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  1. Diplomacy: What are the odds
  2. Travel: Mount Gilboa-Once Cursed, Now Blooming
  3. Algorithms help unravel the secrets of ancient documents
  4. Pictured Spaceship-shaped cloud hovering over Earth is captured by astronauts
  5. Pictured: The Soap Bubble Nebula causing astronomical excitement among star-gazers

Monday - August 31, 2009:

  1. Austin, Texas, enduring record heat
  2. Australia probes North Korea weapons for Iran seizure
  3. Cat roundup planned after rabies found
  4. Climate trouble may be bubbling up in far north
  5. Gov. Schwarzenegger considers 'Harvey Milk Gay Day'
  6. Russia, China urged to toe EU line
  7. Watchdog extends probe into alleged secret site
  8. Hamas slams UN over 'Holocaust classes' in Gaza
  9. Hurricane Jimena bellows off Mexican Pacific
  10. 'IAEA hiding incriminating evidence'
  11. Iran accuses Israel of psych warfare
  12. Los Angeles wildfire threatening 10,000 homes
  13. Oregon faces double-digit health insurance rises
  14. Twelve dead in flooding in China
  15. 'UK firm divests from Leviev company'
  16. Water crisis threatens Yemen's swelling population

Sunday - August 30, 2009:

  1. GOP senator signals fading hopes on health care
  2. The writing is on the wall
  3. Homosexuality and the apostate church
  4. Is 'diversity' threatening Christianity
  5. WHO warns of severe form of swine flu
  6. What if Obama is ineligible
  7. Sarkozy offers UPM support if Israel halts settlements
  8. Australian bushfires threaten homes near bush south of Sydney
  9. Fire near Los Angeles menaces homes, transmitters
  10. Wildfires cover Los Angeles in smoke
  11. UAE seizes N. Korea arms on way to Iran
  12. 'US may cancel Europe missile shield'
  13. IAEA Iran still defiant on nuclear effort
  14. Iran is continuing nuclear activity, says United Nations watchdog
  15. Iran slows nuclear pace but bomb suspicions grow
  16. Israel: IAEA hiding Iran info
  17. Oil slick spreads 'horizon to horizon'

Saturday - August 29, 2009:

  1. 4% of Israeli Jews Obama pro-Israel
  2. Are church leaders affirming Allah?
  3. Arkansas, Oklahoma shaken by minor quakes
  4. At Least 8 Minor Earthquakes Shake Parts of Okla.
  5. Calif. wildfires prompt state of emergency
  6. Chavez rules out Russian military bases in Venezuela
  7. Gay US bishop attacks treatment of gay and lesbian clergy by Church of England
  8. Germany warns Iran of sanctions
  9. Iran's political turmoil makes nuclear progress unlikely
  10. Hospital Executive Worries About 'What-Ifs' of Health-Care Reform
  11. In Chicago, swine flu hit children hardest
  12. Infrastructure collapse: allegation or reality
  13. Iran Six representatives to meet in Germany on September 2
  14. 'Iran stonewalling IAEA about possible military dimensions'
  15. Israel hobbling West Bank economy, says Tony Blair
  16. Pakistan nuclear secrets scientist to go free
  17. Physicians sue Obama for health-care 'snitch' program
  18. Police baffled as dozens of 'suicidal' cows throw themselves off cliff in the Alps
  19. 'Prosecute Iran opposition leaders'
  20. Russian president proposes Islamic channel to counter extremism
  21. The head of Saudi anti terrorism escapes al Qaeda suicide bombing
  22. Scorching heat fuels Los Angeles wildfires
  23. Strong quakes of 6.2 and 6.8 hit China and Indonesia
  24. Study says shines light on sun spot
  25. Tough love for the NHS - Claire Rayner
  26. UAE seizes N. Korean arms bound for Iran, diplomats say
  27. UN: Questions about military aspects on Iran nukes
  28. UNIFIL Mandate Extension Warns of Resolution 1701 Violations
  29. US seen easing settlement freeze demands
  30. US to abandon Polish-Czech missile shield, lobbyist says
  31. White House: Obama postponed Israel trip due to healthcare reform
  32. White House sued over e-mail collection

Friday - August 28, 2009:

  1. China urges U.S. to halt surveillance near its shores
  2. Elderly shut-ins fight for religious care
  3. Fire smoke blankets Los Angeles Basin
  4. Glenn Beck's fear of Obama: Seize power overnight
  5. IAEA to report slowdown in Iran nuclear programme
  6. Senior Iranian cleric calls ruling system a dictatorship
  7. Iranian MP claims sexual abuse of protesters has been proved
  8. Iranian women activists not fooled by president
  9. The U.S. retreats in showdown with Netanyahu on East Jerusalem and settlements
  10. Israel: Increase UN efforts in Lebanon
  11. Jews main obstacle to Mideast peace?
  12. Khamenei: Opposition not stooges for West
  13. Merkel: No comparison between Iran, Nazis
  14. Middle class face bigger bills for care: Labour's sliding scale would make savers pay more
  15. New Hampshire Court orders Christian homeschooled girl to attend public school
  16. PA judge: Jews have no history in Jerusalem
  17. PM after receiving Auschwitz blueprints: We must stop evil in due time
  18. PM urges world not to repeat WWII era
  19. PM, Merkel agree on pressuring Iran
  20. Iran may form part of Obama 'breakthrough' deal
  21. Purge of nurses promised after report reveals shocking cruelty suffered by 1m NHS patients
  22. Report: U.S. drops eastern Jerusalem demand
  23. Scientists Produce Monkeys With DNA From Two Mothers
  24. U.N. seeks $230M to fight Kenya hunger
  25. U.S. won't demand east Jerusalem freeze
  26. U.S.-Colombia Strategic Accord Prompts Questions at Home, Across Region

