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  1. Israel’s miraculous climate change
  2. Shilo Find May Show It was Sacked by Philistines

Thursday - January 31, 2013:

  1. Egypt, Syria are falling apart – an Israeli nightmare unfolds
  2. Israel fighting 'a campaign between wars,' says IAF chief
  3. 'Israel hit target on Syria-Lebanon border'
  4. Israeli jets reportedly attack convoy on Lebanon-Syria border
  5. Syria Israeli jets strike Jamaraya arms depot near Damascus leaving casualties
  6. Report: MI chief meets Pentagon officials
  7. Study: Iran, Hezbollah terror threat rising
  8. Report: Iran and Hizbullah Learning from Past Mistakes
  9. Number of Israelis updating gas masks nearly triples
  10. Obama Secretly Pledges to Divide Jerusalem
  11. Morsi aide: Holocaust a US hoax
  12. Two shot dead in Cairo clashes; Morsi woos Europe

Wednesday - January 30, 2013:

  1. Analysis: Israel on high alert over Syrian WMDs
  2. Hezbollah threat: Missile attacks on navy bases, gas rigs
  3. Israel to become 1st state to boycott UNHRC review
  4. 'PM said he'd okay provisional Palestinian state'
  5. Report: Mashaal gearing for PLO bid
  6. Egypt's army chief warns of state's collapse
  7. Egyptian protesters defy curfew, attack police stations
  8. Analysis: Is Egypt facing another revolution?

Tuesday - January 29, 2013:

  1. Ahmadinejad: Muslims Should Mobilize to Destroy Zionism
  2. Iran actively weighs Syrian-Israeli clash. Iron Dome posted in N. Israel
  3. Iran would definitely use nuclear weapon on Israel
  4. Analysis: Israel on high alert over Syrian WMDs
  5. IDF deploys Iron Domes in North amid Syria worries
  6. Jordan Coordinates with Israel, Beefs Up Border with Syria
  7. Israel security chief visits Moscow over Syria WMDs
  8. Police- Terror attack thwarted in northern West Bank
  9. Israeli bus under fire between Anatot and Hizmeh checkpoint
  10. Bethlehem governor bars contact with Israel
  11. Egyptians defy state of emergency as Cabinet mulls new army powers
  12. Egypt's leader declares emergency after clashes kill 49

Monday - January 28, 2013:

  1. Blast reported at Hezbollah weapons depot
  2. Iran: Syria's problems rooted in Zionist meddling
  3. 'Region not on hold while Israel forms government'
  4. US: Two-state solution cannot wait
  5. The problem with a two-state solution
  6. United Nations to investigate Israeli drone strikes
  7. Clashes continue in fourth day of violence in Egypt
  8. Egypt government mulls state of emergency as death toll climbs to 32
  9. Morsi declares emergency, curfew in Port Said
  10. Kinneret Rises 10.5 Centimeters with More Winter Rain

Sunday - January 27, 2013:

  1. Barak: US plans 'surgical strike' if Iran sanctions fail
  2. Syrian rebels detonate car bomb near Israeli border
  3. PA Arab Hit by Tear Gas as Disturbances Continue
  4. Abbas to Israel: Let in Palestinians fleeing Syria
  5. Door Closing on Peace, Warns Jordan's King
  6. British MP: Jews Didn't Learn the Lesson from the Holocaust
  7. Egypt deploys troops after 9 killed in protests
  8. Young Egyptian leader calls on West to back anti-Islamist struggle
  9. Nasrallah: Israel Has No Central Leadership
  10. PA Arabs Re-enter Illegal Outpost

Saturday - January 26, 2013:

  1. Barak in Davos: Syria serves as warning
  2. Peres, Barak: Keep Iran Attack Option on the Table
  3. Terrorists’ New Tactic: Hit Israelis, Jews Overseas
  4. Hamas to establish military academy for schoolkids
  5. Kerry wants to hit ground running on peace talks
  6. UK rights report: Israel a 'country of concern'
  7. US Urges Israel to Partake in UN Human Rights Review
  8. The 19th Knesset: More religious, less testosterone
  9. Tribal groups win Jordan vote; Islamists to protest
  10. Violence flares on anniversary of Egypt uprising

