New Articles


  1. The Lord's Boot Camp 'fascinating,' 'important'
  2. Spirit of giving lasts all year at new church
  3. Blog 'miracle' saves Christmas for hard-luck family
  4. African nationals translate Bible, mature in faith
  5. Ancient coins found among Temple Mount rubble
  6. 3,000-year-old water tunnel uncovered
  7. Christmas shopping -- Find out what stores are naughty, nice
  8. Mysterious glowing aurora over Saturn confounds scientists
  9. Archaeologists uncover 1,200-year-old church in Syria
  10. 2,000-year-old gold earring found beneath Jerusalem parking lot
  11. Oldest Hebrew Text Discovered at King David's Border Fortress

Wednesday - December 31, 2008:

  1. Lawsuit would challenge oath, invocation
  2. Ugandan rebels kill 400 in DR Congo charity
  3. Martin drops porn filtering from FCC free wireless broadband plan
  4. Russia's Medvedev signs law on longer presidential term
  5. New Jersey Rules Church Group Discriminated Against Same-Sex Couple
  6. Israel accused of ramming Free Gaza Movement aid boat
  7. Pakistan suspends NATO supplies to tackle militants
  8. Next EU president supports Israeli op
  9. Anti-Jewish vandalism in Paris linked to Gaza
  10. Arab protesters bring Sydney to standstill
  11. Incoming European Union President- Israel is Right
  12. Iran sets up court to try Israelis
  13. Israeli naval ship hits Gaza-bound boat
  14. Israel's Population Up 1.8%
  15. Texans boot Planned Parenthood
  16. Protesters, police clash at London embassy
  17. U.S. pledges Palestinian aid
  18. Zimbabwe cholera death toll tops 1,600
  19. Pharmacists sue IL governor over right of conscience
  20. Israel urged to eliminate Hamas
  21. Firefighters ordered into 'gay' parade back in court
  22. Scientists eye swarm of Yellowstone quakes
  23. U.S. backs plan for engaging Afghan tribes
  24. Records fall in North Dakota snowstorm
  25. Winter storms continue to pound northern USA
  26. Congo groups: 400 massacred on Christmas day
  27. Iranian students signing up to fight Israel
  28. EU leaders meet to discuss Middle East crisis

Tuesday - December 30, 2008:

  1. Abortion industry asks Obama for billions in funding
  2. ACLU 'emboldened' in prayer lawsuits
  3. American discussions with Iran 'useless'
  4. Fraternity stands on 'Christian values' at secular college
  5. Indiana Planned Parenthood under investigation
  6. Israel's Endgame
  7. London embassy on alert over white powder
  8. Natural disasters 'killed over 220,000' in 2008
  9. Oregon town an earthquake hot spot
  10. Suicide attack rocks southeast Iran
  11. Review security, U.S. Jewish institutions warned
  12. Unrest caused by bad economy may require military action, report says
  13. Witnesses report massacre at church in Congo
  14. Abbas calls meeting with Palestinian party leaders

Monday - December 29, 2008:

  1. Christians called to abandon public education
  2. Northcom Combat Team Conducts “Humanitarian Support” Exercise in Maryland

Sunday - December 28, 2008:

  1. Agencies: Zimbabwe malnutrition, cholera worse
  2. Analysis: The Hamas army
  3. Taleban 'will kill school girls'
  4. Chile says Chaiten volcano still poses danger
  5. China Launches Christmas Crackdown On Christian Worship
  6. Gallup: Americans see religious influence waning
  7. Palestinian killed after smuggling tunnel collapses
  8. Syria raises flag at embassy in Beirut amid improving ties
  9. Internet sites could be given 'cinema-style age ratings', Culture Secretary says
  10. Pakistan Moves Troops From Tribal Areas to Border With India
  11. Peruvian 'Virgin Mary' names her Christmas baby Jesus
  12. Report: Ahmadinejad squandered $140 billion
  13. Rick Warren: Opposed to gay marriage, not gay partnerships
  14. Russia may cut off Ukraine's gas
  15. 'Tis the season to arrest Christians
  16. U.S. sides with traditional marriage...for now

Saturday - December 27, 2008:

  1. 120 reportedly killed in Israeli strikes on Gaza
  2. Iran to send aid ship to Gaza
  3. Price 'will be paid for Hamas rocket attacks'
  4. Underground supply tunnels serve Gaza Strip
  5. Palestinian rocket kills 2 Gaza girls
  6. Armed Hezbollah rockets found pointing at Israel
  7. UN steps up Lebanon border patrols after rockets found
  8. Russia selling missiles to Syria, Egypt
  9. Olmert appeals for an end to rocket attacks
  10. Nepalis face 16-hour daily power cuts by February
  11. Thousands evacuated after quakes hit SW China
  12. Pakistan redeploying troops to Indian border
  13. Egypt reinforces Gaza border security
  14. Rightist MK Eldad Barak must face trial for aiding an enemy
  15. Ariel Leaves Jewish Home, May Unite with Eldad's Hatikvah
  16. PMW: Hamas's Denial on Islamic Law is a Lie
  17. Ahmadinejad says Jesus would be on his side
  18. Religious tunes banned by school
  19. Textbook: Missionaries 'destroy' national values
  20. Georgia, U.S. to sign strategic pact on Jan. 4
  21. Defense drill to involve whole country
  22. Quake shakes Philippines

Friday - December 26, 2008:

  1. Israel moves closer to Gaza invasion
  2. Israel seeks international approval for Gaza op
  3. Intel report: Hizbullah may strike in US
  4. Ahmadinejad's speech on British TV draws government rebuke
  5. Hamas Our leaders do not fear death
  6. Analysis Egypt fears domestic Islamist fallout if Israel hits Gaza hard
  7. Hamas mocks Israel's nonresponse to Kassams
  8. Ashkenazi Warns: IDF Will Use All Its Power to Strike at Terror
  9. UN Condemns Hamas; Meretz Wants Military Action
  10. Security Cabinet Ends Discussion, Embargo on Details
  11. Axis of Evil gifts ICBMs from N_ Korea to Iran
  12. Israel Completes Preparations for Gaza Offensive Amid Continuing Rocket Fire

Thursday - December 25, 2008:

  1. The Mideast's 'Two-State Solution' Is Now a Three-Way Stalemate
  2. Ancient water source vital for Australia
  3. Israel Cancels Plan to Open Gaza Crossings Due to Hamas Attacks
  4. Assad Hizbullah is not my problem
  5. Cabinet debates operation in Gaza
  6. Egypt angry over Syrian protests
  7. Egypt sanctions Gaza military op
  8. Eritrea Christians Apparently Killed In Massive Detentions
  9. Palestinian militants launch mortar and rocket assault on Israel
  10. Hamas pushes for Sharia punishments
  11. Homosexuals showing 'radical intolerance' of Rick Warren
  12. IDF gets green light to strike Hamas after rocket barrage
  13. Lebanese politicians at odds over Israeli talks
  14. Modern 'David' defeats New York 'Goliath'
  15. Qassam, mortar barrages hit south
  16. Stormy weather sweeps across Israel, as rains fall from North to South
  17. The Assad-Olmert 'dialogue'
  18. 'Turks want 'framework' for direct Israeli-Syrian talks'

Wednesday - December 24, 2008:

  1. Arab League chief urges talks with Iran
  2. 6 'Non-Truce' Rockets Follow 3 'Truce Attacks'
  3. Modern Miracle of Oil: $147 a Barrel in summer, $39 on Chanukah
  4. Expert panel to study hezbollah's arms issue
  5. Conflicting reports on Iran missile deal with Russia
  6. Russia hosts new gas body, faces OPEC ire over oil
  7. China to build aircraft carrier to protect its interests
  8. Flu outbreak is worst for eight years
  9. Is this an angel captured on camera
  10. Bush breaks promise, abandons free-market system
  11. Pakistan Scrambles Military Jets as Top Indian Official Talks Tough
  12. Russia to raise nuclear missile output fourfold
  13. Russia to upgrade strategic bombers in 2009
  14. Russian Pacific Fleet ships near Indian Ocean for drills in 2009
  15. Eighteen U.S. embassies get suspicious packages

Tuesday - December 23, 2008:

  1. US warns Russia against selling missiles to Iran
  2. Livni: We won't allow Hamastan in Gaza
  3. Defense officials: Drop in rocket attacks won't stop Gaza op
  4. Gaza gunmen fire at soldiers near Sufa
  5. US warns Russia against selling S-300 to Iran
  6. Russia senators give final nod to longer presidency
  7. Hamas signals thaw; Israel sets up Gaza offensive
  8. Russia to allocate $35.3 billion for arms production in 2009-11
  9. Israel: Hamas rocket arsenal doubles to 10,000
  10. U.S. tracking multiple signs of Iran-North Korea missile ties
  11. Reports: Russian military to get more than 70 nuclear missiles over 3 years
  12. Congress gets raise, Americans continue struggle
  13. Syria demands entire Golan Heights to start talks
  14. Israel files UN complaint over rocket fire

Monday - December 22, 2008:

  1. Finding Jesus in London
  2. Israel's Livni vows to topple Hamas if elected prime minister
  3. Israel's Livni, Netanyahu vow to topple Hamas rule
  4. Hamas' al-Zahar- No talks on renewal of ceasefire with Israel
  5. 'Chavez helping Iran smuggle equipment to Syria'
  6. Russia starts missile delivery to Iran Iranian MP
  7. Analysis Syrian illusions
  8. Hamas: Israel can invade, by all means
  9. Bibi: Israelis can't count on miracles
  10. Rainfall under half of yearly average
  11. Bibi to Sarkozy: West has ‘duty’ to stop Iran
  12. Snow, freezing weather sweep northern Chin
  13. Israel launches PR blitz ahead of Gaza operation
  14. Egypt warns Israel against 'devastating' assault on Gaza Jerusalem Post
  15. Parched Israel

Sunday - December 21, 2008:

  1. Defense officials: IDF to operate in Gaza soon
  2. Ministers demand change in Gaza policy
  3. 5 Qassams fired towards Negev Saturday evening
  4. 'IDF could conquer Gaza if so ordered'
  5. Fayad: 'World must hold Israel accountable'
  6. Hamas considers renewing suicide bombings in Israel
  7. UN Urges New Ceasefire; Gov't under Pressure to Attack Hamas
  8. Church attendance 'to fall by 90%'
  9. Up to 30,000 new U.S. troops in Afghanistan by summer
  10. Winter weather blasts nation from end to end
  11. Ministries fear restrictions under Obama administration
  12. Maine begins battle to preserve traditional marriage
  13. 7 students suspended for refusing anti-Christian class
  14. No, Christ isn't allowed in Christmas

Saturday - December 20, 2008:

  1. Arab sources- Israel-Syria contacts at crucial point
  2. Islamic Jihad: Jihad, resistance the only way
  3. Hamas leaders go into hiding as truce ends
  4. 'Iran talks should last 12 weeks max'
  5. Hizbullah supporters protest Gaza siege
  6. Rice warns Hamas Violence won't help Palestinian cause Jerusalem Post
  7. ANALYSIS: Barak's restraint in Gaza is a huge elections gamble
  8. U.S. Gov't Freezes Iranian Assets of Two New York Companies
  9. 'Ceasefire' Over, Gaza Terrorists Add Sniper Fire to Arsenal
  10. Israel nabs two Lebanese
  11. Israel strikes targets in Gaza
  12. Calif. AG: Invalidate Prop 8
  13. Israel warns Russia against missile sale
  14. Russian warships arrive in Havana
  15. Belarus backs Russia's missile plan to counter U.S. shield
  16. Jesus 'not banned' from public schools
  17. Illinois Christians angry over atheist display
  18. Obama planning billion-dollar 'bailout' for abortion industry
  19. Massive Arrests Of Christians In China

Friday - December 19, 2008:

  1. Bibi Iran 'greatest historical challenge' facing the world
  2. Senior defense official- We won't accept half-truce
  3. Olmert Peace with Syria is feasible
  4. 3 Kassams hit South, farmers fired at
  5. Russia, Nicaragua sign deals after presidents' meeting
  6. India test-fires supersonic cruise missile
  7. 10, 000 Urge Pakistan to Cut US-NATO Supply Line
  8. Magnetic-Shield Cracks Found; Big Solar Storms Expected
  9. Storms Target Major Cities Coast to Coast

