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  1. Easter spirit endures in tornado-wrecked churches
  2. Ancient Books Uncovered in Jordan May Date to Start of Christianity
  3. Do as the Israelis do
  4. Lost for 2,000 years... Could this be the first portrait of Jesus?

Saturday - April 30, 2011:

  1. US toughens sanctions against Syria
  2. Mass protests erupt across Syria, defying army presence
  3. IAEA Confirms Syria Secretly Building Nuclear Reactor
  4. UN Security Council likely to discuss secret Syria nuclear reactor
  5. Syria: EU to respond as death toll rises
  6. Muslim Brotherhood calls for Syrian protest 'declaration of war'
  7. Syria army units clash as crackdown intensifies in besieged southern city
  8. Libya: 12 killed after Gaddafi forces shell Misrata
  9. US helps fund Libyan rebels as Gaddafi opens new fronts
  10. Misrata rebel leader pleads for help to topple Gaddafi
  11. Iran cleric warns Ahmadinejad not to overestimate his power
  12. Egypt Draws Closer to Hamas, Iran
  13. Muslim Brotherhood endorses Syria protests
  14. U.S. may see record number of tornadoes this year
  15. African ocean current could boost Gulf Stream study
  16. Egypt shows signs of new assertiveness abroad
  17. Illegal to read Bible in public?

Friday - April 29, 2011:

  1. Twister debris searched; at least 290 dead
  2. Iran: Palestinian reconciliation will defeat occupation
  3. Congress says will halt US aid if PA merges with Hamas
  4. Rights group: Civilian deaths in Syria rise to 500
  5. 'Syria, Hezbollah to compete over firing Scud at Tel Aviv'
  6. Egypt says not obliged to repay Israel for cut to gas supply
  7. Senator Graham: Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is a Threat
  8. 200 quit Syria's ruling party to protest crackdown
  9. UN fails to agree on condemning Syria
  10. Ahmadinejad and Khamenei rift appears to widen in Iran
  11. Gunfire at Yemen protest leaves 14 dead
  12. Heavy rains adding to woes from severe weather outbreaks
  13. Russia to stop gasoline exports in May to quench local thirst

Thursday - April 28, 2011:

  1. Turkish Deputy PM Urges Alliance with Iran to Strengthen Global Peace
  2. Ahmadinejad shuns Cabinet meetings
  3. Iran's president and supreme leader in rift over minister's reinstatement
  4. Witness: Syrian forces shot 6-year old
  5. EU says 'all options on the table' to quell Syria violence
  6. Analysis: Syria unrest could destabilize Lebanon
  7. UN rights panel to hold special session on Syria crackdown
  8. 453 Syrian civilians said killed since start of pro-democracy unrest
  9. Syrian protesters gain anti-tank guns. Iranian officers direct Assad's troops
  10. 700 Britons set for airlift from Syria
  11. U.S. says Syria no longer a peace partner
  12. Syria sanctions could include suspension of EU aid programmes
  13. PM 'won't rule out' arming Libya rebels amid fears of drawn-out war
  14. How a white ram and 37 white ewes produced a flock of entirely BLACK lambs
  15. Natural catastrophes grow 6% annually
  16. Corps Wait for weekend to decide on Missouri levee break
  17. Deadly tornadoes devastate Alabama cities
  18. Death toll rises as powerful storms hit southern US
  19. Sun and hail showers

Wednesday - April 27, 2011:

  1. New poll shows most Egyptians want laws based on the Quran, religious parties in government
  2. Poll: Egyptians have unfavorable view of U.S., are divided on fundamentalists
  3. Arab League: Protests deserve support, not bullets
  4. Bahrain expels Iran diplomat
  5. Iran threatens to retaliate after Bahrain orders diplomat to leave
  6. Thailand and Cambodia resume fighting along border
  7. Bodies scattered in Misrata streets after battle
  8. 'Give up now or we’ll kill you,' Liam Fox warns Gaddafi
  9. Hundreds arrested in Syria, scores killed
  10. Iranian Nuclear Program Hit By Second 'Cyber Missile' Virus
  11. Iranian ship loaded with poison gas seized at Port of Sinai
  12. Some 500 arrested in Syria crackdown - rights group
  13. Syrian ambassador rejects call for independent investigation
  14. UK weighs further action against Syria
  15. Strong quake hits Central Java, no tsunami - agency
  16. Experts Drought could continue in southern USA
  17. More storms line up to hit battered Arkansas
  18. High wind, high water hit U.S. midsection
  19. Floods drive people from homes in Mo.
  20. VIDEO: Officials: 5 dead in Arkansas storms

Tuesday - April 26, 2011:

  1. Iran says targeted by second computer virus
  2. Syrian forces storm Damascus suburb
  3. Syrian troops storm Deraa, Douma; at least 18 dead
  4. Report: U.S. planning sanctions on Syria in wake of brutal crackdowns
  5. Wave of enforced disappearances in Syria
  6. Libyan official: NATO tried to assassinate Gaddafi
  7. NATO fails in bid to kill Muammar Qaddafi
  8. Russia urges NATO to lay off Libyan civilian targets
  9. Report: Libya security forces kill 30 in renewed Misrata clashes
  10. 105 dead in five days of clashes in Southern Sudan
  11. Kuwait's parliament divided over Gulf confederation call
  12. Quakes jolt Indonesia
  13. S.Korea deploys rocket launchers at Yellow Sea islands
  14. World's Largest Atom Smasher May Have Detected 'God Particle'
  15. Technology speeding up Bible translation

Monday - April 25, 2011:

  1. 'Gulf nations concerned with increased Egypt-Iran ties'
  2. Egypt secular parties in race for credibility
  3. Could ultimatum mean Iran will invade Saudi Arabia?
  4. Bolton: Obama policies push nations toward Iran
  5. Misrata comes under heavy bombardment: Libya rebels
  6. Sen. Lindsey Graham 'Go after Gadhafi'
  7. Assad is ’World’s Most Dangerous Man’ says Joel Brinkley
  8. First Syrian tanks and infantry storm protest centers
  9. 3 prominent Syrians resign in protest against deadly crackdown
  10. Britain urges citizens to leave Syria
  11. Thousands of protesters demand A New Morocco
  12. Mosques demolished in Bahrain crackdown
  13. 57 dead in Southern Sudan violence
  14. Clashes erupt for third day on Thai-Cambodian border
  15. Senators call for action in Middle East
  16. Christians flee from coming Shariah law
  17. Landslide buries up to 60 in Philippines
  18. April set to be warmest on record as Britain basks in the sun
  19. Brazil hit by deadly floods and landslides

Sunday - April 24, 2011:

  1. Rights group: 120 killed in Syria violence
  2. '12 killed in Syrian protests; lawmakers, cleric resign'
  3. Iran seeks to boost ties with Egypt
  4. Iran FM urges Egypt to be 'courageous', upgrade diplomatic ties
  5. Khameini says West surprised by Mideast upheavals
  6. Bahrain crackdown fueling tensions between Iran, Saudi Arabia
  7. NATO strikes near Gaddafi compound, Libya says 3 dead
  8. Saleh accepts deal to step down within month
  9. 'Turkey gives support to Palestinian statehood efforts'
  10. Three Philippine volcanoes active
  11. 'We have won'- Libyan rebels claim Gaddafi has retreated from Misrata after bloody two-month siege
  12. Libya to allow tribes into Misrata to fight rebels
  13. 43 forest fires in Siberia
  14. Powerful earthquake strikes off Solomon Islands
  15. CERN marks advance in universe mysteries search
  16. First flights arrive at twister-hit St. Louis airport

Saturday - April 23, 2011:

  1. France: EU may recognize Palestinian statehood
  2. Tens of thousands of protesters rally against Christian governor in southern Egypt
  3. Revolutionary Guard chief: Iran can hit ships as far away as Indian Ocean
  4. At least 70 killed in deadliest day of Syrian protests
  5. Almost 90 dead in Syria's bloodiest day of unrest
  6. US sends drones to Libya as battle rages
  7. Western nations step up efforts to aid Libyan rebels
  8. EU prepares humanitarian military mission to Libya - France
  9. Eleven soldiers killed in Yemen attacks Friday
  10. Perry asks Texans to pray for rain
  11. Ugandan Protests Over Rising Prices Turn Violent
  12. CHINA: Thousands of lorry drivers block Shanghai port for three days, face off police
  13. Philippines landslide kills at least 27
  14. Britain faces one of the driest Aprils on record
  15. CERN marks advance in universe mysteries search

Friday - April 22, 2011:

  1. Flood of Turkish teachers prompts investigation
  2. Invitation to Israeli Leader Puts Obama on the Spot
  3. Netanyahu to surprise int'l community in Congress speech
  4. Military invasion to remove Libya's Gaddafi 'not occupying forces' - French general
  5. West-backed Libyan rebels face Qaddafi who is aided by China, East Europe
  6. UK holding Libya talks at UN over Misrata civilian crisis
  7. Pay attention to Syria
  8. Assad ratifies law to end state of emergency
  9. In Syria, a protest on a campus, a top dissident seized
  10. Biggest protests yet vowed in Syria
  11. Chaos deters tourists, investors, adding to Egypt’s woes
  12. New Gulf plan sees 3-month power transfer in Yemen
  13. Bombs found near Indonesia church; 19 arrested
  14. Japan expands nuclear evacuation zone to 20 km
  15. Idaho governor blocks federal health care reform law

Thursday - April 21, 2011:

  1. Assad's bloody crackdown protest threatens sectarian war
  2. Clinton presses Syria for reform
  3. Syria Repeals 1962 Emergency Law
  4. UN: Libyan gov't attacks on Misrata may be war crimes
  5. Warning of a 'new Vietnam' in Libya as British military advisers go in
  6. Mobs leave charred corpses, fear in north Nigeria
  7. Iran army general: Attacking us would be suicidal
  8. Latest Iranian threat routine, Israeli expert says
  9. Bomb found at Colo. mall on Columbine anniversary
  10. Federal team helping Texas as 2nd firefighter dies
  11. Flooding forces CP Rail to reroute Manitoba trains
  12. Natural toxin killing Calif. dolphins, sea lions

Wednesday - April 20, 2011:

  1. Obama preps for declaration of Palestinian state
  2. Quartet may recognize Palestinian state
  3. Saudis give up on US, instigate direct Gulf action against Iran
  4. British military officers to be sent to Libya
  5. Gaddafi’s Tripoli lives under pall of fear
  6. Libya rebels say 10,000 killed, UN sends in food aid
  7. West faces hard choices on way forward in Libya
  8. Syrian security forces open fire at sit-in
  9. Syria forces disperse protest, Homs now a ghost town
  10. Syria next on Europe's invasion list?
  11. Nigeria Post Election Riots in Kaduna, Bauchi, Yobe, Niger
  12. Security forces open fire on protests in Yemen, killing 3, wounding many
  13. Bahrain escapes censure by West as crackdown on protesters intensifies
  14. Pakistan successfully tests nuclear-capable missile
  15. Iran appoints 1st ambassador to Egypt in 30 years
  16. Tehran declines to confirm report of restored Egypt ties
  17. Synagogue in Greece set ablaze; religious books burned
  18. PAKISTAN: Accused of blasphemy, Arif Masih is now free, as fresh anti-Christian attacks go on in Gujranwala
  19. Severe weather again in U.S. midsection
  20. Pressure mounts to delay dangerous $3.5 billion Mekong
  21. Fire leaves thousands homeless in Manila
  22. NORTH KOREA: Typhoid epidemic unleashes panic in Pyongyang
  23. Power temporarily knocked out after Pacifica quake
  24. Texas fires rage across state