Thursday - August 27, 2009:

  1. 2nd fire erupts in Angeles National Forest
  2. Abortion 'explicitly' covered under ObamaCare
  3. ACLU: Spying for America's enemies
  4. Banana diseases threaten African crop
  5. Barack Obama on brink of deal for Middle East peace talks
  6. Bauer: Obama ignores Islamic threat
  7. Egypt to Raise Gas Prices to Israel by 50%
  8. European Cyber-Gangs Target Small U.S. Firms, Group Says
  9. Germany is Iran's Largest Trading Partner
  10. Germany to PM: Halt settlement construction
  11. Iran gets support for ban on nuclear plant strikes
  12. Iranian Prosecutor Requests 'Maximum Punishment' for Protest Figures
  13. Israeli Sues Swedish Tabloid for $7.5 Million
  14. Israel's Intelligence Chief on Iran, Settlements, & Peace Prospects
  15. Jimmy Carter, we can have peace (without you) in the Holy Land
  16. Netanyahu-Abbas-Obama Trilateral Meeting Possible Next Month
  17. Obama wants to appoint his own 'whistleblowers'
  18. Pakistani Taliban seen as regrouping
  19. Report: Obama Will Get Tough on Iran if Israel Falls in Line
  20. Russia deploys S-400 air defense systems in Far East
  21. Sarkozy threatens new sanctions against Iran
  22. Shalev Shift in relations with US
  23. Steamy heat more common in California study
  24. Swine Flu Could Infect Half of U.S., Panel Estimates
  25. Water shortage threatens two million people in southern Iraq

Wednesday - August 26, 2009:

  1. Alligator-size lizards invade Bangkok park (Video)
  2. Sea lion deaths mystery (Video)
  3. Drought and Famine in India due to scarce monsoons
  4. Monsoon rains in Nepal claim 68 lives
  5. Kenya's rural drought hurts city dwellers
  6. Report: Future U.S. heat waves will be worse
  7. New clue found to disappearing honey bees
  8. Man collapses with ruptured appendix... three weeks after NHS doctors 'took it out'
  9. Anglicans address the challenge of Islam
  10. Bibles in public schools_? How you can help....
  11. 'Christians' celebrating Ramadan?
  12. Diplomats: Iran's enrichment program stagnates
  13. 'Iran freezes no. of Natanz centrifuges'
  14. Iran Running Short of Uranium Oxide Nuke Supplies?
  15. 'Frank' Democrats censor GOP mail
  16. Huge oil reserve discovered in Iran
  17. Iran probing rumored 'mass burial' of protesters
  18. Saudi Arabia set to buy 30 Russian military helicopters
  19. Schwarzenegger to Obama: Declare drought disaster in Calif.
  20. Seminary president: Southern Baptists must change or die out
  21. Skepticism over US Rose-Colored Mideast Glasses
  22. The Elders visit to the Middle East – 25-28 August

Tuesday - August 25, 2009:

  1. Ayatollah pushes Islamic 'resistance' army
  2. Bear incidents prompting concerns in Colo.
  3. Climate bill could slash U.S. fuel output: study
  4. Dirty secret No. 3 in Obamacare
  5. ECLA pastors consider costs of staying, leaving denomination
  6. Fed-up Marine has guns blazing to oust Democrats
  7. First-Person Account: Touring Israel with Mike Huckabee
  8. Global swine flu cases top 251,000
  9. GOP Rep. Trent Franks Considering Obama Citizenship Lawsuit
  10. Inquiry ordered into secret burials
  11. Shiite groups announce new alliance excluding Iraq's PM
  12. Discovered in India seven plants that produce the agent of against the swine fever
  13. Iran says cooperating with IAEA, West skeptical
  14. Iran summons Argentina envoy in row over minister
  15. Iran wants West to resume 'interaction'
  16. Iranians to Fund Opposition Research
  17. Israel Suspected of Hijacking Russian Ship with Arms for Iran
  18. New Su-35 fighter can attack eight targets simultaneously - Video
  19. Obama opposed healthcare reform before he was for it
  20. Obama White House Versus CIA
  21. Obama's advisors recommend rationing healthcare
  22. Republicans offer health 'bill of rights' to seniors
  23. Russia Bracing for Spread of Dangerous Tuberculosis Strains
  24. Senate Democrats Consider Tactic to Push Through Government Health Plan
  25. The FDIC is broke
  26. U.S. presses sanctions to end N.Korea atomic plans
  27. U.S. tests intercontinental missile
  28. US Jews Enraged by Catholic Document Urging Missionizing of Jews
  29. Video: Greece declares state of emergency as fires rage
  30. Western Wall notes protecting Florida?
  31. Winds ease, give Greek firefighters break

Monday - August 24, 2009:

  1. Obama Plan: Temple Mount Under Arab-Muslim Sovereignty ****
  2. 20,000 asked to flee fiery Athens suburb
  3. Australian oil well to gush for nearly two months
  4. Barak: Iran's Appoint. of Terrorist Shows Its True Colors
  5. Beetles, Wildfire Double Threat in Warming World
  6. Did Mossad hijack Russian ship to stop Iran arms shipment?
  7. Egypt summons Israeli diplomat over border shooting
  8. Fix recession, then reform health care, lawmakers say
  9. Grass-Roots Reform Battle Tests Weary Obama Supporters
  10. Meeting in Europe to focus on Middle East and Iran
  11. Iranian lawmaker backs appointment of terrorist as defense chief
  12. Israel sells air defense system to India
  13. Next step in H1N1 scare Microchip implants?
  14. Record cherry crop will be left on trees
  15. State GOP may restrict primary to party members
  16. Suspected Hezbollah spies stand trial in Egypt
  17. Swine Flu Campaign Waits on Vaccine
  18. Three Siberian oil reservoirs destroyed in fatal fire
  19. US Military Chief Afghanistan Situation is 'Serious and Deteriorating'
  20. Wildfire rages near Athens, thousands flee

Sunday - August 23, 2009:

The reason I have included these first 2 articles about hurricane Bill is that while a hurricane is not major news, what is most noticable about this is the concentrated warning put out for Mass. and the mention of Martha's Vineyard in particular. With all the pressure that Obama has been putting on Israel to freeze settlements lately and the fact that he and his family will be arriving at Martha's Vineyard for a vacation today; I would personally take this as a direct sign or warning from God to Obama and this nation concerning our actions with regard to Israel.
  1. Hurricane Bill on last leg of trip to New England
  2. Hurricane Bill weakens as it nears USA
  3. A big forest fire rages out of control in Greece
  4. An overdraft? That'll be £200 at Lloyds TSB (but only £15 if you're a Muslim)
  5. Argentina slams Iran's decision to name bomb suspect minister
  6. Evangelical Lutherans abandon Bible teaching on homosexuality
  7. GOP: Obama 'fast and loose' with facts
  8. In Parched Nairobi, Residents Blame Government for Drought Crisis
  9. In Ramadan, the best dates in Egypt are 'Obama'
  10. Iran offers nuclear concessions on eve of crucial meeting
  11. Iran terror suspect gets defense post
  12. Monitors: Taliban cut off fingers of Afghan voters
  13. Obama addresses Muslims on Ramadan
  14. Obama marks beginning of Ramadan
  15. Obama May Abandon Effort to Reach Health Deal With Republicans
  16. Study: Climate change means more heavy rain
  17. Obama Now Hearing Criticism From the Left on Health-Care Plan
  18. The Canadian Press Climate change doubles tundra plant life, boosting shrubs, grasses
  19. Tourists warned as Asian hornets terrorise French
  20. World leaders to push for Mideast peace

Saturday - August 22, 2009:

  1. 2-month-old killed to stifle 'religious' dissent
  2. 'Alternate routes' to the Fairness Doctrine
  3. Artificial life will be created 'within months' as genome experts claim vital breakthrough
  4. WHO warning swine flu explosion, governments ready to intervene
  5. Bible translation facility slated for Congo
  6. Chile finds swine flu in turkeys
  7. Congressional delegation presses China on Iran
  8. Fight Looms in Iran as Ahmadinejad Challenges Parliament on His Cabinet Picks
  9. Harmful fungus found in Wis_ potato fields
  10. Hoyer: Public option may have to go
  11. Lutherans approve gay ministers
  12. Mother challenges Vermont's fetal homicide laws
  13. Muslims must unite for Islam's savior Iran
  14. Obama echoes Cain, not Christ
  15. Obama's 'gay marriage' doublespeak
  16. Pentagon successfully fires high-energy laser in flight
  17. Plan to free state prison inmates moves ahead
  18. Russian Air Force signs $190 mln contract to buy new missiles
  19. 'Saudi Arabia planning nuclear plant'
  20. Scraped knee leads to fatal infection
  21. Storm rips Ontario, at least 1 dead
  22. 'The wasps have got me'- Last words of farmer killed by swarm
  23. US Iran's work with IAEA not enough

Friday - August 21, 2009:

  1. Arms expert warns new mind drugs eyed by military
  2. Barak considers suing Swedish reporter
  3. Swedish government disagrees with embassy in Israel
  4. Boeing unveils new anti-missile concept
  5. Diplomats: Iran improves access to nuke activities
  6. EMP threatens power shutdown for months
  7. French government wades into noxious algae row
  8. Hurricane Bill to regain strength, Bermuda readies
  9. In hot water World sets ocean temperature record
  10. Iran parliament to reject Ahmadinejad ministers MPs
  11. Iran's Supreme Leader Seeks to Reinforce Relationship With Syria
  12. Israel to send ship to NATO operation
  13. Israel weighs Iranian threat
  14. Lawsuit probes mortgage giants' payouts to Obama, Biden
  15. 'Loser pay' setup might discourage ACLU
  16. 'Mean things'
  17. Mekong Delta may be inundated by rising sea
  18. Mercury-tainted fish found widely in U.S. streams
  19. Mich. suspected arson cases rise 50 pct
  20. Obama hosts one-sided forum on immigration
  21. Outgoing IAEA chief has tough choice on Iran
  22. 2nd lead poisoning case hits China, 1,300 sick
  23. U.K. on Obamacare: Been there, done that
  24. U.S. grants $1.2 billion for electronic health records
  25. US chides Israel over discrimination of Palestinian-Americans

