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  1. *** !!Action Alert!! --- Get Ready America....***
  2. Vote will protect unborn beginning at conception
  3. Gulfnews US aid goes to Abbas-backed Palestinian phone venture
  4. Thousands of dolphins block Somali pirates
  5. America sank these pirates, but the Age of Might is over
  6. Think Again Esau and Ishmael allied
  7. Giving to Others When Something's Been Taken Away
  8. A man, a cross, and a movie
  9. The silent, spineless clergy

Thursday - April 30, 2009:

  1. Big Bang machine detectors will be 'even more perfect'
  2. Dennis Ross in Gulf for Iran talks
  3. Eligibility case defendants don't want to answer now
  4. Egypt orders slaughter of 300,000 pigs as swine flu precaution
  5. Mubarak warns Iran, Hizbullah
  6. New Hampshire Senate passes gay-marriage bill, prohibits polygamy
  7. North Korea threatens to conduct nuclear tests
  8. Obama: Bond with Israel 'unshakable'
  9. Parental rights already being lost
  10. Russian priest murders wife, son, commits suicide
  11. The American Left attempts a bloodless coup
  12. U.S. House passes 'hate crimes' legislation
  13. U.S. Warns Other Nations Not to Ban Pork
  14. WHO raises pandemic alert level as US confirms first swine flu death outside Mexico

Wednesday - April 29, 2009:

  1. Foreign Ministry Denies Plan to Hand Over Mt. Zion Site
  2. Israel worried over US move on PA gov't
  3. Jihadists Sharing Maps of Strategic Facilities Worldwide
  4. New York City-sized ice collapses off Antarctica
  5. Mexican Schools Shut as Epidemic Hits 'Critical' Point
  6. Obama wants $1.5B to combat flu outbreak
  7. Pandemic-preparedness money stripped from stimulus
  8. Two more California students have swine flu
  9. US swine flu caseload jumps to 65; California declares emergency
  10. WHO Raises Global Threat Level As Reports of Swine Flu Increase
  11. P.A., Venezuela establish diplomatic ties
  12. Peres to meet Obama Monday
  13. Reformist challenger slams Ahmadinejad
  14. Survey: Americans switch faiths early and often
  15. Ten Commandments = 'fabric' of American history
  16. Turkey set to boost trade with Iran
  17. UN chief slams Hizbullah 'intimidation'
  18. US senator to push 'tough dialogue' law
  19. The world according to Lieberman

Tuesday - April 28, 2009:

  1. ANALYSIS: Flu could boost gov't intervention further
  2. Countries race to contain swine flu outbreak
  3. Death knell sounds for Europe's beekeepers
  4. Homosexual adoption sports new name in Michigan
  5. Mexican swine flu spreads to Europe, death toll stands at 103
  6. Mexico faces criticism over swine flu response
  7. Moderate earthquake shakes southern Mexico, no deaths
  8. Nation's talkers meet on 'imminent threat'
  9. Obama threatens speech on radio, Web, print
  10. Ohio district lifts Bible ban, suspended teacher reacts
  11. Oil falls as flu threatens air travel
  12. Peace in peril, but Pakistan says don't 'panic'
  13. Pope’s Preaching Plans Turn Political
  14. Radical cleric breaks off talks in Pakistan's Swat
  15. Right of conscience at issue in Iowa
  16. Russia’s search for new arms markets in South America
  17. Student's anti-abortion crusade has effect
  18. Turkey may buy Russian air defense systems, combat helicopters
  19. U.S. swine flu case numbers rise, more expected
  20. Watchdog warns arms transfers to Mideast rising
  21. Ya'alon West must stand up to, confront Iran

Monday - April 27, 2009:

  1. 100 days in office, Obama coronated Messiah
  2. Extremist Tide Rises in Pakistan
  3. Central Asian leaders to gather for water summit
  4. Congress Concerned Obama Will Let U.S. Aid Go to Hamas
  5. Ahmadinejad: US not sending clear signals to Iran
  6. UN raps Hezbollah for 'violating Egypt's sovereignty'
  7. US 'will never sell out Lebanon'
  8. 'If US doesn't act, new war will erupt'
  9. Iran ready for talks, but not on nukes
  10. Iran: We've arrested spies for Israel
  11. Egyptian woman dies of bird flu, 3rd fatality in a week
  12. Oil facility near volcano escaped notice
  13. OPEC wants oil to reach $70 a barrel
  14. Vatican and Arab League sign memorandum on Middle East peace
  15. Report: Iranian arms ship sunk off Sudan coast
  16. Swine flu outbreak suspected in NZ school children
  17. Swine flu fears close schools in NY, Texas, Calif
  18. U.S. becoming history's largest welfare state
  19. US declares public health emergency for swine flu
  20. 'Without benchmarks, US dialogue with Iran will fail'