Tuesday - April 19, 2011:

  1. Ahmadinejad: 'The era of Zionism has passed away'
  2. Ahmadinejad accuses US of creating Iran, Arab tension
  3. Iran intelligence minister resigns - agency
  4. Gaddafi’s son: We will deal with terrorists first and then talk reform
  5. Fierce fighting in key city in west Libya kills 17
  6. Libya rebels say they are being armed by 'friendly countries'
  7. Assad's own smuggling network commandeered for arming his opposition
  8. Syrian forces kill 8 protesters in Homs city, activist says
  9. Syria city 'boiling' after security forces reportedly kill 12 protesters
  10. Report: Senior Syria officer assassinated over unwillingness to open fire at protesters
  11. Report: US funding Syrian opposition
  12. U.S. has funded anti-government groups in Syria
  13. Yemeni protests escalate
  14. FBI Counter-Terror Official: Al Qaeda 'Thrives' After Dictators Fall
  15. Gulf troops to stay in Bahrain until Iran threat eases - minister
  16. Medvedev, Obama to discuss easing visa regime for Russians visiting U.S.
  17. Official: Texas crews rush to fend off 'perfect storm for wildfires'
  18. Numerous fires burn in tinder-dry Texas
  19. 17 dead in China storms

Monday - April 18, 2011:

  1. 6 Algerian security forces die in 2 new attacks in bloody week of insurgency violence
  2. Gaddafi presses siege of Misurata as civilians beg NATO to prevent massacre
  3. Gaddafi forces shell east Libyan city of Ajdabiya
  4. Libyan rebels flee Ajdabiya, blame NATO
  5. Inside Syria: Secret police tell parents of arrested protesters to forget their children and have some more
  6. Syrians march for freedom on Independence Day
  7. Iran official: German firm aided U.S., Israel in cyber attack on nuclear plants
  8. 'A Massive Shift Coming in What it Means to Be a Christian'?
  9. Oil market oversupplied: Saudis
  10. Record wave of U.S. tornadoes kills 46
  11. TIME Cover: No Hell? Pastor Rob Bell Angers Evangelicals

Sunday - April 17, 2011:

  1. Azerbaijani, Iranian, Turkish foreign ministers to meet in Urmia
  2. Europe urges restraint amid Syrian unrest
  3. Syrian government holds its fire amid largest protests yet
  4. Eyeing nuclear sites, Iran tests new anti-aircraft missile
  5. Gaddafi presses siege of Misurata as civilians beg NATO to prevent massacre
  6. Libya launches 100 rockets on Misrata
  7. Three killed as Gadhafi forces fire mortars at residential areas in Misrata
  8. NATO running low on bombs in Libya
  9. Nato must send in troops to save Misrata, say rebels
  10. Qaddafi's 'zenga by zenga' vow close to fruition against divided NATO
  11. Saudi minister to discuss region's political unrest with Ashton
  12. Iran blames Israel for Stuxnet worm
  13. Militants kill 13 soldiers during Algerian president’s speech promising reforms
  14. Syria vows to lift emergency law by next week
  15. Muslims Appointed to Department of Homeland Security
  16. Obama Tells Congress He's Keeping His Czars
  17. PAKISTAN: Punjab, Muslims attack a Christian village
  18. UZBEKISTAN: Tashkent, punishes those who lend or gift Bibles to children
  19. M5.9 earthquake jolts Kanto region
  20. North Queensland rocked by 5.4 earthquake, 124km southeast of Townsville
  21. Deadly tornadoes slam N. Carolina
  22. Study: Half of supermarket meat may have staph bug
  23. U.S. prods companies to develop secure, easy-use ID

Saturday - April 16, 2011:

  1. Protests erupt throughout Syria despite Assad's gestures
  2. Thousands of protesters demand reform in Syria
  3. Syrian protesters released, Cabinet named
  4. Syrians Calling Protesters 'American and Zionist' Provocateurs
  5. Syrian TV- An American is behind anti-Assad uprising. He will soon be paraded
  6. Rockets rain on Misrata, as Nato hesitates to increase Libya air fire
  7. Qaddafi Troops Fire Cluster Bombs Into Civilian Areas
  8. Obama says Libya in stalemate, but Gaddafi will go
  9. 'Turkey in talks to open Taliban office in Istanbul'
  10. Report: Iran supplied Hamas with rockets
  11. Firefighter dies, 30 homes burn in Texas
  12. msnbc video: Two reported dead in Mississippi tornado
  13. Two Dead, Dozens Injured In Atoka County Twisters
  14. Powerful spring storms kill 9 in Ark., Okla.
  15. Spanish police claim record haul of ETA explosives, components

Friday - April 15, 2011:

  1. (Update) First panic in Assad regime: High Syrian officials evacuate families
  2. U.S. Iran Secretly Helping Crackdown in Syria
  3. Anti-aircraft fire heard in Tripoli amid reports of NATO airstrike
  4. Rebels warn of massacre in Misrata after Gadhafi rocket attack
  5. Libyan rebels receiving anti-tank weapons from Qatar
  6. NATO needs more precision bombers in Libya
  7. China, India condemn Western strikes in Libya
  8. Clinton off to Berlin for Nato talks on Libya
  9. Libya Rebels Seek $2 Billion Loan, Allies Ponder Next Steps
  10. Yemen opposition wants Saleh out within two weeks
  11. 6 dead as army factions clash in Yemen
  12. EU sanctions 32 Iranians for rights abuses
  13. Cuba suffering from severe drought
  14. Canadian Prairies in flood emergencies
  15. The silence of Iran
  16. Arizona Senate passes Obama birther bill after boost from Donald Trump

Thursday - April 14, 2011:

  1. 'Mercy drop' engulfs Arkansas church, nearby area
  2. 'Mother Earth' to be given same rights as humans under UN plan
  3. Report: Hezbollah, Iran planning attacks
  4. Ahmadinejad: Israel, US plotting Iranian-Arabian conflict
  5. Egypt orders review of gas contracts with Israel
  6. EGYPT: The rise of Islamic parties urges Christians to flee from Egypt
  7. Iranian Spy Rings Busted In Kuwait, Bahrain
  8. Libya contact group discusses funds for opposition
  9. Libya rebels ask foreign allies for arms
  10. Obama aide delivers letter to Saudi king
  11. 'Mysticism' infecting Nazarene beliefs
  12. Kuwait closes schools, halts inbound air traffic
  13. ASML sees impact of Japan quake on customers
  14. Taal Volcano residents must move out permanently
  15. You won't believe twisted logic behind attacks on Jews

Wednesday - April 13, 2011:

  1. UN says PA ready to govern state
  2. America may have overlooked a sleeper in Yemen
  3. GCC taking steps towards confederation
  4. Libyan rebels reject African Union peace plan
  5. UK attacks go on as Libya rebels dismiss peace deal
  6. Iran calls Syrian protests a Western plot
  7. Iran plans to build more nuke reactors
  8. Iran to build new nuclear research reactors-report
  9. Iran set to produce fuel rods for reactors soon - agency
  10. Saudi Arabia: Second Fukushima if Iranian Bushehr activated in May
  11. Is this Obama's next target after Libya?
  12. Firefighters battle raging Texas wildfires
  13. More wild fires erupt in Texas
  14. Scientists warn of years of aftershocks in Japan, and risks on other faults

Tuesday - April 12, 2011:

  1. 40,000 red-shirts protest Thai government
  2. Gadhafi forces kill 5, wound 20 in Misrata attack
  3. Merkel joins Nato-African bid to end Libya war. Qaddafi to stay until elections
  4. Gbagbo comes under attack from ground assault
  5. Ivory Coast's Gbagbo leaves bunker, surrenders
  6. Ugandan police detain two opposition leaders ahead of protest
  7. Netanyahu: Iran recently accelerated nuclear program
  8. Iran official says pipeline blast caused by ‘sabotage’
  9. NY Debate on Homeland Security Becomes Heated
  10. Japan expands evacuation zone due to radiation levels
  11. Japan rattled by aftershock
  12. Japan warns of massive earthquake and volcanic explosion after the April 7 earthquake
  13. CHINA: Hundreds of Christians, evicted from premises, arrested for wanting to pray in the streets
  14. Firefighters battle raging Texas wildfires
  15. Swarm of quakes reported along California-Nevada border

Monday - April 11, 2011:

  1. Unrest Continues in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain
  2. Protests in Yemen, Fears of Al-Qaeda Takeover
  3. Hard-line Islamic enclave in Yemen illustrates militant risk if regime crumbles
  4. Manhunt for Santa Monica Chabad House Bomber
  5. Egyptian Rioters Try to Rip Down Israeli Flag from Embassy
  6. More than 1,000 defy Egypt army order to quit square
  7. Cairo protesters defy military after deadly crackdown
  8. Increased Nato strikes help rebels beat Misrata assault
  9. Egyptian protesters demand probe
  10. Syria death toll growing, human rights groups warn
  11. Iran blames Jordan, Saudi Arabia for Syria
  12. Iran to produce fuel for nuclear reactor
  13. Massive fire spreads in west Texas
  14. 61 dead in Thailand flooding

Sunday - April 10, 2011:

  1. 2 protesters reportedly killed in Egypt's Tahrir Square
  2. Egypt army says will use force to clear protesters
  3. Egypt police break up largest protest since Mubarak's ouster
  4. Muslim Brotherhood to Rejoin Egypt Protests
  5. 24 children killed in Yemen unrest: Unicef
  6. Syrian forces fire at mourners after mass funeral
  7. Syrian forces fire at mourners after mass funeral in Daraa, witnesses say
  8. Syrian Interior Ministry warns against destabilising nation
  9. Damascus suburb is new centre of defiance
  10. Mild Western Reaction to Mass Deaths in Syria
  11. Obama condemns 'abhorrent violence' of Syrian gov't
  12. Forecasters predict SANDY showers caused by African storm
  13. Police: Blast outside US synagogue intentional
  14. Blizzard hits Moscow, causes road deaths
  15. Hunger forecast to become global reality

Saturday - April 9, 2011:

  1. 2 killed as Yemeni security forces fire on protesters
  2. Two killed, dozens shot, in fresh clashes with police in Yemen
  3. Army officers join Cairo protest
  4. Pakistan poised to dispatch army to Saudi Arabia
  5. U_N_ Gbagbo's forces regain parts of Ivory Coast's main city
  6. U.N. says Gbagbo striking back in Abidjan
  7. Iran: Israel's nuclear program is destabilizing the entire Mideast
  8. Iran opposition backers claims find of secret Iranian nuclear facility
  9. US commander fears al-Qaida will link with pirates
  10. Nato angers rebels
  11. NATO Complains of Qaddafi's Human Shields
  12. Nuclear fuel being reloaded at Iran power plant
  13. gulfnews Four killed, 100 hurt in Japan aftershock
  14. Water leaks found at nuclear plant after quake
  15. Japan: 27,437 people died or reported missing after nat calamity
  16. U.K. faces possible water shortage
  17. Europe 'losing' superbugs battle
  18. New TV documentary: How Europe got its first president

Friday - April 8, 2011:

  1. General: US may consider sending troops into Libya
  2. Contact group on Libya to meet in Doha on April 13
  3. Libyan rebels should receive training funded by Arab countries, says Britain
  4. 11 US Senators Vow Support for Israel
  5. Bahrain, Syria and Yemen 'playing with fire'
  6. NORTH KOREA: People’s Assembly opens amid famine and weapons in Pyongyang
  7. Giant spider webs 'cocoon' Pakistani trees
  8. Interpol chief calls for global electronic identity card system
  9. Japan seabed shifted 24 meters after March quake
  10. Earthquake of magnitude 6.5 hits Mexico
  11. Something fishy Lake of death at Arabian Ranches
  12. Russia to supply grain to Jordan to make up shortfall from export ban
  13. Drought hits southern U.S. pretty hard

Thursday - April 7, 2011:

  1. Ivory Coast army surrenders
  2. Africa: Ivory Coast Getting Rid of Laurent Gbagbo
  3. Laurent Gbagbo refuses to surrender as rival forces storm presidential palace
  4. Ahmadinejad: U.S. seeking to divide Jordan to form Palestinian state
  5. Muammar Gaddafi gets in touch with Obama
  6. Hoping for one state, Libyan rebels consider two
  7. Libya says NATO air strike hits major oil field
  8. Al Qaeda bolstering presence in Libya, Algeria
  9. US defence chief, Saudi king to discuss Mideast unrest
  10. Saudi official slams Iranian statements
  11. Obama: Changes in Mideast make Israel-Palestinian peace more urgent than ever
  12. Unrest in Middle East threatens Russia's oil interests - vice premier
  13. Will this be next Middle East war
  14. Japan's Radiation Leak Plugged; But Problems Persist
  15. Match made in heaven: Earth finds new companion as giant asteroid joins its path around the sun
  16. Major U.S. Bank Laundered up to $378bn for Drug Cartels
  17. Superbug gene found in New Delhi water
  18. Two days, two earthquakes in Indonesia
  19. High winds kick up Colo. fire, spur evacuations
  20. Idaho House declares wolves a disaster emergency
  21. Thousands of starfish wash ashore in S.C.
  22. Oil could hit $200-$300 on Saudi unrest
  23. Senate votes to block health overhaul in Idaho

Wednesday - April 6, 2011:

  1. Egypt ready to open 'new page' with Iran minister
  2. Ahmadinejad Shows Signs of Pressure on Syria
  3. Britain opposes call to retract Goldstone Report
  4. Pro-Ouattara forces launch palace assault
  5. French, UN Forces Join Fight Against Incumbent Ivory Coast President
  6. Gbagbo negotiating exit from Ivory Coast
  7. Heavy fighting loosens Gbagbo grip on Ivory Coast
  8. Gaddafi hints of surrender through new foreign minister sent to Greece
  9. Libya rebels race to train civilians for the front
  10. Libyan rebels get diplomatic, military boost
  11. ISLAM - M. EAST: The Arab spring between authoritarianism and Islamism
  12. Oil prices hit all-time high in Britain meaning petrol could hit £1.50 a litre by Christmas
  13. Ozone depletion over Arctic at record level WMO
  14. Radioactive fish found in east Japan
  15. 7.5 mil. times legal limit of iodine in sea
  16. 8 dead in U.S. Southeast storms
  17. Snow follows day of 80 degree heat in Denver

Tuesday - April 5, 2011:

  1. Amadinejad: UN should stop Western 'interference'
  2. Iran squares off against Saudi Arabia over Bahrain's annexation
  3. Libyan envoy takes Gaddafi message to Greece
  4. Rebels, Gaddafi forces clash on oil town outskirts
  5. Italy recognises Libya's opposition interim national council
  6. 'At least 12 killed in protest in Yemen's Taiz'
  7. Yemen toll rises as U.S. seen pressing Saleh to go
  8. Ivory Coast prepares for showdown as Ouattara's men mass north of Abidjan
  9. Beware the ‘Turkish model’
  10. Afghan policeman kills two foreign soldiers officials
  11. US freezes weapon shipments to Lebanon report
  12. US offers free flights out for employees in Syria
  13. Japan gov't demands action to avoid sea contamination
  14. Live human heart grown in lab using stem cells in potential transplant breakthrough
  15. New furor over France's Muslims as veil ban looms
  16. Wildfires blacken New Mexico, Kansas
  17. Wildfires fed by perfect conditions in Southwest
  18. 6.7 quake jolts Indonesia
  19. Indonesia issues tsunami warning after quake off Java