Thursday - August 20, 2009:

  1. ‘UN Hides Evidence of Iran’s Nuke Program’
  2. Report accuses IAEA of hiding details
  3. Ahmadinejad to Assad: We are on same front
  4. Assad meets with Ahmadinejad in Iran
  5. Bee-eating Chinese hornets spread through France
  6. Dangerous Hurricane Bill could threaten east Canada
  7. Hurricane Bill howls in Atlantic, shouldn't hit USA
  8. Swedish daily: IDF killed Palestinians for organs
  9. Swedish writer 'not sure' story's true
  10. Deputy FM: Sweden must denounce Aftonbladet article
  11. Israel disturbed by Swedish silence
  12. El Nino blamed for intense drought in Asia
  13. Hikind: US Politicians Should Stand Up to Obama on Israel
  14. Iran still won't agree to talks with Obama
  15. Iranian Cleric Mehdi Karroubi Predicts Opposition Will Topple Ahmadinejad
  16. Major Health Insurance Company Urges Employees To Attend Tea Parties
  17. Making nice with Mubarak
  18. Mass graves could be dug for autumn bout of swine flu
  19. Nanowires in the human body - first step to a cyborg?
  20. Obama Palestinian state now, Israel's security later
  21. Obama's MySpace page I'm 52 years old, not 48
  22. Peres: Russia to reconsider missile sale to Iran
  23. Report: Russia might sell Iran attack aircraft if asked
  24. Ruling leaves North Georgia with water crisis
  25. Saudis say 44 militants arrested, arms seized
  26. Senior citizens have a choice - AARP or ASA
  27. Tax penalties await for people with no health insurance
  28. Turkey: Israel must show it wants peace
  29. U.K. on Obamacare Been there, done that
  30. 'US aware of de facto settlement freeze'
  31. US: Woman yells 'Heil, Hitler' at Israeli
  32. Voters' awareness up, Obama's popularity down
  33. White House may push through health care without Republicans
  34. White House pulls in 'fishy' email net

Wednesday - August 19, 2009:

  1. AARP loses members over health care stance
  2. Australia rejects 'cap and trade' - U.S. to follow?
  3. Ayatollah sees global Islamic 'Mahdi' army
  4. Brain-swelling disease kills dozens in India
  5. Britain’s Move to Islam: British Pools Accept Muslim Dress Code
  6. Bunker Buster Turning Iranian Threat into James Bond Thriller
  7. Gov't regulation of heath insurance grows costly
  8. Home invasions would occur under Obamacare
  9. Huckabee 2-state solution 'unrealistic'
  10. Iran No preconditions for nuke talks
  11. Iranian Ayatollah Creates 'Private' Militia
  12. National motto voted down in Florida
  13. Obama follows through, files to repeal DOMA
  14. Peres: Iranian nuclear bomb akin to 'flying death camp'
  15. Israel implementing settlement freeze until 2010
  16. Russian Pres.: We Oppose Iranian Nukes, Seek Ties With Israel
  17. South Korea rocket launch bound to rile the North
  18. Terra Incognita A new type of Islamic militancy
  19. The aristocracy's name-calling hooligans
  20. Whose medical decisions?

Tuesday - August 18, 2009:

  1. 14 Catholic churches in South Florida to close
  2. Administration Official Sebelius Misspoke
  3. Strong quakes hit off Japan, rattle Taiwan
  4. Ancient Roman 'Urban Mansion' Revealed in City of David
  5. Another Obama mistake
  6. Archeological discovery sheds light on Roman Jerusalem
  7. Democrats' 'bait-and-switch'
  8. Dirty secret No. 2 in Obamacare
  9. Great Commission 'not optional' for believers
  10. West stoking unrest, Iran says
  11. Huckabee: Segregation Didn't Work in U.S.; Won't Work in Israel
  12. Huckabee: Would Israel Tell Obama Who Can Live in the Bronx
  13. Israel seeks to overcome brain drain with NIS 1.6b plan
  14. Minister Herschkowitz Some of Obama's policies are 'borderline anti-Semitic'
  15. N. Korean dire warning on S. Korean drill
  16. North Korea reopens to South as economy weakens
  17. Obama administration moves to strike down Defense of Marriage Act
  18. Obama administration says marriage law unfair
  19. Obama aide says president still favors public health plan
  20. Obama marginalizes his own citizens
  21. Dean Public option a must for health care reform
  22. Pro-Muslim TV - coming to your town?
  23. Republican Huckabee supports Israeli settlements
  24. Texas drought produces long, busy fire season
  25. Weiner Senate healthcare deal could cost 100 House votes
  26. War erupts over Glenn Beck TV show: Fans fight back

Monday - August 17, 2009:

  1. Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease
  2. 20 Killed in Failed Syrian Scud Missile Test
  3. Ahmadinejad, Iran sued over death of protester
  4. Atlantic Hurricanes Hit 1,000-Year High
  5. Berman: Engagement with Iran necessary
  6. After US Agreement Colombia Wants Military Rapprochement to Brazil
  7. Clinton calls on Iran to release Americans
  8. Gibbs: No Postal Service for Health Care=
  9. Nuclear official to be new Iran foreign minister
  10. Hard-Line Cleric Named Iran's Judiciary Chief
  11. Lutherans prepare for decision on homosexual clergy
  12. N. Korea threatens retaliation over US, UN sanctions
  13. Obama seeks to track visits to gov. websites
  14. Seven hurt in Indonesian earthquake
  15. Storms Ana and Bill race west in the US
  16. Terrain complicates battle against California wildfires
  17. Sen. Conrad Public option a 'wasted effort'
  18. Tropical Storm Claudette nears Florida coast
  19. UBS to name 5,000 accounts under U.S. deal paper
  20. 'UN Gaza report written by Palestinians'
  21. Water pits Georgia against neighbors

Sunday - August 16, 2009:

  1. Al-Qaida faction threatens takeover of African state
  2. Arabs pressure Obama to endorse strike on Iran
  3. 'Colombia-US base accord reached'
  4. Dying for their faith
  5. Iran detainees beaten to death, says opposition leader
  6. Hatch: Health plans mean gov't takeover
  7. Iranian clerics want rape accuser arrested
  8. Lutherans: Time to drop out
  9. Parched California scorched by blazes
  10. U.S. formally announces start of military training in Georgia
  11. Venezuela-Russia military cooperation to continue

Saturday - August 15, 2009:

  1. $8 billion - just for 'cap-and-trade' staffing
  2. Arabs to EU Make Israel expose nukes
  3. Assad to visit Tehran
  4. 'Many hurricanes' in modern times
  5. Beheadings: Old terror alive again in 21st century
  6. End-times Muslim beheadings on the rise
  7. Congressmen Face Evidence of PA Incitement
  8. Giving Congress a New Perspective
  9. Growing in faith, believing what they say
  10. UN Rights chief Gaza blockade violated rules of war
  11. 'Hate crimes' brings pro-'gay' cash to your town
  12. 'Investigate if Khamenei fit to rule'
  13. J Street's Moslem, Arab Donors are Revealed
  14. Report: McCain praises Gaddafi for peacemaking
  15. South Carolina diocese to weigh its future in Episcopal Church
  16. Temple Mount Show: Life After the Destruction of the Holy Temple (Video)
  17. Texas gov. compares Gaza to Mexico
  18. Top rabbis declare day of fasting over 'evil' swine flu
  19. Town halls burst with Obama 'plants'

Friday - August 14, 2009:

  1. 1,000 homes evacuated near N. Calif. fire
  2. 29 US Democrats: Biggest Peace Obstacle is Abbas Stubborness
  3. 'Anti-Israel' adviser top pick for ambassador to Syria
  4. India's water use 'unsustainable'
  5. Census plan would illegally redistribute House seats
  6. Congressman: Israel, PA Capable of Negotiating Alone
  7. Deficit Plays Into Health Reform
  8. Hezbollah operating in S. America
  9. Hezbollah suspected of setting up camp in Venezuela
  10. Hoyer blames Palestinians for no talks
  11. Huckabee to speak at east Jerusalem hotel
  12. India hit with 5.7-magnitude earthquake
  13. Iran calls for ban on striking nuke facilities
  14. Israeli paper says strike on Iran could delay bomb
  15. Japan hit by third strong earthquake
  16. Millions of salmon disappear from Canadian river
  17. New superbug resistant to antibiotics and more difficult to tackle than MRSA
  18. Obama's façade Exposed and crumbling (Commentary)
  19. Out of WAC: World Archaeological Congress Excludes Israel
  20. Patients bring new drug-resistant superbug into UK after surgery abroad
  21. Two Iranian women imprisoned for confessing Christ
  22. Public Fast Called to Fight Swine Flu
  23. Georgia Republican hints Democrats could declare martial law
  24. Russia sides with Hezbollah against Israel
  25. Sign says you can 'be good without God'
  26. Temple Mount Show: Torah and Sacrifices - The Singer & Gimpel Show
  27. Minister: China wants more say over iron prices
  28. U.S. sees growing backing for N_Korea sanctions
  29. UN expert receives claims of prison abuse in Iran
  30. US on the UN: Treatment of Israel unfair

Thursday - August 13, 2009:

  1. AARP: Obama got it wrong
  2. 'Big brother-care' looms large
  3. Christian Russian TV Station to Broadcast in Israel
  4. Debate over US healthcare reform takes an ugly turn
  5. The Price of Failure (Health care)
  6. China warns of 'arms race in outer space'
  7. Is Russia ready for Star Wars?
  8. Kremlin bill on using army abroad
  9. Muslim radicals behead Christian orphan workers
  10. Number of Japan earthquake injuries rises to over 115, one dead
  11. Obama's Chicago-style intimidation (Commentary)
  12. Obama's political, social agendas facing strong opposition
  13. Officials see rise in militia groups across US
  14. 'One-size-fits-all' healthcare not tailored for U.S.
  15. Overpopulation myth over-blown
  16. Pakistan denies al-Qaida targeting nuclear facilities
  17. Pakistan nuclear sites may be vulnerable says think tank report
  18. Pentagon very nervous about Arab-Kurdish feud
  19. Personhood amendment making inroads in Colorado
  20. Poll: 49% disapprove of Obama's handling of healthcare policy
  21. Poll: 70% of Americans view Israel as ally
  22. Report: NASA can't keep up with killer asteroids
  23. See the latest voter revolts
  24. US sends military team back to Damascus for talks
  25. Will Americans follow orders to take flu shots?