Sunday - April 26, 2009:

  1. US, China to sign billions in business deals Monday
  2. New U.S. swine flu cases spread pandemic fears
  3. Iran's Khamenei accuses US, Israel over Iraq bombings
  4. Minister Peled: Nuclear Iran will be able to hit US
  5. Counterpoint: Needed: A public relations blitz
  6. North Korea restarts nuclear facilities
  7. Surge in violence could delay US drawdown plan
  8. Iran: 20 killed, including 10 police, in clashes near border
  9. Taliban bar Pakistan army convoy as tension grows
  10. Active So. Cal quake area settles down
  11. Socialist majority likely for Iceland
  12. Obama Tactic Shields Health Care Bill From a Filibuster
  13. U.N. panel freezes assets of N. Korean firms
  14. Special protection for 'political reasons'
  15. The knock at the door

Saturday - April 25, 2009:

  1. Moscow warning saves Iranian warplanes
  2. State threatens locals: Marry 'gays' – or else
  3. Judiciary Committee greenlights 'hate crimes'
  4. 'Hateful words' may be prosecutable
  5. 4,000 Florida National Guardsmen to be called up for active duty
  6. Clinton U.S. could deal with P.A. gov’t that includes Hamas
  7. Conn. 4th state to legalize same-sex 'marriage'
  8. CONTINUING COVERAGE: Earthquake Reported in Southeast Ohio
  9. Czech PM: Committed to advancing EU ties with Israel
  10. Czech PM: We'll fortify Israel-EU ties
  11. Deadly swine flu outbreak in US and Mexico spreading, 20
  12. Five more U.S. swine flu cases reported
  13. 'Gay' activists show true colors following Miss USA pageant
  14. Clinton spars with Congress over Hamas' role in Palestinian rule
  15. Iran preparing new proposals
  16. Iran sends protest letter to UN chief
  17. Libya blocks US bid for 'vigilance' against Iran arms exports
  18. Sanctions threat by US 'meant to pacify Israel'
  19. Man Jailed for Airing Hizbullah TV in US
  20. NATO, Russia to share information on airborne threats
  21. Report: High arsenic level in Danish water
  22. U.S. plans to bring in Chinese Muslims
  23. Up to 30,000 flee Brazilian floods
  24. 'World leaders must drop their slogans'

Friday - April 24, 2009:

  1. Clinton: Israel risks losing support on Iran
  2. Ahmadinejad: 'Idol of Zionism should be broken'
  3. Bolivian police raid local Chabad center
  4. Britain sees mugging, burglary increases
  5. China Uses Global Crisis to Assert Its Influence
  6. Clinton: Palestinian gov't must recognize Israel
  7. Defiant Taliban Forces Advance To Within 60 Miles of Islamabad
  8. 'Hate crimes' bill okayed; 'sexual orientation' remains undefined
  9. Is Obama campaign cash quashing eligibility suits
  10. Livni to EU: Don't link upgrade of ties to peace
  11. Moscow and Washington going to Rome to count warheads
  12. Pakistan troops rush to Taliban-infiltrated area
  13. Peres: 'China has large role in stopping Iran'
  14. Renewed drought conditions fan California's wildfire fears
  15. Russia's Lavrov and Clinton to meet for START talks in May
  16. Suddenly, Holocaust remembrance is also about the future
  17. Taliban oust Pakistani authorities in Swat Valley sharia zone
  18. U.S. defence chief urges action on Pakistan militants
  19. With great power....

