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Sunday - August 31, 2008:

  1. Top Iranian general: Any attack against us will lead to world war
  2. Hurricane-force winds, heavy rain hit Phoenix area
  3. Georgia regulators close Integrity Bank, 10th bank to fail
  4. EU Likely to Shy From Sanctions on Russia, Sarkozy Aide Says
  5. 'Revenge for Mughniyeh is legitimate'
  6. Young Hamas ‘warlords and thugs’ oust senior members
  7. Israel has put plans for a unilateral military strike against Iran into high gear, Israel's daily Ma'ariv reported
  8. Strong quake rattles Papua New Guinea
  9. S_ Ossetia to be absorbed into Russia
  10. Southern Baptists launch 40-day prayer campaign
  11. California plans to drug depressed patients to death
  12. Russian Offensive Hailed in Mideast

Saturday - August 30, 2008:

  1. Report: Iran has 4,000 working nuclear centrifuges
  2. Syria takes full advantage of US-Russia discord
  3. Report: Iran supplied Hizbullah with advanced missiles
  4. A biblical tragedy in Galilee
  5. 'Israel won't allow a nuclear Iran'
  6. Israel Has Decided- Iran Will Not Have Nukes
  7. Syrian government newspaper hails
  8. Palestinian media Rice urging division of Jerusalem
  9. The Gog-Magog alliance
  10. Russia 'could destroy NATO ships in Black Sea within 20 minutes'
  11. First American Base Being Established in Israel

Friday - August 29, 2008:

  1. Syria, Iran warm to Russia as US tensions grow
  2. Washington's nuclear maneuver
  3. Russia Proposes Plan to Counter NATO as EU Considers Sanctions
  4. US mulls scrapping nuclear pact with Russia
  5. Russia isolated over Georgia, Putin attacks U.S.
  6. Russia long-range missile test a success
  7. 'Most Americans may back strike on Iran'
  8. Venezuela Tightens Ties With Iran, Hizbullah
  9. Abbas-Olmert Meeting Sunday Amid Signs of Secret Deal
  10. Quake Cluster Rocks Canada's West Coast
  11. EU officials fear more Russian actions
  12. Report: Iran missile defense ready by 2009
  13. Russia steps up security of its navy facilities in Ukraine
  14. EU leaders considering sanctions against Russia
  15. US Navy joint exercise in Gulf to boost security
  16. Cold War tension rises as Putin talks of Black Sea confrontation

Thursday - August 28, 2008:

  1. Rice pushes for division of Jerusalem within five years
  2. E-mail frenzy 'Obama plans to disarm U.S.!'
  3. Mua'alem rejects US concerns over potential arms buildup
  4. Iranian cleric blasts Ahmadinejad
  5. IAF buys new fix for bombed runways
  6. Quake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale hits Siberia
  7. Medvedev looks east for support on Georgia
  8. Egyptian FM, Suleiman discuss 'Israeli threats'
  9. Russia to up naval presence in Syria

Wednesday - August 27, 2008:

  1. Moscow says NATO begins supplying new arms to Georgia
  2. Miliband urges coalition against Russia in Georgia
  3. Russian threat to Nato supply route in Afghanistan
  4. Rice Visit: PA State Closer than Ever
  5. U.N. Confirms: Hizbullah Importing Weapons From Syria
  6. Swiss FM Promotes Talks with Bin Laden and Hizbullah
  7. N. Korea to suspend nuclear disablement
  8. Condi pulls a Solomon Split Jerusalem in 2
  9. Democrat sues Sen. Obama over 'fraudulent candidacy'
  10. Prayer in public Can you still say 'Jesus'
  11. Russia threatens military response to US missiles
  12. Georgia asks Western powers to speed up its NATO, EU integration
  13. More Than 1 Million Stranded by Floods in India
  14. Russian General Criticizes US Black Sea Presence

Tuesday - August 26, 2008:

  1. Rice in the Middle East to push for agreement
  2. Has the Iranian atom become a bargaining chip
  3. Barak to Rice- Israel won't accept nuclear Iran
  4. Hamas smuggling continues 'rapidly'
  5. Kassam Rocket Attacks from Gaza a Possible Ramadan Preview
  6. Iran launches submarine production to protect vital shipping line
  7. INDIA Orissa Hindu extremists burn one nun alive, rape another
  8. Russian military concerned by larger NATO presence in Black Sea
  9. Russia cruiser to test weapons in crowded Black Sea
  10. Washington state to consider euthanasia

Monday - August 25, 2008:

  1. Russia-Cuba Ties Seen as Warning to U.S.
  2. 'Syria trying to press US to sponsor talks with Israel'
  3. Ukraine president wants to join NATO
  4. US: Russian patrols violate truce
  5. Putin, Medvedev offer Syria expanded options for weapons systems
  6. Syria becomes oil importer as production continues to decline
  7. Nasrallah: Next war will end in victory
  8. Palestinian Affairs King switch
  9. 'Israeli soldiers will be destroyed'
  10. Nasrallah Warns Israel; Hizbullah-Syria-Lebanon Axis Tightens
  11. Fatah Concerned Over Hamas Ties With Jordan, Yemen
  12. Saudis Help Bail Out Cash-Strapped PA
  13. Georgia crisis may ease pressure on Iran reports
  14. Iran launches submarine production to protect vital shipping line

Sunday - August 24, 2008:

  1. Deception on infant protection bill haunts Obama
  2. Temple Institute completes Keter for the Laver
  3. 'Israel defiled Al-Aqsa Mosque'
  4. 'Don't push Lebanon into Hizbullah's arms'
  5. Israel feeling diplomatic fallout from Russian crisis with West
  6. Lebanon endorses relations with Syria
  7. Attack forces Indonesian Christians off campus
  8. Olmert plans trip to Russia fearing Syria arms deal
  9. NATO sends more ships into Black Sea-2
  10. Russian troops to patrol Georgian port of Poti - Gen.Staff
  11. Study finds quake dangers for NYC

Saturday - August 23, 2008:

  1. Oh, my Gog!
  2. Bashar supports Russian military action in Georgia
  3. US pressuring Israel to halt talks with Syria
  4. Hizbullah Declares Revenge for Mughniyeh Killing Draws Closer
    Hizbullah 'prepared to avenge Mugniyah's death'
    'We'll soon avenge Mughniyeh's death'
  5. Syria says did not agree to deploy Russian missiles
  6. Analysts warn Hizbullah could strike Israelis anywhere
  7. A change to the route of Israel's security fence will leave nearly 1,000 more acres on the Palestinian side
  8. Earthquake measuring 6_0 jolts Uzbekistan's capital Tashkent
  9. Second quake in south-west China kills three, injures hundreds
  10. Typhoon Nuri shuts down Hong Kong, flights cancelled
  11. Pakistan - Coalition could split over judges
  12. What Israel Lost in the Georgia War
  13. Israeli Air Force to move to the Negev next week
  14. Russian, Swiss and Canadian firms bidding on Iran reactor projects

Friday - August 22, 2008:

  1. Air Force Moves Base from Ben Gurion to Negev
  2. Assad to Russia: Plant missiles in Syria
  3. 'Assad urges Moscow to cut its ties with NATO and the West'
  4. Kazakhstan considers to divert oil export route from BTC to Russia
  5. Fear of new Mid East 'Cold War' as Syria strengthens military alliance with Russia
  6. Hamas leader: We'll retrieve Jerusalem only by way of jihad
  7. Iran plans to build six more nuclear plants
  8. 'Israel must freeze talks with Syria'
  9. Livni Takes Hard Line on PA Talks, Warns of Violence
  10. Moscow halts all cooperation with NATO alliance
  11. Russia says ready to supply Syria with defensive weapons
  12. Russia Threatens Military Response if U.S., Poland Follow Through With Missile Defense Deal
  13. Suicide bombs kill 59 outside Pakistani arms plant
  14. Ukraine moves to enforce new rules for Russia's Black Sea Fleet

Thursday - August 21, 2008:

  1. Bush: Russia's actions raise serious questions; Lavrov: America must choose
  2. Analysis: Assad's shopping list
  3. Civil Fights Sacrificing an ally to wishful thinking
  4. Drought poses tough choices for Israel
  5. Monitor UN peacekeepers in Lebanon co-opted by Hizbullah
  6. Poland and U.S. sign shield deal
  7. Jordan, Hamas step up dialogue
  8. Russia threatens retaliation against Israel
  9. Norway: Russia to cut all military ties with NATO
  10. Iran is ready to help Belarus advance its peaceful nuclear program
  11. It could be the wettest August for 100 years

Wednesday - August 20, 2008:

  1. Analysis: Hizbullah's 'political Jujutsu' Using its leverage in Lebanon
  2. The West's Islamist infiltrators
  3. 'We exercised restraint in Lebanon war'
  4. Russian general accuses Israel of arming Georgia
  5. As elections near, Iran question up in air
  6. Israel and the United States reportedly have closed a deal to incorporate Israel into the U.S. missile defense system
  7. Venezuela backs production cut if oil prices keep falling: minister
  8. Report warns of global fallout from invasion of Georgia, faults U.S. intelligence
  9. Resilient storm Fay could hit Florida a third time
  10. Calif court: Homosexual rights trump religious freedom
  11. Evangelist Bentley stepping down
  12. Israelis War With Hezbollah Inevitable

Tuesday - August 19, 2008:

  1. Report Russia moved missiles into Georgia
  2. Coastal towns doomed by rising sea
  3. Flooding hits Ireland after record August rainfall
  4. 'IDF detects Syrian rocket test'
  5. No Sign of a Russian Departure in Georgia
  6. NRDC Press Release: EPA Buzz Kill Is the Agency Hiding Colony Collapse Disorder Information
  7. PA worried about rapprochement between Hamas and Jordan
  8. Rice: Russia playing very dangerous game
  9. 'Russia may arm Baltic fleet with nukes'
  10. Russia's Georgia Invasion May Be About Oil
  11. Toxic Indian festivals poison waterways
  12. Ukraine offers satellite defence co-operation with Europe and US

Monday - August 18, 2008:

  1. U.S. worries Russia returning to its past
  2. Curiosity about U.S. Navy buildup in Persian Gulf
  3. Environment Europe's pine may be wiped out, say experts
  4. Ethiopia's new famine: 'A ticking time bomb'
  5. Lebanon expects full diplomatic ties with Syria within 2 months
  6. Tour of Tskhinvali undercuts Russian version of fighting
  7. Pakistan's Musharraf announces resignation
  8. Russia warned withdraw from Georgia, or else
  9. U.S., Israel seal deal for missile radar defense system
  10. Senior Iran official predicts imminent demise of Gulf state royals

Sunday - August 17, 2008:

  1. Egypt Iran owes West transparency
  2. Georgia awaits evidence of ceasefire
  3. Iran to launch its first satellite by next weekend - president
  4. Israel calls on UNIFIL to report smuggling
  5. U.S. May Ease Police Spy Rules
  6. Ukraine interested in missile shield
  7. Russia angered by Israeli drone sale to Georgia
  8. Sol Sanders Putin's chess move in Georgia, timed to start of Olympics

Saturday - August 16, 2008:

  1. Georgian president's Russia claims raise eyebrows
  2. Researchers fear other bird flu virus may cause pandemic
  3. Russia Poland Risks Nuclear Attack Because of US Missiles
  4. Venomous lionfish prowls fragile Caribbean waters
  5. West warns Russia over military push into Georgia
  6. U.S. freezes assets of 5 Iranian firms involved with WMD development
  7. Horror in south- Hundreds of bees attack family
  8. New PRC rocket 'can reach Ashdod'
  9. UNIFIL commander Israel violating 1701
  10. An Israeli diplomat reprimanded the UNIFIL commander
  11. Mekong overflows to highest levels ever
  12. Jordan, Hamas re-establish ties
  13. US must share power in new world order, says Turkey's controversial president
  14. Rising ocean acidity slows marine fertilization

Friday - August 15, 2008:

  1. Georgia asks UN court for urgent order to Russia
  2. Lavrov cancels trip to Warsaw over US missile deal
  3. 'New Syria-Lebanon ties won't undermine Hizbullah's mission'
  4. Analysis What does Moscow want in Georgia
  5. US, Poland reach missile defense deal
  6. Israel concerned Russia will no longer help on Iran
  7. Terrorists Building 16-Mile Range Rockets During Ceasefire
  8. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Turkey for nuclear, bilateral talks
  9. Defense chief says Iran military primed
  10. Coastal dead zones spread globally, study finds
  11. Bigger, tougher fires bring Calif. to the brink
  12. 'Dead Zones' Appear In Waters Worldwide

Thursday - August 14, 2008:

  1. Ahmadinejad- West should not support Israel
  2. Israel fears war could hurt Iran effort
  3. Lavrov US must choose between Russia and Georgia
  4. US blocking Israeli plans to attack Iranian nuclear sites
  5. Israeli defence minister says US does not support attack on Iran
  6. Syria, Lebanon agree to establish diplomatic ties
  7. Russia slams Ukraine decree on Black Sea Fleet as anti-Russian
  8. New Iran claim Unmanned 'smart' stealth sub
  9. Report Tension in Syria amid IDF drill

Wednesday - August 13, 2008:

  1. Campaign to silence dissent in West Bank, Gaza
  2. Disease worsens food insecurity in Africa
  3. Israel to close Gaza crossings after rocket attack
  4. IDF Exercise in Golan- Warning to Hizbullah
  5. Junk Bond Defaults Rise As Economy Slows
  6. Mofaz announces candidacy, vows J'lem to remain unified
  7. Olmert Offers Final Status Plan to Abbas, Includes 93% Pullout
  8. Palestinians reject Israeli offer to annex 7.3 % of West Bank
  9. Gorbachev slams US's 'serious blunder'
  10. Polish, Ukrainian, Baltic leaders to visit Georgia
  11. Syria arrests suspects in Suleiman assassination
  12. Tiberias: Sewage plant break-in causes water pollution in Lake Kinneret
  13. Train to the Western Wall

Tuesday - August 12, 2008:

  1. Russian troops said to cut Georgia in half
  2. Bush Russia 'invaded' Georgia, must back off
  3. Cash Running Out at Gaza Banks
  4. Abu Ala Threatens Israel With a Binational State
  5. BTC oil pipeline fire extinguished: BP
  6. Bush: Russia must 'reverse course' in Georgia
  7. CA legislature passes bill for 'gay day' celebrations in schools
  8. Georgian exit leaves vacuum near Iranian border
  9. New bird flu strain detected in Nigeria
  10. 'Oil, Israel and Iran' Among Factors that Led to Georgia War
  11. PRC demands Gaza crossings be reopened or truce will be over
  12. Quake hits Venezuela oil region, buildings damaged
  13. U.S. envoy accuses Russia of planning invasion
  14. Russia Warns Baltics, Poland To Pay For Georgia Stance: Report
  15. Russian invasion of Georgia has Israel caught in middle

Monday - August 11, 2008:

  1. Hizbullah no match for IDF, says senior officer
  2. Israel, Iran fighting over Syria
  3. Iranian official says new sanctions will only hurt Europe
  4. Ukraine says it reserves right to bar Russian navy
  5. 'Hizbullah received advanced launchers'
  6. Israel concerned over Georgia 'war'
  7. Killed Syrian Aide Gave Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Hizbullah
  8. Today Marks Ninth of Av Fast Day - Birthday of the Messiah
  9. Strong quake hits Indian Ocean, no tsunami alert
  10. IDF trains for simultaneous Hezbollah, Iran, Syria missile strikes

Sunday - August 10, 2008:

  1. Credit crisis triggers unprecedented response
  2. Russia 1,500 killed in Georgia battles
  3. Deepening ecological crisis unfolds in South Australia as epic drought tightens grip
  4. Hamas plans to breach Sinai border Sun.
  5. Israel formally complained to Turkey about the coming visit of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
  6. Meltdown in the Arctic is speeding up
  7. Russia widens attacks as world pleads for peace in South Ossetia
  8. Siniora- We must regain occupied land
  9. 2 campaigns seek 'truth' about Obama's birth

Saturday - August 9, 2008:

  1. PRC warn Gaza truce may end in 3 weeks
  2. Analysis Subtly and determinedly, Syria is taking over Lebanon
  3. Israel warns Russia We'll neutralize S-300 if sold to Iran
  4. Rice denies US veto over Israeli strike on Iran
  5. ‘Sniper’ System Scanning Skies for Enemy Aircraft
  6. Island volcano shows signs of life
  7. Tropical downpours worsening, say scientists
  8. French region bans oyster sales in health scare
  9. CERN's new collider to fire first beam next month
  10. EU stands ready to broker Israel-Syria deal

Friday - August 8, 2008:

  1. '2 US aircraft carriers headed for Gulf'
  2. Anglican church head says Bible permits homosexual relations
  3. Cyprus ration water by the drop as drought continues
  4. Defense minister All Iran options are 'open and ready'
  5. Elected Leaders Ousted in Mauritania
  6. Egypt police discover 20 underground tunnels near border with Gaza
  7. Western nations push for new UN sanctions
  8. Jordan, Hamas resume contacts after 2 years
  9. Nearly 400,000 evacuated ahead of storm
  10. Pakistan coalition to move to impeach Musharraf
  11. Post-Disengagement: Guided Missiles, 10 Million Bullets
  12. Sinking Pacific nations face uncertain Games future

Thursday - August 7, 2008:

  1. US indicts 11 in credit-card scheme
  2. Barak warns of more strikes on Gaza Strip
  3. Hamas warns of uprising in W_ Bank
  4. US threatens to punish Iranian 'delay'
  5. Army commander We can defend against Iran's Shihabs
  6. IAF receives electro-optic system
  7. Indiana hit by tornadoes
  8. Obama receives illegal funds from 'terrorist hotbed'
  9. Lebanon tipping-point
  10. Evolution of a slither - study tracks snake's loss of legs
  11. Israel mulls military option for Iran nukes

Wednesday - August 6, 2008:

  1. Gaza summer camps teach kids to fire rockets
  2. Abbas, Olmert to meet on Wednesday
  3. Travel: Iran fingerprinting visitors
  4. Iran Threatens Strait of Hormuz
  5. Lebanese gov't allows Hizbullah to 'liberate occupied land'
  6. Pakistan floods displace 82,000, kill dozens
  7. Tropical Storm Edouard hits Texas coast
  8. Hamas threatens takeover of West Bank

Tuesday - August 5, 2008:

  1. Lebanese government- Hizbullah can keep arms
  2. National-Religious Parties Considering Historic Merger
  3. Bombers kill 16 police in West China ahead of Olympic Games
  4. Energy supplies at stake if Iran is attacked
  5. Russia may answer Western pressure with bases in Cuba - analyst
  6. Turkey appoints anti-Islamist army chief in message of support for secular regime
  7. Indian Ocean tuna catch drops, experts differ on why
  8. Syrian General Who Oversaw Arms Shipments Assassinated
  9. Illegal Obama donors Middle Eastern Arabs

Monday - August 4, 2008:

  1. Biometric database to be formed in Israel
  2. German gov't blasted for Iran gas deal
  3. Hilles family- Hamas will pay for blood spilt
  4. Lebanon Hezbollah may fight Israel to recover land
  5. 'Liaison officer to Hizbullah killed'
  6. Modest Gains Against Ever-Present Bioterrorism Threat
  7. To Provoke War, Cheney Considered Proposal To Dress Up Navy Seals As Iranians And Shoot At Them
  8. Shakeup coming for Turkey's military after Islamists survives court challenge
  9. Beirut to secure Hizbullah's right to 'liberate' land
  10. Gov't okays first round of bill to collect every citizen's photo and fingerprint
  11. Possible V-P Nominee Called Israel 'Ground Zero' in Global Fight - Politics & Government
  12. Biblical Proof of Jeremiah Unearthed at Ancient City of David - Jewish World
  13. Dead Sea's shrinking prompts concern
  14. Palestinians 'are taking road to hell with continued fighting'
  15. Syrian leader gets top billing in Middle East by doing nothing
  16. Hundreds of banks will fail, Roubini tells Barron's

Sunday - August 3, 2008:

  1. Son of top Hamas leader becomes Christian
  2. Iran vows no nuclear retreat
  3. Mofaz Iran near nuclear breakthrough
  4. Hezbollah may strike against Israeli surveillance flights over Lebanon
  5. Hezbollah is ready for new Israeli attacks
  6. Hizbullah Option of war awake
  7. More than 56,000 in U.S. infected with AIDS each year
  8. Warning on al-Qaeda's new female recruits in Europe

Saturday - August 2, 2008:

  1. Analysis We'll take the dowry - you keep the bride
  2. Candidate who wants Olmert's job once 'sought deaths of 70 Palestinians a day'
  3. Dire NC drought spurs action
  4. Eclipse blankets Russia; thousands watch in awe
  5. Governor orders layoffs, heavy pay cuts
  6. Olmert puts peace in peril
  7. 'iShoe' uses NASA tech to help prevent elderly falls
  8. Olmert's Top 'Syrian Connection' Quits
  9. 'Syria willing to cut ties with Iran'
  10. Syria Chooses: Assad to Visit Iran; Israel Continues Talks
  11. Turkish forest fires threaten ancient sites

Friday - August 1, 2008:

  1. New fossil footprint may prove man lived with the dinosaurs
  2. Abbas may halt peace negotiations
  3. Abbas to disband PA if Israel frees Hamas lawmakers
  4. Body in freezer as man preached
  5. Israeli Prime Minister to step down from post in two months
  6. Netanyahu calls for new Israeli parliamentary election
  7. Hamas threatens PA officials in W_ Bank
  8. Mt Zion Gate Dedicated Again - on 468th Birthday
  9. Olmert to seek Palestinian peace deal before leaving office
  10. Olmert to step down in two months
  11. Turkish ruling party to remain at government helm
  12. U.S. Intel Iran Plans Nuclear Strike on U.S.

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