World News Articles

Monday - April 30, 2012:

  1. Iran: F-22s in UAE are US-Israeli Plot
  2. US sending mixed signals on Iran
  3. UN Observers in Syria Explore Homs
  4. Deadly clashes as veteran peacekeeper heads for Syria
  5. Gunmen attack Syria military unit from sea
  6. Sudan declares state of emergency on border with South
  7. UK puts missiles on London rooftop to guard Olympics
  8. The Battering of Britain: 70mph winds and driving rain lash the country
  9. Grenade blast hits Kenyan church
  10. Gunmen kill 16 at Nigerian church services

Sunday - April 29, 2012:

  1. US military drills Day One after strike on Iran, deploys F-22s to Gulf
  2. Iran: Between three rocks and a hard place
  3. Iran says identified source of reported cyber attack on oil industry
  4. U.S. Congress voices concern over Iran cyber-threat
  5. Iran urged to honour UAE's full sovereignty
  6. Syria: 11 People Killed in Damascus Blast
  7. Annan's Syria peace plan on the brink of collapse
  8. Lebanon intercepts Syria-bound smuggling ship
  9. Syrian President Assad could be tried for war crimes, says ex-peace envoy
  10. Ukraine: At Least 27 Hurt in Series of Explosions
  11. Northern Ireland police find two car bombs
  12. Moderate earthquake shakes Southern California

Saturday - April 28, 2012:

  1. Arab League to Press UN Security Council on Syria
  2. 7 dead, 20 wounded in Damascus suicide bomb
  3. 3 tornadoes reported in southeast Colorado
  4. Huge green cloud over Moscow has terrified Russians tweeting for their lives

Friday - April 27, 2012:

  1. IDF chief Other countries are prepared for possible Iran strike
  2. Iran readying hacker attacks on U.S. infrastructure, specialists say
  3. Iran says it may halt nuclear program over sanctions
  4. Iran’s moves to annex UAE islands slammed
  5. Syrian rebel 'buried alive' at gunpoint
  6. Syria Massive explosion in Hama 'kills 70'
  7. Rocket rips through central Syria, at least 12 killed
  8. Syria blames rebels for massive blast in Hama
  9. Syria opposition: Assad's forces kill 102, despite ongoing UN mission
  10. France says military force an option on Syria
  11. UN Observers Seek to 'De-Escalate' Douma Tensions
  12. Pakistan tests upgraded nuclear-capable missile
  13. Scalia Compares Illegal Immigrants To ‘Bank Robbers’ In Arizona S.B. 1070 Arguments
  14. Central Russia Flood Damage Estimated at $17 mln
  15. UK: Tornados, more rain on the way, and a drought

Thursday - April 26, 2012:

  1. Iran preparing for ‘the Last Six Months’
  2. Syrian troops heavily bombard Damascus suburb
  3. Syria violence rages, France tells U.N. to hurry
  4. Syria opposition: Int'l community hypocritical
  5. Syria running out of cash as sanctions take toll, but Assad avoids economic pain
  6. Netanyahu: Iran Needs Missiles to Carry Medical Isotopes?
  7. NASA Minivan-size meteor over California weighed 75 tons
  8. Military says NKorea has 'powerful modern weapons'
  9. Police to Probe Prominent Muslim 'Blood Threats'

Wednesday - April 25, 2012:

  1. Obama announces new Iran, Syria technology sanctions
  2. Nearly 60 killed in violence across Syria
  3. Car bomb wounds 3, Syria intel officer shot
  4. Annan tells U.N. Syria hasn't withdrawn heavy weapons
  5. Hungry Syrian soldiers desert Golan defenses, prowl for food
  6. Russian Arms Sales to Syria to Comply with UN Rules
  7. Sudan bombs South, Kiir says rival has 'declared war'
  8. North Korea nuclear test due 'soon'
  9. Libya, Iraq Want to Buy Russian Arms - Rogozin
  10. Unmanned spy planes are being launched from locations in 20 states
  11. Democrats plan to force vote on Arizona immigration law if it’s upheld by court
  12. Worm turns sheep clone to good fat China scientists
  13. Freak windstorm blasts Turkey's largest city

Tuesday - April 24, 2012:

  1. China halves Iranian crude imports in March
  2. China steps back from supporting Assad, parts ways with Russia
  3. Hama shelling undermines Syria truce
  4. Fears of extremism taking hold in Syria as violence continues
  5. Syria: The battleground between Sunnis and Shiites
  6. N. Korea Threatens to 'Mercilessly Punish' South
  7. N. Korea threatens military strike against S. Korean president
  8. Austrian FM rejects EU 'super-president' idea
  9. 'Hotly contested' divestment proposal before Methodists
  10. Self-Proclaimed ‘God’ Torches Self Outside Moscow
  11. Saudi boy (4) kills father over PlayStation: report
  12. Explosion, Fireball Reported in Nevada, California

Monday - April 23, 2012:

  1. 'Iran begins to construct copy of US drone'
  2. Iraq's prime minister travels to Iran for talks
  3. The Swiss and Iran
  4. 6 killed in Syria as Annan touts peace plan
  5. More bloodshed in Syria as UN expands mission
  6. Activists Syrian troops attack Damascus suburb
  7. Syria forces open fire on refugees crossing into Jordan
  8. UN Monitors Visit Battered Syrian City
  9. Military ruler pledges power handover after protests
  10. Hundreds of dead dolphins wash up in Peru
  11. Toronto in Rage over ‘No God but Allah’ Subway Ads
  12. UN to investigate plight of US Native Americans for first time

Sunday - April 22, 2012:

  1. Iran rides high on nuclear concessions, demands end to sanctions
  2. UN council approves up to 300 Syria monitors
  3. Syrian activists Homs calm as observers expected
  4. Syrian Opposition Leader Says Syrian People Want Peace
  5. Afghan forces arrest five men with 10,000kg explosives
  6. Six Quakes Hit Indonesia in Short Span
  7. Tree disease threatens $2 billion California citrus industry
  8. Campus Christians forced to accept Muslim leaders?

Saturday - April 21, 2012:

  1. Iranian cleric praises atom talks, signals shift
  2. Amid nuclear talks, Iran warns of cutting oil to more EU states
  3. Barak Doesn't 'Buy' Khamenei's Anti-Nuke Fatwa
  4. Additional 30 UN monitors due to arrive in Syria as 23 people killed
  5. Syrian president warned to allow deployment of UN observers
  6. Syrian troops shell central city of Homs
  7. FSA Chief Calls for Military Intervention in Syria
  8. U.S., France, others hint at use of force against Syria if violence continues
  9. France would join UN-sanctioned Syria intervention: Hollande
  10. China assisting North Korean missile program Panetta
  11. Beijing helped Pyongyang to build the Unha-3 missile
  12. Ministers ponder creation of EU super-president
  13. Vietnam seeks help with mystery disease; 19 dead

Friday - April 20, 2012:

  1. Iran stonewalling efforts to inspect Parchin military site
  2. Clinton Warns: Assad Squandering 'Last Chance'
  3. UN Ban Ki-moon: 300 UN observers for Syria. The violence continues
  4. Syria: Security Forces Open Fire Near UN Monitors
  5. Syria boosts fears of Sunni-Shiite war
  6. U.S. sees Libya as model for Syrian option
  7. INDIA: New Delhi successfully launches China Killer nuclear missile
  8. Media Reveal the Muslim Brotherhood's True Face
  9. Merkel ally: Islam does not belong in Germany
  10. N. Korea Threatens to 'Blow up' Seoul Over Hurt Pride
  11. South Korea Places New Cruise Missile in Service
  12. PAKISTAN: Muslims strip Christian woman in Punjab because she dressed up, shoot at her son
  13. Quake Expert: Earth Cracking Up
  14. Russian Military Orders Missile Early Warning Satellites
  15. Why the extreme weather?

Thursday - April 19, 2012:

  1. Obama ready to yield on Iran's nuclear transparency. Israel: Tehran will cheat
  2. Zurich's Gnomes Moving Tehran's Lucre
  3. Iran Arrests 15 for Links with Israeli 'Assassination Group'
  4. SYRIA: As rebels and regime violate the ceasefire, Kofi Annan's plan collapses
  5. Angry North Korea threatens retaliation
  6. North Korea Says It Will Abandon Deal With U.S.
  7. Gunfire gives UN mission taste of Syria challenge
  8. India confiscates Israeli defense firm’s $70m guarantee, clouding relations
  9. INDIA: New Delhi ready to launch a nuclear missile that can reach China
  10. Several nations trying to penetrate U.S. cyber-networks, says ex-FBI official
  11. In Sri Lanka, dengue fever kills 38, infects 10,000 in a few months
  12. UK had driest March in 59 years, latest figures show
  13. Floods swamp South Texas

Wednesday - April 18, 2012:

  1. Ahmadinejad: Strike on Iran will cause enemy's destruction
  2. Iran Reports ‘Progress’ on Indigenous S-300 Missile
  3. Ban: Syria truce holding; need more peacekeepers
  4. At least 3 killed in shelling, clashes in Syria as UN observers prepare mission
  5. U.N. sees need for more Syria observers, aircraft
  6. Syrian Internal Opposition Could Back Military Intervention
  7. Americas summit shows decline of US influence
  8. Analysts: China broke sanctions if N. Korea using its missile launcher
  9. Incensed Spain threatens Argentina after YPF seizure
  10. EU commission warns Argentina over Spanish oil firm
  11. German officials worry about Koran distribution
  12. N. Korea warns of retaliation over food
  13. Russia sends ships for China war games
  14. US and China engage in cyber war games
  15. Magnitude 7.0 earthquake hits PNG
  16. Strong shake in Chile's Santiago

Tuesday - April 17, 2012:

  1. Iran Nuclear Program Negotiations
  2. Iranian nuclear scientists were present at failed North Korean missile launch, says source
  3. Assad offers Moscow, Beijing bonds worth $30bn. Russian warships off Syria
  4. Change of heart in Moscow and Beijing will unlock Syrian crisis
  5. UN cease-fire monitors arrive in Syria, as heavy clashes erupt on border with Turkey
  6. International truce monitors begin work in Syria
  7. Some 40 Russian Bombers Exercise Near Japan Frontier
  8. For Beijing, US-Filipino exercises in South China Sea tantamount to Cold War
  9. Latin America rebels against Obama over Cuba
  10. VIETNAM: Hanoi authorities and police assault Catholic orphanage, a priest in a coma
  11. Wildlife and farming disaster warning as drought spreads across England
  12. Britain faces worst drought since 1976

Monday - April 16, 2012:

  1. Iran demands U.S., Europe hold off attack as long as nuclear talks continue, sources say
  2. Iran official Nuclear talks must end economic sanctions
  3. Iran snubs US delegate in cat-and-mouse game in Istanbul
  4. Iran Warns UAE: Do Not Sing Tune of 'Zionist Regime'
  5. Assad Sends Helicopters to Bomb Syrians
  6. Syria forces shell rebel stronghold of Homs, six reported killed
  7. UN cease-fire monitors to arrive in Syria amid reports of new clashes
  8. Syria says it must be involved in monitors' mission
  9. More twisters reported Sunday after deadly barrage
  10. Magnitude 5.8 quake off western Java
  11. Over 18,000 Hectares of Forests on Fire in Siberia

Sunday - April 15, 2012:

  1. Big US-Arab Gulf air force exercise draws Iranian warning to stop at once
  2. Exclusive: Iran’s “new initiatives” place Israel at center of nuclear talks
  3. Iranian forces to conduct joint military maneuvers
  4. A-Jad: Iran Will Punch the West in the Mouth
  5. Iran raises hopes of nuclear trade-off to halt oil sanctions
  6. Iran official: Only faint chance of war breaking in the Middle East
  7. Egypt-Iran alliance could tip regional balance
  8. 'Gulf states plan to meet over UAE-Iran island row'
  9. GCC to weigh diplomatic options against Iran
  10. Report: German ship carrying Iranian weapons to Syria stopped at sea
  11. 'Syrian forces shell Homs, breaking ceasefire'
  12. US weighs limited military action against Assad. Turkey may join
  13. U.S. Ramps up Aid to Syrian Opposition
  14. UN to vote on Syria monitors as both sides allege ceasefire breaches
  15. Syria to Refugees: Time to Come Home
  16. CHINA: Forced expropriation and home demolitions continue Communist Party abuses
  17. '222 dead' in Qaeda battle for Yemen's Loder
  18. Embarrassed by rocket crash, North Korea may try nuclear test
  19. NORTH KOREA: Missile test failure boosts Kim Jong-un's power
  20. U.S. cancels food aid to North Korea after missile launch
  21. Christians are being persecuted, says former archbishop of Canterbury
  22. INDIA: Hindu radicals attack Christian pastors during Easter as police stand idly by
  23. Dozens of tornadoes pummel Midwest; hospital damaged in Creston, Iowa
  24. More large quakes strike Mexico
  25. Asia at risk of killer quake - reports
  26. Blindsided- Oil and our own worst enemy
  27. Obama’s election politics empowers Iran, North Korea, Syria before Istanbul talks
  28. Can’t a man get a drink in this town
  29. The Day of Silencing

