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  1. Google Earth reveals Star of David on roof of Iran Air HQ

Friday - December 31, 2010:

  1. Pakistan makes two nuclear weapons available to Saudi Arabia
  2. South Korea: North Korea builds up special forces
  3. Assange: I'll reveal info that will spark Arab world coups
  4. Obama makes recess appointments, taps Robert Cole as ambassador to Syria
  5. Brace yourselves for a 'mini ice age': This winter set to be coldest in 300 YEARS
  6. Central Indiana earthquake rattles nerves, little else
  7. Australian downpour spreads south, cuts off towns
  8. Cholera outbreak could hurt Haiti's rice production
  9. Persecution a sign of end times

Thursday - December 30, 2010:

  1. China's rare earths export cut spurs trade concerns
  2. Economic Woes May Spur Ahmadinejad’s Downfall
  3. Serious And Rising Threat To Israel - Unilateral Declaration Of A Palestinian State By Summer 2011
  4. Vahidi says Israel murdered his ex-deputy. Israeli braces for terror reprisal
  5. Ya'alon: Iran doesn't have capability for nuclear weapon
  6. Commentary: Third World America?
  7. 'New world order' still in flux, says author
  8. INDONESIA: Java, Bromo volcano erupts; 25 thousand people at risk
  9. Two quakes rumble in Vanuatu
  10. 3.6 quake hits near Lake Tahoe
  11. Blizzard delays $1 billion in holiday sales
  12. Under-4s hit by flu epidemic as intensive care units 'will have to start turning patients away'

Wednesday - December 29, 2010:

  1. Iran says West hostility jeopardizes nuclear talks
  2. Top officials defect from North Korea
  3. North Korea aiming nukes at aircraft carriers?
  4. China has carrier-killer missile, U.S. admiral says
  5. Floods wipe out Queensland crops
  6. Military helps evacuate flooded Queensland

Tuesday - December 28, 2010:

  1. Al Qaeda sends Palestinian terrorists from Lebanon to strikes in Europe
  2. London considering granting Palestinian delegates diplomatic status
  3. Look what Obama expects Israel to give up now
  4. New Tough Policy for the Korean Peninsula
  5. Palestinians: Obama no longer backs Palestinian state within 1967 borders
  6. Armageddon Fortress May Hold Keys to History

Monday - December 27, 2010:

  1. North Korea Says U.S., South Korea Drill ‘Inviting Nuclear War’
  2. London tries – and fails - to trap new Mossad chief into admitting Dubai murder
  3. British Media: New Mossad Chief to Apologize Over Mabhouh Affair
  4. It's chillier than Lapland: Minus 18C makes it our coldest Christmas Day EVER
  5. 'Operation Deterrent' targeting underground church
  6. PA Claims Jesus was First Shaheed, Mary a Palestinian
  7. Small tsunami recorded after 7.3 quake hits Pacific
  8. White Christmas havoc: Travel chaos as southern states declare snow emergencies and blizzards bear down on New England

Friday - December 24, 2010:

  1. 'Iran globally recruiting scientists for nuclear program'
  2. China speeds plans to launch aircraft carrier sources
  3. North Korea makes nuclear threat against South
  4. Turkish, Iranian FMs discuss Iran's upcoming nuke talks
  5. Rome: Package bombs explode at 2 embassies
  6. Jundallah is on point of executing abducted Iranian nuclear scientist
  7. Uruguay plans to recognize Palestinian state
  8. China's ability to feed its people questioned by UN expert

Thursday - December 23, 2010:

  1. S. Korea to stage firing drills near land border
  2. Turkey and Syria Tighten Ties, Say They'll 'Fight Terrorism'
  3. Young Russians in search of faith are turning to Islam
  4. 'Christmas is evil'- Muslim group launches poster campaign against festive period
  5. Drought-plagued California copes with near-record rainfall
  6. Major 7.4-magnitude quake hits near Japanese islands: USGS
  7. Muslims uneasy about nuclear threat
  8. Obama signs law ordering US military to let gays serve
  9. Schwarzenegger declares state of emergency as storms pound California
  10. U_S_ buffets and salad bars 'threatened with poison attacks’ by Al Qaeda group behind 'ink cartridge' bomb plot
  11. 'We've already used HALF of the grit for the whole winter', warn highway chiefs as the snow continues to fall

Wednesday - December 22, 2010:

  1. Lebanon's Hariri camp lashes out at Iran's Khamenei
  2. US tightens pinch on Iran's finances, shipping
  3. Seven dead and hundreds injured in Iran quake
  4. After steep gas price increase, truckers stay off the roads in Iran
  5. Will Tuesday Be the Darkest Day in 372 Years
  6. Blood Red Moon And “The Day Of The Lord”

Tuesday - December 21, 2010:

  1. 2010's world gone wild Quakes, floods, blizzards
  2. Ahmadinejad cuts subsidies, frees $20 bn for nuclear program, prestige boost
  3. Iran's Khamenei says any Hariri verdict 'null and void'
  4. KOREA: War games between the two Koreas as UN mediation fails

