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  1. The year of living fecklessly **
  2. Rethinking preemption
  3. Mystery pair at diner spark cascade of giving
  4. 'Obamaville' Sign Posted near Camped Out Homeless
  5. Farmer sees divine sign in cow born at Conn. dairy
  6. Merry Christmas billboard

Thursday - December 31, 2009:

  1. Iran denies secret deal to import Kazakh uranium
  2. Kazakh foreign ministry denies plans to deliver uranium to Iran
  3. Israel can't launch strike against Iran on its own
  4. Israel Says Iran Close to Nuclear Capability
  5. AFP Iran police still holding 300 over Sunday protests
  6. AFP Iran urges supporters to take to streets
  7. Government allies take to streets in Iran, call for death of opposition leaders
  8. DEBKAfile - Iran's opposition leaders Mousavi and Karoubi may have fled Tehran for their lives
  9. IRAN: Increasingly violent repression, the Tehran regime disintegrates
  10. Obama condemns 'unjust' attacks on protesters
  11. Ayatollah Khamenei's Jet Checked, Iran Supreme Leader May Flee To Russia If Necessary
  12. Iran We didn't kill Ali Mousavi
  13. The start of an Iranian intifada
  14. Putin: We’ll Overwhelm U.S. Missile Shield, (But Thanks for the Concessions, Barack!)
  15. China may build Middle East naval base
  16. Rabbis to US Ambassador: Time to 'Go Biblical' with Arabs
  17. Russia may send spacecraft to knock away asteroid
  18. 'US, Yemen looking at al-Qaida strike'
  19. Somali arrested at airport with chemicals, syringe
  20. Report: US gears up for attack in Yemen after botched plane attack
  21. Australian bushfires destroys almost 40 homes
  22. Fallen power lines blamed in Aussie fire
  23. Famous San Francisco sea lions leave in droves
  24. Floods leave 3,000 displaced in Argentina; at least 2 people dead
  25. Newspaper: 'Obama is, of course, greater than Jesus'
  26. Proposed reform won't solve problems
  27. BANGLADESH: Christmas under armed protection for the Christians of Bangladesh
  28. U.S. eyeing more targeted sanctions against Iran
  29. US Judge: State Dept. ‘Mealy-Mouthed’ in Suit against PA
  30. Venezuela criticizes US attempts of destabilization in Iran
  31. Yield loss eyed as snow covers U.S. corn crop

Wednesday - December 30, 2009:

  1. Report: Iran seeking to smuggle raw uranium
  2. Obama gives foreign cops new police powers in U.S.
  3. Obama's appeasement policy opens the way for Iran’s strategic ascent in Mideast
  4. Al Qaida expands operations in Yemen
  5. US begins anti-Al Qaida operations in Yemen
  6. Iran accuses West of fomenting protests
  7. Ahmadinejad: Riots are Zionist masquerade
  8. Iran intensifies protest crackdown with arrests of activists' relatives
  9. Moscow says no need for new Iran sanctions
  10. Report: Iran to launch counterattack if Israel strikes
  11. Iran warns Britain of 'slap in the mouth'
  12. 'US readying paralyzing Iran sanctions'
  13. Washington rethinking Iran sanctions
  14. Putin: Russia to develop offensive weapons to keep balance with U.S.
  15. Putin says Russia will build weapons to offset planned US missile defences
  16. Commandments coming to OK capitol
  17. EGYPT: Christians see Our lady in the lights that appear in the sky above Cairo
  18. McCollum to look into proposed insurance requirement
  19. No mercy for opposition, Iran says
  20. 5.7-magnitude quake jolts Bangladesh
  21. U.S. Intelligence Found Iran Nuke Document Was Forged
  22. Unhealthy arrogance
  23. It's not the economy, Stupid!
  24. The end of the Democratic Party
  25. A look back on 2009

Tuesday - December 29, 2009:

  1. Attempted bombing spotlights al Qaeda growth in Yemen
  2. Senator Lieberman calls for ‘preemptive’ attack on Yemen
  3. Barak: Qom immune to regular strike
  4. Iran battles reinvigorated opposition
  5. Iran in chaos
  6. More than 15 killed in Tehran clashes
  7. Body of Mousavi's nephew disappears
  8. Iran reels toward popular counter-revolution
  9. Egypt reinforces Gaza blockade by flooding tunnels, electronic fence
  10. I’m the first of many, warns airline ‘bomber’ Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab
  11. Iran is not Japan
  12. Pakistani scientist depicts more advanced nuclear program in North Korea
  13. Jihadists: 'Kidnap Zionist and American Soldiers' to Free Gaza
  14. Agency: 5-magnitude quake hits Japan
  15. Lithuania struggles with nuclear shutdown
  16. Report: US rejects Airbus jet sale to Syria
  17. The 20,000 snooper army
  18. US seeks to relaunch Mideast peace talks
  19. White House, EU say oppose new Jerusalem-area construction
  20. World remembers 'Cast Lead'

Monday - December 28, 2009:

  1. 1 in 3 fear punishment based on friends, acquaintances
  2. At least five dead in Teheran protests
  3. Iranian Police Kill 9 during Muslim Holy Day Protests
  4. Report: Mousavi nephew killed in clashes
  5. Ban: Year after war, sense of hopelessness in Gaza
  6. Catastrophic fire warning for parts of West Australia
  7. Families of Americans held in Iran hire Iranian lawyer
  8. Hezbollah chief asks Egypt to stop Gaza border wall
  9. Senate Democrats to W.H. Drop cap-and-trade
  10. Telecom firms' fury at plan for 'Stasi' checks on every phone call and email
  11. Terrorists Targeted in Beirut Car Bombing
  12. US Wants Clarifications on Counterterrorist Operation

