flirts with Iran
  9. In show of force, Syrian regime holds war games
  10. Syria test-fires Scud B and other missiles
  11. Syria accepts Arab League observer request
  12. Syria fall of Bashar al-Assad will bring war to Middle East, warns Iraq
  13. Terrorists celebrate 'new mood' in Mideast elections
  14. Anti-Israel Christians, anti-God's Word
  15. $2 trillion sunstorm coming, NASA warns
  16. 3.8 magnitude earthquake felt in northern Israel
  17. Indonesia closes airport after volcano erupts official
  18. High winds return to Southern California

Monday - December 5, 2011:

  1. 'Iran planning to attack US bases in Germany'
  2. Iran says downed US drone; threatens response 'outside our borders'
  3. Iran says oil would go over $250 if exports banned
  4. Iran Warns Blockade Means a Worldwide Recession
  5. Russia sends Black Sea Fleet ship to Mediterranean
  6. Assad Ignores Arab League Ultimatum, 25 More Die
  7. 'Secret police defect in restive Syrian province'
  8. Yemen activists say 28 killed in 3 days of clashes in southern city of Taiz
  9. Bahrain Blast on parked bus near British Embassy
  10. Britain Emerges as Muslim Terrorists’ Whipping Boy
  11. Pakistan Orders US to Leave Shamsi Air Base
  12. Evicted US starts vacating Shamsi airbase
  13. Almost half of RAF's Typhoon jets unable to fly because they don't have the spare parts to fix them
  14. Australia reverses ban on uranium exports to India
  15. Snow hits Arizona, rain for dry Texas

Sunday - December 4, 2011:

  1. At least 23 dead in intensifying Syria violence
  2. Post-Assad Syria would drop Iran ties
  3. Post-Assad Syria would drop special Iran ties
  4. Russia: UN sanctions on Iran have been 'exhausted'
  5. Egypt’s Vote Propels Islamic Law Into Spotlight
  6. This WEEK in the European Union
  7. Church 'may have to offer gay weddings' if Cameron's plans given go-ahead
  8. 'Honour' crimes against women in UK rising rapidly, figures show
  9. Parched Texas aquifers at record low
  10. Two small quakes strike Oklahoma

Saturday - December 3, 2011:

  1. Russia Delivers Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles to Syria
  2. US Senate OK's sanctions on Iran central bank
  3. Syria violence surges; U.N. urges protection
  4. Emergency Human Rights Council meeting on Syria opens
  5. UN Rights Council condemns 'gross' violations in Syria
  6. UN rights chief calls for international action to protect Syrians
  7. Syrian army rebels attack intelligence base
  8. Rebel leader vows to cut Syria's ties to Iran report
  9. Biden in Turkey: Impose new sanctions on Iran
  10. Egypt's ultraconservative Islamists make gains
  11. Kayani authorizes Pakistani retaliation
  12. Nato plans push in eastern Afghanistan to quell Pakistan-based insurgents
  13. Pakistan denies clearing airstrike
  14. PAKISTAN: Faisalabad, 18 year old Christian woman killed during an attempted rape
  15. Stormy sun could knock out power grids: report
  16. Violent wind storm wreaks havoc across West

Friday - December 2, 2011:

  1. Are the West and Iran Headed for War?
  2. Barak vs US: We can't wait until Iran declares it has a nuclear bomb
  3. EU tightens Iran sanctions; mulls oil ban
  4. EU blacklists 180 Iranians and companies
  5. UK hits back for embassy attack, but spares Iran's London power bases
  6. Iran: UK will suffer consequences of envoy's expulsion
  7. Diplomats: UK embassy in Tehran 'systematically destroyed'
  8. Report: Iran authorities behind attack on U.K. embassy
  9. German foundation dismisses Iranian deputy FM
  10. Albania's PM: Iran, Ahmadinejad 'The New Nazis'
  11. Russia 'delivers missiles to Syria'
  12. UN: Syria now in state of civil war, death toll at 4,000
  13. US Treasury, Arab League and EU sanction Syria
  14. Arab League Adds Travel Ban, Tightens Sanctions on Syria
  15. Kuwait Warns Citizens 'Leave Syria Now'
  16. Can Congress steal your constitutional freedoms?
  17. OK to discriminate against Christians, says law, Vandy
  18. Fears already growing of a drought next summer
  19. Gusty Winds Bring Power Outages, Downed Trees
  20. Disaster in Indonesia 50 people buried alive under mud on Nias island, already hit by the tsunami

Thursday - December 1, 2011:

  1. Iran developing missile capabilities
  2. Report: Blast at Isfahan damaged nuclear facility
  3. 'UK embassy attack bolsters EU push for Iran sanctions'
  4. Britain evacuates diplomats from Iran
  5. UK expels Iranian ambassador
  6. Britain to support oil embargo on Iran, say diplomatic sources
  7. Turkey slaps sanctions on Syria
  8. Seven soldiers, six civilians dead in Syria
  9. North Korea claims nuclear plant progress
  10. Georgetown students shed light on China’s tunnel system for nuclear weapons
  11. Tunisia Extends State of Emergency
  12. Major drug tunnel to Tijuana discovered at California border
  13. Muslim refugees, yes – Christian refugees, no
  14. Teaching kids to embrace perversion
  15. No damage reported after Philippines earthquake
  16. Villages evacuated as Tungurahua volcano erupts in Ecuador

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