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  1. King David Era Find ‘Buried’ by Authorities for Political Reasons
  2. Star of David, Stripes of Blue

Tuesday - April 30, 2013:

  1. Another rocket hits south; no injuries
  2. FSA says Israeli jets bombed a chemical weapons site near Damascus
  3. Israel ambivalent about US intervention in Syria
  4. PM convenes security cabinet amid Syria concerns

Sunday - April 28, 2013:

  1. Close confidante of Netanyahu warns “it’s now or never” for military strike on Iran
  2. Israel may face wars with Iran and Syria within two months say analysts
  3. Lebanese Army Increases Presence Along Border with Israel
  4. Israel wary quiet on Syrian front about to end
  5. EU rebukes Israel for West Bank demolitions
  6. Israeli army breaks up Palestinian march on Jewish settlement
  7. Jordan's emboldened Islamist MPs challenge alliance with Israel
  8. Report: US asked Israel not to respond to drone launch

Saturday - April 27, 2013:

  1. IDF Preparing for the unthinkable
  2. Israeli military shoots down drone
  3. Israeli assessment: Iran behind downed drone
  4. IDF breaks up Palestinian march on settlement

Friday - April 26, 2013:

  1. Hagel denied Israel gave him assessment of chemical use in Syria
  2. Israel Has Mossad Agents in Syria, Says Rebel Leader
  3. Lebanese Youth Sign Up for 'Jihad' Against Hizbullah
  4. U.S.-Israel sign new arms deal, but Obama team refuses to sell bunker buster bombs. What message does that send to Iran?
  5. 'US approves of EU labeling W. Bank products'
  6. Why is impoverished Egypt seeking a nuclear program?

Thursday - April 25, 2013:

    Thursday - April 25, 2013:

    1. Former AMAN chief Yadlin: Iran has crossed Netanyahu’s last red line
    2. Should Jordan be Palestine?
    3. US Treasury takes action against Hezbollah funders
    4. In Egypt, anger at Islamists brings calls for military to reclaim power
    5. Bahrain calls for GCC efforts to combat threats
    6. NY court to hear landmark terror financing case

    Wednesday - April 24, 2013:

    1. Gantz Iran is the main focus of IDF activities
    2. IDF official: Assad used chemical weapons
    3. Iranian using fake Israeli passport nabbed in Nepal
    4. Jordan MP expelled for shaking hand of 'criminal Peres'
    5. Morsi: Don’t expect improvement in Israel ties
    6. PM reiterates Israel's right to defense against Iran
    7. Rock Terror Attack on Children's Bus in Samaria

    Tuesday - April 23, 2013:

    1. Report: Jordan allows Israel to use its airspace for Syria attack
    2. Islamists trying to draw Israel into conflict
    3. Turkey Denies Talking with Israel About Iran Strike
    4. Report: Nasrallah makes secret visit to Iran
    5. Boston terror focuses Hagel ME trip on Syria & al Qaeda - instead of Iran
    6. Chuck Hagel: Israel a 'sovereign nation' that has right to strike Iran
    7. Hamas: US 'Consecrating Gaza Blockade'
    8. Egyptian general: Israeli spy ring uncovered in Sinai
    9. Leading EU countries to stigmatise Israeli settler goods
    10. Kerry Compares Boston Victims, Marmara Terrorists

    Monday - April 22, 2013:

    1. Arms deal, Syria, Iran to top Hagel talks in Israel
    2. Hagel Arms deal with US allies signal to Iran
    3. Three shells from Syria hit Golan
    4. Gaza rocket hits Eshkol Council; no injuries
    5. PM: Eilat rockets likely fired by Gazan terrorists

    Sunday - April 21, 2013:

    1. Hagel to Finalize Arms Deal with Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAE
    2. EU Foreign Ministers Back Labelling of 'Settlement Products'
    3. Egypt: 39 Hurt in Clashes Between Islamists and Opposition
    4. Egypt Islamists demand overhaul of judiciary

    Saturday - April 20, 2013:

    1. 2 rockets hit open area in Eshkol Regional Council
    2. PM: Israel's self-defense not open for debate
    3. Iran: Israel incapable of launching military strike on us
    4. Iran says it will 'raze Tel Aviv, Haifa' if attacked
    5. PM Binyamin Netanyahu: Israel prepared militarily for Iran, Syria
    6. Israel to buy new missiles, refueling planes from US
    7. Report: Israel, UAE, Saudis in huge US arms deal
    8. Eilat: Civilian Planes to Receive Anti-Missile Systems
    9. Berkeley student Senate passes divestment resolution

    Friday - April 19, 2013:

    1. MK Danon: Zero Tolerance for Rockets on Eilat
    2. Tensions build on Israel-Syria border
    3. PM: Israel Has a Right to Prevent Syrian Weapons Flow
    4. PM Israel ready to defend against Syrian WMDs
    5. 5 indicted for planning Temple Mount shooting attack
    6. Analysis: Is Sinai Israel’s Achilles’ heel

    Thursday - April 18, 2013:

    1. Gantz on Iran We’ll know what to do when the time comes
    2. Senators Approve Resolution to Assist Israel in Iran Strike
    3. 2 rockets fired at Eilat; no injuries
    4. Al Qaeda-linked Salafist group claims Eilat rocket attack
    5. Jordan May Have Also Been Struck in Rocket Attack
    6. Video: IDF Prepares for Urban Warfare
    7. Pentagon seeks $220 million for Israel’s Iron Dome
    8. Turks, Israelis to meet as Erdogan plans Gaza trip