Sunday - December 27, 2009:

  1. Minister Ayalon: 2010 decisive year on Iran
  2. 'Iranian forces, demonstrators clash'
  3. Website: Iran forces and opposition backers clash
  4. Iran willing to swap nuclear material in Turkey
  5. UN Security Council may impose new sanctions on Iran in Feb.
  6. Taliban reveal their insecurity
  7. Website documenting Islamic hate faces death threats
  8. Earthquake shakes Indonesian islands
  9. Magma building up in Philippines' Mayon volcano
  10. In N. Korea, a strong movement recoils at Kim Jong Il's attempt to limit wealth
  11. Airports intensify security measures worldwide in wake of failed bomb attack aboard U.S.-bound jetliner
  12. Christmas celebrations draw stepped-up attacks
  13. U.N. poised for a gun grab

Saturday - December 26, 2009:

  1. Maverick Iraqi politician claims Iran could go nuclear within weeks
  2. Protests loom in Iran as holy day nears
  3. Iran deals put Turkey at odds with NATO
  4. Nigerian arrested in failed plane attack claims links to al-Qaeda
  5. Yemen reports disastrous drop in energy revenue
  6. US Consulate car nearly runs over guard
  7. Critical Currents: The European connection
  8. Iran says Turkey is option for nuclear exchange
  9. Bill would allow rain water collection
  10. Christmas rains bring drought relief for farmers
  11. New promise: Lawsuits to challenge 'Obamacare'

Friday - December 25, 2009:

  1. Egypt, Saudis secretly draft Palestinian statehood motion for Security Council
  2. Op-Ed Contributor - There’s Only One Way to Stop Iran
  3. Syria, Turkey ink 50 bilateral deals
  4. U.S. ally reaches out to Hamas
  5. US drones wipe out top al Qaeda leaders in Yemen
  6. Egypt responds to Saudi appeal for special forces with 'polite no'
  7. How the Senate Bill Would Change Healthcare
  8. US Senate OKs landmark health care measure
  9. Senate approves landmark healthcare overhaul
  10. Iran becoming a police state, U.S. says
  11. Iran comes out on top in secret simulated war games
  12. Russia test fires 10-warhead missile
  13. Sun, moon trigger San Andreas tremors study
  14. US: Iran Increasingly a 'Police State'

Thursday - December 24, 2009:

  1. Lebanon repudiates UN 1559 outlawing Hizballah terror militia
  2. Egyptian president to discuss Yemen, Iran nuclear plans with Kuwait Amir
  3. European weather deaths pass 100
  4. Winter freeze kills 79 in Poland
  5. 2 feet for Christmas: You better watch out
  6. Arctic Britain falls to -16C as Christmas getaway descends into chaos
  7. Christmas presents stuck in the snow- After blizzards cause chaos on roads and rail, now another headache...
  8. Venice flooded as Europe's bad weather continues
  9. Fierce storm barreling into Upper Midwest
  10. As attacks increase, U.S. struggles to recruit computer security experts
  11. Think-tank: U.S. will sideline Israel in Iran nuclear dispute
  12. Iran plans satellite launches next year
  13. Iran to unveil military satellite in February
  14. Iran warns that it will deal 'fiercely' with protesters
  15. Next Stage on Iran Could Hold Real Peril
  16. U.S. to Push for Iran Sanctions in January
  17. World powers discuss options should Iran miss nuclear deadline
  18. Taliban Announces its Own Surge of Fighters Against US and NATO Forces
  19. Syria, Turkey sign trade treaties
  20. US special forces conducted secret raids inside Pakistan
  21. British analyst predicts Chinese military rise in Mideast
  22. China's strategic alliance with Iran is off most radar screens
  23. Blockaded Al Houthi rebels want conditional withdrawal from Saudi lands
  24. Muslims slam UK pledge to reform war crimes law
  25. Senate changes 'rules' to protect 'death panels'
  26. Senate healthcare bill creates new insurance program
  27. Top SC Prosecutor, Others Probing Health Care Deal
  28. Who benefits from Senate healthcare: ACORN!
  29. South Australia residents flee bushfire

Wednesday - December 23, 2009:

  1. Mubarak on urgent trip to Gulf about Iran's reconciliation move ***
  2. Israel, Arab countries plan for war with Iran
  3. 10 World Predictions for 2010 - From Newsweek
  4. Ahmadinejad dismisses deadline for nuclear deal, says US cannot dominate Mideast
  5. Iran's Ahmadinejad dismisses West's year-end deadline
  6. US warns Iran to take deadline seriously
  7. White House: Next steps have begun on Iran nuclear issue
  8. Healthcare mandate: Get insured...or else
  9. Obamacare blackmail
  10. Obama sued for secret abortion meetings
  11. Republicans Lodge Constitutional Challenge to Health Bill
  12. Global Anti-Israel Protests Expected on 'Cast Lead' Anniversary
  13. No peace in Mideast in next decade - Russian expert
  14. Report: Netanyahu has agreed to U.S. terms for a Palestinian state
  15. History of climate gets 'erased' online
  16. Report: FBI probes hacker attack on Citigroup
  17. Russia could double number of bombers on strategic patrols - general
  18. Russia, US plan unprecedented nuclear cut Russian minister
  19. US Ambassador: World Has Evolved Since Obama Sworn In