Thursday - April 23, 2009:

  1. Civility and tolerance in the age of Obama
  2. Clinton: PA Arabs Must Recognize Israel
  3. Clinton: Pakistan 'mortal threat' to world
  4. Clinton: US committed to preventing Iran from obtaining nukes
  5. Conn. group wants same-sex exemptions
  6. Buner falls into the hands of Swat Taliban
  7. Drought leaves over 160,000 without drinking water in north China
  8. European Nations May Investigate Bush Officials Over Prisoner Treatment
  9. Fertility expert 'I can clone a human being'
  10. Fort Detrick disease samples may be missing
  11. Middle East leaders set for White House visit
  12. 'Hate crimes' vote delayed
  13. 'Iran could face crippling sanctions'
  14. Iran says West tries to muzzle criticism of Israel
  15. New law to 'manage' 8 million 'volunteers'
  16. Norwegian lawyers: Extradite Olmert, Livni, Barak
  17. Opposition grows to Pakistan's Taliban pact
  18. 'PA talks, US action on Iran not linked'
  19. Pentagon pick: Bush 'mindlessly' supported Israel

Wednesday - April 22, 2009:

  1. ADL Poll: Most US Jews Support Bombing Iran's Nuclear Facilities
  2. Al-Qaida No. 2 urges followers in Iraq to liberate Jerusalem
  3. Al-sharq al-Awsat editor: Ahmadinejad only helps Israel
  4. Analysis Obama still resolute on Iran dialogue
  5. Are you an 'extremist'
  6. California set to broil for third straight day
  7. FOXNews_com - Ahmadinejad Attacks Israel, U.S. at U.N. Racism Conference
  8. France Racism conference on right track
  9. Germany to excavate mass grave site
  10. How drier I am: Flow of many rivers in decline
  11. 'How hate crimes laws forced me into exile'
  12. Israel's military changes gears as U.S. balks on weapons assistance
  13. Lockheed says F-35 classified data not breached
  14. Mashaal to address British parliament
  15. MI Chief: Obama Mideast policy threatens Israel
  16. Mixed Reviews from Jewish Leaders on Obama Post-Ahmadinejad
  17. Obama Hosts Jordan, Invites Netanyahu and Abbas
  18. Obama nudges Israel on Palestinian statehood
  19. Obama urges citizens to undertake national service
  20. Obama: We can't talk forever
  21. Planned Parenthood to patient Lie to judge
  22. Rabbi Lau: Ahmadinejad should visit Yad Vashem
  23. Report: Hackers break into Pentagon's fighter jet project
  24. Rivlin warns world of 'Hitler's return'
  25. Separate but unequal protection
  26. Study: Shortages likely on Colorado River by 2050
  27. Teaching homosexuality, no parents needed
  28. The new terrorists
  29. The sting, in four parts
  30. There is a word for Obama diplomacy 'Dangerous'
  31. UK will review arms exports to Israel
  32. 'Unbelievable victory' for families in Mass
  33. Venezuela Acquires Russian Missiles, Announces New Military Unit

Tuesday - April 21, 2009:

  1. Anti-Semitic hate crimes rise sharply
  2. C-SPAN 2 Airs Epicenter Conference Address - Are we seeing Bible prophecy unfold in the Mideast?
  3. Egypt: Tehran's leaders should learn from Saddam
  4. 'Hate crimes' bill - bad news for believers
  5. Intel. Report: Iran Will Use Latin America to Attack US, Israel
  6. Iran's Ahmadinejad wants 'concrete changes' in U.S. policy
  7. Israel's Leaders Remember Holocaust, Tie to Current Events
  8. Latin American states vie for Russian weaponry at arms show
  9. Leaders condemn Ahmadinejad attack on Israel
  10. London Times: Israel Preparing “Swift Strike” Against Iran — Jordanian King to visit D_C_, Netanyahu still not invited
  11. MI chief: Financial crisis may restrain Iran
  12. Military expert denies Russia selling new missiles to Venezuela
  13. Over 15,000 affected by earthquake in northwest China
  14. Students face off with Ahmadinejad
  15. Swiss officials defend Ahmadinejad meeting
  16. Western delegates walk out of Ahmadinejad speech
  17. Who interrupted Ahmadinejad's Geneva speech

Monday - April 20, 2009:

  1. Britain Will Attend Durban 2, Germany and Holland Will Not
  2. EU decides on Durban II
  3. Extremist Tide Rises in Pakistan
  4. US urges food output boost to avert unrest
  5. New European bill threatens 'shechita'
  6. Okla. lawmakers OK teaching on religious documents
  7. Washington ‘Wants Six Months’ for Dialogue with Iran

Sunday - April 19, 2009:

  1. 10,000 Orthodox Christians celebrate holy fire ritual in Jerusalem
  2. A challenge from Texas: 'The federal government has become oppressive'
  3. Essay: Why do the Orthodox make aliya
  4. G8 agriculture ministers meet for first global food summit
  5. German company's Iran deal questioned
  6. Jackie Chan: Chinese people need to be controlled
  7. Magic in politics
  8. Mitchell: U.S. will Pursue 2-State Solution with ‘Great Energy'
  9. 'No one will dare attack Iranian nation'
  10. North Korea: Sanctions a declaration of war
  11. 'Perfect storm' bodes well for change in 2010
  12. Rediscovering the 10th Amendment -- too little, too late
  13. TCU nixes plans for 'gay' student housing
  14. The Million Taxpayer March

Saturday - April 18, 2009:

  1. Canada says man tried to send Iran uranium devices
  2. Dozens feared dead after 5.5 strong quake hits Afghanistan
  3. Friday evening: 3.5 mag earthquake felt in northern Israel
  4. Earthquake shakes parts of Lebanon
  5. Jordanian king to make two-state case with Obama

Friday - April 17, 2009:

  1. Afghan earthquakes kill at least 19, destroy homes
  2. Analysis: Why Mitchell is bypassing Damascus
  3. Asia may see more conflicts over water report
  4. Barak asks US to continue funding Arrow
  5. Barak to Russia: International action against Iran needed
  6. Combating the pro-homosexual agenda in schools
  7. Democrats: Texas gov should disavow secession talk
  8. Gov't views opponents of abortion, illegal immigration as possible threats
  9. DHS should focus on real terrorists
  10. Earth's temperature 8th-warmest on record so far in 2009
  11. European and American diplomats study next steps
  12. Iran could respond to changed U.S. Mottaki
  13. Iran Sanctions Would Be Frozen By U.S. for Talks, Envoys Say
  14. Iran's new South American embassies tied to Hizbullah activity, U.S. routes
  15. Judge bans religious song from school
  16. Obama will 'quickly' give Palestinians state
  17. Obama's plan for Mideast peace Strip Israel bare
  18. Over-fishing to wipe out Bluefin tuna in three years says WWF
  19. Paterson Lack of same-sex marriage is 'discrimination'
  20. 'Shut Up' author on Glenn Beck Monday
  21. Strong same-sex 'marriage' push in Minn

Thursday - April 16, 2009:

  1. Afghan terrorist movements pose threat to Russia
  2. Arrests over 'radioactive' sale
  3. California protest aimed at water supplies
  4. Drought threatens `Garden of Eden' marshes in Iraq
  5. France: 'Iran must stop enrichment during talks'
  6. French fishermen keep up Channel ports blockade
  7. Gov't views opponents of abortion, illegal immigration as possible threats
  8. Hell on earth Somalia has pirates at sea and an Al Qaida staging ground at home
  9. Iran complains to UN about Israeli 'threats'
  10. Iran denies Hizbullah operating in Egypt
  11. Iran prepares new proposals for nuclear dispute
  12. 'No shipment of S-300 system to Iran'
  13. Iran says S-300 missile deal with Russia on track
  14. Iran willing to build new relationship with US
  15. Iranian envoy accuses Israel of planning to target nuclear sites
  16. Praying students file lawsuit over expulsion
  17. Report: IDs Capitol Hill 'porkers'
  18. South Korea set to join North arms interception
  19. Train Wreck Coming In U.S,-Israel Relations Over Iran: Transcript of Glenn Beck’s interview with Joel Rosenberg
  20. Uh oh: Obama gets unilateral with the pirates
  21. US slams Islamic law deal in Pakistan

Wednesday - April 15, 2009:

  1. Afghanistan fears Swat deal may harm its security
  2. EU elections heading for record low turnout
  3. IAEA North Korea expels inspectors
  4. Iran says it will launch new satellite
  5. Israel, US to hold missile defense drill
  6. N. Korea bars UN monitoring of nuke site
  7. N.Y. governor to introduce same-sex bill
  8. Presidents Conference calls for Ahmadinejad walkout
  9. Tax Day protests not media's cup of tea
  10. United Militants Threaten Pakistan’s Populous Heart
  11. US will provide the Lebanese military with unmanned aircraft

Tuesday - April 14, 2009:

  1. 40 buildings burn at N.H. Christian center
  2. Blueprint for silencing talk radio exposed
  3. Clergy in the crosshairs
  4. Cornyn: Missile defense spending needed
  5. End-game?
  6. Iran open for talks with US without nuclear freeze
  7. Pirates vow to retaliate for deaths of colleagues after US operation to free captain
  8. Mitchell visit to see if Netanyahu really against 2-states
  9. Pressured by lawmakers, Pakistani president signs Islamic law deal with Taliban in border area
  10. 'TEA parties' gaining popularity
  11. Tea parties going global
  12. Thousands to protest taxes
  13. U.S. banks the go-between for China, Iran
  14. UN council demands enforcement of N. Korea sanctions
  15. US refuses to put deadline on Iran talks

Monday - April 13, 2009:

  1. Blair steps up fight to be crowned first 'President of EU'
  2. Abdullah to meet Obama
  3. Brit minister urges distance from U.S.
  4. Galapagos volcano erupts, could threaten wildlife
  5. Gideon Levy - The dark religious side of Israel
  6. Arab community leaders fret over exit of American troops
  7. Press urges trial for 'criminal Hezbollah leader'
  8. Iran president dismisses demand to halt atom work report
  9. Jordan's king to meet Obama in U.S.
  10. Peres threatens action against Iran
  11. Strong quake shakes Indonesian island
  12. Rioting follows state of emergency in Thai capital
  13. Tokyo firefighters battle city wildfire
  14. Washington Watch: Might Lieberman be the Arab world's best friend
  15. Where is the real Via Dolorosa
  16. UN powers agree to condemn N. Korea 'launch'
  17. Nearly 90% of koalas in Japan infected with deadly virus
  18. Real IRA threatens to carry out armed attacks in mainland Britain
  19. Sadiq Khan says US foreign policy on Pakistan is damaging Britain

Sunday - April 12, 2009:

  1. Pelosi: We want registration; Holder: 2A won’t stand in our way
  2. Protesters force Thailand to cancel Asia summit
  3. Diplomats: UN debates condemning NKorea launch
  4. SKorea, China, Japan want strong message for North
  5. Russia: We won't press Iran
  6. Iran says it controls entire nuclear fuel cycle
  7. Ever so quietly, 'hate crimes' legislation re-introduced
  8. Iran Full-Speed Ahead to N-Bomb, Says It Can Make Nuclear Fuel
  9. Israel in fast-track mode to complete 'Iron Dome' rocket defense system
  10. N.Y. indictment names Chinese national in plot that sent Iran U.S. missile components
  11. Nuclear proliferation 101, courtesy of Pyongyang
  12. Obama: World must unite on problems
  13. Pot-selling stores explode in Los Angeles
  14. See where '' takes you on Internet
  15. Obama urges cooperation on global threats
  16. U.N. draft demands enforcement of North Korea sanctions
  17. U.S. to upgrade volcano, earthquake monitoring
  18. Virginia Bats Dying From Effects of White Nose Syndrome

Saturday - April 11, 2009:

  1. France alarmed over Iran's nuclear boast
  2. Russia signs deal to buy Israeli drones
  3. New York Herculean efforts
  4. Act forces Congress' return to limited government
  5. China denies cyberattacks on U.S. power grid
  6. Expulsion threatened over prayer for sick teacher
  7. Healthcare professionals support conscience rules
  8. Japan extends economic sanctions on North Korea by a year
  9. MORE EX-MUSLIMS Will Celebrate Easter This Year Than Any Other Time In History
  10. Obama considers climate engineering to cool globe
  11. Paterson promises N.Y. same-sex bill
  12. Russia to test launch 14 ICBMs in 2009 - missile forces chief
  13. Tornado strikes Tenn., kills mother and child
  14. Wildfires scorch landscape, leave 3 dead

Friday - April 10, 2009:

  1. British terror raids follows security breach
  2. Another strong aftershock measuring 5_2 jolts central Italy
  3. Earthquake hits Afghanistan, no word on casualties
  4. Northern India tourist area hit by quake
  5. Police feared 'Al-Qaida terror attack' on UK was planned for Easter
  6. New totalitarian consensus God must go to the back of the bus
  7. Warren's 'backsliding' on marriage damages church
  8. For the media, it's un-Holy Week
  9. Obama: The charming menace to peace and prosperity
  10. Obama appointee Hamilton 'not a moderate'
  11. Obama's G20 plan kisses off Declaration of Independence
  12. Ready for 2nd Declaration of Independence?