Monday - December 20, 2010:

  1. Iran parliament committee votes to cut ties with UK
  2. Arab states preparing UN resolution against Israeli settlements
  3. Russian Gas Firm Trying to Invest in Israel and Iran
  4. Iran reduces citizens' gas subsidies
  5. Iranian riot police out in force as food and fuel subsidies end
  6. U.N. council struggles to overcome split on North Korea
  7. Durban III farce
  8. Fulfilling the UN’s founding vision
  9. Silence on Saudi King's medical condition stirs interest in Tehran
  10. Heathrow Airport warns of more delays and cancellations tomorrow as it manages to send out just SEVEN flights today
  11. Religious ritual believed to be behind death of girl who was found with her heart cut out and other organs strewn round home
  12. Thousands of chicks drowned as Russian farm goes bust
  13. 5.1-magnitude earthquake hits Sumatra

Sunday - December 19, 2010:

  1. Top US officer says Iran still driving for a bomb
  2. Iran's new FM to bolster ties with Saudi, Turkey
  3. Salehi: Top priority is boosting ties in Islamic world
  4. New Iran foreign minister says 'special ties' with Riyadh a priority
  5. U.S. military chief We are 'very ready' to counter Iran
  6. S. Korea to hold firing drills despite N. Korea threat
  7. Iran Christians jailed for three months over evangelizing activities
  8. Misery at the airports as heavy snow hits the getaway... but a glimmer of hope as sun is forecast for tomorrow
  9. China warns possible Korea clash could hurt region
  10. Dream Act immigration bill blocked in Senate
  11. Russia convenes urgent UN Security Council meeting on Koreas
  12. Senate votes to end military ban on gays

Saturday - December 18, 2010:

  1. Dream Act Scheduled for Senate Vote
  2. Iran supreme leader blames West for bombing
  3. Heavy snow grounds 800 flights across Western Europe
  4. Mike Evans: US Christians Support Israel, Obama is for Himself
  5. PA slams US House for opposing unilateral statehood
  6. Report In effort to end sanctions, Iran negotiating nuclear swap
  7. UN Plans Internet Regulation
  8. Arctic freeze to last another month as AA warns of 'worst driving conditions imaginable' for Christmas getaways

Friday - December 17, 2010:

  1. Congress: No to Palestinian statehood declaration
  2. US-Israel tiff on security and Iran. US envoy denied direct access to generals
  3. Arab League to turn to UN for anti-settlement resolution
  4. Iran Threat to Kill American Generals Is Real, Experts Say
  5. Long-range missile defense test fails
  6. Obama quietly erasing borders
  7. Russia ready to team up with Iran in fighting terror
  8. South Korea to start live-fire drill on shelled island

Thursday - December 16, 2010:

  1. Israeli PR Offensive in US Media
  2. 'N. Korea operating 4-5 uranium sites'
  3. North Korea 'could be preparing for third nuclear test'
  4. Iraq gets U.N. green light for civil nuclear program
  5. South Korea comes to a halt in a drill simulating an attack from the North
  6. Russian President Medvedev to visit Israel in mid-January
  7. Russian poultry farm slaughters half a million chickens
  8. U.S. at risk of rare earths supply disruptions
  9. Blowing in today, the new Big Freeze: Heavy snow spells chaos in run-up to Christmas

Wednesday - December 15, 2010:

  1. Ahmadinejad faces anger in Iran over firing of FM
  2. Germany predicts EU 'political union' in 10 years
  3. Israel may have no military option against Iran
  4. Congress: PA funding could hinge on state declaration
  5. Lieberman rejects Rudd's calls for Israel to sign NPT
  6. Mitchell: Washington remains committed to an independent Palestinian state
  7. Russia Decides to Search for Sodom and Gomorrah: in Jordan
  8. Same hand behind Stockholm and Time Square bombings
  9. Set to launch, our nuclear Leviathan: The enormous scale of the biggest submarine ever built in Britain

Tuesday - December 14, 2010:

  1. Ahmadinejad suddenly fires his foreign minister
  2. Iran's nuclear chief named foreign minister to pump up N-Bomb drive
  3. EU to wait until 'appropriate' to recognize Palestinian state
  4. French FM: Paris will stand against nuclear Iran
  5. Iran bent on punishing CIA, MI6, Mossad
  6. Washington responds to Iranian-Venezuelan missile link
  7. N. Korea Threatens Nuclear War over Arms Drills
  8. Spanish Researchers Want to Tag Human Embryos With Bar Codes
  9. US drops Palestinian-Israeli track, formulates new Turkey-Iran deal
  10. Judge torpedoes Obamacare, warns of 'unbridled fed police'
  11. Freezing temperatures to return (UK)
  12. Locusts hit Melbourne's CBD as plague continues
  13. Obama encouraging 'diplomatic assault' on Israel
  14. OPEC Cheating Most Since 2004 as $100 Oil Heralds More Supply

