Israel - Gaza - Middle East

Friday - March 29, 2013:

  1. IDF Arrests Five Hamas Leaders in Hevron
  2. UN concerned Syria war spilling over into Golan
  3. Israel's Jewish population passes 6 million mark
  4. Billboards call to end US aid for Israel in New York
  5. 'Hacktivists' Vow to 'Erase Israel From Internet'
  6. EU puts aside another €148mn for Palestine
  7. Syrian treated in Israel succumbs to wounds
  8. Bulgaria: EU could still act against Hezbollah

Thursday - March 28, 2013:

  1. 'Palestinian violence in West Bank has increased'
  2. Arab leaders set up $1 billion fund for Jerusalem
  3. Abbas accuses Israel of 'destructive' J'lem plan
  4. PA Threatens Appeal to Hague over Israeli Homes
  5. HOLY LAND: Jerusalem, 35 thousand pray for peace in the Holy Land
  6. Likud MK denied entry to Temple Mount
  7. Bahrain parliament names Hezbollah a terror group

Wednesday - March 27, 2013:

  1. UN reports major increase in Israeli air activity over Lebanon
  2. Gantz: No escalation expected on Syria border
  3. Jordan shuts Syria border crossing, UN pulls staff
  4. Mixed Hamas-Al Qaeda terror team caught in Sinai
  5. Netanyahu orders transfer of blocked Palestinian funds
  6. Oren: Obama visit reminds us Israel facing threats
  7. Temple Activists Detained, Lamb Seized
  8. Turkish ties

Tuesday - March 26, 2013:

  1. Gantz: Syrian gunfire put Israeli soldiers at risk
  2. Israel asserts sovereignty in light of Syria chaos
  3. Monument with 'Palestine' replacing Israel was hidden from Obama
  4. OP-ED: Obama gave Netanyahu the green light on Iran
  5. Hamas Sentences Man to Death for Spying for Israel
  6. PA Official: Kerry Will Present 'Plan of Action' in Two Months
  7. PA Key to resuming peace talks in Israel's hands
  8. Fertile locusts swarm into Israel on Passover eve

Monday - March 25, 2013:

  1. Syrian army fire directed at soldiers; IDF returns fire
  2. Israeli army destroys Syrian position which fired on Golan
  3. Israel Warns IDF Will Destroy Any Source of Syrian Fire
  4. Syrian opposition source: Rebels no threat to Israel
  5. US unblocks $500M for Palestinians
  6. Hamas PM Haniyeh: Erdogan to visit Gaza in April
  7. UNHRC approves settlements report
  8. Kerry holds 'useful' meetings with PM, Abbas
  9. Kerry's Offer: You Release Terrorists, They'll Renew Talks
  10. Turkey badly needed to end row with Israel. Netanyahu’s apology gave Obama a diplomatic breakthrough
  11. Egyptians clash at Muslim Brotherhood offices

Sunday - March 24, 2013:

  1. Abbas to Obama Israel talks only in exchange for settlement freeze, release of prisoners
  2. 'Obama to Abbas Don't go to ICC over settlements'
  3. White House map ‘erases’ Jerusalem, biblical territories
  4. Hizbullah Slams Obama for Calling it a 'Terrorist Organization'
  5. Lebanon’s PM Mikati resigns
  6. Thousands of protesters, Islamists clash in Cairo
  7. Turkish-Israel rift ends with Israeli apology for Marmara incident
  8. Egypt, hundreds of imams protest against Muslim Brotherhood
  9. Brotherhood supporters, opponents clash in Egypt, 40 hurt

Saturday - March 23, 2013:

  1. Secret Iranian nuclear site previously unknown to Western intelligence revealed by former CIA agent. Has Iran crossed the “red line”?
  2. Revealed! Evidence Iran crossed nuclear ‘red line’
  3. Fighting from Syria's civil war reaches Golan Heights
  4. U.N. leader: Syrian civil war threatens cease-fire with Israel
  5. Islamist group says it fired rockets at Israel from Gaza
  6. Obama unveils credible threat against Iran Israel
  7. Khamenei: Iran will destroy Tel Aviv, Haifa if attacked
  8. Obama, Netanyahu grant Iran another three months’ grace
  9. Steinitz: Obama Won't Interfere in Matters of Defense
  10. IDF decreases Gazan fishing zone after rockets
  11. EU budgets 7m. euros for PA development of Area C
  12. Abbas Welcomes Obama's Jerusalem Speech
  13. Palestinians disappointed with Obama
  14. Obama’s Israel visit leaves Arabs upset
  15. Desperate quest for water in Middle East
  16. Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood says it rejects violence
  17. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Registers as NGO
  18. Water, energy and food security triangle in Gulf

Friday - March 22, 2013:

  1. Rockets hit Sderot as Obama visits Israel
  2. Israel awaits Abbas response to Kassam attacks
  3. Wounded Syrians treated in Israel
  4. Obama and Netanyahu agree: No Israeli strike on Iran without US assent
  5. Obama: Israel, US in agreement on Iranian issue
  6. Obama: Israel an unparalleled story of redemption
  7. Obama’s end-run around Netanyahu
  8. PA Official: 'Obama Not Wanted in Ramallah'
  9. Palestinians erect new E1 tents as Obama arrives
  10. Hundreds in Ramallah protest Obama's visit
  11. 'Abbas willing to accept secret settlement freeze'
  12. Egypt: Judges recommend Brotherhood's dissolution

Thursday - March 21, 2013:

  1. 'Death to Jews,' Swastikas sprayed around Jaffa neighborhood
  2. Netanyahu Invited to Russia To Discuss Mideast
  3. Beilin: Kerry Confirmed Obama Peace Plan
  4. ‘Obama’s Red Line on Iran – Fiction’
  5. Obama urged act tough on Israel or risk collapse of two-state solution
  6. Obama’s mysterious visit
  7. Three critical questions Obama needs to answer during his Israel trip
  8. Netanyahu's new security cabinet may hesitate on any Iran war
  9. Ban on Passover sacrifice gets groups’ goat
  10. IDF admits 2 wounded Syrians to hospital in Israel

Wednesday - March 20, 2013:

  1. Lebanon Israeli jets drop flares along Tyre coast
  2. Man to watch as new Israeli government takes office Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon. Here’s why. (Hint he once called war with Iran “inevitable.”)
  3. Will Israel & Iran go to war in 2013? Exclusive interview w-fmr CIA Director Porter Goss
  4. Americans: Obama Should Pressure PA, Not Israel
  5. PA Asks the World: Help Our Failing Economy
  6. Jewish NGO urges caution on EU aid to Palestine
  7. Jordan's king Relations with Netanyahu 'very strong'
  8. New Israeli government's guidelines endorsed
  9. Peace maker or peace breaker?
  10. UNHRC panel: Settlements 'creeping annexation'

Tuesday - March 19, 2013:

  1. Terrorists Open Fire, Wound Jew in Samaria
  2. Tribunal Calls on ICC to Probe Israel's 'Crimes' in 'Palestine'
  3. UNHRC set to debate West Bank settlement report
  4. Israel to ask Obama to use air strikes in case of Syrian missile transfer
  5. Report: Israel to Seek US Attack on Syria, or Freedom to Do So
  6. Obama, Netanyahu to Hold 3 Working Meetings
  7. Hamas is No Terrorist Group, Claims Abbas
  8. Netanyahu keeps hand on security, foreign relations, energy levers

Monday - March 18, 2013:

  1. Apartheid Palestine?
  2. Moshe Yaalon is Israel’s new defense minister
  3. Poll: Americans' Sympathies for Israel At All-Time High
  4. US asks Turkey for help with ME peace process
  5. Abbas: Palestinians don't need armed struggle
  6. Egypt says 7 Palestinians deported to Gaza

Sunday - March 17, 2013:

  1. Family attacked with stones on Route 443
  2. Netanyahu signs deal for new coalition government
  3. New Netanyahu government finally in the bag
  4. Obama, Netanyahu agree on Iran − but not on timing
  5. Egyptians Rally, Call on Army to Assume Power

Saturday - March 16, 2013:

  1. Police to restrict Muslims' entrance to Temple Mount
  2. Temple-Times Passover Sacrifice Nixed by Government
  3. 3-year-old critically injured by stones near Ariel
  4. IDF nabs 10 in Route 5 stone-throwing attack
  5. Hamas warns Israel against harming minister
  6. MI chief: Iran greatest threat to Israel's security
  7. 'Gestures not enough to restart peace process'
  8. IMF Palestinian finances 'increasingly precarious'

Friday - March 15, 2013:

  1. Analysis: White smoke in Jerusalem
  2. The 33rd cabinet A comprehensive look
  3. PM Yielding Temple Mount would be a fatal mistake
  4. Mideast rebels to turn against Israel
  5. Fatwa issued against Muslim travel to Aksa Mosque
  6. Italy FM: Nuclear Iran will change rules of Mideast game
  7. Report shows Hamas interior minister in Gaza involved in plots
  8. Vote delay could destabilise Lebanon
  9. Egypt: With cops on strike, Islamists will secure streets

Thursday - March 14, 2013:

  1. US amphibian strike force heads for Mid East
  2. Al Qaeda’s Nusra fights to seize Syrian Golan in time for Obama visit
  3. Syria rebels vow to 'liberate Golan Heights' after Assad falls
  4. Palestinian killed in clashes with IDF near Hebron
  5. The deeper significance of Obama's visit
  6. Livni: Final status agreement with PA 'critical'
  7. NYC Event Raises $27 Million for IDF
  8. Agriculture Ministry More locusts swarm into Israel

Wednesday - March 13, 2013:

  1. Gantz says Lebanon will pay if Hezbollah attacks
  2. Gantz: Syrian Rebels May Target Israel Next
  3. Hamas Working on Being Removed from EU, U.S. Terror Lists
  4. Abbas to push PA prisoner issue during Obama visit
  5. Activist: Regain the Sovereignty of the Temple Mount
  6. Iron Dome at Ben Gurion for Obama arrival next week
  7. Peres to French FM: Name Hizbullah a Terrorist Organization
  8. Israeli President Shimon Peres delivers historic, beautiful, brilliant speech to European leaders. Here’s the full text.
  9. Spraying continues against locust onslaught

Tuesday - March 12, 2013:

  1. PA Plans to Prosecute Israel Via International Groups
  2. Unprecedented Firebombs on Temple Mount

Monday - March 11, 2013:

  1. Fearing terror attacks, IDF boosts forces on Syrian border
  2. Obama’s Israel visit is on - to sweeten pill of nuclear Iran
  3. Envoys work to end UN's Palestinian refugee status
  4. 'Hopefully the Cut in U.S. Aid Will be a Blip on the Radar'
  5. Egypt: 2 killed in clashes with police
  6. Egypt protesters torch buildings, target Suez Canal

Sunday - March 10, 2013:

  1. IDF ready for possible UN pullout from Syrian buffer
  2. Unrest erupts in Egypt after soccer verdict
  3. Egypt, police take to streets against the Muslim Brotherhood

Saturday - March 9, 2013:

  1. Temple Mount: Arabs throw firebombs at police
  2. IDF: We're ready for possible Hezbollah conflict
  3. Israel Asked UN Not to Remove Forces from the Golan
  4. Peres to Hollande: Iran about to miss last chance
  5. Peres, NATO Secretary General Discuss Strategic Cooperation
  6. 'What are you willing to do for peace' Obama says he'll ask Israelis
  7. Obama to US Jews Peace vital but prospects bleak
  8. Netherlands recommends labels for Israeli settlement products
  9. Police strike, stations close to protest Egypt's Interior Ministry
  10. Thousands march in Egypt's Port Said over deaths
  11. Egypt’s police protest against Muslim Brotherhood

Friday - March 8, 2013:

  1. US House bill would back Israel strike on Iran
  2. To renew peace talks, Palestinians want Israeli concessions
  3. Jordan close to commissioning two nuclear reactors, declines to sign accord with U.S.
  4. Islamists militants are establishing stronghold in Sinai Peninsula
  5. Brotherhood to Hamas: Wage jihad in other ways
  6. Egypt’s tunnel closure hits Gaza builders
  7. Israel mobilizes as millions of locust descend
  8. No Locusts Allowed to Plague Israel

Wednesday - March 6, 2013:

  1. Washington: Hizballah has got hold of chemical weapons
  2. Syrian no-man’s land bordering Israel and Jordan is up for grabs
  3. Barak Israel will never let Iran develop a nuclear weapon
  4. Report: Obama wants timetable for pullout from West Bank
  5. UK urged to impose sanctions on Israel
  6. US bipartisan bill to make Israel 'strategic ally'
  7. Hamas takes hold of Kerem Shalom
  8. Israel turns cold shoulder on big-power nuclear talks with Iran
  9. Report: Hamas refuses missile shipment fearing espionage
  10. More than 30 million locusts hits Egypt as Passover approaches. Mideast troubles take a Biblical twist.
  11. Egypt: 253 injured in clashes in Port Said
  12. Egyptian police, protesters clash for 3rd day in Port Said
  13. Kerry talks economics, finds Morsi preoccupied with Islamizing Egypt

Tuesday - March 5, 2013:

  1. Mortar shells hit Golan Heights; none injured
  2. Senior officer's vehicle hit by gunshots
  3. Syrian no-man’s land bordering Israel and Jordan is up for grabs
  4. Netanyahu: Ratchet Up the Sanctions Against Iran
  5. Washington sets stage for Israel’s back-off from demand to shut Fordo
  6. Diplomats: EU must prevent e. Jerusalem construction
  7. Obama’s Israel trip already wreaking havoc
  8. In US spending cuts, there is pain for Israel too
  9. Israel may lose $500 million in US aid
  10. Oren: Israel trying to guarantee US military aid
  11. Report: Netanyahu Planning New Construction Freeze
  12. Erdogan says Zionism crime against humanity
  13. Report: Netanyahu, King Abdullah discuss Mideast peace
  14. IDF: 26 attempted abductions foiled in 2012
  15. Israeli police Palestinians hatched Qusra incident as provocation
  16. PA's Fayyad tear-gassed by IDF in Bil'in protest
  17. U.S. lawmakers question military aid to Egypt, citing concerns about Israel
  18. Covert auctions in Egypt put arms that freed Libya into hands of terrorists
  19. Protesters Torch Egyptian Police Station As Kerry Arrives
  20. Cairo: Court orders Gaza tunnels destroyed
  21. Ex-member: Muslim Brotherhood has secret societies in 80 nations, including U.S.

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