Tuesday - December 22, 2009:

  1. Top US soldier: We must be ready for force option against Iran
  2. Mullen Force must be option for Iran
  3. France: Iran sanctions a must
  4. Larijani: Iran proud to support Hamas
  5. Iran: Mousavi's car reportedly attacked
  6. Iran, not Israel, is Arabs’ Worst Enemy, Survey Reveals
  7. Iraqi oil in the diplomatic war between Tehran and Washington
  8. Report: Seized North Korean weapons were bound for Iran
  9. 'Mix-and-match' faith dangerous
  10. Adultery legal?
  11. Forecasters say more severe weather due for UK
  12. Indonesia's next big quake due under Mentawai islands
  13. Indonesia due for big undersea earthquake, scientists say
  14. Health care: Republicans blast states' special deals
  15. Senate Dems eye finish line for health bill

Monday - December 21, 2009:

  1. Prepare For Rebellion, Obama Orders US-Canadian Troops
  2. Obama Orders 1 Million US Troops to Prepare for Civil War
  3. Ahmadinejad: Nuclear document 'fabricated'
  4. I'm no bogeyman, says Iran's Ahmadinejad
  5. Mullen 'increasingly concerned' on Iran
  6. Iraq says Iran troops have made partial withdrawal
  7. Report: North Korea closer to nuke warhead
  8. Nasrallah hails Hariri's visit to Damascus
  9. Report: Police expect Mumbai-style terror attack in London
  10. London firms told to prepare for attack
  11. 'Egypt should fear Iran more than we do'
  12. Egyptian president meets Iranian parliament speaker
  13. At least four hurt in Taiwanese quake
  14. Magnitude 6.2 earthquake hits Tanzania, no damage
  15. Quake hits Malawi, killing 3, injuring nearly 300
  16. Volcano alert raised, eruption possible within days, officials say
  17. Filipino volcano close to eruption
  18. Snow, storm whacks US, Europe
  19. U.S. East Coast digs out from record snow
  20. Scientists record deepest undersea volcano ever seen
  21. Mumps Strikes New York Area Jewish Communities
  22. Senate healthcare bill set to pass by Christmas
  23. UN should play lead in Middle East settlement -Arab League chief

Sunday - December 20, 2009:

  1. Ayalon Warns EU Over Jerusalem Decision
  2. Ayalon: EU won't cut our ties with J'lem
  3. Iran's government 'will not last', says Mehdi Karoubi
  4. US Affairs A time to sanction?
  5. Obama gives Iran another year's grace for nuclear dialogue
  6. Tehran says ready to consider nuclear fuel swap
  7. Gulf strategy summit focuses on Iran threat to region; U.S. voice muted
  8. Russian, Egyptian foreign ministers to discuss Mideast settlement in Cairo
  9. By way of non-stop talks about talking, N. Korea advances toward its nuclear goal
  10. Colombia to build new military base on Venezuelan border
  11. Copenhagen all about 'American money'
  12. Divided climate talks end with deal
  13. 'Iraq won't be pushed around by Iran'
  14. Iran denies seizure of Iraqi oil well
  15. Iran: Oil field is ours, not Iraq's
  16. Iran seeks diplomatic fix for Iraq border dispute
  17. Nelson gives Democrats 60 healthcare votes
  18. Govt: Brace for Mayon's hazardous explosion
  19. Record snow continues to fall as deadly East Coast storm lingers
  20. Valdez (Alaska) socked in

Saturday - December 19, 2009:

  1. Islamic mosque built at 9-11 Ground Zero
  2. Officials claim Iran seized Iraqi oil well
  3. Iraq reports Iranian incursion; Tehran denies
  4. Iraq demands withdrawal of Iranian troops from oilfield
  5. Iran claims it's 'impossible' for interceptors to destroy its new solid-fuel IRBM
  6. Ahmadinejad: Nuclear deal only if West stops threatening us
  7. Iran to introduce new nuclear centrifuges by 03-11
  8. Obama told China I can't stop Israel strike on Iran indefinitely
  9. Coming Soon An 'International Environmental Organization'
  10. Hackers steal SKorean-US military secrets
  11. Twitter hacked, attacker claims Iran link
  12. Big Bang collider sets new record
  13. EU hits out at settler credit scheme
  14. KOREA: Seoul admits only the churches help the North
  15. Minor earthquake hits Midwestern U.S.
  16. More duststorms hit Australia
  17. Residents flee as cliff erodes under them
  18. Obama approves aid to Israel, PA
  19. Same-sex marriage bill signed in D.C.

Friday - December 18, 2009:

  1. S-400 Triumf air missile defense system
  2. U.S. Offer of Long-Term Aid Pushes Climate Talks Forward
  3. U.S. attacks banks' Iranian ties
  4. The prospects for establishing a regional security organization in the Middle East
  5. NATO chief expects joint missile defense with Russia by 2020
  6. Russian authorities are afraid of collapse of the country
  7. College prof Christian crosses like swastikas
  8. Survey: Tight religious control widespread
  9. Teacher orders 3rd-grader: Put Bible away!
  10. France poised to launch spy satellite, helps tighten anti-Hamas blockade
  11. Stimulus funds drill wells as Calif water vanishes
  12. Cities roll up pavement, lay gravel
  13. Out of gas Yemen crude oil output plummets
  14. 'DOMA-destroying legislation' afoot in Senate
  15. Four homes destroyed and several injured in bushfires
  16. GOP lawmaker seeks documents on Obama healthcare deals
  17. ObamaCare - does it cover stupidity?
  18. 34 Al Qaeda men killed in Yemen
  19. Insurgents Hack U.S. Drones
  20. Colombia’s 2 Main Rebel Groups Announce Pact
  21. MKs start petition to boycott British goods
  22. UK plans change in arrest procedures following Livni row
  23. 'UK war crime arrests may need approval'
  24. Abu Dhabi’s sway over Dubai increasing at Tehran's expense