Friday - January 25, 2013:

  1. Arab media: Farewell Oslo Accords
  2. Israel at UN: Mali Threatens France; Gaza's in our Living Room
  3. Netanyahu's Gov't Coalition Could Take A ‘Step to the Right’
  4. PA says may have no choice but to take Israel to ICC
  5. US does not recognize use of ‘State of Palestine’
  6. US protests State of Palestine placard in UN
  7. White House on Israeli vote: Talk to Palestinians

Thursday - January 24, 2013:

  1. IDF jeep firebombed, troops' fire kills Palestinian
  2. British Politician: Israel Has 'Evolved into Racist Oppressor'
  3. UK: Israeli-Palestinian 2-state solution almost dead
  4. Arabic paper: Bulgarians blame Hezbollah for Burgas
  5. Malaysian PM visits Gaza, drawing fire from Abbas
  6. Netanyahu’s election letdown hinders stable government. Lapid wins big
  7. PA can deal with 'any' gov't seeking two states
  8. Russia warns against Iran strike

Wednesday - January 23, 2013:

  1. Egyptian leader has urged Arabs to “nurse our children…on hatred” for Jews and Zionists — called Jews “bloodsuckers” and “pigs”
  2. Iron Dome tested ahead of overhaul
  3. Lebanon nabs 'high-paid spy for Israel'
  4. Netanyahu claims election win despite losses
  5. Study: Allow Gaza population to expand into Sinai
  6. UN chief: Occupation stifles Arab world progress
  7. Video: Truth about Israel's 'Partner' in Judea and Samaria

Tuesday - January 22, 2013:

  1. Binyamin Netanyahu rejects calls for Palestinian state within 1967 lines
  2. Ahmadinejad to Visit Cairo, Meet Morsi
  3. Abbas arrives in Saudia Arabia for economic summit
  4. Arab Campaign in Europe Calls for 'Palestinian Spring'
  5. Arab League to Israeli Arabs: Vote to stop far-right
  6. Bayit Yehudi candidate calls for resettling Gaza
  7. Egypt seizes ton of explosives on way to Sinai
  8. Hamas’s ‘foreign minister’ visits Gaza for 1st time
  9. Ramallah: 18 Palestinians injured in riot

Monday - January 21, 2013:

  1. Netanyahu says Israel needs strong ruling party
  2. PM- No absolution for those who let Iran go nuclear
  3. 'Political coward' Binyamin Netanyahu sees rift with Barack Obama widen
  4. Saudis Offer More Money to Cash-Strapped PA
  5. Why Egyptian hate speech, and ‘NYT’ reporting on it, matter
  6. Four die in Egypt clashes after police kills man
  7. Kinneret Hits Halfway Point

Sunday - January 20, 2013:

  1. Liberman: Israel won't stop building in Jerusalem
  2. Hamas’s star rising in the West Bank
  3. IDF shoots, injures 2 Palestinians in W. Bank, Gaza
  4. PA Arab Teen Wounded Near Rachel's Tomb
  5. Palestinians erect second outpost near Jerusalem
  6. Upper Egypt, thousands of Islamic extremists attack a Christian village
  7. Jordanian Islamists demand reform

Saturday - January 19, 2013:

  1. Hamas, Fatah agree to implement unity agreements
  2. Netanyahu Vows: No More Bulldozers against Jews
  3. New and Improved: Katyusha Rocket Threat Graphic
  4. PA Leaders Slam Netanyahu and Lieberman on Israeli TV
  5. Surprise Update: Hizbullah Behind Burgas Bombing
  6. 'We don't see a third intifada on the approach'
  7. TA researchers: Genome can reveal surname

Friday - January 18, 2013:

  1. ‘Iran navy plans fresh Mediterranean mission’
  2. Palestinians lob 18 pipe bombs at Israeli force
  3. Rabbis’ Plea as Terrorists Attack Jewish Worshipers
  4. 2,000th Member of Lost Tribe Returns Home
  5. Edelstein: Leader like Netanyahu could make peace
  6. Israel to UN Stop Syrian WMD transfer to Hezbollah
  7. Newly Released Morsi Video: Nurse Children on Hatred of Jews
  8. Tensions growing between Obama & Netanyahu. Are we headed for a train wreck in U.S.-Israeli relations?