Thursday - December 18, 2008:

  1. Abbas: Elections in Ramallah—and in Gaza
  2. Barak backs 'purposeful' US-Iran dialogue
  3. Barak Says No Rush To Retaliate; Landau- Eye for an Eye
  4. Feds seize building allegedly owned by Iranians
  5. High alert ahead of cease-fire's end
  6. Horde of Unemployed worries stability-obsessed China
  7. 'Iran could attack US with nuclear bomb'
  8. Ministries spar over Russia UAV sale
  9. Russia to Sell Lebanon Advanced Jets 'at Discount'
  10. Russian air defence deal with Iran under way report
  11. Russian military confirms 13 strategic missile launches for 2009
  12. Sderot under fire- 3 hurt in rocket strike
  13. Hamas prepares for anticipated Israeli incusion with thousands of missiles, tunnel network

Wednesday - December 17, 2008:

  1. Arab countries knock upgraded EU-Israel ties
  2. Abbas says he'll call elections `very soon'
  3. Iran-Egypt political rift widens
  4. UNSC Israel-Palestinian peace process is irreversible
  5. Palestinians fire 10 Kassams at Israel
  6. Assad wants Syrian access to Kinneret shore
  7. Hamas Approves New Gaza Bank, Ramallah Won't Recognize It
  8. Missile and Mortar Attacks on Israel Pass 10,000 Mark
  9. Remains of Second Temple Era Jewish Town Revealed
  10. Latin America summit in Brazil excludes US, welcomes Cuba
  11. Police find explosives in Paris store after warning letter
  12. Report: Abbas won't seek re-election
  13. Russia to 'donate' 10 MiG-29 jet fighters to Lebanon
  14. Scientists find hole in Earth's magnetic field
  15. Attorney: U.S. gov't financing terrorist activities

Tuesday - December 16, 2008:

  1. Abbas: This Isn't Over until All 11,000 Released
  2. Analyst: Putin to be president again soon - UPI_com
  3. Iran snubbed by world powers
  4. 'Iran influence over Hamas is growing'
  5. Israel turns away U.N. envoy
  6. Jewish community braces for calamity in wake of Madoff fraud
  7. Nasrallah organizing mass rallies against Gaza siege
  8. EU looks to approve Eastern Partnership next year
  9. Steep increase in rocket fire despite 'truce'
  10. Students to be taught there's no God
  11. Doomsday: U.S. report warns of 'strategic shock' leading to massive unrest

Monday - December 15, 2008:

  1. Livni: We'll respond to Gaza fire with military measures
  2. Hamas' Mashaal says group will not renew truce with Israel
  3. Hamas: Ending Ceasefire with Israel
  4. Hamas conflicted on extending 'calm'
  5. Maliki takes revenge over new mandate
  6. Qurei: No room for Jews in the West Bank
  7. Assad to Carter: No peace without Golan
  8. Ya'alon defends Livni remarks on Schalit
  9. British clergyman bans ‘Bethlehem’ carol
  10. French President Sarkozy shines as EU leader in troubled times
  11. US suspends N Korea fuel aid
  12. Russia to make N. Korea fuel shipment
  13. Seeds of hope: Vast vaults under English countryside guard Earth's plants against apocalypse
  14. Islamic star and crescent join town's Christmas tree
  15. China hired for homeland defense

Sunday - December 14, 2008:

  1. 'Iranian ship to Gaza has hidden agenda'
  2. IAEA to Syria Cooperate or be punished
  3. Mortar shells, Kassams land in w. Negev
  4. Feiglin to Supporters: I Will Not Crawl before Supreme Court
  5. IDF Preparing for a Bloody 2009 with Paintball Training
  6. Opposition up in arms as Nicaragua invites Russian warships
  7. Zimbabwe cholera outbreak threatens regional stability
  8. Bomb explodes at Woodburn bank, killing a police officer and OSP bomb technician
  9. Iowa latest target for homosexual marriage
  10. Will United Nations cave to homosexual pressure?
  11. U.S. troops' new mission America's 'special events'

Saturday - December 13, 2008:

  1. Analysis Cruelty and silence in Gaza
  2. Anti-marriage bullying = 'epitome of intolerance'
  3. Fatah outpolling Hamas in West Bank, Gaza
  5. Obama asked to put an end to pro-Israel policies
  6. IAF covets new longer range 'smart bomb' system
  7. Ireland wins guarantees for EU vote re-run
  8. 'Israel has reached the end of the road'
  9. Jellyfish gone wild ruin tourist spots, report says
  10. Judge bars 'I Believe' license plates
  11. NJ homosexuals push for same-sex 'marriage'
  12. PA negotiator: Israel wants 6.8% of West Bank
  13. FT columnist foresees EU expansion to global government
  14. Russia's rating drops from positive to stable - Moody's
  15. 'The 18' Launch Campaign Against PA State
  16. UN chief: Israel, Palestinians setting stage for peace
  17. Democrats will be known for Iraq surrender; Time now for homeland defense

Friday - December 12, 2008:

  1. Iraq asks Obama to hold new U.S. Iran talks
  2. FM takes heat over Israeli Arab remark
  3. Army readies for Gaza border attacks
  4. Cash shipment arrives in Gaza Strip
  5. 'Iran wants to devour the Arab world'
  6. British Xmas Carol: 12 Days of Anti-Zionism
  7. Israel Pardons 45 Fatah Terrorists
  8. Egyptian activists want Jewish festival canceled
  9. Mugabe: No cholera in Zimbabwe
  10. Gates: More brigades to Afghanistan by summer
  11. CBS to air special on 'The Lord's Boot Camp'
  12. Chinese 'Pastor Bike' persecuted, but encouraged
  13. Will Obama 'accelerate God's judgment on America'?
  14. Documentary addresses anti-Christian media
  15. Abortion clinics -- 'modern-day King Herod'
  16. Newsweek accused of 'journalistic malpractice'
  17. Scientists abandon global warming 'lie'
  18. Russia plans 'liquidation' of ministries
  19. Pelosi 'mugged' for emphasizing 'Christ' at Christmas event
  20. Newsweek and Bush Both are Bible morons
  21. Obama to offer Israel nuclear umbrella report
  22. 2008 one of worst years for disaster losses insurer
  23. Over 15,000 displaced by floods in Indonesia
  24. Iranian nuclear workers arrested for spying
  25. Report Iran manufacturing improved missile

Thursday - December 11, 2008:

  1. And now for a world government
  2. Pakistan We're ready for war with India
  3. ICC urged to indict Israel over policies against Palestinians
  4. Official: IDF prepared for Gaza op
  5. PM orders blackout on Gaza policy
  6. Feiglin: State should demand loyalty of Arab citizens
  7. Ministers urge tough action in Gaza
  8. Russian military chief wants new treaty with US
  9. New radar can pinpoint rocket launchers
  10. Barack Obama plans to reach out to Muslim world
  11. Wetter and wilder the signs of warming everywhere
  12. Olmert under Fire to Strike Back at Hamas
  13. Feiglin: I'm Right-Wing—So What
  14. Russia ready for visa-free regime with EU - Lavrov
  15. Israel's top secret sites on Google Earth

Wednesday - December 10, 2008:

  1. Abbas demands release of all Palestinian prisoners
  2. Carter ready to meet Hizbullah officials
  3. Ultra-hawkish list of candidates for Likud
  4. Iranian cleric Muslim anger will burn Israelis
  5. Iranian VP calls for Israel's destruction
  6. Ireland's food crisis spreads to beef
  7. Israel gives NATO intel on Iranian nukes, says Iran is threat to Europe
  8. LA's Episcopal diocese continuing 'downward spiral'
  9. Lawyers lobby against Iran's incitement
  10. Livni 'ashamed' of state of Gaza truce
  11. Mass. schools to have mandatory sex education?
  12. Nearly a billion people worldwide are starving, UN agency warns
  13. Newsweek: Bible OK with same-sex 'marriage'
  14. Olmert Repeats Vow to Stop Rockets; Livni Wants Action, not Talk
  15. Olmert, Livni, Barak to meet in morning for discussion on Gaza
  16. Peres Says Oil Price Cut Can Stop Iran's Nuclear Program
  17. UN to Israel Free Palestinian prisoners, lift Gaza blockade
  18. Unchecked settler violence prompts fears of intifada
  19. Wave surge engulfs PNG's northern island provinces
  20. WHO: 60,000 at risk of cholera in Zimbabwe
  21. Non food-producing states in Gulf face shortages