Wednesday - August 12, 2009:

  1. 71 Senators to Obama: How About Pressuring the Arabs
  2. ACLU: Government Proposes Massive Shift In Online Privacy Policy
  3. Earthquakes in Japan and in the Andaman trigger tsunami warnings later recalled
  4. Christians reject abortion as part of healthcare plan
  5. Fatah boosts Abbas as old guard voted out
  6. 'Hezbollah plotting attacks abroad'
  7. Hoyer: E. J'lem not same as W. Bank
  8. Iranian reformists: 69 killed in riots
  9. Islam's Mahdi: Bringer of peace or war?
  10. Israel Joins Turkey and US in Naval Drill, Reliant Mermaid 10
  11. Lutherans prepare to debate gay clergy
  12. Obama Web-Tracking Proposal Raises Privacy Concerns
  13. Opposition leader discusses United States
  14. Russia welcomes Venezuelan proposals on military cooperation
  15. Russian subs off U.S. coast on assignment?
  16. School officials face jail time for meal-time prayers
  17. Strong earthquakes shake Tokyo area, Indian Ocean
  18. Video: Extreme weather and earthquakes hit Asia-Pacific region
  19. Wasps sting mother and two-year-old son 55 times as swarms invade Britain

Tuesday - August 11, 2009:

  1. A scientist who's a Christian asks, 'Are we crazy' (apostasy)
  2. Another 45,000 US troops needed in Afghanistan, military adviser says
  3. Arabs of Jewish Descent in Israel
  4. Typhoon fury hits China, Taiwan and Japan
  5. Baby Boom Intifada: European Muslim Population Time Bomb
  6. Britain wants rethink on food production
  7. Don't give Tamiflu or Relenza to under-12s, warn researchers
  8. Drought is hurting Canadian farmers
  9. Hardliners seek to put opposition in the dock
  10. Hotel collapses as typhoon Morakot continues to devastate China
  11. House leaders call noisy disruption of healthcare forums 'un-American'
  12. India inspects North Korea ship for nuclear material
  13. India searches North Korean ship
  14. Mexican cartels smuggle oil to US
  15. More Turkmen gas for Iran, less for Europe
  16. Iranian lawmaker links detained US hikers to election unrest
  17. July's climate- Chilly USA, torrid globe
  18. Kurdish faultline threatens to spark new war
  19. Lethal algae take over beaches in northern France
  20. Northern Hemisphere Braces as Swine Flu Heads North
  21. Obama Immigration reform has to wait
  22. Obama: North America needs 'aggressive action'
  23. Obama Promises Solution to U.S.-Mexico Trucking Spat
  24. Iran purges Intelligence Ministry officials
  25. Public spied on 1,500 times a day in UK, study finds
  26. Something extraordinary happened to missing Atlantic ship - expert
  27. Spain helping to rebuild illegal homes in e. J'lem
  28. Strong quake off Vanuatu island, no tsunami warning
  29. Taiwan mudslide may have buried 600 villagers
  30. Governors oppose DoD emergency powers
  31. They think we're stupid, so let us count the ways!
  32. U.S. military presence in Colombia could spark war - Chavez
  33. U.S. urges Iran to release three hikers Jim Jones
  34. Wildfire in central California

Monday - August 10, 2009:

  1. 120 Labour MPs plan to stand down at next general election
  2. China lifts blockade on plague-hit town
  3. Clinton: No illusions about Iran talks
  4. Clinton: Nukes won't ensure Iran's safety
  5. Deputy FM Ayalon: British Interference in Jerusalem will Stop
  6. European-Israeli in Sderot Sues EU for Rocket Protection
  7. Gingrich warns of euthanasia
  8. H1N1 Iranian airline suspends Saudi flights
  9. Health Ministry: 2,000 Israelis have H1N1
  10. IDF looking for anti-smuggling solution in US
  11. India deals with malaria outbreak
  12. Iran admits election demonstrators were tortured
  13. Iran Guard wants former president, moderates tried
  14. Iran Tries 2nd Group Accused of Overthrow Plot
  15. Iranian paper blames Israel for unrest
  16. Isotope shortage means a healthcare crisis
  17. Landslide kills 46 in north India
  18. North Korea ship crew uncooperative India investigators
  19. Obama warned at summit: No North American Union
  20. Remains from Period of King Hezekiah Discovered
  21. Report: 1/5 of EU will be Muslim by 2050
  22. Retired general: US strike on Iran 'feasible and credible'
  23. Strong quake jolts Tokyo; trains halted briefly
  24. Trade, security focus at Three amigos summit
  25. Typhoon Morakot kills 23 in Philippines
  26. Typhoon pummels China, forcing nearly 1M to flee
  27. U.S. urges Iran to release three hikers Jim Jones
  28. With Iran Blaming West, Dual Citizens Are Targets