Thursday - January 17, 2013:

  1. Netanyahu If Israel withdraws, Iran will move in
  2. Netanyahu No return to 1967 borders
  3. Netanyahu will work with Obama while safeguarding Israel's interests
  4. Abbas needs to be replaced
  5. Gov't issues tenders for 198 new settler homes
  6. Report says a 112-mile conduit from the Red Sea to Dead Sea possible
  7. ‘God’s Messenger’ Explains 2013 ‘Redemption’ Elections
  8. New Online Israel Archaeology Archive

Wednesday - January 16, 2013:

  1. Arab League calls for 'new approach' to ME conflict
  2. PA unaware of new EU plan to revive peace talks
  3. Report: Obama said 'Israel doesn't know what's good for it'
  4. U.S. Court Orders Destruction of Memo Linking PA to Terror
  5. Plans for Jordan Valley settlement homes advance
  6. UN chief urges Israel to rescind E1 settlement
  7. IDF: 'Attack tunnel' discovered near Gaza border
  8. Report: Hackers breach embassies in Israel
  9. Video 'shows' terrorists training for border attack

Tuesday - January 15, 2013:

  1. Despite US efforts, no Egypt-Israel “hot line.” Cairo hosts Gen. Soleimani
  2. IDF brass to PM: Syrian rebels on fence with Israel
  3. IDF Soldiers Arrest Arab who Tried to Fire at Security Guard
  4. Jordan forming int'l bloc to spur peace talks
  5. Palestinian prime minister urges Arabs to pay pledged aid

Monday - January 14, 2013:

  1. Abbas Continues to Threaten, But How Likely is a Third Intifada?
  2. EU working on new Mideast peace plan
  3. Jordan’s Abdullah confirms confederation on table
  4. French FM: No EU consensus on Hezbollah ban
  5. Security forces evacuate E1 outpost
  6. E1 outpost evicted, but tents left standing
  7. Israeli PM vows to move ahead with E-1 settlement
  8. Rand Paul: Building in J'lem none of US's business
  9. Erekat defends Hamas's right to run in elections
  10. Palestinian killed by IDF gunfire near Hebron

Sunday - January 13, 2013:

  1. PM to US Senators: My priority is Iran nuclear march
  2. Islamists injured 7 Egyptian troops in Sinai
  3. Palestinians erect outpost in E1 zone
  4. Ahmadinejad to seek closer ties in visit to Egypt
  5. Storms Brought 200% of Seasonal Rainfall
  6. Kinneret Rises 78 Centimeters in One Week
  7. So what am I doing in Israel anyway
  8. With elections fast approaching, will this man be Israel’s next Defense Minister?

Saturday - January 12, 2013:

  1. Route 10 Closed to Civilian Traffic for a Year
  2. Abbas Allows Armed Terrorists in Public
  3. Fatah gunmen form new organization
  4. Fatah, Hamas take fresh stab at unity deal
  5. Iran tries to improve ties with Egypt
  6. Iranian FM Salehi on charm offensive in Egypt

Friday - January 11, 2013:

  1. As Fatah, Hamas meet, PM vows not to cede land
  2. Peres: Obama will strike Iran if all else fails
  3. Peres blasts Netanyahu- Terror attacks will resume
  4. Jerusalem's 'Potential Lake' Full, Strong Stream of Water
  5. Rare snowstorm paralyses Jerusalem area, northern Israel

Thursday - January 10, 2013:

  1. PM, US lawmakers discuss cooperation on Syria
  2. Palestinian Authority Chief Judge: 'Jerusalem will be the Capital of the Caliphate'
  3. Fayyad: PA is on the verge of bankruptcy
  4. Officials: Egyptian minister fired over opposition to Iran meddling
  5. Shimon Peres on Obama, Iran and the Path to Peace
  6. Snow covers Jerusalem, northern Israel