Tuesday - December 9, 2008:

  1. Ashdod, Kiryat Gat prepare for rockets
  2. Blair Says Olmert, Abbas Reached Secret Agreement
  3. EU presidency to boost ties with Israel
  4. Egypt's top cleric urged to quit for Peres handshake
  5. Hamas cooperating with Muslim Brothers
  6. Iran rejects Obama's carrot-stick policy
  7. 'Iran rocket arsenal tripled in 2008'
  8. Israel postpones prisoner release
  9. Mofaz- Dialogue with Iran needs timetable

Monday - December 8, 2008:

  1. Israeli ministers clear Palestinian prisoners for release
  2. Iran test-fires missile close to shipping lane
  3. Ashkelon rally: State abandoned our children
  4. Obama says will pursue carrot-stick Iran policy
  5. Poll: Netanyahu most likely to advance peace
  6. Zimbabwe 'set for cholera jump'
  7. Militants torch Afghan supplies
  8. What do the financial crisis and US Middle East policy have in common
  9. IAF strikes Kassam squad in Gaza
  10. Livni calls for reassessment of 'calm'
  11. Arabs, Leftists March in T-A, Demand: 'Castrate the Settlers'
  12. Ashkelon Mayor: Barak Cracks Down on Jews But Not Gaza Terror
  13. Rockets barrage Israel over weekend
  14. Israel expands ties to NATO
  15. UN peacekeeping headed for funding, resource crunch
  16. Schlumberger's Iran sale raises questions
  17. Operation Christmas Child - a 'life-changing' experience
  18. Assisted suicide ruled 'a patient's right'
  19. Tainted Irish pork may have reached 25 nations
  20. It must be '1984' 'Big Brother' snoops and Britons don't mind
  21. UK PM Zimbabwe cholera outbreak is 'an international emergency'

Sunday - December 7, 2008:

  1. 'ElBaradei's Iran comments irrelevant'
  2. Iran vows to retaliate after rebels kill 16 policemen
  3. IDF hits rocket-launcher in Gaza; Hamas men hurt in separate strike
  4. 'Massive weapons cache found in Sinai'
  5. Mugabe must be toppled now - Archbishop of York
  6. South under fire; Gaza crossings to remain closed
  7. Southern mayor- Gaza lull is dead
  8. U.S.: Peace House Jews Were There Illegally
  9. World Bank Gaza banks may collapse
  10. Iran deploys 60-ship armada for massive war readiness maneuver

Saturday - December 6, 2008:

  1. States Financial Outlook Getting Worse Fast
  2. Bush: Two-state solution will be realized
  3. 9 Qassams fired towards Negev
  4. Syrian ambassador to Egypt leaves Cairo
  5. Egypt FM We won't accept emirate on our border
  6. Blair Urges Council on Foreign Relations to Pressure Israel
  7. Bush Iran nuclear program remains threat
  8. Cash-strapped Gaza banks close down
  9. No decision on Obama citizenship case
  10. Will the United States prevent Iran from going nuclear
  11. U.S. intel panel sees WMD attack in next 5 years
  12. 'Abortion-on-demand culture' goes global with Obama
  13. Evangelical leader supports 'gay' civil unions
  14. Geologists link the fall of empires and climate change

Friday - December 5, 2008:

  1. Israel 'prepared to attack' Iran nuclear plants
  2. Hebron evacuation completed within hour
  3. Egyptian MP: We won't tolerate 'Islamist emirate' in Gaza
  4. NATO chief- We can't intervene on Iran
  5. Canadian PM wins suspension of Parliament
  6. European court rules DNA database breaches human rights
  7. Atheist billboard in Capitol stirs a storm
  8. PA to purge Hamas-controlled councils
  9. Golan Heights in the Crosshairs
  10. Olmert Plans Transfer of Judea, Samaria Jews to Negev
  11. With Abbas's clampdown, reports of torture grow
  12. US must halt spread of nuclear, bio weapons Biden
  13. Zimbabwe says cholera a national emergency
  14. India names Pakistani masterminds while evidence shows Mumbai plot dates back a year
  15. Atheists: Remove 'God' from Kentucky terrorism law
  16. Forecast for U.S. demise puzzles prez
  17. IDF preparing options for strike at Iran without US assent
  18. Chinese anger at France unravels relations with Europe
  19. Obama economic adviser was socialist party member
  20. Our system is broken
  21. Pravda raises Obama eligibility issue