Sunday - August 9, 2009:

  1. 7 health insurance myths debunked
  2. Army chief Sir David Richards predicts 40 more years fighting Taliban in Afghanistan
  3. Britain's anger as Iran puts Embassy 'riot' man on trial
  4. Glaciers a canary in the coal mine of global warming
  5. National Guard asked to explain 'internment' jobs
  6. Pressure builds on Ahmadinejad
  7. Hard-liners demand Ahmadinejad fealty
  8. Healthcare critics make outlandish claims Obama
  9. Home front getting ugly for recessed Congress
  10. Human rights group notes 'alarming spike' in Iran executions
  11. India intercepts North Korean ship
  12. Iran resumes mass trial of activists, protesters
  13. Obama Reform key to economic recovery
  14. Obama uses jobs report to press health care reform
  15. Taliban leader's death disputed, shootout claimed
  16. Sen. Kerry frets over Obama letter to GOP
  17. US: Iranian bomb no earlier than 2013

Saturday - August 8, 2009:

  1. Report: Israel planned to strike Iran during riots
  2. Eureka! Israel to head the world's largest R&D initiative
  3. Obama 'has no illusions on terror'
  4. Iran reportedly kills seven lawyers
  5. Japanese Envoy, Pres. Peres See North Korea-Iran Similarities
  6. Weaker Ahmadinejad faces major cabinet task
  7. Stop bugging us: Sunseekers run for cover as millions of ladybirds invade seaside resorts
  8. Invading seagulls suffer the wrath of town dwellers
  9. World food prices stabilise, no drop in sight
  10. No injuries from two Calif. earthquakes
  11. Russia to spend $15 bln on armed forces in 2010
  12. Congress Gets an Upgrade
  13. House Democrat received Countrywide loans report
  14. New ENDA bill 'turns private sin into a public right'
  15. Obama 'snitch' program put on notice
  16. Peter Schiff to take on Chris Dodd
  17. Sanhedrin discuss Third Temple with Muslim author?
  18. Who's behind the Internet Snitch Brigade?

Friday - August 7, 2009:

  1. Analysis: Israel vs the world Drawing battle lines over Jerusalem
  2. Anti-Semites in Canadian church denomination
  3. Cambodia, malaria emergency in six months 103 deaths and 27 thousand infections
  4. Cantor US too focused on settlements
  5. Congressman wants government GPS in cars
  6. High taxes = new American 'slave master'
  7. It's real anger - not 'manufactured'
  8. Presidents Conference raps Fatah statements
  9. 'Press association in Iran shut down'
  10. NKorea, Iran use similar script to get their way
  11. Pro-aborts clouding issue of healthcare reform, abortion
  12. Republicans 'troubled' by US policy on Israel
  13. South Kyrgyz town quarantined over anthrax outbreak
  14. South Russia missile radar to be fully operational in October
  15. Study Fewer US Jews Say They're Observant
  16. TV blackout and boycott mar Ahmadinejad's swearing-in
  17. U.S. asks Israel to suspend settlement building for one year
  18. US Embassy, Consulate Cater to Arabs
  19. US: Israeli diplomat slams Israel's policy
  20. Venezuela could order T-72 tanks from Russia
  21. What Muslim leader wants Temple rebuilt?

Thursday - August 6, 2009:

  1. Arab Americans meet at White House
  2. Canada's Parliament ponders legal euthanasia
  3. Dems 'undercut' pro-life efforts in Congress
  4. Driest summer fuels Alaskan wildfires
  5. Echoes of Cold War as two Russian nuclear attack submarines are spotted off U.S. coast
  6. U.S. tracks unexpected Russian subs off east coast
  7. 'France requested terrorist's release'
  8. Live From the Temple Mount
  10. Mideast expert questions Turkey's role
  11. Mystery poison hits N.Z. beaches
  12. Plot to attack army base uncovered
  13. Report: Hezbollah can strike Tel Aviv
  14. Report: Iranian officers beat 12-year old to death
  15. Russia, Venezuela discuss nuclear research reactor plans
  16. Sea lions moving up Calif. coast this year
  17. Strong quake hits southern Japan
  18. Gov't insurance would allow coverage for abortion
  19. U.S. seeks to protect Iran terror group
  20. US complains to Oren over e. J'lem eviction
  21. WHO confirms 1,154 swine flu deaths
  22. World’s Largest Temple Model Inaugurated next to Temple Mount
  23. Zimbabwe farm chaos persists, hits coffee industry

Wednesday - August 5, 2009:

  1. Alaska running out of wildfire resources
  2. CHINA: Poisoned by heavy metals Hunan villagers step up protests
  3. Qinghai third death from pneumonic plague reported as some desperate residents try to flee
  4. Could Iran be plotting a Hizbollah offensive to take the heat off its leaders
  5. Dems confess hopes to eliminate private healthcare
  6. Forests fall to beetle outbreak
  7. Homeland security chief: Flu will get jump on vaccine
  8. Israel, US discuss curbing Iran gas imports
  9. Israeli official: Iran will have nuclear capacity by late ‘09
  10. Jordan River may stop flowing, group warns
  11. King salmon vanishing in Alaska, smokehouses empty
  12. Medvedev, Obama aim to agree arms cuts by December
  13. Northwestern Mexico has been rocked by a strong quake
  14. Obama can't afford to tell truth on health care (Commentary)
  15. Rezaei: 'I don't accept Ahmadinejad's 2nd term'
  16. Russian senator says Fatah congress could end Palestinian crisis
  17. Senate Democrats Willing to Bypass GOP on Health Bill
  18. Spanish holiday island blaze
  19. UK minister: Syria must promote peace
  20. US Media See Through Smokescreen of Optimism