Wednesday - January 9, 2013:

  1. Arab youths assault taxi driver in Tel Aviv
  2. Terror attacks in West Bank, Jerusalem on the rise
  3. Encouraging our children to kill themselves for Palestine is a mother's most glorious duty
  4. Tel Aviv underwater: Rain brings city to halt
  5. Iran hopeful in Hagel nomination; Israel 'concerned'

Tuesday - January 8, 2013:

  1. Iran pledges long-range missiles for Hamas
  2. Netanyahu: Syrian army moved back from frontier, jihadists moved in
  3. PM: Syrian chemical weapons danger to entire Middle East
  4. Rand Paul in Israel: US foreign aid can't be one-way
  5. The case for ending US military aid to the Mideast
  6. Jailed Barghouti calls for 'Palestinian spring'
  7. Arabs Severely Beat Taxi Driver, Steal Cab
  8. Egypt says foiled car bombing near Gaza border
  9. IN PICTURES: Israel battered by storms
  10. Palestinian irresponsibility
  11. Palestinian PM blasts Arab donors

Monday - January 7, 2013:

  1. IDF: 200 Palestinians attack Esh Kodesh vineyards
  2. Senior IDF officer- 3rd intifada has begun
  3. Report: Iran FM to visit Cairo for talks on ties, Syria crisis
  4. Israel to fortify Syrian border fence
  5. PM: Global Jihadists moving into Golan border area
  6. 'PA officially changes name to State of Palestine'
  7. Anti-Semitic rhetoric increasing in Tunisia under MB
  8. Anti-Zionism by stealth
  9. Brotherhood gets more government portfolios
  10. Israel braces for storm with 100 km_h winds
  11. Rainy Week Begins, Storm Shuts Down Trains, Highways

Sunday - January 6, 2013:

  1. 'Victory is Near', Abbas Tells Supporters in Gaza
  2. Spike in support for operations against Israel
  3. Egypt seizes rockets near Gaza
  4. Egypt Seizes U.S.-Made Weapons Meant for Gaza
  5. Egypt's Islamic Jihad: Jews Deserve to be Killed

Saturday - January 5, 2013:

  1. Netanyahu: Iran Remains the Number 1 Threat
  2. Netanyahu: Iran yet to cross nuclear red line
  3. Morsi in 2010: No Negotiations with 'Descendants of Apes'
  4. 'Lost Tribe's' Return to Israel: Fulfilling Prophecy?
  5. Gulf-Muslim Brotherhood clandestine battle continues
  6. Palestinians hang on to IDF jeep in Jenin

Friday - January 4, 2013:

  1. Officials: Iran's Ability to Hit Back at Israel Limited
  2. IDF preparing hospitals for chemical attacks
  3. Israel 'cracking down' on West Bank terror suspects
  4. Jordanian minister accuses Israel of planning to erect the third Temple
  5. PM Must act now, or new Iranian terror base will rise
  6. Koch to Cameron: Judea and Samaria Essential to Israeli Security
  7. 'Wash. Post': Settlements not main peace obstacle

Thursday - January 3, 2013:

  1. IDF and Syrian rebel officers meet clandestinely in Jordan
  2. Russia to Hold Large-Scale Mediterranean, Black Sea Naval Drills
  3. Threat to disband PNA ‘tough message’ to Israel

Wednesday - January 2, 2013:

  1. Egypt official: Israel will be wiped out in a decade
  2. Conference on Israel's Annexing of Judea-Samaria
  3. Fatah, Hamas spar over W. Bank control comments
  4. Clash as Arabs Claim Jewish Farmers' Land
  5. Israeli bus under fire at Hebron entrance
  6. Hamas Budget Nears $1 Billion
  7. Study: Christianity disappearing from Mideast

Tuesday - January 1, 2013:

  1. Israel Now Has 6 Million Jews
  2. Temple Mount authority reportedly carts off antiquities to the dump
  3. Egypt readies for backlash over austerity measures

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