    Wednesday - April 17, 2013:

    1. Gantz: Israel Can Act Alone against Iran Nukes
    2. Gantz: We need haredim on borders, at bases
    3. Israel celebrates 65th anniversary
    4. Italy's Senators Rally for Arch Terrorist Marwan Barghouti
    5. Fatah Official: Now that Fayyad is Gone - Make Peace with Hamas
    6. Hamas bulldozes UNESCO site for military training

    Tuesday - April 16, 2013:

    1. Gantz: The IDF Can Reach Any Target
    2. Yaalon: Concessions Now Mean Disaster Later
    3. Yaalon plans to restructure the IDF as small, self-contained armies
    4. Peres: Peace to prevail by Israel's 70th birthday
    5. Abbas to appoint PM or head gov't himself
    6. Washington raps Abbas, forces him to reinstate PM Salam Fayyad
    7. Erdogan to visit Gaza in May, insists Israel lift Gaza blockade
    8. Germany in talks to buy Israeli weaponized drones
    9. Israel's population has grown by 1.8 percent since 2012

    Monday - April 15, 2013:

    1. Abbas accepts Palestinian PM Fayyad's resignation
    2. Islamist Children's Festival on Temple Mount
    3. Soldiers Come Under Attack in Anata

    Sunday - April 14, 2013:

    1. Israel tank, missile fire responds to Syrian shots across Golan border
    2. Linkage: DIA “bombshell” assessment that North Korea may now have nuclear missiles could accelerate Israeli calculus for hitting Iran.
    3. Sharp rise in Hamas attempts to abduct soldiers
    4. South Africa: Labels for Products from 'Occupied Territories'
    5. Jordan MPs Free man who killed 7 Israeli girls
    6. Report: Egyptian army tortured, killed protesters during revolution
    7. Egyptian Protesters Operated on Without Anesthetic, Says Report

    Friday - April 12, 2013:

    1. Israel: Outgunned UN force 'folded like umbrella', stopped tracking arms to Hizbullah
    2. Israeli source: There will be no gestures towards Palestinians
    3. Palestinian Poll: Major drop in support for rocket fire, Hamas
    4. UN Blames Gaza Food Shortages on 'Israeli Sanctions'
    5. Bomb targeting Hezbollah found in Beirut
    6. Hamas, Fatah renew efforts for Palestinian unity

    Thursday - April 11, 2013:

    1. Israel and Cyprus to Hold Joint Military Exercise
    2. Shin Bet nabs Israeli Arab who joined Syrian rebels
    3. Syria crisis forces Hamas to abandon Bashar Al Assad for new allies
    4. 12 Hizbullah Members Killed Near Damascus
    5. Syrian Rebels Sought Intel on Israel
    6. Guatemala recognises Palestine as sovereign state
    7. Mikve from Second Temple era unearthed in J'lem

    Wednesday - April 10, 2013:

    1. Iron Dome said placed near Ashkelon
    2. Israel Signaling: PA Demands are Unrealistic
    3. Official: Hagel to visit Israel
    4. 'US softening opposition to Fatah-Hamas unity'
    5. Lebanon's new PM says only the state can have weapons
    6. Saudi proposes plan to dig Strait of Hormuz bypass
    7. US, allies plan big Gulf Naval drill next month

    Tuesday - April 9, 2013:

    1. Rocket hits Shaar Hanegev on eve of Holocaust Day
    2. Three Qassams aimed at Israel from Gaza. West Bank stone-throwing
    3. Senior Israeli official: Iran must halt enrichment within “a few weeks.” Says deadline needed for military action on Iran.
    4. Abbas schedules Palestinian civil intifada” for April 15, to peak during peace talks
    5. Arab MK: No peace without end to Zionist regime
    6. Decade-old Middle East peace plan re-emerges
    7. Israel has more natural gas than expected
    8. Kerry in another bid to get Israel, PA to talk
    9. Kerry May Have Offered Abbas Incentives at Israel's Expense
    10. Netanyahu: Israel will not ‘abandon our fate’ to U.S. strategic interests
    11. Netanyahu We cannot forfeit our security

    Monday - April 8, 2013:

    1. 'Deadline needed for military action on Iran'
    2. Steinitz Only tangible threat will halt Iran nukes
    3. Iran taking lessons from Turkey in combating Israel
    4. Israel Nabs Temple Mount Terrorists
    5. Israeli cyber activists attack anti-Israel hackers
    6. New Lebanese PM Wants Neutrality on Syrian Civil War

    Tuesday - April 2, 2013:

    1. PA, Jordan Ink Deal to 'Defend' Jerusalem Against 'Judaization'
    2. Eve of Holiday, Muslims Hurl Rocks at Jews on Temple Mount
    3. Al Qaeda strengthens grip on Jordanian-Israeli border
    4. Israel's anti-missile system 'likely to leave civilians exposed in event of war'
    5. Israeli energy revolution begins with first gas on stream
    6. Israeli energy revolution begins with first gas on stream
    7. Sunday Times: Israel planted spy equipment to monitor Russian Navy
    8. Pro-Assad flags at Arab Israeli “Land Day” Event

    Monday - April 1, 2013:

    1. Expert: Israel not in position to attack Iran
    2. 'France ready to blacklist armed wing of Hezbollah'
    3. Hebron commander Escalation, but not intifada
    4. Watch: IDF foils terror attack

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