Where Are We In The 6000 Year Time-Line?

The Current Jewish Year Is: 5768

The traditional Jewish calendar implies that we are approaching 5761 years since the creation of Adam.
Yet they may be really closer to the year 6000. Some scholars have suggested that two principal errors
appear to have occurred from the Hebrew sages of the past.

1) From a misunderstanding of Daniel 9, their erroneous assumption that there were 490 years between the
destruction of the First and Second Temples, rather than 656, introduced a 166-year error.

2) A copyist error in the Septua-gint text of the genealogies of Genesis 5 appears to have introduced
another 73 years.

These errors would imply a total discrepancy of 239 years.

The problem seems to lie in the assumption that the 6000 years begins at creation. This assumption does not
account for the special period after creation when Adam and Eve were in the garden obeying God. The 6000 year clock of man's self-rulership could not possibly include that period under God's government, but would have to have started only after Adam was kicked out of the garden of eden to be on his own for rebelling against God's rulership in disobediently eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Only then did he begin building his own independant life that the six work days 6000 years picture.

Unfortunately, the Bible does not tell us how long that time period lasted. It could have been several years. The Book of Jubilees in fact pegs it at seven years, however that book is not considered scripture and may not be reliable.

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