Thursday - April 9, 2009:

  1. Russia: Iran poses no threat to US
  2. Report: Iran buying nuclear equipment from China
  3. Biden: Israel would be 'ill-advised' to attack Iran
  4. US hits back at Lieberman: The goal is two states
  5. Iran welcomes 'honest' talks with US
  6. US to participate directly in group talks with Iran
  7. Blessing of the Sun Moves from New Zealand to Israel; US Nexts
  8. Obama Asks Muslims to Accept Israel, to Visit Jerusalem in June
  9. Germany, EU Cooling Relations with Israel
  10. Libya's Gaddafi says he fears Obama could be assassinated
  11. Cyberspies targeting U.S. electric grid
  12. Has power grid been hacked U.S. won't say
  13. Russia to begin building new strategic submarine in 2009
  14. N. Korea issues threat over Japan's search for rocket parts
  15. N.Korea promises 'strong steps' if UN acts over rocket launch
  16. Missile defense skeptic: Obama may cut Israel's participation in Arrow project
  17. Chavez says China part of 'new world order'
  18. Chinese Firm Indicted in Sales to Iran
  19. Christian college creates homosexual housing
  20. Congress to vote on 'Day of Silence'
  21. N. Korea launch, financial crisis to dominate summit
  22. North Korea celebrates launch, makes new threat Reuters_com
  23. Police Volunteer behind church retreat slaying
  24. Rick Warren disavows support for Prop. 8
  25. U.N. climate talks threaten our survival Saudi Arabia

Wednesday - April 8, 2009:

  1. Obama's odd obsession with universal nuclear disarmament
  2. Israel fears US pressure to continue Annapolis process
  3. Christian supporters of Israel ready to fill philanthropic void
  4. Obama: Don't blame it all on Israel
  5. Kremlin to supply PA with new weapons
  6. Obama the leveler
  7. Water Authority Plans Emergency Measures
  8. Army chaplain chief calls for Passover fast
  9. Obama faith-based office has specific goals
  10. Israel 'received arms shipment'
  11. Syrian official praises Obama's speech to Arabs and Muslims
  12. Iran supports US-backed nuclear fuel bank idea
  13. Italy quake toll passes 200, aftershocks hinder rescue WORLD
  14. D.C. Council Votes to Recognize Gay Marriages Performed in Other States
  15. Domestic partnership registry unanimously passed by Columbia City Council
  16. Legalisation of drugs could save UK £14bn, says study
  17. Obama appoints open homosexual to faith-based office
  18. Obama's rhetoric re: Islam labeled 'naïve'
  19. 'Parental rights' - Congress in a race against the U.N.
  20. Pharmacists win battle in 'conscience' rights case
  21. 'Tsunami' of teacher retirements coming
  22. Vermont legalizes same-sex marriage
  23. Vermont legalizes same-sex 'marriage' with veto override

Tuesday - April 7, 2009:

  1. Iran calls on US to scrap nuclear arms
  2. 'Israel not taking orders from Obama'
  3. Officials Kinneret to suffer irrevocably if water not conserved
  4. Have the first Israelite sites built after Exodus been found
  5. Israelis' Pesach Revenge Shocks Turkish Tourism Sector
  6. New Zealand Jews first to bless sun
  7. Rescuers hunt all night for Italy earthquake survivors
  8. Italy muzzled scientist who predicted quake WORLD
  9. U.S. defense plan kills programs, trims missile shield
  10. Russia to deliver attack helicopters to Brazil this year
  11. Brown backs Blair for EU president job
  12. Study claims 'highly engineered explosive' found in WTC rubble
  13. US Senate moves to fully fund Israel aid
  14. Focus on North Korea nuclear talks after launch Russia
  15. Chile volcano eruption revs up
  16. Conservative Iowans fight to preserve traditional marriage
  17. Ice bridge holding Antarctic ice shelf cracks up
  18. Iran's president may deliver 'good' nuclear plant news
  19. Texas wildfires force evacuations, injure firefighters

Monday - April 6, 2009:

  1. Blair steps up fight to be crowned first 'President of EU'
  2. Analyst: Pyongyang is Obama's pretest for Tehran
  3. Shell-shocked in DePaul
  4. 'Iran forcing Europe missile defense'
  5. 'N_ Korean satellite didn't reach orbit'
  6. Obama Hints at Tit-for-Tat on Iran Nukes, Russia, Missile Shield
  7. More shooting sprees in the US
  8. Volcano erupts in Chile, tourists evacuated
  9. With conditions set on aid, Pakistan sharpens tone
  10. World leaders warn N. Korea to disarm
  11. U.S. says North Korea failed to orbit satellite
  12. U.N. divided over North Korea rocket launch
  13. U.N. Security Council Fails to Agree on N. Korea Statement
  14. Saudi initiative to form part of US foreign policy

Sunday - April 5, 2009:

  1. North Korea launches rocket over Japan\
  2. No sign of North Korea satellite launch
  3. Earthquake measuring 6.5 strikes north of Indonesia's Sulawesi
  4. Defense budget A change in direction
  5. U.S. missile shield plans dampen Obama's welcome in Prague
  6. Barack Obama's new offensive against nuclear weapons
  7. As North Korea counts down, Japan talks tough
  8. As North Korea counts down, Japan talks tough
  9. Obama: Threats To Security, Economy Are Worldwide
  10. Medvedev praises Comrade Obama after milestone meeting
  11. US may yield on Iran nuclear issue

Saturday - April 4, 2009:

  1. April 1st Marks 30th Anniversary Of The Iranian Revolution. How did Washington miss it Netanyahu understands Iran threat today, does Obama?
  2. Atheist 'de-baptism' forms snapped up in Britain
  3. Clock ticks for Iran despite Obama's offer of talks
  4. Dengue fever outbreak in Brazil kills 30
  5. Dozens of homes destroyed by wildfires
  6. Drought continues in parched Texas
  7. Europe, US urge Netanyahu to work towards two-state solution
  8. Finding a Doctor Who Accepts Medicare Isn’t Easy - Doctors Are Opting Out of Medicare
  9. Gates to unveil Pentagon budget request
  10. Iran to UN Arms ship seizure illegal
  11. N Korea finalising rocket launch preparations
  12. North Korea Triggers New Global Crisis. C-Span to cover Epicenter Conference
  13. NYPD, citing Iran tensions, protects Jewish targets
  14. Obama: We can't have nuclear arms race in Mideast
  15. So. Korea rethinking stand on PSI
  16. Unanimous ruling Iowa marriage no longer limited to one man, one woman
  17. Wildfires burn dozens of homes in South Texas
  18. Zero to Five = 'taxpayer-funded babysitting'

Friday - April 3, 2009:

  1. 2 Protestant groups consider gay clergy
  2. Deputy FM: Annapolis conference caused damage
  3. Goodbye U.S. sovereignty, hello globalocracy
  4. Iraqi archaeologists unearth Babylonian treasures
  5. Iowa ruling on marriage expected Friday
  6. N. Korea Threatens To Down U.S. Spy Aircraft
  7. North Korea starts fuelling rocket, US predicts weekend launch WORLD
  8. Priest defrocked over Muslim beliefs
  9. US Defends Rejoining Anti-Israel UN Human Rights Body
  10. US general: Israel might choose strike Iran
  11. US says will push hard for Palestinian statehood
  12. World begins 100 Hours of Astronomy marathon

Thursday - April 2, 2009:

  1. AZ lawmaker wants Planned Parenthood investigated
  2. North Korea's missile launch unstoppable
  3. Obama to confront Israel on 'biblical heartland'
  4. Official North Korea fueling missile
  5. Petraeus Israel could attack Iran
  6. Sweden votes in favor of legalizing gay marriage
  7. U.S. to Seek Seat on U.N. Human Rights Council

Wednesday - April 1, 2009:

  1. 1 million red envelopes deluge White House
  2. Chavez seeks Arab backing for 'petro-currency'
  3. Condom distribution at church - UCC likes the idea
  4. EU: Summit with Israel unlikely soon Jerusalem Post
  5. France threatens G20 walkout
  6. 'Iran's Regime Will Collapse in Two Years'
  7. National service bill clears Congress
  8. Walgreens giving free care to jobless and uninsured
  9. U.S. warship visits Black Sea port in Georgia
  10. UK: Not the time to rush for more Iran sanctions

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