Tuesday - August 4, 2009:

  1. 64% of Israelis want Temple rebuilt
  2. Al Qaeda tells Barack Obama conditional truce offer still stands
  3. American Episcopal leaders have nominate two gays as bishops
  4. Center Field Obama beware Sometimes personal magic can be tragic
  5. Crossroads for health insurance 'reform'
  6. Dems vow health bill with or without GOP
  7. Floods leave 400,000 homeless in Philippine south
  8. Growing violence targets Christians
  9. 'Iran waiting for Khamenei go-ahead to build atom bomb'
  10. Khamenei endorses Ahmadinejad
  11. Lightning-sparked fires force Calif. evacuations
  12. Little Holds Nigeria Back From Food Crisis
  13. Mexican trucks to storm U.S.
  14. Mitchell: US peace push misinterpreted
  15. Obama threatens Okla. over English-only referendum
  16. Official wants Fatah and Iran to unite
  17. 'Pelosi jobs tax' pairs up with ObamaCare
  18. Protests in Iran as Ahmadinejad endorsed
  19. Report: Iran can get bomb within 1 year
  20. Report Obama considers Iran gas cut-off
  21. Science czar's thinking 'severely defective'
  22. US condemns evicition of east J'lem families
  23. Wildfires threaten Canadian town

Monday - August 3, 2009:

  1. Airport chapels removing Christian symbols
  2. Analysis: Pakistan precedent provides sober warnings
  3. Arab States ‘Annoyed’ with Mitchell, want Fast ‘Final Solution'
  4. Australian judge calls Islamic leader ‘racist’
  5. Fires rage across Canary island
  6. Calif. state workers authorize strike
  7. Man dies from plague in China, 11 others infected
  8. Explosives En Route to Hizbullah Caused Deadly Iran Plane Crash
  9. Iran's Khatami says detainees' trial a 'show'
  10. Is this really smoking gun of Obama's Kenyan birth
  11. Massive wildfire races toward B.C. homes
  12. PAKISTAN: Eight Christians burned alive in Punjab
  13. Report: Iran plane was carrying arms for Hezbollah
  14. UN, U.K. slam Israel's eviction of Arab families from East Jerusalem
  15. US Marshals Seize Sanitizer for Bacteria Problems

Sunday - August 2, 2009:

  1. From The Road and 2012 to Colony and Day One, Apocalypse Movies and TV Shows Dominate
  2. 64% of Israelis want Temple rebuilt
  3. 'Dire shortage' at UN food agency
  4. Chinese reluctance hinders U.S. planning for North Korea
  5. Ebola cousin found in fruit bats in Uganda study
  6. 'German charity front for Hizbullah'
  7. Lebanese cleric Obama failed to repair Arab ties
  8. Hezbollah slams US for extending Syria sanctions
  9. House Energy and Commerce Committee approves health care bill
  10. Iran confirms detaining three US hikers
  11. Iran starts moderates' trial for post-vote unrest
  12. Many Americans don't believe in hell, but what about pastors?
  13. PAKISTAN: Muslims burn 75 Christian homes and 2 churches in Punjab
  14. Poll: Less Than Half Of GOP Believe President Barack Obama Was Born In U.S.
  15. Poll: Obama loses ground on health care and overall rating
  16. Nigerian official says 700 died in recent violence
  17. Temple Institute lays foundation of altar
  18. Proposed Counseling for Seniors in Health Plan Spurs New Battle
  19. Saudi Arabia Throws Cold Water on Obama’s Peace Plan
  20. Saudi Minister Rejects Incremental Steps Toward Mideast Peace
  21. French general takes over NATO command in Virginia

Saturday - August 1, 2009:

  1. Ahmadinejad denies rift with Khamenei
  2. Another Tack: Be a good bully
  3. Australian weather bureau sees El Nino by Sept-Nov
  4. Tehran turns inward, silent on US outreach
  5. Half of children taking Tamiflu have side-effects
  6. House Democrats patch up health care differences
  7. Hundreds of dead bodies found on Nigerian streets after unrest
  8. John Bolton: It’s Crunch Time for Israel on Iran
  9. Mild season in Tornado Alley frustrates scientists
  10. Missile defense system passes test, U.S. agency says
  11. Obama extends Syria sanctions
  12. Preparing for war
  13. Pro-life measure fails on second vote
  14. Iran and Russia hold joint naval manoeuvres
  15. Saudi Arabia rebuffs US on ties to Israel
  16. Senate would ban Iran dealers from supplying reserve
  17. 'Stimulus' grants going to porn producers
  18. Tell Israel: Cool the jets!
  19. U.S. announces sanctions on North Korean corporation
  20. U_S_ Updates Israel on (Theoretical)Iran Sanctions
  21. Will Krakatoa rock the world again Last time, it killed thousands and changed the weather for five years, now it could be even deadlier

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