Tuesday - April 10, 2012:

  1. 'Iran won't accept pre-conditions to nuclear talks'
  2. U.S. deploys aircraft carrier in Gulf, as West prepares for Iran nuclear talks
  3. Leaders hope talks will delay possible Iran strike
  4. S-400 Missiles Deployed in Russia’s Baltic Fleet
  5. Security Services Confirm ‘Chemical Weapon’ Capsule Find
  6. Syria launches its heaviest air-ground assault yet against the opposition
  7. Syria rebels kill 6 near Turkey border
  8. Syrian forces have carried out more than 100 extrajudicial executions, says rights group
  9. Turkey says Syria deadline void after cross-border shooting
  10. Syria truce prospects fade as fighting rages
  11. South Korea: North digging underground tunnel for new nuclear test
  12. Another Orwellian day at the UN
  13. China sets up rare earth body to shake up industry
  14. Orlando's Rep. Adams: Rep. Sandy Adams fears Obama power grab
  15. Report: Florida voter fraud is real

Monday - April 9, 2012:

  1. Russian radar in Armenia to block an US/Israeli strike on Iran from the north
  2. Iranian press: 'Istanbul to host Iran nuclear talks'
  3. U.S. Defines Its Demands for New Round of Talks With Iran
  4. U.S. intelligence gains in Iran seen as boost to confidence
  5. U.S. to demand Iran immediately close Fordo nuclear facility
  6. Syria demands guarantees from rebels before calling ceasefire
  7. Seven Dead, 21 Wounded in Bus Attack on Lebanon-Syria Border
  8. North Korea planning third nuclear test: report
  9. Rocket in position at launch pad in North Korea
  10. Anchorage, Alaska's largest city, breaks seasonal snow record
  11. Some of Alaska's polar bears are losing fur

Sunday - April 8, 2012:

  1. Exclusive: What were the six points Obama sent Khamenei through Erdogan?
  2. 'Obama could accept Iran civilian nuclear program'
  3. Iran can make nuclear weapons - but won't, says top politician
  4. Over 100 killed in Syria as hopes of truce fade
  5. Syria condemned by Ban Ki-moon over fresh violence
  6. Syria uses guns, mines to block refugees at border
  7. Erdogan: Turkey will take 'steps' if Syria disregards ceasefire deadline
  8. Polar bears have symptoms of mystery disease U.S. agency
  9. Moderate Quake Strikes Off Indonesia Coast
  10. Pakistan avalanche rescuers recover soldiers' bodies
  11. Community leaders call shooting spree a hate crime

Saturday - April 7, 2012:

  1. 'Obama signaled to Khamenei that U.S. could accept civilian nuclear program in Iran'
  2. Beijing steps up pressure to prevent strike on Iran
  3. Iran says ties with Turkey should not be harmed
  4. Iran, Hezbollah significantly increase aid to Syria's Assad
  5. Annan: Ceasefire Deadline — 0600 on April 12
  6. Syria: Caveat in cease-fire compliance
  7. Arab World: Tragedy and farce in Syria
  8. Syrian tanks in action four days before pullout date
  9. Syrian troops batter Damascus suburb
  10. Syrian violence claims 27 dead in run-up to truce
  11. Turkey: More Than 2,000 Refugees from Syria in One Day
  12. France fears new serial killer after four murders near Paris
  13. North Korea on schedule for mid-April rocket launch
  14. Quake activity reported in central Calif.
  15. Drug-Resistant Malaria Spreads Along Thai-Myanmar Border

Friday - April 6, 2012:

  1. Erdogan: Iran making excuses to stall talks
  2. Clashes erupt near Syrian capital
  3. Over 30 reported dead in Syria despite truce talk
  4. Russia's Lavrov Warns Against Arming Syrian Opposition
  5. Russian Ship to Hold Drills Off Syria
  6. UN Negotiating Deployment of Syria Observers
  7. Drought hits 4 million hectares of China's crops

Thursday - April 5, 2012:

  1. Iran ducks away from nuclear talks. Moscow: Mid East at boiling point
  2. Iran proposes Iraq, China as venues for nuclear talks
  3. Impact of Iran Sanctions Widens
  4. 'Confrontation with Iran may be delayed to 2013'
  5. Clashes as Syrian government claims troop pullout
  6. UN ceasefire moves fail to deter Syria violence
  7. Analysis Success of Annan peace plan for Syria hinges on Russia
  8. North Korea 'prepares to unveil a missile capable of reaching mainland U.S.'
  9. Al Qaeda Threatens to Return to New York
  10. Merkel sees states giving more powers to Europe
  11. Nicolas Sarkozy orders instant expulsion of five radical clerics with no right of appeal
  12. French police swoop on more suspected Islamists
  13. Ten killed, 30 Injured in Afghan Suicide Attack
  14. The Muslim Brotherhood's international charm offensive
  15. The Muslim Brotherhood comes to America
  16. Appeals court fires back at Obama's comments on health care case
  17. Calif. snowpack at 55% of normal, survey shows
  18. Snow and gales close roads and cut power across northern Britain

Wednesday - April 4, 2012:

  1. 'Iran says it could strike US if it were attacked'
  2. Iran’s narrative for the Arab uprisings
  3. Russian warships launch drill from Tartus versus US-Israeli-Greek naval exercise
  4. Syria violence undiminished by ceasefire deal
  5. Syria army kills two in attacks near border with Turkey
  6. Advance UN team to begin Syria mission this week spokesman
  7. Assad's uncle: Syria's regime will fall
  8. 'France uncovers plot to kidnap Jewish judges'
  9. New Evidence on Advanced Preparations for DPRK Rocket Launch
  10. Ban on ships, planes during North Korea rocket launch
  11. Yemeni air strikes kill 43 Al Qaida militants
  12. Calif. pastors still facing charges
  13. 'Tremendous damage' as twisters tear through areas near Dallas
  14. Two earthquakes hit central and southern Philippines
  15. Obama defends Supreme Court remarks

Tuesday - April 3, 2012:

  1. China rejects Obama's Iran oil import sanctions
  2. Kofi Annan tells UN Security Council Syria President agrees to April 10 peace deadline
  3. Annan says Syria agrees to April 10 peace deadline
  4. Syria violence kills 11 people on Monday, monitors say
  5. Arab states agree to provide millions to pay opposition fighters in Syria
  6. 'Friends of Syria' to Send Millions in Aid to Rebels
  7. Kuwait pledges to donate $1m to Syrians
  8. Clinton spurns despairing Syrian opp appeal for a token US-protected village
  9. Exclusive images show North Korea launch work
  10. Mount Etna erupts
  11. Panetta: Political dysfunction threatens security
  12. Britain set for sweeping internet, phone monitoring

Monday - April 2, 2012:

  1. U.S. calls on Iran to prove its nuclear program not intended for military means
  2. U.S. to meet with Iran over its nuclear program
  3. Clinton: World must unite to stop Assad's war on Syrian people
  4. US and GCC press for ‘next steps'
  5. Syria warned by Hillary Clinton to implement Kofi Annan peace plan
  6. Syria 'Friends' recognize Syrian National Council
  7. Syria conference Coalition moves to fund rebels
  8. In Istanbul summit, Erdogan calls for 'moral intervention' in Syria crisis
  9. Turkish Prime Minister Calls on UN Security Council to Stop Assad’s Regime
  10. 'Egypt pardons Brotherhood presidency nominee'
  11. Islamist Group Breaks Pledge to Stay Out of Race in Egypt
  12. Flood-hit Fiji braces for cyclone
  13. Magnitude 5.9 quake shakes Fukushima Pref., vicinity in eastern Japan
  14. Friend Of Saddam And Ahmedinejad Elected To Parliament In The UK
  15. Another $17 trillion surprise found in Obamacare

Sunday - April 1, 2012:

  1. Obama Imposes Tough New Sanctions on Iranian Oil
  2. White House sees more pain for Iran as it clears way for further sanctions
  3. Former Iran negotiator says nuclear deal possible
  4. By securing Assad and its alliance, Iran gains upper hand for nuclear talks
  5. Obama administration seeks coordinated Gulf strategy on Iran and Syria
  6. Syria says revolt over, but army still shooting
  7. Syrian 'Peace'- Fresh Clashes Break Out
  8. China shuts websites, detains six for spreading online rumors
  9. Japan says it will shoot down N. Korea rocket over territory
  10. Libya: 147 killed in 6 days of clashes in south
  11. Muslim insurgents kill eight and wound dozens more with bomb blast in Thailand
  12. Eight arrested in Mexico after woman and two 10-year-old boys are 'ritually sacrificed'
  13. Earthquake zone on EU border to host Belarus nuclear plant
  14. 'We need to invest in a European identity'
  15. Another 3.0 quake north of Los Angeles
  16. Asteroid to buzz Earth Sunday

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