Thursday - December 17, 2009:

  1. Iran boosting proxy militias in Gaza, Lebanon and Yemen
  2. US: House votes to expand sanctions on Iran
  3. US Congress approves Iranian sanctions
  4. Iran says US fuel sanctions move will fail
  5. Russia unaffected by U.S. sanction law against Iran - expert
  6. Iran We test-fired upgraded Sajjil-2
  7. White House: Iran missile test undermines trust
  8. US defense official: Iran's missile test shows nothing new
  9. Gulf petro-powers to launch currency in latest threat to dollar hegemony
  10. Saudis urgently erect new border fence to block 'massive' immigration of Shi'ites
  11. Taipei smugglers facilitate Iran nukes
  12. US-UAE nuclear agreement supports new global standard, envoy says
  13. Turkey’s new outreach to ‘neighbors’ redrawing map of region
  14. EU's new foreign relations chief criticises Israel
  15. 'Anti-Israel is the new anti-Semitism'
  16. Lieberman: Modern anti-Semitism denies Israel's existence
  17. Chavez: Capitalism ruining earth
  18. China key to additional sanctions against Iran - Russian expert
  19. Closed-door meetings rule Obama's schedule
  20. Credit Suisse to pay $536M fine for violating Iran sanctions
  21. 'Iran arrested Western spy in Qom'
  22. New immigration bill introduced in House
  23. Senate Democrats try to sneak 'death tax' into back door
  24. Water resources in the Middle East

Wednesday - December 16, 2009:

  1. US to drill Iranian attack scenario
  2. US to test missile shield vs. Iran-style strike
  3. Yadlin Iran has enough uranium for bomb
  4. Iran 'nearing breakthrough' on technology to build nuclear bomb
  5. Iran working on nuclear detonator
  6. Memo may add to growing evidence of Iran's nuclear arms expertise
  7. Iran denies reports it is close to testing nuclear bomb trigger
  8. Iranian official says 70 per cent of university students against Ahmadinejad
  9. Turkey orders F-16 upgrades, wants more planes
  10. New TARP Only this bypasses even Congress
  11. Climate Treaty Would Create New Global Agencies to Transfer Money and Technology from U.S. and Other
  12. New unmanned US stealth jet based in Afghanistan gathers data in Iran
  13. GCC leaders expected to endorse monetary union
  14. Are evangelicals abandoning Israel?
  15. Citizens ignored in abortion money approval
  16. Israel-UK relations strained over Livni arrest warrant
  17. Global Anti-Semitism ‘Alive and Kicking’
  18. Mayon volcano in Philippines oozes lava, alert up
  19. Iranian man gets 5 years in arms smuggling case
  20. Judge expresses sympathy for Christian registrar sacked for refusing to marry gay couples
  21. Merkel says nervous about slow pace in Copenhagen
  22. Philippines, 50 thousand people evacuated from the path of Mayon volcano
  23. Kids' Swine flu shots recalled; not strong enough
  24. Satellites detect dramatic Valley water loss
  25. School goes ballistic when 2nd-grader draws Jesus
  26. 'Situation in UK absurd, unacceptable'
  27. World leaders 'could boycott failing Copenhagen talks'

Tuesday - December 15, 2009:

  1. It's not just the enemy killing U.S. soldiers
  2. 'Iran working on key A-Bomb component'
  3. Secret Documents Reveal Iran’s 'Smoking Gun’ for Nuclear Bomb
  4. VIDEO: Iran's Nuclear Trigger
  5. Taiwan probes reports of nuclear-linked sales to Iran
  6. Officials: World power meeting on Iran canceled
  7. P5+1 meeting on Iran won't take place before year's end
  8. US to apply financial pressure on Iranian Revolutionary Guard investments
  9. Thailand extends North Korean arms cargo crew's detention
  10. North Korean Missiles Suspected for Iran-Hamas-Hizbullah Axis
  11. Suleiman wants more military aid from U.S.
  12. 'US fighter jets attack Yemeni fighters'
  13. Shi'ite rebels report capture of Saudi army post
  14. Businesses hold world hostage over carbon credits
  15. Ex British PM Tony Blair says climate deal within our grasp
  16. Garbage in, global warming out
  17. Ahmadinejad tells Mashaal to not rush Shalit deal
  18. Al-Qaeda No. 2 blasts Obama, US Arab allies
  19. A time of universal deceit
  20. Abortion mills - 1,500 down, 700 to go
  21. Anti-semitism is making a loud comeback
  22. Did a British Judge Issue an Arrest Warrant for Livni?
  23. Clinton to Iran: Free U.S. hikers
  24. Congress debates lower-cost drug imports
  25. 'Marriage penalty' buried in healthcare bills
  26. N. Korea wants nuclear status
  27. NORAD plans test in D.C. area
  28. Obama ripped for plan to bring back 'inquisitions'
  29. Petraeus irked over Syrian border efforts
  30. Video: Moldovan Priest Attacks Menorah, Erects Cross
  31. Philippines raise volcano alert, orders evacuation
  32. Fiji is currently being hammered by Category Two Cyclone Mick