Monday - December 6, 2010:

  1. Iran reports nuclear advance before Geneva talks
  2. Special new unit will protect Iran's nuclear scientists
  3. 'Iran self-sufficient in yellow cake'
  4. Iran nuclear program self-sufficient, top official claims
  5. US, Israel Slam Brazil's Recognition of PA as New Country
  6. Virginia may seek expedited health-care legislation ruling
  7. Colombia rains leave 174 dead, 1.5 million homeless
  8. Texan calls for jail time for enforcing Obamacare
  9. Virginia plan to cancel Congress' 'authority'
  10. State turns up heat in power clash with feds

Sunday - December 5, 2010:

  1. A resurgent Syria alarms U.S., Israel
  2. Clinton reiterates US commitment to security in the Gulf
  3. Iran: UN agency sending nuclear spies, not inspectors
  4. Iranian official's speech highlights obstinacy, isolation
  5. Iran will 'never use' force against Muslim neighbours
  6. US, Gulf states put ball in Iran's court
  7. 2,000 evacuated in Bosnia regions hit by floods
  8. Flooding hits Balkan rivers
  9. At least 60 dead in Europe as snow, floods cause havoc
  10. Volcano erupts in central Ecuador

Saturday - December 4, 2010:

  1. Clinton: Iran faces choices in nuclear talks
  2. Clinton warns of arms race; blames Iran and North Korea
  3. Possible Syrian nuke facility identified by satellite
  4. U.N. working to protect Islam, persecute others
  5. 'Terror supporting' Arabic-daily editor to speak at LSE (London School of Economics)
  6. 'US committed to peace talks, Israel’s security'
  7. CERN may extend initial Big Bang research phase
  8. Cholera epidemic rages in rural Haiti
  9. Twelve people reportedly freeze to death in Poland
  10. Europe remains in deep freeze
  11. Food shelves empty and petrol running out as icy roads make deliveries impossible... but the weekend will be slightly WARMER (although it won't last)
  12. Deformed beaks in Alaska birds puzzle scientists

Friday - December 3, 2010:

  1. China condemns U.S.-Japanese exercises
  2. Foreign 'terrorists' breach U.S. border
  3. Sarkozy: North Korea to supply Iran with nuclear bomb components
  4. Report: Syrian spy chiefs deployed to foreign capitals
  5. Iran says it arrested killers of nuclear scientists
  6. Reid Angers GOP by Pushing Four Versions of DREAM Act Without Hearing
  7. FCC proposes first-ever Internet rules
  8. 'Lake effect' storm paralyzes Buffalo area
  9. Northern Europe counts cost of big freeze
  10. Earthquake strikes New Britain
  11. 2010 sets new temperature records
  12. U.S. warned people to avoid mystery missile zone

Thursday - December 2, 2010:

  1. 'West is assassinating scientists as negotiation strategy'
  2. Analysis: Iran's military looks to the sky as new priority
  3. Iran protests US Navy use of 'Arabian Gulf'
  4. Russia's Putin warns West over missile shield
  5. Three Myths About North Korea
  6. North Korea highly likely to attack again, South Korea warns
  7. Germany asked U.S. to force settlement freeze on Israel, WikiLeaks cables show
  8. Tehran factor muddles US move to arm Arabs
  9. Riyadh signals: Secret Saudi-Israeli meetings on Iran must go on
  10. Russia fears a new arms race, strengthens defenses
  11. Russia to build up nuclear forces if New START not ratified - Putin
  12. Russia Positions Warheads Near NATO Allies, Fueling U.S. Concern
  13. Russian military denies missile deployment near NATO borders
  14. New world arrangement vs missile defense
  15. Russian Air Force to procure 1,500 new aircraft by 2020
  16. Millions endure second nightmare journey home from work as forecasters predict EIGHT INCHES of snow tonight
  17. Northern Europe freezes, Cyprus in drought
  18. Oceans attack Global flood risks in the 21st century
  19. Secret military mini-shuttle headed back to Earth

Wednesday - December 1, 2010:

  1. Hariri opens door to Iranian-Hizballah takeover of Lebanon's armed forces
  2. Iran 'smuggled arms' to Hezbollah on ambulances
  3. Iran nuclear talks to resume next week in Geneva
  4. Assad: Iran won't attack Israel with nukes
  5. North Korea reveals nuclear advances
  6. Russian military denies missile deployment near NATO borders
  7. NATO slams Wikileaks for detailing US nukes deployment
  8. Analysis: Burying linkage between peace process, Iran
  9. Deep quake hits Japan islands, no tsunami warning
  10. Russia's grain prices may grow 30 pct to 9,000 rbls per T in 2011 - grain union
  11. Russia moves closer to importing grain
  12. France sees record electricity use on big freeze
  13. Severe storms rip through Miss., La.

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