Monday - April 4, 2011:

  1. America's exit from Libya ends coalition no-fly zone, military campaign
  2. Brazil: A Resort For Terror Movers and Shakers
  3. Gaddafi forces bomb west Libya town to root out rebels
  4. Gadhafis apparently floating peace plans
  5. So where IS Gaddafi? Libyan dictator not seen in public for more than a week
  6. Senior Libya official flies to Greece-Tunisian source News by Country
  7. Opposition agrees on plan for Yemen President Saleh to step down
  8. Yemen protesters wounded in new clash
  9. Machete thugs hack to death 1,000 in just one town as Ivory Coast battle rages
  10. Saudi Arabia charges 5,080 people with terrorism
  11. Suicide blasts at Sufi shrine in Pakistan kill 41
  12. Middle East Roundup: April 1-3
  13. James Jones: Iran serves as agitator in Mideast turmoil
  14. Storm officials say 9 tornadoes raked Tampa Bay
  15. Terry Jones Demands Retribution for U.N. Deaths
  16. Over 100 dead in Kandahar, witnesses say police firing on crowds
  17. U.S. pastor says he will put Mohammed 'on trial' next as NATO chief condemns Koran burning for starting riots
  18. Death toll in Japan quake, tsunami tops 12,000
  19. Thousands stranded, 41 dead in Thai floods
  20. Scientists develop genetically modified cows that produce 'human' breast milk

Sunday - April 3, 2011:

  1. Libyan rebels sell weapons to Al Qaeda - Algerian paper
  2. Thirteen Libyan rebels killed in coalition air strike
  3. Libya's Misrata under intense bombardment
  4. Battle for Abidjan rages, hundreds dead
  5. Hundreds killed as battle for Ivory Coast turns streets into war zones
  6. GCC may consider severing Iran ties
  7. Pakistani militant group a global threat, capable of rivaling al Qaida

Saturday - April 2, 2011:

  1. Angry Muslims murder UN staff in Afghanistan
  2. Earthquake near Greek island felt throughout Israel
  3. Turkey Informs UN It Seized Iranian Arms Shipment
  4. Libya: Gaddafi forces storm Misrata, rebels offer truce
  5. Last Libya rebel stronghold in west bombarded by Gadhafi forces
  6. Key aides ditch Libyan leader Gaddafi
  7. EU approves possible military operation for Libya
  8. Syrian protesters clash with police
  9. Protests surge across Yemen
  10. 50,000 soldiers, police abandon Ivory Coast ruler
  11. Japan radiation rises to 10,000 times normal
  12. Bodies of 1,000 dead in Japan too toxic to handle
  13. Disease threatens some New England bats with extinction

Friday - April 1, 2011:

  1. Libyan rebels sold Hizballah and Hamas chemical shells
  2. 1,000 killed in Libya clashes, human rights group says
  3. NATO takes sole control of Libya air operations
  4. Coalition forces 'can not see Gaddafi's heavy weapons'
  5. Gates, Mullen quizzed about Libya
  6. Obama signs secret order giving the CIA the green light to give covert support to Libyan rebels
  7. Vatican: Airstrikes killed 40 civilians in Tripoli
  8. Libya's foreign minister 'defects' as US gives rebels 'covert' support
  9. Egypt likely to face more difficult relations with Israel, U.S.
  10. Fighting rages in Ivory Coast's main city
  11. Beck: “I stand with Israel”
  12. Radiation in sea off Japan nuclear plant hits highest reading
  13. Thailand flooding kills 21, strands thousands

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