Thursday - December 4, 2008:

  1. PA to purge Hamas-controlled councils
  2. Pakistan snubs India over terrorist 'suspects'
  3. British police to be given powers to request identification on demand
  4. Russia to send warship through Panama Canal for first time since WWII
  5. The Big Brother state – by stealth
  6. UN investigators uncover fresh evidence in Hariri assasination
  7. Syria-EU ties set for revival before Christmas holidays
  8. Hardest battle still to come for Israel
  9. Qassams, mortars hit Negev; council head says 'war of attrition in south'
  10. Iranian president acknowledges economy is in bad shape
  11. Atheists want God out of security
  12. Analysis: Al-Qaida-style extremism gains real power within Hamas
  13. IDF opposes plan for NATO in W. Bank
  14. Iran holding massive naval maneuvers near Persian Gulf
  15. US computer giant HP lands ‘smart ID card’ contract

Wednesday - December 3, 2008:

  1. Iran designs aircraft invisible to enemy eyes
  2. Thailand prime minister to step down after court strips him of office
  3. Zimbabwe cholera spread continues
  4. Anti-Israel Christmas caroling service set for London church
  5. Livni urges Olmert to resign before indictment
  6. Bad back may stop cane toad invasion
  7. Bush to Olmert: Why are you giving Syria the Golan for nothing
  8. Feast draws record crowd to Jerusalem
  9. Fresh Threats to Jewish, Western Targets in India and Worldwide
  10. Gates to stay on as defense chief - good or bad?
  11. Halevy Europe heading to major cultural clash
  12. Hillary's limitations, compromises as sec'y of state
  13. ICEJ Impacts Hundreds of EU Parliamentarians for Israel
  14. Imaging guru 'Certification' of birth time, location is fake
  15. India Demands Pakistan Hand Over Mumbai Suspects
  16. Iran speaker mulling talks with US Congress
  17. Iranian minister meets head of Shanghai group
  18. Israel alarmed by EU plans for Mideast peace
  19. Livni urges Olmert to resign before indictment
  20. Obama keeping promises made to homosexual groups
  21. Op-Ed: Move U.S. embassy to Jerusalem
  22. Resolution protects Islam, omits other religions
  23. Silence 'deafening' over murder by homosexual
  24. Thailand slips further into chaos as court dissolves government
  25. Vermont homosexuals push for marriage bill

Tuesday - December 2, 2008:

  1. Iran to hold large-scale naval drills in Gulf of Oman
  2. US masses naval-air-marine might in Arabian Sea opposite India, Pakistan, Iran
  3. Pentagon to detail plan to bolster security
  4. Pentagon to Detail Troops to Bolster Domestic Security
  5. Libya slams Israel's blocking Gaza-bound boat
  6. Hamas Forges Ties with Israeli Arabs, Accuses Jews of Adultery
  7. Pro-government protest targets court in Thailand
  8. Another Catholic pastor labels voting for Obama a sin

Monday - December 1, 2008:

  1. Assad urges France, EU to help lift Gaza blockade
  2. Sheetrit: Bibi has a good chance to form gov't
  3. 'Lashkar-e-Taiba is behind the terror'
  4. Lebanese gov't recognizes 'state of Palestine'
  5. MK Erdan: Use Hamas Prisoners as Human Shields in Gaza Belt
  6. Conservative Jews Voice Relief as Clinton Announcement Nears
  7. Israel Raises Security at Embassies, Chabad Houses
  8. Terrorist: We were sent to target Israelis
  9. Iran proposes nuclear plants with Arab countries
  10. At war level India raises security status amid grief
  11. Obama poised to name Hillary Clinton to State post
  12. Death toll in Nigeria rises, army restores calm
  13. Hillary to head State Is it constitutional

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