Monday - December 14, 2009:

  1. A year on, Iran, N. Korea threats worsen
  2. Ahmadinejad: Iran will always stand by Palestinian resistance
  3. Burning of imam's picture sparks uproar in Iran
  4. Students trapped at Teheran University
  5. 'Scientist revealed Qom secrets to UN
  6. Hamas promises surprise during anniversary
  7. India successfully test fires nuclear-capable missile
  8. Democratic Senators Attack Health Care Compromise on Medicare
  9. White House working to close benefit caps loophole
  10. SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Climate change emails row deepens as Russians admit they DID come from their Siberian server
  11. US Pressures Israel to Leave Ghajar
  12. Book in India: Israelis crooks, drug addicts
  13. Australian bushires rage, concern for homes
  14. Farmers hoping for rain, with more than 80% of NSW in drought
  15. Gas supplies cut off in Russia's south region over bomb scare
  16. Homes emptied, vehicles trapped amid Calif. storm
  17. Houston Is Largest City to Elect Openly Gay Mayor

Sunday - December 13, 2009:

  1. Clinton: Iran has unified other countries
  2. Lebanon pressing US to deliver military aid
  3. 'Suleiman to press US on military aid'
  4. Iran, Syria sign mutual defense pact
  5. Iranian clerics rally in support of supreme leader
  6. Iranian hardliners lash out at opposition after protests
  7. Report: US froze $2 bln held for Iran
  8. Iran buying nuclear equipment in Taiwan
  9. Taiwan probes alleged sales of nuclear parts to Iran report
  10. Iran says it needs up to 15 nuclear plants
  11. Iran Ready for deal, on own terms
  12. 'White House unhappy with Iranian nuclear proposal'
  13. Israeli justice minister wants return of biblical law
  14. Venezuela, Cuba engage in joint projects worth over $3 bln
  15. Weapons seized
  16. 7 of 10 American colleges censor speech
  17. Criminal background checks proposed for homeschoolers
  18. GOP Climate change efforts to cost jobs
  19. 600 arrested in Copenhagen protests
  20. Thousands join world climate protest march in Australia
  21. Tens of thousands protest worldwide for 'Climate Justice'
  22. What motivates enviro alarmists?
  23. Homegrown terror threat seen rising
  24. ISRAEL: Death to Christians Hebrew graffiti next to Upper Room in Jerusalem
  25. Resilient Iranians still dream of a new revolution
  26. Russian Navy's days could be numbered
  27. Russian 'security' plan to 'disorganize' NATO
  28. Somalia in crisis: Drought, famine, narcotics trade, Islamic militias, pirates
  29. White House says did not 'downsize Hanukkah'

Saturday - December 12, 2009:

  1. If attacked, Iran wants Syria to hit back at Israel_ Damascus hedges
  2. Syria, Iran sign defense cooperation deal
  3. 'Iran bought nuclear technology via Taiwan'
  4. Report: Iran purchased nuclear equipment from Taiwan
  5. U.N. panel voices concern over Iran's apparent violations of arms-export embargo
  6. Obama advisor: US to push for Iran sanctions in January
  7. Defense Secretary Gates, in Iraq, says more Iran sanctions are coming
  8. Gates says Iran to face new sanctions
  9. EU urges international action against Iran
  10. EU warns Iran of further sanctions
  11. In Iran, Protests Gaining a Radical Tinge
  12. U.N. climate chief cashes in on carbon
  13. Copenhagen climate summit releases draft final text
  14. Draft deal gives lift to flagging climate talks
  15. Poor states to get climate aid
  16. EU strains to come up with more climate money
  17. Brown and Sarkozy move to fund climate aid with global banking tax
  18. Canada's National Newspaper calls for Worldwide One Child Policy
  19. Germany Constant support of Israel must cease
  20. China cracks down on Christian churches
  21. Fast-growing Christian churches crushed in China
  22. Earmarks 'robust' in House $1T spending bill
  23. Brussels: Van Rompuy urges Europe to double growth
  24. Health care loophole would allow coverage limits
  25. US health care tab to keep growing under overhaul
  26. UK W. Bank produce should be labeled
  27. Woman claims swine-flu shot caused paralysis

Friday - December 11, 2009:

  1. Obama administration 'assures Jewish evacuation'
  2. Experts say Iran has clear path to nuclear weapons
  3. 'Sanctions will cause less cooperation'
  4. Russia pledges to complete Iran's first nuclear plant on time
  5. Analysis: US sanctions on Iran likely to pass
  6. 'The Day of Reckoning is Fast Approaching' for Iran
  7. West talks tough on Iran
  8. Russia successfully test launches Topol ICBM
  9. Russian Nuclear Missile Test Fails, Visible In Norway
  10. Copenhagen labeled a 'massive waste'
  11. Britain is failing on strokes, dentistry and hospital beds... while paying GPs more than any other developed country
  12. EU summit to be held without participation of foreign ministers
  13. EU warns Israel not to divide bloc over Jerusalem
  14. UK to shun settlement products
  15. Pakistani agents question 5 detained Americans
  16. Healthcare 'compromise' an insult to seniors
  17. High stakes in Europe's 'Roe v. Wade'
  18. Large Hadron Collider creates world-record energy collisions as it gears up for Big Bang test
  19. Snow storm moves on but leaves much of US shivering
  20. NOAA: El Nino changes in Pacific getting stronger
  21. Teachers forced to 'hide in closets' to pray
  22. Yemen closes hospital found to be Iran front supporting Shi'ite rebels

Thursday - December 10, 2009:

  1. Copenhagen climate summit developing countries warn of 'absolute devastation'
  2. Climate Deal Likely to Bear Big Price Tag
  3. Green fund to be proposed at climate change talks in Copenhagen
  4. Famous weather scientist Climategate 'tip of iceberg'
  5. Global cooling documented in last decade
  6. 127 dead as bombers aim for heart of government
  7. Ahmadinejad accuses US of blocking return of Mahdi
  8. US wants to stop mankind's savior: Iran leader
  9. Iran's new nuclear plans forced measure: defense minister
  10. Minister: Iran to hit Israeli nuke sites if attacked
  11. Iran: UN detection station a spy post
  12. Philippine clan 'killed 200 more'
  13. Chinese couple sells son to buy cell phone
  14. Closed Chrysler dealers to drive Obama's eligibility
  15. Democrats' health insurance efforts labeled 'desperate'
  16. Obama endorses healthcare compromise
  17. Supporters add hidden nuggets to health care bills
  18. Pro-abortion measures being smuggled through Congress
  19. Ex-Envoy: Sweden Carrying Out Radical Anti-Israel Campaign
  20. EU's stand on Occupied Jerusalem a victory for Palestinians
  21. In political victory for Israel, E.U. eases tone on Jerusalem
  22. Enormous winter storm over the United States
  23. Drought puts strain on Ethiopia's social fabric
  24. Strong wind and heavy rains lash Ras Al Khaimah
  25. Hawaii waves big enough for extreme competition
  26. Iceberg a 'once-in-a-lifetime' sighting
  27. Anyone for some Arctic roll? Mystery as spiral blue light display hovers above Norway
  28. Lesbian bishop - sign of apostasy
  29. NORTH KOREA: Pyongyang, people protest against the poverty generated by the new currency
  30. Obama's latest target: Ousting baby Jesus
  31. EU debates Swedish Jerusalem declaration
  32. Syria set to double fuel imports as domestic production drops
  33. U.N. agency sees severe food shortage in North Korea
  34. US Congress frets over anti-Americanism on TV in Mideast
  35. World Bank exploring ways to save receding Dead Sea

Wednesday - December 9, 2009:

  1. Faiths meet to build ties across religious divides
  2. Chavez: Venezuela acquires thousands of missiles
  3. Africa seeking $56b a year in climate aid
  4. Europe accused of dirty tricks in Copenhagen
  5. Developing countries furious over 'leaked' document
  6. Copenhagen climate summit in disarray after 'Danish text' leak
  7. Saudi Arabia calls for 'climategate' investigation
  8. Socialists at UN demand trillions in 'climate debt'
  9. Ruling gives Obama a way to bypass Congress on emissions
  10. The West has 'lost' Iran and Turkey, with an assist from Russia and to China's benefit
  11. Has Iran's Supreme Leader Disappeared
  12. Iran 200 arrested in student protests
  13. Iranian security forces break up protests in central Tehran
  14. Iran says will show no mercy to opposition protesters
  15. Saudi 'hands missing Iran nuclear scientist to US'
  16. Swine-flu bribe fever!
  17. EU East Jerusalem should be shared
  18. EU mulls proposal on Jerusalem as joint capital
  19. Magnitude 5.9 quake hits Malawi after earlier tremors
  20. Massive TSA Security Breach As Agency Gives Away Its Secrets
  21. Obama U.S. must spend our way out of recession
  22. New Jersey gay marriage bill clears state Senate Judiciary Committee; full Senate vote is next

Tuesday - December 8, 2009:

  1. 'Iran can now produce nuclear bomb'
  2. Obama cuts back on White House Hanukkah bash
  3. Knesset passes biometric database bill
  4. Copenhagen climate conference opens, along with business deals and data manipulation
  5. Historic climate debate opens, with boost from US
  6. UN climate conference opens with pressure on US
  7. UN expert Climate change proof overwhelming
  8. EPA ruling allows greenhouse gas emissions to be regulated
  9. EPA’s Carbon Decision Gives Obama Copenhagen Tool
  10. Europe: U.S., China must match climate change goals
  11. Poorer nations target mid-2010 climate deal draft
  12. Iran shuts mobile network in central Tehran - report
  13. Iran forces fire warning shots at opposition protest
  14. Police surround Tehran university protesters
  15. Iran security forces beat opposition protesters
  16. Police clash with thousands in Iran
  17. Iranian security forces break up protests in central Tehran
  18. Court to decide if college group must allow gays
  19. 'Syria has removed preconditions'
  20. U.S. 'seriously concerned' about Hezbollah
  21. European FMs to decide on ME text
  22. Israel pressing EU to reject J'lem draft
  23. Jerusalem Mayor to EU: Dividing the City Threatens Peace Process
  24. Obama: Turkey an important player in Iran issue
  25. Obama, Erdogan discuss range of issues
  26. Evangelical Lutheran leader suggests Bible not the final authority
  27. Signs of huge waves taunt Hawaii coast
  28. Asian glaciers melting fast
  29. Newfoundland digs out from record snow
  30. Eight killed in Baghdad school blast
  31. Want to sneak into U.S. There's an app for that

Monday - December 7, 2009:

  1. Obama aide: Clock ticking on US offer for talks with Iran
  2. Khamenei: West, Zionists will fail to isolate Iran
  3. Iran's rulers urged to end infighting, compromise with foes
  4. Iran Internet limited ahead of protests
  5. Australian Police Quell Violent Anti-Israel Riots
  6. Muslim and Anti-Semitic Attacks in NY-NJ Area
  7. Infiltrators arrested on Saudi border
  8. Saudis 'in a panic mode' as Shi'ite rebels move North from Yemen
  9. Obama's timing boosts hope for major deal on emissions
  10. U.N. talks on climate turning point set to start
  11. UN says biggest climate talks in history must deliver
  12. U.N.'s Ban says optimistic for Copenhagen deal report
  13. Break-in targets climate scientist
  14. U.N. climate summit in close range of a deal report
  15. Winter storms plaguing parts of Canada
  16. Episcopal Church: No sign of repentance
  17. Are officials hiding details in hijacking 'dry run'
  18. Lesbian awarded custody of Christian's only child

Sunday - December 6, 2009:

  1. Day Fourteen and Counting
  2. Rep. Issa: Obama's refusal to investigate 'Climategate' emails is 'unconscionable'
  3. Researcher: NASA hiding climate data
  4. Gordon Brown attacks 'flat-earth' climate change sceptics
  5. Confusion of the Copenhagen faithful
  6. Hopes for climate deal get a boost
  7. India PM to attend climate talks as momentum grows
  8. Iran warns Switzerland over minaret ban
  9. Iran: 20 more enrichment sites needed
  10. Officials: US eyes January for new Iran sanctions
  11. Obama mulling Iran sanctions by January
  12. Letter to Clinton: Iran trying to distract world
  13. Tehran University under siege_ Students We are at war
  14. Internet down in Iran ahead of planned protests
  15. Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant progressing well
  16. PA promotes Swedish initiative
  17. 'Turkey to step in again as mediator'
  18. Six Al Houthi field leaders killed, 10 surrender
  19. Seoul keeps eye on Norkor currency unrest
  20. Al Qaida seen tied to bus bombing; Syria, Iran issue conflicting reports
  21. Bronx pastor stands firm against same-sex 'marriage'
  22. E-mail stirs fears of hijacking 'dry run'
  23. Israel shopping issue of Iran among world powers
  24. 'Safe schools' chief recommends child porn for classroom reading
  25. Senate pushes ahead on long-term care program
  26. Israel, Magog and today's headlines

Saturday - December 5, 2009:

  1. Iran Minimal cooperation with IAEA Jerusalem Post
  2. Iran will inform IAEA on new nuclear sites when ready
  3. Iran to produce nuclear fuel 'in long-term perspective'
  4. Nuclear detector set up on Iran border
  5. Putin comments dampen hope of tougher sanctions on Iran
  6. Congress plans Iran sanctions
  7. Al-Houthi rebels issue warning to Riyadh
  8. S. Korea to provide reactor to Jordan
  9. Obama delays moving US Embassy to Jerusalem
  10. Obama won't move embassy to J'lem yet
  11. Report Russia, US may sign arms deal next week in Prague
  12. Pakistan: 35 killed in mosque terror attack
  13. Afghan war driving EU interest in Israeli defense products
  14. Ret. US Officer: "The 21st Century Battlefield is Home"
  15. N. Koreans burn bills in anger over currency reform
  16. BANGLADESH: Police abuse family in Dhaka in order to throw them out of their house
  17. Making a World of Difference: The Parliament begins
  18. Baltimore billboards promote unbelief
  19. Blessed are conservative in Bible translation
  20. Dems on Hill push back on Obama's agendas
  21. Texas counties under winter storm warning
  22. BBC News: Glacier threat to Bolivia capital
  23. World Digest: Putin hints at return to presidency
  24. Church leaders refuse to 'compromise their conscience'
  25. U.N. stands on plan to shut down reporters

Friday - December 4, 2009:

  1. Arms smuggling heightens fears Iran may be building arsenal
  2. 'Details of Iran arms seizure revealed'
  3. Iran builds navy to hold vital strait
  4. 'Iran building terror network in South America'
  5. US: Time running out for Iran
  6. 'Iran has 1 month to respond to West'
  7. U.S., Germany losing patience with Iran
  8. Iran to review ties with countries over IAEA vote
  9. Iranian Crackdown Goes Global
  10. Nuclear warning station built near Iranian border
  11. Washington Watch: Is Lebanon becoming a terrorist state
  12. Livni to Sarkozy: Time not on our side
  13. 'France should oppose EU J'lem draft'
  14. Iranian pilgrims targeted in Damascus blast
  15. Iranians Killed in Syrian Bus Blast
  16. Iranian bus explodes in Syrian capital
  17. Berlusconi praises Russia's European security initiatives
  18. Medvedev in Italy: first take on new European security system
  19. Russian envoy optimistic over joint threat assessment with NATO
  20. Climate saboteurs threaten Copenhagen UK minister
  21. Climate talk collapse better for planet: NASA's Hansen
  22. Copenhagen climate change talks must fail, says top scientist
  23. Professor in climate change scandal helps police with enquiries while researchers call for him to be banned
  24. 'Cyber threat' bill a threat in itself
  25. Earth could plunge into sudden ice age
  26. Meet Obama's climate 'experts'
  27. Obama scientist sees strong consensus on climate
  28. Religious groups congregate in Melbourne
  29. Melbourne 2009 Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions
  30. Miliband wants to renew dialogue with Hezbollah
  31. Mogadishu blast kills three government ministers
  32. New stem cell lines approved for tax-paid research
  33. U.S. approves first ethical human stem cell lines
  34. New temperature record registered in Moscow
  35. Obama gets heat for 'terrible' move
  36. Obamacare's penalty on families
  37. One killed in Mumbai water shortage protests
  38. Pelosi dismisses Obey's war tax proposal
  39. Senate Breaks Health Stalemate; First Votes Today
  40. Thousands suffer sub-standard care: Third of councils fail to provide dignity for elderly
  41. Yes, I do believe in conspiracies

Thursday - December 3, 2009:

  1. Ahmadinejad: Israel can't do 'damn thing' against Iran
  2. Ahmadinejad: Russia 'made a mistake' in IAEA vote
  3. Ahmadinejad Iran will enrich uranium itself
  4. Iran says will produce 20 percent fuel
  5. Iran to enrich uranium to higher level Ahmadinejad
  6. 'We'll enrich uranium to higher levels'
  7. Iran won't talk to West on nuclear program
  8. Obama to set nuclear deadline for Iran - Russian analyst
  9. Imposing idiot sanctions on Iran is a direct route to war
  10. Exclusive: EU draft document on division of Jerusalem
  11. EU wants to strengthen PA in E. Jerusalem
  12. EU Palestine move enrages Israelis
  13. Livni to Sweden: Hands Off Jerusalem
  14. Russia building arms plants in Venezuela
  15. Muslim leader: Europe sending bad messages to Muslims
  16. California water allocation hits record-low level
  17. CHINA: Swine flu death toll three times higher
  18. County consolidation gains steam across USA
  19. California insurers say $12 billion invested in Iran
  20. Iran whistleblower died from drug-laden salad
  21. Japan official 'Green tax' needed on fossil fuels
  22. Obamacare's biggest hurdle The Manhattan Declaration
  23. 'Practice What You Preach,' Watchdog Tells EU
  24. SAUDI ARABIA: Fear of epidemic looms over Jeddah as flood-related bodies are still unburied

Wednesday - December 2, 2009:

  1. Ahmadinejad: Nuclear issue resolved, no need for talks
  2. Iran: Not obligated to report uranium sites
  3. Iran not obliged to tell IAEA of home-made sites
  4. Iran says to protest over IAEA nuclear resolution
  5. Iran set for confrontation, or is it?
  6. US envoy to UN: 'Time is short' to engage Iran
  7. Exclusive Russia to start Iran nuclear plant in 2010
  8. China: Talks best to tackle Iran nuclear issue
  9. Russia shifts stance on Iran, Ahmadinejad defiant
  10. Russia to back Iran sanctions if international consensus reached
  11. Russia, Iran agree on new gas, oil projects
  12. Iran Guards say detained 5 Britons in Gulf
  13. Iran threatens 'hard measures' against seized British yachtsmen
  14. Iran warns of tough action against British sailors
  15. Cheney hits Obama on Afghanistan
  16. EJC: Sweden’s call for divided Jerusalem 'impediment to peace'
  17. Israel slams Sweden's Jerusalem division plan
  18. Palestinians to ask UN for 1967 borders
  19. EU Joins PA’s Diplomatic War on Jerusalem
  20. EUobserver - EU trying to 'provoke' Israeli government, analyst says
  21. UAE renews support for rights of Palestinians
  22. Council Votes 11-2 in Favor of Gay Marriage
  23. E-mails reveal more than global-warming scam
  24. EU's Lisbon Treaty comes into effect
  25. WHO warns of deadly bird flu, swine flu combo
  26. INDIA Three churches attacked in two days in Tamil Nadu
  27. Most world leaders to attend U_N_ climate summit
  28. Nelson proposes war bonds
  29. Temperatures plummet to -9C as Britain says goodbye to 'wettest November ever'
  30. The deflated Arab hopes for the US administration
  31. Pope tells Bartholomew that ecumenism must continue without hindrance from the past

Tuesday - December 1, 2009:

  1. US study: Iran expands naval clout in Gulf
  2. Iran to up naval presence in Gulf
  3. Ahmadinejad vows dramatic expansion of Iran's nuclear program
  4. Iran defies censure, plans 10 uranium sites
  5. 'Give Iran last chance for dialogue'
  6. Iran holding yacht with 5 UK nationals
  7. Report: Russia vows quick completion of Iran atom plant
  8. 'IAEA inspectors visit Dir a-Zur'
  9. Nasrallah rages against 'hegemonic' US
  10. Saudis, Iraqis fuel latest round of weapons procurement
  11. HHS would become federal giant under Senate plan
  12. European security treaty
  13. Accusation: Foreign-Funded ‘Peace Now’ Didn’t Register
  14. 'Acqua alta' floods Venice
  15. Video - Venice hit by high water
  16. Big Bang collider sets particle beam record
  17. Global-warming data sets 'simply made up'
  18. BNP leader Nick Griffin threatens to expose 'dodgy science' when he represents Europe at climate change summit
  19. Climate change this is the worst scientific scandal of our generation
  20. Mega-jellyfish sting Japan fishing
  21. Objections to abortion could be overruled
  22. Tewkesbury-on-sea: Floods engulf medieval town again in 'wettest November ever'
  23. U.N. wants $7.1 billion for 2010 humanitarian work
  24. UN marks November 29 'day of mourning'
  25. Virus forces PM to delay Germany trip
  26. 7 stories Obama doesn't want told

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